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  • Bachelor Party
  • Ive known John for over 10 years and still remember the first day he started working at our company in the mailroom as he attended college in the evenings. From there John continued to work at the company and turned into one of our best salesmen. During this time I mentored John and was so pleased with his performance, winning award after award. So it came no surprise to me that when he was getting married I was invited to his wedding.

    What surprised me was getting an invitation to his bachelor party. At first I thought, no way, was I going but then after talking to John he assured me that it wasnt going to be your typical racy bachelor party. He didnt want that at all but just a good dinner at a fine restaurant with some friends and family and thats exactly what it was. There were about 25 guys there that night and I was seated with a few of Johns friends. They were all younger than me but we hit it off and had a great time.

    The evening had gone by so fast that I didnt really have much time to talk to John or his father. After dessert I had gone into the mens room and as I was washing my hands one of his friends that was sitting at the same table as me, his name was Chris, said that he was having a few of Johns friends over to his house after the dinner to have a few beers and probably watch some porno. "And make it a real bachelor party" he said.

    At first, I wanted nothing to do with it feeling I was just a little too old to be hanging out with these guys plus I was also afraid that if I started watching porn even though I assume it to be straight porn I might get discovered. You see at work I wasnt out and never discussed my sexuality with anyone. But then I thought that since I really didnt spend much time with John this might be a good chance to hang and talk with him. So I agreed to go to Chriss house.

    Then Chris told me not to say anything to anyone since he was inviting only a few guys over. It seemed rational to me and I said, "sure, mums the word."

    So when it got time to leave I asked Chris for directions but then he said, "listen let me ride with you this way you wont get lost," it sounded fine so off we went.

    When we got to Chris he said that we would be going down to the basement, which was all, finished and had a big screen TV and a really large sectional sofa facing the TV. Chris then opened two beers handed me one and as we clicked he said, "I think this is going to be fun."

    A few minutes passed and I asked Chris where everyone else was especially John. "Well" he said, "I dont know about anyone else but John wont be coming, doing shots, drinking beer and watching porn really isnt his thing." I was taken back by this remark and was about to excuse myself when the door upstairs opened and a couple more guys arrived.

    Larry, I later found out was Chris, roommate and with him was a guy I hadnt seen at the party at all. We all were down in the basement then Larry came by with a couple of shots. "Lets toast John" he said, so the four of us raised our glasses, clicked them together and took a shot. Im not sure what it was but wow it was like drinking moonshine. I could feel a sudden rush throughout my body but then it passed.

    I found Chris looking over some DVDs so I asked him who else was coming "I think this might be it" he said "I told a few other guys but guess they decided to go home."

    I wasnt too sure if I liked this arrangement or not but decided to just hang for a little while then I would leave.

    By now Larry made another round of shots, these were more tolerable than the previous and went down real smooth. We all got another beer then found our way to the couch. Chris was putting in a DVD, lowered the lights and soon on the TV was this pretty hot chick being fucked by a pretty HOT guy.

    I dont know if it was the booze or just the heat but the room was suddenly getting warm. This guy Scott was the first to comment on how warm it was getting so Larry suggested he take off his shirt if he was too warm. Before long we all had our shirts off. Larry continued to offer us shots and of course none of us refused. By now everyone, all four of us, were very relaxed.

    The first DVD finished so Chris told Scott to put on another. Scott walked over to the table where the videos were and picked out one handed it to Chris then came and sat down next to me. He actually sat very close.

    Chris then sat down next to Larry and I couldnt help but notice they were also close together.

    I wasnt sure what was going on at this point but I was feeling to relaxed to bother.

    As we were watching the video I started to notice that they other guys were now getting into the movie. I saw Larry rub at his cock a few times and Scott who was sitting next to me spread his legs open wide and his knee was now next to mine. OK, so my cock was starting to react and I could feel myself getting hard.

    Then Chris got up and said, "Im fucking warm - anyone else?" We all said yes "well off with the jeans then."

    Before I could even comprehend what he had said, Scott was standing up removing his jeans, standing there right next to me with his white boxer briefs on sporting a hard cock. I looked over to Larry and he also had removed his jeans and was wearing regular boxers and I could see him tenting. Chris was the best, he had on a pair of skimpy bikini briefs which left nothing to the imagination.

    I then also followed and took off my jeans and lowered myself back down on the couch I realized that Chris had moved over to my other side.

    "Well?" he asked - "enjoying yourself, can I get you another beer or anything else?"

