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  • Daddys llittle cocksucker
  • When I was a lad, me and a slightly older boy from the neighborhood ended up in the basement of my house, exploring and playing with each other's bodies. I remember it just seemed like a perfectly natural thing. It wasn"t for another few years, however, that I first sucked the cock of a man.

    I had been watching TV in the living room and, bored, I started snooping around through my parents' stuff. In the bottom drawer of my father's desk I found a few unmarked video tapes. Overcome with curiosity, I put one of the tapes in the VCR and hit PLAY. It was a dirty movie! I had only heard my parents and my friends talk about movies like this, but I had never seen one before. I was completely engrossed in it. On screen sat a naked woman on a park bench, with two naked men on each side. They were kissing and touching her all over. Then one of the men stood in front of the woman and she took his cock in her hand. It was huge, sticking straight out! Mine never looked like that. Then she slipped it into her mouth and the man started to moan. I was mesmerized. I never knew people could do stuff like that. First she sucked the one man's cock, and then she sucked the other. Then she went back and forth between them until they stood in front of her, pumping their cocks with their hands and moaning louder and louder. One of the men said "Here comes my load" and then his cock spurted all over her chest. A second later, the second man came all over her face. She was moaning and gasping the whole time, obviously loving every minute of it.

    As intrigued as I was, I was embarrassed by what I had seen. I knew this was something my parents didn't want me to see. My father was very strict. He wasn"t a cruel or sadistic man, but he wasn"t overly affectionate or friendly ... especially when I did something I wasn"t supposed to. I took the tape out and returned it to its hiding place. Over the next few days I kept replaying the movie's images in my mind. Whenever I had the chance, I would seize the opportunity to watch the secret tape while I was alone in the house. One day, however, my viewing was interrupted by the sound of my father's voice. I had been caught red-handed.

    I expected the worst, but what happened was something I never would have anticipated even in my greatest dreams.

    "You like what you see on that tape?" he asked.

    "Yes," I replied. I felt so ashamed. Dad started to unbuckle his belt, and as he did I immediately recalled every time he threatened to hit me with it for punishment for some transgression. I lowered my head, staring into my lap, hoping this would go quickly.

    "Well, son," he said. "Would you like to do that with Daddy?"

    I looked up and saw that he was still standing in the doorway, now completely naked. My dad has a large, masculine frame with muscular arms, strong legs, and a broad, hairy chest. Between Daddy's legs hung his huge cock. I had only glimpsed it before ... popping out of his boxer shorts as he slept on the couch, or as a flash as he passed my bedroom door to take a shower. I gulped. I didn't know what to say.

    "Come over here, son," he said. He moved to the end of the couch and stood between it and the coffee table. His cock was getting harder and thicker with each step he took. By the time I convinced my legs to move me towards Daddy, his cock was rock-hard, proudly standing straight out. I went to sit down on the couch, but Daddy shook his head and pointed to the floor. "On your knees, boy," he commanded.

    Daddy stepped in closer. My face with level with his crotch and his thick veiny cock pointed straight towards me. I stared at it, captivated by its massive, manly beauty. The shaft was bright pink, bulging here and there with thick ropey veins, tapering slightly at the end before flaring out in a swollen mushroom head. Encircling the shaft about an inch down was a beige scar ... unlike me, Daddy was circumcised. Beneath his cock, in their smooth, silken sac, hung Daddy's fat balls. I leaned towards him, pressing my nose into his furry bush, and then began to nuzzle his entire pubic area and thighs. He moaned and said, "That feels nice son," spreading his legs slightly as I slid up and down, first licking one side and then the other.

    Kneeling in front of Daddy, I ducked slightly to get my mouth around his hairless balls from below. I gently sucked on them, one at a time, and then turned my attention to licking his big ballsac all over. Daddy continued to guide me on. "That's good, boy," he said. "Daddy likes that. Keep sucking my balls. You know how to make Daddy feel so good."

    I crouched down a bit more to get my tongue on the back of his balls. He spread his legs further as I explored the firm, hairy ridge running from his sac towards his butt. The somewhat musky, salty taste was so good, I lapped at his perineum with increasing enthusiasm. My efforts were met with increasing moans from above. Daddy lifted his right leg and put his foot on the coffee table. With his legs spread wide above me, I had lots of room to get right in between his furry legs and explore his underside with my tongue. "Oh, fuck, son. That feels so good. Mmmmmmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Feels so good, boy."

    "You like that Daddy?" I asked.

    "I love that, son," he moaned. "You are making Daddy feel so hot."

    As I inched along the ridge, slowly moving further and further away from his low-hanging balls, the flavor of Daddy's skin got better and better " and the sounds coming from Daddy became louder and louder. I knew this journey had one destination, and I made up my mind to keep going right up to his butthole. I quickly turned myself around and started licking my way upwards. Daddy's hand reached down, pulling his hairy ass-cheeks apart for me. This was all the signal I needed, so I quickly slip up until I was staring at his puckering hole. It looked so foreign to me, not at all how I pictured it. It was like a second mouth, pink and silky smooth between two white, hairy mounds of flesh. I don"t know what came over me, but I suddenly wanted to eat that ass more than anything. I leaned in and started licking it all over. Daddy's moans became louder than ever. I licked it up and down, from left to right, and then in a small circle.

