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  • My vacation to manhood
  • Opening:

    To begin with, I lived with my family in Fort Worth Texas for a time. Very often we would takes trips across country as we loved traveling. Because our travels became frequent, my parents decided to invest in a camping trailer. We took many trips in this trailer and the trip involving this story occurred , when we decided to take a trip to California to see some relatives. This is an account of the events during that trip.

    Day 1

    We departed from Fort Worth Texas heading toward El Paso to see the sights there. It was a long drawn out drive from what I can remember. I sat up front with my Dad, while my mom sat in the back with the baby. They had both fallen asleep during the long drive, leaving my father and I to keep each other company.

    My Dad was an attractive man in those days, he was a good ol' Texas man. He loved his fishing, hunting and working on cars like the rest of the men in my family. He was a real man's man, built like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. He had short cropped dark brown hair and a trimmed but full mustache mounted on his upper lip. Recently he had retired from the military and we took this trip, more or less to find a new place to settle.

    When we traveled on long trips he usually wore a white tee-shirt with cut off arms. I remember looking at his well developed body and wishing I had more muscle on my arms. I also enjoyed seeing his dark hair peek from under his arm and poke out through the opening. At some point, I would usually glance over at his crotch and marvel at what looked like to be something substantial.

    It was during one of my crotch staring episodes that my dad caught me looking from behind my pretending to be asleep eyes.

    "Hey boy, you awake?" he asked in his gruff sort of voice, quietly enough not to disturb the others.

    "Yes, Sir, I'm awake," I answered. Panic at first gripped me as I was sure he knew what I was looking at, but he didn't mention it.

    "Looks like you're starting to tent up boy," he said.

    At first I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about until he shifted his gaze toward the tower in my shorts. An instant furry of bright red began to overcome my face. I shifted and squirmed to try to hide my hardening member from his view. At the time, I didn't even realize I was hard, due mainly to the fact that it was like that at many times during those days and I was just so used to it. I also never thought my dad would notice, let alone say anything about it. I was completely startled to say the least.

    My dad, who had obviously sensed my discomfort at being caught, laughed it off and said, "It's nothing to be ashamed of boy, I used to spring those all the time when I was your age." After that, nothing more was said for a while. My dad listened to his country music while I, still shocked beyond speech, looked intently out the window avoiding his direction as best I could.

    In a way, what he said made me feel good. I liked the fact that he, too, used to get erections just as I had. I felt like we had some common ground now. I also remember feeling turned on by the whole event afterwards. My dad had seen and commented about my dick being hard. That was thrilling to say the least.

    At the end of the first day we made it to El Paso and stopped at a camping trailer park. We each took our showers, which took a long time because we only had one. It was about 11pm when we all got to bed finally. Once everyone else was in bed, I started thinking about my dad catching me hard and rubbed myself, imagining that he was telling me to pull it out and stroke it for him.It didn't take long and I shot a good bit that night. I slipped off to quite sleep not thinking anything more about it. Little did I know what the next day would bring...


    Day 2

    We left from El Paso around noon time and start to drive toward New Mexico. Pretty much the same boring drive, but the scenery did start to change a bit, which excited me. We started to see more open spaces and more sand than before. We stopped along the way a few times and visited some of the sites, caves, caverns and that kind of stuff.

    As the evening approached, we selected a nice camping site at which to stay. It was nearly 8pm before we got everything hooked up. I was just exploring the park in my usual way, when I noticed a big bathroom on the property.

    I entered it, to see what was inside and I discovered they had 3 shower stalls. No one was using it at the time, to my disappointment. I noticed that it smelled like the public showers at school. It's not really a bad smell, it's just a weird kind of smell, like chlorine, sweat and something else ... humm?

    After admiring the bathroom for a minute, I headed back to the camper. My mom was taking a bath and my dad was sitting at the table watching T.V. I gave him my report on the park, telling him they had a game room and this one even had showers. He looked up briefly and suggested we give try them out. He said he wanted us to hurry and get a shower so we could start grilling out. At first I was hesitant, but then I decided it would be o.k. since the showers had saloon style doors, which would allow me some privacy.

    When we arrived at the showers, towels in hand, the place was still empty. It was much darker out by this time and the lights inside the shower room were somewhat dim, in a depressive sort of way. My Dad stepped into the shower for a second and got the water running. I began to step into the adjacent shower, but before I had a chance to turn on the water, my dad said, "Come on son, let's shower together; no use taken up two."

    I didn't know what to say and although I was embarrassed by the thought of being seen naked by my father, my curiosity in seeing him in the buff was just too tempting. Within seconds my dad had taken off his clothes and stepped into the shower. I think he noticed my discomfort, so he reassuringly said, "It's alright son, don't be shy. You don't have nothin I haven't seen before."

    I took off my shirt, and took off my shorts and then finally, reluctantly removed my boxers. I remember looking down at my cock, and praying that it would not get hard. When I entered the stall my dad was facing the shower nozzle, but as I entered he turned around and gave me a big smile. Almost instinctively and without being able to stop myself my eyes shot down toward his crotch.

    Having never seen a grown man naked before the experience dazzled me. I felt like I was in a really good dream. I also felt a closeness and intimacy developing with my father that I never knew existed. (It also aroused me bit). After my initial astonishment had faded, I regained my composure and quickly looked away, too quickly I'm afraid. My dad seemed to notice and told me not to be ashamed to look at his body.

    "Son, if you want to look, go right ahead. I know you're curious about what another guy looks like and it natural and nothin to be ashamed about."

    Inside a quiet relief had taken over, my fears of being thought of as a pervert had abated and I had free reign to admire as much as I wanted. What a relief!

    My dad turned toward me at and looked at me in loving sort of way. I smiled back and we laughed together. I also began to notice how my dad's gaze shifted toward my lower regions and began to inspect me all over. Apparently he was as curious as I was, but made no attempt to hide his interest. He looked at my body from head to toe as if he had every right to do so; after all, he was the one that made me, so in a way I guess he was just admiring his creation.

    I was an attractive youth, dark brown hair covered my head, just as his. My body was slender and some my muscles had developed nicely. I had some hair around my pubic region, some under my arms and even some on my balls. My manhood too had finally matured a bit. In a way I guess I could have felt exposed or violated by his penetrating gaze, but I just felt really proud that he liked looking at me, plus it stimulated me.

    I also continued to look at him, since all was fair game at this point. He smiled at me during my examination of him and did not try to turn away from my sight. If fact I think he even spread his legs a little, so I'd have a better view of his equipment. I looked at his flaccid cock and was amazed by not only the size, but by the hair that surrounded it. I could only imagine how monstrous it would have been if it had been erect. His nuts were large, too, and hairy. They looked like two large woolly eggs.

    As I continued to examine him, he began to wash under his arms, lifting them high and exposing 2 vast crevices of underarm hair. Armpits have always excited me because it represented manhood in my mind. In gym class I was always very envious of the boys that had a full bloom of underarm hair. It showed a sign of maturity that I so longed for.

    At this point he handed me the soap and told me to wash under my arms too. I lifted my arms up and washed under them. He looked at me while I washed and he watched me soap down the rest of my body, while I avoiding my crotch at all cost. The initial fear and embarrassment of the situation had helped me to maintain control over getting aroused, but I knew touching it now would undermine my efforts. Dad apparently noticed my avoidance.

    "Don't forget to wash those jewels boy, you gotta keep them nice and clean all the time." I didn't go immediately to that section, not wanting to blow my cover. My dad seemed to sense my hesitation and grabbed the soap from me. "Like this son," he said. He took the soap and made a lather in his hands and then started to rub it all over his cock and balls. He didn't try to do it softly or subtlety, in fact he did it very explicitly, so I could get a good idea of what his was talking about. He insisted that I watch him clean himself. His balls flapped and jiggled around as he washed underneath them. Then he took his dick in hand and washed it meticulously, encircling the head with his fingers and rubbing down the long shaft, not missing an inch, or about eight inches actually.

    At this point, my attempts at maintaining a soft rod, began to waver. My cock started to grow to the semi-erect state ... not to the point of sticking straight out, as it does on full, but just enough to make a noticeable difference. I was sure my dad was going to say something about it, as he did in the car, but nothing was said to my relief. He just continued to wash himself and then rinse.

    "Now it's your turn son," he said. He handed me the soap and watched as I lathered up my hands. I started on my balls thinking it would be the safest place to start. He eyed me intently as I began to clean myself. I caressed myself cautiously and tried not the make the situation inflate (literally).

    Once I go to my cock however, the battle was lost. Just the anticipation of washing my cock as my dad's observant eyes watched, made me grow even more erect. I rubbed myself delicately and tried not to become fully erect in front of him.