    "A beer would be fine," I said and Chris went over to the frig and took out a couple of beers, after he passed them out he came back to where I was seated. Scott was now really engrossed in the movie and his leg was next to mine. I could feel the heat coming from his body and my own cock started to respond.

    Larry was seated at the end of the couch and I caught him staring down at us. Even though there wasnt much lighting I could see Larrys cock hanging out the bottom of his boxers.

    Chris was standing next to me again then he bend down and whispered in my ear "youre a fucking HOT daddy" then before I could do anything his hand was on my cock.

    Scott then looked over, smiled and placed his left hand on my leg and started to rub. Larry was still just watching.

    Chris was playing with my cock now, rubbing it and putting his hand down the waistband of my boxer briefs letting my cock head pop out. Scotts hands were now all over me, rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples.

    Then Chris turn himself around, pulled off his bikinis and his cock sprung out. He was big at least 8" and thick. He came closer to me then getting himself so he was straddling me he put his cock near my lips. Of course my response was to open and receive his cock. He tasted so good and dripping just a small amount of pre-cum. Soon Chris was pumping my face with his hard cock.

    Scott now had stood up and then was kneeling between my legs, he started to stroke my cock then quickly went down on me. Sucking my cock deep into his mouth letting my balls bang up against his chin. Chris was still feeding me his monster, sometimes fucking my face hard.

    I could see Larry out of the corner of my eye and he was now standing naked stroking his cock. Larry was in the best shape of the three and had a killer body.

    Then Chris pulled out of my mouth and Scott took direction from Chris and stopped sucking me.

    Chris then told me to get on my knees, as he wanted to feed me, along with Scott and Larry.

    I was on my knees now servicing three hot cocks, each one fucking my face then pulling out only to be replaced with another. Words of encouragement and degrading were being spoken. I was called a fucking daddy cocksucker, a whore, a slut and each guy then said they wanted to fuck my ass. All I could do was nod my head yes while my mouth was full of cock.

    Then getting me back on the couch, Larry pulled my legs down so I was slouching and was resting on the small of my back. He then grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs over my head, my ass now exposed for all.

    Chris then took a bottle of lube and let it dribble down into my crack then with his fingers he rubbed the lube into my waiting hole.

    I then saw Scott putting on a condom and he was the first. Scotts cock was around 6.5"cut, not too thick but not thin either. He put his cockhead near my hole then slowly at first eased his cock into me. Once the cock head was in, he then started to push further into my hole, soon his cock was deep inside me and he was now fucking me with a rhythm all his own. Slow, then fast then he would stop and almost pull out, then quickly push himself deep inside me again. Scott fucked me for a while then he passed me over to Chris.

    Chris was direct; he wasted no time getting his cock buried in my hole. As he fucked me, he called me his dirty daddy whore. He told me he knew I wanted this that I was there to be fucked till morning. Again he kept fucking me harder and harder. Then he pulled out and Larry then was next.

    Larry had other ideas and told me to get up on all fours. He told me to beg for his cock, which I did. Then Larry held my cheeks far apart and with one quick movement he had all his 8" in me.

    Both Chris and Scott then took their places in front of me and fed me their cocks. Now I had all three cocks working on me. It was great! Even though these guys were a little rough it all felt so good.

    After Larry had fucked me for a while, he then pulled out and once again got me on my back. Pushing my legs in the air he then began to rim my ass. Scott was feeding me his cock.

    Chris then returned with a few more shots and we took a break and had a shot. This time it went down smooth but soon I was filled with fire. Chris also passed around a bottle of poppers. These were really good. I couldnt get enough of each guy at this point. At one time I had two cocks in my mouth and was stroking another. My ass got plowed so much that night.

    I really didnt want this to end but by now we were at this for hours and I could tell the guys were getting close as was I. "Im ready for your loads" I said, "I want each of you to cum on my face so I could lick it up."

    Larry was the first to shot and his load was huge, Scott quickly followed then Chris. Soon I was lying there with a face full of cum. Each guy then wiped up some cum on their finger and was feeding it to me. Then taking more cum on their fingers they feed it to each other.

    When this was over we all collapsed and never woke till morning. I was the first to get up and I quickly gathered my clothes and such, got dressed and left.

    Ive never seen these guys again, they werent at the wedding and I wasnt sure what if anything they told John so I never mentioned it.

    I was hoping they would have been at the wedding it could have been another fuck filled night only in my Hotel room.

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