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  • The planters son
  • The Plantation had been in the family for about three generations. My great-great grandfather had won it in a Casino, on the throw of a dice. The Estate amounted to some five hundred acres, but the quality of the land was variable, with tracts of scrub and bush that still needed to be cleared for cultivation sixty years after we acquired it. My grandfather had developed the Estate wisely and grew a variety of crops to suit the land. We had crops of tobacco, sugar cane and sweet corn.

    The Estate is situated on the banks of Mitchell Lake, in Coosa County, Alabama; midway between Montgomery and Birmingham, in the middle of nowhere, or so it seemed to me. The roads hereabouts are just dirt tracks which become impassable in wet weather. The summers are generally hot and sticky, the winters warm and wet. Given a choice it is the last place on earth I would choose to live, but I was not given the choice. Because of the variable weather, the bad roads, and my being six miles walk from the nearest school, my parents had reluctantly decided to have me educated privately. From the age of five I have attended the Kellerman Academy near Tuscaloosa, some eighteen hours horse ride from the Plantation, provided the weather doesn't cause any delays.

    It is the summer of 1819 and the Plantation has had three bad seasons in a row. The last four summers have been interminably hot, with long droughts. The winters have been warm and wet, with tens of acres flooded for long periods. The higher ground crops had been affected by frost and daddy found himself in a relatively poor financial situation. He has now been forced to let many of the farmhands go, relying on slaves who live on the Plantation. He can no longer afford the school fees, and has to bring me out of school.

    Mummy wrote to me to say she has had to leave the plantation to go and look after Aunt Mildred, her sister in Maryland. That was four months ago, and she hasn't written since. Daddy writes about once a month, usually to encourage me with my education. I'm sure he must be lonely in that big house, all alone.

    I had enjoyed being away at school, as the Plantation was miles from anywhere, and I was the only young person there, apart from Jacob the Housekeeper, who was in his late twenties. All the other staff lived in Mariah, a small town about six miles away, and used to come and go by horse and cart each day. Daddy did not like me mixing with the locals or the slaves, as he was determined I was going to be a 'gentleman'.

    I had just turned thirteen when daddy telegraphed the school to send me home. I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. I had been sent to see Mr. Davis, in the house masters study at about seven o clock in the evening. He told me that I was to return home the following morning, and that my father had sent Jacob his Housekeeper to pick me up. He explained that everyone was well, but that my father felt I could be educated locally, and be with my family. I was naturally upset, as the other boys were my only friends. Mr Davis had become a surrogate daddy for us all, and had taught us a lot. He alone amongst the teachers had been prepared to talk about sex. All this was to come to an end. I felt lost, cheated and lonely. Mr Davis said he would help me pack my things up, and that I could sleep in the guest house overnight as I was so upset.

    It didn't take us long to collect my belongings together and pack them into a trunk. Mr. Davis said he would arrange for my schoolwork to be sent on the next day. Everything was packed into the trunk and it was locked and sealed for the journey. Mr Davis helped me carry it down to the Gatehouse in preparation for my leaving in the morning. He left me in the Guest house at about 9.00 pm but said that he would come back to say goodbye once he had finished his rounds.

    It was only when I got out of the bath that I realised that all my clothes were sealed in the trunk. Having no other clothes, I folded my uniform neatly so that I could wear it the next day for the journey, then got into bed. I think I must have cried myself to sleep, as I couldn't bear the thought of going back to that huge plantation, now that I had made friends at school.

    It was a knock on the door that woke me up. Realising I was naked I shouted 'Come in'. The door opened, it was Mr Davis. 'Ben' he said gently, 'are you awake?'. 'Yes sir', I replied. He came in and lit a candle at the side of the bed. He had obviously finished his rounds as he was wearing only a dressing gown and slippers. I had never seen Mr Davis dressed this way, although privately, I must admit to having dreamed about him naked.

    He sat on the edge of the bed and asked how I was feeling. I told him I didn't want to go home, and that I would miss all the other boys and the teachers. Tears came into my eyes as I talked. I could tell that he didn't want me to leave either. He gave me hug and I started sobbing. He pulled me close to him, my head on his chest. He adjusted his position so that I would be comfortable and his dressing gown gaped open at the front.

    I found my head nestled into his hairy chest. It felt warm and comforting. I could feel myself getting an erection and hoped he wouldn't notice. He changed position again and his dressing gown gaped open below the waist. I could just make out his nudity in the soft light of the candle. My mind was working overtime. My cock was hardening at the thought of his cock, and the closeness of our bodies, even though I couldn't see it clearly. He was rubbing my shoulders to comfort me and noticed that I was cold.

    He asked where my pyjamas were and I explained that they had been packed into the trunk which was at the Gatehouse. He stood up to get a blanket from the blanket box. As he stood back from the bed, his exposed body was fully visible in the candlelight. It was much nicer than I had dreamed of. His chest, stomach and legs were a mass of thick black hair. Making no attempt to cover himself, he must have noticed that I was staring at his groins. His cock was bigger than I expected. It seemed to grow out of a forest of hairs.

    My own cock was now much bigger than I wanted it to be. I could feel it aching to be touched. I wanted to rub it, to massage it to ejaculation, but I knew that would be wrong, and I would probably get into trouble. I watched Mr. Davis as he walked over to the blanket box and remove a blanket. He still made no attempt to cover himself and I thought he was enjoying being looked at.

    He stood at the side of the bed, his body only inches from my face. I was staring into his exposed crotch, his long thick cock seemed to be reaching out toward me. Not having seen it before, I didn't know whether it was always this big, or whether he was getting an erection. I knew I was erect, and I blushed at the thoughts I was having.

    Next thing I knew he had pulled the sheet right off the bed. He was now looking at me laying there, my erect cock in my hand. I thought I would die of embarrassment. 'My my, what do we have here?'. 'Ben is big indeed' he quipped, smiling with his big brown eyes. I mumbled something about being sorry, unsure whether to hide my nakedness. I decided that would be wrong, displaying my immaturity in that way. He made no attempt to cover my naked body, but just stood there looking at me.

    Despite my embarrassment at him staring at my rigid dick, my eyes were fixed on his cock, which was definitely growing in length, girth and stature. It seemed to be pointing upwards now. It had been dangling down before. Could it be that he too was getting an erection ?

    'When I was a boy and got upset, my daddy used to get into bed and cuddle me' he said. He walked round to the other side of the bed and climbed in. I was unsure what was going to happen, or what would be expected of me. I knew what I wanted to happen, but had never dreamed for a moment that it would.

    Mr. Davis had always been an object of desire amongst the boys in the dormitory after lights out. He was one of the few male teachers we had. Most of the staff were maiden aunt types with their hair tied up all the time.

    We used to invent sexual exploits that we each would have with Mr Davis, fantasies that were really wish fulfilment. Despite the rumours amongst the older boys, I had never believed that he would be interested in us immature teenagers, however much they gloated over him as a sexual object. Yet, here I was, naked and erect, lying in bed with Mr Davis. He too was naked and he too had an erection.

    I could feel his body hair along the full length of my back, buttocks and legs. His increasing rigid cock seemed to fit snugly between my thighs. I felt the wetness, heat and rigidity as the end of his cock probed the underside of my balls.

    He wrapped his arms around me. They were muscular and hairy, almost like an extension of his manhood. He cuddled me close, pressing his body against mine. It felt warm and comforting. It felt so natural, yet I knew we shouldn't be doing this. He gently stroked my smooth chest and belly, whispering something about it making me feel better. Ca you feel my big wet prick between your legs he said, I certainly felt comforted, and increasingly felt desires and impulses I had never had before.

    His strong fingers tickled my nipples, making them hard. It felt nice, even though I had to resist the temptation to giggle. I realised that he was not trying to tickle me, but to give me comfort. I felt my body relaxing all over, except in the groins. I lay back in his strong arms and could easily have drifted off to sleep, except for the thoughts and desires that filled my mind.

    Even though it was obvious to me that he was not concerned about my erect state, or even about his own, I did not have the confidence to touch him. I wanted to, but did not dare. He was my housemaster after all, and I was still a pupil, at least until the morning. His hand probed below my belly button; I felt my body tense, and to hide it I stretched as though yawning. My cock was now even more erect. In a flash I was laying on my back in his arms. He continued to stroke my lower belly and I could feel myself thrusting my erection towards his fingers. He continued to stroke my belly. His cock, still rigid and wet was now resting in my left thigh, the tip just touching my balls, adding to my growing sense of excitement. My buttocks, thighs and cock were now rigid in anticipation. 'You need to release all this tension Ben' he said. 'Yes sir' I replied gasping. His hand moved further down my body, gently stroking my skin with his fingers. I was now willing him to fondle my cock, which was beginning to ache in anticipation. I felt his wetness along with the firm erection on my thigh. He too must be as excited as me, I hoped.

    Despite my many wet dreams, and the numerous sexual conversations I'd had with the other boys, I had no valid experience of how to do anything with another body, apart from furtive wanking after lights out, and that was only rarely a group activity. I was at the age where I knew what I wanted to do, but had no real idea about how to do it. The boundaries of sexual behaviour were like Greek to me. I didn't know what was acceptable, what would cause offence, or how to give real sexual pleasure to another person. I knew it had to be more than just rubbing each others erect cocks, which was the extent of my sexual experience.

    All these concerns filled my conscious mind as he continued to stroke my belly and legs, only occasionally running a finger along my rigidity, making me quiver with excitement. As much as I was enjoying this, my body seemed to be yearning for yet more. I am going to massage your dick for you he said it will help you rest. It's o.k. he said I massage a boys prick every night it helps me sleep as well, you boys get so tense and it is my way of making you comfortable. I wander the corridors at night about this time listening for boys who are restless. I slip into bed with them an caress them. I rember one time I was humping the face of one boy with my big prick and I realised there were 2 other boys waiting to be serviced at the side of his bed. I took all three of them to my room and let them fondle and caress me with their mouths, and then I put my prick up each others little bottom in turn till I had shot my seed inside one of them. So do not be afraid my sweet young man.

    He changed his position so that I was laid on my back and he was lying on his side. Not knowing what was acceptable, I copied his actions. I reached over and gently stroked his hairy chest. I liked the feel of the soft hair over the firm muscles. He liked the way I played with his nipples which were erect like mine but much bigger. He took my hand in his and guided me towards his erect cock. Much as I was desperate to touch it, I still felt embarrassed.

    I stroked it gently, just as he had done to mine. It felt huge, hot and pulsated. I could feel the outline of the veins pressing on the underside of the skin. I reached below to fondle his balls. They were enormous, much bigger than I'd expected, they were the size of plums. Strangely, his scrotum was smooth, without any hairs. I had never known this before. I had always thought that men's balls were covered in hair, just as animal balls are. The only other testicles I could recall belonged to the other boys at school and none of them had any hair down below. The contrast between the hairy body and the smooth balls was really exciting. I wanted to look at them closely, to feel the texture of the smooth skin, to savour the difference.

    I felt his hand encircling my cock. I felt sure I would shoot my load any moment. Then, suddenly, I had an overwhelming desire to piss. How embarrassing!. 'I need a piss Sir' I said urgently. I remember blushing at the statement as I said it. He laughed, which made me blush even more. 'It's too cold and too far to the toilet Ben' he said. 'Just piss into me'. At this his head came over and his lips kissed the tip of my cock.

    'I'm not joking' I said, 'I really need a piss'. He looked up with his big brown eyes 'Neither am I' he replied, I have boys many a night piss into my mouth I tell them to come to my study before they make their way to the toilet if my light is on come and give me your hot piss. Many boys come regular and I end up drinking their hot piss and suck their pricks for them before they retire to bed, I proceeded to put the full length of my cock in his mouth.

    The soft warmth and moistness of his mouth felt wonderful. I relaxed and started to piss, I couldn't help it. I was desperate. It came in short bursts at first, then in longer and firmer gushes. I could hear him swallowing it down, occasionally grabbing the base of my cock firmly to stay the flow of urine as his mouth filled. It felt great. My cock glowed internally with the heat and pressure of my hot piss. It responded to the tender lips that enfolded it, and to the firm grip as my flow was stayed. Mr. Davis was obviously enjoying his drink. I remember thinking how much I had to learn. I'd never heard of anyone drinking piss before! As my stream of piss slowed, he was able to swallow every drop easily.

    His lips then became more firm and insistent. His whole head was slowly bobbing up and down as he caressed the full length of my cock, filling his mouth with my rigidity. The pleasure of the pissing slowly changed to a different sensation as he sucked out the last drops. I was clenching my buttocks and thighs now. I wanted to shoot my load. Every muscle in my body wanted me to shoot my load.

