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  • Dads nasty boy
  • My name is Josh, I'm 18, fresh out of high school and your typical boy-next-door type. Except for one little thing, and that is I'm a nasty Daddy's Boy. I mean it, a real cock sucking, ass licking, daddy's boy. My favorite way to get off is having Dad sit on my face and masturbate me while I eat out his smelly hole. I just can't get enough of his butt-stink. Give me a stinky, un-washed daddy ass and I am one happy boy. But let's back up a bit and I'll tell you how all this came to be.

    About a year ago, the start of my junior year summer vacation. The school year had been great. I had filled out, gained some muscle weight and stood 5' 10". Those nights at the gym had now really paid off. Even I had to admit I was a damn good-looking kid, but I had a secret. As I was coming into adulthood, I was also coming to terms with 'coming out' and really needed an adult figure I could talk to. My Mom was out of the question and I figured my Dad would hit the roof if he found out I was a homo. Having no brothers or sisters, there was no one I could talk to. The one person I felt I could talk to was actually a fantasy man for me. He was also one of my Dad's best friends, golfing partner and our family doctor. He is a big thick built man, about mid 40's, salt and pepper hair with a big thick moustache also going gray. Doctor Miller was the subject of many masturbation sessions. I even kept a journal on my computer with some of my masturbation fantasies about Doctor Miller, a physical examination and myself in one of those special chairs with stirrups. My ass fully exposed, and the doctor putting on one of those white rubber gloves. Some nights I would go back and read over my journal while masturbating. In my fantasy, the doctor is fingering my hole and stroking my cock. He enters two, then three fingers in my ass, really getting me hot. He notices and stops stroking my cock. "We don't want you to cum too soon boy," he says, continuing to play with my hole. I wiggle my ass trying to get more of his fingers up in me. "I can see you are a horny little boy," he says. "But I think you want something a bit bigger up there, don't you boy?" And that's where the fantasy ends. I never have finished the story because I always cum right before he sticks his hard cock up my hole. I can only imagine what he looks like naked (except for the glove) or what it is like to suck his cock. Perhaps someday I will. But for now it's just a fantasy saved in word file on my computer, ready to get me off anytime.

    Not being 'out' or going to the clubs there were very few places a young boy could go to meet any men, much less older ones. Meeting guys on-line seemed scary so I stayed away from that scene. I had been to a local bookstore a few times and even talked to few men I thought were pretty hot. On any given night, at some point while talking and pretending to look at videos I'd get invited to come home with someone or just go for a drive. I'd always get real shy, freak out, and run home to masturbate with thoughts of having sex with them. And so, I was still a virgin.

    Whenever Mom was out of the house for a while, Dad took the opportunity to dress down a bit and wear little to nothing while indoors. Doc Miller was my ideal fantasy, but lately, more and more, my thoughts would turn to my father while masturbating. I began to look at my Dad as a sexual object. After all, he had recently grown a thick moustache himself, which I thought was real hot and sexy. I'm a sucker for facial hair. One morning I saw him in the kitchen, wearing only his briefs and his moustache. I stood there a moment, taking in his hairy masculinity. Looking at his bulge I felt my cock twitch, so I coughed to get his attention and announce myself. That way I knew I wouldn't get busted staring at him. I also knew it was incest to be sexual with my father, but I didn't care, it was only fantasy. It didn't feel wrong like I thought. In fact, it felt very natural, this growing urge inside me to suck my fathers cock and drink down his thick creamy cum. I wanted to suck on his nipples and sniff out his funky asshole. About a year ago, I discovered how much of a turn on man smells are. I would smell my own jock while thinking of sticking my nose up the doctor's asshole. Eventually, it was my dad's hole I was sniffing in my fantasy. Sometimes, my fantasy was where Dad would take me to the doctor for a annual check-up. Only this time Dad stays in the examination room with us. He and the doctor start to talk about my sexual development and what a fine young man I'm becoming. Doctor Miller mentions how nicely my cock has grown and that I'm gonna give my Dad some competition soon. Rubbing his swollen crotch, the doctor loosens his tie and begins to undress. Then comes the glove part, only dad is now rubbing his crotch, watching his son get fingered by the family doctor. The Doc says that I shouldn't be the only one enjoying myself and suggests that I suck my father's cock. I cum in the doctors hand, dad cums in my mouth and the doctor jerks off cumming all over us. When I was done masturbating I would feel real good, but oh so guilty about having these thoughts. I tried my best to ignore them, images of what my Dad's hairy hole looked like, kept popping in my mind. Most men think of sex every six seconds. I was thinking about my Dad's hot asshole every three seconds.

