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  • The apprentice
  • We had just two days until our graduation from Center High and we decided to do a little celebrating early. Kyle's parents were going out of town, so he said he could get wheels for our party. So Friday night he snuck his father's big Buick out of their garage and picked us up. We were off then to cross over the state line into Michigan where I knew we could get booze at the Last Chance Liquor Store. I'd banged Madelyn, the old broad who ran the place, once and ever since then she'd let me buy whatever I wanted. I only hoped that nerd of a husband of hers wasn't manning the counter---with him I would have had a problem, but with Madelyn I'd be home free.

    Pulling into the store's parking lot, I saw her behind the counter and I knew it was a go. The place was empty except for Madelyn. Picking up a couple of bottles of their cheapest whiskey and a bottle of gin, I added a fifth of vodka just to be sure we had enough. I was all set then and sat the bottles on the counter and, giving her a wink, she began totaling the booze. The sweetheart even gave me a little discount!

    As I went to pay she leaned over the counter giving me a little grope and a big sloppy kiss saying she would love to see me again real soon. I was hoping the guys were watching. Blowing the old sweetheart a kiss, as I was leaving she yelled for us to be careful that the cops were on the prowl looking for "kids helling around". I gave my crotch a good rub promising I would see her real soon. Hearing her giggling as the door closed, I knew she was hot for me.

    Thinking to myself I would be coming back for some obligatory fucking real soon, I climbed into the back seat of the Buick. I told the boys I had all the stuff we needed now for a great party with the two six packs of cold Cokes Bobby had brought along as mixers. No sooner was I in the car than Kyle put the old Buick in gear and we took off out of that parking lot like a bat out of hell.

    With a wave of his arm Kyle yelled, "If there are no other suggestions it's back to Indiana." We did make one stop at Martin's Supermarket for munchies, and then we were off to the old Studebaker Industrial Corridor. It was the perfect choice because no one, but no one, ever drove down to this section of town with the old abandoned factory building. Now only drunks and druggies inhabited the old buildings. Slowing and pulling into one of the weed-infested parking lots, Kyle parked the Buick in the shadows of one of the buildings and we began our party.

    With the CD player pumping out ABBA's Dancing Queen we all were singing along and drinking and having a ball. Only the occasional piss break interrupted our drinking and by midnight none of us were feeling any pain. Then finally, when the last of our booze was gone, Sammy began pitching the empty bottles out of the car window onto the pavement. Giggling he said he was destroying the evidence. You would think it was an Olympic event as we sat there watching the bottles breaking into thousands of pieces on the cement scattering like millions of diamonds.

    It was Steve who first noticed all the cop cars on the street with their lights flashing. We all quickly scooted down hoping they hadn't seen us, and they would just drive by. No such luck. They began slowing and one by one they turned into the parking lot. Figuring that someone must have seen us and thinking we were dopers had called the cops. That was when Kyle panicked and started the engine, saying he was getting the hell out of there. Like a dumb ass he dropped the transmission into low gear and raced forward like a bat out of hell. None of us even saw that one cop car coming right at us.

    We were damn lucky the other driver managed to swerve, missing our car and avoiding what would have surely been a major accident. But as the Buick screeched to a stop the other driver, trying to avoid us hitting him broadside, had cut his wheels hard and ended up rolling. Staring at that patrol car with its still-flashing lights lying over on its side we knew we were now in deep shit. Sitting there like zombies we were now surrounded by police cars with flashing red lights and officers peering in our windows with their guns drawn. I damn near shit my pants right then and there.

    The next thing we knew, we were lined up outside the car getting sobriety tests that we all failed. By midnight we were standing in front of the police Sergeant getting the book thrown at us. They booked us and were going to hold us until our court appearance. Only because Bobby's parents had called the local Judge and begged him to get us released, only then did the Sergeant release us in our parent's custody so that we could attend our graduation. The fact that Bobby's father was an attorney had a hell of a lot to do with the judge's decision to intervene.

    When the cops 'escorted' me home I knew my father would be drunk and wouldn't give a shit what happened, but I would have rather stayed in jail than be put up to the public ridicule we were going to get from the whole school. Sure enough--the morning papers were full of us with pictures and descriptions of the eventeverything! Leave it to the good old Tribune to milk the story for all it was worth. Now thanks to them--we were worse than lepers. They had called us the wild ones--drunken delinquents; and even hinting that there might have been more going on that night in the car than just drinking. Damn sure they were hinting we were faggots!

    Sitting on that platform at graduation, we knew that our escapades were the talk of the event. The only thing anyone ever said to us was that we had ruined the class reputation and disgraced the school. In fact my girl, Jennifer had even cut me off, giving me the gat--telling me this was the last time she was going to put up with this kind of shit from me. Calling me a big loser, I was now out in the cold. God, I was going to miss that girl--well I was going to miss that cunt of hers. We'd been going together on and off now all year and she was really one great fuck.

    That following week was our day in court and the place was packed. The one thing I knew for sure was with this conviction and being the son of the town drunk--everyone had now tagged me with the same label. Now there would be no chance in hell of me finding any kind of decent job in this town. To make a long story short, when it was all over Bobby, Sammy, and Steve had gotten off with a small fine and community service. The fuckin' judge had said because they were first offenders and came from fine respectable homes, he would be lenient. What he should have said was--that they were from Knollwood and they had money!

    When it came to Kyle that was another matter. Because of his stealing his parents' car and endangering the other boys' lives, he was being sent to a juvenile home for delinquent boys for six months. The judge went on saying he hoped this would teach him discipline and responsibility. Just goes to show you what money can buy. You could tell from the look on his face he thought Kyle and his parents were white trash. Whoever said our justice system was fair must have been smoking something at the time.

    By the time the judge got to me, I knew my ass was in big trouble. He let me know real plainly that he considered me the instigator of all this, because I was a minor and I had been the one who had bought the booze. Calling me an incorrigible ruffian, because of my age he was sorry all he could give me was community service and he hoped that community service might at least make a man out of me before I moved to more serious crimes. Shuffling some papers, he told me that he'd found a special place for a ruffian like me.

    I had been relieved when I heard the words 'a year of community service,' but when I heard the words 'Ozark Mountains,' I jumped up screaming, "What the hell is this fuckin' shit? You bastard, you're railroading me." No sooner were the works out of my mouth I knew I had now fucked up royally. Seeing the judge's face go livid as he began hammering his gavel he shrieked, "A year and six months for your impertinence--boy!"

    Dropping back into my seat and slumping down I mumbled, "I'm sorry," but that didn't cut any ice with him. I knew if I'd said another word he would have made it two years. Then someone, the clerk I think, shoved a list into my hands telling me these were be the things I would need to take with me for community service in the mountains.

    That entire week Dad had managed to keep sober and helped me buy what I needed. By the end of the week I had everything on the list, two pair of work boots, six pairs of jeans, two-dozen pairs of white socks, a heavy hunting coat, and some towels. Lastly was my shaving gear: a razor, shaving soap and a brush; no electrical devices of any kind were allowed. I had to wonder what kind of place I was going to, it sounded like it was going to be a living hell. Friday morning I stuffed all the clothing into Dad's old army duffel and I was ready.

    Dad and I sat out on the porch waiting for the sheriff's car to come. I was going by Greyhound Bus and they were going to make damn sure I was on it. Dad had started drinking early and when it was time for me to go, now he was so plastered all he managed to say was, "At least this won't be on your record because you're still a minor. Send money home if you get the chance to work." That was it, my sendoff; no I love you, or I'll miss you, no nothing, just send money. Well shi--why should I care, he never did care about me. When Dad wasn't on the road driving the truck, he was usually too drunk most of the time to care what I was doing or to whom I was doing it with or to.

