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  • Stroking with my son
  • I'm a single father with one son. During my son's teen years I discovered he was a major masturbator like myself. When I was his age, I was stroking my cock day and night. Sometimes, I would beat off alone and sometimes with the two brothers that lived across the street. My own dad caught me a number of time stroking my hard cock. Sometimes mid-session of self-pleasure and other times during the clean up. I even spy on dad a few times jacking his own hard cock. My son Mark started not to be too shy about jacking off around his 16th birthday.

    One of the first time I "caught" him was a Sunday morning. I walked into my son's bedroom and found him naked. He was standing naked with his back to me. I asked Mark if he wanted to go to breakfast at the local diner. Mark then turned around facing me. Mark had a huge load of cum on his chest and pubic hairs. His cock was still half hard and greasy. Both of his hands were also greasy. Mark just smiled at me and said "yeah, I'm hungry. I'm going to jump in the shower first." I left his room and when into my bedroom and removed my robe, and when I heard the shower come on and then started stroking my dick. I stroked my hard cock fast and furious. Listening to the sound of the shower and in my mind the vision of my own son with his cum on his chest. Just as the shower shut off I blew my load. I then cleaned up my load and took my own shower.

    Most of the times I had "caught" my son masturbating, he was wiping up his load. Sometimes, I would find him naked laying on his bed with a fresh load on his chest, cum rolling down his hand. A number of times I would find him stroking away. I would say something like, "When your finished, come see me or I want to talk to you". A few time, I witnessed him shooting his load. Seeing him shoot his load straight up in the air and watching it fall back onto him was really hot. I would just smile and say something stupid like "Wow, nice load" or "feel better". Mark would just smile with his afterglow.

    As time went on, I found myself less shy about my own masturbation sessions. Mark had seen me a number of times whacking away on my dick. Or he would "catch" me cleaning up my load. A few times I walked into the bathroom to take a shower and found my son either sitting on the toilet or standing there drying himself off from a shower, or standing naked shaving. I would also be naked and have a fresh load on my chest. It was really no big deal, we both loved to jack off. One time he walked into my bedroom and found me shooting my load on the closet mirror. My cum was running down the mirror and my hand was still slowly stroking my greasy cock. Mark just smiled and said something like "Wow, dad that was a good size load"

    It wasn't until he was about 17 that we started to jack off together. One Saturday afternoon, I came thru the front door and found my son sitting naked on the couch. He was watching a porn video. There was a bottle of baby oil on the coffee table. Mark was sitting back on the couch and jacking off. I stood there watching him and the video and asked him where he got the movie. Mark said from his friend Bill. The more I stood there the harder I got. I took off my T-shirt and said "Mind if I join you?". "Sure" Mark said. I pulled my pants off and greased up my hard cock with the baby oil and sat next to my masturbating son. We both watched the video and each other as we beat off together for the first time. After only about 5 minutes, I said "I'm going to shoot." And, then shot my load up in the air. My cum landed back on my chest and was covering my stroking hand. Mark said "Alright" and then his own cum started shooting. 5 or 6 shots of cum flew into the air and landed all around Mark. Some of his cum landed on me. We sat there on the couch, both naked and with half hard cocks. Our cum running down our chest. After we cleaned up, I took us out to dinner and talked about our stroke session together. When we got back home I went into my bedroom and sat at my desk paying bills. Mark came into my room naked. His dick was hard and he was holding the bottle of baby oil. "Feel like jacking off again?" he asked me. I just smiled and said "OK" and with that I also got naked. Mark and I got on my bed and jacked together. I asked him how often does he beat off. He said "Daily". I told him so do I. I told him I'd been beating off since I was his age almost daily. 25 years of daily masturbation, now that's a lot of cum. We both stroked our hard cocks and talked about how good it feels. I asked him if he was close to shooting his load and he state not yet. We slowly jacked for almost 20 minutes. We both were picking up the pace and using both our hands to slide up and down on our dicks. Mark then said "Dad, I'm going to shoot" and with that his cum was flying. Some of his load hit his forehead and chin areas. The rest of his load landed on his chest. Watching my son blow his load next to me was hot. I then was stroking my dick really fast and then said something like "Oh yeah!" and my cum was shooting. 7 or 8 load flew out of my hard cock and landed on myself. From then on, Mark and I would jack together 2 sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes we would stand next to each other and see who could shoot the farthest or the most. My son is now married with kids of his own. A few times a year we still get together and watch a porn video and beat off together. We never sucked off each other or buttfucked. We just jacked off.

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