    "Son, you're not going to get it clean like that," he said in a sort of impatient voice. With that he grabbed the soap and lathered his hand quickly. Without as much as a word, he reached down and began to wash my dick and balls as he had his own. Bristly and thoroughly. He started with my balls washing each one as if it were a diamond, carefully but firmly. Then he washed my now completely hard cock. He worked his hand up and down, making sure he got the ring around the head with his thumb and his index finger.

    I jerked a little when he first grabbed it, having never felt another mans touch before, but it didn't discourage him in anyway. He was a man with a mission, to show me how to clean myself. "You've gotta make sure you clean yourself completely boy. You can get infections if you don't, understand," he said in a firm voice.

    "Yes Sir," I uttered, now flushing full red once again. He didn't say anything about my throbbing member at this point. "Wash my back son" he asked in a soft tone, as he handed me back the soap.

    I began to make a lather and I washed his back as best I could. I stopped right before I got to his ass crack, at which point he thanked me, took the soap and washed his ass and his crack in my full view.

    "Turn around son, and I'll get you." I turned around and faced the saloon style doors while my dad washed my back, firm strokes up and down with his rough hands, making sure I got exceptionally clean. Once he got to my lower back, I presumed he would stop, but he didn't. He proceeded to wash my butt and my lower legs with the same severity and thoroughness.

    My cock was in constant agony and at its fully erect state wanting some vindication. I didn't even dare look at it, pretending rather that it wasn't there. Then unexpectedly, my dad worked his hand between my butt crack and started to wash me.

    At that point, I said, "Dad, I can do that."

    I began to feel a little violated, but my dad just said, "I just want to make sure you know how to clean yourself right boy. It's important for a man to take care of himself and his body."

    He continued to clean my crack for another minute. It was an odd sensation, one that I had never felt before. He had put his hand in the upper regions of my crack and even rubbed a finger gently along my sphincter, which made me thrust forward a bit. He finally stopped and told me I need to rinse off.

    I got into the stream of the shower and he moved the aim of the shower nozzel to hit all the soapy areas. He aimed it straight at my cock, washing all the soap (mixed with precum) off of my fully erect member. He seemed to enjoy washing the soap off my body.

    "Turn around son," he said, as he shifted the nozzel down to rinse off my butt. "Bend over a little son and spread your cheeks so I can get all soap off."

    I hesitated for a moment, feeling a little humiliated at opening my ass cheeks to dad. He gently pushed my back down, and I did as he requested, holding my cheeks open as far as I could. He squirted water right at my hole for about a minute and looked back at him and noticed an odd expression on his face, it didn't know what it was at that time, but I soon found out. After that we both washed our hair and chests and finally rinsed off fully. Then we started to dry off, my dad turned me around and dried my back, backside and legs. Then he reached his hand between my legs and dried my balls; my cock was not to be seen, as it was standing straight out and away from his view. I knew that if he had dried that, he would have ended up having more to dry than he started out with.

    He turned round and I dried him off. I dried his back and then his butt and then his legs. Should I dry his balls too? I wondered silently. After considering for a moment, I decided to give it a try. I don't think he was expecting me to do it, as he lunged forward a little when I started, then he moved his legs out as if to give me full access.

    I dried them off and all the other hair that was there (quite a bit, I may add) and I noticed his cock seemed to be a little larger than usual. Just my imagination I supposed. We then finished drying ourselves.

    I was still a little embarrassed at being entirely erect in front of him, as his cock, was still pretty soft and not a dead giveaway for arousal. We then sat on the bench together for a moment and just relaxed. Then we proceeded to get dressed and we returned to the trailer to cook dinner.

    I can't begin to tell you how exciting the whole experience was for me. To have seen my dad naked for starters, then for him to touch my privates too and then touching his balls as I dried him. It was too much. I was in a state of wonder and disbelief for a while, believing that the whole episode had been nothing more than a very realistic and fantastic dream. The reality of the situation hit home later that night as I was lying in bed.

    After everyone was asleep I began to jack off quietly. Finally I was able to relieve the tension in my balls, which had never ached so bad before in my life. Within seconds (literally) I had an orgasm so intense it felt as if rivers hot lava were gushing out of my pulsating cock. The feeling lasted for minutes afterwards and I felt like all the life in my body had just been expelled through my shaft. It was the most a phenomenal climax I had ever experienced. I lay motionless for some time, trying to summon the energy to move. After that I cleaned up and drifted into the peaceful realm of sleep What a day, I thought to myself. What a day indeed!


    Day 3

    I awoke with a start, my Mom was standing over me holding onto my screaming baby brother. It was not the way I like to start my day, but in a camping trailer, everytime you turn around you're in somebodys face. So I got up, still really groggy from my interupted sleep, and went into the back part of the trailer. Without really noticing what I was doing, I closed the partition, which separated my parent's bed and bathroom from the front of the trailer. In seconds I had whipped out my dick and started to take a piss.

    "Morning, son," my dad said. Startled at first, I turned and noticed he was sitting on the bed watching me.

    "Good Morning Dad," I said in a half groggy voice. He got up and walked over to me and took out his dick to my surprise and started pissing into the toilet right next to me.

    "Nothin like the first piss of the day, huh son."

    "Yeah, uh right, Dad," I said. I finished up quicker than usual, a little embarrassed at first. I noticed he took his time and made sure to shake his a couple of times. I washed my hand and pretended that everything was normal. As I walked off, he playfully slapped my butt and said, "Hurry and get ready to go boy, we got a long way to go today."

    I walked back into the eating area and go my clothes on and ate breakfast. We took off that morning fairly quickly to hit the open road. It seemed as if we were in some kind of race against time. My dad seemed a lot touchier with me since our shower together. Throughout our trip he would talk to me and put his hand on my leg, or shoulder and it seemed a little peculiar for him to be so affectionate to me. I liked the attention though.

    We made a few stops along the way that day. We ate lunch and stopped at some interesting tourist shops along the way. That night we made it mid way through Arizona. The weather became more dry and less humid.

    We stopped at a nice camping place. It didn't have a public shower, but it did have a huge above ground pool. Later in the evening, around 9pm, my dad suggested we go and hit the pool. Mom stayed at the trailer, prefering instead to rest. So me and my dad went out to the pool.

    The start were bright and shiny and it was a little cool in fact, but I decided it would be fun anyway. The pool water itself was still very warm for the day.

    When we got there, a few other people were swimming. Me and dad got into the pool and played around for a little while, enjoying the warmth of the water on our skin. A few minutes later, everyone but me and dad left the pool. "It sure is nice out here, son," he said.

    "Yeah Dad, it's great!"

    "Let's go skinny dippin boy! Nothin like it in the world," with that, Dad took off his shorts and put them over the side of the pool. I then proceeded to take mine off as well. We sat there for a moment feeling the warm water on our bodies, when my dad suggested we play a game he used to play as a kid. He took a quarter out of his pocket and through it into the water and said we'd try to see who could get it first.

    "Go," he said. We both took off after the quarter at the bottom, The light in the pool did allow for some vision, but it was still pretty hard to find. "I've got it," I said to myself as I noticed a shinny silver object at the bottom. Just as I was about to get to it, I felt strong arms grabbing my waist and pull me away from it. My Dad had intercepted me and thrown me off my target.

    Regaining myself, I saw my dad searching for the quarter, and decided to sneak in under him. I noticed how nice his body looked in the pool light and his balls hanging down low between his legs. I darted under him, accidentally rubbing his balls on my back as I made way to the quarter.

    Just as I had gotten through and was about to seize the object, I felt hands again, not around my waist as before, but on my balls and cock. My dad had reached between my legs and grabbed my manhood. Seconds later the other arm came around my abs and my dad lifted me once again and threw me out of the way. This time, I wasn't going to be dismissed so easily.

    I fought back, grabbing both his legs and pulling them from under him until he fell ass first to the bottom. I tried to dart over him at that point, but he seized me once again, and pulled me on top of him. My eyes still open, as I lay on top of him at the bottom and I noticed my dad looking at me in the most peculiar way.

    He had a smile on his face but, there was something in his eyes that was like passion or lust. I thought it was my imagination, but soon after I escaped him, got the quarter and went again for air. "I got it, I got it!"

    "You sure did boy! You're turning into quite a strong young man too!" My father said as we both panted after our activity. He rubbed my back for a second before saying we needed to get back to the trailer and get to bed. We both stepped out of the pool, drenched and the night air chilled us quickly as we tried to get dry.

    "No use trying to pull those wet shorts on boy, just wrap your towel around you." When we got back to the trailer, my mom was already asleep. The baby was in the bedroom with her, so my dad snuck in and got us some clothes. He came back and we both dried off quickly and put on some underwear. I noticed my dad looking at me intently as I dried off, and I could help to notice his dick looking a little fuller and thicker than usual. But as usual, I dismissed it as my imagination.

