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  • Leather daddy
  • I am a Leather Daddy in the very deepest meaning of the word, for I fuck my own son in full black leather. I used to be attracted to adult men with gorgeous muscles covered by tight black leather but little by little I began imagining myself having sex with a boy. Seducing my son to have sex with his own father introduced me to the incredible world of man-to-boy sex which I had never thought to be satisfying enough for a passionate leather man like myself. But it was more than satisfying. It turned out to be the big thing for me and today I take great pleasure in it. I live in a sexual relationship with my son and with his help have began to extend the pleasures of man-to-boy sex on a quite new level.

    It all started a year ago when I was getting ready to go out to the leather bars one evening. I took a long hot bath relaxing for an hour, thinking about what kind of fun I was going to have in one of those cruisy leather bars I used go every so often. While dressing I heard the music from my son's room and briefly thought about telling him to turn it off and go to bed before leaving. I put on my chaps and leather stud leaving my butt bare, pulled on my riding boots tugging the legs of the custom made chaps into the boots, so that the 19 inches high and shiny boot shaft would show as its best. I put on harness and a shoulder strap on my left forearm and added a size too small leather vest on in order to high light my muscled upper body. I pushed a riding crob into my left boot, crabbed my motor cycle jacket, long riding gloves and leather cap and went down stairs to get a full box of Red Marlboro 100s.

    It was still pretty early for the bars, so I decided to enjoy a drink or two and chain smoke for a an hour or so. At this point the music in my sons room had stopped. I thought he'd be in bed and decided not to disturb him in case he might already be sound asleep. Sipping my drink I relaxed myself on the couch and lit up a fresh Marlboro blowing a rich cloud of smoke towards the living room ceiling. I smelled the leather on me while I admired my knee high riding boots. Thinking about the hot leather sex I was going to have tonight gave me a hardon, so I put the cigarette in my mouth, put my free hand on my leather clad crotch and gave it a good hard squeeze.

    That's when my son walked into the room.

    "Hi Dad! Are going out again?" he asked.

    "Oh John! You're still up. Well, doesn't it look like it?" I laughed a little and was not embarrassed at all, for I've been out in leather for years and my son has seen me like this many times. He knows that I am gay and that I have sex with other men. Even though we've not talked about my leather fetish, I'm pretty much sure he knows that my having sex and dressing in full leather are very much connected.

    "Oh sure. You've got yourself a new pair of boots, haven't you?" He sat on the couch beside me and bowed down in order to get a good look of my riding boots which I had polished perfect earlier in the evening.

    "Yeah!" I was kind of taken that he paid attention to my new fuck boots. "Don't they look great? They sure feel great. Go on, feel them if you like!" I told him. He carefully touch the boot shaft with his hand and I could not help noticing that he was more or less excited about them.

    "Cool! They smell like leather," he said. "I like it."

    "Me too." I really liked him touching by boots while I was wearing them, for my cock immediately got hard in the tight stud.

    It was not the first time my son got me hard. Instead, it had happened pretty often lately. He was such a good looking boy and I was sure that he was gay, too. I had had fantasies about getting it off with him for more than a year and I had planned many times how to act in order to extend our father-son relationship to a sexual level. "Hell, if this is my chance, I'm going to take!" I thought.

    I threw my butt burned cigarette in the ashtray and took a new one from the box in my jacket pocket. Noticing how carefully my son was observing me I slowly put a fresh Red Marlboro 100s into my mouth and lit it with a zippo lighter. Taking a long drag I inhaled the smoke and turned to face my son. He was still watching me intentionally and the look on his face made me blow a big cloud of smoke right on his face. He did not mind the smoke at all, instead he breathed it in through his nose as if to catch as much of the smoke scent as possible.

    "Would you like to try a drag from my cigarette?" I asked. He swallowed and blushed a little and nodded his head a little. I might have blushed a little too, for suddenly my face felt hot and my cock got even harder if possible. However, I tried to relax and smiled at my son. I explained him briefly how to suck the cigarette lightly, how to inhale the smoke, keep in his lungs for a while and then finally exhale it in rich cloud. Holding it in my glove clad hand I brought the cigarette to my sons mouth and let him take a drag. He took a longer drag than I expected, inhaled and blew the smoke at me. He did not cough at all, instead seemed more to enjoy the smoke, so I figured he must have tried smoking a few times before.

    "You like it!" I said more as a comment than as a question and took a long drag from the cigarette myself. This time I put the cigarette deep into my mouth in order to get the butt end really wet of my spit. I found this father-son smoking session exciting.

