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  • Hotel seduction
  • My name is Greg.

    I've just moved from the Mid-West to California to attend college and I was feeling pretty blue about it. It's not that I was excited about being at school. This was going to be the best time of my life. I was taking my first steps on my own; I was finally grown up. After all I was going into the fall of my freshman year. But I had just turned 18, and was lonely. I already missed my old friends. None of them wanted to take a chance on a college all the way across the country. They wanted to play it safe and stay close to home. So I loaded up my car and headed out alone. Two days later I was almost there and was spending the one last night in a hotel on the road. It had been a long trip and I was bone tired. Tired of driving and tired of listening to the same old songs on the ipod over and over again. My hotel had a nice pool and I decided that a swim and relaxing in the sun might be just what the doctor ordered. I had been a swimmer in high school-- not a great one, but good enough that I was part of the team. I had worked up a good tan during practices in the summer, which set off nicely against my little white Speedo bathing suit I wore. I planned to spend the rest of the day hanging out by the hotel pool. I even covered my body with oil, hoping that my glistening tan might help me find a cute girl. But the only girls there seemed to ignore me, so I tried to lose myself in the new Sports Illustrated. That's when I heard a deep male voice ask me a question.

    "Is this chair taken?"

    I looked up to see a big black man with a broad face. He looked to be about 45 years old and in extremely good shape. I told him the chair was available, and he sat down right next to me. I had to admit it, he was extremely handsome. As he took off his robe, I saw his powerful muscular body. He was so much bigger than me, I felt like a little boy beside him.

    We struck up a conversation. His name was Jay, he said, and he was here on business.

    As usual, I wasted no time telling him all about my move to California and how different it was from the Mid-West. He seemed quite sympathetic and interested, leaning forward and offering me advice. As he made his points about how I should make friends, he kept touching my knee. I thought about moving my leg away from him or telling him to stop, but for some reason, I didn't.

    The more we talked the more his hand simply rested on my knee. I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but soon I got used to it. He stared into my eyes as he spoke to me. He seemed very wise, with his deep voice, and I noticed his fingers were squeezing my thigh as he spoke.

    I also noticed, to my horror that my cock was beginning to harden in my suit. His long thick black fingers were now sliding up and down my oiled thigh. I was finding it harder to breathe. My cock was now stiffening, it had formed a tent, and I knew he could see it. But I didn't try to stop him from touching me.

    Fortunately, we were the only people by the pool at this point. That's when he took things to the next level.

    "Well Son," he said; in a husky half-whisper, "Want to come to my room for a drink?"

    I didn't drink much in high school but I was on my own now, making my way. I figured it was OK so I agreed. We put on our robes, grabbed our stuff, and headed to the elevator. We didn't speak as we rode to the top floor of the hotel. As we rode I thought I felt his hand touching my bottom through my terry cloth robe. Why wasn't I telling him to stop?

    We entered his suite, and I was impressed by how big it was compared to the little room I had. We were in a living room and the bedroom was someplace else. He asked me if I would like some bourbon and I said "no thanks, I don't like the taste. Can I have vodka?" He smiled, nodded, and said "with OJ?" I said "please" and he fixed us both a drink and we toasted our new friendship.

    I finished my drink rather quickly, and he made me another one. As I began sipping it, he put a hand on my shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes.

    "You were getting hard out there, Son," he said. "Was I making you hard?"

    I blushed and looked away.

    "Look at me young man," he said, his voice now a little firmer.

    I didn't like where all this was going, but I also didn't want it to stop.

    "Take off your robe and show me your body. You have the kind of body that you should show off." said Jay "Show me now, Greg,"

    I know I should never have slipped that robe off my shoulders and let it fall on the floor. But it felt good to have him admire my body. I really did want to show it off.

    "Oh yeah, bronzed" said Jay, "nice pecs, nice thighs, and what a tight set of abs!"

    "Turn around, Son," Jay told me. I did as I was told. I could feel his eyes on my bottom through my swimming trunks. I resisted the temptation to wiggle it for him; to really show it off.

