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  • The farm
  • When I turned eighteen I had to take over the farm. My dad went to work on a constrution job. So that left my mother and two brothers and two sisters to take care of the farm.

    My older brother had to get married when he was still in high school. And he had to work out to support his new family.

    So that left just my mother and younger brother and two sisters to take care of the farm.

    I won't let my younger brother stay home to help me out on the farm and my older sister, she didn't like the farm anyhow. So she wasn't going to help out.

    My younger sister she was just two. So that left her out.

    One morning I was talking to Mom about getting a hired man to help me out.

    "I am going to town to pick up some stuff at the feed mill this morning and I will ask around about getting some one. If they don't know of any one I will place a add in the paper."

    "Let's hope you will find some one to help you. You can't keep this up only getting a couple of hours of sleep a night."

    "I know, Mom. I am realy tired but I have to keep going if I am going to get the crops in and all."

    "Well, good luck."

    At the mill. I was asking if anyone knew of any one that needed a job.

    Bill said, "Sure, I do. My son is looking for a job on a farm as he hates the factory work."

    "Have him come out to see me then, as I needed to hire some one like two days ago."

    "We wwere all wondering how long you would be able to take care of a thousand acres by yourself."

    "I tell you there is no room for fucking around."

    Bill smarted off, "You must be pretty damn horney."

    "Horney isn't the word. I don't have time to even think about it to much."

    We laughed.

    I noticed Bill had a smerk on his face.

    "Well I have to get going."

    "Oh, what is your son's name?"

    "Same as yours, Jim."

    "Thanks, Bill."

    I got home just in time to eat dinner.

    Mom asked if I had any luck in finding any one.

    "You know, Bill?"

    "The guy who brings our feed out to us?"


    "Well his son is looking for a job. I guess he wants to work on a farm and hates his job as a factory worker. So he is supposed to be comming out to see me. So if I am out in the field which I will be, send him out."

    I was in the field when this truck pulled in.

    "Hi Jim."

    "You must be Jim, Bill's son."

    "Yeah, that's me."

    "So you want to work on a farm, I hear."

    "Yes, I do."

    "Well, I have a lot of work here. And long hours. There's no benfits like you get in the factory."

    "Dad told me you were doing it all by yourself."

    "My mother and brother and sister does the chores at night when they get home from school. That helps me a lot."

    "Well I would like to help you out. If you want me to that is."

    "Sure, I can't pay you like you get at the factory."

    "That's ok."

    "I can offer you a place to stay if you want. I eat my meals with my mom and brother and sisters. You already met the youngest one. You will be eating your meals with all of us at my mom's place."

    "Oh, you don't sleep there?"

    "No, I have my own place. That trailer house on the hill is mine. That is were you can stay, too."

    "Great, can I start right now?"

    "Sure, you can."

    "What about your other job?"

    "I told them to stick it up their ass when Dad told me about you. He realy likes you, too."


    "Oh, nothing that slipped."

    "Let's get you on a tractor and get going as we have a lot to do today."

    It was around midnight when we had just finshed for the day.

    "You tired, Jim?"

    "Fuck yes."

    "You will get use to it. I only go on two or three hours of sleep. Well let's get to bed."

    I was in the shower, when I heard the door open.

    "Mind if I come in and take a piss?"

    "Go ahead. You want to take a shower next I am done?"

    "Sure." He was all naked already. He had a boner on. He was uncut like I was. Looking at his cock I sprung a bonner as well.

    "That happens to me a lot."

    "I know what you mean."

    "I am going to bed. See you in the morning."

    I was just starting to fall to sleep when Jim walked into my room.

    "Were am I supose to sleep?"

    "Oh yeah, I forgot. You can sleep with me. Climb in."

    All at once I felt this hand starting to rub my back.

    "Oh, that feel so good."

    Then I felt him starting to rub my ass. "Oh, man, that feels so good. How did you know that I was gay?"

    "I just know is all."

    "Turn over and I will get you off. Let's 69 each other."

    I took his cock in my mouth he was bigger than I was so I had a mouth full, but he felt so good in my mouth. I sucked hard and long. I felt him getting harder and I was as well. I knew I couldn't hold off much longer. He was about ready to cum, also.

    All at once I felt his hot load hitting the back of my throat. I let lose of my load in his mouth.

    "Wow, Jim, that was great. I realy needed that."

    "So did I."

    We fell to sleep in each others arms. There was no longer a dicussion as to were he was going to sleep. There is a lot more to this yet to come.

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