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  • Grampas fuck boy
  • I could not wait for the end of the school year. I could remember earlier years waiting for school to finally end but none of them seemed to takeas long to finish as the Fourth Grade. As the summer got closer, thetemperature during the day got hotter and hotter just as the sexualexcitement between my legs did the same. I learned about the pleasureof playing with my own peter last year when I had my first dry cum. Ithought that I had discovered the most wonderful thing in the world andI was sure I alone knew the secret, that wonderful pleasure between mylegs. All I knew is that once I discovered it I had to get that greatfeeling in my body every day and not just once each day. I didn'tunderstand it and was afraid that I would lose it or it would just stop butI knew enough to realize that however it worked my peter and balls wherethe primary source for it. Maybe that is why I became so interested inwhat men had between their legs. It was also then that I begin to lookfor the men's underwear ads in the clothing catalogues. I'd have ratherlooked at the real thing, particularly my Grandfather's thing, but Ilearned early the benefit of using whatever else was available that Icould get my hands on to increase my pleasure. As far as the ending ofthat school year was concerned, sure it would be the end of having to goto school every day so I could fill my days swimming and messing aroundon Grampa's farm, but most of all it meant Grampa and I would betogether, just the two of us. Every year Dad and I would go out toGrampa's farm for a couple of weeks but this year in the ninth year of mylife, I was considered old enough to stay out there just with Grampa. Ireally don't remember when Grampa became the object of my desire butI can still remember sitting in school with my little dick always hard andfeeling a different kind of warmth in the pit of my stomach when Ithought about him. What I had not yet figured out was how I was goingto tell Grampa what I felt.

    I remember after Dad dropped me off and I was finally there with Grampa, the reality of actually being with him on the farm was hard formy young mind to accept. I thought about him so much and now there hewas right in front of me and I had to some how reconcile that reality withthe fantasy grandfather that had lived in my mind for so many months.I could feel the strength of his arms and body as he held me and kissedme in welcome, the Grampa smell on him and his clothes. It was not thatI was feeling disappointment in any way about my Grampa but I neededa little time to let my fantasy Grampa and real Grampa become one.

    It didn't take long for my two gram pas to become one and as they did the tight confusion I felt initially inside was replaced with gut twisting thoughts about my Grampa's peter. Now the force of his physicalpresence seemed to put me in a state of desperate need. I didn't justhave thoughts of his peter filling my head, it was as if my body was in afever that could only be satisfied between his legs. I didn't know whatto do. I certainly could not tell him about it, so my only outlet was to beas physically close him as I could. Wherever he sat, I sat next to him,stood next to him, I even tried to pee next to him in the toilet but theone time I tried, he stopped pissing and let me go first. I was stillstanding next to him after when the hard force of his piss hit the waterand I could see the head of his cock with its large slit to let that muchpiss stream out. After seeing and being close to his peter it was evenworse. Finally out of desperation I would hunt for his dirty underwearwhenever I got the chance. At first I sniffed it tentatively but soon hadit over my head as I sucked on the pouch portion of it that had beenclosest to his cock and balls. I even licked at the shit stripes in back.

    I got crazier and crazier until I found myself one afternoon walking naked into the living room where my Grampa sat reading the newspaper.There I was in all my glory or in all the glory my little weenie could show.My little marble balls bare of any pubic hair with my wonderful peterglued hard to the underside of my tummy. I know I was young and peterso small but the hardness of it seemed to flood my whole body withwarmth. I tried not to think about what I was doing but just did it as Igrabbed him between his legs with my little hand.

    He sort of jumped and hollered, "What the hell do you think that you're doing?" He looked at me and with a strange look on his face that was quickly replaced with a flash of anger. In one quick motion he removedmy hand from his cock and pulled me onto his lap into a spanking position.

    I ceased to think but could feel my body come alive with excitement justb eing on his lap and feeling the fabric of his pants against my little hardon. "I'll show you!" he said as I felt the warmth and sting of his big handsmack my bottom.

    My mind was racing because all I cared about was Grampa touching myn aked ass. The force of his hand on my little ass pushed my body forward sliding my peter over his trousers which sent my boy body into a dry cumspasm. One moment my body was shaking on my Grandfather's lap inpleasure and in the next moment I was on the floor as he stood lookingdown at me with a shocked expression on his face. In a few more secondshe quickly left the livingroom without a word. I laid there on the floorstill panting and excited but terribly confused.

    We never talked about that day but often I noticed that he would stare at me but when I looked back at him he would look away. I was afraid and didn't know what to do, so I became very careful. If he was going tothe bathroom or changing his clothes and I had to walk by, I would walkby quickly always looking only forward never to the side so that he couldnot accuse me of trying to get a glimpse of him naked. I became so selfconscious that I started to shield my eyes with my hands as I walked byhis bedroom or bathroom whether or not he was even in the room.