    "So smooth," said Jay. I picked up my robe. This had gone far enough; it was time for me to go.

    "Thank you very much for the drink but I have a big day tomorrow and I think it's time for me to go" I said as I moved toward the door.

    Jay stepped in front of the door and tilted my chin up toward his. "You're not leaving yet, Son," said Jay. "I'm just getting to know you."

    Suddenly, I had my head tilted up and he kissed me. That's when my robe fell to the floor.

    I had never been kissed by a man before. It was such a sweet, soft kiss. My mouth opened to accept his probing tongue. I felt his hand cup my firm, round ass through my swimsuit. My cock grew stiff against his thigh.

    I guess the drink combined with the lust to make me want what was coming next. When Jay pulled down my swim suit, I felt a sense of excitement. Peeled free of all my clothes, I was naked now. A man old enough to be my father was kissing me, inspecting me and feeling me up.

    "We need to shave your cock," said Jay, stroking it up and down, whispering in my ear. "All that hair makes you look like a man. But you're not a man; you're a little boy. You need to look like a little boy. Shaved you'll look 12, hot and fine. Don't you want to look fine for your Daddy?"

    I was shocked but Jay just kept stroking my cock and feeling my balls. His big black hands kept massaging the willpower from my dick. Jay kept whispering in my ear while his hands kept up the manual assault on my emotions. I looked up into his dark piercing eyes, I saw his power. I also saw my refection, an insignificant image reflected there. I had to look away. I looked down at his big black hand owning my dick. He must have begun to feel my body say yes. Jay started guiding me naked to the suite's big bathroom, leading me by my little boy joystick. I didn't want him to let go. My whole body was on fire.

    The suite's bathroom was nicer than anything I had ever seen. All marble and glass and mirrors with a huge walk-in shower.

    "Are you ready to clean-up for your Daddy? Are you ready to trim your pubes?" Jay asked as he kept stroking my dick.

    "No way!!. I'm eighteen and out on my own. I'm a man now and should look like it. I'm not a little boy"

    "No, you're not a man, you're a boy." Jay said firmly. He took my hand and guided it to the belt of his robe. "Open it" he said. I pulled on the belt and his robe fell open.

    "Take off my swimsuit." Jay said. I untied his swimsuit and pulled it down past the biggest, thickest dick I had ever seen. As Jay stepped out of his suit he let my dick go. It sprang to attention, as if saluting the mammoth black penis.

    "This is a man's dick" Jay said showing me the black tool. Hefting the low-hanging balls he said "and these are man's balls. Do you really think your little white penis makes you a man? That's a boy's penis and should look like it. Don't try to pretend that little bit of hair makes you a man."

    All I could do was stare as wrapped his hand around the big, black, snake; stroking himself up and down. I was mesmerized as it began to harden and the chocolate colored head seemed to reach out to me, trying to touch me. While Jay's dick grew the bathroom seemed to shrink until it was only me and his penis in the room. As I watched, a drop of precum seeped from the head and glistened there like a pearl. Jay looked at me and then scooped the pearl up on his finger.

    "This is man milk. Boys need milk to grow-up, to be strong. Do you want my milk?" Jay said searching my eyes with his stare.

    I just looked back at him as he began to stroke my face with his finger, circled my mouth with the tip. My eyes closed when the fingertip slipped past my lips. My tongue began searching for the pearl of his essence on it. My mouth nursed on the digit tasting my Daddy's milk. I was a little boy; I needed my Daddy for nourishment, to show me how to be a man.

    When Jay pulled his finger back out of my mouth he reached back to the counter and picked up a pair of scissors. He handed them to me, grabbed my dick again and led me into the shower.

    "Trim your pubes, son. I need them nice and short to shave you properly. If they are too long the razor will pull and you'll get razor burn and a rash. I don't want my boy red and bumpy." Jay said as he handed me the scissors.

    "I don't want to trim them. Can't you do it? Don't make me cut off my own pubic hair." I pleaded. "Can't you please do it? I'll be good"

    "No you need to do it. I'll hold your dick and stroke it. I'll make you feel good, but you need to trim away the illusion of your manhood. You should be proud that you're a boy. You should want to be smooth and fine for your Daddy." Jay said reassuringly.