    It was at this time that I started having more thoughts than usual about my dad. I felt bad in a way for thinking about him and wanting nothing more than to be with him in a more intimate way. I felt like I was being weird or sick or something. But I would have given anything for my dad to touch me or be with me. I decided I would try to expose myself to him more often from that point forward. I wanted to get him excited somehow and to have him touch me again as he had in the shower. I fell asleep thinking of plans of this sort and what I was going to do next.


    Day 4

    We started out pretty early in the morning. Mom was cooking breakfast on her makeshift stove. I decided to head to the shower, since I didn't get one the night before. My Dad was still fast asleep in the bed next to the shower. I made a little noise, trying to make sure my dad would wake up as I showered and maybe would get the urge to shower with me. I took off my clothes without hesitation now, having been seen now by the man on two occassions. I got in, got the water running.

    I started to soap myself down all over, washing myself firmly as my dad had shown me. I looked out from behind the curtain, and noticed my dad was still sleeping. "Damn!" I thought. Oh well, I decided. What I really needed was to jack off. I had been too tired to do it the night before, so this was a good as time as any. I actually hesitated for a minute though. Although I would have loved for my Dad to shower with me, or see me naked again, having him catch me jacking off, was not what I wanted right then. He had already seen me naked, seen me take a leak and felt of my equipment, but to see another guy playing was beyond personal. So I peeked around to make sure he was sleeping, and he was.

    I gradually began jerking off and before I knew what I was doing, I started moaning. I stopped, scared that I had made enough noise to wake him, and I peeked to see if he were still sleeping. By all accounts I thought he was, so I continued, trying to make sure to be more quiet.

    It didn't take long for me to shoot. Images of my Dad naked and day touching me in the pool and, "Oh yeah," I said in a semi-whishper, "oh, UH Yeah ..."

    Just as my dick began to shoot my load, the shower curtain came open, and my Dad was standing there to my shock!

    "You alright son?" he said. It didn't take half a second for him to realize what he was seeing, my dick in my hand, my cum oozing out of it and me with a face red enough to have a given a tomato a run for it's money. If I could have slid down the water drain, I would have done so instantly.

    My dad, noticing my extreme embarrasment, made light of the situation and just said, "Thanks quit a good load there boy, keep up the good work." With that, he let the shower curtain close and took a piss. He acted as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

    I felt a huge amount of relief at that. He not only made me feel that what I was doing was fine, but that I was even doing it well! What a Dad! Then moments later, as I washed myself off, he opened the shower curtain again and handed me a towel.

    "Get dried up stud, we gotta a lot of driving to do today."

    I dried off in the shower and wrapped my towel around my waist. I was still a embarrassed at having been caught jerking off, and I did avoid eye contact for a few hours of the day.

    Once we were on the road, everything was just back to normal as always. The day went by quickly. Thoughts of the days events went through my head as I napped during the trip. Having been caught by my dad during one of my most intimate moments started to change from being embarrassing, to being something erotic and exciting.

    How I longed for my dad's body to be pressed against mine again and how I so wanted to share an intimate bond with him. We decided to drive late into the night, that evening. We had planned to visit some relatives of ours in Las Vegas and we didn't stop until we got there.

    It was nearly 10pm until we got to a camping site. Too tired from our trip, we decided to get to bed early. My mom and dad went to bed and the baby was in the bedroom with them. For a while I lay there thinking of the events, I started to have fantasies of my dad and me feeling each other and kissing each other and just as I was starting to get excited ... but alas, sleep overtook me and I drifted into blissful sleep.


    Day 5

    I awoke the next morning to find my dad in his boxers standing above me.

    "Time to get up, Champ" he said as he gently shook my naked shoulder.

    I looked up at him and noticed the front of his boxers was narrowly exposing part of his rod to my morning eyes.

    "Uhmorning dad," I said in a half asleep whisper, returning my gaze to his face. What a way to wake up, I thought. He playfully tousled my hair and went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

    Mom and the baby were already dressed and she had made a tasty breakfast.

    "We're going over to see Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harry. Make sure you wear something nice," Mom said to me.

    "O.K. Mom," I said and headed back for the bathroom. I closed the partition and saw my dad shaving at the sink next to the toilet. Without any embarrassment, I pulled my boxers down below my ass and started to take piss.

    "Did you sleep alright last night boy?"

    "Yes Sir, I slept great."

    "I'll bet you did son," he said as he casually looked down at my cock from the corner of his eyes. "Some things help a man to sleep real good don't they son?" he said smiling a little.

    "Yes, Sir, uh..." I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about but I assumed he was probably making a reference to jerkin off. Having been caught in the shower, I guessed being ribbed a little was something I could expect.

    "Your mom wants you to look your best today for your Aunt and Uncle. I think it may be about time for you to start shaving."

    Although I did have a little fuzz on my face, I was sort of proud of it and I didn't really want to shave it all off just yet. "Do I have to Dad? It's just starting to come in and I kinda like it."

    "I'm afraid so, boy. Besides once you start shaving, it will grow in even fuller."

    That thought kind of excited me, so I agreed (not that I could really reject the offer anyway).

    "Come stand beside me son," he said.

    I proudly shook off my cock thoroughly as I had watched him do, then pulled up my boxers and positioned myself next to him by the sink. I then watched as he put some shaving cream on his hand and then proceeded to apply it to my face. He did this very carefully, one hand holding the bottom of my chin as he directed my face to turn so he could get good coverage. Then he rubbed his hand over

    my cheeks and under my chin.

    Once he had applied enough, he looked at me in the eyes, smiled softly and began to shave my face. His gaze penetrated every nuance of my face. I felt invaded by his proximity at first but adjusted quickly. I examined his face too. He had just shaven but I could still see the shadow of hair beneath waiting to come forth once again. His mustache had been trimmed neatly and he looked very sexy indeed. He carefully shaved my face as not to nip me. I felt like a delicate sculpture piece beneath the warmth of his hand and his touch made me tingle.

    "Make sure you always shave in a downward motion son when you start shaving on your own. You don't want to cut yourself and if you go upward you will." He

    stepped behind me so I could see myself in the mirror and shaved my cheek carefully downward to demonstrate. As he stood behind him, he had one hand around me, shaving me, while the other hand held my face in position. Because he was still a good deal taller, I could feel his hairy, warm stomach on my mid back, and his chest nestled against my upper shoulders.

    It felt really good to have him pressing his naked flesh against mine. But what I noticed most, was the something that was pressing right above my briefs. "Is that his cock?" I wondered in silent excitement. It was not hard, but a definite presence as I felt it shift as he adjusted himself to get a better angle on my face. In my mind I pictured the narrow slit in his boxers and his manhood flopping gently out as he moved about behind me.

    Ever so slightly I adjusted my lower body backward to get a better feel. I was positive that his cock was touching my back and it sent torrents of excitement through my entire body. He didn't seem to notice the pleasure I was having as he continued shaving every hair on my face. When he was done, I looked like I never had hair there to begin with.

    "Now you look like a nice young man again," he said. He adjusted himself before I had a chance to see if his cock was sticking out, then grabbed a towel and wiped the excess shaving cream from my face.

    "Now you need a little after-shave, son. This may sting a little." He put some after-shave on his hands and applied it to my face. It did sting a little, but I just relished the feel of his hands to give much notice.

    "There you go, son, all done. Now get dressed." He patted me on the ass before closing the door and headed to the kitchen. I picked out some clothes and after breakfast, we made way to the relatives.

    Once we got there, the adults started to talk and I was left in the living room to watch television for a while. Unfortunately, nothing much was on at the time, just infomercials and soaps. I decided to take a little stroll outside. It was hot and dry. It must have been at least 90 degrees. I was only outside for a minute when my dad and uncle came up to me.

    "Your uncle has invited us to go to his country club for some racquetball. You wanna go, Champ?"

    "Sure dad, I said" trying not to sound too excited.

    We got there, got some equipment and headed for the courts. My uncle had a lot of friends at the club, so he ended up playing in the court next to ours. The court was like a huge white box, with only one small window on the door and it made me feel a little closed in. Since I had never played before my dad explained how it worked. I was surprised that he knew how to play.

    "I used to play a lot when I was in the military," he explained. He proceeded to explain the rules and we started. I had played tennis before and was pretty good at that, but this game really threw me for a loop. In tennis the ball never bounced off a wall and went in an unexpected direction. My dad was way ahead of me in points by the time I adjusted even a bit.

    Just as I was getting accustomed to the game, my dad swatted a ball extremely hard and caught me off guard as it came smashing into my crotch. As I realized what was about to happen, I went down for the count. Pain as I had only felt on about two other occasions gripped me. My stomach seized up, and I could hardly catch my breath. My dad realized what had happened, ran over to me and kneeled next to me on the ground.