    It was about a week later and we were out by the barn where two dogs were fighting, well not really fighting as much as trying to jump on eachother's back. Together we walked over to them and as we did, I could seethe hard glistening dog dick of one sliding real fast inside the other one.Grampa asked me, "Do you know what they are doing Joey?"

    I shook my head in answer, no.

    "He is fucking her Joey." he said and then added "Sliding his cock up her pussy, that is how you make puppies." Then he rubbed himself between his legs and said, "You know how it feels when your cock gets hard, wellit feels even better when you slide it in some warm wet place." My petergot hard immediately but then it got even harder when he said, "Lookslike you got a nice hard on now Joey." He laughed and started to turn butI thought I saw his pants starting to stick out like he was getting a hardon himself.

    He seemed to cuss a lot more after that day, saying fuck, god damn, even cock and cunt. He even called someone he was talking about a cocksucker. A sort of electricity shot through me when he said that one, heeven smiled when he saw its effect on me. I remember the first time Iused one of those words in front of him. I didn't really know how to usethe words but we were out in front of the house and Grampa's hound wasout there with us sniffing around. I leaned down to pet the dog and said,"Maybe he is just sniffing around to find something to fuck." Grampalaughed and said, "Feel his cock and see if he has a hard on inside, youhave to slide back the skin to find out." I tried to reach down and feelhis doggie cock like Grampa told me, but the hound growled and snappedat me so I left him alone.

    Grampa said we should go inside and when he got there he took off his pants so that he was just in his boxers. He sat on the living room couch and as he sat he sort of tucked one leg under the other leg which madehis boxers ride up and I could see his cock and balls through the pant leg.I stood in front of him sort of stunned and he leaned over and pusheddown on my shoulder forcing me to sit on the floor.

    He said, "What was going on the other day, when you walked into the living room naked showing me your hard on?"

    When he asked me that it was as if his hand was inside me touching my peter and balls, making not only my dick harder but it was like my whole back and neck were in some sort of vice. All I could get out was, "I don'tknow Grampa."

    He smiled at me and asked, "Are you hard now Joey, tell me how your cock feels."

    I had to be truthful, so I told him, "Grampa, it's so hard right now I think it is going to break, it hurts it's so hard."

    "Good" he said now slip your pants off.

    I took off my pants and shirt standing before him in my BVD's with my little dick tenting them out.

    "You're nice and hard now Joey, slip off your shorts and get naked for Grampa." he told me. I could see Grampa's big ole cock getting really thick and lengthening along his leg. I still hadn't said anything when headded, "You wanted to touch Grampa's big cock that day didn't youJoey?"

    Finally I spoke and said, "Yeah, I really did, can I now?"

    "I don't know Joey," he said back "but why don't you get your naked little ass on this couch and sit next to me so I can see your hard little prick."

    The couch was leather and I loved the cool soft feel of the leather on my butt. As soon as I sat next to him I tried to grab his cock but he held my hands back and said, "Not so fast you little cock sucker. I didn't say youcould play with Grampa's big cock yet. I'll tell you what, I won't let youtouch me yet but if I slip my boxers down and show you my big ole hardcock will you show me how you can play with your dickie."

    I couldn't stop myself and said, "Yes, please pull them down so I can see your peter, I'll do anything you want Grampa."

    He grabbed his boxers and slid them down with his big cock meat right there in front of me. Then he grabbed his balls and sort of pulled them so the sac was loose and hung there between his legs with his great bigballs resting on the couch. "You know what I'd like Joey, I'd like to watchyou cum. You remember that time when you were showing me your bonerand I slapped your ass and you had that big delicious boy cum. Well I'lllet you touch my legs really close to my cock and balls if you use yourother hand to give yourself another boy cum."

    I grabbed his leg so near his cock and balls that I could feel the heat coming off them. I think it excited him too because his cock seemed toget thicker and sort of burped this thick clear sticky fluid. Slowly it sliddown the shaft of his cock as it glistened in the afternoon sunlight.

    "Tell me what you are thinking my horny little cock toy or I'll pull up my pants and not even let you look at my hungry fucking cock anymore." he threatened.

    "Grampa please don't pull up your pants," I pleaded with him "please let me at least look at your big hard cock. I sure wish you would let me touch it all over, though. I even wish that you would rub it all over my body,particularly against my little peter."

    Grampa reached down and squeezed his hard cock and got the cock sap all over his fingers and then reached over and touched my little peter.It was so slick as he rubbed it around my peter and then he did the mostwonderful thing ever when he pulled my hand to his cock.

    I tried to hold that big thing with both my hands so I could jack him off but his cock was so slick that my hands just slid over the surface. I even tried in vain to hold on to the head of his helmet cock but my hands stilljust seemed to slip away. But it didn't seem to matter to him that Icouldn't get a good grasp of it because he seemed to love my little handsjust caressing his cock.

    "Oh yeah," Grampa said "your hands feel so good on my cock, use both your hands Joey and slide them all over my fucking cock like a good cock boy. Oh Jesus fucking Christ that feels so good."

