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  • The forest ranger
  • North Carolina seemed like a wonderful place to live after living in South Florida for 13 years. I was ready to make the big move and look for a better place to call home.

    Asheville, NC sounded like a good place to settle. I had vacationed there many times prior to my move. The Pisgah National Forest was the main reason I chose to move to the area.

    Upon my arrival to Asheville, I was fortunate to rent a very nice home located at the base of Mount Pisgah and adjacent to the National Forest. I was so happy to find the house and my sexy landlord allowed me to do anything I wanted. He didnt know about the Forest Ranger!

    I had the pleasure of having the forest within a stones throw of my house. Little did I know that my nude hiking would be so wonderful! I met a Ranger who kept his eye on me each time I rode my bike or hiked up toward the mountain.

    It was a hot summer day when I made my first trek into the woods. I was eager to hike the old logging trail which led toward Pisgah. I had no idea that someone would be watching me when I took off my clothing and hiked in the nude. My backpack consisted of a sandwich, bottled water, a radio and some rope for climbing any cliffs that I may tackle in the trek to Mount Pisgah.

    I took off my clothes after I was inside the forest and hiked for about 2 miles. I found a nice stream which flowed into a huge basin. It was perfect for swimming and I plunged myself into the cold water. Fortunately, there was a huge slab of rock near the swimming hole. I threw my cold and shivering body down on the slab, feeling the warmth from the sun and fell asleep.

    After a nice nap, I was awaken by a man dressed in a green uniform. He ask me what I was doing and wanted to know why I was nude in the National Forest. I told him that I like to hike nude and I thought I was going to be arrested. He told me to be careful and retrieved my backpack from the edge of the swimming hole. He ordered me to dress and told me to go home. I thought that I was in trouble and followed his order by returning to my house.

    Three weeks later, I had the urge to go nude hiking again. I wanted to go back to the same swimming hole where I met the Ranger. On my way up the trail, I felt that someone was watching me. My instincts were right! It was Ranger Bob again!

    Ranger Bob pulled me out of the pool and tied me up to a tree. He sucked my cock and then laid me down on the warm slab of rock where we first met. His 9 cock went into my ass while he held me down. I was being raped and loved every minute of the situation!

    Ranger Bob was so happy and invited me to explore his tight butt. I sucked on his ass and fucked him for an hour! He was so Hot & looked for me afterwards. We still get together when I travel to North Carolina.

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