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  • Als story my little prince
  • I was lonely that day, lonely most of the time, but that day especially. It was raining and looking out my window I just felt sad. I was supposed to meet a new friend last night, but he cancelled out at the last moment, telling me an old friend had showed up and he was going to spend the night with him. Oh yeah I understood, understand all the time, and was getting used to be put on hold, it happens all the time. Oh well I guess I used to have fun times - but that seemed long ago. I thought I might as well go down to this little bar and have a drink; maybe somebody down there will at least talk to me.

    Got to Joes about nine o'clock grabbed a seat at the empty bar, in fact empty all over except for a couple of guys sitting at a table, must have come from bowling as they still had there shirts on. They were laughing and having a good time--nice to see somebody happy. I ordered a beer and sat there swallowing the first of it when the door of the bar opened and a young good-looking boy came in and asked if it would be ok if he used the restroom. "I really gotta' pee Mr." he said and the barkeep showed him where to go.

    "Nice looking boy," I said, after the lad had disappeared.

    "Yeah, the kid's got no home, don't know where he sleeps, but he hangs around outside most of the day. I guess it's okay, must be about eighteen or so," the barkeep said. I laughed and about that time the kid came back from the john.

    "Hey son where you going to sleep tonight?" I asked.

    "Oh maybe the Waldorf- Astoria hotel, if not there maybe behind Joe's bar. Gotta' nice box back there," he said.

    "Want to stay at my place, dry warm and me is all you have to put up with?" I asked.

    "I can handle dry and warm, but I don't know about you," be cautiously replied

    "Hey there's a front door and it can always be opened. So if you don't like me, leave. Okay?"

    "Sounds good to me," he said. I finished my beer and off we went.

    We got to my apartment about ten o'clock and I asked my little prince what his name was and did he want to take a shower. His name was Sunny and yeah a shower sounded good. "Want to take one with me?" I asked. "I could scrub your back and things if you want me to," I said.

    "MMMMMMM okay," he replied, so off we went to the bathroom. I unbuttoned his shirt and lightly kissed the tip of his nose while doing so, his pants were next and I could see from his under clothes that he had not changed for quite some time, leaking of pee and a little dried cum were visible. Wash time for these things, and threw all of his clothing into the hamper. I could not help but notice his fair body, very little hair, just a bit above his cock, a little under his arms, and one or two protruding from his little chest.

    We jumped into my walk in shower and after getting the water at the right temperature I turned and noticed a small erection beginning from Sunny, I brushed my fingers over it just touching its tip, and saw it grow more, I had a rag and a bar of soap and I began washing Sunny's back, getting it all soapy and full of suds. "Like that Sunny?" I asked, and turned him around so he was facing me. Both of our cocks were in the air. I dropped the washcloth over them, and kissed Sunny gently on his young tender lips. "Do you like that, Sunny?"

    "Not really, I really like my body rubbed better, if you really want to know."

    "Okay, let's get dried off and I will see if I can't please you." I dried his body slowly, stopping to suck each of his little nipples until they were hard as little rocks. "Like that Sunny?" I observed and I could tell from his cock that he did. I moved down his tummy kissing and nibbling as I went while my fingers went down to his balls and fondled and weighed each of them, pinching his little sack, rubbing his cock and feeling its thickness. My fingers went to his rectal area where I rubbed his cheeks, squeezing them each before running my middle finger to his little hole. I was sucking his nipple, feeling his hard cock against me, while inserting part of my finger into his rectum.

    Sunny moaned a little as he felt me loving his little body. I pulled him close to me and our hardened cocks touched each of their light sticky pre cum mixing. I reached my hand down catching our love drippings on two of my fingers and used them as a lubricant to insert in Sunny's little anal opening. He moaned as my fingers penetrated him and explored the depths of him. I kissed his neck under his chin and put him on the bed. Sunny went willingly as he was enjoying this as much as I was. He knew I wanted him, knew that this was a treat for him and did nothing but enjoy.

    I laid beside him kissing his body and tasting his sweetness, enjoying all the parts of him, allowing him to just lie there and enjoy his own feelings. I had found that Sunny did not like to have his mouth kissed, he didn't mind if you licked his body though, and that is what I did, with one hand on his cock I began under his armpit, pulling his hairs with my teeth, nibbling his skin, his oh so soft skin, putting my tongue all over him, working down to his nipples which already were erect and needed sucking.

    I licked and sucked each of them and could feel his pre-cum with my thumb that was rubbing the tip of his cock. Sunny was already hot by the time my mouth and tongue reached his pubic hairs and my suction on his wet tip caused him to leak thicker, whiter cum. Not all but some of the load he had stored in his little balls. I moved to those balls after running my tongue down the hard length of his five-inch erect cock with its veins bulging in anticipation. I put one in my mouth and looked at Sunny's face, his eyes were closed and his teeth were gritting in his pleasure.

    My tongue wrapped around Sunny's ball sac, it was the largest of the two, and licked on it as if it were candy before gently removing its wetness from my mouth. Sunny sighed as I went below his balls sucking and nibbling, licking my way to his asshole, that pretty pink sweet tasting little hole. I had taught Sunny how to use Tuck pads after each BM to keep his anal area very, very clean. My tongue reached and licked around the outside of his little opening driving Sunny wild in pleasure, he squirmed back and forth while my tongue tasted around him. With my fingers I pried his little asshole open wide enough for my mouth to fit totally around it.

    Finally I inserted my tongue inside of him, moving up and around tasting his goodness, smelling the muskiness, licking inside of him, making him wet enough for my insertion into him. Satisfied that he was juicy enough I pulled his legs over my shoulders while he faced me, his wet cock touching my stomach and placed the tip of my cock inside his baby hole. Sunny moaned afraid I would hurt him, but after I had inserted about three inches his fears were satisfied. I then pushed all the way in, touching his little joy spot causing his cock to leak more and more. I could feel it with each of my inward strokes, my slow inward strokes. Oh I wanted this boy so bad, I wanted to cum in him, make him feel my warmth, make him love me. Oh I was cumming, twice, I pushed harder into him, three time., Again I pushed and could see Sunny's cock explode shooting cum all over me and him. He must have shot five big loads; I reached a free hand down grabbing as much of him as I could, putting it in my mouth, tasting him, eating him.

    I pulled out of Sunny releasing my cum from his ass, it flowed out of him and put my mouth and tongue on his chest, sucking all of his cum, licking it, swallowing it, tasting it. Then rubbing my cum on his cock and balls until they glowed. My Little Prince loved me loving him. Loved me sucking his cock, sucking his balls and fucking his little baby ass. I think my little prince will move in with me.

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