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  • Black neighbor
  • I had just turned 14 and I was well endowed according to our football coach, he had remarked on my cock size one day in the showers. I just couldn't keep my hands off my almost 8" long cock that was 3" in diameter, driving my cock into erections at any unexpected moment.

    As I was sitting in our back yard I heard a noise in our neighbour's yard and as I peered over the fence, our neighbour was clearing out some boxes and rubbish. "Hiya Mike! What's up?" smiled the huge muscular black man.

    "Hi Mr.Stone," I answered, smiling back as my eyes took in the big black man's large muscular physique.

    He stood about 6 ft. 6" tall, was about 56ish, had a narrow waist with a major bulge protruding from his crotch. I couldn't help checking out his huge basket and as I raised my eyes he caught me ogling and smiled knowingly "I'm busy cleaning out our basement and could do with some help," he said."

    "OK Mr.Stone," I said.

    "Well, come over here. And call me, Jim," he replied.

    I ran up the driveway into his back yard, where he was seated on the top step. He smiled at me and looked straight at my crotch. His shorts gaped open and I had a clear view down the inside of his leg, right to his huge basket which was contained in a well stretched jockstrap. I couldn't help staring and I could see curly black pubic hair poking through the jockstrap mesh and his huge scrotum bunched inside. He suggested we go down to the basement and begin working and he led the way.

    In the cellar, furniture, books and boxes were scattered around in an unruly fashion. "You can start tidying those magazines other there." I began shifting them into stacks. There were women's magazines and as I sorted them I came across a pile of pornographic ones. Intrigued I flicked through the top one and there were pictures of men and women in sexual poses. My cock sprang to a rock hard state again. I continued leafing through the magazine and focused on the men who had enormous cocks and as I was staring at one in particular, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

    "What have you found?" asked Jim as he peered over my shoulder. "Oh! My magazines, do you find them interesting?"

    "I've never seen anything like this before and yes, I do find them interesting. These men have huge cocks, they definitely out do the guys in my gym class!" I exclaimed in astonishment.

    "Yeah! They sure are well hung, they always seem to find the men with big cocks. There's one magazine here with a black guy who has a humongous cock. Ah! Yes, here it is," said the big black man as he reached for a magazine under the pile.

    He flipped through the pages until he had found what he was looking for. The black guy's cock must have been a good 13 or 14 inches long and thick and there was a white guy on his knees licking. I was mesmerised and hadn't noticed my cock jutting outwards but Mr. Stone sure had. "Wow! Mike that's quite a bulge you're sporting there, for a boy your age!"

    "Oh! I'm sorry," I stammered as I clutched my crotch, trying desperately to cover my hard throbbing cock.

    "No need to apologise Mike, it's only human. In fact I'm pretty turned on myself, besides we're both men and no harm can come of it." I looked down at his crotch and sure enough the bulge had doubled.

    "Wow," I remarked, "you must be as big as this guy in the magazine."

    He laughed as he picked up the magazine and grasping his huge basket, he squeezed himself a few times then he turned to me an said, "I'm sure I'm not as big as this guy, maybe as thick."

    "Really! Is your cock that thick?" I enquired as I stared at his crotch.

    "Yeah! I'm about as thick as him but maybe 3" shorter," laughed Jim. "I'm not too sure. Maybe you should judge, that's if you wanna see?"

    "Oh! Yes please! I ain't ever seen a black cock up close before. Gee! would you really show me your dick?"

    "Hell yeah! I'll show you my big black dick, I'll even let you touch it if you want to," he said as he reached for the waistband of his shorts and hooking his thumbs into it, he dragged his shorts down, exposing his jockstrap that was stretched to its sweaty limit.

    I watched as he fondled his massive packet, and unconsciously stepped forwards, as he dragged his jockstrap down his bulge. As the jockstrap moved so the thick base of his cock appeared and as he freed his cock it bounced out of the restraints and hung in its semi erect state: almost 7" of thick black man cock. The shaft broadened down to the base, with a thick vein running the length of the massive member. He swung his hips making his big cock sway and slap his thighs as he watched me closely.

    "Well Mike? What do you think of my black daddy dick, is it big enough to match that picture?" he asked as his cock twitched and grew longer and thicker. I could hardly believe my eyes. This huge black man with his equally huge cock was practically stark naked in front of me and my cock was throbbing and begging for release. I squeezed and fondled myself as I stared openly at Jim's massive cock which was now 10" long and as thick as my wrist.

    "Geez! Your cock is massive, I hope mine gets to that size when I'm older," I said as I stared longingly at the beautiful big man rod throbbing in front of me.

    "Would you like to feel it?" asked Jim as he thrust his hips forwards suggestively, he then lifted his cock and with his big left hand he hefted his huge scrotum and squeezed. Two big balls appeared through the tautly stretched skin, "How's them babies?"

    "Holy shit! Your balls are gigantic. I'd sure like to have a feel, if it's okay!"

    "Go ahead, I'm all yours!" said Jim enthusiastically. I stepped forwards and grasped the thick black cock, my hand barely encircled the girth and I could feel it throb in the palm of my hand. He groaned softly as I pulled the skin backwards, drawing my hand down to the thicker base and into the bushy pubic hair. While I slowly wanked the thick black cock I reached beneath and hefted the huge hairy scrotum into my hand, it completely filled my hand to capacity

    I quickly lent forwards and licked it, dragging my tongue upwards and across the ebony shaft, and on to the swollen purple cockhead. "Aah shit! Yeah baby! Tongue it, lay some tongue on me. Work it! You're doing good!" groaned the sweating man as he thrust his cock up against my lips, across my nose and over my forehead. I instinctively opened my mouth and sucked as the big nutsac hit my lips, and found a basketball-sized daddy ball entrapped within my mouth. I sucked on it, running my tongue over it and feeling the texture of the wiry pubic hair that sparsely covered the scrotum. "Yes! Oh baby! Fuck yeah!" groaned the big black man, suck on yer big black daddy's man balls, get yer face on his fat daddy cock!"

    He pulled his purple cockhead out of my mouth while still holding my head between his hands and looked down at me. "Holy shit! That's some fuck stick you got there too boy! Fucking hell man, you've got a man size cock on your boy body. Bring it here! My mouth is watering. I've sucked some cock in college but never a kid your age that's hung like a full grown man." Jim sucked and swallowed my cock expertly and before I could stop myself my balls contracted and I was shooting jets of hot cum down his throat.

    "Oh Geez! Oh, Oh yeah! Aaaahhhh I'm cumming!" I screamed as my hips bucked uncontrollably and my pubic hair pressed against Jim's thick brown lips. "Wow kid! You sure do cum a lot. That big thick cock of yours is a tasty suck, and it's still rock hard!" exclaimed Jim as he licked his lips and the still rock hard 8" cock in front of him, catching the last dribble of boy cum as it oozed from my satisfied cock.

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