    "You O.K., son?"

    I was in too much pain to speak at that time.

    "Just lie back and breath deep, son. It will pass in minute." He positioned my head on his knees and made me lie with my back flat on the floor. "Let me take a look and see if everything is O.K.," he said a little concerned.

    To my surprise, my dad lifted up the waistband of my shorts to look at my nuts. He moved his hand in, although it was the last place I wanted anyone to touch just then, and rubbed each ball extremely gently between his thumb and forefinger.

    "Looks like you're still gonna be able to make babies son," he said with a little smile. He let my waistband go and once I had caught my breath, he helped me to sit up next to him. He rubbed my back under my shirt, until I could stand. He put my shoulder over his and lifted me gently up.

    "Let's call it a day son and head for the Jacuzzi to relax." We went to the locker room and after a few minutes I felt better. My balls still ached a little, but the gripping pain had gone. We both undressed (a sight I always enjoyed) and headed for the Jacuzzi with only our towels wrapped around us.

    My dad took off his towel and slid into the warm bubbling water. I quickly followed suit.

    It was a pretty big Jacuzzi. It could have easily fit 5 adult men. Luckily there were just the two of us to enjoy it. I lay back in the water letting the bubbles caress my skin and my dad, who had assumed the position facing me, lay his head back, sighed a couple of times and stretched his legs out, with his feet resting on the stoop just blow my crotch.

    We talked about racket ball for a while and his experience being hit in the balls before. He then casually moved his foot up and rubbed his toes gingerly against my nuts and asked how they were feeling.

    "Still a little sore," I said blushing as my cock began harden from his touch.

    "Well, they'll be good as new in no time," he assured me. "I wouldn't want you to miss any important activities on account of a stray ball," he said, laughing a little. He was silent for a moment as if contemplating and then he opened his mouth. "How long have you been jerkin off son?" he asked casually as if it were an everyday question.

    Shocked by the question, I didn't have an answer right away and I began to look away as if thinking hard about the question. "I guess since about last year," I said finally, blushing a bit.

    "How did you learn to do it?" he asked in a gentle but inquisitive manner. I was beginning to feel a little exposed by these questions and I know I blushed a little, so I acted as if I were thinking again, trying to recall a memory from numerous years ago. Did I tell him I learned from another guy? Was he going to think I was weird if I did? I wasn't really prepared for a question like that, so I decided to lie.

    "I just sort of figured it out, I guess?" I said, averting my eyes from his.

    "Oh, I see."

    I could tell he didn't really buy that answer, but I didn't want to indict myself just yet.

    "Well, I guess I started when I was about your age, too. My older brother showed me how to do it. I came into the bathroom one day when he was sitting there stroking his pecker and I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was jerkin off and that someday I'd be doing it too. He told me to sit on the floor next to him and he'd show me how to do it. So, I got my cock in my hand and started rubbing away. I came just a little the first time, compared with his load, but I've been doing it ever since."

    My dad's candid talk about jerking off took me by complete surprise. I also felt unnerved in hearing him say those things to me. He sensed my uneasiness and looked me in the eye.

    "It's just a normal thing boys do when they become men, son. It's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about."

    At that time I decided to confess my previous lie. "Well dad, to be honest, I learned how to do it from an older boy at school," I said looking down into the water.

    "Oh, I see. Why didn't you just tell me that, son?" he said gently.

    "I guess I was afraid you'd think I was weird if I told you I learned how to do it from another guy."

    "Well, how else are you supposed to learn son? Women don't have the equipment to show you how to do it," he said chuckling.

    "I guess I hadn't thought about that, Dad."

    "Well, I always expect the truth from you, son, understand? Nothing you could ever tell me would make me think you were weird. I love you no matter what."

    "Yes Sir" I said humbly.

    My dad then brushed his toes against my balls again and noticed my rock hard cock.

    "Looks like you're gonna be making babies again sooner than expected," laughing a little as he said it. "Go on son, take care of that monster so we can get out of here. I can't have you walkin around a men's locker room tenting out all over."

    "You want me to jerk off now? Here??" I said, very surprised and almost mortified.

    "Yeah, go ahead, son. There's no one in here and I'll keep a look out. Jerkin off in a Jacuzzi is a great feeling. You'll love it. Hell, I may have to get some relief myself!"

    The whole scenario began to excite me more and more. Jacking off in front of my dad in a hot tub? I didn't think it could get any better than this. I slowly began to rub my hard cock, which was throbbing in my hand. I could feel the bubbly jets of water hitting against it and hitting against my balls. But it wasn't only the bubbles I could feel. My dad's foot had become nestled under my nuts and I could feel him wiggling his toes slightly against them.

    I looked at my dad, he looked at me and we almost looked like mirror images of one another. Both our right arms were moved slowly in a back and forth motion and a look of blissful pleasure was the expression in our face.

    "How is it feelin, son?" he asked in his sexy masculine voice.

    "Oh, it feel's awesome, Dad" I said nearly moaning. I closed my eyes as if to convey the pleasure I was feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I saw "The Look" in my dad's eyes. I recognized it immediately. His smile had diminished and I could see only lust in his eyes. He was looking straight at me and his arm began to move faster and faster. I matched his speed stroke for stroke until it looked as if we were a well-tuned machine, my eyes never faltering from his. Our

    breathing began to deepen and our chests began to rise faster and faster like a runaway locomotive down a steep mountain slope. We both began to moan and grown until the moment of ecstasy was at hand. I began to thrust my hips as if I was riding a bull and I felt my dad's foot pressing harder on my groin.

    "Shoot it for me, son! Come on boy; shoot a good load for your dad. Make me proud, son," he said in a earnest and governing voice.

    "Yes, Sirm" I said breathing hard and fast.

    As I was about to shoot my load; I groaned, "I'm cumming, Dad," and continued

    to looked him in the eye.

    "Shoot it son; shoot it for me ,baby," he said lustfully.

    Just then Dad moved slowly forward and I felt his hand cup my balls and rub them gently up and down. I looked into his eyes and shuttered violently as loads of hot cream exploded forth in strands upon bubbling water. My dad's intense look continued to focus on me, and then he mouthed the words, "Good boy," as I lay motionless in the throws of ecstasy. I could see in my dad's eyes that he was going to shoot any second as his arm moved vigorously and his breathing excellorated.

    To my astonishment, he rose out of the water, and for the first time I could see his enormous erect rod and his hand furiously pumping it. His nuts slapped violently against his thighs.

    "Oh yeah, OH yeah, OHHH," he howled lustily and firmly, as tassels of man cum came blasting toward me and impacted on my face, neck and shoulders. Almost instinctively I licked my lips and for the first time tasted the true elixir of man. I've never forgotten exactly what it felt, smelled and tasted like: the hot sticky texture, the salty/sweet and bitter taste and it had an acrid smell, the smell of a manhood. I'd finally found the missing ingredient to the smell at campsite shower room. And this time I was never to forget it, as the events of that day were permanently burned into my memory forever.

    Dad was still quivering after having shot his huge load; he leaned down and kissed me gently on the cheek. The sensation sent sparks through my exhausted body. He then wiped his hand gently over my face, neck and shoulder and removed the remnants of his disbursed load. He then sat quietly beside me and put his arm around my shoulders as we both enjoyed the aftermath of our climax. I leaned my head on his chest in approval and listened to the sound of his beating heart, as it's pace gradually slowed.

    We sat there, awestruck for several minutes and just enjoyed the feeling

    of each other's warmth. Shortly after that, my dad regained himself.

    "That was great, Son. I really needed that. More than you know," he said quietly. "Come on,Champ, time to get out," he said.

    I made one final dunk into the Jacuzzi to get rid of any residue. We both got out, dried off and headed for the showers.

    The showers, unlike the Jacuzzi, were not empty. There were at least half a dozen men bathing. Having been seen by my dad naked was one thing, but being seen naked by half a dozen strangers was another issue entirely. I told my dad that I'd rather wait until we got home.

    "Nonsense, son," he said. "You're going to take a shower here with the other men, too. There's nothing to be bashful about, they've all see other men naked and you're nodifferent."

    I followed behind my dad, very nervous about the whole situation when we got to the showers. The other guys were soaping up, washing all over and turned our direction as soon as we got there as if to welcome us to the fold. My uncle was in the shower with some of his friends and began to introduce my dad and me to them. My dad continued to talk with them, while he freely removed his towel and hung it up on the rack. Then he walked behind me, and surprisingly ripped my towel away, exposing me to all the other men, patted my ass and motioned for me to follow him. I was going red in the face, but I just kept my head focused on my dad and followed him to the one available shower nozzle.