    "Yeah. Can I have another one?" I laughed again and brought the cigarette back to his beautiful moist lips noticing that he too, took the butt deep into his mouth as if to lick my spit off it before sucking eagerly the smoke into his lungs. He looked really cute while doing that, so I let him take a few other drags in between the ones of my own.

    My mind worked quickly and at this point the plans on how to proceed with my son were completed.

    "You really seem to like the smoke. Let me get you something to drink and I'll show you something else."

    I threw the butt burned cigarette in the astray and went to the bar table and fixed him a very light drink. He was not surprised by it, for I had let him have a light alcoholic drink every now and then for the past year. "Better to have him drink under my supervision in the house than hang out drunk in the streets with other youngsters," I had thought.

    While fixing the drink his eyes followed me scanning my leather clad body. I could not help noticing that he was staring at my riding boots. I grinned at him and returned to the couch to gave him the drink.

    "Thanks, Dad!" he smiled at me looking very happy.

    At this point he looked pretty mature for his age. He was not as tall as me but his muscles had developed very nicely for his age. They showed very well under his white T-shirt, and the tight blue jeans high lighted the perfect shape of his young butt. He had a handsome face, just a younger version of myself but we did not look like each other that much since I had a thick goatee beard and had had all my hear removed off my head with laser in order to have a shiny bald to the skin. He was wearing engineering boots which I had bought him a couple of months ago. "I good present," I thought, because I seldom saw him without them, neither inside nor outside. He was also wearing a black leather wrist strap, a sort of a wallet that used to be mine to wear in the leather bars. He had found it on the entrance hall table one morning and taken it. He looked like a little macho gay boy wearing it, kind of sexy, so I let him keep it and got myself a new one. I let him recently have a piercing in his right ear which made him look even more butch with the very short cut in his dark brown hair. Most of the time he wore a motor cycle jacket I had had custom made for him, he looked like a youngster who'd normally cause any parent a lot of trouble but he usually didn't.

    "Cheers!" I took the cigarette box out of jacket and pulled a new Marlboro right into my mouth. While lighting it I noticed my son staring me again in that intensive way he had done just a moment ago. "He is going to like this" I thought and sat beside him.

    "Move closer," I told him. "I going to take a long drag from my cigarette and blow the smoke into your mouth. Then you inhale it, all right? Want to give it a try?"

    Nodding he moved his face directly in front of mine. By this time I was really turned on by all this. I was sweating and my cock filled the stud to the extremes. I wished I could have taken it off to let my cock stand free and to play with it. My mind was building a picture of a hot father-son sex scene I had longed for and I wanted to rip his clothes off right there, stick my big cock in his virgin boycunt and shoot my load deep in his ass! But I knew that rushing was not the thing to do at this point. This was going well enough as it was, so instead, I took a good drag from the cigarette and inhaled staring directly into my sons eyes while doing this. He looked back and had a sort of a hungry look in his eyes, a look that told me I could go on with what I was doing. I hold in the smoke and brought my lips to his, opened them with a slight movement of my lips and tongue and blew the smoke into his mouth. Withdrawing an inch from his face I I watched him inhaling my smoke. He closed his eyes and blew out the smoke through his nose.

    "That's hot!" I thought.

    "Another one?" I asked.

    "Yes. Please, sir."

    I was little surprised about what I heard, since I remembered him never calling me sir, but at the same time I kind of liked it. "I'd love to be his "Sir" if that's what he wants," I thought.

    I blew another cloud of smoke into his mouth holding my lips a little longer on his and licking them. Inhaling he raised his head and blew the smoke through his mouth towards the ceiling. Seeing how much he enjoyed our little game I took another drag and put my lips again on his. This time however, I kissed him like a man kisses another man. While blowing the smoke into his mouth I felt his lips on mine, opened them up with my tongue and pushed my tongue into his mouth exploring his mouth with passion. I put my other hand behind his neck and held his body firmly on mine. His heart was beating heavily and he kissed me back. He even returned some of the smoke back to me, and I did the same until all the smoke was consumed. Our lips did not part though.

    "Oh, Daddy!" my son sighed when I finally gave him a chance to breathe. "I've never been kissed like that before."

    "I know. Do you like being kissed by your own dad?" I finished the cigarette with a couple of long drags and threw the butt in the astray.


    "Well, let's do it some more."