    'Please sir, I think I'm going to...'. That was as much as I was able to say. My body exploded in ejaculation. I was thrusting myself deep into his throat, my hands holding his head firmly as I fucked his face. I was shooting what felt like loads of hot steamy spunk in stream after stream, deep into his throat. His lips tightened round my cock so as to collect every last drop. My body was trembling with tension and excitement. This was beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of in my horniest wet dream. Wave after wave of spunk shot from me, deep inside him. My whole body was jerking uncontrollably.

    Just when I thought I was totally drained of semen, Mr Davis took my cock from his mouth and flicked his tongue over the piss slit. This initiated another three or four spurts, some of which landed on his tongue, others on his face. Some dribbled from his chin onto his hairy chest. I felt a dull ache in my balls, now drained of their creamy liquid.

    It had been an experience beyond any others I'd ever had, or even dreamed of. I was aware that Mr Davis had been concentrating on giving me pleasure and relief. He had obviously enjoyed it, but now I felt I owed him a similar experience.

    Plucking up courage from I know not where, I told him to sit astride my chest. I had never told a man to do anything before in my life, let alone a teacher. My voice was firm, assertive and insistent, surprising even me. More surprisingly, he did as I instructed without hesitation. In seconds his full weight was on my chest, his erect cock slapping against my lips, his balls resting below my chin. In a frenzy I took as much of it into my mouth as I could. I tasted salty and creamy, was hot and firm. He moaned with pleasure as I caressed him with my wet lips and tongue. I probed his piss slit with the tip of my tongue, just as he had done to me. He moaned with pleasure.

    I took hold of his hairy buttocks, one in each hand. I could feel his muscles clenching just as mine had done. I don't know why but I found myself probing his arse with my fingers. He seemed to enjoy that so I added that to my repertoire. My concentration centred on my mouth and his cock. I did anything and everything that I thought would give him pleasure. I even bit him gently; he seemed to like that, judging by the moans and shouts of delight he was making. It was fortunate we were in the Guest house, as we would most definitely have been heard if we'd been in Mr Davis' study.

    The more I sucked, licked, bit and probed his cock the more he seemed to like it. I gagged occasionally as he tried to thrust his full length into my mouth, but he withdrew and apologised each time.

    Suddenly, the candle went out and we were in total darkness. This annoyed me because I had been savouring the visual sight of this hairy body thrusting itself into me. However we were enjoying ourselves so much it never occurred to me that we should stop just to light the candle.

    In the darkness I became aware of his manly smell. We were both sweating with excitement, but it was only in the darkness that I noticed his smell. He didn't smell dirty, he just smelled of sex and sweat. My cock, which had subsided slightly, seemed to respond to the aroma of pure sexual excitement. It is a difficult smell to describe, except to say that you will recognise it when you smell it, just as I did.

    The weight of his massive frame was becoming oppressive on my chest. I was not uncomfortable, more aware that I couldn't perform so well with his weight on my chest, and my mouth more than full of his cock.

    Again I found myself giving instructions. 'Get on your back' I said forcefully. With a chuckle and a flash of his white teeth in the darkness he jumped off me and lay across the bed. I got up off the bed and knelt on the floor between his legs. My own cock was rigid now and begging for further attention. In this position I could not only concentrate on Mr. Davis' cock, but also add to my own pleasure with my own.

    Mr Davis seemed to respond to being told what to do by a pupil. I told him to put his legs on my shoulders. He responded again with a chuckle and did as directed. His massive thighs rested on each of my shoulders, the hairs on his legs tickling my ears. His buttocks pressed against my nipples, massaging them each time he clenched his buttocks. This position gave me easy access to his equipment, and allowed me access to his balls and arse. I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled it toward me. Mr. Davis groaned at what seemed to me to be discomfort. His cock seemed as though it was on a spring. It slipped from my grip momentarily and slapped hard against his hairy belly. 'Aaaggh' he moaned with delight. I pulled it back and inserted into my eager mouth, savouring the salty hot taste as it slid back and forth along the roof of my mouth. I fondled his balls with my left hand, my right being otherwise engaged managing my own equipment, which was rampant and eager to provide further evidence of my new found manhood.

    We were both sweating profusely now. I was getting more and more excited at the smell of his sweat, which seemed to compliment the taste of his cock. I could feel sweat running down my back, and wondered whether it was his sweat or my own. I remember reaching to fondle his nipples, and found them firm and erect in a matt of wet body hair. He liked having his nipples played with and moaned each time I touched them. 'Lick my balls Ben' he asked, not insistent, the way I had been; more pleading with me.

    I didn't know how to lick balls. I had never done it, never heard of it being done, never even thought it might be pleasurable. There again I'd never heard of people drinking piss. It seemed I was going to learn a lot tonight. I put the pillow under the small of his back so that he could lift his legs in the air. I had to fumble for it in the darkness, as it had fallen to the floor. However we both giggled as I got it into position. He held his legs behind each knee so that I could gain ready access to his balls.

    Working by touch in the darkness, I found his hairless balls and cupped them in my hand. Not knowing what was expected of me I gently licked the smooth sweaty skin over the huge hard balls. The taste to me was very erotic, and my cock jumped to attention. Mr. Davis groaned pleasurably at the feel of my tongue on his scrotum. Working on instinct and desire alone I slowly sucked one of his balls into my mouth. He seemed to like that so I did the same with the other. They were too big to get in my mouth together, but Mr. Davis didn't seem to mind. He had taken hold of his cock and was now wanking furiously.

    I licked my finger and gently stroked his arse. I felt it pout in response. Mr Davis sighed pleasurably at that, so I continued. I then licked the sweat off his buttocks, enjoying the taste and the texture of the wet hairy thighs. Mr. Davis shouted something, went rigid, and started to pump huge great spurts of spunk. I was in the wrong position to get his manhood in my mouth, so I just fondled his arse and peered in the soft darkness as these great globules of glowing white spunk shot everywhere; some landed on his belly, some on his chest, his face and even his hair. The sight was intensely satisfying to me, knowing that I had given him pleasure, and marvelling at the intensity of it.

    Still between his legs, I stood up and without touching it, my cock shot a second load of spunk which landed on his chest. We were both now exhausted, drained and sweaty. Mr Davis got off the bed and found some matches on the bedside table. Striking a match he lit the candle. In the soft light he scooped up globules of semen that seemed suspended in the hairs on his belly, put them to his mouth and swallowed them down.

    Now that it was over I felt uncomfortable, embarrassed by our mutual nakedness. I felt ashamed at my body compared to his. I felt sort of inadequate, and overwhelmingly sad. Sad, that not only was I leaving the school forever in a few hours, but also that I would never see Mr Davis again; that I could never re-live the experience we had just shared.

    We sat naked on the edge of the bed and I sobbed. Mr Davis made no effort to dress or clean himself; instead he put his arm around me to comfort me. He stood me up, cradled me in his arms, and then kissed me full on the lips. It was not the sort of kiss I'd ever had before. I could feel his tongue probing my mouth. I could taste the saltiness from the spunk he'd just swallowed; and he still had that sexy sweaty smell of maleness that so appealed to me.

    Mr. Davis spent a long time explaining that the experience we had shared, whilst satisfying for us both, could never be repeated, even if I had stayed at school. Every experience is different he explained, and special in its' own way. He suggested that I learn from each experience so that I can offer it to future sexual partners.

    This did little to console me, knowing that in the morning I was going to be consigned to the plantation, where I would have little if any chance of meeting anyone who would be remotely interested in me sexually. He kissed me full on the lips again, and wiped away a tear from my eye. We stood there in the darkness, bodies clenched together, and his still hard cock pressing against my belly button.

    Suddenly the door opened, and there stood Jacob. Surprised and embarrassed I jumped into bed, pulled the sheet over my groins and blushing furiously, mumbled something incoherent that was meant to be an explanation of what we had been doing.

    Mr. Davis did nothing other than pick up his dressing gown, and holding it one hand he slipped into his slippers, stood up and walked over to Jacob, offering his handshake. He made no effort at covering his still half-hard erection or his nudity. Neither did he try explaining what we had been doing. Rather he told Jacob that I had been a good pupil and would be missed by everyone at school. He went on to so that I was upset at the thought of leaving the school and I needed comforting. All through this explanation I noticed that Jacob seemed to be staring at Mr Davis' still erect cock. They shook hands and Mr. Davis left the room, without even a goodbye glance in my direction.

    I felt terrible at being caught like that by Jacob. Jacob was the first slave my father bought. That was ten years ago, when times were good, and our previous housekeeper left. Jacob, only sixteen when my father bought him had been taught to clean and cook by my mother, and soon took over the running of the mansion with a quiet efficiency, not usually associated with slaves. In those days, mummy and daddy used to go out to dinner parties at other plantations, leaving Jacob to look after me. We used to play games, he taught me to dance, and even helped me with my schoolwork. I liked Jacob, and thought of him as the older brother I never had. This used to annoy daddy, who wasn't keen on me associating with the staff.

    It worried me that I may have fallen in Jacob's esteem. He was like a brother to me, and I valued his friendship. I had no idea how he would deal with the realisation that I had had sex with another man. He would no doubt think that I'd been doing it all the time I'd been at school. The more I thought about it the more I feared his response. Not knowing how to deal with it I lay on the bed with my back to Jacob, pretending to sob, thinking this would prevent me having to offer an explanation.

    Jacob seemed concerned at my being upset, and did not appear to suspect what I had been doing with Mr. Davis. He came over the bed, sat on the edge and told me about his journey, which horse he had used, how long it had taken, which route he had taken and other bits of general small talk about the plantation. In the course of the conversation I turned to face him. He told me that when he arrived he had been given a bunk in the stables, which were very cold. He had come to the Guest house in the hope that I could arrange a spare room, as he had become soft after living for many years in the plantation mansion.

    Realising that the preceding events of the evening were not going to be discussed I relaxed. I explained that as a mere pupil at the school I had no power to offer him a room in the Guest house, but he was welcome to share my bed, as we had done innocently many times before at home. Jacob grinned and relaxed. He wouldn't have done that if he had thought I was going to molest him. I watched as he quite openly removed his clothing in front of me. Like Mr Davis he showed embarrassment as he disrobed from his heavy serge dress uniform.

    I had seen Jacob naked before of course, when I was a small boy. In those days he used to get into the bath with me. I was curious about his black skin and short curly hair. Sexual feelings had never entered my thoughts, not even when he used to dry me after we'd bathed. I remember he used to tickle me with the towel to make me laugh, but it was totally innocent.

    I wondered if he realised that I had grown up now, and was no longer the child he had known, even though I must have appeared to be the same small child, sobbing at the thought of leaving school.

    He now stood in front of me at the side of the bed. His nudity was enhanced by the dim candlelight. His skin glowed; it had a sheen about it that emphasised his manly physique. I remembered that he had always used a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil on his skin. When I was child he had explained it was a tribal thing to protect the skin from the heat, strong sunshine and repel the mosquitoes in his native African village, somewhere on the west coast of Africa. It had become a native tradition that he had maintained as a slave in America; one of the few he had been allowed to keep. He told me that each time he applied the lotion it brought back memories of his family back home, and how he hoped to return there one day as a rich man. He even offered to take me with him.

    All these memories of the plantation and the evocative smell of his skin made me feel much happier about my impending return. He chatted away unselfconsciously, standing there at the side of the bed, totally aware of the thoughts that were racing from my mind to my groins. With all the new knowledge and awareness that I had acquired in the two hours before his arrival, I was now looking at Jacob in a totally different way. Our years of friendship and brotherly affection seemed behind me now. Our relationship could never be the same. In Jacob I now recognised his deep sensuous voice, his shining muscular torso and legs. I was aware now that his body hair was short, and in small clumps. I wanted to feel it, to feel how different it was from the hair on his head. Like Mr Martin, Jacob had a long thick cock and big balls. His scrotum however was hairy, which confused me a bit, as I had come to believe that hair didn't grow there after my recent experience.

    After several minutes chat, Jacob could see that I had apparently recovered from my sobbing. I noticed that he was starting to shiver, realised that he must be cold, and suggested he get into bed. He made to walk round the bed, but I offered him my place on the warm side, shuffling over to make room. The bed was indeed cold on the other side, and I found myself shivering in the cold cotton sheets. Jacob climbed in.