    He began to moan in pleasure as Grampa's hand continued to tickle my little dickie my own body lost control and went into a deep boy cum. I slid against him as I shook and moaned but still working his cock like a goodcock boy. I had never seen cum before but now I was drenched in it ashis cock spit out load after load of cum. When he finally stopped shaking,he grabbed me by the ass pulling me onto his belly as my whole body slidand became wet with his cum. I could even hear the squishy noises hiscum was making as he slid me against his big hairy body. In such a lowvoice that it was almost a whisper he said, "That's it Joey, get your littlebody covered in my cum, if you want to be Grampa's little cum boy?"

    "Yeah, please Grampa, I want to be your little cum boy, I love you Grampa." I said it as if I was offering him a prayer.

    "That's the way to talk to your Grampa Joey. Now be a good fuck boy and use my cock cum to slide and rub your body up and down my cock so I can feel your little hard dickie next to my big Grampa cock and you can makeme shoot another load of cum."

    I could feel his balls sliding around my thighs and his hard on seemed to end some place on my chest. I begin to try to cup my whole little body over his cock meat as I slid up and down and around. I liked his hairycock touching my soft body all over. It really made me feel like his cockboy. I must have stopped moving as I got lost in these thoughts and Ifelt Grampa's hand smack my bottom.

    He said, "Come on, work my cock or I'll find another little boy that is a better cock fucker."

    Boy did I go to work on Grampa's cock then, we fucked for a really longtime before he started to moan and hold me really tight against him andif I thought that we were wet with a lot of cum that first time, it wasnothing compared with the gusher he had the second time.

    >From then on Grampa always liked it when I showed him my hard dick. He said that he loved to look at my tender boy weenie, when it got red hard like that. Grampa usually only wore his boxers when we were in the house.A lot of times he would take off his boxers too because he said his nutsneeded to be free once in a while and I think he enjoyed seeing howexcited I would get watching those balls dangle and jump when he walkedaround the room. My most favorite sight of all though was when he bentover and I was behind him. He liked to always have his legs fairly wideapart which he said was to give his equipment some extra room, but whenhe bent forward with his thick hairy legs spread wide and his big ballshanging down so low between his legs, it was hard for me to breathe I'dget so excited.

    I wanted to touch Grampa all the time but he said I had to wait until he told me I could. I think he enjoyed trying to see just how excited he could get me. We would sit together in the living room most afternoons,well not really together since he would be on the couch and I would benearby on the floor in front of him. He would say that it was dirty storytime and slip off his boxers. As long as I live I'll never forget the wayGrampa's balls looked as he sat near the edge of the couch with his bigballs dangling down and resting against the cushion. Then he would lay hiscock along his leg because he would say that gave it a lot of room to grow.He always started the stories with, "Once upon a time. . . . ." But afterthat it could be anything except it always involved a boy and a man. Theman was sometimes a daddy or an uncle, sure a Grampa too, butsometimes a stranger like a priest or a repair man or somebody else thatcame to the boy's house when he was alone. Sometimes it was even adaddy with his own son. Once he started the story by telling me that adaddy was taking his son to Boy Camp and the boy had to pee really badlyso he begged his daddy to stop. While they were in the rest room withthe boy peeing and the daddy with his cock out a truck driver came in. Iremember he said that the truck driver hauled out his big smelly cock andthen Grampa would stop his part of the story and tell me to tell him whathappens next. I got quite good about telling how they would all toucheach other and about fucking, cumming and really dirty stuff abouttouching dirty asses and farting and stuff. I new Grampa liked when Isaid a lot of dirty words and so about every other word was fuck or cockor hard on. Grampa always played with his cock as I told my part of thestory and after we told each other a few stories he would finally let metouch him."Get the fuck up here" he would say to me. "Get your dirty little cum boyhands over my fuck pole." His cock would be so thick and hard by thenand even my two hands seemed so tiny in comparison. "Grab it harder andwork that cock with your hands, I can hardly feel them." he would tell me.By now he would usually be leaking a lot of pre cum so I'd do my best tohold his cock tight as I slid them up and down his cock. There is nothingto a boy quite like the sight and feel of a grown man's thick cock as thatglistening skin slides up and down the steel hard cock meat inside. I don'tknow how to describe what it meant to me except that it was the verycenter of my world. During one of our story sessions Grampa asked meif I wanted to make love to his cock, the way Grandma did to him or myMother does for my Daddy.

    I said yes right away because I wanted to be a grown up and make love just like they did.

    "Then make love to my cock and kiss it and lick it, my fuck toy and you can start to become my wife and not just my grandson." he told me. His cock thickened when he said that and a large amount of cock cream startedoozing out. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward sothat his wet cock was against my face. I had Grampa's cum all over bybody before but never on my face.

    "Stick out your tongue" he told me "and taste my cock juice."

    That was the first time I ever felt a cock on my tongue or tasted the creamy tang of cum. One tentative lick and I knew I liked it. I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to do so I just tried to touch as manyplaces on his cock with my tongue that I could get to.

