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  • Army boys
  • Mike and I joined boys service about the same time and with the absence of the opposite sex it wasn't long before our teenage hormones took over and very soon our regular activity was to wank each other off. Infinitely better than wanking ourselves as no doubt you already know from your own experience.

    It didn't take long for us to progress to the next stage as I discovered that Mike loved to have his ass fucked, and I was definitely interested in giving him what he needed. I gathered that his first ass stretching had been at school courtesy of a PE teacher when he was 14, which was supplemented by an uncle who Mike regularly visited for an ass filling. True or not Mike could certainly take my length with ease.

    Neither of us smoked, so top of our shopping list each week was a jar of Vaseline and since this was many years before Aids we didn't need the expense of condoms as he was not going to get pregnant no matter how much sperm I shot into him...and I shot loads!

    Finding places to fuck him was always a problem as discovery would have meant instant discharge.

    One weekend we were in the cinema in town, in the back row, and under our coats we were wanking each other in the darkness. We paused in our stroking as two older men sat down on either side of us.

    Very soon I felt a hand on my leg and I later found that the same thing was happening to Mike. We had stopped wanking each other as the two strangers hands slipped under our coats and I gasped as I felt this mans hand take over from Mike on my hard cock as I felt a hand take over from mine on Mike's stiff rod.

    We quickly found that our two older wankers were friends and they had seen us on previous days and set out to get us in the position we now found ourselves, with their hands wrapped around our hard teenage cocks wanking us off.

    With the ice well and truly broken we soon found ourselves in the toilets with Mike and I leaning back against the wall, our trousers round our ankles, as these two, Tom and Eric, in their 50's were on their knees, their mouths bobbing on two teenage cocks as they sucked us off.

    Thinking about it years later, they must have thought they were in heaven, sucking the cocks of the equivilent of two schoolboys.

    We were both ready to shoot our loads down their sucking throats as they fingered our asses.

    I heard Mike groan and I knew he was getting a finger up his ass as I was being probed.

    Within seconds our bodies were shuddering as the sperm pumped from our throbbing teenage cocks and our loads were gulped down.

    As you can probably guess, these two were not likely to let it end there. They invited us back to their place, and very soon after we were in their flat stripping off our clothes until we were all naked. You may have noticed that they hadn't yet shot their loads and we were still horny as hell. Within seconds Mike was bent over, on the big double bed, and Tom was guiding what looked like 9" into his vaselined ring. Eric took my hand and placed it on his straining 8" length while he began wanking me. We both watched as Tom stretched Mike's ass and we all groaned as the big cock head eased into his greased ring. From experience I knew that feeling as I watched that long rod ease into Mike's willing ass until the shaft was balls deep.

    As we watched, Eric sat down on a chair and pulled me back until I was straddling him and he pulled me down until I was lowering my ass on his straining 8". As the head eased into my vaselined ring I groaned and dropped down onto it. We both gasped as Eric took me all the way. I felt his balls against mine. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks wide open to get Eric deeply embedded in my belly. I began to raise and lower my ass on the 8" rod.

    Then Eric picked me up and guided me over to the bed and I was soon bent over next to Mike with Eric's 8" still in my very willing young ass.

    I suppose I'd better mention that I was no virgin. My ass had been stretched by one of the Troop Sergeants over many nights on duty when we were supposed to be playing chess, but he was fucking me instead.

    Mike was groaning and I knew what he was feeling as we both had our asses filled with long hard veiny cocks. Both the men reached round and wanked us as they began the age old shafting in our schoolboy bodies.

    All four of us were groaning and gasping as we gradually reached the peak of our lust. Our two teenage cocks were being madly wanked by these two older men as they massaged our bellies with their free hands and they fucked their straining massive lengths deeper in our asses than we thought possible.

    It couldn't last.

    We all needed to cum.

    I suddenly felt the length in my ass swell, Eric called me his slut and I felt the pulsing jets of semen in my ass, I gasped "fuck me..fill me" and I felt my aching cock spasm in Eric's hand as he furiously tossed the spurting jets of my boy cum from my rock hard cock.

    As we were cumming Mike was called a "little whore" and his load was spattering the sperm stained bedspread

    Mike was gasping "give it to me" as Tom shuddered and groaned "take it..take it" as his ass was filled with the man's sperm.

    To recover, we showered........

    Mike and I showered together and he soaped my back and shoulders before soaping my ass crease. I was soon hardening again and his hand reached round and began wanking me as I felt his stiff length riding up and down in my ring crease. I was enjoying the attention when the shower curtains parted and there they stood, the two men who'd just fucked us.

    Unbelievably, they were both rigid.

    "A new experience" grinned Tom, holding an 18" double dildo. He and Eric stepped into the shower cubible and with practised ease Tom fed 9" into Eric's greased ass. Then he turned round and fed the other end into his own ass. They moved back together until their ass cheeks were rubbing together. Both their cocks were standing rigid as they dildo fucked themselves, grinding their asses together.

    Mike and I grabbed a cock each and the men groaned as we wanked them. I was tossing Eric and massaging his big balls as Mike worked on Tom.

    Then we both dropped to our knee's and drove our mouths over their straining love rods.