    I pushed him down on the couch and mounted him. We kissed for a few minutes passionately. At this point it was certain: I was going to have sex with my own son and there was nothing to stop me. I'd take advantage of him and seduce him to incest with his own father and eventually fulfill all my sexual fantasies with him. Thinking about it I kissed my son furiously, crabbed his cock and balls and squeezed them. I removed a glove and stuck my index finger into his mouth and told him to suck it to get it really wet. At the same time I opened his leather belt and zipper with my other hand. Getting my access I pushed my hand with wetted finger into his jeans from behind all the way to his little virgin hole. I slowly pushed in the finger feeling how tight and hot he was inside. By his reaction I could tell he had no objection. Instead, he rosed his butt a bit to give me a better access to his asshole. My sons hands were all over me too; right one touching my bald head and the other caressing my pecs and pierced nipples. I was getting really hot and not wanting to shoot my load right there I thought it best to take it a little slower for a minute.

    "Do you know what's happening here, son?" I kept massaging his ass.

    The pleasure he was getting by my slow finger fucking kept me waiting for his answer for a few seconds. "I guess so."

    "You're all right with this? Do you want your dad to go on with this?"

    "Yes, sir."

    That's all I needed to hear and I wasn't going to ask again. I would not let his change his mind after this point. I was going to take him! Take his virginity! Make him give me all the pleasure a young boy can give to his horny father and enjoy it! I told him to get up and take off his clothes. All of them except the engineering boots. While he did that I put on my motorcycle jacket and the leather cap on my bald head.

    "Nice!" I crabbed his nipples and pulled them hard forcing him to move his naked body my way and kissed him.

    "You want to have sex with your daddy, don't you? You want to be a daddy's boy, don't you? Want daddy to turn you into daddy's pussy boy, don't you? Want to become a boy cunt for your own daddy, don't you?" I was getting really verbal. "Do you know what it all is?" I asked him.


    "Incest. It called incest when daddy puts his dick into his sons asshole. A best thing that can happen to a boy by his father. You know that, don't you? Every father should do it to his boy when he turns fourteen. Of course you want that to happen to you too, don't you baby?" I kissed his ear sticking my tongue into it and kept on the dirty talk. "You want to have incest with your daddy? You want your daddy to do all the things to you that go along with it, don't you?" I whispered huskily in his ear and crabbed his ass cheeks hard almost lifting him in the air.

    He breathed heavily. "Yes, sir!".

    "And you want your daddy to turn your asshole into a fucking boy cunt and become your own daddy's pussy boy?"


    "Yes what!"

    "Yes, sir."

    "That's my boy! You're ready to take daddy's big dick into your pretty mouth and suck it like a real man? You're ready to lick your daddy's asshole and kiss his butt like you've just kissed him on the mouth? You're ready to make your daddy feel good? You're ready to make him proud of you?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Good! I'll suck your cock too, so you'll know how good daddy feels by what you're doing. I'll lick you sweet ass, too. Make it real wet before I put my dick in there. I'll hurt first but then it'll feel great. Now, bend down on the floor and lick your daddy's boots. I see you can't take your eyes off them, so get a good look close and smell them. Smell that leather. Try it with your tongue!"

    He did as he was told and began to lick my boots breathing heavily through his nose. I offered him my boots more than generously and lit a new Marlboro while doing it. He paused the boot licking just enough to see me light the cigarette but I pushed the boot back to his lips showing him what he was to do. "Looks like his has a fetish for cigarettes! Well, I know what to do about it," I thought.

    He worked on my boots very carefully going around the high shafts again and again. He licked his daddy's riding boots while he was wearing them. He worshipped those boots. He worshipped the man whose legs they encased. He worshipped me! Oh yes. There was no doubt that he didn't.

    It took him some time but the boots got shinier minute by minute while I enjoyed my cigarette. "He was such a good kid," I thought. "Did always what I told him to do. Hell, maybe that's where he gets his kicks. Doing exactly what his father tells him to. Well, I'll give him some real kicks all right!"

    I finished the cigarette and lit another one by the time he was successfully completing his task.

    "You worked well on your daddy's boots. You'll get more later, don't worry. Now, keep your head down on the floor and raise up your ass, boy!" I ordered him. I walked around him and suddenly gave him a good kick in the ass with my spit shiny riding boot. He screamed but more of a surprise than pain. I grinned and gave him another kick harder.


    The boot landed on his right ass cheek leaving a beautiful mark. I could not help grinning at what I saw. Kicking my son's ass with my riding boots was hot. I had never really hit him in my life but kicking his ass was sure hot!

    "Thank you, sir!"