    A few weeks later Mom was going out of state with some girlfriends on a junket to Vegas, leaving Dad and me alone for three whole days. I was in my room, on the computer looking at an older men porn site and stroking my cock. I hadn't thought to close my bedroom door, and assumed my Dad was still in the shower, so it startled me when he asked me what I was doing. He was standing in my doorway naked and toweling dry. I had to do a double take. He was thick and muscular, a very hairy salt and pepper chest. Between his legs hung a big, beautiful, circumcised penis with a huge mushroom head. (just like myself only bigger) This was the first time I'd seen him completely nude. I was so completely transfixed on his cock that he had to call my name three times before I answered him. "Josh! What's wrong son, never seen a grown man's cock before?" "Uh, sure dad," I stammered. "I was just deep in thought, that's all." My cock was again starting to get hard in my briefs and I quickly turned away from Dad. In doing so, I bumped the computer mouse, and clicked it exposing an entry page to a gay porn site. I was horrified and tried to close the window, my cock getting harder by the moment. "I see what your deep in thought about son, so I think I'll leave you alone." I was completely speechless and I'm sure beet red with embarrassment. After a few very awkward, silent moments I turned and looked up to see him smiling at me with just the towel hanging around his neck. I couldn't help but look down at his cock. I was too freaked-out to be sure, but I swear his cock was growing as he stood there. He looked own, and pulling the towel from his neck, put it around his waist. Dad told me he would be gone most of the day playing golf. He paused again with a smirk on his face, turned and walked away.

    I decided that it was best to let Dad leave the house before I came out of my room. The image of my father's cock was burned into my brain. I was still horny but way to shaken up to concentrate on anything of a sexual nature. My Dad had just busted me looking at a gay adult website and didn't say anything. Wondering if he really noticed what type of web site I was looking at, I went to the garage to get my stash, roll up joint and smoke it out back. I really needed to relax. I smoked pot pretty regularly, but never inside the house and I certainly didn't hang with the stoners in school. I liked to smoke by myself mostly and get inside my own head. It also made me very horny. The smoke soon took its effect and my mind began to fantasize as I walked back in the house. Was my Dad cool enough to understand that I'm gay? Or was I in trouble and Dad was just waiting for a better time to talk to me. I was good kid overall and hadn't been punished in years. The last time I was punished I was 12 and it was good old-fashioned spanking. Suddenly I felt a tingle in my cock as I imagined myself draped over my Dads knee, pants pulled half way down and my bare butt exposed. My cock got harder and now I was high and horny enough to finish what I had started before my Dad walked in on me earlier. On the way to my room I got side tracked and decided to check out my parents room. It wasn't often they were both out of the house with me all alone. They have a huge bedroom with separate closets and dressing areas. I walked over to my Dad's side and began to look around. I was really high and snooping, and it felt good. It was an unwritten rule in our house and just basically understood to respect each others privacy. I was being a bad boy and knew it. Suddenly the thoughts of Dad spanking me returned. I imagined that Dad had caught me snooping and was furious. My cock sprang to full mast and I started to rub myself through my briefs. I pulled down the back of my briefs exposing my ass. I raised my hand and slapped my right cheek causing a sting and my cock to get even stiffer. "Oh Daddy, I've been a bad boy," I said aloud, surprising myself. What was going on in my head? Did I really want to be spanked by my Dad? Was I Daddy's bad little boy? All I knew for sure was I was horny as hell imagining my Dad's naked body I had seen earlier. Stiff cock in hand now, I kept on looking around. Again I smacked myself. "Yes Daddy, I'll be a good boy from now on. I promise," I moaned loudly, loving the sting on my ass. God, what a horny little boy I am I thought as I continued to snoop around, not really sure what I was looking for, nor what I might find. I noticed Dad's hamper and walked over to it. A manly funky kind of smell hit my nostrils as I stood over it. I recognized it from my own funky gym clothes, and even so this new intoxicating smell wasn't mine, it was all male. I didn't think it possible but my cock got even harder and rushed with blood making my mushroom head grow even bigger. I bent down and started to dig through Dads dirty clothes. I came across a pair of his briefs and froze. My head filled with nasty thoughts as I raised them to my face so I could smell them better. The aroma of my Dad's dirty, sweaty, funky crotch almost made me shoot my load right there. I was drunk with lust, lust for my Dad. Taking his funky underwear with me, I walked back to my room. I removed my underwear and jumped on my bed for a wild masturbation session, with all these new horny thoughts of Dad in my mind. Going with the moment and the reality that I had just stolen a pair of my Dad's underwear, I began to fantasize about what a bad boy I really was and how much I really needed a spanking to learn my lesson. I pulled the briefs over my head, putting the crotch area right over my nose. I breathed in the funk as I stroked on my cock. It was a combination of sweat, piss and my Dads ass-crack. I began to imagine what it would be like to sniff his hairy, funky asshole. Then the idea of licking and tasting Dad's crack entered my thoughts. I reached up, stuffed the crotch into my mouth and sucked the material for any flavor I could get. I was overwhelmed by the sharp, bitter flavor and immediately shot my load all over my chest, neck, head and Dads underwear. Feeling very exhausted, I just laid there, his briefs still over my face, breathing hard, smelling and tasting Dad's funk as my cock softened. I was hooked and I knew it. From now on, Dad would be the subject of all my masturbation fantasies. I was also determined to find a way to sniff, lick and eat out his hairy hole. I had to devise a plan that would present the opportunity for us to be alone. I got up off my bed and removed his underwear from my head. Once again my thoughts returned to licking Dads hole as I went to his room to return his underwear. My cock was again getting stiff and ready for round two when I froze in horror. My Dad's hamper was now empty. How could that be, I thought. It was full just 20 minutes ago. Had Dad come home and started a load of laundry while I was beating off? And my door wasn't closed. Then I realized that with his briefs over my head, I couldn't see him anyway. Oh my God. Was I busted again? And in that position? Oh fuck!

