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  • The old man in the sex shop
  • I was a fairly young boy when I discovered, the paradise of freedom ofthe booths of the sex shop, maybe one of the last places of freedom that our civilization allows us.

    Forcing my fears away, I entered one of the cubicles. I put some currency in the groove and a new and wonderful world appeared before my eyes--a hand of a man caressing the soft back of a young girl, some lips kissing a neck. Then the man was touching the lips of a beautiful youth girl with short hair. A first plane of the masculine hand, caressing the interior face of the thighs, and then the man's hand were caressing the youth's chest now. But not, it cannot be, this girl had the erect nipples but she didn't have any chest. Now also a first plane of the of the man erect penis, surrounded by the girl's graceful fingers... I opened the zipper of my pants and leave in freedom my penis. But I could not play with it, it would run me.

    Now the hand ascended among the thighs and in the dimness, a masculine erect penis. The young girl was actually a young boy! I groaned in disbelief--that was impossible. It was a boy that the man caressed. Again a hand caressing that chest--definitively he was not a girl. Again the kisses! Now, yes they could be a girl and a man. I caress my sex. Now a complete plane--a man had a boy on his lap, he caresses him, he kisses him, I can distinguish clearly their two erect penises. I ejaculate without playing with myself. The coins finished and the video turns off.

    I will never forget those images. I have returned many times to those cubicles, in many cities and countries, women and men, women and women, men and men, young and less young, sometimes everything put at random, and one hundred other times I got bored, saturated of repetitions without imagination. Many times I have enjoyed but never as that first time. Well, except for the history that happened to me a few days after my first time.

    A cold morning, and a strong hangover of the Christmas party with my school friends. I could not work; I left to go downtown, looking for the cubicle of the magic images. I came in, change currencies, they had just opened up. I went up the stairways. I entered in cubicle number two. In the corridor I crossed with him, an old, high, thin man, not well dressed, clear eyes, injected in blood, wide front, skin a little smashed, half-open mouth, and big and dry lips. He looked supplicant.

    He stopped looking as I entered in the booth. I returned the head--in their face the depth of the anguish, of the desire, of the desperation... I returned, I caught his hand and dragged him toward the booth. He followed me clumsily. I sat him down in the only armchair of the booth and blocked the door.

    I had made a moment of madness, but there was no backing away now. There hardly was space for both of us. He was seated, me standing and looking at the screen. In the video, a boy and a naked girl were looking at another video, both standing. The girl was behind the boy and she was caressing the boy and both were looking as a man caressed a young boy, in the same position as them. I had an immediate erection. I dropped my pants and underwear, waiting caresses. No. I turned my face and smiling I encouraged him. Now yes. His cold hands ascending my back, under the shirt, and now for my chest, hardly rubbing. Looking for my form, as if I was a very valuable and fragile object of glass. My nipples were now erect and nearly ready to explode.

    The girl in the movie lubricated her fingers with her vaginal flow. Then she inserted herself with the boy's masculine sanctuary. The man touched with his enormous penis the young boy white ass. Now the old man caressed my legs. I opened them. A first plane of the girl's finger penetrating her boy, while she whispered something to his ear, surely about the man's scene and the young boy. The man now introduced two fingers in the boy's ass. The old man continued with his furious caresses, I was becoming crazy. My penis needed attention. But the old man seemed not to dare.

    I turned back and I caught his enormous bony hand and I took his fingers to my mouth and sucked them. Then I placed them to my crack. I wanted him to make me that that the girl was doing to the boy, and the man to the young boy. Then he understood it, and slowly and carefully he began to penetrate me with his enormous and bony fingers. In the images the girl penetrated the boy with a hand and with the other one she masturbated him. The man already had his penis inside the boy. Meanwhile my penis continued without attention. I took off my pants and I turn myself. The old man seemed a little afraid, his mouth dribbled, I thought that he was about to have a heart attach.

