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  • Father in law
  • About a month ago my father in law called me up and asked me if i wanted to come out to visit the coming weekend. My mother in law was going out of town to see her sister. He said he was invited to a dad/son party and wanted me to come. And I said hell, why not.

    I got out there Friday afternoon. As soon as I got in the door, he had my shirt off and was suckin on my pecs. He said it had been way too long. It didn't take long till I was bustin out of my shorts and he kindly unzipped me and took my dick out. He sucked me off right in the hall. That night I slept in his bed and was treated to some more fine suckin. I wanted to fuck him real bad so I told him to sit on my dick. He sat on it and took the whole 9 in. It didn't take long till I shot my load up his hot ass.

    The next night we got ready to go this party. I was a little nervous so I toked up on 2 joints and was feeling fine. We got to this guys house and rang the doorbell. It was a real nice house and I could tell the guy that lived here had money. The host,an older chunky guy named Bob who was about 50 something, answered the door and brought us in. He was real nice and said he was glad we could make it. He told us to strip out of our clothes. I wasn't sure about this but Rick was already takin his off and I was stoned so I got naked. My dick was hangin nice and low and our host Bob said to Rick, You weren't lying about your son in law. Bob said let me welcome you the proper way Mason and got down on his knees and started strokin my cock and lickin the head. He had a hot mouth and he got me rock hard. He throated my cock and I felt my balls churnin. I told him if he kept that up I was gonna cum. He said that was the idea and smiled. He got up though and said go have some fun, but as the host i get dibs on anyone and I want to get a taste of that again later. i laughed and said no problem!

    Rick and I went in the living room and there was about 15 guys. Id say half were over 50 and the rest were in their 20's to 30's. Everyone was naked and there was alot of suckin and fuckin goin on. I had started to get soft so Rick started strokin my dick. It was getting stiff again and I pushed him down to his knees so he could suck on me. From lookin around Id say I had the biggest dick there and it didnt take long for a couple guys to gather round and watch my father in law blow me. A couple guys started suckin on my nips and rubbing all over my chest. I saw a young black come over to us who was hung like a horse. He had me beat by a couple inches and was really thick. Rick grabbed his dick and started playing with it while he sucked me. He pulled off me and took the black guys dick in his mouth. He stretched his lips around it and started tryin to throat it. The next thing I knew these 2 other older guys pulled me down on the couch and took turns swallowing my cock. Watching these guys work my cock got me really hot. I looked over and the black was fucking the shit out of Rick's ass. Seeing that I was ready to shoot. The 2 guys had both their mouths on my dick licking up and down the shaft. Then another real old guy who looked about 70 came over and started suckin on my balls. Thats all it took and I busted a huge nut. They cleaned me off with their tongues and I heard the black guy yell as he shot his load up Ricks ass. Fuckin hot.

    I got up and went to get a beer and the host of the party walked by and told me to follow him. He took me to his bedroom and laying on the bed was the young black guy. Bob ,the host, said I make sure I get to taste the biggest cocks here. He told me to lie down on the bed and immediately had my dick in his mouth. He wasnt that great looking and was kinda overweight but he sure could suck dick. He sucked the head and tongued it and then took my shaft all the way to the base. He did that over and over and he had me moaning. I looked over at the black guy and he was strokin his dick. It was huge. I never really sucked dick before but he looked so hot jackin I had to try it. So I reached over and started strokin it. He slid up so that his cock was right in front of my lips. I figured now or never so I started lickin the head. He was gettin into it so I slid down his shaft. It was so thick I could only get about half of it in and had to use my hand on the rest. Bob was deepthroating me now and playing with my balls and I was gonna cum. I started suckin fast on the black guy cuz I wanted to make him cum bad. He started moaning and said shit im gonna cum. I felt a load of hot cum hit the back of my throat and I just kept swallowing. Bob was still throating my dick and said he wanted me to cum in his face. So I pulled out and jacked my dick while he sucked on my balls. I said fuck im cumming and blew a load all over his face. It was fuckin hot. We cleaned up, I went to get Rick and we headed home so I could fuck my father in laws ass some more. What a weekend.

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