    "That's it," he told me "you're my girl now. So make good love to my cock like a little fuck slut." It wasn't long before he held the head of his cock to my mouth and said, "That's enough kissing Joey it's time to suck meoff." Then he sort of pushed that thick head of his cock in my mouth.He showed me a place on the underside of his cock where the head andshaft of his cock connected. He said that it really felt good when I usedsome of the cum that was leaking from his cock to rub that spot with myhands as I sucked the head of his cock. I was doing that really good whenhis cock head swelled and that piss hole got really wide open. He squirtedmore Grampa cum in my mouth than I could have possibly swallowed, soa lot of it landed on my face and in my hair. It even started to slide downmy chest and around my balls.

    "You are a good cum boy." he said to me as he touched my face and hair with his hand. I was so sexually excited that I wasn't sure who I was orwhat was going on, so I started shaking from all the tension building upin me.

    "I'll help you." Grampa said as he began to touch my nipples. I didn't know it was possible that those things on my chest could feel so good, so I crawled up on my knees to get closer so that Grampa could make mynipples feel even better. He grabbed one of my legs pulling my ass aroundso that he could spread my cheeks and then he held the edge of his handin the cleft of my ass snug against my asshole. It felt so warm and safe,protected I guess, the way his hand was covering my butt hole when hesmacked my behind directly hitting my asshole. If there was any pain Isure didn't feel it but I could feel a warm sensation deep in my ass.Grampa first slid his finger around the outside of my hole until he slippedit inside my ass and his mouth over my dickie. I could feel his hot wettongue doing incredible things to my dickie as my ass was filled with moreof his fingers. I felt so covered and complete with his fingers so deep inmy ass and my little dickie full of electricity from his tongue, whensomething seemed to rip inside me and I twisted and turned in a deliciousspasm. I thought that I might be peeing because I felt hot liquid shootout of my cock into Grampa's mouth. I had given myself that feeling in mybody before but never quite in the way it had that time and certainlynever with hot liquid squirting out. After that stuff stopped coming outof my cock, Grampa just held me and we were still until he kissed me onthe mouth and said I needed to have a taste of my first boy cum. Wekissed briefly and then Grampa pulled my head into his neck and held mereally tight.

    Grampa said I was now his girl friend, boy friend, grand son or anything fucking else I wanted to be. It also meant I could grab hold and touch him any time I wanted, he also said any time I really needed a cum justto tell him and he would work the cum out of me in no time. I could doanything I wanted with Grampa. If I wanted to crawl between his legsand suck on his balls or lick them while he did dishes that was okay too.In fact, that's how I got started eating Grampa's ass. One time Grampawas bending way over trying to get some burnt stuff out of the frying panwhen he was washing dishes and I knelt between his legs and bent myhead back so I could not only lick on those big nuts but suck them in mymouth one by one too.

    He was laughing and telling me that I was like a puppy dog the way I was licking his balls. He said, "Did you ever notice how a dog likes to lick his own ass? There are some really good ass lickers you know."

    I said a sort of muffled, "Yeah" because I was busy licking his balls with real lots of spit the way he likes it.

    "Give it a try on my ass." he said.

    So I got some more spit on my tongue and started to work that thick ball sac skin that led to his asshole. When I got to his hole, I took a big whiffand it had Grampa's heavy man smell but stronger than I'd ever smelledit before. Boy did my pecker get hard because it was really nasty whatI was doing which got me really excited. I tongued him around his holebut my little tongue always seemed to slip right to the opening becauseof all that bushy hair he had in the crack of his ass, fuck it was all overhis ass cheeks too.

    Then I heard Grampa say, "Come on if you want to be my girl friend, make love to my Grampa hole like you do my cock, show me how much you loveme." I really started to lick his hole hard with my tongue but hestraightened up, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Ilooked at his cock while we walked to the bedroom to watch how itshardness made his cock rise up and get thicker every few seconds like itwanted to look where we were going. I looked down at my weenie but itwasn't moving at all because it was so hard that it was glued to my tummy.

    Grampa pulled me with him as he rolled on the bed onto his back andb rought up his knees toward his chest but then spread his thighs wide sohis butt pushed upward and his ass cheeks spread with his butt hole upand kinda open. "Get some of my cum on your fingers and hands so youcan use it to play with my ass." he told me.

    I had no trouble getting a lot of pre cum on my little hands the way it was dripping and oozing out of his cock. I liked the way he smiled at me as Itouched his ass, rubbing my hands and fingers all over his opening.

    "Feel how warm I am inside Joey. Stick your fingers inside, try to even get your hand up there, you'll like it, I know I sure do."

    I tried but some of the cum had dried so it was difficult to get my fingers inside his tight hole, so he leaned over and took a tube of gel outof the night stand and told me to grease my hands. I did as he told meand started to work a finger inside his ass but I was afraid I might hurthim.

    "Joey, shove your fucking hand inside me don't tease me like that, I want it inside, you won't hurt me, it'll feel really good."

