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  • Wber the bear
  • "Good morning, you Night Owls out there," the low, soft rumble of a male voice poured through my woofers, "It's two o'clock on an early Friday morning, and I'm taking requests: 662-615-tripple 07. This is Daddy Bear--I'm gonna take you on home, tonight." While I laughed, I also wondered what this Mississippi DJ was all about. His music seemed to run the gambit from really, really old stuff like Janis Joplin and before, to the Dixie Chicks and Tom Petty. At one point, I heard him announce the weather: "Nothing but humid, hot, and muggy during the day, so now's the best time to be out and about, really. This is your Daddy Bear in your ear on WBER, Lake Sardis Shores. By the way, slow down if you're traveling up Highway 79, past the old grist mill near our station, here, you know how the Sheriff likes to hide behind the billboard as you're leavin' town."

    Lake Sardis Shores? That was the next town I was coming to. I eased off the gas and began to thank the lucky stars above for the Daddy Bear and his warning as I passed a huge, painted Crown Victoria on a sign for a local car dealer with a matching Ford policecar behind it. Then I noticed the beacon in the sky. The radio tower was ahead, beyond a few wooded hills and pastures. I picked up my cell and called. No one picked up for the longest time, and I was about to hang up when that incredible voice came through my phone, "This is WBER, you got you some Daddy Bear here speakin'. What can I do for ya'?"

    "Hey, Daddy Bear, this is one cub who's glad you saved him from the cop behind that Coltrere Ford sign. I owe ya' one, Big Guy. Big time."

    "You got it, Kid. Did you say you were a cub? Did I hear you right?"

    "Yep, traveling up to Nashville for the Jam this weekend. I like your station, too. You've got a great voice."

    "Well, little Feller, I'm glad you like 'em, both. If you've got a little time, you might wanna pull over when you come to the radio tower. I could show you the respectful way to thank me, Young Man." There was a pause in which I was trying to swallow so I could respond with the same cool that Daddy Bear deserved, "Young Man, hello?"

    "Yes," I barked out as I tried to contain multiple desires in that one word, "yes, I'm thinkin' I should pull over for a rest here, in a bit. You're available for um, a..."

    A laugh and an affirmative answer boomed back, "Boy, when you get here, I'm the only soul around for miles. My shift goes to 4:57 am. Judy, my relief, doesn't get in until 4:55 if she's not running late. Pull on in here and let's get a look atcha."

    As I slowed at the sign for a gravel drive turn-off, I said, "Sure thing, Papa Bear, I'm pulling in, right now."

    "That's Daddy Bear, Son!" I'll show you a picture of Papa Bear when you get in here. See ya' in a second." The phone went dead, and my Mustang kicked up dust as I banked a corner towards the tiny box of a station in the middle of nowhere. The magnolias and mighty oaks beside the driveway were covered in Spanish moss and mistletoe. On the radio, I heard Daddy Bear announce, "...the classic album of the evening is The Who's Who's Next? This is a newly expanded edition including demos and tracks not on the original 1971 version....blah, blah, blah, and here, without interruption, is one of the greatest rockn'roll albums ever recorded."

    Then, as I'm slowing down to park outside the small adobe box, I hear the soundtrack to CSI. With all those weird synthesizer sounds playing through my speakers, I see him walk out. I'm mesmerized. He's without his shirt and the fur on his pecs and stomach makes my boner shoot out immediately. As I get out of the car, I call hello to him while trying to hide my excitement.

    "Howdy. You the young fella that just called?" He scratched his underarm as he asked me. Then as I turned to face him, he answered his own question by saying, "Hell, yeah. You gotta be. You got a nice box, Kid. What's your name?"

    "Charlie. Charlie Stimmons," I said, heading towards him with my hand out to shake his. He took my hand and pulled me into his body. I smiled as I realized he'd tricked me into being exactly where I wanted to be, in his hairy, ample arms.