    I recalled how warm and comforting it had been when Mr Martin had cuddled into me earlier, and did the same with Jacob. Nestled against Jacob's back and buttocks, I pulled him close to me. My arms enveloped him and I playfully rubbed his chest and belly with my hands to warm him up, as he had done many times when I was a child, on putting me to bed. He was chortling at being tickled. It was a few seconds before I was aware of my rigid cock pressing against his firm smooth buttocks. I blushed at this realisation, and wondered why he had not changed position to relieve the pressure of my manhood. I decided that he was trying to spare me any embarrassment, much as a brother would have done, had I had one.

    As before, I felt warm and safe, nestled up against his strong muscular body. I remembered his unselfconsciousness, standing there naked in front of me. I recalled how he seemed to be proud of his physique and equipment, almost revelling in my stares. How similar this seemed to Mr Martin when he had come into the room earlier.

    This confidence and pride in one's body was something totally new to me. Rarely did any of the other boys at school willingly display their equipment. Rarely did I willingly strip off in front of others. I realised yet again how much I had changed, and how much I seemed to be more like a man than the boy I had been just a few hours earlier.

    We lay there relaxed and happy, comfortable in the feel of each others' bodies. We both drifted off to sleep.

    I awoke at the sound of a cockerel crowing loudly. The Guest house was in the grounds next to School Farm. The sounds of the farm animals had never woken me before in the school dormitories. Jacob was still asleep. We had both changed positions during the night. Jacob was now lying on his back with his arms supporting his head. Dawn had broken and the soft morning light, filtered by the thin cotton curtains veiled the room in a rosy glow. The blanket had slipped off the bed and was lying on the floor.

    Jacob's chest and belly were exposed, the rest of his body covered only by the thin cotton sheet. I had awoken with my usual morning erection, which had meant that I needed a piss again. Resisting the urge to get out of bed and spoil the moment I lay there thinking of the night before, Mr Martin, and what we had done together. These thoughts were enough to awaken my sexual desire, but this time Jacob became the object of my thoughts, not Mr Martin.

    Content and happy as I had always been in Jacob's company, I dared not risk our relationship by spoiling it with sex. Frustrated, I lay there staring at his slumbering body, my cock aching for the want of a piss, my mind fantasising about him.

    I changed position, the sheet moved, he moved onto his side facing me. The sheet was now only just covering his thighs and buttocks, he was still fast asleep, his breathing quiet and deep. I changed position again, purely to move the sheet lower, exposing his groins and loins. His penis was thick and long, the head mostly covered by his foreskin. It dangled down toward the mattress, only inches from my own erection. His balls were covered in clumps of short dark hairs, like his chest and belly.

    Knowing that I dare not risk him waking, I gently felt the hairs on his chest. They were bristly, just as I remembered them. As I touched his chest his nipples became visibly harder. I thought how strange it was that I had never noticed anyone's nipples before last night, let alone consider their sexual potency. I touched his big black nipples, they were hard. At my touch he squirmed and rolled onto his back, his arms still above his head. Comparing my nipples to his, mine were much smaller in comparison. I stroked my own nipples and they too became hard and stuck out visibly. The sensation was pleasant and I felt proud of this response to my own touch which I had never induced before.

    I noticed that the hair on his underarms seemed longer than on his chest or his head, but was still of that clumpy nature. Lying on his back now, his chest heaved as he slept deeply.

    It was getting light now and the increasing dawn glow in the room seemed to make his skin shimmer. I thought how scrawny and pale I looked next to him. I admired his lean muscular body, his firm chest, shoulders and arms. Noticing the muscular ridges on his belly as he lay there, I found myself unable to resist the urge to feel them. I placed the flat of my hand gently on his belly, allowing my fingers to feel the ridges of muscles, the way they moved as he breathed. The sensation was erotic to me. It caused Jacob's cock to twitch visibly. Increasing in length and girth,

    I watched as it straightened, getting longer and thicker; now pointing straight up towards his belly button. Like a flower unfolding in the sunlight, the foreskin peeled back to reveal his piss slit clearly. Then, also like a flower, a dew drop appeared, glistening in the half light. I was now fighting my erotic thoughts and instincts. My cock was rigid, my mouth dry. I could feel my buttocks clenching involuntarily. I resisted the combined need to pee, and the increasing size of my own cock.

    Still asleep, Jacob moved his hands from behind his head. Reaching down he scratched his balls. Instinctively his cock grew even bigger, thicker and longer it now reached almost to his belly button. The foreskin had peeled back further, revealing the shiny black head of his cock. His piss slit seemed to pout, and further dewdrops dripped from his cock onto the bristly hairs on his belly. Clear and shining, they looked like spiders webs, maintaining a silky trail from his piss slit onto his skin.

    Hardly able to breathe, lest I should wake him I felt my own cock. It was rigid just like his. It too was wet. I too had dewdrops. I too hardened at the touch of my fingers. Urges were now rising in me, faster than my ability to control them. Resisting the urge to masturbate I touched my own piss slit, feeling how smooth and lubricated it felt. I then put my finger to my lips, tasting the salty pre-cum. It tasted silky and smooth, like fresh cream, but more savoury. It smelled of sex, and increased yet further my sense of desire.

    As I fought the urge to taste his pre-cum he started to massage his cock. His strong black fingers grabbed hold of the shaft and he started masturbating. He lifted it from his belly. It seemed to grow thicker and longer each time he rubbed it. The pre-cum was oozing out now in a steady stream, some dropping like spiders webs onto his belly, some glistening and lubricating the head of his cock. More and more of the head was revealed as the foreskin peeled back until it was rigid, the head fully exposed. It glistened and steamed in his hand. The pre-cum now lubricated his fingers. Still asleep he continued to slowly massage himself. The skin on the shaft of his cock was glistening now, lubricated by his own body fluids. Unable to resist, I copied what he was doing, massaging my own cock, spreading my own pre-cum over the head and down the shaft. Fearing that I might wake him and spoil the moment, I concentrated on doing it slowly and gently, following his rhythm so as not to wake him.

    I felt I was awake in the middle of a wet dream; that I would again spurt my spunk everywhere after losing control. I couldn't dare risk that, so had to resist each of these urges as they tried to overwhelm me. At one point I was so excited I was sure I could feel the semen rising in my cock. I quickly changed position to lie on my back, lying motionless in case I had woken him with my movement. In this position I could not see what he was doing, and could only imagine. This seemed even more erotic, laying there knowing he was asleep; masturbating whilst I was only inches from him. I concentrated on my own breathing which had become shallow and rapid, listening for his breathing, which too was now rapid and shallow.

    I turned my head to check he was still asleep. His eyes were closed, eyelids flickering. His thick lips were parted and the tip of his tongue protruded between them; looking just like his cock had done, with the head glistening and protruding from the drawn back foreskin. I turned my head away, unsure if I could stop myself from spunking. I felt my balls tighten up toward my body, a sure sign that I was about to shoot my load. I gripped the head of my cock firmly to prevent any leakage, and lay there concentrating on willing my semen back down my cock. I didn't want to spoil the moment by shooting my load; I didn't want to wake Jacob. I was desperately hoping that he would shoot his spunk, but he was still asleep.

    Laying there trying desperately to resist every urge I'd ever felt, Jacob's hand came over and rested on my upper thigh, his fingers just touching my balls. It was more than I could cope with. Holding my breath I released the grip on my cock and felt my spunk rushing up out of my cock and splattering in waves on my belly and chest. I was hot and steamy, thick and globular, just like Mr. Martins. I daren't move as spurt after spurt splattered my sweaty torso and belly.

    'Massa learnt a lot at school' Jacob said in his African dialect. Every fibre in my body froze as I realised he was awake; every fibre that is except my cock which was spurting involuntarily. I pretended to be asleep so that Jacob would think I was having a wet dream. I felt his hand move from my thigh to rest on my cock, which was still oozing spunk. His hand gripped my cock and massaged it gently, until the last drops had been released. I still pretended to be asleep, not knowing what else to do, in an effort to avoid the embarrassment.

    I remembered how his eyelids had flickered earlier, when he was asleep, so did the same with my own, hoping this would persuade him. This flickering allowed me to see what he was doing. Apparently convinced that I was asleep, he got of bed quietly, came around the foot of the bed and stood at the side of me.

    He towered over me, his skin glistening and shimmering, not just with the lotion, but with beads of sweat. From my position I could just make out that he was masturbating over me now, his cock just inches from my chest. He let out a long quiet sigh and I felt his hot spunk splattering forcefully on my chest and belly. It just kept coming. I resisted the urge to stick his cock in my mouth, just laying there enjoying the sensation of the hot steamy cream as it stuck to my skin. I sighed audibly at the pleasure he was giving me. Thinking I was waking he shook the last drops off onto my chest, then left the room, cock in hand.

    I couldn't believe what had just happened. Flustered and panicking I got out of bed and wiped myself down with the curtain, not daring to use the sheet as the stains would show. Cleaning myself up rapidly I drew the curtains so that Jacob would not see the stains, got back into bed, turned on my belly and again pretended to be asleep.

    It was several minutes before Jacob returned. He entered the room quietly and put on his clothes and boots. When he was fully dressed he came round to my side of the bed and shaking me gently on the shoulder said quietly 'Massa, Massa, it nearly 6 o'clock in the morning'. 'We got an early start if we to make plantation before dark'. 'Massa, Massa, it time to get up now'. Pretending to have just woken, I wiped my eyes and stretched, saying 'What time is it Jacob'?. He told me again it was nearly 6.00 am and that we needed to make an early start. He pulled back the sheet just as Mr Davis had done. This time it revealed my flaccid nudity. More importantly there were no stains or semen visible anywhere. I noticed Jacob glance over towards the now drawn curtains. Nothing was said, but volumes had been spoken.

    With my new found self assurance and confidence, I got out of bed and got dressed, knowing that Jacob was staring at my body, and revelling in that thought.

    We decided to leave without breakfast. Jacob went to the stables to harness the horse and wagon; I went to the Gatehouse to collect my trunk.

    Mr. Davis came to the Gatehouse to see me off. He asked if I'd had a good nights' sleep. I replied that I'd had a good night, but that I still felt tired.

    He helped Jacob load my stuff onto the wagon, then took my hand in a firm grip as I was about to leave. Drawing me towards him he kissed me affectionately on the cheek. Unsure how to respond I gave him a pat on the buttocks. He helped me into the cart to start my journey into my new life. I remember thinking how different things would be from this day forward.


    Today was to be the first day of the rest of my life. At thirteen I was leaving school to go back home and live on the Plantation. My theoretical education had largely come to an end, at least for some time, yet my practical education had taken off beyond my wildest dreams. I had experienced and learnt about things I hadn't even thought about in my wettest fantasy.

    The sun was not fully up as we left the boarding school. Jacob, our slave housekeeper was driving the horse and wagon. Hettie was our best horse and could go at a trot for three or four hours without a break. Jacob had been with us for ten years, yet was still only in his late twenties. He'd always seemed like a brother to me, and was the only slave allowed to live in the Mansion.

    As housekeeper he had had the burden of bringing me up at the Plantation. I liked Jacob a lot, respected and admired him as a person. In his own way he had achieved a lot as a slave living in the Deep South. I was now also envious of his muscular black body, and huge sexual prowess.

    It was only this morning that I realised the sexual side of Jacob's personality, and he mine. Circumstances had contrived for us to sleep together overnight before leaving for the plantation. Jacob had slept with me as the stable accommodation was too cold.

    We had mutually masturbated together, whilst each of us pretended to be asleep. It was wonderful for me, but we had not talked about it, although as we left the school I'm sure it was the topic uppermost in both our minds.

    I filled Jacob in on what I had been doing at school, the Sports I'd played and how I could now speak some proper French, not just the Creole French, common throughout the Deep South.

    I was desperate to talk to him about my sexual enlightenment, which had only happened the night before, and which included him. I knew that unless we discussed it before we got to the Plantation; it would never be discussed and would affect our future relationship. However, I did not feel confident enough to raise the topic and hoped that he would.

    We stopped in Tuscaloosa to rest the horse. It was now nearly noon. We took the opportunity to get some home cooked breakfast at a Wayside Inn General Store. We were the only one's eating, so we had the dining area to ourselves.

    When the food was served I treated Jacob to a bottle of wine. Neither he nor I had been allowed wine on the plantation. I knew however that Jacob had been in the habit of drinking the wine left in bottles after daddy's dinner parties. He face lit up with delight when the wine was served, and we enjoyed the meal, relaxing on the porch afterwards until the horse was sufficiently rested to continue our journey.