    "Oh, son! Daddy like," he moaned. "Now get your tongue in there real deep." I slid it in as far as I could. His ass hole tasted slightly like tin. As I rimmed Daddy's ass deeper and deeper, exploring the folds of his soft flesh harder and harder with my tongue, Daddy moaned and groaned in ecstasy.

    "Oh, fuck, boy! You know how to eat Daddy's ass good," he said. "Oh yeah. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. God, that feels good. Lick Daddy's asshole, son. Yeah. Make me feel real good."

    I kept it up for as long as I could, backing off every once in a while to catch my breath, but I was starting to get bored of the rimming and I wanted to be like the woman in the video, my mouth on the big prize. Having made up my mind, I quickly slid back between Daddy's legs and turned around again to face him. He put his hands on my cheeks and I looked up at him. Towering above me, he looked at me, rosy-cheeked and smiling. "Oh, son, you treat Daddy real good."

    "I just want to make Daddy feel good," I said.

    "Oh, you do, son. Daddy is very proud of you. You're doing so good."

    "I want to suck your cock, Daddy," I said, barely more than a whisper.

    "Daddy wants you to suck his cock, son. Make me feel really good."

    I lowered my gaze until I was staring at his swollen cockhead once more. He grabbed his thick shaft at the base and pointed it down towards my mouth. I leaned in and started licking the head all over. I lapped up the salty-sweet precum that oozed from the slit. I then applied myself to licking the hard shaft all over. It was almost 7.5 thick inches. I moved along to the head again, and sliding my tongue underneath, I slowly took my dad's big, hard cock into my mouth.

    I was ecstatic. This was the moment I had dreaming of and fantasizing about for as long as I could remember. When I got as much of Daddy's tool into my mouth as I comfortably could, I started to suck on it, as if I were feeding for the first time. Slow, gentle sucks at first, getting progressively stronger and faster. I had closed my eyes to concentrate better as I worked Daddy's cock. But now I opened them and tilted my head back. Daddy's head was thrown back in pleasure. I could faintly hear moaning and groaning and whispers to the ceiling things like "Oh that feels so good," and "Oh yeah."

    I was holding onto Daddy's hips as I sucked his cock, but I slid my hands up to his chest, running them through the thick pelt of brown fur that covered his stomach and pecs. He looked down at me and said, "Oh, son, that feels so good. You're a natural. You know how to suck Daddy's cock good."

    I let the thick rod flop out of my mouth to ask "Do I suck it how you like Daddy?"

    He smiled and said, "You're doing a great job, son. Daddy is very proud of you. You make Daddy feel so good."

    "I love making you feel good, Daddy," I said.

    "I know you do, son. You're a good boy. Now suck that cock nice and deep." I eagerly obeyed. I popped his hard shaft into my mouth and got back into my cocksucking rhythm.

    "That's good, son. You work that cock in and out of our mouth. Good. Oh that feels so good. You're doing real good pleasing Daddy. Making Daddy feel good. Suck Daddy's cock. Good boy. You're Daddy's little cocksucker, aren't ya?"

    I moaned my agreement. I was sucking Daddy faster and harder, trying to take him deeper with each stroke. My eyes were stinging with sweat so I kept them closed. I kept working his cock in and out of my mouth like he wanted. As it slid in, I sucked on it with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, swallowing saliva and precum every few strokes.

    His moans and comments were getter louder and louder and his breathing was getting harder and deeper. I knew I was making him feel so good. Suddenly I felt his hands grip me on either side of my head. He started thrusting his hips forward and back, driving his cock into me, fucking my eager mouth. I slid my hands down to Daddy's hips, holding on as he rode my face. The two of us were now working together for Daddy's pleasure. His thrusts got harder, faster and deeper. I gave up control to him and let him use my mouth to please him like he wanted. He moaned as his cockhead slid into my throat, his balls bouncing on my chin, my nose buried in his bush. I was gulping and gasping, trying to breathe in the midst of Daddy's feverish thrusts into my throat. He got the full length of his cock into my mouth, working it quickly in and out.

    "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh yeah." The grip on my head became a bit tighter. "Oh YEAH!" he growled. "Here comes Daddy's load!" With one final thrust, he filled my mouth with his thick shaft. He let out a deep groan and I felt his cock pulse and throb on my tongue. I deftly swallowed as gob after gob of thick sour-sweet Daddy cream pumped into the back of my throat. As I fed off Daddy's cock and the warm sperm filled me, he asked, "You like the taste of Daddy's load?"

    I"d never tasted anything like it. With a "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" of agreement, I savored the taste of it as long as I could. He pulled his cock out and I gently licked at the purple head, coaxing the last few droplets of pearly white man-juice out of Daddy's piss-slit and onto my awaiting tongue.

    Contented, Daddy moaned, "That was real good, boy. You know how to suck Daddy's cock good and eat Daddy's ass good. You know how to make Daddy feel so good. I"m proud of you, son."

    "I like making you feel good, Dad," I said. "I like sucking your cock and swallowing your load." I nuzzled his hairy thigh and kissing him softly. The salty taste of his sweat on my lips mingled with the taste of Daddy's cock and cum that lingered in my mouth.

    "You deserved it, son," he said. "You did a really good job." He tousled my hair gently and smiled down at me. "Daddy's little cocksucker," he laughed. His voice had a warmth and tenderness in it that I hadn't heard in a long, long time. I couldn't wait for the opportunity to give him this feeling again.

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