    My uncle looked me over as I walked by and told me how grown up I had become and mentioning that the last time he saw me I was only so many feet high. So here I was stark naked in front of five strange men, all who didn't seem to make any effort to hide their peering eyes from inspecting my young man's body. In fact they seemed to relish looking at me and talking to me, and washing their cocks and balls when I talked to them.

    I washed myself thoroughly however, afraid my dad would try to show me how to do it in front of the other men. After the shower, we all got out together, as if moving in a herd, and dried off together, eyes still prying. I began to enjoy myself however as I felt a true bonding experience with other men. I also got to see six flopping penises and that was very exciting indeed!

    My dad, my uncle and me got dressed shortly after that and headed for his house, where dinner was being prepared. We had a succulent feast of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the rest and after that we had a most awesome chocolate cream pie for dessert. My Mom who had been feeling a little under the weather, (or that's what she said anyway) decided she was going to stay at our Aunt and Uncle's that night with the baby, so Dad and I drove back to the trailer. When we got there, both of us were tired from a long day.

    "We better hit the hay, son."

    We both brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. I was still finishing up, when I turned to say goodnight to dad who was already nestled in bed.

    "Why don't you keep me company tonight, son? There's plenty of room," as he patted the empty space next to him.

    "Alright," I said timidly trying not to sound too anxious. Excitement gripped me again as I headed toward the bed. I turned off the bathroom light, only the bedside lamp was still on as I approached.

    "Come on, get in, boy," he said as he lifted up the covers and exposed his completely naked body to me. I started to get in.

    "Take those boxers off, son. Real men sleep nude. You are a man now, aren't you son?" he said inquisitively.

    "Yeah, I guess so," I said a little weakly. I was not used to sleeping in the buff. I had tried it once before, but ended up having an erection all night and didn't get much sleep. I dropped my shorts and got into bed, my leg rubbed next to his briefly before I turned off the light.

    As tired as I was, the thought of sleeping naked with my dad aroused me and kept me from falling asleep quickly. I know I must have lain there for what seemed like hours. We started out on separate sides of the bed, until inch by inch my dad started to move closer until I could feel the side of his body pressed against mine. Eventually he turned onto his side too and I could feel his manhood pressing against my rear. He then put his arm over me, as I guessed he was accustomed to doing with my mom, and I felt his warm hand rubbing my chest.

    I didn't move for a long while after that, just enjoying the feeling as I pretended to be asleep. I wondered silently if my dad was intentionally doing this to me, or if he was merely in a light sleep and doing it out of habit. The last words of the night put my question to rest as he softly whispered into my ear, "Good night, Champ."

    We both fell into silent slumber.


    I awoke early that morning, with my dad snoring softly in my ear. It was very quiet and I was glad to be alone with my thoughts for a moment.

    My dad was pressed against me in his slumber and his arm was still around me as if I was a life preserver in troubled waters. The warmth of his body emanated and his masculine scent filled my nostrils as I took a deep breath. I knew that I'd never get tired of that deep, virile aroma.

    While I lay there, I began reminiscing about the preceding day: in the hot tub with Dad, the nice morning shave and showering in the men's locker room. It all seemed a little surreal, but as I began to recall details of the events they began to sink in. It was like a marvelous dream or fantasy and just thinking of it for a moment began to arouse me quickly. But what I'd remembered most was the whisper in my ear as I lay close to the threshold of sleep; "Good Night Champ," he had said to me.

    He knew that he was pressing against me, rubbing my chest and holding me in his arms. It wasn't some customary habit or accident he made while he slept; he pressed against me, held me and touched me and he knew it! A total feeling of love had come over me for my dad and I couldn't stop myself from smiling broadly. That which I wanted most in the world was starting to come true; an intimate relationship with a man I adored above all others and the one person who would always love me: my dad!

    But my thoughts wandered quickly to the realm of self-doubt, as they have a habit of doing. I recalled these events and realized that nothing overtly sexual had happened yet. Sure, I thought he touched my balls a couple of times and kissed my cheek, but aside from thatNothing. Was my dad waiting for me to make the first move? Or perhaps that was all that would happen between us. What would happen today, I wondered in quiet anticipation.

    Will it go anywhere from here? With all my heart, I hoped it would. As I felt his furry arm pressed across my bare chest and his male counterpart pressed against my rear, my fears diminished somewhat.

    I had opened my eyes and gazed out at the first morning light. It must have been around 5:30 or so. I decided to sleep a little more, but first I had to relieve the pressing on my bladder. I quietly slid from underneath my dad's arm and staggered to the toilet.

    I felt grown up indeed, in all my proud nude glory. As my stream struck the water the sound pierced the silence around. I aimed at the top part of the rim and tried to keep from sounding out loudly so Dad could sleep. I walked back up to the bed and crawled under the warm covers.

    I lay there pondering for a minute or two whether I would again feel Dad's warm embrace. Within moments I felt my dad's touch once more as his arm moved to cover me. Silent joy and comfort began to fill me.

    This time he adjusted his head right next to mine and whispered, "Good morning son," softly in my ear. It literally gave me goosebumps all over. My dad must have thought I was cold and began rubbing his warm hand over my shoulders, arm and chest.

    "Turn over son," he said, again in his hushed morning whisper. I turned over toward him, his eyes still closed, as he brought my head and nuzzled it below his chin and hugged me tightly to him. His hands caressed my back for a moment and then moved slowly to the globes of my ass. He rubbed them gently and patted them softly as if to say good morning.

    We lay silent for a while. I could feel his soft chest hair as his scent again filled my senses. I could also feel the soft warm beating of his heart against my face as I lay basking in the safety of his protective arms. This was the place I most wanted to be in the world, and I had finally arrived. This was my heaven, my Garden of Eden, my Xanadu.

    No matter how much I tried, I could never come close to explaining how much love, satisfaction and bliss I felt at that moment in time. Eventually, something pressing against my hands caught my attention.

    Almost unconsciously I moved my hand to investigate. When I realized what I had found, I think my eyes popped open for an instant. My father was at full mast! It may have just been his morning woody for all I knew, but whatever it was, it was huge.

    Quickly I moved my hand away feeling embarrassed that I had touched his manhood and not sure whether he would approve. I silently hoped he had drifted back to sleep when ... "Don't be afraid son," my dad said softly and almost asleep, "you

    can touch me if you want to. I know you're curious."

    Well, I had not really meant to grab him, but he was offering, so who was I to refuse? I reached slowly back toward his cock and began to feel it softly with my fingers.

    First tracing the head, squeezing the soft fleshy crown gently between my thumb and finger. I felt my dad quiver slightly as I continued to fondle his manhood. I then felt the eye of his long obelisk and that enticed me further. Meticulously I worked my fingers around his cock head and caressed it softly between my digits, as I sensed it expand slightly at my touch. I moved forward, down the length of his shaft with my fingers on one side and my thumb on the other. It was very large indeed and I could not quite reach to touch my fingers to my thumb due to the circumference.

    As I got to the base, I figured, why stop here? He did invite me after all. So I rubbed my hand through his pubic hair above his hard member, feeling through the

    curls of his underbrush and amazed at the abundance and thickness of it. I then moved my exploration slowly and casually southward to the huge, full, round sacks from which my life began. I examined each orb extensively as if I was an investigator looking for clues.

    Deciding to feel their combined mass in my hand, I cupped them gently, amazed at the size and weight of the furry man eggs. They felt heavy indeed and I guessed they needed to be emptied.

    My dad, his eyes still closed and breathing softly, seemed to like the attention because after a few minutes of my exam, I detected moisture well above my wrist. I looked down under the covers and as the light penetrated through, I could see a glisten shinning from the head of his thick pole. Wanting to inquire further, I reached back down and discovered a sticky substance that began to saturate my fingers. It was slick and lubricated the head as I moved my fingers around. I was fascinated more so because moments earlier there had been no trace of it.

    "You better stop that now son, or daddy's gonna make a big mess," he said humorously and perhaps a little embarrassed.

    "Yes sir," I said trying to sound disappointed.

    He then got up, kissed me on the forehead as he got out of bed, his cock still very much erect, and headed for the latrine as his proud man member bobbed up and down. He stood there for a moment as if straining and then I heard his heavy burden come crashing down into the water below. He made no effort to conceal his task as I had, his stream gushing down and making a deep solid sound. He shook his man flesh fully and returned to bed.

    He raised the covers and exposed the hard mast between my legs to his view.

    "You're up early this morning," he said with a warm grin on his face as he looked at my teen cock and climbed back in.

    "Yes, Sir," I said, my cheeks burning a little. As he got back under the warm covers, he once again took me into his embrace and I could feel his now almost flaccid rod pressing against mine. He hugged me firmly as if trying to get warm again.

    "Did you sleep alright Champ?" he asked.