    Dragging my duffel down the steps and tossing it into the open trunk of the Sheriff's car, he started in giving me that special lecture of his about responsibility. Once inside the car he just kept it up and gave me my last warning saying, "If you screw up just once, boy, and they send you back, or if you fail to arrive you will be looking at more than the reformatory for sure. In two weeks you will be nineteen and then the judge can send you to the state pen." I didn't know for sure if that was true, but I was glad at least I wasn't going to prison. Maybe my luck was changing, because everyone had heard the stories about what happened in prisons. I would have ended up being some thug's fuckboy for sure.

    There were a few people already boarded on the bus and the Sheriff watched as the porter stowed my bag then told me to board the bus. Moving to the back of the bus, I could see the Sheriff still watching as the bus backed out and headed south out of town. Settling in, it was then I knew this trip was going to be a bummer, because the bus was filled with nothing but hillbillies and old ladies. Making it even more unbearable, the bus was a local and kept stopping at all the dingy bus stops along the highway.

    When we did stop at a real terminal, the food that I was able to get with my state vouchers was shit, all they would give me was that damn blue plate special and coffee--no cigarettes. As for the washrooms--forget it, they were filled with faggots trying to make a buck sucking cock. When one of them came up to me, I wanted to smash his face in but shit, I was in enough trouble as it was. That warning about the State Pen was still fresh in my mind and if what they said was true, I didn't want to take any fuckin' chances.

    We traveled day and night and new passengers boarded and old passengers got off the bus. The few of us who were the original passengers were getting grumpy as hell, not to mention smelly. To top it off this one old witch in the seat in front of me kept splashing cheap perfume on until everyone in the bus had been forced to open his or her window just to breathe without gagging. Finally, after three days and nights of riding on that bus, it smelled like a cattle car and we all smelled like animals.

    It was a relief when the driver called out to me telling me my stop was coming up and to get my gear together. As the bus began slowing down, all I could see was one of those old tin and tarpaper shelters along the side of the road. Swinging the door open, the driver said this was where I was to get out. The driver followed me out the door, getting my duffel bag out from the cargo hold of the bus. Dropping it into the red dust, he said he was told that someone would be picking me up before nightfall.

    Standing there, as the bus pulled away leaving me in a cloud of red dust, I was sweating like an animal and I sure smelled like one. Pulling my duffel inside the tin shelter, I kept wondering when the bastard who was going to be my jailer was coming to get me. Looking around, this place was like something out of a Steinbeck novel. All there was that you could see for miles was wild growth and red dust in every direction. Then feeling the urge, what I needed to do now was to take a good crap.

    There was sure no reason to be shy because there was no one in either direction for miles. Dropping my jeans and pulling down my jockeys I just squatted in the dust and took a good healthy crap. Cleaning my ass as best I could with the few tissues I had on me, I began stroking my baby--needing to get it off. It felt good after that long bus ride to get some relief. Then zipping up I waited, and I waited and I waited. At least I hoped when the bastard did finally get here, he would have an air-conditioned car.

    It was just about dusk and beginning to cool down when this old rusted truck slowed and stopped. This grubby, hairy looking bearded face stuck out his window and yelled, "You that fuckin' apprentice they wrote that they were sticking me with?" Nodding and throwing my duffel in the back of the truck I crawled into the cab. Looking over at me the guy said, "Hell boy you don't even look strong enough to hold up your little pee-pee let alone do a day's work! Does the little boy shave yet?" I could hardly believe this hick. He looked like some animal that had crawled out of a cave--and he was bitching about my looks?

    Sitting there in that hot dirty truck and looking over at him out of the corner of my eye, I figured he was nothing more than a dirty smelly hillbilly. As we rode along, I kept stealing looks at him, thinking maybe if he shaved and took a bath he might look almost human. Raising his arm to adjust the rear view mirror, I got a good whiff of him. Now I know I smelled rank after my bus ride, but this guy really stunk! Scooting over to the window and rolling it down a crack, I had to get some fresh air or I was afraid I was going to throw up. Snickering, he said he guessed maybe it was time to wash in the creek.

    The last straw was when he pulled out a jug from behind the seat and took a swig. I wondered if he was one of the Hatfield's or the McCoy's. When this 'ruby' smiled at me, I expected to see half his teeth rotted and gone, but he had a beautiful smile and the clearest blue eyes I'd ever seen. I was soon to learn that there was more to come. The more the road curved and twisted, the faster he drove and the more he drank from that jug. Flooring the gas pedal and giggling he said he had better get home before he was too drunk to drive.

    I was the one on probation for drinking, but this guy really had a booze problem. Here I was putting in time for buying a couple of bottles of liquor and now I was riding with a drunken madman, and I was beginning to wonder if either of us was going to get out of this truck alive. He handed me the jug and told me to take a swig, that it would make things seem better. What the hell, I thought and grabbing the jug, I took a big swig of it, hoping at least when he killed us--it would dull the pain! As the liquid poured down my throat I began to wonder if I'd drunk moonshine or drain cleaner. Handing it back, he chuckled telling me now that I'd managed the first drink, that I should take another--it would go down much smoother now.

    Tipping the jug, I began to drink again. Much to my surprise he was right. This time the stuff tasted smoother or it had deadened any feelings I had. Whatever! It tasted good now, I was hot and thirsty, and I drank more. Looking over at him in the failing light I could see that he was one hell of a man: strong chest, big thick arms and strong giant hands. I figured he must have lifted weights at one time to get a body like that. Then lifting his leg to downshift I could see the outline in his ragged jeans of a long thick cock snaking down his leg. Shit I thought, he had to be hard, no guy's cock could possibly be that big. Scratching himself he said he guessed it was time to clean up, the itching was killing him.

    Between the growing darkness and that speeding rust bucket dipping and climbing up and down those hills we passed nothing, not even a gas station. I was beginning to wonder when we would come to where we were going to stay. Looking over at my mountain man, I asked him when we would be coming to the town. Breaking out into a fit of laughter saying, "Boy there isn't another town until we get through these mountains. All we got now are shanties scattered all through these foothills." Peering out into the darkness and feeling the chill in the air I hoped we would soon arrive at wherever we were going.

    Grinning and dropping the truck into a lower gear and then slowing, he turned off the main road. Bouncing and bumping down this old dirt side road it was a relief when he finally pulled into a cleared spot and parked. Even in the dim moonlight it looked more like a junkyard than a parking lot. Telling me to follow him as he got out, saying his place was just a few yards through that brush. It was all I could do to keep up with him and when he turned seeing me struggling with my duffel bag, he grabbed it hoisting it over his shoulder and looking down at me said, "You're such a pretty little thing all delicate and soft like a girl." Chuckling, he then said, "Your ass is mine now for a year and I'm going to make a man out of you if it kills you."

    Then he said, "I suppose we should know what to call each other boy. My name's Caleb; what's yours?" Following behind him now, stumbling and nearly falling on my face, I managed to blurt out "Joshua". Looking down at me and extending a hand to help me up he said, "You look like a Joshua." Giving a sigh of relief when he said we were there, I got a good look at 'there'--my heart sank. It was just a dismal little cabin constructed partially out of some logs, some timbers and the rest of it was nothing but scraps of rusted old tin signs.

    Pushing open the door and tossing my duffel into the corner, he moved to the fireplace and began stoking up the fire. As the fire began blazing up, he threw a log in saying that should do it for the night. Then pulling this blackened stew pot off the table and hanging it on a bracket, he swung it over the smoldering log. I was aghast. Shit, I thought: now I'm going to die from food poising. We had been poor and I wasn't used to luxury, but this cabin was something out of the dark ages.

