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  • A visit from jeremy
  • Like any other Thursday night, I was sitting in my family room watching my favorite shows. Starting with "Friends" was a ritual I have done for the past 4 years. It was the one night of the week that my computer took a rest from talking with friends on line in the chat rooms from our area.

    Just as "Will & Grace" came on, I heard the doorbell. Now, I thought to myself, just who could that be now. Earlier in the evening I had some kids from the neighborhood selling items to raise money for one club or another from the local junior high school that my youngest son attended. I always bought something from them, but I certainly wasn't going to purchase more than once.

    The dogs were going crazy as they usually did when the bell rang. I tried to quiet them as I turned on the outside light and unlocked the door. It took me a second to adjust to the light and darkness. Standing in front of me was Jeremy, a very close friend of my oldest son, Bill. This wasn't an unusual situation, as many times his friends would stop by my home looking for him before going to his mother's home, where he normally stayed.

    "Hey Mr. A," Jeremy said.

    "Hi Jeremy. Welcome home," I replied, realizing that he must have come in for the weekend from school. "Bill isn't here, Jeremy and I don't know if he will be coming home this weekend, actually," I continued as I opened the door and let him into the house.

    "Oh, I know," he said with a laugh. "Actually, he will be coming in tomorrow, if you didn't know," Jeremy offered.

    "Really? Just like him not to let me know," I joked with him, realizing it was more truth that fiction.

    "Yea, he and I are going to the homecoming dance, in case he didn't tell you."

    Well, he hadn't which was par for the course. My son and his friends were college freshman. Although they went to different schools, their network on the Internet was vast. All of them had the ability to be on line with one service or another on high-speed connections and they used them extensively. So, it didn't surprise me that he and Jeremy had made arrangements and that mom nor dad had any idea what was happening. Typical, I thought to myself.

    "So he's coming in tomorrow or tonight, Jeremy?" I queried.

    "Well, I think tomorrow since he has a big test in the morning from what he told me," he volunteered. "Actually, I have a favor, if you don't mind?"

    "Sure, Jeremy, what's up?" I asked.

    "I don't know if you have heard, but my dad was transferred to L.A.," he started. "They have already sold the house and I can't get in and I was wondering if I could spend the night here," he stated matter-of-factly.

    Well, since my home had been for the past 3 years a stomping grounds for all of Bill's friends, this wasn't something out of the ordinary. Many times Jeremy, and for that fact about 10 of Bill's friends, called this home for weekends when Bill was staying at my home, instead of his mothers.

    "You know you can, Jeremy," I told him. "This is your second home isn't it?" I said to him with a big smile on my face.

    He thanked me as we made our way down to the family room. I told him that the guestroom was open, since my youngest son wouldn't be with me over the weekend, and told him to make himself at home. We talked a while about his dad's new job, school, and just anything that came to mind. I found out some things about Bill that I hadn't heard from him, but no confidences were broken between he and Jeremy, I was sure. After about 20 minutes, Jeremy headed outside, brought in his suitcase and headed to the guest room.

    I watched him as he headed up the stairs remarking to myself how he and all of Bill's friends had grown up over the years. I had known Jeremy since he was about 8, having had him on our baseball team and just around the house all of the time. He was a quiet boy, not like some of Bill's other friends who were quite animated in everything that they did. Jeremy was more the follower, I thought, than the leader in this group. He was very intelligent and a very good athlete too.

    As I sat watching the television, I heard Jeremy heading down the stairs. As he turned the corner of the stairs into the family room, I was amazed. He was wearing nothing but a pair of bikini briefs, something that I certainly wasn't expecting. However, being gay, the site was very exciting. This 18-year-old boy, with a swimmer body, standing in front of me practically naked. You hear guys say they have a swimmer's body, but many times they don't, but in Jeremy's case, he was an all-state swimmer in high school and was competing on the collegiate level, as well.

    "Ah, Jeremy, don't you think you want to put some clothes on?" I stammered.

    Instead of answering me, he walked toward me and sat down right next to me, his naked thigh pressed tightly against mine. He looked at me and I noticed that he had a look that said he wanted to say something but was finding it difficult.

    "What's up Jeremy," I asked, actually knowing what was rising for me and from what I could tell by looking at him, what was already very hard for him.

    "Mr. A, I know you're gay, right?" he said.

    "You know that Jeremy, I have never hidden that from any of you, have I?"

    "No, you haven't," he continued. "And that is why I need to talk to you," he continued.

    Jeremy began by telling me that since he went to college, he has had some fantasies about some of the guys on the team. He told me he wondered what it was like for two guys to be together. Basically, from what he was telling me, he was very curious about male/male sex.

    "Jeremy," I began. "A lot of guys wonder about that from time to time. Many act on it and some just continue wondering throughout their lives."

    "I know, but I really would like to find out. These guys are really turning me on in the shower and my roommate....WOW!"

    He told me about his roommate and how he would parade around the room totally naked all the time. And he also said that if he got aroused, he wouldn't hide it. My first thought was if he thought that his roommate was gay and was trying to see what Jeremy's reaction was. He admitted that he wondered the same thing, but was afraid to ask or do anything in the event he was wrong.