    He took my penis in his large hand and began to stroke it again. He pulled it forward away from my body. His hand felt so warm and strong. My dick looked so small lost in its grip.

    "Trim" Jay said firmly. As he stroked my dick his other hand reached up and flicked my nipple. He started rubbing it and watched it get tight and hard.

    The scissors were still motionless in my hand when hand took my nipple and twisted it.

    "Start trimming ... now. This doesn't need to hurt", Jay said very slowly and firmly, "but you will trim your pubes"

    I watched as the scissors cut the first bit of pubic hair. It fell slowly to the floor of the shower.

    "Very good, I'm proud of you. Keep trimming, the first piece is the toughest." Jay said soothingly.

    I kept trimming while Jay stroked my dick and reassured me. He told me how beautiful I would look. He said that my dick would look even larger without the nasty pubes. Everything would feel better and be cleaner when I was smooth; when I was his fine smooth white boy.

    When I finished trimming Jay lathered up my penis and balls. He carefully shaved me smooth and clean. His touch with the razor was light, the steely head caressed my skin while transforming me into my Daddy's little boy. When he finished and felt my crotch it was electrifying. It was a whole new sensation. I could feel everything. I was so smooth, like a baby's bottom.

    I was so proud of my new look I shook my hips and waved my penis. I felt like showing off.

    "Calm down son, we're not done yet. There's one more thing we have to take care of. Turn around, bend over and spread your legs. We can't forget to clean up your little boy hole."

    As I turned around and spread my cheeks I felt like a little boy. No one had ever been so close to my ass before. But after a second I started to feel a little better. This was the first time anyone had ever cared enough about my ass to make sure that it was pretty and clean. To spend their time making me look my best.

    "Stand up and shower, son" Jay said when he finished, and then he lightly spanked my ass. "You're fine now, smooth and clean like a 12-year-old boy."

    "Don't be jacking yourself off in the shower while you clean-up either. That's your Daddy's milk now and I'll be telling you when to come" he reminded me gently.

    The shower was incredible as the water ran cleanly off my smooth skin. Then I looked down and saw my pubic hair making lazy circles around the drain before they disappeared. I watched as part of my manhood vanished. When it was gone I looked out through the shower door and saw Jay standing there naked, slowly stroking that giant black dick. I didn't care about my pubes anymore. I wasn't really a man and it's all right to be a fine little boy.

    "Don't be spending all day in there. I didn't just make you a teenage girl. It's time to get out; you have better things to do, things to learn" Jay said enthusiastically.

    His big black hand grabbed my control stick again and led me out of the shower into a big fluffy towel. "Let me dry you off, take care off you" he said. "You're my little boy now."

    My dick grew in his hand while he stroked and milked me. When I was dry Jay spun me around and swatted my ass. "Let's get moving, no more hanging out in the bathroom. I've already massaged you so much that your skin is rosy red."

    He spanked me again and again as he paraded me back to the living room. Saying "March .....1..........2........3.........4" like I was his little toy soldier.

    He was patting my ass now, sometimes lightly spanking me. I felt my cock wave stiffly before me. My body was showing off.

    "Yes," said Jay. "You are a little boner boy; my little boner boy. A little boner boy who needs a good fucking." I felt myself swooning in his arms. "I need to get you wet now, slippery, mark you as mine?" "Yes, Daddy, please do anything to make me cum. Just make me cum"

    Jay's fingers, covered with a greasy substance, were now probing around my ass. I squirmed to free myself, but he was holding me tight.

    "Hi, Boner Boy," said Jay, staring into my eyes as he slid his fingers in and out of my bottom. "Want to go out with me?" His mouth clamped against mine as his fingers wiggled against my sphincter, and I felt my cock pulsing lewdly in front of me. Jay was mocking me now, but I was ready to be taken like a girl, just as he was getting so hot treating me like one.