    "Yeah, I slept great, Dad," which was no lie. "Probably the best night of sleep I've had in a long time," I said as if to compliment him.

    "I'm glad to hear that son."

    A few moments later, he moved to a semi-upright position and leaned against the headboard as my head still rested on his chest.

    "Son there is something I need to talk to you about," he said in a very earnest voice.

    I wasn't sure what he was going to say, but I felt it probably had something to do with the two of us.

    "Yes Sir?" I said innocently, almost afraid of what he had to say.

    "You're mom, didn't want me to tell you this until after our trip because she didn't want to spoil anything for you, but I think you are ready to hear what I have to tell you. It's not going to be easy to say, and it's not going to be easy to hear, but please try to understand."

    My thoughts were going crazy now, as I hung on every word. I readied myself, looked up at his face as he looked into mine and said, "Alright Dad, go ahead."

    He took a deep breath and began. "Son, your mom and me are having some problems in our relationship. For a long time now we have both felt that we needed a change. We've tried and tried to make it work for your sake and for your brother's sake, but we are both really unhappy and we need to get on with our lives."

    This was not was I was expecting to hear and I was in complete shock and I'm sure the look in my face reflected that.

    "Son, I know it's gonna be difficult at first to adjust and we feel awful to put you through this, but sometimes we have to do what's right for us too. Since your brother is too small to really notice and because you are nearly grown, we felt the time to separate was right. We wanted to give you one last vacation together as a family before we officially made the split. I'm also going to look for some jobs in California so we can all be fairly close to one another and your mom will be moving in next door to your Aunt and Uncle after we sell the house in Texas.

    "As far as where you will go, that is a choice we want you to make. I would like nothing better than for you to stay with me. You're growing up now, and I think it's important for you to have an older man around to keep you out of trouble. But I'm not going to pressure you. I just want you to think about your options and tell me after you have had some time to think about it.

    "No matter what happens we are always going to see each other on holidays and spend time together. The one good thing is that me and your mother don't hate each other and I know we'll always be friends and I think that will make this split a whole lot easier on everyone."

    I was still in a state of shock, but as the words began to sink in deeper and deeper, tears started streamed uncontrollable down my face. I tried to maintain some composure and not sob loudly, but I began to shake somewhat.

    My dad lifted his hand to my face and began to brush the tears away, and whispered, "I'm really sorry, son. I hope you'll forgive us someday, and never forget how much we love you." With that he put his arms around me, and I put my arms around him and we hugged in a naked embrace as my tears began to impact on his back.

    He held me for a good long time, trying to comfort me by rubbing my back and whispering, "It's gonna be all right son" in my ear.

    Throughout my life so far, I had never even thought of the possibility that my parents might separate and now I was faced with that grim reality for the first time, feeling somewhat stupid for not having had some idea that things were not going well between them. They had never really argued in front of me and although they never talked a great deal, I assumed everything was fine.

    I had many friends whose parents were either divorced or separated and as I recalled them, I realized that at some point they were crying just as I was now. For the first time, I understood what they must have gone through. It actually made me feel better to know that I wasn't the only one in this situation.

    I loved my mother a great deal. We were always very close when I was younger, but as I got older I had sort of drifted away from her and grew closer to my friends at school. Now, I was beginning to feel a great deal closer to my father than I ever thought possible and I knew that I would choose to stay with him when the time came for me to decide. But first, I was hurt a great deal by the shock of this news and scared of my now uncertain future. I decided at that moment that I was owed something for being put through this.

    The extreme emotional disturbance awakened a passion and lust in me that I had not previously experienced. I thought that acting now would help me to suppress this news until I felt like dealing with it. Slowly, I backed away from my father's embrace as his attention drifted to my tear soaked face. I knew now I had "The Look" in my eyes. I was afraid of what I was about to do, but I knew nothing could stop me from doing it.

    I moved my head close enough to my father's face to feel his breath, closed my eyes and kissed him gently on the lips and said, "I love you Dad". That moment turned into hours as a fury of thoughts poured through my head. What will he do? Will he reject me? Will he brush it off as nothing? As I retracted, my dad looked me in the eyes as if contemplating what to do next, then leaned over said "I love you too son" and kissed my lips very gently, twice.

    Relieved that he had returned my affection, I decided to kiss him back once more, only this time I gave him three small kisses in quick pecks on his lips.

    I felt as if I was a very young child again playing doctor with my friends for the first time. But my patient was no child and this time he proved it.

    He leaned towards me and put his hand on the back of my head gently and pulled me towards him. I felt his hot breath as his mouth got closer, and then felt his soft lips press securely against mine while his mustache rubbed playfully against my face. I could feel the tip of his tongue gently parting my lips as he entered my mouth. It felt as if jolts of electricity were spiraling out of control throughout my body. I'd never felt such an intense sensation as that first wet kiss. He then slowly probed my mouth, his tongue jostling with mine. I pushed my tongue hard against his as if I was attempting to wrestle with an invading stranger. I felt exhilaration from head to toe as our tongue match ensued. After about a minute he pulled away, sat back and looked at me as if he'd done something wrong.

    "I'm sorry about that son, I guess I got carried away ..." But before he could continue I pressed my lips on his again and pushed my tongue inside his mouth, not wanting him to try to end this event. I knew what I wanted and damn It, I was gonna get it!

    At that Dad let all his inhibitions go, as he cupped the back of my head once more and lay me on my back as we continued to probe one another. He started to rub the side of my body vigorously, which made me tingle as never before. Both erect members were now at full attention and they pressed against one another as if two swordfish struggling for dominance.

    I let my hands now roam freely over his back and I felt the smooth round mounds of his backside for the first time beneath my wandering hands. I rubbed his firm back and arms as they arched over my naked body. I then rubbed my hand through his short-cropped hair and felt the back of his thick neck, wanting to always remember the way he felt. As we continued our play, the climate in the trailer intensified leaps and bounds as the sun began to beat down. Sweat covered us both until we were a large mound of glistening flesh.

    Then I felt my dad's hand move between us as it searched for its prey. When he reached it, I jerked as if a wasp had stung me, feeling his firm warm hand on my enraged cock. He then reached his had back up, looked me lustfully in the eye, spat on his hand and reached down grabbing my hardness firmly and lubricated it. He then moved to my side.

    "Just lay back and relax, son, I've been waiting to do this for a long time," he said in an almost urgent voice. As he commanded, I lay back and watched as his hand began to stoke my man handle up and down. "I love you so much, son," he said as he again invaded my mouth with his hot tongue. I knew I wouldn't last long as he continued to stroke my member, stopping only briefly to re-moisten his stroking hand with his tongue. I felt my body start to shudder uncontrollably and my dad's tongue went even deeper inside of me just as my fountain began to spew forth. I spasmed in violent jerks as my climax came to a head.

    "Oh Dad, oh Dad, Oh, OH YEAH!"

    My dad looked over at my spurting cock. "That's good boy, get it all out for daddy," as his hand continued to stroke furiously. "Yeah, look what a big boy you are, shootin all over for me." He then carefully milked the rest of my juice out, rubbed it on his hand and smeared it on his own hot throbbing man rod.

    "That felt good, son, didn't it," he said sexily as he gave my cock a final shake. I lay back trying to catch my breath. Then my dad, on his knees leaning over me, began to jack his huge cock, lubricated with my cum while looking down at my face.

    "You wanna see Daddy cum, boy?" he said in an authoritative way.

    "Yes, Sir," I said obediently as if speaking to a military general.

    He continued to stroke it harder and faster until I knew he was about to shoot. Then he moved closer to my face, lifted the back of my head within an inch of his cock and said, "Close your eyes boy. Here it comes. Oh God, OH GOD, It's Cummin, IT'S CUMIN ..." he roared as I felt his jizm shoot onto my face as if I were being christened.

    Load after hot load shot on my face and started to drip down. The smell, the feeling. I'll never forget as long as I live! It was so incredibly hot and sexy. The he rubbed his hard cock across my face, a feeling I really enjoyed, and wiped off my lids gently with his thumb.

    As I opened my eyes, he leaned over me grinning from ear to ear and gave me a tender and passionate kiss. We then lay together with our cum and sweat saturated bodies pressed tightly together.

    "That was great, Dad," I said first, hoping he had enjoyed it even a tenth as much as I had.

    "No son, that was unbelievable!" he said seriously as if he'd never experienced it before. He then lovingly smiled at me, kissed me softly on the lips, lay back and stared at the ceiling as if in a type of daze. We lay pressed together for sometime afterward and I drifted back to restful sleep.

    When I finally awoke, I was alone. My father was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. I got up, went for the john and walked into the kitchen. He smiled at me as I entered, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to get cleaned up. After I had showered and dressed we sat down together and had a late breakfast.