    In no time my right hand was up to my wrist as he moaned in pleasure and used the muscles in his ass to squeeze and bear down on my hand.

    "Now just push your hand forward with your shoulder and body so you can pull it in an out."

    I had my arm almost up to my elbow inside him and he was really moaning as he pinched his tits and begged me not to stop. I didn't stop but Icouldn't seem to move my arm anymore either because his ass became likea vice around my arm once he started to twist inside from his cum. Icould feel this hard ball against the back of my hand so I opened my handand began to stroke that ball deep in his ass. Before long he was goingcrazy the way his body was jumping and twisting with his cum flying allover the fucking place. He just kept on thanking me after, saying I wasthe best, that he never had a cum like that before in his whole life. Itseemed like he could hardly move but eventually I could feel as he firstlicked at my balls and dickie before he took my boner in his mouth andjacked me off with his lips as his tongue slid all over my dickie until hemade that good feeling run through my body as he sucked my boy creamout. Boy it sure was a good one for me too.

    >From then on Grampa always claimed we were both ass men. That's when he also started to tell me how much he wanted to fuck my little boy butt.I guess he really always fucked me. Maybe not with his cock at first butalmost from the start I remember him finger fucking my pussy hole.That's what he said I should start calling it because he said that he knewit would be the source of pleasure for a lot of cock.

    At first we talked a lot and he would tease me by just moving his finger around the rim of my ass hole but not putting it inside me no matter how much I begged him to do it. He would get me so hot and sweaty until Istarted to cry really hard I'd get so frustrated. Then one time after hetalked to me for a really long time, he slid a finger inside and licked mytongue as he told how tight and sweet and hungry by boy hole was. Heloved to kneel at my side as he finger fucked my pussy letting me useboth hands to stroke his cock. He also liked me to make a pussy with myhands so when he slid his cock through my hands and fingers I could getsome idea how good my ass was going to feel once he shoved his cockinside it. I really got excited listening to him particularly when he wouldfuck me with his fingers as he talked to me. He would also tell me thatif I wanted to act all grown up like his real girl friend that I shouldpractice with my legs against my chest and finger my pussy wishing it washis cock. He got me to say all kinds of nasty stuff when I would do thattelling him what a big cock slut I was. I remember telling him, "Yeah,ride me good Grampa, fill me up with your finger cum." I would say thatto him because he talked a lot about how good my ass was going to feelwhen he dumped his cum load up there.

    But then it got even better when he started fucking me with his tongue."God in heaven," he would say "nothing tastes better than sweet tender boy ass."

    That's when I learned about that great little ball inside my own ass too.I would sit on Grampa's face and he could get his whole big tongue deep inside me. Stroking that ball inside my ass with his tongue as his handsworked my titties. But it was best of all when he would start by fingeringmy hole with one hand, work my tits with the other hand and start usinghis big wet tongue to make electricity go through my cock. He would getme so excited telling me that he was going to keep on doing all thosethings until he made me squirt cum. He would do it really slow, justdarting his tongue out over my cock until it would get that incrediblefeeling and then he would pause again. I remember how my whole bodywould be so rigid hard that it almost didn't even touch the bed the wayI would be shaking. That's when I could shoot my own wad, maybe notlike Grampa but he always said it was one hell ova boy wad. Every time hewould tell me how much he loved the taste of my fresh young cum as helicked me clean after.

    It was like that the first time he put his cock in me. I had not cum yet but he said he knew I was about to because my ass was wide open and Iwas so fucking hot. He kept on saying to me, "You got to tell me how muchyou want it. How much you want my big Grampa cock in your tight boypussy."

    It was different that time, not just dirty word fun time, because this time I really did want him to fuck me, I didn't want to just talk about itagain. I tried to talk and tell him that I really wanted him to do it, butno words would come out. So I just kept nodding my head up and down asI held onto him. He seemed to be in a daze himself the way he keptstaring at me. I think that is when we both knew it was going to happen.I slid my ass near his cock and grabbed his arm pulling it around me,letting him know how much I wanted it using my body. We started to kiss.Normally we didn't kiss that much during sex except if we were sharinga cum kiss at the end but this time we kissed for a long time. I could feelhis big tongue filling up my mouth and my little eager tongue meeting hisand shoving it in his mouth too when he gave me the chance. His body wascupped behind mine when he put his cheek next to my cheek and startedtalking to me very softly. "It's going to hurt like hell this first time Joey.I'll be as slow and gentle as I can and promise you with all my heart thatyou will grow to love fucking better than anything but it may take a fewtimes before I stretch your hole enough that you can enjoy it."

    I understood that this was not the time for dirty sex talk but I had yet to feel any pain and I was so sexed up that my body felt like a furnace.So I told him what I thought would be really nasty. "I know Grampa butI really want it a lot. Stick that big Grampa cock up my ass and make ita real pussy like Mommy or anybody."