    The next leg of our journey was on a good track south from Tuscaloosa to Maplesville. He had packed a tent and some vitals for an overnight stay somewhere between Maplesville and Clanton, before we continue our onward journey. Relaxed, happy and content we made good time to Maplesville. We laughed and joked as we had not done for many years. Jacob told me some rude jokes. This surprised me, as he had always treated me as a child. Perhaps his attitude to me had changed since our experience this morning. I tried several times to introduce sex into the conversation, but to no avail.

    We stopped to water the horse at Maplesville, where I bought another couple of bottles of wine at the General Store, hoping that if Jacob got tipsy we might be able to have an adult conversation about this morning. In those days I could buy wine at thirteen years of age as a white boy, yet Jacob in his twenties was not allowed to, because he was black.

    The track from Maplesville to Clanton was not very good. It had been raining so we got bogged down several times. By the time we got to Jemison Junction we were exhausted. Jacob would have continued on, but the horse was sweating profusely and seemed to be developing a cough so we decided to pitch a tent for the night. We came to a wooded area, by a rock pool. Jacob decided this was an ideal spot, as we could clean off all the mud in the pool.

    He unhitched the wagon, tethered and fed the horse whilst I gathered sticks and lit a fire. Once the fire was blazing we both prepared a meal for ourselves. Jacob had brought some chitterlings, beans and ham, so we prepared them and ate them in the failing light. They tasted wonderful, not only because they were 'home-cooked', but also because we washed them down with a bottle of wine. I was feeling decidedly woozy, and he seemed merrier than his usual self, thanks to the wine.

    We were still in our muddy clothes. Jacob was in his dress uniform, I was in my school uniform. 'Fuck it!' I declared, swigging another mouthful, emptying the second bottle of wine today. 'You can't talk like that Mass' Jacob said. 'Your daddy thinks you's a proper gentleman'. 'Proper gentlemen don't use bad language, they goes to church on Sundays and prays for the Lord to show 'em good ways'.

    Jacob seemed more than surprised at my outburst, never having heard me swear before. Under normal circumstances I would never have dreamt of swearing, but the wine was taking effect and I was resentful of the fact that I was having to leave school, my friends, and Mr Davis; the man who had taught me so much. 'You sure's angry with yourself Massa Ben'. 'You been drinking too heavy for your own good'. A cooling dip in the creek is what you need'. He staggered over to me, and tried to get me to my feet. I too was drunk.

    He got me up onto my legs, and then we both fell over. I landed on top of him, laughing and shouting. Without thinking I kissed him full on the lips the way Mr Davis had done, probing his mouth with my tongue. He pushed me away. Still smiling and joking, he started to strip off his clothes. 'Get them clothes off Massa, just so we can cool you off in the creek'. My mind registered the 'just' word and I felt disappointed. Trying to remove his boots he fell over again, and tears of laughter were running down his cheeks.

    We sat on the ground next to each other, struggling to get each others boots off. We laughed uncontrollably. Eventually we managed to get out of our muddy boots. Helping each other to a standing position, we removed the remainder of our clothing. I watched Jacob's nudity unfold slowly as he peeled off the layers. I could tell he was watching me too. We were both showing signs of arousal by the time we were naked. I made to go towards the creek, but Jacob called me back. 'Warm yourself by the fire Massa, before you goes into the cold water'.

    I returned to the log fire, and stood, or rather staggered to a halt opposite Jacob. Both naked, we looked at each other admiringly through an alcoholic haze. The wine had certainly taken its' effect on both of us. It seemed hard work just standing still. There was a cool breeze off the creek that meant our backs were cold by the time we had warmed our fronts, and vice versa. Happily for me the alcohol and the cool breeze combined to keep us both from getting full erections. Both our cocks were half-hard, and bobbed up and down as we each tried to keep our balance.

    'It's too cold for me to get into that cold water' I shouted at Jacob. 'Is never too cold for a refreshing bath' he replied. 'When you was a kid you had cold baths every night your parents was out'. 'It saves me the bother of heating the water'. 'You never noticed, and it was good for you'. I laughed at this revelation, never having seen this side of Jacob before. 'I bet that's why you got in the bath with me too' I shouted over to him. 'Yes and No..' he retorted belligerently, giggling uncontrollably.

    'I got into bath with you, 'cos I was no wetter bathing you than bathing with you'. He shouted. 'You used to sit on my lap, jumpin' up and down, singin' 'Ride a Cock horse to Banbury Cross'... 'Is a poem what your mamma taught you'? I blushed at the imagery that conjured up, as Jacob mimicked a man riding a horse, his cock slapping up and down against his belly. The sight was both funny and erotic. I could feel my own cock getting harder.

    Laughing at him and mimicking his dialect I shouted ' You's telling lies at me man'. 'Me never rode no Cock Horse to no Banbury Cross'. He laughed at my poor accent and shouted back 'You's did so, you's did so last night -- I sawed you with the Teacher man'. 'Me was in the doorway when he drink your piss!'. 'He drink my piss 'cos he a true gentleman' I blustered, laughing; realising for the first time Jacob's knowledge of the extent of my sexual experience.

    'He too is a true gentleman, saving me the trouble of going to bathroom' I replied. 'No true gentleman ever offered to drink my piss, is this a white man thing?' he asked laughing, and nearly falling over.

    'White man's piss is full of wine, White man's piss tastes so fine' I retorted, between giggling spells. 'This black man's piss is too full of wine' he replied, steadying himself against the trunk of a tree. 'How much of a true gentleman is you now then?'.

    Not being able to think of a suitable retort, I stood there naked and erect, looking into his half-closed eyes. Even leaning against the tree he was having difficulty keeping his balance. I giggled at the sight of his powerfully naked body unable to support itself. I made towards him. I too was staggering and stumbling in the undergrowth.

    Catching my foot on a tree root I fell at his feet in fits of laughter. Looking up, he'd stopped laughing. He had his cock in his right hand and started to piss on me. His piss came in a powerful stream, splashing my hair, face, shoulders. It splashed and ran down my body, my belly, my cock, my balls, everywhere. Falteringly I made an effort to stand up, I grabbing his legs then his buttocks; fighting my way against the stream of hot piss from his strengthening erection. Continuing to piss and laugh, he said 'You's gettin' good wash Massa'.

    I retorted that I needed a good stiff drink, And that if he could make it a little stiffer it would please me, as a gentleman. My cock was now rampantly erect, his piss flowing all over it. Fighting the stream of urine splashing onto my face I got to my knees and sucked his pissing erection into my mouth. The pressure of the warm liquid was too forceful for me to hold in my mouth, so it gushed out again. I drank down as much as I could, eventually sticking out my tongue so that his piss did not gag me. He pissed and pissed, I wondered where it all came from. I relished the taste.

    As his stream subsided, I did what Mr Davis had done. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked out the last of the urine. As I did so I felt his cock getting bigger in my mouth. I was unable to keep it all in, so had to concentrate my lips on the head and top of the shaft. He tasted different to Mr Davis, but had the same effect on me.

    Abandoning caution I cradled his hairy balls in my hand, rolling them between my fingers. The skin felt prickly with his stubbly growth of Negro hair. Jacob moaned and groaned with pleasure as I serviced his equipment. 'You's is a true gentleman' he shouted.

    My cock was now fully erect and aching for action, pumping out pre-cum; but I had no free hands to play with myself. Jacob was still having trouble keeping his balance, his mind dulled with the alcohol, and excitement of my oral manipulations.

    He grabbed me under the armpits and stood me up. His tongue sought out my lips and he kissed me like Mr Davis had done. His lips were fuller, his tongue firmer and longer. He probed deep into my throat, clutching me firmly to his bristly body. I could feel his cock pulsating against my chest. My own cock was between his legs and I could feel him struggling to grip it firmly between his thighs.

    Clenched in this embrace he shot his load against my chest. Holding me by the buttocks he pumped out his cream. As it flowed out it lubricated our skin surfaces. His hold on my buttocks allowed me to slide against his chest. As it worked its way down our bodies it lubricated his thighs. I found myself thrusting my cock between semen-lubricated legs, trembling violently as I reached my own climax.

    I went rigid as I shot my load up between his thighs. I could feel the tip of my cock slapping against his balls at each thrust. I could feel my own spunk running down my legs as well as his. 'It's a-running down my legs Massa'. He joked. 'You wanna lick it off Massa?'.

    Dropping to my knees he turned round to reveal his magnificent buttocks. He spread his legs wide. A stream of my creamy white stuff was slowly dribbling down each of his thighs, the streams being halted by the short clumps of body hair. I licked one stream, then the other. Spreading his legs wider, he wrapped his arms around the tree trunk to keep his balance. My tongue went straight to his arse as though pre-destined. I probed deep into him, revelling in the salty mixture of sweat and semen, my cheeks clenched by his mighty buttocks.

    Drunk with sexual fulfilment, alcohol, and the release of the sexual tension that had built up since he got into that bed with me twenty four hours ago; we both collapsed onto the soft grass at the foot of the tree. The fire crackled, a cloud passed over the moon and the stars shone brightly.

    Jacob cradled me in his arms. It was me, who needed a piss now, but I was too comfortable to get up, and Jacob was on the point of sleep. So I laid there in his arms and pissed. The hot steaming urine bathing both our bodies as it flowed to the grass beneath us. As I pissed Jacob stroked my balls affectionately. When I'd finished he wrapped a blanket around us both and we drifted off to sleep.

    I awoke to the smell of frying bacon. Jacob had already re-kindled the fire and was sat next to me. He was still naked, apart from the streaks of dried white semen that smeared his chest and inner thighs. The sight was highly erotic and I felt my cock rise to attention. 'Your cock looks still hungry' he said nodding and grinning at my nether regions as he stirred the bacon in the pan.

    The sun had just come up; it must have been about 5.00 am. There was a mist hanging over the creek. 'Barring any further delays we should arrive at the plantation in about twelve hours'. Despite the rising sun, my world seemed to be getting darker the more I thought about it. My erection subsided at the thought of the mansion on the Plantation.

    'We eat, we pack, we bathe, we dress, we go, we talk', Jacob said in his systematic way. We sat together naked, our thighs touching. We both relished breakfast, although we were both short on conversation.

    When we had finished, we carried our plates and knives down to the creek to wash them in the still water. Putting them down on the bank, Jacob took me by the hand and we walked together into the cold clear creek. The water was icy cold, causing us both to shiver violently before it even reached our knees. Our cocks and balls shrivelled away to nothing in the cold. I was reluctant to go in any further as the water was so cold. Jacob strode in seemingly undaunted by the cold.

    'You is a man now Massa' he shouted. 'You acted as a man yesterday, you needs to do the same today, tomorrow and forever'. This confirmation that I was now grown up made me feel much better and took my mind off pondering my future. I grinned back at him, he splashed me with water. I splashed him back, and in no time we were frolicking in the water, not noticing how cold it was.

    Ten minutes or so later we helped each other out, both shivering violently. We ran to a spot on the bank that was lit by the rising sun, sat down and rubbed each other all over to dry ourselves off, and to warm ourselves up. We were soon both warm and dry, basking in the rising sun.

    I remember thinking that nudity seemed so natural. I couldn't remember why it had always seemed daunting to me. I told Jacob this, and in his matter of fact style said 'God made us Naked; guilt makes us wear Clothes'. 'No Guilt, no Clothin' needed'. I pondered this thought and wondered where my guilt had come from. Asking Jacob he told me. 'Since first You's think about sex, You's have guilt'. 'Guilt is there until You's sexual desires is satisfied'. It seemed so simple really.

    As the sun rose higher in the sky I felt a warm glow invade my senses. I expect Jacob would call it contentment. He got up to put out the fire, pack the plates and knives, and see to Hettie the horse. I drifted off into a doze.

    When he came back he had a bottle of lotion in his hand. 'Embrocation' he shouted as he approached'. He told me to lie on my back, and then gently massaged the lotion into my chest, arms and abdomen. It was the lotion he applied to his skin to protect it from the mosquitoes and the elements. I felt honoured, as he had never offered it to me before.

    He massaged it with a gentle firmness, kneeling at my side. My penis aroused at the sensation of his hands on my body, and the sight of his cock dangling there, so tantalisingly close. I fondled him to full erection as he continued to massage the silky lotion into my skin. Using gentle yet firm pressure he did my shoulders chest and arms, and then he concentrated on my legs, giving extra attention to my inner thighs.

