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  • Trucker boy and dad
  • My dad had to spend some time in prison for drug charges. My parents divorced while he was doing time, and I was the only one who visited my Dad. Being a trucker, I had to see him when I could through the years. He was released and I took him on a cross country ride with me. It gave us time to get back to knowing each other and life in general. This is just a back ground so you will understand my story.

    I was 36 and my father was 56 when he got out of prison. I picked him up and off to California we headed. We have always been open with each other and made our relationship


    Years ago my father caught me getting head from a friend and in return I had walked up on Dad getting his dick sucked by a guy. We never talked about it until on our trip.

    Going on down the road, he turned at me and asked, "Is Rex still draining your nuts?"

    I turned and said, "No. I get them drained on the road."

    I turned and looked at him. "Did you get head in prison?"

    He said, "All the time." Nothing more was said about blow jobs.

    Heading into some bad weather, I decided to stop at a truck stop to lay low until the snow had passed. I got us a room, so we could lay low for a while.

    The room was nothing but a bed, couple of chairs and tv. You had to go down the hall to take your showers.

    I told Dad, "Let's go take a shower before the lights go out. We stripped and I noticed Dad had a body of a 30 year old. All the weight lifting he had done in prison proved good for him. I looked at him and said, "Damn, Daddy you got a six pack don't you?"

    He said, "Nothing else to do." As I opened the door he said, "Aren't you going to cover your ass?"

    I told him, "Hell no. It's just men up here."

    We walked down the hall passing a few drivers coming in. We got to the showers and there were about 4 others already there.

    There we cut on the water and started our showers. I looked around and saw a couple of hot ass truckers with nice dicks hanging. My dick popped up like a rocket. I was horny and nuts needed to be drained. I turned around to face the wall so my dick wouldn't be seen.

    I got into the hot water so much I got lost what was going on in the shower. I turned and there was just me, my father and a guy. My father and this guy was talking and standing next to each other. My father had a hard on and rubbing it. I acted like I didn't see what was going on. I turned around again and the driver was sucking on Dad's dick. My dick flew back up hard as a rock. I jacked my dick as I saw my Dad fuck his face. As I jacked I wanted to have my dick in his hot mouth getting a taste of what Dad was enjoying. Soon my father came in his throat.

    Dad walked over to me. "You want a blow job?"

    I said, "Hell yeah."

    The guy came over and got in front of me and licked my head and licked my precum with his hot tongue. As he went down on me my Father held my dick and nuts.

    "Give it to him son, give him that big dick of yours." My dad then rubbed my thick black bush that surrounded my 8 in thick cut dick and then my hairy stomach and chest. I got close to busting my nuts when others walked in. The guy left and I let my hard on go down before leaving.

    I was drying off and Dad was waiting for me. We left the showers and went back to our room..I opened us a beer and sat on the bed. I said, "Fuck, I wanted to cum so bad." The lights started to flicker off and on and then they were off.

    There was a knock at the door and a voice said, "The electricity should be on later."

    I got in bed and then my father did. I was naked and he had on his boxers.

    "Boy, are you naked?"

    I told him, "Yeah."

    He said, "Well I'm going to take mine off."

    I put my hands behind my head and drifted off to sleep. I woke up and my father said, "You awake?"


    "You still horny?"

    I said, Fuck, yeah. I am going to take another shower since the lights are back on." I headed down the hall and went into the showers. I unscrewed the light so I could jack off if someone else came in. I heard another person come in. The shower was turned on and I kept on going. Soon I felt a hand on my ass."

    "Want head?"

    I said, "Yeah." I turned around and this hot tongue licked me from neck to my toes, front and back, bent me over to rim my hairy ass. As I spread my legs he pulled on my bull nuts.

    "Suck me," I said. He went down on me and I put a fucking on his face I held his head as I ground my ass into him. I knew he had false teeth, his mouth was so smooth and he could swallow my fat dick. Soon I unloaded a thick white liquid down his throat. He washed off my dick and balls, from the saliva and what cum came out of his mouth. I dried off and went to the room. When I got there my father was gone. Son the door opened and he smiled.

    I said, "What is wrong with you?"

    He said, "You get a good blow job?"

    I told him, "Yeah it was the best."

    "Well I am glad because that was me sucking you off."

    We got back in bed. Daddy went down on me again. I never thought about him sucking dick, but as he told me in prison he learned.

    I am bi, a top and my Dad is good to me.

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