    There was just one big room that contained a bunk bed, some tables, and a fireplace for heating. Sitting next to the fireplace hearth was the only real piece of furniture in the room: it was a big old chest rammed against the wall. Looking at me and snickering, saying he was going to wash up in the creek before supper, he asked if I wanted to come along and clean up some.

    Taking a strong drink from his jug then saying he needed a little antifreeze, I then took the jug from him and swallowed several big gulps, admitting I too needed a bath badly. Standing there watching him undressing, I was surprised at how smooth and hairless his body was. He was really a beautiful man and he had the kind of body that only came from hard honest work. After seeing all that stubble on his face and his wild long unruly hair I was sure his body would have been covered with fur.

    Looking at me staring at his body he blurted out, "You never seen a naked man before kid?" Blushing and giggling out of embarrassment I told him "Sure, in gym class--lots of times."

    Embarrassed by his comments I began to strip to prove I was just as much a man as he was. Grabbing a towel then and following him, we headed down to the creek. Moving along the path just a few yards from the shack we passed by a little shed. Pointing to it he said if I wanted to take a shit that was the outhouse.

    I was beginning to think I'd slipped back in time like that dude in the story, 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'. Well one thing for sure as he lumbered down the path: he sure wasn't shy, I was really getting an eyeful. I was now convinced he was nothing but an animal. He walked like one, talked like one and I was willing to bet he fucked like one. The only thing that could ever take that horse cock of his was a mare.

    That was when I began wondering what he did for sex out here in the sticks. Jumping into that ice water after him, my cock shriveled up like a toy and his just looked big. It took only a few seconds splashing around in that ice water trying to wash off before we were both freezing our balls off. Leaping out of the water, he said he'd had enough washing and that he'd rather stink than freeze. This time I had to agree with him and quickly followed him out. From the back I watched as his legs begin pumping that naked butt of his up the trail and I had to rethink about how old he really was.

    On the way back to the cabin I decided now that from the looks of his body, the guy couldn't be more than thirty, thirty-five at the most. Entering the cabin and pulling some blankets off the bed and tossing them to me, he said we would eat now and go to bed. Just the words eat and I realized I was starving and even the swill he'd heated up sounded good. By now he was heaping big helpings on some tin plates and when he shoved a plate in front of me, I began eating like a hog.

    Watching me as he ate he said that I sure could do with some table manners. Slowing down, I said I was eating like this because I was damn hungry. Grunting and saying nothing more we ate the rest of the meal in silence. When we'd finished he chucked the dishes into a big tin washtub saying we would wash them tomorrow with the breakfast dishes. Blowing out the one kerosene lamp, he said it was time for bed.

    Looking at my watch lying on my clothes I couldn't believe it: it wasn't even ten o'clock and he was going to bed. Pointing to the bunk bed, he mumbled that the bottom one was his and I could sleep on the top one and if I didn't like that I could sleep on the floor; I could suit myself --he didn't give a shit. Then stretching out in his bunk, he said I'd better get to bed before the fire died down or I would freeze my ass off.

    Climbing into the upper bunk bed and laying there shivering, I pulled the covers around me: their moldy smell made me gag. Like all things, I guess a body could get used to anything--even that foul smell. Lying there clutching my blanket around me with the moonlight streaming in the dirty windows, I felt like a character out of some old time western movie. Finally, when I did manage to get to sleep, it seemed like just seconds later he was shaking me telling me to 'rise and shine'.

    Opening my eyes it seemed like it was still the middle of the night. Seeing Caleb standing there with just a blanket pulled around him, I hoped this was just a bad dream and I would wake up. Then the whole terrible nightmare of that last week came back. Then, remembering where I was, I watched as he turned from me and headed over to the fireplace scratching his nuts on the way. After stoking up the fire, he then began dipping some water from a bucket on the table to make some coffee. As he was working, his blanket slipped to the floor and he didn't bother to pick it up.

    Looking over at his hard strong naked body I could see he wasn't old at all, he had to be around thirty. I asked him where he went for a piece of ass around this place. Whirling around and giving me that look he said, "You've got just enough time to wash up in the creek before breakfast, boy." Jumping up and running to the door bare-assed naked, the minute I stepped outside the door that mountain air hit me and I damn near froze my balls off. Quickly taking a fast leak and coming back inside, Caleb just stood there laughing at me.

    Then he told me to get my ass over and eat and get dressed, that we had a long trip ahead of us. Throwing a blanket around me, I sat there at the table as he ladled this gray looking swill onto a dented tin plate and shoved it in front of me. Pushing it away, I told him I couldn't eat that shit. He looked up and told me to suit myself, but I was going to get damn hungry by noon. He then stood up and said that if I was finished it was time to go. Pulling a backpack out of the chest and tossing it to me, he told me to pack underwear, socks, and jeans and yeI'd better take my extra blankets. When I asked where we were going, he said we were going to spend the summer on the mountain building rest stops for a new hiking trail they were going to open up.

    After packing what he told me to, I went outside then to join him. Looking me over and telling me to turn around, he loaded another knapsack filled with tools on my back, and then told me to follow after him. Heading into a somewhat vague trail, we began walking. Ducking tree branches and jumping over logs, we must have climbed that trail for miles. By noon I was so tired, I was sure I was going to die from either hunger or exhaustion or both.

    When he finally did stop he sat on this log rummaging around his backpack and pulling out a jug. Then pulling some packages wrapped in old newspapers he started cutting this vile smelling cheese. Then cutting a loaf of hard bread he called 'hardtack,' he made these crude looking sandwiches. I was starving and when he offered me a sandwich I grabbed it out of his hands and began wolfing it down. I was so hungry that I didn't even taste it as I scarfed it down.

    I'd barely had time to finish eating when he was up and starting out again. Running and catching up with him, we walked until dark. Finally he pointed, saying our destination was just ahead. Straining to see what he was talking about all I saw were a few boards nailed on some kind of framework with a partial roof over it. When we got to the structure, he began rummaging around this makeshift locker pulling out more blankets. He tossed me a couple of blankets saying we would eat inside the shelter and then bed down for the night.

    Sheltershit! It was nothing more than a platform with a half-finished wall and not even a real roof. Well at least it wasn't any worse than that cabin of his. Chuckling, he said we would start working on the shelter tomorrow morning. Spreading out one of the blankets, he said it was time to eat. What he had called supper was some of that bread and cheese again and to wash it down we had moonshine. I was so hungry by now it really tasted wonderful.

    He and I just sat there after eating, sipping on the moonshine and talking. By now I was really getting crocked and finally he said it was time to turn in. I had already begun shivering from the advancing cold when Caleb told me it was going to get real cold tonight and as he began spreading his blankets, he said that we better bundle. Telling me to strip as he spread my blankets I wondered why we should take our clothes off if it was going to get so cold. As if he could read my mind he said our bodies would be warmer together if we were naked.

    He covered me first and then he began taking off his clothes. He then crawled in under the covers next to me. I thought it would be difficult getting to sleep next to him naked like that, but I was so damn tired I was asleep in seconds.

    When the early morning sun began raking across us, I began slowly waking up. I felt so nice and warm and cozy I snuggled up wanting to sleep just a little longer. Suddenly I was wide-awake when I realized that what I was snuggling up to--was his naked body. Jumping up to get away from him, when I looked down at him he was still fast asleep and that rod of his was now sticking up like a damn poker.

