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  • My former 8th grade teacher
  • Hello, my name is Corey and this is a true story about an experience I had with my 8th grade teacher Mr. Cameron. When I was in middle school there was this really hot teacher Mr. Cameron. Some people said he was gay, but others said that was not true because he was married and had a son.

    Since I was young I've always been very attracted to older men, and Mr. Cameron was very hot, I used to look for him everyday just to get a glance of him so I could fantasize about him all day then go home and jerk off. He was about 5'11", 200 pounds, white hair that at one time was blond, and blue eyes.

    The first year in middle school he had a mustache then for the last three he shaved it off. He was so hot I used to wish I knew his son who was my age but went to a different school so I could maybe sleep over and get closer to Mr. Cameron. I had the year books for each year and used to look at the pictures of him and masterbate.

    So in eigth grade I got lucky and got Mr. Cameron as my homeroom teacher. Every morning my body was on fire and my cock hard from just looking at him. I used to have endless fantasies about him being stressed out from teaching all day then I could give him a blow job while he sat at his desk in his shirt and tie, or him taking me to a motel to get naked and do everything.

    He used to sorta notice me checking him out I think and flirt a little bit with me. One time when we left for lunch I forgot my lunch and asked him if I could go get it, so he said, "Sure," and came with me.

    When we went into the classroom my heart was racing, so I grabbed my lunch and my Clearly Canadian drink and he took the Clearly Canadian drink and said, "You know, these are the best." The way he was looking at me and rubbing the pointy part of the bottle I know he was referring to it like it was a cock. I could tell he was thinking about having sex with me because I know he knew I wanted to with him from how I always stared at him.

    Nothing happened of course, I was 13 and I think he was like 47 at the time. So I went on to high school and I saw Mr. Cameron there a couple times at football games with his wife. I also was in the same grade as his son who I met a couple times but never really became friends with. However, when I turned 18 there was this really hot adult movie theater and book store with booths and glory holes and all that ( back then when the state I lived in allowed them ) that I started going to. I knew about this place "The Red Barn" since I was like sixteen but I had to wait until I was eighteen to show ID.

    So I loved it, truthfully, I had sex three times when I was young with older men, once in a bathroom at the mall, once in a bathroom at a bus station and once in a car with I guy I met at the park. Those times were all so hot and in a way it might of been a little wrong but I knew what I was doing and what I wanted. But now that I was eighteen and at this place, The Red Barn, it was like heaven. There weren't too many young guys there; mostly older men and I had some really hot times, cum flying everywhere in that place.

    So I went there one day on a Saturday and went into a booth and put a dollar in for four minutes. Then when it was done I came out the booth and sure enough Mr. Cameron was leaning against the wall between the booths like all the guys do who are waiting to meet someone to go into a booth with. So he turned and made eye contact with me and just sorta froze. He was looking at me like I was looking at him, like I don't even know, like we were cumming just from the realization of what was maybe about to happen.

    So I stood next to him for a few minutes and we just sorta rubbed our arms together, like standing next to each other moving back and forth. It was nice. So he turned and looked at me with the most welcoming smile and asked me if I would like to go into a booth with him. I said, "Sure," and in we went.

    He put a few dollars in the slot and started to hug me and then rub all over me. He kept putting his knee between my legs like he wanted me to sit on his lap. I kept thinking in my head I wish he was my real father and we lived alone and made love every second of everyday. I don't really have thoughts like that about my real father but he felt so good it was just a hot fantasy.

    He started to kiss me and it was like nothing I ever felt. His mouth tasted so good. He kept using his tongue making it go back and forth really quick then slow. Then he pulled my pants down to reveal my very hard cock and started to stroke it slowly and softly, then running his fingers from the bottom of my chest to the top, up then back down slowly.

    Then he took his pants down and finally all my dreams came true. He had the nicest cock, his pubic hair was white like his hair and his cock was perfect maybe 7 inches, cut, nice and hard. I started to stroke him real good. He was enjoying it very much moaning with pleasure (I have very soft hands and we just basically made love, kept putting money back in the booth.

    We were almost all the way naked just kissing, rubbing, feeling, stroking each other's cocks playing with each other's assholes. Then he turned me around and bent down and started to tongue my asshole. I never felt anything so good. He licked over and over. I was moaning so loud. Then he turned me around and started to blow me, it was very hot.

    He kept looking me in the eyes while he bobbed his head back and forth, jerking me off and licking my balls. Then he stood up and said, "Come on, Baby. Suck daddy's cock."

    So I took his cock in my mouth. It tasted so good I loved it. I kept using my tongue on the bottom and sucking looking up at him enjoying it. I took it out my mouth and while jerking him off I said, "Does it feel good, Mr. Cameron?"

    He just gave this warm smile and ran the back of his fingers down my face. We just kept at it kissing touching fingering sucking. I tongued his asshole for awhile which was great. It tasted good too, so nice and clean. I could taste the soap he uses just a little bit. Then he bent over and started to rub my cock against his asshole, so I started fucking him doggy style. I didn't actually put my cock in, just humped it against his hot asshole.

    He kept saying, "Aw, Baby, I wish you could fuck me right here."

    So I kept humping and it slipped in. I didn't have a condom on but in the heat of the moment and with my former 8th grade teacher I just fucked him. I wanted this my whole life it was so good. I fucked him nice and hard and when I was ready to cum I told him, "I'm gonna cum," and he said, "Go ahead, Baby. Cum in me."

    I exploded in his hot ass, a nice huge load. It felt like I was pissing it kept cumming so much. When I pulled it out I looked at his asshole, he was still moaning with pleasure, and I could see the cum cumming out his asshole and running down the back of his legs.

    He stood back up and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down until my face was at his cock and he said, "Come on, Corey, make your daddy cum."

    Isucked his cock real good. He kept putting his hand on the back of my head pushing it back and forth and running his fingers all over my face, caressing my cheeks and playing with my ears. Then he grabbed the sides of my face with both hands looked me in my eyes and started to pump his cock in my mouth slow and hard and said, "This is for you," and started to cum in my mouth. It was a nice long hot load, I loved it. It sprayed all over the back of my mouth and my throat. He was moaning and moaning saying, "Aw, Baby."

    I swallowed all of it. I loved the way it tasted. We got dressed hugged and kissed for awhile, it was heaven. Before he left the booth he kissed me long and hot and wet with his tongue and said, "I love you."

    We didn't make plans or exchange numbers or anything. I asked him if we could get together and he said we couldn't. He was married and had a son my age and I think he was kinda scared even though I was eighteen. He still had been my teacher once.

    I saw him at the theater a few times since then and we had some good times. I'm 26 now. That place was hot. I knows it's unbelievable but I actually had sex with another teacher, who had been my eigth grade math teacher, Mr. Goldstein. He was so hot too, and one of my friend's uncles and one of my friend's dads who were so hot. That time was super hot as well.

    That's all really true. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked remembering it. To all you guys out there have fun but try to be smart and safe. At The Red Barn you could have sex with 10 different guys in one day which is hot, but ya gotta be carefull.

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