    My cock was drooling pre-cum in expectation of what was to come. Disappointingly he did not apply any lotion to my groins. Noting my discontent he said gently 'you's must learn restraint Massa'. 'Sex is not for every time, Sex is for special times'. He went on to explain that sex is just a part of life, not all of life. 'Like cream cakes taste nice, they are special'. 'But cream cakes as the only food is not good for no one'.

    He told me to turn over and massaged the lotion into my back, then kneaded it gently into my buttocks, spreading my legs as he did so. My erection was pressed against the soft grass on the bank as he probed my arse with his strong fingers. The lotion made his fingers slippery. This was a totally new experience for me. He slowly inserted one finger right inside me. I quivered violently and shot my spunk into the warm wet grass at the pleasure it gave.

    Slapping me gently on my buttocks he told me to turn over again. Seeing that I had ejaculated, he bent over and licked the remaining spunk from the tip of my cock. 'Sex is about giving pleasure, not receiving it'. At that he stood up. As he did so his cock spurted spunk everywhere. He wiped the splashes off his thighs and legs, and then proceeded to get dressed.

    I was confused. First he was teaching restraint, and then he was indulging himself on my body for his pleasure, well for both our pleasures. I knew there was a message there somewhere, but somehow it seemed too profound for me to understand. 'I don't understand' I said. 'Either one wants sex or one doesn't?' 'Man wants sex all the time, but You's must be careful to be sure that Sex is good sex'. 'Bad sex is no good'. I thought I understood, but did not pursue the topic further.

    We dressed on the bank in the growing warmth of the sunlight and harnessed the horse. Making sure the fire was out we set off for the river crossing at Lay Lake. The heat of the sun had dried the tracks and we made good time, arriving at the ferry just in time. The crossing was uneventful and took about twenty minutes.

    Chatting all the way, Jacob told me there was something I should know. He had not mentioned it before, but felt I should know about changes at the Plantation before I arrived there. I was intrigued. I knew about the financial problems, I knew mummy had gone to visit my aunt and that there were some new slaves that Jacob did not like. He told me that there had been many changes over the last year, and the place was now much different to the mansion I had left at the beginning of term.

    He was obviously reluctant to detail the changes I would find, rather he pointed to the areas where change should be expected. He told me that mummy had left after many big arguments. That she had cried on the way to the Stagecoach, and that my father had not seen her off, as he would usually have done. He went on

    'When I arrived back at the Plantation from delivering your mother to the stagecoach, I found your father drunk'. He had been drinking heavily; I had to help him up to his bedroom to sleep it off'. 'Your father told me things then, when he was full of drink'. 'I cannot tell you, because I's sure your father cannot remember telling me, but I think You's needs to know all is not as it seems'. 'You needs to know that the plantation workers walked out, they was not let go as your daddy wants you to think'.

    Jacob's enigmatic statements concerned me. I had only rarely ever seen daddy drunk. Yes, he got tipsy at dinner parties, but so did everyone else. I couldn't recall him ever being drunk on his own. Despite my questioning Jacob he refused to tell me anymore, other than if I needed to talk to him he would be there for me.

    My concerns rose as to what the problems might be that drove my mother and the plantation workers away. I asked Jacob if daddy had broken the law in some way. He said he had done nothing illegal, though some might say it was improper. He adamantly refused to say anymore, and my concerns grew as we approached the track to Mariah. We were only about ten miles from the plantation now. It seemed as though my world had been turned upside down for the fourth time in two days.


    ... Dusk was approaching as we arrived at the plantation. Everything seemed normal as we made our way through the tobacco fields. We approached the mansion from the rear, passing the small shacks where the slaves lived. Everything seemed perfectly normal to me. There was nobody about, but at this time of day I expect they would still be busy in the fields.

    As we came round the bend past the vegetable garden, Jacob nodded over in the direction of some Juniper bushes. Looking over, I thought I caught the glimpse of a black youth running naked towards the slave quarters. 'What was that?' I asked Jacob. ' 'Nothing' sir, I didn't see nothin' Massa'. 'I just works here Massa, me see nothing, me say nothin', me keep my job'.

    Jacob drove round the side of the house and stopped in front of the columns supporting the portico. Daddy came out the front door to greet me. He seemed his normal self, gave me a hug and took me into the house. Everything seemed normal. Jacob followed us in, carrying my trunk, and took it off to my room. 'You'll be pleased to know that you've finished with schooling forever boy'. 'Your place is here with me, helping to run the Plantation'. My heart sank at this thought and I took a big gulp from the glass, forgetting it contained neat bourbon. Coughing and spluttering I filled the glass with some water and drank it down in one go. 'There've been a few changes since you left for school son'.

    I sat down; not knowing what was coming next'. 'Your aunt Mildred is more sick than we thought, I don't know how long it will be before mummy gets back'. His sentence tailed off into a glass of Bourbon, as though precluding any comment from myself.

    'I've had to let the regular staff go, they were lazy, and the crops weren't being harvested in time for market'. 'So we lost a lot of money, that's why I need you here helping me'. 'We've got some new slaves; younger, fitter and hardworking'. 'Together we can turn the place round'.

    My mind filled with thoughts of a lifetime stuck on the plantation, battling to look after an alcoholic father, and managing a flock of young slaves.

    He went on... 'I've organised a dinner party to welcome you home'. 'Just some business associates from the Market'. 'It'll be a good introduction for you as the new Manager, and good for the business too'.

    'Which friends?' I asked. 'Are the Peterson's coming?'. 'Rob Peterson had been my only real friend when I stayed here last summer, you remember, he stayed over for a week whilst his parents went to St. Louis'.

    Looking annoyed, my father told me that he didn't associate with Dan Peterson, Rob's father, since he had let him down on a land deal or something. He continued..

    'The dinner party is tomorrow night, so you make sure you're on your best behaviour'. 'It's important to us all that you make a good impression, as you'll be dealing with these men a lot in the future'.

    He pulled on the bell pull to summon Jacob. I was at a loss as to what to say. Summoning courage from I know not where, I told daddy that I had hoped to complete my education, perhaps go on to University. Visibly trembling, I told him that I didn't want to run the plantation, and that at thirteen I felt I was ill-equipped to do so.

    I could tell daddy was not happy. Red-faced, he looked very angry indeed. He was about to explode at me when Jacob came in. Jacob sensed the atmosphere and listened quietly whilst daddy explained to him about the dinner party, arranged for tomorrow evening.

    He told Jacob that he would have to do all the cooking, and that only the slave boys would do the waiting on. Daddy was quite insistent that Jacob was not to leave the kitchen. Jacob nodded, then left, glancing across at me as he did so.

    He waited until Jacob closed the door, and then exploded in a tirade about me having to do as I was told; how it was time I learnt to live in the real world, and how I had a duty to my family to repay the costs of my education. He then repeated how important it was that I did everything possible to keep our dinner party guests happy, as the future of the plantation was in their hands. He arranged for us to meet up in his study at eleven the next morning to finalise arrangements. Close to tears I ran from the room, up the staircase to my own room. Throwing myself on the bed I sobbed and sobbed until I could sob no more.

    I felt hurt by what daddy had said, and upset at the way he had said it. It was as though he thought of me as one of his slaves. I did not go down to dinner that evening, so Jacob brought me a plate of sandwiches on a tray. I asked him to stay with me, but he was unable to do so, as he had lots of preparations to take care of for the dinner party.

    I ate my sandwiches and went to bed. Next morning I went to daddy's study at eleven o'clock and waited there for him. When he came in he seemed his usual self again. He apologised for losing his temper and explained how he'd understand if I didn't want to manage the plantation. He agreed I'd not had enough education yet, and liked the idea of me going on to University.

    He explained again that we must keep everyone happy at the dinner party. There was a strong risk that many loans he'd taken out would be recalled, making him bankrupt and bringing about the loss of the plantation.

    He told of how he had cut the staff wages and everyone left. How Jacob had been the only one to stay, as he had nowhere else to go. He told me how he'd bought the new slaves on credit, and how they would have to be sold if he couldn't re-finance before the end of the month.

    I felt sorry for him, and guilty for the thoughts I'd had overnight. Whilst I'd been spending his money on my education, the plantation was going down the drain. It was financial problems that caused mummy and daddy to separate; now it seemed everything depended on this dinner party and me.

    I told daddy I would do anything to help him keep the plantation. I asked him to fill me in on the guests, with information that would help me keep them happy. Tears rolled down his face as he told me to see him at four o clock in the drawing room, when he would give me the details I wanted.

    I tried to see Jacob again after lunch, but he was up to his eyes in work. I managed to tell him what daddy had told me, and he warned me that I might be asked to do things I'd never done before. I assured him that I would do what was necessary to help daddy. 'I hope you realise what you just gone and said' he replied.

    I met daddy in the drawing room at four o'clock as he requested. He again stressed how important it was that we all pleased the guests. He gave me a guest list. They were all local business men, or plantation owners. There would be twelve coming, all men. I recognised some of the names from previous parties we'd had when mummy was at home.

    Daddy expected them to get very drunk, and the party to be loud and boisterous. He thought some of them would want to stay the night, so he'd had the guest bedrooms prepared. He told me that as there wasn't much wine left in the cellar, he'd told Jacob to make a fruit punch, spicing it up with Bourbon, Tequila and Anisette. Extra strong Mint Julep was to be served as an aperitif, and I was to be sure to keep their glasses topped up.

    It seemed important to daddy that the guests got drunk, and that they be allowed to make fools of themselves. I was under instruction to do whatever they wanted. He warned me that at their last dinner party they played a game where everyone ended up naked. He told me I could make an excuse, leaving the room if the same thing happened again.

    It seemed to me that these men, though powerful, were not going to be like the gentlemen that attended dinner parties when mummy was at home.

    Daddy explained that he had arranged for ten of the new slaves to do the waiting on. They had been promised a bonus if they helped make the party a success. He was using so many because they weren't experienced at waiting on. He said that Jacob had been teaching them the rules of etiquette for a couple of days before he left to collect me from school.

    He told me the slave boys would all be wearing Scottish dress, as they had these uniforms from their previous employment. He couldn't afford to kit them out with Plantation uniforms. This was why Jacob was to stay in the kitchen.

    Finally, he instructed me on what I was to wear, giving me a bottle of eau de toilette to use before the party, so that I would smell nice. I'd never used smelly stuff before. He told me to have a hot bath, and then apply small amounts of it to my chin, chest and belly. It was about four thirty when I left daddy to go to my room for a quick nap before the guests arrived at nine o'clock.

    It was about six thirty when there was a tap on my door. Thinking it was Jacob I shouted 'Come in'. No-one entered, so I got out of bed and went to the door, naked. On opening the door I blushed. It was daddy, I was naked and now almost fully erect, in expectation of Jacob.

    I hurriedly covered my genitals as daddy entered. He came in. Unperturbed, he handed me a small velvet box, explaining that it contained my grandfather's diamond cuff-links, and that I should wear them for the party. My face was bright red. I didn't know where to put myself. I wanted the ground to open up as I searched round the room for my dressing gown.

    Trying not to appear like an immature 13 year old child, I turned my back to him. Grabbing my dressing gown and fumbling with it, I tried to put it on. The sleeves were inside out, I was losing my balance. Seeing my predicament daddy came over to me, took off the dressing gown, sorted out the sleeves and offered it to me again. My cock had now risen to a full erection.

    Daddy must have registered my erect state. I was fearful of his reaction. He slipped the dressing gown over my shoulders. Turning me round to face him, my cock was sticking straight out, proud and erect between the front hems of the dressing gown. I couldn't look him in the eye. The belt was in my pocket, I fumbled to wrap it round myself and tie it. I could feel the blood racing through my ears.

    Daddy just stood there, grinning at my predicament. Finally the belt was tied, but this just added to my problem. My erection was sticking straight out, and what's more it was starting to get wet at the end.

    'My my' he said, noticing my obviously aroused state. 'You have grown quite a bit since you went back to school'. I mumbled 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry daddy', 'It happens all the time, I don't know what to do about it'. I did know what to do, but I was hardly likely to tell daddy.

    'Poor child' he said, 'It never occurred to me that you'd develop so much so quickly, or that you wouldn't have been taught about such things at school, especially a private school. It's time we had a chat about these things.

    I was willing my cock to subside, but the more I tried the more rigid it became. 'First of all, don't ever be embarrassed about your cock', he said nodding towards my groins. I blushed at him using the word. I twitched to even greater girth and length. I sat on the edge of the bed, my head bowed in tortuous embarrassment. 'It happens to all boys at your age'. 'This erection of yours is just letting you know that everything is in proper working order, that your body is now ready for you to become a man'. His soothing matter-of-fact tone reassured me.