    He just lay there not moving a muscle and all I could do was to look at that cock of his and wonder what he did for sex. Covering him up again I was thinking he was hung like a damn animal and that maybe he fucked animals. Then when he rolled over on his back, I could see now just how big that cock of his really was. He must have at least twelve inches maybe even thirteen inches when his cock was hard. I was still checking him out when I realized he was awake now and was watching me examining his body. Suddenly speaking up he asked, "You never see a real man's cock hard before, Joshua?"

    Blushing that he caught me looking, he said I could go down on him anytime I wanted a thrill. Riling back at him I said I wasn't any fucking queer. Laughing he said, "Any kid that would eat a cunt's hole--will go down on a man's pole--and you sure look like a pussy eater to me, kid!" Ignoring what he said and asking again if there were any girls around here, he was laughing as he said, "Not for miles and miles; it's going to be a long time before you stick that dick of yours into any girl's cunt, so you better get used to beating off."

    Getting up and starting to get around and saying it was time to eat, he pulled out that cheese and bread again. Then starting up a little kerosene camp stove he put on a pot of coffee. I was glad at least we had something to warm our hands over. As I ate that stinking cheese sandwich, I was glad when the coffee was done so I could wash down the sandwich residue with it. Reaching over and taking my mug, he began pouring a little moonshine into it saying it would warm my bones. I had begun to think this guy was really a lush until I began to sip on my coffee and I begin getting this warm feeling all over me. It was really neat.

    When we'd finished breakfast we dressed and he sent me off, telling me to start hauling lumber for him to use from that pallet down the trail. I began dragging it up to where he was working on the shelter. Pausing for a break, I asked him how he'd gotten the lumber up here and he told me the park department had delivered it by helicopter. They had set supplies at every spot along the trail where they wanted shelters constructed. All we had to do was climb and build each of the shelters along the trail where we found the supplies.

    As he began working, we began talking. Caleb it turned out was not a dumb hillbilly. We talked about literature, about finance and his travels in Europe. I began wondering how and why he'd come to live like this, and it was like he could look into my mind. He told me he had worked in New York and was quite successful. He had married and thought he had everything until the divorce. She took everything and when it was all over he realized he had the best part of the deal. He was free and decided to live where life meant something. That was why he'd scraped together the money to buy his cabin and he found work with the Park Service. He would never be tied down again--ever.

    As the sun rose in the sky by noon the sweat was pouring off us. Caleb had kept taking the layers of his clothes off and by noon he was almost naked except for his jeans. I had been so cold last night and now as the hot sun beat down on us, I was roasting in that thin mountain air. Looking at his sweat-covered body glistening in the sun, I figured what the hell, and shucked my jacket and then by the time we broke for lunch I, like him, was wearing only jeans and boots.

    I call it lunch, but it was one damn strange meal. He had produced something he called 'K rations'. It said 'spaghetti and meatballs' on the package, but it didn't quite make it. If you ask me I think the package would have tasted better. Again we had coffee with the moonshine in it to wash it down. Then after we had eaten, he asked if I wanted to go for a swim in a real mountain stream to cool off. Now that suggestion really sounded like a real treat. Besides I was bushed; I would have done anything rather than go back to work.

    He had already started down the path and I jumped up running after him. Coming to this clear pool of spring water Caleb stood there for just a second stripping off what little he was still wearing and dove into the water. Dropping my jeans and diving in the water felt cool and wonderful. After splashing around for a few seconds, Caleb it turned out was in a playful mood. We were giggling and laughing and we played like little children. I began to think this guy isn't so bad after all. With his hair all wet and slicked back I was beginning to wonder just how old this guy really was. He was really a handsome man; I couldn't believe any babe would divorce that stud.

    Pulling ourselves up on the rocks we lay there in the sun to dry off. Looking at that hard muscular body of his I thought what a body that guy had and how I wished I were hung like he was. As we lay there, he commented I looked like a soft, young girl lying there, that I was really too beautiful to be a boy. That was it; this bastard was calling me a faggot and grabbing at my crotch. I said, "I'm all man and if you want to find out how much of a man I am just roll over and I will fuck your damn ass and show you how much of a man I am."

    The words were no sooner out of my mouth than I knew thatthat--had been the wrong thing to say! His laughing face turned hard and judging from that cruel expression on his face, I knew I was in deep shit. Jumping up and standing over me, he said he was getting damn sick and tired of my smart mouth. Struggling to my feet, I called him a fucking madman and that I would damn well do what I felt like--any time I felt like it. Turning to leave, he lunged after me and we began wrestling.

    To say we were wrestling was an understatement. I was no match for that hulk and in seconds I was on my back on the rocks with him squatting on my chest pinning my arms with his knees. Then he became serious saying, "You know, kid, your ass is mine for a year and six and there is nothing you can do about it. I tried to treat you like a man and that didn't work. So now I'm going to treat you like the bitch you're acting like. I think I'm going to put that potty mouth of yours to good use, boy. So how do you feel about learning to be a cocksucker?"

    Now I was really scared because I knew this brute sized bozo wasn't the kidding type. Lying there pinned under him, he began to rise up shoving his cock in my face. With an evil grin and a dirty laugh his cock began swelling in anticipation about what he was going to do to me. After my struggling and trying to turn my head away, he began holding my hands with his one right paw. Then with his other hand, he began forcing his cock into my mouth, telling me what he needed now was to get his nuts off and for once in my life, I was going to learn submission and do what I was told.

    I tried to struggle but he would just hunch up on his knees, driving his cock deeper into my mouth, choking me into submission. Then slowly he began face fucking me and with each stroke he would drive his cock a little deeper saying, "See now how much you like it Jacob? I'm going to keep this up until you take all of me right up to my nuts." Struggling and trying to spit him out, he just rammed his cock deeper down my throat. There was nothing I could do to stop him and finally I just gave up and surrendered to him.

    Feeling my submission, he really began pumping his cock into me telling me to open my throat and it would be easier for me. Caleb kept at me for more than an hour pumping his cock into my throat until it was numb. It was when I began learning how to expand my throat, it hurt less and finally he did work all of his cock into my gullet. Looking down at me, tears streaming out of my eyes, he said I was doing real good for a first timer. Mortified and wanting to die, my only consolation was that he was making me suck his cock only by brute force; I was not a queer!

    Hanging over me and working deeper into my throat, he finally forced me to take all of him and now his balls were slapping my chin. He said, "Now you know how to do it, kid." Then rearing up, his face flushed with lust and he began fucking my face even faster, and I knew he was getting ready to blow his load. With his engorged cock now deep into my throat I could feel him pumping his hot cum into me, filling my throat. He said to me, "You damn well better get used to the taste of cum, because you're going to get a lot of it now, boy."

    After keeping his cock deep in my throat and forcing me to swallow volley after volley of his cum, I was glad when I finally felt his cock going soft. Pulling me up to a sitting position then and standing over me he said, "That was just for starters, kid. Now give me a proper blowjob." Struggling and trying to get away from him he had me by the arm forcing me to my knees saying, "Look boy, you asked for this with your smart mouth and now you're my cocksucker. So get busy and start sucking!"

    Struggling with him, before I could say another word, he was slapping the hell out of me and glaring into my face, his eyes blazing. He said, "Kid, you are whatever I say you are. Now get with the program. You are going to do whatever I tell you to do whenever I tell you to do it."

    Looking up at him in defiance I screamed, "I ain't your fuckin' cocksucker and I will never be your cocksucker!"