    "How do you feel son?" my dad said kind of nervously.

    "I feel wonderful dad," I said.

    "You don't have any regrets about what we did this morning then?" he said cautiously.

    "Not one." I said firmly and smiling at him when I said it.

    "Son, I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself with you this morning. I never knew I could feel the way, I felt with you. But I have to be honest, to most everyone, what we have done is just plain wrong. Do you understand that?"

    "Yes, Sir, I understand," I said as my heart sank a bit. "But I wanted to do it, Dad. It's what I've wanted for a long time now. How can it be wrong if we both wanted to do it?"

    My dad sat back for a moment, puzzled by my question and thought. "Son, I couldn't live with myself if I in someway hurt your or if you were in some way damaged by this type of relationship. I love you too much to let that happen. I know we both had a good time and we shared an incredible bond together, but I just don't think it's a good idea if we continue to be sexually involved, for your sake anyway. I think we need to cool it for a while. I also think it would be best if you stayed with you Mom for the time being until I can think things through." He said this very seriously and firmly. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and my head tingled as I was sure I was going to cry at any moment. But something stopped me. I could tell that what my dad said was the last thing he wanted to do, and that he thought he was just doing what was good for me.

    "NO!!" I said angrily. Having never talked back to my dad before, I felt as if I were walking on a layer thin ice.

    "Excuse me, son," he said as if his authority had been challenged.

    "You just told me you and mom are getting separated and then we have an incredible experience and now you want to take that away from me too? It's not fair Dad!!! If you don't want to hurt me, then don't push me away from you!! I know you don't really want to end this, and neither do I. All I want is to be with you, like I have always dreamed about. You gave me the choice of whom to stay with, and I've made my choice and it's you! And I'm not going to change my mind about that!" I said yelling as tears continued to stream down my face. "Dad, please, I begging you. Don't take this away from both of us, let us be together!" I crumbled on the seat opposite dad, tears still flowing freely. My dad sat puzzled for a moment, almost shocked I would say from my emotional display, as if searching for words.

    "And you're sure that's what you really want, son?" he said finally.

    "Yes Sir, it is," I said seriously.

    He paused for another moment thinking. "Alright, son, we'll give it a try," he said as I could see a smile return to his lips and his heart lighten, as did mine. "Stand up for a minute son, turn around and bend over," he said casually.

    I obeyed and I had no doubt of what was to come next, as he slapped my ass once very soundly.

    "That's for talking back," he said as he smiled and embraced me, kissing me softly on the lips. "Now let's get ready to go see your mom." We finished up and went over to my Aunt and Uncles house.

    Without going into all the details, I told Mom I knew about their separation and that I had decided to stay with Dad to start out with, since she was going to have the baby, her sister and brother-in-law for company and I wanted Dad to have someone too.

    We cried together for a while and I told her I understood and that I wasn't mad at her or dad about it (although, I was still a little upset). We had dinner together that night and I seemed to feel that my parents were happier than I had seen them in ages. Maybe this was the right thing for them after all, I thought. Our plans changed somewhat that night. Our goal was to see my Aunt and Uncle in Nevada on route to California where I was to see my Dad's brother whom I had not seen since I was 6.

    Dad and Mom talked and decided she would stay with my Aunt and Uncle while Dad and me headed out to see his brother for a few days. We unloaded the rest of my mom's and the baby's clothes and got the trailer prepared for our trip to the outskirts of San Diego, where my Uncle lived. After all our preparations were made, my dad and I headed off to bed.

    It had indeed been a very long day. So much had happened in such little time and I felt emotionally and physically drained. We undressed, got into bed and nestled together, both too tired to talk. We lay there silently, feeling each other as we embarrassed and kissed gently.

    "I love you son," my dad said to me.

    "I love you too dad" I replied. Smiling, we both fell into peaceful dreams.


    I was standing in front of an immense ocean, the site of which made me feel small compared to it's vastness. The water was serene and not a ripple or wave could be seen over it's great expanse. The air felt still, and no noise could be heard as I looked around to examine this unfamiliar territory. The sky was a pale gray and seemed like winter, although no winter chill could be detected. I looked around and noticed I was the only one standing on a large beach that stretched endlessly on each side.

    "Why am I here?" I said to myself. "Where is everyone else?" Not a person or even a seagull could be seen, nor was there the comforting sound of ocean waves crashing upon the shore.

    "Am I alone?" I thought, beginning to feel vulnerable. "Have I been forgotten or discarded?"

    I began walked and searching for any sign of life when from a distance I spotted a red object that appeared to be buried in the white sand. As I approached, I realized that it was only a toy: a little red boat with a white sail. I'd remembered having had a boat like this of my own when I was younger, but it had been lost. I claimed it in my hands as if I'd found lost treasure and carried it with me along the shore.

    "Will it still float?" I wondered with childlike curiosity, forgetting my solitude for a moment. Excitedly I approached the calm water and placed the boat upon it with utmost care. I stared with joy and amazement as it bobbed and floated gracefully about. Then I sensed a great warmth from behind and turned to see the splendor of the large rising sun.

    "It must be early in the morning," I thought happily. But as I turned back around the little red boat had vanished from sight. I scanned the water quickly with wide eyes searching for any sign of it. Nothing!

    "It must have sunk," I thought in panic. I got into the cold, chilly water and began to search as if looking for a valuable diamond. As the sun illuminated the water I spotted the boat moving rapidly from shore, far off in the distance. At once my hopes were dashed, as I knew I'd never see the boat again.

    "How could it have gone so quickly?! Why didn't I pay attention to it!" I thought, badgering myself. A sudden sadness came over me and I began to weep. As I lay crying pitifully on the shore, the rising sun began to warm and comfort me and I felt my sadness relent. I then heard the cry of seagulls above and thewaves began crashing powerfully on the shore. As I looked down the sunlit beach, I could see some men arriving, preparing to partake of the shore's glory. The awareness that I was no longer alone filled me with great joy and comfort and my spirits began to soar.

    "This is where I belong," I thought with a sense of relief. "This is where I have to be."

    I awoke alone once again. I knew my dad must have wanted to get on the road early and had decided to start driving as I slept. I climbed out of the bed and clumsily approached the toilet to do my morning business. It was difficult since the trailer was very shaky when on the move, but I managed without making much of a mess. Unlike a motor home, which actually has it's own engine, our trailer required a truck to pull it, so I knew I wouldn't see my dad until he stopped.

    I gazed lazily out the window, the sun still below the horizon, and saw that we were approaching some huge mountains. I walked into the kitchen area and spotted a note taped to the table.

    "Son, I decided to leave early. I'll be stopping around 9am to take a break. I hope you slept well! P.S. I left some food in the fridge for you. I Love You, Dad."

    I felt a smile spread across my face as I read his last words. I opened the fridge and got out a plate of fruit, cheese and crackers and began to eat. As I ate, I thought about the incredible day yesterday, both happy and sad, feeling my father's intimate touch for the first time and yet learning about my parent's separation. It was bittersweet without a doubt, but I knew I had to adjust and change. More than ever before life began to get complicated and I realized the carefree days of childhood were coming to an end, never to come again. As I opened the shutters, I saw dawn's first morning light and I recognized that I could not stop these changes. Like the rising sun, nothing could stop the inevitable.

    As I sat there, my mind still processing everything that had happened, my thoughts drifted to and dwelled on the activities between my father and I. I felt excitement return to my body and the wheels in my head began to turn. How his first wet kiss had felt and how my body tingled. I began to fantasize about him touching me again, about touching his body and how I longed to feel him caress and touch my body once more.

    I know I had a smile on my face as I thought about him. After dwelling for a few moments, I decided to get cleaned up. Although we only had a small reserve tank of water, I managed to fill the tub partially and began to wash myself. My thoughts then drifted to the hot tub incident and the shower in the men's locker room. I started to feel my manhood swelling with my touch and longed to please it ever so much, but I refrained in hopes that I could share my load with dad once again. I finished bathing, dried myself and laid my naked body under the covers once more. I was still a bit tired and effortlessly drifted back to sleep.

    "Oh yeah, that feels sooo good," I was thinking in my head. "This is one good dream." I was still half-asleep and I could feel my body tingling strangely. My cock was curiously hard and I began to feel moisture rubbing up and down against it.

    "Oh God yes! What is it?" I thought over and over. My thoughts then drifted to consciousness and I opened my eyes. As my vision adjusted, I realized I wasn't alone.

    "Someone is under the covers! Someone has broken in!" I thought at first in panic, not realizing the absurdity of that idea. I threw off the covers in alarm, and finally realized what was happening.

    "Good morning son!" my Dad said to me, as he held my throbbing rod in his hands.

    "Oh Dad, you surprised me! I didn't know what was going on." I said as I sighed in relief, my heart still pounding fast.