    I laughed at him and kicked him more on the butt. For a second my mind was wondering where he got these answers from, but since it was what I most wanted to hear I concentrated on abusing him and taking my pleasure of it. I gave him another kick with the point of my boot directing it this time right to the his asshole.

    "Ahhh! Harder, sir!"

    I laughed at him again the way I laugh at my other boot slaves once being abused by me and kept on kicking his butt. "His answers are right from a porno tape. He must have found my self made CDs at my private living room upstairs," I thought. "Better find out what's he's been up to later. If i use my riding crop then, he'll be sure to tell me!"

    With that I finally removed the leather stud off my cock and let my 9" circumcised cock stand up to its full measures. I had a metal cock ring on it which made it look and feel much better. There was some precum on the piss slit and I massaged it around the mushroom shaped cock head. I could not help masturbating a little as I ordered my son to get up on his knees and face my erect man cock pointing directly to his face.

    "Get closer, boy," I told him. "Want to have some smoke before you give your daddy your first blow job?" Before he could even say anything I knew word by word what his answer would be.

    "Yes, sir. Please, sir."

    I grinned. That's how I ordered one of my slaves to say while having him suck my cock on one of those CD scenes.

    "That's my boy."

    I brought my cigarette to his lips and let him take a long drag. I watched him inhale the smoke. "Yeah!" I thought with excitement. "I'm going to turn him into a Marlboro boy as well as daddy's little boy cunt."

    "Open that pretty mouth of yours, boy." The smoke escaped slowly his mouth as I guided my precum leaking daddy dick through his moist lips.

    "Take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollypop. The harder you suck, the better it tastes. I promise. Yeah, that's it son! Open up those beautiful lips! Take your daddy's cock in your mouth. Yeah!!!"

    Slowly I pushed my dick into his mouth. The whole mushroom shaped cock head went into his mouth and his lips encased my cock shaft when he began to suck. I moved my hips in slow fuck motion watching carefully as my penis went in and out of my son's mouth. He could not make it more than half way but it was still the hottest sight ever and felt even better. His little dick was hard too, and he kept masturbating his 6 incher the best he could from the cock sucking.

    "Now son, raise your chin and relax your throat and let my dick slide further. I want to get it all the way in. Just relax. You feel it in your throat? Good! Now, try to swallow the head."

    With no obvious difficulties he followed my instructions and I felt immense pleasure on my cock when I felt his throat pushing against my cock head gulp after gulp. I pulled it out until his tongue was resting on the piss slit and then slowly went back in all the way. I repeated it a few times slowly and then picked up the speed.

    "Yeah, you're a natural cock sucker, son! I bet you're just as natural as a pussy boy, huh? You know we shouldn't have waited this long. I could have fucked your face years ago. You like my cock? You like your daddy's cock? You like its taste, boy? Yeah, I know you do. If you suck harder, the taste gets better." I was fucking his face with steady rhythm moving in and out several inches at a time. I was so hot I knew I was not going to last for very long. Seeing my cock going in and out of my son's beautiful mouth and feeling his lips on it brought me over the edge and I felt a massive orgasm building up in my balls. I speeded up with the face fuck and grabbed his head from behind and made him deep throat me as a huge load of daddy spunk exploded into his throat. He could do nothing but swallow it. And that's what he did. I pulled my cock from his throat to the mouth, so that he could get a better taste of the juicy cum he was made of.

    I breathed heavily as my orgasm subsided. I crabbed his chin lifting his face upwards and watched down to his face as my semi hard dick pulled away from his mouth. He let it go almost reluctantly.

    There was still some cum on his tongue. "Don't swallow it all," I told him. "I've got a better idea. Lick it on your daddy's asshole!"

    I turned around keeping my other hand on his neck and guided him towards my butt hole.

    "Here, son. Take a could look at your daddy's asshole. Kiss it the way you just kissed me on the mouth. Put your lips on the lips of my ass and kiss it. Feel those ass lips with your tongue and suck them. Get them real wet. Push them open and stick your tongue as deep as you can. Spread that left over daddy cum all around and then lick it back into your mouth. It tastes better that way."

    "Spread those ass cheeks with your hands," I told him.

    Again he followed my instruction and got a much better access to my asshole with his tongue. It felt great and my cock became alive again just after two minutes of exploding. I pushed my butt towards his licking mouth. My left hand held firmly his neck pushing him tightly on my hole while the other hand helped him spreading my ass cheek wide open.

    "Lick that ass boy. Lick it good. Deep down. Yeah, that's daddy's boy!!!" It felt better than any ass licking before.