    Despite my distressed state, I was aware of daddy standing in front of me now, of him staring at my throbbing cock. I became aware of a growing bulge in the front of his trousers. Not thinking straight I said 'How can I make it go away?' 'It will subside in time', he went on, 'but there is a way men use that you should know about'. 'Oh no I thought, he's going to talk to me about wanking'.

    'Oh?' was all I get out, as I stared at the now clearly defined shape of his erect cock beneath his trousers. A drop of pre-cum slowly dropped from the end of my cock to the floor.

    'I'll make it easier and less embarrassing for you' he said, slipping off his jacket. 'Lie back on the bed'. Unsure what to do, I did as he said. Raising myself to my elbows I stared at the sight of my own erect cock, standing there like a flagpole, and in the background my daddy removing his shirt. There was a wet patch on the front of his trousers. I knew full well what it was.

    Looking me straight in the eyes he removed his shirt revealing his muscled chest covered in thick blonde hair. He undid his belt, and pushing his trousers down over his knees. He was not wearing underwear. His cock was huge. It arched out from his body towards the floor, not straight out like mine. It too was moist at the tip. Like Mr Davis his balls were not hairy, although the rest of his body was. It must just be black men that have hairy balls I thought. Perhaps it's like thick lips, broad noses and short curly hair.

    'Take a good look' daddy said, 'take a really good look'. I blushed at his candour. 'Can you see how much it resembles yours?' he asked. 'It's very big', was all I could think to say. 'You too will be this size when you finish growing' he said. I was sweating now with tension and excitement.

    'I would've got round to having a fatherly talk with you about such things, but faced with the situation, we need to deal with it now'. I nodded my mouth too dry to speak. Clear fluid was pumping out of my cock in long streams.

    He came over to the side of the bed, his cock bobbing, glistening at the end. 'Put your hand round it', he whispered. 'Take a firm grip'. I did as he told me. It hardened and lengthened visibly. A spurt of clear liquid streamed from the end. 'You see, it's no different to yours, is it?' 'No' I replied. He reached over and wrapped his hand around the shaft of my cock, gripping it firmly. I gasped in excitement. I knew we shouldn't be doing this, but it felt so nice.

    'Come here, stand by me' he instructed. Now, still flushed with embarrassment and excitement, I did as he told me. Clambering out of bed I found myself naked, erect and face to face with daddy. He took my cock in his right hand, and told me to do as he did. I put his cock in my right hand, but it was too big, long and heavy for me to fully grasp. 'Take a firm grip son' he said encouragingly. Firming my grip he sighed pleasurably in response. 'Move your hand back and forth like this'.

    He then masturbated me slowly. My knees trembled. 'Come on boy, do as I'm doing'. I did as I was told. Relaxing a little from my embarrassment, I said 'It feels nice'. 'Doesn't it just' he replied. 'Now then son, just do what feels natural to you, let your body make all the decisions'. 'Don't be embarrassed about anything'. 'Nothing you can do will be wrong, it may be strange to you, but it won't be wrong'.

    I relaxed more at his encouragement. I continued to rub his huge wet cock. Noticing his nipples were erect, I reached over and licked them. They were hard and salty. 'Is this alright' I asked. 'I don't know why I did that, daddy'. 'Good boy' he said, 'you're a fast learner'. His grip tightened on my cock, as did the length of his grip. He was still moving slowly, but he was forcing my foreskin back further at each stroke. It felt a little painful, but oh so nice.

    'Whatever your body tells you to do, just do it' he said again. Nice as his grip on my cock was, I felt sure I was about to shoot my load. I didn't want to ejaculate just yet, I needed to explore and learn a little more.

    Dropping to my knees, daddy released his grip on my cock. His erection was now in front of my mouth. Seizing hold I licked the end of it. He shuddered, grasped my head and forced the end of his cock into my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I gagged at first, as I'd done with Mr Davis and Jacob, but this time I persisted. Adjusting the angle of my head allowed me take the head and quite a bit more of the shaft into my mouth. Daddy started thrusting his cock deep into my throat; gently at first, then more insistently. It felt so good that I could give him this comfort when he had so many business worries.

    I cupped his hairless balls in my left hand and squeezed them gently. He liked that, so I did again. My mouth was now so full of his cock and pre-cum, it was dribbling down my chin. My own cock was drooling on the floor. I was wishing he would do to me what I was doing to him.

    He pulled his cock from my mouth, the foreskin fully retracted; the head purple and shining with the mixture of pre-cum and saliva. 'Run your tongue round the head son' he whispered. I did as he asked. He trembled all over, letting out a guttural sigh. I thought he was about to shoot his load all over me, but he didn't. He stood me up and kissed me on the lips, his hot hard tongue probing as far deep into my throat as his cock had done; his hard wet member pressing insistently against my belly button.

    Dropping to his knees he gently sucked the full length of my cock into his mouth. I heard him swallowing my pre-cum as his head bobbed slowly on me. My knees were trembling again so I steadied myself by grasping his head. I started pulling his mouth onto my cock, thrusting myself deeper and deeper into him.

    He fondled my balls, gently rolling them like dice. It felt wonderful. I went rigid, and then spurted my spunk deep into his throat. He relished this, gagging and swallowing. His grip tightened on my balls, intensifying the pleasure for me. I spunked and spunked, hoping it would never end. My body was jerking involuntarily as each load shot from my cock. He grabbed me by the buttocks, thrusting my cock ever deep into his throat. I was making loud guttural sounds; primal animal grunts that I had no control over. Had daddy had not had such a firm grip on me, I'm sure I'd have fallen over.

    Totally drained of spunk, yet still jerking uncontrollably, daddy laid me back over the side of the bed. Lifting my legs, I wrapped them round his waist. He towered over me, his cock in hand. Tightening my grip with my legs I watched as he wanked over me. Our balls were touching. My still erect cock was bobbing up and down as he caught it with the back of his right hand. He wanked more insistently.

    He began to tremble the way I had done, so I gripped him tighter round the waist with my legs. This intensified the pleasure for us both. I clenched my legs as hard as I could. My cock rose to a new intensity the more I clenched.

    He let out a long sigh, totally emptying himself of air. His shoulders arched forward, his face contorted in pleasure. I knew he was about to shoot his spunk. I didn't want to waste a drop of it. Quickly I released my grip with my legs, and coming to a seated position, rammed his cock into my mouth. Daddy was still wanking furiously. I grabbed his hairy clenching buttocks and squeezed them as tight as I could, using my forefinger to press on his pulsing arse.

    Wave after wave of hot steamy spunk was being forced down my throat. Daddy clasped my head to his cock. I coughed and spluttered, but was determined that I wasn't going to lose a drop. It tasted hot, creamy, sweet and salty at the same time. I managed to swallow most of it, though some had managed to dribble out over my chin.

    We were both exhausted, and wet with sweat. He collapsed on the bed. I cuddled up to him. We rested in silence for several minutes, our cocks subsiding slowly. 'Where did you learn to do all that?' he asked. Blushing, I said 'I just did what my body wanted to, like you said'. 'Did I do wrong daddy? 'No son, no'. 'You did very well indeed'.

    After resting in daddy's arms for a few more minutes, he jumped out of bed, saying 'do you realise what time it is?' 'Quarter to eight' I replied. 'They'll be here in just over an hour'. 'We need to get ready. Pulling on his trousers, and throwing his shirt over his shoulder, he picked up his shoes and his jacket and made towards the door. 'I'll get Marcus to come and run you a bath', he said as he disappeared through the door, leaving me naked on the bed.

    Confident in my own sexuality now, I got up and decided to stay naked until I'd had my bath. I didn't know who Marcus was, but knew that he must be one of the new slaves. I hadn't met any of them yet. It seemed they weren't normally allowed in the mansion.

    Going into my bathroom, I put some juniper oil in the bath water. I then went over to the wash basin to clean my teeth. Looking in the full length mirror, I admired my own body. I imagined what I'd look like with a cock as big as daddy's. The thought thrilled me, and I found myself playing with my cock, drawing back the foreskin fully, the way daddy had done. It felt nice as I ran my fingers around the head of my cock. It was getting harder again. I rubbed it gently as it slowly hardened.

    Turning round to check the temperature of the water I saw a tall black man standing in the doorway. 'I knocked', he said, unconcerned at my nudity. He went on 'maybe you never heard me'. My cock grew in my hand at the sight of this man. 'You must be Marcus' I said, my cock still in my hand. 'You must be Master Ben' he replied. 'Your daddy told me to come and help you get ready'. 'I've to make sure you have a good bath'.

    Marcus was dressed in full Scottish Dress., a tartan kilt, long white stockings, white dress shirt and a short buttoned jacket. He looked really smart. I revelled in the thought of being stared at by this huge man, much taller than daddy, well over six feet. I enjoyed the way he looked at me, and the way I wasn't embarrassed anymore by my nakedness.

    I suggested to Marcus that he should get out of his uniform, so as to keep it neat for the party. He started disrobing right there in the doorway. We maintained eye contact as he slowly peeled off his jacket and shirt. Marcus had no hair on his chest at all. It was powerful with huge nipples. I licked my lips as he undid the leather fastening on the kilt, slowly letting it fall to the floor.

    His cock was as big as I'd hoped given his stature. Long and thick, the way I have come to like them. Long, thick and soft. He had no body hair at all, not on his chest, his belly or his balls. My eyes stared at his manhood, as I wondered how big he would get when he was hard. He stepped out of his kilt, slipped off his shoes, then bent over and removed his stockings.

    Everything about Marcus was larger than life; his eyes, his mouth, his nipples, his cock and his balls. He walked slowly and proudly into the bathroom, brushed past me and turned off the taps. 'We don't want to flood the bathroom Master Ben'. He gestured for me to get into the water. Lifting me bodily off the floor, he lowered me into the bath. His cock was level with my eyes as he reached over for the flannel and the soap. 'I'll wash your hair first Master Ben' he said in a deep voice. My cock was rigid and sticking up out of the suds in the bath. Rubbing soap on my hair he started massaging my scalp. His cock moved tantalisingly as he massaged the soap into my scalp. Unable to resist the urge I reached out of the bath and fondled it. It was a magnificent cock, even though it was still soft. Lifting it up it hid a huge scrotum. 'You like my meat?' he asked. 'Very much so' I replied. 'Master Ben want to suck on my lollipop?

    Without further dialogue I pulled his huge cock to my lips. Putting it in my mouth I sucked long and hard. It reacted in exactly the same way, filling my mouth as it expanded. I could only just get my lips around the head. I was able to steady myself with both hands on the shaft. 'Master Ben likes the big boys eh?'. I couldn't reply, my mouth and hands were both full.

    'Stand up Master Ben please' he asked politely. I did as I was told. He started rubbing the soap over my shoulders, chest and arms. My cock bobbed up and down as he did so. I watched his now erect cock as his firm fingers massaged my nipples and chest with the soap. His hands moved lower rubbing the soap into my belly. He lathered his hands again and started massaging the suds into my cock and balls. They were aching in anticipation, as he slowly drew my foreskin back and massaged the head of my cock with his strong black fingers.

    Wondering how this was going to end, he told me bend over and started washing my buttocks and arse, his long soapy fingers probing deep inside me. As he did so, I felt my arse open to accommodate his knuckles. 'Just a little deeper now' he said as he pushed two fingers deep inside me. It felt wonderful.

    The feel of his firm long fingers, probing inside me was something I had never experienced before. My cock was straining at full rigidity now, the foreskin fully retracted, pre-cum oozing out at each insertion. 'You want me to go deeper'? He asked. 'Yes, yes, yes' I pleaded.

    Rubbing more soap onto his hands, he told me to get out of the bath, and bend over the side. I did as he asked eagerly. He started his attentions on my arse again. Slowly at first he penetrated me with his fingers. First one, then two; three, finally four. I could feel and hear the suction as he withdrew his fingers. 'Deeper, deeper' I pleaded, pushing myself onto his broad fingers. 'I can't go any deeper with my hand; I'll need to use my cock'. My mind reeled at the thought. I knew the size of his cock, and didn't think I could take it without splitting. Yet he had brought me to the heights of ecstasy, there was no way he could stop now. I found myself pleading 'Yes'.