    I'd no sooner said that than he began slapping the hell out of me until I thought he was going to break my jaw. Now in pain and bawling like a baby, he just kept beating and kicking me until finally realized I had no choice in the matter, I had to do whatever this brute told me to do. Letting my arms drop in defeat and opening my mouth, he just smiled and came at me with his cock in his hands.

    I was beaten. I knew it and he knew it too, as he pushed his cock between my lips. I just began sucking. I had no place to run, no place to hide and no choice but to service him like some fifthly faggot. Now that I had surrendered to him, he became gentle. Standing there with me on my knees before him, he began fucking my mouth again. Then holding my head and working deeper and with each thrust, he moved deeper until I was taking all of him.

    This time when he was ready to cum, he pulled the head of his cock back into my mouth, filling my mouth with his cum saying, "Eat it all baby, it's good for you." Closing my eyes and swallowing, I managed to get it all down. Then pulling me to my feet, Caleb told me I was a good boy and that now that we understood each other, we were going to get back to work. Following him back like a beaten puppy, I realized that had no place else to go and nothing else I could do.

    The temperature was now hotter than hell and looking at me he said, "Well kid now that we know how things are going to be between us, why bother to dress? Let's just stay cool and comfortable." Putting his tool belt on with his cock wagging and bobbling, he began working again. I had no pride now and, pulling on my cap I ran bare-assed down to the pile of lumber and started hauling it up to the site. I worked hard trying to forget what I had done and at dusk as we sat there around the little kerosene stove, I had made up my mind I was not going to sleep with that bastard.

    We had more of those 'K rations' but this time the package said it was 'Beef Stroganoff,' but it tasted the same as lunch. Finishing up and making my bed in the farthest corner of the station, he just smiled saying I should suit myself and he gave me just one of the blankets. I was damned if I was going to sleep with that bastard, so I used that one blanket and all the clothes I had to make my bed. Crawling in my makeshift bed just before he lay down he came over to me and, kneeling at my feet, he shackled my ankles together. Looking up, he said this was just to keep me from wandering off and getting lost and possibly doing myself some harm.

    It was about midnight when I awoke shivering and ready to die from the cold. I gave up all my attempts now to resist him and, hobbling over and putting my blanket over him, I crawled in next to him. I was frozen and his body was so warm. Snuggling close to him and turning, we lay there in a spoon position and I felt his cock between my legs. Closing my eyes, I knew at least I would be warm. With that last thought I was just about asleep when I felt his strong arms moving around me pulling me close to him.

    When I woke he was cradling me in his arms watching my face. All he said was, "Good morning, lover. Ready to do your duty this morning?" There was no need to tell me what he wanted and I wasn't about to take another beating. Our roles were clear now: he was the Dominant and I the Submissive; he was making me his comfort boy, his sex slave. In defeat, I rolled over on him and, scooting down under the covers, I worked my head between his legs taking his cock into my mouth.

    Then as my lips moved against his spit-slicked cock, my cheeks began puffing out and my mouth now felt like it was on fire. Then working his cock even faster he began shooting his load into me. Patting my head, he told me I was going to make one fine cocksucker. After he'd gotten off, he began getting up telling me to stay in bed for a while and stay warm.

    He didn't need to tell me twice and I lay there with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I watched him moving around naked as he began making our breakfast. If I had learned anything out of this whole mess--it was humility: I was about as low as any man could get--a freak--a cocksucker! A man who had let another man use me like some fuckin' cunt.

    When he did bring our breakfast, it turned out to be a wonderful treat with all kinds of special things he'd picked up when he brought our fresh supplies. Laughing Caleb said, "This is my way of celebrating because I now have my very own cocksucker." Blushing and not knowing what to say, there was no way I could deny it: I was, indeed, his cocksucker now. Sitting there with him partially naked with that blanket around him I'd never had a guy turn me on before--but then Caleb wasn't just any guy.

    Looking at my now hard dick and smirking, he said he was going to clean up a little, while I took care of my 'little problem'. Then reaching over he removed my shackles and then began gathering up his shaving gear. By now it felt like my balls were going to explode if I didn't get some relief. Even as he watched me, shamelessly, I had my cock in my hand and I began beating off. I was so hot now my balls hurt and as the blood was pumping through my cock, instead of thinking of my girl, all I could think of was Caleb, his beautiful body and his hard cock in my mouth. Somehow he had made me feel like I was neededeven loved.

    Then my cock simply exploded, shooting cum up and all over myself. It felt so wonderful to cum and it had been so long since I'd shot my load. When I finally opened my eyes I had cum all over my chest and face. Standing then, my cum now running down my body and feeling this wild exhilaration, I began smearing my cum into my skin with my hands: I had never felt so alive before. When the moment passed, I began feeling foolish like I was some damn pervert. I had never done anything that kinky before. Then heading down to the water, I figured I better get washed up.

    When Caleb heard me coming he turned and I was aghast seeing his now clean-shaven face. He was beautiful, but not in a soft feminine way; there was no doubt he was all man. Standing on the rocks just above him he looked up at me covered in my own cum and, reaching up, he pulled me down and dropped to his knees; he began licking the cum from my body. No sooner had his tongue touched my body than I felt like I was on fire and I began trembling in complete rapture. Licking and sucking his way up to my lips we kissed and when he let go of me all I could say was, "Do you want a blowjob?"

    Nodding with a big grin on his face he stood there spread-eagled and dropping to my knees in total submission, I now willingly took his cock into my mouth. This time I wanted him and as his cock sank deep into my throat, my hands began moving up his legs to his balls. The die was now cast: he was the dominant and I was the submissive, eager to do his bidding. Gently taking his balls in my fingers I began working them. There was no longer any fear: I wanted this blowjob to be an act of love and I wanted it to last a very long time.

    When I had taken his load we lay together in the cool waters and he held me tightly and for the first time in my life I felt love. We lay there together until it was nearly noon, and he finally said we had a job to do and we'd better get to work. He asked me if I wanted lunch before we started. Smiling and getting on my knees, I told him I'd love lunch. As his cock slid into my mouth and down my throat, my whole body shivered with pleasure. What I had once thought of as some kind of punishment I now realized was the greatest gift one man could give another man: a little of himself.

    After that it was as if we had become one, joined at the hip, as some would say. We began working together like the team we had now become. We were now inseparable: we would shave together, eat together and of course I would service him at any time and any place. Only on rare occasion were we bothered by hikers, and then it was good to hear of whatever news from them. They were our only link with the outside world.

    Caleb's drinking now became something of the past. Oh we had our usual nip in the morning and evening coffee, but now it was sex that was our driving force. By now the nights were warmer and now we were together all the time. This delighted me because I could run my hands all over his body anytime he was close to me. At night when I would kiss his soft beautiful face, telling him how much I much I loved him, and that he was the man I had always needed. He was a father figure to me; a teacher and most of all--my lover. Then one warm night as we were sitting naked, I told him again for the millionth time that I loved him. Laughing and making a face he said, "Me Adam; you Eve. And Adam wants to fuck Eve."

    Just the mere thought of having his cock deep in my body began sending shivers all over me and I had this growing desire to please him in every way. If that meant using my body for his pleasure, I would do that gladly; there was nothing now I would refuse him. Crawling into his lap and straddling his legs I centered my ass over his cock and, planting a kiss on his lips, I murmured in his ear, "Eve wants Adam to fuck him." Again there it was: Caleb the dominant and I the submissive, willing to give him my body for his pleasure, with pleasure.