    Jay pushed me to my knees, I gasped at the sight of his black cock-- so much longer and thicker than mine, his balls so big and hairy. It looked big in the bathroom, this close it was a little frightening.

    "Suck me, Boner Boy," he said, guiding my head to his big black cock. I began by licking his shaft. "OH yeah" he groaned as my tongue glided over the bulb of his cock. When my lips engulfed his knob, I felt it pushing against the back of my throat. "Your pink lips devouring my tool are so hot."

    "Such a sweet little white cocksucker, I knew it the moment I saw you" Jay muttered. I felt his cock stiffen more and more inside my mouth. "Showing it all off in your tight Speedos. Your penis needing to escape; trying to reach its Black Daddy. You needed someone to show you, lead you, teach you."

    I was trying to prepare myself for his orgasm, my meal of man milk. I wasn't expecting him to take away my treat and scoop me up in his arms to carry me into the bedroom. He kissed my mouth again as he lay me on the bed.

    "Roll over and show me your ass, Boner Boy," he said.

    I lay atop the blanket with my ass hiked up a little.

    "Such a pretty smooth little bottom," he said. "Wiggle it for me, boy."

    I felt my hard cock throbbing beneath me. "Shake it boy, tease me with your smooth white ass." He started spanking me again harder now. I winced in pain, but I loved every dirty second of it.

    "You're my little whore now, Boner Boy" Jay said. "Aren't you?"

    "Yes sir," I said.

    "Say it again louder, say it like you mean it" Jay exclaimed.

    "YES SIR, I'm your little whore; I'm your fine little white boy whore" I shouted.

    "Then get on your back and spread your legs for me. You know you want this. I know you want this. Now you need to relax your hole. Just take it all in. Relax.........relax. Let Daddy bring it home."

    I felt him pack more lubricant up into my ass. I knew what was coming next.

    He mounted me like the girl I knew I was. I winced in wicked pain as he entered my cherry ass for the first time with that hard black tool of his, but soon, I was riding on the big black stick, grabbing his ass and kissing his mouth. I took it all; I took it black balls deep. I had become his little white girlfriend and he had become my big black lover.

    My cock, meanwhile, was swelling and straining, and I was ever so ready to cum. He muttered such nasty things in my ear about what a slut I was and how hot my little white pussy was, and that, coupled with the masterful thrusting of his magnificent cock, were taking me over the edge.

    Without being touched, my cock exploded in an orgasm that sprayed cum-milk onto the chest of my lover as he continued to fuck me hard and fast.

    "Good boy, you make your Daddy proud. That was a very big load." he said. "Now use your mouth, lips and tongue to clean me up. Taste your love. Lick it off my nipples. Suckle your own milk from my black man-nipples."

    I started to devour my own load. This afternoon I would never have tasted myself. Now I just had to be asked. The slippery cum mixed with the salty sweat from Jay's chest. It all tasted wonderful; I wanted more. It was the taste of us; a gift from my Daddy. I licked his nipples clean and tried to suckle more.

    I moaned, "Daddy it's so good. Give me more..........make me more..............feed me, I'm so hungry."

    His cock was so stiff and big inside me. He was grabbing each cheek of my bottom in his big hands and thrusting now with an urgency that could only mean one thing.

    "Take my cum, beg for my seed!" he roared.

    "Daddy.............. fuck me hard, oh god, breed me.......... mmmmmmmmmm......... seed me......... mark me as your boy!!!!!!!!!!!"

    With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his big black penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

    A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing down my inner thighs.

    Jay kissed me again, and then grabbed the shaft of my cock again, milking me stiff. He owned me with his touch. Giving me pleasure.

    "You know why you are lonely and don't have a girlfriend?" he asked, "Because you fuck like a girl."

    I hated to admit it, but he was right.

    Later that night, he took me again, and again. But this time I begged him, "please breed me deep". I had an itch that no girl could ever scratch; an itch that took a fine black dick to reach. I opened every hole and sucked anything offered. Jay kept stroking me, he made me cum........over and over. He was just stroking, always stroking my smooth, clean dick; his new little boy toy. He promised to take me places and show me new things. The things that I could, would now, appreciate and love as his new little white Boner Boy.