    "I'm Dan, but you can call me Daddy Bear, if you want, Cub," I began to relax into his embrace. The sky was so full of stars that I'd never noticed in the city. My hard dick was straining against my shorts and pushing against his leg. Dan looked at me very closely, he felt my erection with his hands, then he kissed me out there, outside the radio station. I closed my eyes and heard him say, "Let's bring you into some light and see just what a fine cub has wandered into my den this evening. Oh, yes," he added as he escorted me into the first of the two rooms that made up WBER's offices, "you are a beaut, Boy. I'm gettin' hard just lookin' at your tight little body"

    "Little!" I said, "I'm not that little," and with that I pinned him to the desk in a half Nelson.

    "Ah, ooo, oooh, my shoulder. Oh, oh, oh, let go," he added. I didn't have him in a hard lock, so I barely had to do anything to release him. And as soon as I let up the pressure on his neck, the hairy Daddy Bear had me flipped and on my back on top of the front desk. "Gotcha!" he sneered. I saw a look in his eyes that wasn't just conquest, it wasn't just lust, he wanted me. He wanted to explore my body with his cock, now throbbing at my buns. He bent down to kiss me, and I surrendered to his powerful body and his bearded face's kisses.

    "So you knew I'd want you this badly?" I asked.

    "Well, no, but a man can only hope. You been listening all the way from Holmes County?"

    "Well, Grenada or so. I've had plenty of time to imagine what you looked like and what you'd do if someone like me turned you on." I breathed very deeply, "So, you know I'm mighty impressed with you; I can't imagine you're anywhere near as turned on to me as I am to you."

    "Little Fella, Charlie, do you mind if I call you Son?" I just nodded no. "Well, Son, you can think what you want to, but I know I've asked the spirits of these woods to bring you to me. I've walked out here and asked God to send a young man strong enough to take my fuck and handsome enough to get me rock hard. You are my cub, for this day, if you want me as your Daddy Bear. What do you say?"

    Astonished at my good luck and his fervor in telling me his mid-summer's plea, I took a second to speak the word "yes" with my mouth. He kissed me.

    He kissed me again, and then, I kissed Daddy Bear as deeply and passionately as I'd ever kissed any man before in my life. He took hold of my shirt at the beltline, and pulled it up, over my head. I flexed my pecs for him and smiled. He flexed his massive pecs at me, and I leaned forward to finally taste the chest muscles that so fascinated me. Hair was in my mouth and Daddy Bear's hands were on my ass as I began munching. As the song "Won't Be Fooled Again" began to play, Daddy Bear was grinning at me and unbuckling my pants as fast as he could.

    I reached for his belt buckle just as my shorts were being pulled down, exposing my ass and hard cock. As soon as I had his pants open, I stuck my face into his cotton briefs. His cock was soaking a fat knob with its leaking pre-cum. I tasted Daddy Bear, and wanted more. I pulled his elastic band down to his thighs, then, as best I could, I tried to engulf the thickness of my new Daddy. Normally, I'm not that great a cocksucker, but that early morning, I was inspired. Never had I taken so much thickness into my mouth. He probed a bit very gently, then he stuck his cock out as hard and far forward as he could, and I choked for a second. He pulled back and allowed me to recover before offering me his fullness again.

    This time, I was able to take even more of his cock before moaning an urgent plea. Daddy Bear understood and held still. Good. I was able to catch my breath. I was processing the small room, the music, the massive man above me, and the beauty of his manhood inside of me as I began to slide my mouth even further down his stiff dick.

    "Stand up, Cub. Tell your Daddy Bear what you want." I stood up slowly as I felt my balance come back to me, but I didn't say anything.

    "Is this what you want? Yeah, Son, is this Daddy Bear cock what you want? Come on, Boy, answer me? What do you want? Tell me with your own beautiful lips, Boy." His eyes were steely blue and looking right through me. I never had felt so sexy as when he said that.

    I took a chance and said exactly what came to mind, "I need to take Daddy Bear's hard cock up my ass. I wanna be Daddy Bear's tight muscle cub that he can use as hard as he wants because he knows I'm tough enough to take it. I wanna love you while you're unloading deep in me. God, I wanna give you such a sweet, beautiful piece of ass, you'll always think about me."

    "That's what you're meant to give me, Son. That's exactly the right answer. Because, you see, I want nothing more than to impregnate you with my seed while you howl at the moon because I love you so much." With that he put me back on the desk and placed my legs on his massive shoulders. "I don't want to hurt you, Boy. But you know it's mating season, we've got to do this. Your love hole is pouting for my rod, Baby Boy. You gonna be my cub?"

