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  • The night my cuz nephews had me
  • It was a Saturday night. All the way through chores Timmy was asking me if I was going anywhere tonight.

    "I was thinking about going to the store. You want to come along, you might find it very interesting."

    "No, you go, Uncle. I am tired and I want to go to bed. But you can wake me up when you get home though."

    "Oh, I promise I will. You know how I love that sweet ass of yours." He turned and gave me a wiggle and off he went to finsh up his chores.

    I got dressed and off I went to the store. This wasn't just any type of store, it had glory holes in the bathroom. There was always someone there to get sucked or fucked. As soon as I went inside the both and sat down I heard the door open next to me. I looked threw the hole and seen he had all his clothes off. I was also naked.

    I had a hardon and was setting there playing with it when all of sudden this voice asked me if I wanted to get fucked.

    "Sure I do."

    "Well then back your ass up to the hole then." As soon as I backed up to the hole I felt him put some lube on my hole. Then I felt him start to enter me. God it felt so big but so dam good.

    As he was fucking me he was asking me how I liked it. "Oh great fuck me more and deeper." Then he gave one big push and in it went. I let out a groan.

    "You do like it don't you?"

    "Yes, I do."

    "Well I have a surprise for you then James."

    I thought how the hell does he know my name but I blew it off.

    All at once I felt him get harder and I felt him cum inside of me. As soon as he stopped cumming, he said, "Don't pull off yet. I have more to give you."

    "I can't hold off much longer."

    "Hold it, here it comes." Then I felt him pissing in me. I shot my load all over the floor.

    Then as soon as I pulled off of him he got dressed and left. I sat there for awhile to dump out the load and get myself dressed and off I went for home.

    When I walked in the door Timmy greated me.

    "Well I thought you were going to bed."

    "I am but I have this surprise just for you, Uncle."


    "You have to take a shower first."

    "But I already took one."

    "Yeah, go take another one, OK?"

    "Ok, I will."

    As soon as I got into the shower the door flew open and there stood Peter, Tom, Billy, Timmy, all naked and ready to go a few rounds.

    "Well, well what do I have here?"

    In they all hopped. I am glad I installed a extra big shower.

    "Sit down, Uncle, we are going to give you a shower, a gloden shower that is."

    So they preceded to piss all over me. Then Peter said, "Bend over, I have somthing for you." Then he stuck his cock inside of me and let it flow deep in my ass. As did Timmy and Billy. Then Tom let loose, too, but he was so turned on he came in me first then he pissed inside of me. I was so full I had to let it loose.

    As I was dumpping it Peter got behind me and let me shoot it all over him.

    As I was shooting the cum and piss out of me, Timmy came around and stuck his cock in my mouth. "Suck it, Uncle, make me cum." Then he shot his load.

    Billy said, "Move over. Let me have him suck my cock till I cum in your fucking mouth."

    It didn't take much for Billy to shoot.

    Tom was all primed up again and he pushed Billy away so he could have my mouth also and he shot. Then I was all done dumping and Peter came around and stuck his cock in my mouth. By this time I was so hot and leaking. Just then I felt someone sucking my balls. Then I felt someone suckin my cock. I was working on Peter's cock when I felt someone fucking my ass. Then Peter let loose and just then I let loose of my load. Then Tommy

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