    He lifted me bodily from the side of the bath, carrying me in his strong arms, he lay me face down over the edge of the bed. A trail of pre-cum lay on the carpet between the bathroom and the bed. Placing a pillow under my hips, he lifted me onto his hard wet throbbing cock. Being well soaped the head slipped in easily at first, and then with a series of slow deep thrusts, he pushed himself deep inside me. Rhythmically he withdrew, then thrust himself back in. I could feel his cock hardening inside me, deep inside me.

    This was a pleasure beyond anything I'd experienced before. To think that each of my exploits over the previous couple of days had seemed the ultimate, now I was writhing myself on this huge cock. Suddenly, he withdrew and I felt his spunk splattering on my back. He trembled like daddy did as his cock deposited its creamy load in spurt after spurt. When he'd finished I felt really satisfied in one sense, but frustrated in all others. Marcus had taken me all the way to heaven, but I still needed to shoot my spunk. He lifted me off the bed, carried me back to the bathroom and placed in the warm bathwater.

    My cock was still rigid, desperate to relieve itself of it's' load. I started to rub the head that stuck out of the bathwater. Marcus stayed my hand. 'Save that for later', it will feel much nicer'.

    I assumed he meant that I didn't have time to deposit my load, and that I should leave it until after the dinner party. Every fibre of my body was wanting to shoot its' load, but Marcus was insistent. Respecting his wishes I let him wash his spunk off my back, lift me out of the bath and dry me.

    We dressed together, him helping me, me helping him. Marcus put the eau de toilette on me like daddy had said, helping me with the cuff-links. Feeling frustrated yet anxious I went down to the dining room to await our guests.

    Jacob had laid the table for a formal dinner party with bowls of fruit, jugs of lemon water, the family crystal and sliver. It certainly didn't appear as though we were short of money. There seemed to be kilted servants anywhere.

    Apart from Marcus, this was the first time I'd seen any of them. They weren't all black as I'd assumed, many looked Mexican, with deep tanned mulatto skin. Neither were they all boys. They varied in age from sixteen-ish to around forty. Without exception, they each gave me a big beaming smile, perhaps uncertain whether I was the Masters' son or one of the guests

    Daddy was alone in the drawing room, pacing up and down; obviously nervous. He smiled when I went in, coming over to me to check that I was wearing the diamond cuff-links. Unexpectedly, he gave me a big hug, asking if I was feeling alright., presumably referring to the time he spent in my bedroom earlier in the evening. 'I'm feeling fine, daddy', 'don't worry'. Trying the reassure him I gave him a big smile. He relaxed visibly. 'Did Marcus sort you out? He asked. 'Oh yes', I replied, giving no hint of how he'd done so.


    I'd only just returned from school, to face the prospect of the plantation being sold. Daddy had had several bad harvests and had to let many of the regular staff go. Mummy was away looking after Aunt Mildred who was sick. Jacob the housekeeper had told me things were serious, and that everything hinged on a dinner party daddy had organised with business colleagues and various people he owed money to.

    After an initial argument with daddy about my future role on the plantation, we had resolved many of the issues that had concerned me. Daddy thought he had introduced me to the pleasures of male sex, but wasn't aware of the many experiences I'd had over the last couple of days.

    I'd met daddy in the drawing room before the guests started to arrive. He'd been busy double-checking the arrangements, and appeared nervous and apprehensive that everything should go without a hitch.

    As Jacob was doing all the cooking single-handed, daddy had planned to split the evening, with all the guests having a break from the table between the fish and meat course. This would help Jacob, and importantly help get them all drunk. Marcus was to be butler and head waiter, largely because of his imposing size, but also because his English was better than many of the others. 'I've filled him in on what to expect' daddy said. The thoughts that went through my mind are best not written down.

    The doorbell went and the first of our guests arrived. They followed in rapid succession. As business men they saw this dinner party more as a business engagement. Marcus showed them each into the drawing room, giving them Mint Juleps as he took their coats. I recognised many of their faces, but had difficulty remembering their names.

    As directed I sat by the fire while daddy circulated and chatted to each of the guests in turn. They were all men, none had brought their wives. Most arrived singly, but there were about three pairs of them who came together. A couple of the slave boys served canaps as the guests circulated.

    They were all polite to me, asking how school was, and which Sports I'd been playing. It seemed as though it was going to be a boring night. About nine o' clock Jacob sent word from the kitchen that dinner was ready. We were shown into the dining room and took our seats.

    Marcus served everyone with a glass of plantation punch as an aperitif. I had lemonade as I knew the punch had been loaded with alcohol. The punch seemed to work immediately; everyone was laughing and joking. It was certainly going to be different to any other dinner parties I'd attended.

    Marcus served a different wine with each of the courses. The slave boys did well, being polite and gracious to each of the guests, not spilling any of the food. Jacob had trained them well. After the fish course we all repaired to the drawing room for a short break. Marcus circulated with more punch and many of the guests were getting visibly drunk. I noticed a couple of guests stroking Marcus' bottom as he passed them. Marcus seemed not to notice.

    After about twenty minutes we all drifted back to the dining room, where four of the boys served the meat course. The guests were mostly drunk now. As we started to eat, I noticed some of the guests seemed to lose the track of the conversation. Daddy sent me a cryptic note which read 'Just keep smiling and eating'. As the course continued, many guests became restless, shuffling in their chairs.

    One guest, a bank official I think started gasping and went red in the face. I was about to enquire if he was alright when I felt a hand on my right knee, followed almost immediately by a hand on my left knee. Reaching down to remove them I felt a mop of curly hair between my legs. There was somebody under the table rubbing their hands along my inner thighs.

    A quick glance round the table showed me that all the guests were in their seats. Whoever it was under the table, it must be one of the slaves. I tried hard to maintain my composure as a hand undid the buttons on my trousers, pulled out my cock and started sucking it. This must be the reason daddy had sent me the note. Studying the faces of the guests, I reckoned that at least five or six of them were receiving personal service like myself.

    I don't know how I kept my composure. I think it was because daddy was sat looking at me from the other end of the table. He too seemed to be getting extra attention from under the table. It seemed as though everyone was aware of what was going on, though no-one mentioned it, despite their drunken states. Only a couple of the guests gasped as they obviously shot their loads into the eager mouths of the hidden slaves; the rest, including myself were brought to the edge of a climax, then left exposed and erect, on the brink of fulfilment.

    That episode lasted no more than twenty minutes. All the while Marcus circulated filling wine glasses, even making small talk with the guests; a couple of whom took the opportunity to put their hands admiringly under his kilt. Marcus just smiled at them, politely moving on.

    When everyone seemed satisfied, daddy announced that we should forego the game course and repair again to the drawing room, where syllabub and liqueurs would be served. As each of the guests got up to leave the table, their clothing was undone and their erect cocks were exposed. I had been wrong at guessing only five or six of the guests had received attention under the table, they all had; including daddy.

    Erect though I was I couldn't bring myself to wander into the drawing room with my erect cock exposed; not in front of daddy, so I fastened myself up. I remember daddy going on about the after dinner games, and how I should go to my room if I wanted. That was before the episode in my bedroom. After all the other guests had left I looked under the table. There were six of the younger slaves hiding there they all seemed to be about my age 12 or 13 years of age, wanking and sucking each other.

    Excited and intrigued, curious yet embarrassed, I decided I would join the others in the drawing room. Everything looked civilised and normal on entering, except everyone had their cocks exposed. The log fire was blazing away, and it was hot in there. I was followed into the drawing room by the slaves from under the table.

    I took a seat by the window, away from the other guests, and out of sight of daddy. Marcus came over with a glass of lemonade for me. I could tell he too had an erection concealed under his kilt. I asked him if there was any punch left, as I wanted something stronger than lemonade. He left saying he would get me some.

    The conversation was animated, yet remained business-like. Everyone was on their best behaviour, yet they were removing their clothing as they chatted. Daddy too was undressing as he talked to someone about the fall in the market price for sweet corn.

    It was exciting to me, watching all this nudity unfold. I remember noting the variety of cocks on display, even comparing nipple sizes and importantly, whether they had hairy balls or not. By the time Marcus returned with my 'fortified' lemonade I was the only one dressed apart from the slaves. All of the guests and daddy were naked and erect, sitting or wandering around making small talk. Daddy came over to make sure I was alright. He was naked and half-hard. Seeing me still dressed he reminded me I could go to my room if I wanted. I told him I'd stay to watch the party games. He was happy with that and reminded me that I didn't need to join in if I didn't want to. He wandered off to talk to the other guests.

    The picture was unreal. Twelve men, all stark naked in various states of arousal; chatting away about the price of sweet corn, as they fondled each others genitals. It was like a wet dream.

    My own erection was now making a stain on my trousers, so I decided to undress, like the rest of the men. 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. This phrase kept going through my mind, wondering if the night would end with a Roman orgy. The thought made my cock twitch.

    No one seemed to notice me undress. Strangely the sweet corn issue seemed to dominate the conversation. The doors opened and the slave boys each entered carrying silver platters. They were now totally naked. They circulated offering syllabub to each of the guests. Many of the slaves were fondled as they circulated; most ending up with erections.

    One guest took a dish of syllabub, then smeared some all over one of the slaves' cock. He then proceeded to lick it off, whilst the slave stood there gasping, trying to maintain his balance and the silver platter above his head. Seeing this, another guest took a handful of the syllabub and smeared it all over the slave's chest, then proceeded to lick it off. I watched as the slaves' knees started trembling. One of the other slaves went to his rescue and took away the silver platter, leaving the first slave to be licked and sucked by two of the guests.

    This seemed to be a signal to everyone. Sweet corn was now off the menu, being replaced by the next course -- black meat.

    The guests descended on each of the slaves, like a swarm of locusts; taking full advantage of their firm hard bodies. The slaves seemed to be enjoying themselves. Several groups of naked bodies, some black some white; some standing, others laid on the floor, started indulging their sexual desires.

    I noticed daddy in one group smearing syllabub over one slaves arse then licking it off. All the guests were rampantly erect, as were the slaves. The room was now very hot and everyone was sweating.

    Strangely, I didn't think it proper to join in any of the groups; not with my daddy in the room. Anyway, it was more exciting watching the various activities unfold in each of the groups before me. One of the mulatto slaves with long curly hair; I think it may have been the one that serviced me under the table; came over to where I was sat. 'You not join in Master Ben?' he enquired. His cock strained at full erection, as did mine. 'I'm enjoying the view' I replied. He offered me his hand, which I shook with a firm grip. 'Thomas' he said, introducing himself.

    Thomas was not very tall, about thirty years old, but very muscular. His swarthy complexion was complimented by his olive skin. He had a Latin look about him with his curly head and body hair. His powerful arms chest and legs were deeply matted in long curly black hair. His balls were hairy.

    He dropped to his knees in front of me and taking hold of my cock he said 'You enjoy your view, I'll just sit here and have a nibble'. With that he took my erection to his mouth, and started to flick his tongue over my piss slit. It felt wonderful, really erotic. I sat there watching the various groups indulging themselves on both the slaves and each other, whilst being driven through paroxysms of delight by this man Thomas. He never actually took my cock into his mouth, he just teased it with his tongue, using his hand to peel back the foreskin.

    Being sat in the chair away from the other groups, with Thomas on the floor between my legs, anyone looking over would think I was just playing with myself. This was important to me as I didn't want daddy to think I knew a lot about sex. He had just given me what he thought was my first introduction only a few hours before.

    I rapidly rose to near climax. The sights and sounds of this mixture of naked black and white men, cavorting in enjoyment of each others bodies, plus Thomas' attention to the head of my cock was almost unbearable. Fearing I would shoot my spunk, I told Thomas to stop as I wanted the experience to last longer. He did as I asked. Standing up, he seemed about to leave, but his cock was just too enticing to me.

    Taking hold of it, I pulled him to me and engulfed his throbbing meat into my mouth. Thomas was not as long as some of the others, but he made up for that with great firmness and girth. He had the fattest hardest cock I had sucked to date. Clenching his buttocks in my hands I encouraged him to fuck my face. He needed little encouragement. His fat stubby cock rammed into me furiously. I was able to apply full suction and allow full penetration without gagging. It was glorious.

    His balls slapped against my chin, his thick black body hair slammed against my face as he drove his meat into my mouth relentlessly. Gasping and shouting he delivered his load deep down my throat. It tasted much nicer than the syllabub. I drained every last drop from him. I sucked on his meat until his body stopped shaking and he started to go soft in my mouth. He then withdrew himself. My own cock was still pumping out pre-cum which dribbled all over my thighs and the chair I was sat on. I needed a drink to wash down his cream.