    That thick, leaky dick of his was pushing all sorts of buttons in me, and it wasn't even inside of me, yet. I felt that bludgeon like it was my salvation as I guided Daddy Bear to my hole. We were nearly silent during the mounting. The language between our eyes was voluminous, though. Upon introducing the tender head to my sphincter, his eyes were looking at me like a captured quarry that a big cat might stalk with intensity. Then, as the big cat began to spear me with that Daddy Bear cock, he slowed, showing me the tender caring of a father who wanted to encourage his son through a difficult passage. I kissed him, again, with battling tongues, he sank into me, and finally, I gasped, "Oh, God!"

    "Baby, Baby, Baby, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, Baby," he looked into my eyes again and asked, "are you ok?" When I smiled back and nodded in agreement, he pulled me up off the desk and brought me back outside. There while I was impaled mid-air, Daddy Bear jerked me up and down on his rod. I felt my asshole stuffed full of his meat, and nothing but pleasure filled my thoughts. I was taking it. I was taking the man's thick, hard staff and loving it. I wasn't some nelly little faggot; this man knew that. He was fucking another man, and that's what made it even all the more intense.

    I kissed Dan as he humped me, then he walked over to a picnic table and placed my back on it. We continued kissing as he began to build up steam. I loved kissing him so much that as he broke our kiss I only then realized he needed to so we could enjoy other activities, like feeling the chest hair and nipples of my Daddy Bear. He, on the other hand, liked spreading my legs apart as far as I comfortably could be spread as he drove his big dick in and out. "God, Boy, you're the most flexible muscle cub I've ever been inside. How'd you get to where you could do this?"

    As I pointed and flexed and felt more a stretch than I'd ever felt before in my life, I told him I was an AAU gymnast in high school. That just made him mumble something and start to pile drive me even harder: "Yes! My boy! My beautiful boy! You're making Daddy Bear really happy. You're gonna get it, you know?" He smiled, and I knew what he meant. I nodded, and he took a deep breath. Then, the pile-driving attack began anew. The lion look that made Daddy Bear seem fierce and mean was back in his eyes as he reamed me in long stokes. He had conquered me. I was his to cum in. I wanted his sperm.

    Then, I guess, as these things always go, he was mine. He had no control. He wanted my butt with such a hunger that nothing or no one could stop him from pounding me into the picnic table for his orgasmic finish. He wanted to dump a load in my tight ass, he was splitting my legs so far apart that he was in my face again, and I licked his beard and face as he worked his way to oblivion. He wanted my hole to soothe him. I wanted my ass to feel perfect for him. I kissed him again, and my DJ shot into my spread butthole like a comet. The stars above twinkled as each hot jet and pulse from the thick base of Daddy Bear's dick spurted forth in blessing to my open and receiving end. He kissed me and moaned out-of-control as he kept spreading my legs further apart than I'd spread them in years. And then, as I notice a shooting star behind his bearded face and large mane, I lose it--shooting pulses and pulses of pent up road-cum up to his chest hair and all over our stomachs.

    We stay like this, I don't know, forever. Well, not forever, but there was such a stillness. The feeling was perfect. One slow, gentle kiss, and the huge hammer of my Daddy Bear's lust slithered out of me, along with some portion of the major load he'd just lost in me.

    "Boy, I've got to get in there in less than a minute. Stay right here, I'll be back in just a few minutes." As his hairy ass disappeared into the little radio station, I realized that I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I could go up to Nashville, I could go back home, or, if he'd have me, I'd like to stay out there with Dan--I mean, Daddy Bear--and enjoy some time together. I walked, buck-ass naked, into the office and waited for Daddy Bear to finish his announcement: "Wow! That gets better every time you experience it, huh, folks? Yeah, I wanna thank all you callers who tried to get through while we listened. Sorry, there was no one to answer your calls, ol' Daddy Bear was having a well-deserved break with a good buddy. I'll check the emails and cue up your requests here in a second, but first let's pay some bills...."

    "Did you like that, Charlie? You wanna let Daddy Bear have some more?" I smiled, and he smiled back. We knew there was a simple answer to both those questions.

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