    Slowly, I crept out of my parents room not sure if he was even in the house. Not wanting to get caught face to face I decided to just creep around and check things out. Peering out the window I saw no cars in the driveway, but I did notice that the washer was indeed going. There was a note on the washer which read, "Came home to start a load of clothes. I found you to be busy so I didn't want to interrupt you." Fuck! Busted again. Shit! How fucking embarrassing is that? I continued reading. "The load washing is colors, please put them in the dryer and start a load of whites, including the briefs you borrowed. Thanks, love Dad." I was speechless. My Dad had busted me beating off not once, but twice and now with his underwear over my head and half in my mouth. I'm sure he saw it all. I went back to my room wondering if he was mad and if he would punish me. That familiar tingle returned to my cock with thoughts of me bare-assed over his knee, waiting for the hand to fall. I drifted off to sleep a happy boy. When I woke, it was dark outside and the only light I saw was in the hallway outside my room. Looking out the window, I saw my Dad's car and a car I'd never seen before. Still naked from this afternoon, I put on some sweat pants and a t-shirt. He must have company I thought as I made my way downstairs, forgetting all about this afternoons earlier events. "Hi Son," Dad said as I entered the living room. "Have good nap? I hope so, because we've got some company tonight." "Who Dad?" I said, just as Doctor Miller came into the room from the kitchen holding two beers. "Hi Josh," said Doctor Miller. He handed me a beer first then one to my Dad and went to get another for himself. I looked at my Dad for his approval about having a beer and asked if the Doctor was here for dinner. My Dad just smiled and said, "No son, he's here to help me out with something, something that's been on my mind for a while. In fact, he's here to help us both out," he said taking a drink from his beer. "Just relax and have few beers with the men tonight son. Your Mom is away for the weekend, it's the end of your school year and I think we're all going to have a good time." Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I spun around to find the Doctor holding his beer and wearing only a smile. Looking back at Dad, he too was taking off his clothes. My mind began to race again. Why was Dad getting undressed to? Did this have something to do with this afternoon? Was I going to be punished? Why was our doctor here...and naked? Why was my cock getting hard? At least that was one question I could answer, I was in the same room with two big hairy men. I couldn't help but get hard. "Get undressed son, and have seat over there," said Dad.

    I would really like to hear from all you horny daddies out there. I love to exchange hot stories about daddy/boy sex. Write to me and I'll send you a link to my profile and some very hot boy cock pictures. I also love to get pictures of hot daddy cock in return, so I have new stuff to masturbate with.

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