    In the mirror the view was totally obscene. Two middle aged men back to back, grinding a double ended dildo in their greased rings, while two kneeling teenagers deep throated their stiff cocks and massaged their big balls.

    Their heads were thrown back, eyes closed.

    "Oh god yes, don't stop" groaned Tom

    "Oh fuck" hissed Eric, as I eagerly drove my mouth down until I felt his helmet enter my throat.

    I could feel the cock in my mouth throbbing to warn me of the impending load of semen.

    "Oh god I'm cumming" moaned Tom.

    "Oh fuck, take it" groaned Eric.

    Suddenly the cock in my mouth spurted and I quickly gulped down the hot sperm, drinking Eric's load as he shuddered.

    Mike moaned with pleasure and I knew that he was drinking down Tom's load.

    I realised then that my stomach and ass were full of Eric's semen and Mike was similarly filled with Tom's sperm.

    We stood up helped their exhausted bodies ease the dildo out of their abused rings. They turned and their mouths met in a passionate kiss as Mike and I did the same.

    Tom then pulled me to him and said that they wanted to see us fuck while they rested.

    So Mike and I returned to the bed and we were soon locked in a 69 with our mouths bobbing on each others straining cocks.

    Tom and Eric watched as they gently stroked each others aching cocks.

    After a few minutes Mike turned me onto my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. I had already vaselined my ass ready for some more action and I groaned as I felt Mike's cock head slide into my ring. After being stretched by Eric I was able to take Mike easily and he slid balls deep in me in one thrust.

    From their seated position Tom and Eric could see Mike's cock buried in my ass and Mike's ring all pink and vacant.

    Mike began to fuck me with long strokes in my ass as he reached between our bellies and wanked me.

    Tom and Eric had stiffened again with the sight of me being fucked. Eric moved up behind Mike, attracted by the sight of his pink teenage ring. Mike paused in his shafting of my ass as he felt Eric ease his cock into his teenage ring.

    Tom brought his 9" to my mouth and I eagerly began sucking him as Mike resumed fucking me with Eric deep in his ass


    We were all groaning. Tom was fucking my mouth while Mike was buried in my ass as he was fucked in the ass by Eric. Tom 's mouth took over from Mike's wanking hand on my stiff aching cock. We were a writhing mass of highly sexed stiff cocked bodies.

    "Oh fuck" gasped Mike as Eric plundered deep in his heaving belly and my own ass felt the swelling of Mike's rigid length as he swelled up in me.

    I was in no position to say anything with Tom's huge rod deep in my mouth but the ecstasy was transmitted as Tom and I mutually sucked each other.

    In the mirror though I could see Erics ass flexing with each long thrust in Mike and that thrust made Mike thrust into me each time.

    "" gasped Eric as his fuck lust took him to new heights in Mike's stretched teenage body.

    Mike was in lust heaven as he reached back and grabbed Eric's ass cheeks, he was sandwiched with his cock buried in me and Eric buried in him, but he pulled Eric deeper.

    "Right in....please" pleaded Mike.

    "Oh fuck yes....every inch" hissed Eric.

    Eric spread the teen ass cheeks wide apart and rammed the last inch into Mike's fucked ring.

    "Enough for you" he growled.

    "Oh fuck....yes" groaned Mike as he felt the cock head go really deep and he clutched his own belly as he threw his head back, his eyes closed in ecstasy as Eric stayed balls deep in the boys shaking body.

    We were nearing a group orgasm. The mouth on my cock and the cock in my mouth were bringing Tom and I to the point of no return as we finished each other off.

    Suddenly I felt Mike shudder and I felt the spurts of semen pump into me. Tom erupted his load in my mouth as my rod jetted in his throat.

    "Oh yesssssssss....take it" groaned Eric and I knew that he was pumping his load into Mike's very willing belly.

    We all shuddered and spasmed as we sagged in a sweaty heap as the sperm loads filled our fucked bodies.

    We gradually eased apart and I felt Mike groan as Eric slid out of his well fucked ring and Mike pulled out of me.

    We showered separately and when I returned to the bedroom Tom and Eric had re-made the beds and changed the semen stained sheets. I slipped into bed with Eric and Mike shared the other bed with Tom. The lights went out.

    As I drifted off to sleep I felt Eric move up close to my naked back and I felt his cock against my teen ass. One hand reached round and I felt the comforting grasp of his hand on my aching cock. He kissed my neck..................from the other bed I heard Mike groan as his cock was gently stroked.

    When I woke it was light. The sun shone through the windows. The other bed was creaking and I could see Mike's head face down on the pillow with Tom kissing his neck. The duvet was rising and falling. They were both groaning as Tom pounded his cock deep in Mike.

    The sound woke Eric and his hand found my hardened cock. I groaned and felt his big rod between my teenage ass cheeks. He moved me onto my belly and I reached back and pulled my ass wide open. I was still lubricated enough to take Eric in me. Words were unnecessary as the two mature men resumed their fantasy.

    Two schoolboys in their beds getting their young asses fucked full of sperm, again and again.

    Years later I still remember Eric and Tom with affection as I enjoy the feel of my length buried to the balls in Colin, the 15 year old schoolboy, groaning in my bed as I bumfuck him, who I first sucked and wanked off in the local toilets.

    No doubt Mike is somewhere "educating" another lucky young boy.

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