    I woke up quietly to the soothing feeling of a soft back massage. Large strong fingers kneading my stiff shoulders and neck. The masseur must have felt me stir because the massaging slowed and I felt warm breath on my neck.

    "Good morning, stud" was whispered in my ear.

    Suddenly flashes of last night started rushing through my brain. A run-away river of images, feelings and tastes crashed into my consciousness. My mind was running so fast; I couldn't slow it enough to understand what had happened. What was happening now?

    "Does this feel good here or do you want me to go lower?" Someone whispered again with a little nibble to my earlobe.

    The magic hands started working their way down my back. Sometimes kneading, sometimes lightly tapping. My back was being played like a piano. The hands continued their march south and started working my ass and thighs. As I felt a finger begin to probe my ass the images stopped. It started coming back to me. I could see my legs wrapped around the waist of a large, handsome, black man, Hand. His big, black cock was a piston driving in and out of my virgin, white ass. The shouting sounds I was hearing became clearer. "More, Sir...........................deeper, seed me.......oh go black balls deep" I was hearing myself beg.

    Suddenly I remembered last night. Oh god, it had been great. It had been incredible, better than I could have wished. I remembered it all. Jay had kissed me and I kissed him back. He took my cock and stroked it, milked it. I melted with his touch. Jay shaved me and then fed me his big black dick. When he was ready he carried me to the bedroom. I spread my legs and let him fuck me. An eighteen-year-old college student opened his legs and invited a black man old enough to be his father into his cherry white ass. I had loved it. I needed it and Jay knew it. He knew it when he saw me. I remembered what I said, what I begged. I wanted to be Jay's little, white boner boy.

    I opened my eyes and glanced down when the large black hand grabbed my soft little white cock. Stroking it and cupping the smooth white balls.

    "Do you see how clean and smooth you look this morning? Do you remember trimming your pubes? Do you remember showing me that you're still a little boy who needs his Daddy?" Jay murmured in my ear.

    He was still stroking my cock with one hand and playing with my ass with the other. The attention felt so good I started trying to hump his hand. Jay recognized my invitation and began to drive his fingers in my ass. I got light headed my dick seemed to suck all the blood from my brain, stiffening at his touch.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh, this feels so good. Keep going; make me cum, sir" I moaned.

    I reached behind me and found the big black cock I came to know last night. Jay was already hard. He was so big my hand was full as I tried to stroke him to the rhythm he was stroking me.

    "Yes, little man, you remember last night don't you. That big black cock is your treat. Feel the heat.............feel the power. You need it don't you" Jay moaned.

    As I rolled over toward Jay he let go of my dick and ass. I felt so empty. Jay lightly grasped my chin and steered my gaze upwards. Then I saw his broad black face lit up with a smile.

    "Yes, take it son" he said as I lowered my head to his magnificent cock and opened my lips to capture the beautiful purple helmet. I started working my mouth up and down. Keeping my teeth back like Jay taught me last night. Use my lips, always trying to make Jay happy.

    "Oh yea, you're such a good little cocksucker. You were made to nurse at the end of a black man's dick; to provide pleasure, to get your pleasure from it. You've tasted my seed. I've planted you. You'll grow to love it. You need the seed. You want the seed; it's Daddy's milk." Jay chanted as I tried to capture as much of the big black beast as I could take in my mouth.

    Jay gently grasped my head and guided me as I continued to pleasure him. He kept nodding reassuringly as he forced me to take him deeper, ever deeper.

    "Relax and breathe through your nose, remember I showed you last night" Jay said. "You want to go black balls deep don't you?"

    "Relax" he said again when my gag reflex kicked in. I blinked away a tear and breathed deep through my nose. I kept my lips tight now. I just needed to concentrate on that one thing now. Jay was helping me now. He was using my head as a handle to fuck my face.

    "That great, you're a quick learner. Some boys never learn how to take a dick like this. You're a born cocksucker."

    I started to feel his balls gently slap against my chin. I looked up and tried to smile. "Black balls deep.....yea it's black balls deep." Jay said and he smiled too.

