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  • A night with coach
  • That was it!

    The Eagles had just lost their tenth game of the season. Nick was sure Coach would have a stern talk to the team; if not a private talk with Tim himself, since he was the star quarterback.

    And a star he was. Everyone lusted after him. His natural athletic ability, good looks and impressive muscles combined to make him very appealing. Nick really put himself into the team and worked hard at every practice. But, what was the use if there was no one to back him up on the field?

    Nick knew he couldn't quit though. He had too much respect for Coach to do that. Coach was like a second father to Nick. And, Nick felt like he and Coach had a special bond that no one else on the team had.

    The handsome quarterback was as he was changing to go home. He was suddenly startled to hear Coach shout, "Nick, I need to see you in my office immediately."

    Nick who was wearing nothing but a jockstrap at this point obeyed Coach and followed him to his office. His two bubble-shaped butt cheeks hung out of the back of his jockstrap. They rubbed against each other with every step he took.

    "Have a seat, Nick," said Coach. "We need to talk."

    Nick sat obediently.

    "Nick, what the hell happened out there?" asked Coach. He was obviously pretty fired up. "Nick that was the most embarrassing game I've ever cached in my twenty-some years here."

    "I realize that, sir," replied Nick. "But, honestly, sir it can't be all my fault."

    "It's not, Nick," replied Coach. "But, you are a leader. Whenever you have an off game, I just get a little concerned. Come over tonight, and we can discuss the game and review some plays, kiddo. Now hit the shower."

    The coach's fingers messed Nick's hair as he excused the young man.

    Nick pulled in front of Coach's house around 8:00 p.m. that night. He knew Coach would be alone because he was still a bachelor in his mid-40s. He didn't really look like he was in his forties though.

    Through all the losing seasons, he had managed to maintain the physique he had as a football player himself. His stubble and salt and pepper hair gave him the appearance of being very wise. In Nick's eyes, this was very true.

    Nick rang the doorbell and was surprised when Coach opened the door in only a bathrobeand a very short one at that. The robe barely covered his butt. His hairy legs were must have been freezing since it appeared he'd just stepped out of the shower.

    "Please come in," said Coach as he greeted Nick with his usual pat on the back. "Can I get you something to eat? I have some pizza in the kitchen and I need to keep my boys healthy and strong." said Coach giving Nick a smile.

    Nick couldn't refuse Coach. So, he took a seat in the living room as Coach brought out a box of hot pizza and placed it on the coffee table. Nick dug in while Coach began to look for the playbook.

    "Where in the devil is that thing?" mused Coach as his foot struck the notebook on the floor. "It was right under all this time." Coach bent way over to pick it up.

    Coach's robe was so short that it revealed everything to Nick: from his hairy ass, to his giant man-piece. His meat must hang down a good eight inches or more.

    Nick was beginning to feel very excited. He'd never been attracted to men before, or so he thought. Now, he was trying hard to hide the bulge forming in his jeans.

    "Oh, I'm sorry about that," laughed Coach as he turned around. "Sometimes it's hard to keep it all in. Now, lets have a look at these plays."

    Coach sat on the couch next to Nick. Coach began to explain how the plays had gone wrong during the game. But, Nick was having a hard time focusing on the words coming out of Coach's mouth. Something much bigger was obstructing his focus. The entire time they had been talking, Coach's dick slowly started to rise until it was standing at attention.

    "Nick are you paying attention?" asked Coach.

    "Oh. Yeah, Coach," replied Nick, snapping back to attention.

    "Nick, I saw you taking peeks at my dick," said Coach

    "Butum, no you don't understand," replied Nick

    "But, I do understand. It's okay, Nick. I'm a mentor to you, almost like a father right?" inquired Coach.

    "Right," replied Nick.

    "Didn't you ever take a peek at your dad when you were little, Nick?" asked Coach.

    Nick was very embarrassed by this point.

    "You can touch it, if you would like, Nick," said Coach, while giving the boy a warm inviting smile.

    Nick's hand reached over and began to rub the head of Coach's cock. Slowly his hand moved down the shaft of Coach's penis. It was so thick. It was the most beautiful cock Nick had ever seen.

    "Nick, do you want to try something new?" asked Coach.

    "Sure," replied Nick

    Coach stripped Nick of his shirt. Slowly he laid Nick all the way back on the sofa, while commenting on his nice pecs and abs. Straddling Nick's chest, Coach's cock came to rest on Nick's luscious lips.

    "Lick it, Nick," said Coach. "Don't be afraid."

    Nick was timid at first. But, he slowly became accustomed to the foreign object and began working his tongue all over Coach's cock. Nick sucked very well for a first timer and soon had Coach in ecstasy. He sucked faster and faster, harder and harder. He even managed to deep-throat the cock, which was quite a feat considering the size of Coach's dick. Without warning, a gallon of cum flooded Nick's mouth.

    Coach then stripped of Nick's pants off and began to work on his star quarterback. Nick had a nice cock for just a young man. It was rather long, but not very thick. He played with Nick's dick in his hands and began to jack him off.

    Masturbation was familiar to Nick. But, another guy had never wacked him off before. Nick ejaculated very quickly. But, Coach didn't seem to mind, and he even licked Nick's cum-covered stomach clean.

    Coach then lifted Nick's legs, so they rested on his broad muscular shoulders. Coach began to play with Nick's virgin man-pussy. He pushed a finger into the hole, causing a yelp of pleasure from Nick. Then he inserted another finger in the hole and began to stroke Nick's prostate gland. This caused Nick to quiver. This was nothing compared to what happened next.

    Coach removed his fingers and shoved his throbbing man-piece deep into Nick's virgin hole. It was painful for the kid at first. But, the pain was soon replaced with the most pleasant feelings he'd ever felt.

    Coach fucked Nick's virgin ass until Nick was at the point of passing out in ecstasy. Coach then shot huge load in Nick's ass, as Nick's own cock shot another impressive load all over Coach's hairy chest.

    Coach removed his dick and then leaned in to kiss Nick.

    "What time do you have to be home?" asked Coach.

    "Never," replied Nick.

    "You want to experiment some more?" asked Coach, grinning widely and planting another hot kiss on Nick.

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