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  • And so we did it again
  • "You've got a stiffie, Grandad. Can I have a feel?" It turned both of them on to talk dirty as they fondled each other's hard and eager genitals. "Fuck, yes I'm going to give you such a good time! But first you've got to give your horny big grandad a good time! Get on your knees and suck my thick, hard man-cock. Get yer mouth on your granddad's throbbing fuck stalk! Lemme see how you deal with a real man's rammer?"

    The boy polished his grandfather's cockhead with his eager young tongue eliciting groans and moans of pleasure from the older man. "Who wants to see his granddad shoot great fucking loads of spunk out of this wet ram-rod ? Who wants to taste his grandad's cum?"

    He straddled the boy's body, masturbating his heavy, juicy cock. It was an awesome sight. Grandfather looked twenty feet tall, his heavy balls swung to and fro inches from the boys face and the huge cockhead loomed ominously overhead. Every so often a drop of precum dropped from the leaking piss-slit. The boy knew his grandfather's balls would soon be brimming over with spunk for him. "C'mon, gramps, make your spunk for me! Cum all over me. Shoot your fucking load! Empty your big fucking hairy man-balls over my face! Jerk on yer massive man meat, pull yer nuts and make the bastard cum!"

    "Not so fucking fast!" the beefy granddad gasped, and took time out to slap the boy's eager face with his prick and 'windscreen-wiped' it back and forth. He rubbed the thick, warm precum from his anvil-shaped cock-head all over the upturned, grinning face, glazing the already shining cheeks.

    "Now lick my balls!" he commanded and he lifted his big bollocks up and lowered them on to his face. "Lick your grandad's big, hairy balls. They're full of cum for horny cock and ball licking boy's who need training up for their daddies and granddaddies! Lick them, just like you want me to slobber on your's, boy. Suck them into your mouth!" He lowered his massive, obscenely full scrotum down on the waiting boy.

    As the giant genitals descended, the young boy eagerly stuck out his tongue. It made contact with a wrinkled, hairy ball sending shivers of pleasure up through his grandfather's massive cock. Then all went dark as the two big bollocks eclipsed his sight. He was left with only the senses of smell and taste. He breathed in the scent of man-sex, and opened his mouth, taking in as much of his grandfather's right ball as he could, and began to suck.

    "Oh, yes. Suck your grandad's big, hairy balls! Tongue my fat man- bollocks! Wet' em kid, wet my grandad-nads, spit on those bastards, feast on those hairy globes! Mmm, open wide for yer grandad's big throbbing fuck- pole, lick it good fer me boy. C'mon, don't be shy, toungue the head boy, wet it good before you lick on down that fat shaft. Take a good look at a real man's horse-cock boy, see what yours will be like one day! Lick up that thick pre-cum, then wrap yer hand around the shaft and fist it! Oh, yeah, real man-meat fer ya boy! Hold that fuck-pole tight in yer hand and squeeze some more of that greasy grandad-jizz out of that fat throbber. MMM, good toungue boy, good mouth there. Chase the spunk up out of those fat, low-hanging jizz makers. I'm going to give you such a load in a minute! Gonna get you hosed down with a man's thick load, get you wet with jizz, rub it into yer chest and watch you drown in hot fuck-foam. Maybe get some mates in next time too, get you used to having few fat throbbers in yer mouth n' hands. Open up fer granddad boy, lemme me see you feast on rough man-cock!"

    Suddenly the boy's tongue hit a particularly sensitive part of his balls and they boiled over, erupting in streams of thick white spunk. "Oh for fuck's sake, you horny little cunt, mmm, watch it blow boy!! Watch yer granddads throbber spew it out. Spunkin' it up fer ya kid, watch it spurt! I'm cumming!" he roared as he fired volley after volley of hot white cum into the air. "Was that good, granddad?" asked Charlie, seeking approval for his strenuous efforts. "That was more than good! That was fucking fantastic!" replied his grateful grandfather, brushing his cummy cock across the boy's smiling face.

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