    I understood what Jeremy was saying. If he made a move toward his roommate and it turned out he was just that way, then it could compromise Jeremy's thoughts. Then he was afraid that he would be branded in the straight social order of the school.

    "Well, you do know, Jeremy, that the Internet now days is very much a cruising and pick-up medium," I offered.

    "Yes, but that too scares me," he admitted. I concurred with him having heard many stories, especially about younger guys, being lured to a gay-bashing encounter.

    "Ah, Mr. A....Ahh...I was wondering..." Jeremy started to say.

    "Wondering what, Jeremy?" I finally asked him. "You know that I have many times told you guys that I would be glad to talk to you about anything and help you with anything. You all are very special people in Bill's life, therefore, in mine."

    "This isn't exactly easy," he said. "But, I would like to have sex with a guy I trust, rather than someone off the net."

    Chills went up and down my spine at that comment. I suddenly realized what was happening - him coming down in his briefs and sporting a very hard cock. Something that I never realized was the fact that my being gay had possibly opened up a familiarity with some of Bill's friends.

    I also hadn't realized that my own reaction was quite evident. My cock was hard and was very pronounced in my jeans. "Jeremy, are you asking me to be that person?" I muttered.

    He answered, not by words, but by placing his hand on my thigh and easing it up to my hard cock. I sat there frozen not knowing what to do. My mind was racing with many emotions. First in my mind was that here I was with this very attractive young man who I had to admit to myself that I found exciting and very sexy. My second thought was that if this were not Bill's good friend and I had met him somewhere on line or at a bar, I would probably be the aggressor, since I had a passion for younger guys. Third was the fact that this was my son's good friend that I had known since he was a grade school student and that doing something would be wrong.

    As he massaged my cock through my jeans, these thought rambled through me. "Jeremy, this isn't right," I managed to say.

    "Why, Mr. A?" he asked. "All I'm asking is to experience something with someone I know and trust. I know you won't hurt me and I know that no one will ever know anything that might happen," he continued. "Didn't you always say that we could talk to you about anything?"

    "Well, yes, Jeremy," I said. "Talk, yes. Do, well that is different"

    "Mr. A," Jeremy suddenly said with a determined tone. "I want you to show me what it is like to be with a man. I don't know if I'm gay, curious, bi-sexual, or straight and I don't have the balls to ask anyone else. You have always been there to help all of us and that is all I am asking now."

    I certainly couldn't argue what I had said in the past. I didn't want to be a hypocrite, but at the same time, this was something I had never imagined could happen.

    As I thought about what to do, I guess my body took over from my mind. Jeremy was rolling my cock in his hand through my jeans and was now using his other hand to unzip them. The feeling he was giving me was fantastic. I found my hand on his chest just squeezing one of his hard nipples. As we sat there without saying anything, I realized that this was something he wanted and had to admit to myself that it would be very exciting and pleasurable for me as well.

    After all, I justified, he is making the first move. And my second thought again surfaced in my mind. If Jeremy were any other young 18-year-old that I met on the net and had over, I wouldn't be fighting this at all. With that, my hand moved down his stomach as we both began to play with each other's hard cock.

    "Jeremy, no one...." I began to say, but was stopped with his mouth covering mine in a very passionate kiss. That is all it took for me to respond. I placed my arms around Jeremy, pulled him over toward me and our tongues began to battle. He was very passionate, not at all timid in his kiss. It made me believe that he definitely had this all thought out prior to coming here tonight.

    He began to unsnap my jeans and continued to pull down my zipper. At the same time, I lifted myself up off the couch and was standing in front of him, our mouths still locked in a kiss. As he began to remove my pants down my thighs, quite adeptly I may add, my hard cock sprang out of its confines of the jeans. As I never wear underwear, he was presented with what he had made so stiff.

    He gasped as my cock was pointing straight at him and broke our kiss. He looked at my cock as if he had never seen a penis before.

    "Man!" he exclaimed.

    "I'm not that hung," I kidded.

    "No, I mean I have never seen another guy hard. Well, not this close," he said.

    He reached out slowly and grabbed my cock. As he did, I put my hands under his arms and helped him stand and began to remove his bikini briefs for him. There wasn't much to remove, but when they were off, I could see his young hard cock, which was now plastered against his tight stomach.

    I reached out and began to roll the head of his cock in my fingers. It was so hard and felt so good to me. It had been a long time since I had had a young cock like his in my hands. He began to mimic what I was doing to him with my cock. We stood there as the body heat we were generating began to rise even further.

    I took a small step back, grabbed his hard cock in my hand and took mine as well. I placed them together and began to roll them. The heads of our cocks rubbed together and I could feel the pre-cum that he was oozing at that moment. It helped to lubricated what was happening and I realized if I didn't stop, he would cum rather quickly.

    Our cocks fit rather well in this manner. I, myself, was nearly 7 _ inches long and it appeared that Jeremy was very close to that length. I was amazed at how hard he was, but then again, he was only barely legal, I thought to myself. And, with that thought, I also realized that at his age, if he did cum, it wouldn't take him long to rejuvenate himself so that he could again. So, I continued to stroke our cocks together and with my other hand, reached down and massaged our balls at the same time.