    Moving over him and letting my body descend slowly on his lap when I could feel the tip of his cock entering my hole, I closed my eyes, clenched my teeth and began slowly descending on his cock. But try as I might it hurt so much, I began to rise up off of him saying he was too big for me. Before I could free myself, his hands were on my shoulders and he was jamming me down onto his cock. In one blinding flash of pain, I sank down on that enormous shaft--right down to his balls!

    Whimpering and crying as that white-hot pain shot through my body, he began cooing and kissing me like a little boy, telling me how wonderful I was. Then pulling me close, he began licking the tears from my face telling me the first time always hurts, but it will get better and soon I was going to be begging him to fuck me. Sitting there, my impaled body slowly began accepting him. Then this feeling of desire was beginning to sweep over me, and then the lust, and then I began begging him to fuck me.

    Holding me still, soon I was on fire with lust in my eyes pleading with him now to use me, to fuck me and then and only then did he begin moving me up and down his shaft, beating himself off with my body. Then rolling me over on my back in one swift motion, he pulled my legs up over his shoulders, driving his cock deep inside my body and I began to feel like I was now a part of him. All that night he kept at it. Every time he unloaded into me I would giggle, saying he had to be careful or he would get me pregnant. Laughing, he promised me that if he got me pregnant he would marry me.

    By morning he had my ass stretched out to fit his cock like a custom made glove. Finally we both were exhausted from his lovemaking and he said we'd better get some sleep. I was in bliss with his arms around me with his cock up my ass. Holding him in my body, I fell into a deep contented sleep. Never had I been so happy; I felt like I had everything.

    It was dawn when I awoke and realized he was gone. Getting up not knowing what to think, I began working on the station and all the while I kept watching for him to return. Then when I heard him calling from down on the trail, I began running down the path dressed only in my boots. With my cock swinging and bouncing I threw my arms around him knocking him over and covering his face with kisses.

    The sacks he was carrying scattered everywhere as I told him how worried I was about him. Laughing, saying he'd just slipped away to get us some fresh supplies at the drop spot, and he had thought he could make it back before I woke up, because he was sure I would sleep in after last night. Putting his arms around me, he told me he would never leave me. Kissing and licking him all over and moving down his wonderful body with my tongue, I began sucking on him in earnest. Lifting my face and looking into my eyes he said, "You really do love me, don't you Jacob?"

    As our days turned into weeks it got even hotter. We had started now getting up before dawn to work and then in the heat of the day we would retire to the spring to rest and make love. Then we would eat and bathe and sleep. Then in the cool of the evening we would do it all again and at night we would make love. More and more I came to realize what a real man Caleb was and I began losing the sense of my own manliness. Feeling that this was what he wanted, I slipped away one evening and I went down to the water and I shaved my body and pubic hair.

    It was when I returned and snuggled against him and as he ran his hands over my body I knew he would have to realize my complete surrender to him. This had been my way of showing him I belonged to him. As we lay together that night my smooth body next to his I longed for him to say something to tell me he liked what I had done. But he said nothing.

    Our days had turned to weeks and now those weeks turned into months. As we finished one of the shelters, we would move up the trail to start another and I really gave no mind to the splendid colors of fall were now signaling an end to our labors. Caleb then said our work would stop soon, but I didn't want to hear it. I wanted this new life of mine to go on forever.

    It was that next morning as we were having coffee that I leaned over and began licking his cock, asking if I could have a little of his milk to go with my coffee. Planting a kiss on my head and then pushing me down on his cock, we were suddenly startled when we heard voices coming up the path. Then the voice called out, "Caleb, you up there? It's Walter and Timmy." Starting to pull away, Caleb held me in place telling me to just keep right on doing what I was doing, that it was an old friend. With his assurance I was just sucking down the last of his cum when the two figures came into the shelter.

    The older man was the first to speak saying they had followed the trail up past each of the new rest stops knowing they would find eventfully find us at the one we were working on. As I straightened up, Caleb shamelessly introduced me as his lover. The older man, putting his knapsack down and giving me a mock bow told me his name was Walter Damkouski. Then leaning forward he planted a big wet kiss on my lips.

    Straightening up then and pulling the slim lad forward, he introduced 'Timmy' as his boy. Looking around he said he was glad they were in time for breakfast and they would dress for the occasion. Seconds later they were both naked and seated around our makeshift table. What had been a simple breakfast, much to my delight had suddenly turned into a festive brunch. Walter had brought along a radio and I was surprised that we could pick up anything. It seemed so strange hearing music again.

    Caleb and I had never lacked for the sound of music; we would sometimes entertain ourselves singing together. He had become so warm and caring now that we'd found each other. At times we even danced together. He was my gentle giant, loving and tender in all ways. The mere touch of our bodies would excite us and soon we would drop to the ground wrestling and trying to be the first one that got a cock into his mouth. Of course Caleb always won, but it didn't really matter whoever won the match, because we always ended up in a sixty-nine position.

    I was brought back into the conversation when Caleb asked if I would show Timmy around, that he and Walter had some business to discuss. Reaching out and taking that slim naked young boy, I said I would give him a tour of our Garden of Eden. I reached out taking his hand and he began giggling at my touch, but followed me out of the almost completed shelter. Just a few steps from the shelter I was surprised when he said, "You're one hell of a studcan I suck you off?" Blushing and looking at his young face I said I had a lover and I would never be unfaithful to him.

    Shrugging his shoulders, he said he was just knocked out by my beautiful body. Blushing and looking down at myself, my body had been changing so slowly, I realized that when I had come up here, I was just nineteen and an adolescent pimply-faced boy. Now I was a man, a real man. With all the work and exercise, my body had changed as much as my thinking had. In the love that Caleb and I had he had also changed as much as I. He had become loving and gentle and no longer was an alcoholic.

    As we came to our little spring, we sat and dipped our feet into it, and I told him how I'd come to Caleb and how he'd had made me what I was now. Blushing, Timmy asked if Caleb had made me shave my body. I laughed, saying it had been my idea and that I'd done it to please him. Timmy just sat saying nothing and finally said, "Well I guess it's alright to be a cunt, but wouldn't you rather be a real man?" Shrugging my shoulders, I told him I am a real man, but I love Caleb and if he wants me to be his cuntboy, I will be. Ignoring what I'd said he went on saying he wished he felt like that about Walter, but well, Walter was rich and gave him everything he wanted. He guessed that Walter was the best thing around for now until he found someone with more money.

    By now I was beginning to feel very sorry for Walter because this kid stayed with him and granted him sexual favors only because of his money. I was quickly developing a strong dislike for Timmy because of his greedy mentality and the way he was selling himself. He was nothing but a goddamned whore. I suggested we go back to the shelter. He shrugged his shoulders and said he really wanted to blow me; it was all I could do to keep from bashing his face in. And then I was sorry for thinking that--he would never know what he was missing, selling himself like he was.

    As we worked our way down the path calling out to them to let them know we were coming, I was shocked to see that Walter was now dressed and had packed up their things. He was telling Caleb that if they left and really hustled they might make the end of the trail in ten days. I had not realized we had ascended so high on the mountains. When they were all loaded we stood watching as they then began their descent down the trail. Caleb drew me close to him and whispered, "I'm so damn lucky to have you."

    Caleb had told me earlier in the week that it was nearing our time for us to leave. We had been in the process all week of packing down the materials in preparation for leaving our little Eden. Now sitting there in the warm glow of our little camp stove he began rummaging around, pulling out some wine and cheese saying Walter had brought us a little treat and we were going to have a party. As we sipped our gift wine I began telling him about Timmy wanting to suck me off. Looking up at me he said that I was going to meet a great many men that wanted my body, because I'd grown into a beautiful boy.