    "Are you still my little white whore? Do you want me to fill you back up? Sow my black seed in your smooth white ass." Jay said as he slowly pulled his dick from out of my mouth. I tried to keep it. I feel bigger when he is in me. Jays power filled me from this giant black cock.

    "Roll on your back. I want to see your face as you feel my cock fill your white boy pussy again. I want to see your smile as my dick brings you pleasure. You're my girl now, loving it. You're smooth white ass is a pussy with an itch only black cock can scratch. You'll soon have the itch bad, you won't want anything else." Jay said as I rolled over and pulled me knees back. I wanted to be his girl; I was his girl.

    I opened my door and invited him in. My ass was virgin when I gave it to him last night. Now it's been plowed and seeded. I gave it to Jay. It was my gift to him for bringing me pleasure, milking me. I could feel Jay put the end of his dick against my hole. I could feel it sliding there. I was already loose and ready. The saliva from my blow job combined with the remnants of last nights lube ease the pain as Jay pushed the knob past my sphincter. I tried to relax, let it slide in. Finally the head penetrates my pink gates. I gasp in pain.

    "Still a little sore, son? I'm not surprised; you've had a big night. It'll get better; you were born to ride cock. Just tell me when you're ready for more. I'll go slowly, you're a little boy, and you need time. "Jay was reassuring. "You're learning to love it."

    He knew how I felt, he knew what I needed. I wanted to show him I was ready. So without asking for more I took a breath and pulled him in with my legs. Pulling him in deeper; showing Jay I wanted him. He was my Daddy.

    "Oh yea......that's it stud. You need it don't you, you want it all. I'll keep going. I'll fill you up again, mark you with my seed"

    Soon, I was riding on the big black stick, grabbing his ass and kissing his mouth. I took it all; I took it deep. His cock was so stiff and big inside me. He was grabbing each cheek of my bottom in his big hands and thrusting now. I could feel his cock swell and grow as I clinched it tight in my ass. I knew from last night he was almost there. I was making him cum, taking his essence. Taking him inside me, holding him there.

    "Take my cum, beg for my seed!" he roared.

    "Daddy..............fuck me hard, oh god, breed me..........mmmmmmmmmm.........seed me......... mark me as your boy!!!!!!!!!!!" I cried out.

    With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his big black penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

    A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing from my plowed ass.

    "How do you feel son?" Jay asked gently. "How do you like being my morning bitch?"

    Stroking my sweaty face Jay leaned closer and gently kissed me, his tongue tracing little laps around my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. Jay began aggressively taking my mouth with his tongue as he started stoking my cock. It felt so good I tried to fuck his hand as he stroked me. I needed to cum. I was so hot my balls were aching. I needed my black daddy to let me cum. Make me cum. I'll cum so hard I'll make him proud.

    "You need it don't you? You really want it bad." Jay exclaimed. "But not right now, I need to get us cleaned up. I've got appointments today, work to do. People who expect me; grown up, adult things. I can't just lay here in bed like you. Waiting for my Daddy to help me cum, begging him to come too" Jay said as he led me by my joystick into the suite's spectacular bathroom.

    As I looked around the marble and mirror room it seemed more fitting for a palace. I glanced at the shower and saw a small pile of pubes that were still on the drain, my pubes. Jay asked me cut my own pubes before he shaved me smooth. I hesitated and tried to hang on to the illusion that I was a real man like him. But then he showed me his dick, a real black fuck tool and I gave up. I recognized then, as he stroked my dick that I really was a little boy, not a man. Now I looked down at my hard, smooth cock in his masculine black hand. It looked right, it was at home. It was a little boy's prick in a man's hand. Just like I looked like a little boy next to this handsome mature black man.

    Jay started the shower and when it was warm enough he stepped in and motioned for me. I got in too, unsure what I should do. What did he expect of me? I stood motionless and watched as he shampooed and conditioned his closely cropped hair. Finally he picked up the soap and handed it to me.