    Looking up, I found we were the centre of attention. A group of five men including daddy were all stood round, wanking themselves and each other. They had been watching Thomas and myself. I blushed with embarrassment at my own erect drooling state.

    Within seconds, first daddy, then the rest shot their spunk all over me. One after another they splattered my face, my hair; my body. Gush after gush of steamy salty spunk showered onto me. This sensation was too much for me. Taking hold of my cock it spurted stream after stream of thick white spunk into the air, some landing on me, some on the watching guests.

    I lay there exhausted. Daddy handed me a glass of lemonade which I gulped down in one go, then I burped. I apologised for burping, which now sounds ridiculous under the circumstances. 'You did well son' 'I'm proud of you'. It was reassuring that daddy was not annoyed by my antics.

    The group of men that had shot their loads all over me drifted off to another group by the fire. From what I could see Jacob had rammed his cock up one of the guests, Mr. Pendleton I think it was. Jacob was fucking him like a stallion. Another guest was laid on the floor under Mr Pendleton, sucking his cock and balls. They were surrounded by slaves and guests each wanking themselves or each other at the sight.

    Even though I'd shot my load, I wanted a closer look. I went over to the group, and not being able to see over them, got down and my hands and knees. I crept between their legs. Mr. Pendleton's nipples were rock hard and rigid. Creeping in between him and the man below him with a thick matt of blonde hair on his chest, I took one of his nipples into my mouth and sucked hard on it. Mr. Pendleton shouted 'Yes, bite me, bite me', so I did as he wanted; biting hard on the erect nipple, chewing it in my mouth. His hairy chest tickling my nose as I did so. He shuddered as a stream of his spunk shot into my ear. He was still being rammed by Marcus, but he pumped out spunk each time Marcus thrust his cock deep inside him.

    I felt lips enfolding my cock. I was trapped, so could not see who's they were. It no longer mattered. I lay there enjoying the sight of Marcus' balls slamming against Mr Pendleton's, and his cock spurting out spunk all over me. My cock rose to full erection at the feel of this soft wet mouth. I felt sure I was drained of all my spunk so would be unable to shoot again. However the visual and touch sensations combined to bring me near to a climax.

    Thinking I was about to shoot my spunk again, I felt someone's finger probing my arse. I remember spreading my legs to accommodate them. Someone lifted my legs into the air and I felt a firm wet tongue pressing against my arse, insistently trying to gain access. I remembered the feel of Marcus' cock as it slid into me in the bathroom, and wanted someone, anyone, to fill my arse with their cock. I wanted a big one, no a huge one. I wanted to be ripped apart with a raging cock that would shoot its' load deep inside me.

    I was dizzy with desire, sweating with the heat, biting on Mr Pendleton's nipple, being splattered with his spunk and being eaten by the arse; yet still I wanted more. I could feel my buttocks being separated by I know not who; which in itself added to my excitement. I could feel hot breath on my arse, warm wet spit lubricating me.

    Looking round, my view was limited to a series of thick hairy legs, with the occasional glimpse of a cock being wanked or sucked. I could see someone's hairy arse pouting as they sucked someone whilst they too were being sucked. The man I was laid on was being sucked by one of the black slaves. All I could make out was the short curly black hair, the flashing white eyes, and a ramrod cock being sucked deep into the black mans' throat.

    Marcus' balls continued to slam against Mr. Pendleton, who had now gone soft, his cock still dribbling spunk as Marcus rammed into him relentlessly. The tongue in my arse was replaced with a finger I think. I was too near the floor for it to be a cock, however much I wished it were. The finger was very long and smooth and seemed to go into me forever. Backwards and forwards, it felt rigid and long, just as Marcus' cock had done, but I could see Marcus' cock still shafting Mr Pendleton. I was still trapped between Mr Pendleton and the man below me who was being sucked off by a black man.

    My legs were still being held up in the air. They were pressed against someone's hot hard body, I felt the vibration through their muscles as they wanked or were being wanked. I sensed the feel of someone's balls slapping against my toes. My foot felt the muscles go rigid then someone spunked all over my foot. I could feel a warm wet stream of spunk dribble down my foot and ankle.

    I could smell the sweat, the spunk and the various colognes that the men were wearing. It was a heady combination of smells that added to my dizzy euphoria, as my arse was being probed deeper and deeper.

    Glancing over to watch Marcus riding Mr Pendleton, I was just in time to see him withdraw his full length. His throbbing cock looked enormous. Watching closely I saw Marcus' cock probe between Mr. Pendleton's legs, push through between his leg and his balls; then shoot it's load. His spunk came in pressure waves, spurting great globules and streams. The side of my face, my ear, my hair were all getting his juices. They combined and dribbled with Mr Pendleton's spunk. Marcus' spunk was thicker and whiter than Mr. Pendleton's.

    My thoughts were interrupted by someone licking off the spunk from my foot and toes. It tickled slightly, but I really liked the feel of someone's tongue between my toes. My cock was twitching violently now. Marcus withdrew from the group after shooting his load, as did Mr. Pendleton, now no longer pinned in position by Marcus. This left me laid across someone else, who was being sucked by the black slave.

    My view unrestricted now, I glanced around the naked man towering above and around me. I was looking for daddy. I felt relieved when I didn't see him there. There must have been six or seven men in the group standing around me. Some had already shot their spunk, their cocks having subsided from full erection. They were fondling each other. Fingers wrapped round each others cocks, or cradling balls. The sight of these naked hairy men with thick muscular thighs was intensely erotic. I was enjoying myself, even knowing that I had already shot more spunk in the last few hours than I had during the whole of last term.

    It was intensely hot in the drawing room and everyone was sweating profusely. Their body hair was matted with a mixture of sweat and spunk. The spunk showed up clearly on the black boys, as it contrasted strongly with their skin colour.

    Checking again that daddy wasn't there I concentrated on the pleasures being inflicted on my arse. Thrusting my buttocks upwards to allow deeper penetration, my arse was filled with what felt like a huge cock. Closing my eyes I whispered 'deeper, deeper'...'Ram it into me deeper and harder'. I felt tears roll across my cheeks as my wishes were met. I started jerking involuntarily. I clenched my buttocks tightly, and had all the sensations of spunking but without any white stuff. It still felt glorious as I went rigid in climax. All around me the guests and slaves started rubbing themselves or each other to new erections. They too were excited by the sight of me being finger fucked, and my reactions to it.

    Limp and exhausted I literally slid off the sweaty body below me, just as he shot his load deep into the black boys' mouth. I heard the boy gurgling and spluttering as he tried to swallow every last drop of this man's juice.

    Now laying flat on the floor I felt this man's tongue pressing against my lips. Parting them it probed deep into my mouth. I could hardly breathe, but was too exhausted to struggle. I remember the feel of his hairy balls as he sat astride me, the drops of his spunk as it dripped from his cock onto my belly.

    'You did well son, you did well'. Opening my eyes I saw daddy sat astride me.

    'We all need to cool off', daddy said to the assembly of naked bodies'. Playing the perfect host he turned saying ' To the veranda gentlemen'. 'Marcus, coffee and liqueurs on the veranda, when you're ready'. 'Yes sir Master' Marcus replied.

    Daddy helped me up to my feet. My body was covered in various shades and consistencies of spunk. Some thick like glue, some thin like oil. Daddy licked some of it off, relishing the taste. He massaged the remainder into my chest and belly.

    Mr Arse was tender now from the attention it had had over the last half hour or so. Looking down to the floor there was a discarded candle. It was about ten inches long, about four inches in diameter. No wonder it felt like Marcus.

    Daddy escorted me out onto the veranda. There was a cool breeze which felt wonderful after the heat in the drawing room. All the guests, still naked, stood round chatting, while the slaves poured coffee into china cups. Marcus offered Port, cigars and liqueurs to each of the guests.

    As I mingled in the crowd of naked bodies with daddy, I'm sure I heard someone mention the price of sweet corn.

    Whilst we were able to cool off on the veranda, most of use had dried semen somewhere on our bodies. Thomas was plastered with it. It was matted in his hair, all over his body, front and back. He'd obviously had a busy though satisfying night.

    Mr Pendleton from the bank asked Thomas to please 'Lay on the ground'. Thomas did as he was asked and Mr Pendleton then pissed all over him. Thinking this was a white man / black man thing I was annoyed. To show my annoyance I lay down next to Thomas and Mr Pendleton pissed on me too. Thomas began rolling around in the hot piss, so I followed suit.

    Before he had emptied his bladder Thomas and I were wrapped in each others arms enjoying this golden shower. The other guests were standing around laughing at our antics, then another guest decided to empty his bladder. Another golden stream splashed over us. Thomas made a joke of it by pretending to wash himself, and myself in the hot piss.

    Soon other guests joined in, either pissing on us, or joining us to be pissed upon. In a few minutes everyone was rolling on the veranda, fondling and rubbing each others bodies, washing off all the dried spunk that had accumulated. Needless to say by the time all bladders had been emptied and spunk had been cleaned off, everyone was again ready for action. The cool air and the coffee had sobered most people up, and the conversations returned briefly to the price of sweet corn.

    Daddy came over to me, to make sure that I was feeling alright. He was concerned that I'd been exposed to activities that may have frightened or upset me. I told him that I'd had the most exciting night of my life, and could we have another one shortly. He promised me another dinner party if he managed to sort out the financial problems on the estate.

    As we dried off from our golden showers, daddy suggested that we repair to the drawing room where it would be much warmer. We went inside and huddled together naked in front of the log fire. I noticed daddy take Mr Pendleton into the study as we all went into the drawing room.

    Whilst we'd been on the veranda, some of the slaves had tidied the drawing room, pushing the chairs back against the wall, as this was the point in most dinner parties when the guests would dance to a string quartet. They had been taught well by Jacob. However, with no string quartet and no female guests it seemed unlikely anyone would want to dance. Marcus had realised this and had laid out some sheepskin, goatskin and bearskin rugs in the middle of the floor.

    With daddy and Mr Pendleton absent in the study, it fell to me to be the host. I'd never been a host before, certainly not naked in front of a crowd of nude guests. I didn't know any of these men, except in the biblical sense, nor did I know anything about the price of sweet corn. I gestured to Marcus, seeking advice as to what to do. He told me to relax, and just leave the guests to their own devices. Not being able to think of anything else to do I asked Marcus to ensure that all the guests had drinks, and to send a message to Jacob thanking him for the excellent food. I added that he was welcome to join us in the drawing room if he wished.

    The guests all stretched out on the rugs. They were still laughing and joking, but were not boisterous. It seemed they were more subdued now, having exhausted themselves earlier.

    I stood watching the guests chatter amongst themselves, idly fondling their equally subdued genitalia. Thomas came over to me. He stuck his tongue in my ear, causing a shiver to go down my spine, and my cock to twitch in response. 'What are you doing, Thomas?', I asked. 'Spunk master, dried spunk'. He'd noticed some dried semen in my ear, and like a good servant, he had removed it. I really liked Thomas.

    Daddy and Mr Pendleton joined us after about ten minutes. I could tell by the look on daddy's face that his meeting had gone well. Marcus poured them a drink and daddy made a toast to the Plantation. He said that though times had been hard, he had plans that would keep the plantation in the family for several more generations. Everyone applauded and drank a toast to daddy.

    Catching his eye, he came over to me. Mr Pendleton had come up with an idea for the plantation. He'd suggested selling off most of the land and converting the mansion to a Pleasure Palace for men. He'd been so intrigued by the dinner party, that he saw a lucrative business opportunity. So intrigued was he that he was prepared to put his own money into it, subject to further discussions. I asked him to explain the plan simply. He said the land would be sold off, the money used to pay debts and convert the mansion into a Private Hotel. The hotel would provide discreet dinner party weekends for gentlemen seeking the company of other gentlemen. The future looked brighter financially now, and the prospect of being involved in such a venture excited me.

    I told daddy that I had invited Jacob to join us, as no-one would realise he was wearing a different uniform from the rest of the slaves, as they were all now naked.

    Jacob came in, and seeing all the guests on the floor naked, came over to daddy and me. 'Jacob', daddy said 'You are welcome to join us if you'll just take off that silly uniform'. 'Yes sir, Massa' Jacob replied stripping off his kitchen clothes. The guests applauded as Jacob did a slow strip, revealing his body temptingly to the assembled guests. 'And we shall have Cabaret' Mr Pendleton shouted across the room. 'Daddy raised a toast to Jacob and the other slaves for their efforts and loyalty.

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