    I could feel the coolness of the gel as he slathered lots of it on his cock and between my legs. Then I felt his greasy fingers sliding in my hole andI could feel the opening of the gel tube slip past my ass lips and a squirtof lube shoot in my ass. He seemed to get the head of his cock inside myasshole without too much difficulty but once the head ended and thethicker shaft of his cock began my little hole just could not stretchenough to let any more of his cock get inside. He told me to just relaxbecause we had all the time in the world as he began kissing me around myneck and working my nipples. My nipples got so swollen and it felt likeGrampa was touching my cock every time he played with them. My minddrifted to other thoughts until I unexpectedly felt his cock slide in alittle farther. That is when I must have gotten scared because I triedto close my ass so he would not hurt me but I couldn't because his cockwas still part way in there. It started to really hurt and burn so I pulledmy ass forward and Grampa pulled his cock out. I started to cry not somuch from the pain but because I wanted him to fuck me so much and itdidn't seem like we could do it. It was my stupid fault for being too smalland not having a bigger hole. Grampa was kissing my face wiping away mytears with his lips as he told me not to cry and said that everything wasokay since fucking didn't matter that much anyway. That was when Ireally started bawling hard, I was so disappointed.

    "I'm sorry Grampa," I told him "try one more time, please Grampa, try for me, please."

    He told me very softly, "It's okay my sweet baby, don't cry, I'll try again,please try not to cry."

    I felt again the coolness of the gel as he greased his cock again and I pushed my little ass toward it. I could feel the smile on Grampa's face asit rested next to mine and I knew that Grampa realized that I was nowcrying from joy because he was going to try again. Soon we were at thatsame point of no return with his cock in me a little bit but it would not goin any farther. I tried to help this time by pushing my ass down onGrampa's cock but it finally started to go in only when I felt Grampa's armgo around me and hold me tight as his cock pushed really hard to getinside me. I thought that it just would never fit but then something in myass gave way and his cock was inside. Maybe his huge cock was only halfway inside me but I was already full of cock and he said that it was thebest half of his cock to have inside anyway. I can't say I loved thephysical part of getting fucked that day. In some ways I spent the wholetime not so much feeling pleasure as figuring out how to use my body sothat he could get his cock inside me and it didn't hurt me too much. Iwon't minimize the pain but psychologically I was prouder than if I hadwon the Olympics once he fucked me. Everybody's first fuck is achallenge but once I did it, I felt like I was really part of the sex and notjust some boy volunteer. Now I really, really was Grampa's fuck boy.

    Grampa was right it did take a few more times before I could really enjoy it and he was also right about my liking to fuck more than anything else.I couldn't get enough of Grampa's cock up my pussy. He said I was toomuch the way I would get on the couch fingering my hole and asking himto dick me. We both liked fucking. I got better and better at it to thepoint that I could crawl up on Grampa's lap, squat on his cock as I facedhim, while I milked his cock with my ass.

    "Get your ass up here boy and get those pussy lips over my cock, I needmy balls drained of another cum." he would tell me and my boy hole wasalready ready for his pleasure. I loved to suck the thick cum out of myGrampa's cock with my mouth but sucking was never as good as using myass pussy to do it.

    Daddy called later that summer to say he was driving up for a couple of days because he had a business meeting near by and wanted to see bothof us. Every day before Daddy got here Grampa lectured me aboutwearing clothes and no sex talk or touching in front of Daddy. I said toGrampa that it was going to be really hard to do that for two whole days.He seemed to get lost in his own thoughts and just said, "Yeah, I know,two mother fucking days without touching each other. What's a hell ovalot worse is the thought of you leaving when you go back for school."

    It was okay when Daddy got here, we were really careful, Grampa and I hardly even talked or looked at each other. Some time during theafternoon of that first day after spending so many hours not even sittingnext to Grampa, I felt so miserable I didn't want to talk to anybody.That was when Daddy asked, "What in the hell is wrong with you two.Both of you are acting like strangers or like you lost your best friend orsomething."

    That really hit me and the tears just started rolling down my face. I wasn't crying, it was more like I turned on a tear faucet. Grampa got upand pulled me into a hug as he sat on the couch and held me, telling me notto cry as he kissed my cheek. I don't know if I just forgot or just didn'tcare any more but I turned and kissed him on the lips and he started tokiss me back. He was the one that must have realized what we were doingin front of Daddy because he pulled his head away and used his hand tohold me back from trying to get back to him. Grampa and I were lookingat each other and I could feel Daddy staring at us but nobody said aword.

    I don't know what made me do it but I stood up pulling my tee shirt over my head and unbuttoned my pants so that my underwear and pants felltogether to my ankles. I stepped out of them making no attempt to hidemy hard on as I sat back down next to Grampa and asked him to hold me.He slipped off his own shirt as he stared into my Father's eyes for a fewmoments and then pulled me to his big hairy chest. I reached over andsucked Grampa's nipple as I slid my hand over the tent forming inGrampa's lap. I heard Daddy say, "What the fuck . . . " but he neverfinished the sentence.