    "Soap me up son. Clean me really well, get everything. You want me to be fresh and clean when I'm at work' Jay explained

    I started at his neck and shoulders. I felt the strong toned muscles. My little white hands looked like small pieces of alabaster tracing patterns over his ebony back. This was my first real opportunity to see and feel the man who gave me so much pleasure last night. I could finally see with my eyes and feel with my hands the body that had been hidden in the dark. I saw the sensitive places I had found only with my lips. I saw treats that I had tasted but hadn't yet seen. Jay reached down and pulled his ass cheeks apart so I could clean his ass. I felt honored to be allowed to clean this private area. Something new he hadn't shared with me before. I kneeled behind him and soaped it thoroughly until it was very clean. I wanted him to be proud of me. When Jay turned around I was face to face again with his cock, the big black cock that had taken my virginity. The cock I had taken in my hands, my mouth and finally my cherry white ass. I soaped it up too and remembered the way it felt on my tongue and lips. The large purple knob that was so soft and smooth atop the rock hard black log. I carefully cleaned around the low-hanging balls that held my Daddy's milk, milk that was my treat from him. My daddy's milk that was in me now; milk that still leaked from my tight white pussy. I finished the rest of Jay with the same wonder of exploration. This was my first chance to learn about my Daddy, explore all of his secrets.

    "That's enough for me' Jay said taking the soap back. "Now I need to clean up my little Boner Boy."

    With that he started by shampooing me and then working down my body with the small bar of soap. Jay paid special attention to my freshly shaven crotch and ass.

    "Doesn't this feel good? He said stroking me. "You are so soft and smooth just like your Daddy likes. You really do look like you're twelve. But look, when you're hard, like now, you appear even bigger than before. Daddy's little boy dick looks so much bigger now. Do you like your little dick to look bigger?"

    All I could do was nod. He strong hands had me rock hard again. I thought back and couldn't remember when I hadn't been hard since I first talked to Jay at the pool. What had this man done to me? What had he seen in me that made him know that I was his; that I would acquiesce to his every desire.

    "Do you want to cum now boi? I know you do. I can help you but you have to tell me what you want. What do you want your daddy to do?" Jay started questioning me.

    "Beg your daddy to help you; to take a little valuable time from his day to give you a release." "Beg boy." Jay repeated.

    "Beg............................" Jay said looking me straight in the eye.

    "Beg your Daddy. What do you want boy?" Jay kept insisting.

    I wanted to cum. My balls ached; my cock was so hard it hurt. I need Jay to help, to give me a release.

    "Make me cum, Sir. Please make me cum. I'll do anything, Sir. I want to do anything for you. Please Sir ....................make me cum" I was begging Jay. I was almost in tears I needed it so bad.

    "OK son, make me proud. I'm going to milk you. I'll help you cum but the ache won't leave. You've tasted your daddy's milk and you liked it. You been filled with your Daddy's black dick and you need it. You've been bred and seeded and still want more. You can cum now but there's no going back now. What you were yesterday is gone. Like your pubes down the drain, gone. Beg me boi, tell me there's no going back" Jay demanded.

    "Make me cum Daddy. Milk me; it's your milk and your body. I've given you everything I have. I'll do anything you want you like; just ask me. I want to be your little smooth white boy. Sir, I just need to cum; help me cum. Please Sir, let me cum" I pleaded with my new Black Daddy. "OK son" Jay agreed. "On three, spray it out, make me proud."

    "One" Jay said starting to stroke me harder.

    Finally, felt so good. The feeling was incredible. Someone was making me cum, bringing me pleasure. I would do anything to keep having this feeling.


    The feeling was electric. It felt so good it was almost painful. His hand was black magic on my smooth white dick. I was ready to cum already. My cleanly shaven skin was so much more sensitive than yesterday and I couldn't hold it. I needed to hold it; I had to hold it, to ... cum ... on ... Three.

    But Jay was too good and I was too hot. I just couldn't wait, I needed release. My cock started exploding. A huge shot of milk shot across the shower and hit the marble wall. Spurt after spurt flew out. There were five or six big shots, more than I had ever cum in my life.

