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  • Caught by daddy
  • I had always been attracted to my dad. He was a big burley hairy guy. A real man!!

    He had hair all over his body, even the back of his hands and on his feet. He probably was a size 40 by the time I was 13. All he ever wore around the house were big baggy boxers. Mom

    would complain about the fact he embarrassed her and she could never have anyone over.

    He would say to her, "You're not embarrassed by this," and he would pull out his big gat uncut cock.

    Mom would yell, "The boy!!"

    "He's gaot one too, hey, boy, show yur boy cock. Whip it out son," Dad would say.

    I would stand up and pull it out. Dad's dick was about 6" long to my 4" but I too am uncut and fat.

    "See, woman, he's gunna have a cock like his old man, ha, ha, ha," he would laugh.

    Mom would walk away muttering, "I don't know what to do with you two."

    Dad would pick me up and give me a bear hug, my hardening cock rubbing on his furry chest.

    Dad would drink on Friday and Saturday, guzzling down his bears, sitting on the couch with his big hairy balls falling out of his boxers. He would reach down and scratch and pull on them. Mom took to staying at her sister's on the weekends, leaving Dad and I alone. Dad let me walk around in my briefs while Mom was away. She never would have allowed that.

    One Friday night when Mom was gone Dad had been drinking a lot of beer. His balls were hanging out of his boxers. He went to take a piss and he left the bathroom door open. I watched his piss stream out of his hot cock. He got some on his boxers and screamed, "Shit!" Then he dropped them on the bathroom floor and went to his room and put on another pair. Dad came back out to the living room and grabbed his beer, chugged it down and flopped on the sofa. His fat cock fell out of his fly, just lying there for me to oggle. My cock was so hard at that point it was beyond the waistband of my briefs. I wanted to play with myself, but just sat there slowly rubbing my cock looking at Dad. He started snoring. I went over and touched his cock. He moaned and rolled over onto his back. I gave him a few seconds and he started snoring again. I picked up his cock in my hand and started to rub it. It stood up on end fat and hard. He had to be 8" hard and 5" wide.

    I ran my hand up and down his shaft. He had a white drip of pre-cum on his cock. I licked it off. It tasted so good I put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it. Dad moaned again. Afraid I would get cought I went to the bathroom, took off my briefs and put on Dad's boxers and started stroking myself. I had my hard cock through the fly of the boxers and stroking away. But I wanted Daddy's cock again. I went back out to the living room. Dad's cock was still hard and sticking out his fly. He was snoring away. I went over and started stroking his cock and mine at the same rhythm. Dad started to moan louder. He woke up!!! "What the fuck are you doing, boy??"

    He grabbed my hand wanking him off and pulled me off. "What are you doing, pig boy?"

    He stood up fast, his hard cock bouncing up and down. "Come with me." Dad dragged me down to his workshop in the basement. He had me sit in the chair. He then went into a drawer, grabbed a rope and went behind me. He tied my hands together. He walked to the front of me then said, "So you like to play with Daddy's cock?" He smacked his hard cock in my face. "You like that?" he asked and smacked me in my face several times with his cock that was dripping pre-cum all over my face. He told me to lick off his pre-cum from the hard cock I gave him. I leaned foward and licked the pre-cum off. Dad shoved his hard cock in my mouth all at once.

    "Is that what you want pig boy? You want to suck on your old man's cock?" He was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. Then he pulled it out quick.

    "You're enjoying this too much," he said and he went back over to the drawer and grabbed a smaller rope. When he came back over to me he said, "You're gunna have to work this one hard to cum."

    He reached down and pulled my balls tight and pulled again. He wrapped the rope at the base of my cock and tied it. He squeezed it till I screamed. Then he knotted it. He wrapped the rest of the rope around the sack of my balls till just the balls were out, tight and blue. He then ran the rope up the back of the rings of rope, and pulled. He smacked my balls.

    "You like that, pig boy? You like to jack off in Daddy's boxers. And, you like to jack off your daddy. This is what happens to pig boys!" He smacked my balls again. The pain in my balls was incredible. My cock was harder then it had ever been. I felt my cum trapped in my balls wanting out.

    Dad stood up again and went to the work bench and started to jack off in front of me saying,

    "You want this don't you? You want to suck your old man's cock? You like to see me in my boxers jacking don't you?"

    I could not take it any more. I screamed, "Daddy I want your cock! I want to suck you. I want to see you cum. And taste your cum."

    Dad walked over to me and said, "Suck my cock boy." I opened me mouth and started sucking Daddy hard. He was fucking and thrusting his cock deep in my throat. He started screaming, "You're gunna make me cum, boy." Dad started to blast filling my mouth with his cum. It was dripping down my face. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked my face again.

    Dad got down on his knees, looking at my hard cock.

    "So you like to jack off in my dirty boxers, boy?" He started pulling on my balls. I was moaning, "Yes, Daddy, I like your boxers on my cock. And love to jack off in them."

    Dad started pulling my balls hard. My cum shot was building.

    "Let me blow, Daddy! Please!!!"

    He kept pulling on my balls. "Yeah, boy. Give Daddy yur spunk, let it go for Daddy."

    I was moaning and howling but could not cum. "I can't, Daddy. Untie my balls!!" He just kept pulling them. All of a sudden my cock started to explode. I was cumming more explosively then had ever happened. The feeling was so intense I did not want it to end. It finally did. I was exausted and my cock and balls hurt. Dad untied my hand. He told me to eat up my spunk. I scooped it off my cock, my belly and my balls. Then I ate it off his hands.

    Dad said, "Standup." I did and he gave me a big bear hug. Then he said, "Boy if you want or need Daddy's dick, ask. If you want to jack off in my dirty boxers ask me. I love you and would do anything for you. I don't like you sneeking around."

    I gave a big bear hug back and told dad I loved him too. Then told him how hot I thought his body was, and how I loved to see him walking around in his boxers and playing with his cock. He said he knew that and that's why he did it.

    I asked dad if he could untie my balls. He said he wanted to leave them tied up to stretch them. He wanted them as big as his and that's how his got so big.

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