    I started to undo Grampa's pants but I couldn't wait any longer so I just unzipped them and reached inside until I could feel the warmth of hiscock and balls. I just had to touch him there. I felt so lonely without himand so miserable. I didn't care what Daddy or anybody said, all I knewwas I wanted to feel connected to Grampa and nothing made me feel moreconnected to him than having sex with him. Grampa undid his pantspushing them down as my hand slid free from his fly.

    "Finger my boy pussy." I said to Grampa as I slid myself around and took the head of his cock in my little mouth. I sensed movement at my sideand I could see that Daddy was standing next to me looking down at us,staring really. It took me a while before I realized he was there becauseI was so intent on taking Grampa's thick cock head as deep in my mouthand throat as I could get it. I pulled my mouth off Grampa's cock leaningback as I moved my butt in the rhythm of Grampa's finger that wasfucking me and looked into Daddy's eyes.

    He had this strange look in his eyes like he couldn't quite place who I was.Maybe his mind wasn't in gear yet but the bulge in his pants let me knowhis cock sure was. Don't get me wrong, I love my Daddy and I wanted himto feel good too, so I sat up with Grampa's big thick fingers stillmassaging my ass and started to rub Daddy's cock as it hardened moreand more at my touch. I got an empty feeling as I felt Grampa's fingerswithdraw from my butt and watched him as he stood up and grabbedDaddy from behind in a bear hug. Grampa's face was right along Daddy'sear and I could hear Grampa saying to him softly, "Wait until you feel hissoft tender young hands on your naked dick, it's going to drive you fuckingwild." Then Grampa said to me, "Go ahead Joey, show your Daddy howmuch you love to play with a man's cock."

    As he said that he reached for Daddy's belt and unbuttoned his trousers as they fell from his body.

    Daddy wore boxers just like Grampa and he looked so exciting standing there with his thick hairy daddy cock jutting out of the fly of his boxers.I liked his chest too, it was full of lots of dark hair and he had a nice bighairy beer gut that I knew would feel good against my skin if he deepdicked my pussy ass.

    Grampa said to me, "Joey taste the cock that fucked your Mommy's pussy to make you, show your Daddy how glad you are that he is such a goodfucker."

    Grampa didn't need to tell me anything, I could hardly wait to taste and feel my Daddy's cock inside my little pussy mouth. I put my hands aroundDaddy's legs to hold onto him and steady myself and started to leanforward with my tongue as I looked up into Daddy's eyes and said, "OhDaddy, you got a good one. Big and thick just like Grampa, can I be yourpussy boy too like I'm Grampa's and you can stick your cock in my pussyand I can take it for a pony ride." I knew just where to start working hiscock, that favorite place of Grampa's just after the head but on theunder side of his cock, sort of where the head and shaft connect. Ihardly flicked my tongue on it a few times and Daddy was going wild theway he was moaning and trying to push his cock past my lips so he couldfuck my mouth with it.

    "Oh my God, " Daddy was saying "his tongue is like velvet on my cock.Please don't stop, show Daddy what a good cocksucker you are, for Christsake kid suck my fucking cock."

    I gave my Daddy his dirty boy dream as I used my mouth and tongue,sucking and licking making Daddy happy. I was even going to play with hisass but when I reached between Daddy's legs to get to his hole I couldfeel Grampa's sticky wet cock sliding up and down the crack of Daddy'sass right against his butt hole but not yet inside it.

    That's when I heard Grampa say to me, "Don't let him cum yet, this is too mother fucking good."

    I felt Grampa's hand on my shoulder pushing me back, I didn't care what Grampa said, I wanted to suck the cum out of my Daddy's cock so if hehad not pushed me back I would not have stopped until I drained Daddy'sballs of cum. Daddy didn't want me to stop either the way he kept tryingto lunge forward but Grampa's strong and he had no problem holding himback.

    "Lie back Joey and spread your fucking legs for your Daddy so he can see the treasure between your legs with your sweet little balls and tenderyoung cock dick." Then he spoke to his own son when he said, "Taste yoursweet son, you won't find any coarse hair around that tender little pole ofjoy, just soft velvet skin all around it with balls made of pure silk."

    Daddy's words seemed to explode from him, "Jesus how I want to put your little dickie in my mouth. Joey feed your Daddy some of your boyweenie. I've jacked off a million times thinking about how much I'd liketo lick you until you squirted your boy cream in my mouth or even lickedthe fucking shit out of your ass with my tongue."

    Grampa was working Daddy's titties something fierce at this point, they were all swollen and sort of a red purple. Then Grampa said to Daddy,"Have you ever tasted the sweetness of boy cum from someone that ageson. It's better than life itself, it was what a man was made to eat morethan anything in this world."

    Daddy sounded so young when he answered Grampa by saying, "ND addy." and then added "please Daddy, let me please taste Joey's dickie cream. Oh God, you got to let me Daddy or I'll just die, I got to have it,I need it so much."