    Giving a deep sigh he explained that Walter knew he was buying the boy's attentions, but he wanted him and he was willing to pay for him. Then in a soulful tone he said the only way a man could ever be sure of how another man loved him is if they were equals in everything. Going on, I said when a man pays for another man's affection he is no better than a whore. Putting my arms around him I told him I loved him and I wanted to be with him always. His answer to that was that was I was still too young to make that decision--I first had to experience a little bit more of the world and to first know and love other men.

    Snuggling close to Caleb, he gave me a soft gentle kiss saying Walter had brought some good news and some bad news concerning me. First he told me I was now free, that my community service was finished for some legal reasons he didn't really understand, something about a judge leaving the bench in some scandal involving bribery causing many of his convictions to be overturned. It seems that now I was free and I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted.

    Before I could say anything, he put a finger to my lips saying, "Now, love, the bad news is that your father has passed away. You are needed to return to settle his estate." Holding him close I began crying, not for my father but that I would be leaving him. I told him I would come back when I had settled my affairs and that he could have any money I had if we could be together. He told me that this was one decision I had to make for myself; I had to decide if I wanted to be with him after I'd returned to the real world. Stunned and sort of hurt that he was making me go back, I tried to argue and begged, but he wouldn't listen to me; his mind was made up.

    That night when we made love it was special, and deep in my heart I felt like this was our goodbye. Over and over he had told me how much he loved me until finally we both dropped off to sleep. That next morning it was time to leave all this behind and when I tried dressing in my clothes my things no longer fit. Slipping into some of Caleb's things, it was then I realized we were now about the same size. As we packed our knapsacks, it felt so strange to wear clothing again. As we began our decline Caleb kept laughing at me as I kept fidgeting with the crotch and ass trying to get comfortable.

    Our journey down took the better part of a week and it was hard to believe we had moved so far up into the mountains. We finally arrived at his little shack; when he opened the door and stepped in I was close behind him. Saying we where home and putting our gear away, I began cleaning and sweeping putting the place in proper order; I wanted our home to be nice for him.

    As I worked, I asked if we were going to spend the winter here. Giving me that stern look of his I knew so well, he came over to me and held me in his arms and said I had to go and settle my business at home and to grow up. It was when we were walking down to the creek to wash up for supper I had this sudden, sickening fear that I would never be back, that he didn't want me.

    He made love to me so tenderly that night that I knew we both were afraid this might well be our last night together. When morning came I was still clinging to him not wanting to leave. Pulling me off of him, he told me it was time to get dressed and then he would drive me to the bus stop where I could board the local. We had our coffee--now fully dressed, and in silence. Then loading my duffel and climbing into the old truck, we began that bumpy path to the highway and the bus.

    Reaching over, I thought at least I could hold his hand on that long silent drive. Then at last we came to that tacky little bus station. He pulled over and stopped the truck. Getting out and getting my duffel out of the truck bed while we were still alone, he grabbed me giving me a long burning kiss and told me he loved me. Then we stood there holding hands until my bus arrived.

    Giving Caleb a long hungry look, I so wanted to kiss him goodbye for the last time, but instead, I turned and climbed aboard the bus. As we pulled away I tried to hide my tears from the other passengers. How different things were now--the trip back seemed quite luxurious. I had forgotten how many nice things there were in the world like clean washrooms and that wonderful collection of hot tasty food. It was hard to believe this was the same trip I had so despised just six months ago. Now everything seemed so wonderful.

    I had gone so long without any of these things now it seemed like a paradise. When the bus finally did pull into South Bend I was shocked at how little had changed since I'd left. The town was just a bunch of dirty old buildings and closed stores and there were so few trees. Suddenly I missed my mountains and most of all--I missed Caleb.


    It was just a short walk from downtown to my father's house, just five miles and lifting my duffel on my shoulder I decided to jog. After that long bus ride I needed to flex my stiff muscles and get some blood moving. It was when I approached the house I had lived in so many years that it now seemed so dark and lonely. Climbing the stairs and unlocking the door, I was again struck at how silent it was. Then walking through the rooms remembering my childhood, I felt suddenly sad for me, sad for my father and of never really knowing him.
    A knocking on the door interrupted my thoughts. Through the door glass I recognized Harvey Darrel, dad's lawyer. According to that letter Caleb had given me he was the one who was handling the estate. Opening the door he just stood staring at me. Finally asking if Joshua was home, I stood tall telling him I was Joshua and asked him what he wanted.

    Standing there his eyes big as saucers, he blurted out, "My God, you're so changed, you're so beautiful!" Blushing from his obvious outburst of lust I told him I'd had a good life in the mountains. Then he began babbling something about some papers he needed to go over with me. Leading him to the kitchen I quickly found that Dad had still kept a well-stocked refrigerator: any kind of beer you could ask for.

    Pulling out two beers I offered him one and we sat at the kitchen table as he explained all the details of the estate and all the state and federal legalities. It seems like I'd inherited quite a bit of money. In his younger years when Mom was still living, Dad had invested heavily into stocks and now with the little he had in the bank, his car and the house I was now very well fixed. Going on, Harvey explained that the court had appointed him as my guardian until I was of age next year. Then Mr. Darrel handed me a checkbook saying he had deposited monies in my name to cover any and all of my expenses, and that if I wished, I was qualified to go over the different ways to invest my inheritance.

    It was all so different, so new and I was truly grateful to him for really caring. I had recognized his actions: the way he rolled his eyes and the way he walked and how he had undressed me with his eyes. When I walked him to the door, as he turned to go out, out of pure gratitude, I leaned over and gave him a little kiss just before I closed the door. I had to laugh then: I thought he was going to faint right there on the spot when I'd kissed him. One thing for sure was--South Bend may have a lot of people, but it was still a small town in every way.

    My phone started ringing then and it seems the old gang had heard I was coming home and wanted to get together. Telling them to come over around eight, I said we would have a beer and talk about the old days. I figured that would give me just enough time to shower and shave. When I had been showering and getting ready for them I still had to chuckle while I was shaving of how different I looked from when I'd lived here just six months ago. In a moment of vanity then I turned, admiring my body in the full-length mirror. Just six months, or was it seven--that I had been a gangly pimply faced teenager and now I was one hell of a stud if I do say so myself.

    It was around eight in the evening when the front doorbell rang. I could see through the door glass that it was Kyle, Bobby, Sammy and Steve standing there on the porch. Opening the door they asked if Joshua was home. I was surprised that they didn't even recognize me; they looked just the same as I remembered them. Then giving them a big smile, I said, "I'm sure glad to see you all," and then they recognized me.

    Giving out with the whistles and catcalls, they began giving me that line about how much I'd changed as they began pushing their way into the living room. Passing around the beer to the boys, I said I was sure glad the cops weren't around.

    I sat there as they bragged and carried on about what colleges they were going to attend and how many girls they had fucked that summer. For as worldly as they were trying to be, I was not impressed. It was Kyle that suggested we go out looking for babes to pick up. After my telling him I was serious about someone back home and I wanted to be faithful, Bobby questionably asked, "'Back home'?"

    Nodding I told him, "Yes, the mountains, that's going to be my home now." They kept pressing me, wanting to know what the girl was like and was I going to marry her, and if I was sleeping with her. Finally I let loose, "His name is Caleb and yes, I am sleeping with him and men can't get married." After that statement there was absolute dead silence. We seemed to no longer have anything to talk about.