    Jeremy's head fell back and he made a few moaning sounds. I thought that maybe he was cumming, but then realized that he was just enjoying what was happening to him very much. This new feeling was something he was taking in, slowly, but assimilating it with his own thoughts.

    All of a sudden I felt his balls tighten. I was experienced enough to know that in a few short seconds, he would explode. I began to move my hand more rapidly to provide more friction between our cocks. The pre-cum flowing even more pronounced between us suddenly gave way to a shot that hit me, not only on my forehead, but flooded my chest with young boy juice.

    I began to slow down my strokes, but wasn't about to stop, knowing that he wasn't finished with what he was providing me. For about 15 seconds he kept shooting smaller spurts of sperm and then more seeped out of him all over my hand. I hadn't been covered in this much cum in a long time, but it was a pleasurable experience for me and for him, I could tell.

    As he stepped back from me, I used my finger to take some of his juice off of my chest. I put it in my mouth and savored the sweet/salty taste of Jeremy. He looked shocked at me that I was tasting his cum. I took a great deal of it in my mouth, leaned down and began to kiss him. I was sharing his own bodily juice with him. At first, he resisted a bit, but without much prodding and silent assurance from me that it was okay for him to do this, he used his tongue to taste himself.

    As we broke our kiss and embrace, he looked at my cock still hard. "You know, I have never jacked off another guy, Mr. A," he said. "Do you mind?"

    "You think I'm going to stop you Jeremy after what just happened?" I laughed. "Let me lay down here on the couch and it is all yours," I finished as I made a move toward the couch.

    As I lay there, I decided to let Jeremy experiment with my cock and his new-found interest. Whatever he was to do, as long as it didn't hurt me, I would let him. I figured that at 18, he knew pretty much what it was all about, but since he hadn't done anything like it before, might need to just fumble through some various trial and error methods.

    Jeremy grabbed hold of my hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. He was looking at it is and examining it very closely. I was cut, but he was watching the little foreskin that I did have move up and down over the base of the head. He took his other hand and began to roll my balls in his fingers. He looked at me as I smiled back at him assuring him that he was doing fine.

    He then took both of his hands and began to rub my cock between them, like you would roll some clay. I hadn't had that done to me like that in many years. My mind raced back to when I was 8 or 9 and masturbated like that because my dick was to small to grab in one hand. It was dejavu, for sure.

    "What are you doing?" I asked.

    "Well, just trying something different," he said. "I remember when I was younger I used to jack off like this," he offered.

    I smiled as I thought that his youth and mine were no different. We each had personal experiences that we shared, but didn't know it. Maybe this method was pretty typical of a young boy learning to please himself. Admittedly, this was the first time this had happened with another in my life like this, but my logical mind told me that others had done the same.

    The sensations that Jeremy was providing were intense. I reached out and grabbed his cock, which again was hard. I just wanted to play with him as he did what he wanted to with me. I could feel myself getting close to an ejaculation, but didn't say anything. Again, I wanted Jeremy to experience things himself and get to know the reactions to expect of others.

    He sped up his hand motions on my cock. My hips began to move upward and downward more rapidly. Suddenly, he took one hand off of my cock and placed it back onto my balls and the other wrapped around the shaft and began to stroke quickly. He did realize what was happening, I concluded as I shot a load onto his hand.

    My ejaculation wasn't as much as his was. Being a bit older might have been the reason, but I believed that the volume of sperm produced by him was because of the excitement and novelty of what had happened to him. He began to stroke slower and slower as I came, knowing that he had reached his goal.

    Astonishingly, he bent down, took his tongue and licked up the cum that had made a small pool on my stomach. Then, as I had done, came up to my mouth and kissed me to share his prize with me. We both still had hold of each other's cock as this happened. We both were very secure in one another's arms.

    After about 5 minutes, Jeremy broke the silence. "Do I have to sleep in the guestroom, Mr. A?" he asked.

    "What? Where do you want to sleep?" I questioned him, knowing what his answer would be.

    "Can't I sleep with you?"

    I smiled and nodded yes. I already had decided to ask him if he wanted to, but he had beaten me to the question. I got up off the couch and went up to let the dogs out for the last time of the evening.

    Jeremy followed me to the kitchen then made his way up to the guestroom. I heard him doing something up there, probably unpacking some things he needed. As I made my way to my room, I opened the door and there, sprawled on my bed, naked and again hard, was Jeremy.

    "What else can you teach me," he asked with a smirk while waving his hard cock at me. "I haven't done much, but what I have so far, I really like," he added.

    What a dilemma I thought to myself. Here I was with a young hard hot stud (excuse all the adjectives but they definitely fit him) begging me to please him. On the other hand, he was a friend of my son's and I didn't want to jeopardize that either.

    But, I thought, what the hell. We had just made each other cum and he is asking for more. Who am I to refuse such a request? We'll see how the night progresses, I guess.

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