    I took my penis near his mouth, in close contact with his very dry lips, he opened his mouth, and he lacked a heap of teeth. I needed him to suck me. He took out his red and humid tongue and licked the tip of the precum that oozed out of the crack in the tip of my penis. I then put my penis inside his mouth. Timidly his tongue began to caress my penis. I put my hands on his head. The five pesetas skull hardly covered with some white cowlicks. I thought that the man that was sucking me had come from some ultra tomb. Some noises of the TV made me turn my head.

    The girl's first plane licking their boyfriend's masculine cunt. A first plane first plane of the young boy sucking the man's member. I turn my face, my old man was caressing his penis through the pant. I kneeled down before him, lowering his pants and the dirty and hole filled underpants. It smelled strong, but I didn't care. His incredibly enormous member, knotted full with veins, was at point of exploding, standing out of his thin and white pubic body hair. I caressed his gland adorned with a glass pearl in the tip. He began to groan very softly, it seemed strangely more like the cry of a baby. I sucked him a little bit while he caressed his enormous and hanging testicles.

    I got up, I put my ass to the height of his mouth, and his long tongue penetrated me. His rough beard of several days excited me as it brushed against the soft skin of my buttocks. He had an enormous tongue that penetrated me deeply.

    On the screen now a great cock that was not there before was fucking the girl's boyfriend, while she helped stimulate the fucking man. In the other small screen the man strolled for a luxurious house sustaining the young boy threaded in his penis. I placed myself so that the old man's penis could begin to fuck me. I worked and felt the pain as his monstrous cock entered my bowels. My leaking penis lost his erection. I moved to be more accommodating. The man was still and I felt it beat inside me. We waited a couple of minutes. I gave myself a turn and with my feet above the armchair, he entered me againin front now. I easily took him. I looked at him, he had closed his humid eyes and a couple of tears left his cheeks. My penis was hard again and I picked up some pre-seminal fluid with my fingers and wet his lips with it, he parted them.

    I felt that I was abusing of the old man. I noticed that he needed something more that sex. I caressed the skin of his unshaven face. I unfastened his shirt while I caressed his white haired chest. As I pinched his nipples, they blushed.

    I noticed for the first time that he began to move his penis in my interior, I was certain that he was very timid. I leaded and touched his lips with mine. They were half open and I put the tip of my tongue into his mouth. He opened his eyes. Then I found him beautiful, very handsome in fact. I smiled at him and be began to smile alsoalbeit a toothless one. But I now found it very handsome. I caressed his cheek with my hands and I gave him a kiss on the lips. And for the first time I spoke to him. I told him that he was a very beautiful man and that I wanted to make him happy, and that I felt very happy with his penis inside me. Now his eyes were open and he was smiling. In this way we began the dance of love, caresses, kisses, whispers of love, like a couple of adolescent lovers discovering love for their first time.

    Now it was him that kissed me passionatelyhis tongue and mine. His bony hand caught my penis and caressed it. My orgasm began while I looked into the bottom of his soul through his beautiful eyes, and he also followed my road. Some minutes later we were still together, his penis had already slid out of my interior. His eyes were again closed. He seemed really a happy man. We cleaned ourselves and dressed and before leaving and after giving him a kiss on the mouth, I told him that those moments had been the moments more happy of my life, and still I do not know if I spoke the truth.

    Then I went out of the booth and when I crossed the front entrance of our "box" the woman attendant seemed that she had heard everything. She looked at me astonished and not believing what she imagined had happeneda handsome and attractive boy and an elegant, but old decrepit, dirty and miserable man. But this is the way love goesdeep, desire, and sometimes incomprehensible.

    I never saw that man again, nor have I ever had a relationship with an old man again, but my memory keeps that morning's love making as one of the treasures of my life.

    I apologize of my English; this is my translation of a story that I originally wrote in Spanish. If you like it please write to me, I need your feed back. I have other stories in Spanish, if you can and want to translate it to English I will send them to you. you.

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