    "I guess there is no need for One" Jay said with a chuckle. "We'll have to work on that timing. I expect you to cum when I say and where I say. But for a little boy like you sometimes premature ejaculation can be a problem. Hopefully if we milk you enough we'll get it under control."

    "I'm sorry sir. I wanted to do it when you said. I just couldn't. I'll make it up; I'll do better next time" I pleaded.

    "It's OK we'll work on it later' Jay said tossing me a fresh white towel.

    "I'd love to help you dry off" he said. "But I have to get myself ready for work." After I dried off I sat quietly in the bathroom and watched Jay finish his morning rituals. I felt like his little son watching him brush his teeth and shave. When he was done I followed him like a little puppy back into the suite's bedroom and watched him dress; putting on fresh boxers and a t-shirt; laying out his slacks and sport coat. Jay was so handsome when he finished putting on his cufflinks and then knotted his tie. He looked like he stepped right off a fashion runway. I felt so small, so young, just sitting there watching. Wondering when I would be big enough, confident enough to become a real man like Jay. Jay turned around and faced me sitting on the bed. A naked, smoothly shaven white boy quietly watching a mature black man dressing for work. "I'm going to be gone most of the day at appointments" Jay said "Here's what you are to do while I'm gone. First, go check out of your room. Second, your toiletries to the suite and take your clothes to your car. I think that skimpy white Speedo you had on yesterday should take care of all your clothing needs for now."

    "But Sir" I exclaimed. "I'm leaving today. I have to get to school."

    "No your not" Jay said firmly. "There's nothing at school that can't wait. I'm here for a couple more days. I expect you to stay and I know you want to stay too. Look at yourself. You're not the same young man who was heading for school yesterday. You've shaved your pubes and ass. You've taken my big black dick in your mouth, sucked it, and asked for more. You spread your ass and asked me to fuck you. You begged me to breed you, you asked for my seed. I've sown you boy. I've planted you and I'm growing inside of you. Look at your little dick. It's growing even now. Don't try to tell me IT wants to head for school today." I just looked at him and then down at my now rock hard cock. What was happening to me? Had I just shot the biggest load of my life from this man's hand? My spunk was still on the wall of the shower. Yet I was rock hard again, my balls still ached. There was no hiding it, my body had spoken. I wanted more. MY body wanted more.

    "No sir" I said meekly "I don't need to go today. I don't want to go today. I want to be your boy; to go out with you, to have you fill me up." "That's better, that's my boi." Jay said confidently. "I knew the moment you got hard when I touched your thigh by the pool what you were. You need someone to help you, to guide you and show you what to do. You need someone to make happy. I can help you. I'll show you new things that you've never seen at home. I’ve made you itch now and only I can scratch it."

    Jay handed me his keycard saying he would pick up another one. As he was leaving he gave me a deep kiss and stroked my dick. While his tongue teased mine I tried to fuck his hand with my dick. I couldn't ever remember being so hard. This man had kept my dick hard since he said hello.

    "Three, no cumming while I'm at work. "It's a daddy's job to milk his little boy and you'll get that tonight." He said turning toward the door. When he got to there he turned back around and grabbed my ass.

    "After taking your clothes to your car it might be a good time to hang around the pool for a little bit." Jay said with a twinkle in his eye. "We need to make sure the maids have plenty of time to clean up the room. We don't want you to start the fun tonight by lying on last night's wet spot."

    With that little bit of wisdom Jay stepped out the door and it closed. I looked at the door for a second and then turned around to look for my Speedo. I saw it in a pile on the living room floor with my robe and walked toward it. Then I changed my mind, being naked felt great; being naked and shaved felt even better. Just moving around the room seemed to keep the air blowing on my sensitive skin around my dick. The way things had been going it would be a while before my dick was relaxed enough, soft enough, to even put in the Speedo. Who knows, Jay might like coming home to his smooth little white boy; all naked and hard. Remembering everything that I had done since I stepped out of that Speedo last night, thinking about what was to come tonight, had me so hard I wasn't sure I could ever put it on again.

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