    They did manage to keep the conversation just barely alive for another round of beers, but then it was obvious that the evening was over. As the boys were leaving, they kept insisting we had to get together again, but we all knew that would never happenwe'd never see each other again. In their eyes I had become the lowest creature alivea faggot! We came from different worlds now. Standing and watching in the doorway, they almost ran down the stairs. It was hard to believe that these skinny pimply-faced, narrow-minded excuses for men had once been my best friends. Then I thoughtthat would have been me too if it hadn't been for Caleb.

    I am sure that by now the word had spread about me and needless to say; I was not in a rush to go out and about. My only touch now with the outside world was the occasional shopping trip to the supermarket. This town had little to offer me now. As for people coming to see me, other than the occasional delivery of my mail or an unsolicited salesman, my only real visitor now was Harvey Darrel. He had become a great help in teaching and advising me on how to handle my financial affairs. He was even beginning to instruct me in the use of a computer to manage my affairs with. I had offered to pay him for his time, but he wouldn't hear of it.

    If it hadn't been for Mr. Darrel's weekly visits, I thing I would have gone mad. It was more than apparent to me that he wanted to be more than just a business consultant coming to the house to give me legal advice. My dear Mr. Darrel was really a closeted homosexual trying to get up the nerve to come on to me. It was on one of those visits that I decided to grant him his wish.

    We had been drinking beer in the living room and I coaxed him to stay later than usual. When I had him quite pleasantly intoxicated, he finally go up the courage to blurt out that he too was gay and wanted to sleep with me. Standing and trying to be gentle with him, I told him that I was in love with another man and I belonged to him. Blushing, he questioned my words "belonged to" and without any apology, I explained that I was Caleb's lover.

    Giving him a kiss and leading him upstairs, I moved him toward my father's old room, the one with the big double bed. Standing there not knowing what to do, I took the lead and began stripping. Then when I was naked, I began undressing him. Removing each garment, I would then lick and kiss his body. I was going to make sure this would be a night Mr. Darrel would never forget! I'd been taught by a master on how to delight and please a man. Harvey Darrel may have been gay all his life, but he was scared as hell of sex.

    When I had him naked, I began running my hands over his body. Then licking and sucking on his hairless little chest, and then his nipples, soon I had him whimpering like a child. That was when I began licking his body all the way down to his cock, and then taking his relatively small cock into my mouth. I began working and playing with the head. He was so hot by now, that he came instantly. Harvey had begun to tremble and leading him over to the bed, to my surprise, he lay across its surface, and was soon spreading his legsinviting me into his body.

    Gently moving between his legs and lifting them over my shoulders, I quickly found his moist sweet spot. Sinking slowly into his ass, I quickly discovered he might have been a timid queer, but his ass had seen a lot of cocks a good deal bigger than mine. He was born submissive. He was so hot and juicy and so willing, he was a delight. As he moved his ass, his anus began expertly working my cock. It felt so good, and sinking my cock into him up to my balls, I began unloading inside himit had been so long since I'd had a really good orgasm.

    That night we got very little sleep as I delighted in taking Harvey to new heights of lovemaking. That night I screwed him again and again, and then I fucked his ass with my tongue, and I finally fisted him like Caleb had always done with me. Then when he was at the height of his emotions, I rolled him over and seating myself on his little cock, I rode him until we both climaxed. Apparently hungry, he liked my cum from my chest and then snuggled into my arms. Laying there with Harvey in my arms I smiled, in his lovemaking he had made me the dominant. Caleb had given me relief by sucking my cock, but he had never let me fuck him, but then I had never tried either. I liked feeling my cock in another man's ass. When he woke, I suggested he stay with me until the house was sold, but that it turned out was something that was not to be.

    I had put the house on the market weeks ago and that next day an offer was made on the property. Harvey said it was a good offer and he managed all the arrangements for me. The bank was to take over the loan and pay the full amount to my estate, and then it became clear that the estate was being held for me until I was of legal age. Looking at Harvey and asking him if there was any way I could get the funds now, he just shook his head saying that I would get an allowance, but not the total amount until my twenty-first birthday.

    Then with a little self-serving grin he added that I was more than welcome to stay with him until my twenty-first birthday. For me it was a simple choiceI would do anything, service anyone, to get back home to Caleb. If it meant staying in South Bend for the next ten months, I could do that. Nodding and saying that if he would have me, I would stay with him until my birthday, but then I was going to return home to the mountains.

    With that settled, we began moving the few things I wanted into Harvey's apartment and he helped me with the estate sale of the rest. All in all, in return for his help, I began making his life a sexual fantasy. This was the start of my education on how the gays of the world lived. First came the new clothesall the labeling picked out and paid for by Harvey. Then we began to go to the bars and supper clubs in Chicago. He would beam with delight as he escorted me into the dark rooms where all eyes were on us. I was his trophy.

    At first, it was exciting seeing all those elegant men and their companions, and Harvey was in his glory with me on his arm. As he said, he had the man everyone wanted. For a while it was fun and then all too quickly, this gay scene became nothing more than a repetitious replay of silly men drinking much too much and making fools of themselves. To them all sex was some kind of game, all so phony and theatrical. The one important thing I did learn from that whole gay scene was that I was much different than they were. I was a manand I loved a real man.

    Harvey was a little disappointed when I said I didn't want to party anymore, but then I was giving Harvey what he wanted, so he always took care of me beautifully. It was no 'Christmas when he handed me a small box with a big diamond ring in it as his way of thanking me for living with him. Slipping it on my finger, he said that Caleb was a damn lucky man and he would spend the rest of his life trying to find someone like me. In his own timid way, he was asking me to stay with him.

    We then had a quiet dinner and retired to the bedroom so I could give him what he wanted for Christmas. What he hadn't realized was that he had given me the most precious thing in the world. In his own effeminate way he had taught me how to be a sexually dominant man.

    We continued now to live comfortably and quietly and sure as Spring follows Winter, it was time to leave. My estate had been settled, the taxes paid, and the balance of my money invested with Harvey as my financial advisor. With the purchase of a new Ford pickup, I was now free to go to the man I loved. Harvey and I had this last night together, that so reminded me of Caleb's and my last night. At breakfast with him clad only in his robe, I pulled him over to me giving him a big wet kiss telling him there would always be a special place in my heart for him, and adding that Caleb and I would love to have him come visit us in the mountains. After kissing him again, he was crying as I left.

    Driving back to the mountains, all I could think of was my life with Caleb. Had he changed? Would he accept me now that I was different? I could never be just his boy, I was a man and we had to be equals now if we were to survive as lovers. I made good time on the road, stopping only twice. Finally reaching that familiar road and turning off the main pavement, I bumped and bounced along until finally I reached the parking lot of the cabin. To my surprise it was clear of all that trash. I was so damned excited now; I shot my load in my jeans. Parking and bursting in the cabinit was empty. Looking around, it looked so different, so clean and well furnished. Had he sold the cabin? Then turning, I started running down the path to our creek.

    When I saw him standing and facing the water with his back to me, my heart leaped and I began stripping along the way to the water. I wanted his arms around me. I wanted to make love to him. I hit him with such force, we both tumbled ass over elbows into the water. Holding him tight, we began kissing and fondling each other like long lost lovers. As we scrambled out of the cold water, he began leading me up to the cabin, saying he had fixed it up hoping that I would come back.

    He then stopped in surprise when he saw the new truck. Laughing, I told him things were a little different now, that I was a fully-grown man. Laughing and sweeping me up in his arms, he carried me into the cabin over to the bed. It was when we were in bed and I slid between his legs and I lifted them to my shoulders he said, "I have waited so long for this. You went away a boy and now you're back and all man."

    Then, as I penetrated his ass, he clung to me with tears in his eyes, surrendering his body to me. I was home at lastwith my lover.

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