    "You like licking your daddy's asshole, don't you? You like to stick your tongue in there and taste it, don't you? You're daddy's little ass licker, aren't you?"

    My butt hole was getting really wet by now. It felt great. The slippery tongue went in and out of my hole, made circular movements around it and I felt his lips on my ass lips as he kissed and sucked them. My cock was hard again and for a moment I felt like sticking it back to his mouth but he was doing such a good job with my hole and everything I decided to do something for him to return the favor. Besides, I really wanted to taste his boy cock.

    I pulled my ass away from his face and told him to get up and sit down on the couch.

    I knelt down between his feet and threw them apart. His 6 incher was still hard and I licked quickly the precum that was leaking from the piss slit. He had a beautiful circumcised cock and there was no doubt it would be as big and handsome as mine one day.

    "You know, son. If a boy let's his own father suck his cock on regular basis, it grows bigger than it would otherwise. You want to have a bigger cock? You want to have one as big as mine?"

    "Yes, sir," he answered.

    With that I took his tool into my mouth. I first licked around the head getting the delicious taste of a boy cock in my mouth. Then went further along the shaft until his little push of pubic hair was touching my nose. I sucked it hard with deep motions. My son moaned and begged me to make him bigger. I speeded up with the blow job giving the suction some more force but as I did not want him to cum at that point I took another turn with the action.

    I took hold of my sons buttocks and pushed his feet back to get a better access to his asshole. There it was! My son's little cherry! My mouth was watering when I licked his ass around the hole. It was my first taste of boy ass and its rich, bittersweet taste was like a drug that hit my brain like an orgasm and gave me a life long addiction from that very moment. I made him wet all around his hole and then finally planted my lips on his anus and kissed it with passion. It was one of the hottest kisses I'd ever had and I felt as if my son had kissed me back with lips of his delicious ass. My son moaned with pleasure and began masturbating his cock. "He might cum soon," I thought, but I was so passionately concentrated on his asshole that I let him go on playing with his tool. "Better watch out though, for I want to be there when he unloads his first boy spunk for his dad."

    I kept on kissing his anus pushing my wet tongue deep inside. My tongue found its way to his channel exploring its velvet walls, pushing them apart little by little to make way. I began to fuck his ass with my tongue. Moved it in and out. Used a lot of spit and juiced him up. By this time my son was groaning and beating his cock real hard. I took his hand off it and swallowed his boy cock in my mouth with one gulp. I sucked him hard and pushed a finger deep into his wet asshole massaging his prostate. That did the trick and he started to moan out load. His cock turned real hard and screaming he shot a load after load into my mouth. I kept on sucking him but kept most of his cum in my mouth just to savour the taste of young spunk and enjoy it.

    "Oh daddyyyy!!!" my son yelled trembelling with no control. He was sweating and shaking but I held his feet tight and kept his hard boy cock in my mouth. I sucked him dry and let go off his cock only until I was sure the very last drop was out. I raised myself a little and crabbed his spent body in my arms and planted my cummy lips on his giving him a deep French kiss. I shared his cum with him and he took it in his mouth with no hesitation.

    "Mmmm! You taste this good, baby" I whispered with my lips on his.

    "You taste better, Dad," he said and put his hands around me. "Is my cock any bigger by now?"

    "Sure. But I have to suck it a lot more in order to show the difference. In the meantime, why don't you suck this for a while?" I put my finger in his mouth. "Suck it like you just sucked your daddy's cock."

    I let him do it for a while until my finger was all wet. I had him lay down on the carpet and pushed his feet up, so that his knees came close to his arm pits.

    "Hold those legs there, boy!" I told him.

    I pushed my finger into his asshole and began massaging it while with my other hand I took a small bottle of lubricant from my jacket pocket. I poured a good amount right into his ass and kept on spreading it with my finger. My son was moaning again and his cute boy cock was extending back to its real length.

    "Dad, you're going to fuck me now?"

    "Is that what you want?" I added another finger in his hole and let them slide in and out widening the channel gradually.

    "Yes, sir. Please, sir!"

    "You want become daddy's pussy boy? You want me to turn this sweet ass of yours into a boy cunt which your daddy fucks whenever he wants to?"

    "Yes, sir. Ahhh!!!" He got loader when I added a third finger into his ass.

    He was well greased up by now so I grinned at my boy. I greased up my rock hard cock with rest of the lubricant in my hand. I mounted his body pressing his knees tight into his arm pits which caused his ass to rise to perfect position. I hold him tight under me, so he could not move away during the penetration, and then positioned my cock right on his asshole.