    Grampa said back to Daddy, "Ask Joey, ask your son, but first tell me,would you have liked to have been my little fuck boy when you were growing up just like Joey is?" Grampa paused for a second and thenadded, "I sure as fucked wanted to."

    Daddy just looked at Grampa thinking about what Grampa had said before he replied, "Lucky fucking Joey to be so young when you stretched outhis ass hole with your big smelly cock. I wish you had started with mewhen I could barely crawl. That's always what I've wanted. I'm no-goodDaddy, all I've ever wanted is cock and I've never even had it once."

    I could not understand Daddy then because he wasn't making any sense,"Boy cock, grampa cock, daddy cock . . . " I was still on my back playingwith my cock as all of this was going on and Daddy lunged forward suckingmy cock and balls and everything inside his mouth. Just as Grampa hadtold him I could see Daddy's tongue as it circled around the rim of mydickie and balls savoring the tender hairless flesh around them. I couldfeel one of Grandpa's fingers slide inside my pussy as Daddy sucked meand I could see the fingers of Grampa's other hand sliding into Daddy'sbutt hole.

    I was surprised I lasted as many minutes as I did before I was shooting my boy cum in Daddy's mouth. That's when Daddy started to suck me withsuch force that I thought he might pull my cock and balls right out of me.After I finished my really long and deep cum Grampa pulled Daddy offme. I must have cum more than I ever had before because I could stillsee part of my cum on Daddy's lips and tongue. Daddy was standing upbut Grampa was half behind him holding him up. I was in a dreamy sortof haze after such a big cum so I just lied back and watched thewonderfulness of Daddy's hard cock as it rose and lowered with longstrands of pre cum hanging down.

    I don't know where Grampa pulled the gel from but my pussy felt so good getting greased and stroked by his thick fingers. I saw him take anotherpalm full as he started to grease my Daddy's fuck pole too but Daddyquickly grabbed his hand, I think he was so hot he was ready to cum anysecond.

    "Fuck me Daddy." I told him as I pulled up and spread my little legs opening my boy pussy to him. Grampa picked me up and carried me overto the dining room table as he said to my Daddy, "Fuck him over here itwill be better."

    As soon as I was on the table I got back into my fuck position. Daddy came over and got in front of my splayed legs with his cock at the openingof my butt hole.

    Grampa said to him, "Look how eager Joey is for your cock, you have sucha good boy slut for a son. Let your cock feel his pussy."

    As Daddy started to work his cock inside me, I felt Grampa pull me forward just enough so that my head hung over the side of the table. Hedidn't have to tell me what he planned to do, I just waited until I feltGrampa's huge cock go into my mouth and start to work its way in mythroat and his big hairy bull balls slapped around my face. Daddy seemedto wait with his cock posed at my eager pussy for Grampa to tell him whathe could do next. Then Grampa said to Daddy, "Fuck that little hole,taste his pussy with your cock." That is when Daddy drove his cock upmy pussy all the way to his pubs and started humping me deep and hard.

    This was the best that ever would be, two big cocks at the same time, one up my cunt and other one being shoved down my throat, but the best partwas that one was my Daddy and the other one my Grampa.

    After Daddy rode me for a few minutes I think that he got scared thathe might have hurt me because he stopped moving entirely, so I pulled myhead to the side as Grampa's cock slid out of my mouth and said to myFather, "Daddy your cock feels so good inside me, make my pussy sing, bemy Daddy, come on fuck me deep, I want you to fuck me good and hard."I held my legs straight up and close to my chest somewhat parted soDaddy had full access to my pussy hole. He started sliding his cock backin me as he leaned forward with hairy beer gut pushing hard against myup turned legs trying to wedge it in me as deep as he could. After hebottomed out inside me he slid his cock back again almost pulling it all theway out of my hole when he began piston fucking my cunt hole withoutmercy. Over and over I yelled, "Yeah that's the way Daddy, fuck, yespound my pussy hole, fuck the shit out of me Daddy." I leaned my headback again and Grampa slid his cock deep in my throat as Daddy used eachof his hands to grab me by the hips and I reached around my legs to workhis nipples with my little strong hands. I could feel my own cum breakingloose through my balls and jerking out of my boy dick as he continued toram me hard and deep, until I felt his hot cum spewing inside my wideopen ass and him mumbling, ". . . fuck yes, fuck yes . . . " over and overagain.

    It was a long afternoon and I don't think any of us lost our hard ons. But the memory that remains with me to this day in every vivid detail was lookon Daddy's face with his legs over Grampa's shoulders as Grampa fuckedhim with his whole huge dick and Daddy kept screaming to Grampa, "Yes,make me your Fuck Boy Daddy. I want to be a Fuck Boy. Oh fuck, finallyyes, god yes"

    As I got older the three of us continued to fuck every chance we got.Sliding from one hole into another one, eventually I too found thepleasure of fucking my own Grampa with his ass fresh with Daddy's cum.We are all Fuck Boys in the end, whether it be Grampa's or Daddy's oranother man with a willing cock to feed our pleasure.

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