    "This is it, son. This where I make a man of you!"

    I pushed my cock in his ass slowly savouring that special moment. My first intercourse with my own son. My cock was going into my son's ass! I had wanted to do this for a long time and now that it was finally happening I was determined to take every opportunity to enjoy it. And I did. He was tight, very tight and hot as his ass lips encased my cock in their velvety embrace. I felt his him yielding under the penetration and kept on pushing deeper into his ass.

    "Ahhh!. It's hurting!" my son cried.

    "It feels damn good to me. Just relax and open up your butt for your daddy, baby!"

    "I can't take it! It's too big."

    I pulled back but left my cock head inside to give him some time to get used to the pressure.

    "Better?" Shall I pull it out all the way?"

    "Yes, please."

    I pulled my cock out one more inch until the cock head was showing. The sight of my cock head on his ass lips was so hot though that I could not resist the urge of pushing it back in. With one move I inserted my whole 9" man cock in his tight ass. All the way.

    "Aghhhh!" my son screamed.

    "Yeah! Take it like a man," I told him and began to fuck him with steady rhythm. "This is what you you've been waiting for, boy. So take it like a man!"

    I kept him tight under my body. He could not move. All he could do was to let his father fuck him good in his ass. I speeded up with fucking and felt him beginning to surrender. His moans began to express more of pleasure than pain until it was obvious that he got nothing but pure pleasure of his first fuck.

    And I kept on fucking. His ass felt great. Better than anything. "A boy's virgin ass," I thought. "I'm going to get more of these in the future."

    I kept on staring into his face. My cock moved in and out of his ass in long rapid motion. I could see how he enjoyed it. I could see how he wanted it. Needed it. Just like me. It gave me such great pleasure, both physically and mentally as I felt myself and my son bonding in ecstacy. Slowing down a bit I planted a long tender kiss on his lips to show my real feelings for him even though I was acting rough. I speeded up again fucking him as hard as I could.

    "Yeahhh! Daddyy!" my son moaned. "Fuck my ass!" He was beating his boy cock like hell.

    "I'll fuck you all right! I'll fuck your brains off, boy. I'll turn you into a pussy boy! You want to be daddy's pussy boy, don't you?"


    "And you want your daddy to fuck your pussy every day?"


    "You need you daddy to fuck you, don't you?"

    "Yes! Yes! I need it bad, sir!"

    "I bet you do, boy."

    We were both hot and sweating. He looked so cute under me, so boyish but masculine with his engineering boots on at the same time. I felt the greatest lust for him and wanted to fuck him forever.

    "Yeah! Yeah! Yessss!!! I'm coming, Dad!"

    "Me too, son!"

    He reached his limit and I followed him in seconds. I felt a huge orgasm hitting me as my son began to scream and shoot his load hard all over himself. Spurt after spurt landed on his face, throat and stomach until he was nearly covered by the white jism. My balls swelled and my cock grew real hard in his ass when I exploded and shoot a load of a life time deep into his guts. It was so powerful shooting that he must have felt it in his stomach. My whole body shivered and trembelled and it was difficult to stay in position.

    "Oh baby! Take daddy's load! Take it! Take it all, boy!"

    Our mutual orgasm was long and when it gradually subsided we layed on each other catching our breath. My semi-hard cock was still in his butt and his legs were resting on my shoulders. Both of must have passed out for a minute or so,. When I regained my conscious, he was still laying with his eyes closed underneath myself. He opened his eyes when I kissed him softly on his lips.

    "Hello son!" I said.


    "That was unbelievable. You're the best fuck I've ever had. You know I love you, son. And I love that sweet ass of yours. I'd like to stay there but I better pull out for now". Slowly I began to pull my cock away from his well used butt.

    "Now close that whole right when I pull my cock head out" I told him. "Keep that daddy spunk in there as long as you can. It's good for you. You know, a boy grows bigger if he gets his dad's spunk in his ass. The longer you keep it inside, the better result. You want to grow as big as me, don't you?"

    He did like I told him and when the cock head came out with a sound, he closed his asshole firmly with its lips and no drop of semen came out. I watched it for a second and then went down to give it a final kiss.

    "This is going to be a very good friend of mine from now on," I thought to myself.

    With that I got up and sat on the couch. Placing my riding boots around my son's head I let him recover smelling the boot leather while lit a new cigarette and enjoyed the smoke. "He'll be ready to enjoy his first after sex smoke with his dad in a while," I thought.

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