    "Sorry about that sleepy head. I came in here and I noticed something making the covers stick up, so I decided to check it out. Hope you don't mind boy," he said with his big warm smile.

    "Oh no Dad, not at all," I said sleepily with a big grin. "What was that awesome feeling?"

    "Oh you mean this?" With that my dad covered his warm mouth over my throbbing cock and my head jerked back due to the unexpected sensation.

    "Oh yeah, that's it, that's it!" I exclaimed.

    "Well son, that's called a blow job," he said casually lifting his mouth away. "Haven't you ever had one before?" he asked curiously.

    "No Sir, I haven't," I said shyly, a little embarrassed by my lack of experience.

    "Well then it looks like I came just in the nick of time," he said humorously. "Now keep still, close your eyes and tell me when you get close." He continued working my pole inside his warm soft mouth, up and down gently and then increasing his speed. The sensation was not like any other I had felt before. It was so warm and slick and felt so good on my hard rod. Up and down he went, every stroke making me tingle. He grabbed my nuts too and rubbed then gently. I could feel his fingers moving gently along the underside of my balls.

    I opened my eyes for a second to check out his head moving rhythmically up and down over my hard shaft. If anyone had come in at that moment, it would have indeed incriminated us both. I was laid with legs wide open, my naked teen flesh exposed to my dad and my erect cock in his mouth. My dad was kneeling between my legs, fully clothed, wearing his wife beater style tee shirt. It really turned me on the way it clung so tightly to his lean and firm stomach and chest and it nicely showed the outline of his two oval man nips, that were erect at that moment. I also liked the sight of his tanned smooth biceps, not overly huge as I had seen on some men, but just the right amount that a hard working man would have. His golden arms flexed slightly as he continued to move above me. The thick hair under his arms was now openly displayed as his arms were braced on either side of my body. His face was rugged but young looking. He could have easily been in his mid thirties, which was surprising as he was not the type of man that made any type of effort to look young. He was just naturally young looking I supposed. The only traitor to his age was his hair and mustache. Specks of gray could be seen in both his short-cropped hair and his trimmed mustache. He also had a very defined nose and jaw line and his brows were full and low hanging, giving him a serious and hungry look about him. He was wearing his favorite pair of worn out, slightly torn wranglers that rode him nicely. I had always admired the way they made his rear look as if he were a bubble butted teenage boy (sort of like mine).

    "My dad is sucking my dick," I thought excitedly as if trying to absorb it. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer but I tried to slow myself down as much as I could, to prolong this incredible event.

    I opened my eyes once again when dad stopped and I noticed him put his finger in his mouth for a moment, then I closed them again as he continued tongue bathing my cock. Then a thought came to me: Why did he lick his finger? I wondered for a moment ... then I found out.

    As I lay enjoying his hot mouth on my flesh, another sensation came to the forefront. I felt my dad's moist finger rubbing my ass hole. I opened my eyes as if to protest, when an instant later, I felt it go in. I felt a burning sensation first and then I felt as if I wanted to push out the invader.

    My dad looked into my questioning eyes. "You alright boy?" he said as if he were doing nothing out of the ordinary.

    "Yeah Dad, but what's with the finger?" I said a little pained.

    "I'm just trying to teach you a few things boy. Is it hurting?"

    "A little Sir" I said not wanting to disappoint him.

    "Sorry son; just hold on another second," he said as he reached to the nightstand and grabbed a jar of vasoline. "Maybe this will help a little," he said as he opened the jar and scooped out a big wad of the stuff with his fingers. He then rubbed it on my butt hole gently.

    It was cold at first and made me squirm a little as he continued to massage it around. I began to enjoy his anal massage, until I felt his finger protrude again. This time the burning had gone, but the sensation was still very peculiar and not what I would have considered pleasurable.

    "That feels really strange Dad," I said a little skeptically.

    "Don't worry son, you'll get used to it, and you'll like it too, I promise. Just give it a chance," he said reassuringly.

    Dad was right; I needed to be open to new things. I guess I was still immature in some ways.

    Dad continued pushing his finger in and out and resumed sucking my cock until it was again at its proud, glorious state. I started to get used to the feeling of my dad's finger moving in and out and my attention once again drifted to his warm mouth encompassing my throbbing rod. As his pace began to increase, I knew I was approaching the finish line. Up and down, faster and faster he began to go, the sensations becoming more intense by the second. I looked up and saw my dad's resolve in making me shoot.

    "Oh dad, I'm gonna cum soon," I said almost in a panic.

    "Alright boy, just let it shoot for your Dad ... that's it son, up and down, move your hips a little. I want you to fuck my face son ... come on," he said in his more aggressive sexual voice. I moved my hips up and down faster and faster bucking against his face.

    "Oh yeah," I yelled. "OOO YEAH!!!" Just as my boy juice was starting to spew my dad stuck a second finger in my ass and had pressed them to the hilt. "Oh it burns!" I thought in pain, trying to grasp for breath, but the pain mingled quickly with intense pleasure, such as I had never felt before.

    As my cock expelled its huge load, I could feel my ass clamping tightly around the anal intruders. The sensation was then increased by my dad's mouth, which continued to suck down the spurting masses of my boy sperm and this too sent waves of ecstasy over me. I felt more cum shoot out of my towering cock than I had ever before. It was as if new reserves of it had been discovered and had finally been released in one enormous explosion. Load after load shot into my dad's sucking mouth as I continued to shout ecstatically, "OH MY GOD, OH My GOD, OH MY GOD!!! OHHH!!!!" in disbelief that I could ever feel such an intense and wondrous sensation.

    After I was finished shooting off, I felt my dad's fingers slip gently out of my hole. I lay for a moment breathing heavily and unable to move as if I had been paralyzed, allowing my body to enjoy this feeling of ultimate and unparalleled satisfaction. As I lay there breathing heavily, my dad gently rubbed my sweat drenched hair and then lay beside me and continued to caress my face and my chest. Then he put his arms around me and held me firmly against his body.

    "Damn son, I think you are a man now! That was some load!" he said gently in my ear. "I guess that means you liked it huh?" he said with a sexy grin on his face and then rolled on top of me, parting my lips with his deep probing tongue. We kissed for a few moments until he got back up. "Lay there for a minute boy," he said. He went to the bathroom cabinet, got a wash cloth and moistened it with water. "Alright there boy, let's get you cleaned up." He grabbed my ankles with his hands firmly and swiftly guided them upward. "Keep your legs up son and spread your ass for me," he said seriously.

    I looked him in the eyes, reluctantly pulling my cheeks apart with my hands, a little humiliated at this position. He returned a look to me that was filled with lust and perhaps a little supremacy too. My hole was fully exposed to him as he began to clean off the remaining vasoline. He started first by cleaning off my deflated cock, the cool washcloth rubbing gently up and down the spent shaft. I noticed there was not a drop of cum in sight, so he must have taken my whole load of teen cream. Then he moved to my low-hanging balls and cleaned them gently.

    Then I felt the washcloth moving down to my crack until it reached my sore sphincter. He cleaned it extensively. It made me feel like a helpless infant being cleaned in this way, my dad towered above me, but it excited me in a way too. Once he was done he slapped my ass cheek soundly with one hand.

    "Get dressed, boy, we still got a ways to go to your uncle's house."

    I proceeded to get dressed as he watched intently, a type of hungry expression remained on his face.

    "Oh and son," he said as if remembering something, "don't forget, you owe me one," he said in a very serious tone. He then walked over to me, grabbed my cock and balls through my underwear, squeezed them firmly and kissed me on the lips, slipping his tongue in for only a second, then turned around and left. "I'll be in the truck and hurry your ass up boy," he said over his shoulder. I didn't dare challenge that, as I threw on my clothes and shoes and darted to the out the door.

    It was about 5 p.m. when we arrived at my uncle's house. He lived in a big mobilehome in a really nice mobile home park. The park itself was nestled in some mountains with huge round boulders everywhere. The park even had a huge swimming pool that was built around some of these large boulders. My uncle knew we were coming and had reserved us a place to stay for a few days. We took care of getting everything hooked up and then proceeded to my uncle's house.

    The last time I had seen my uncle was when I was six years old, so I wasn't really sure what he looked like anymore. The pictures we had of him were also from that time period. We went up to his trailer and knocked on his door. When the door opened a pretty nice looking middle aged man was standing there. He greeted my father with a bear hug and then moved to me and gave me a big hug, too.

    "Boy, you've really grown since I saw you the last time. You're turning into a handsome young man, just like your dad and me back in the day," he said smiling broadly at me. I really hated when people complimented me upon meeting me. It made me feel embarrassed, but I just smiled back and said, "Thank you Sir."

    After a minute or two my Dad and his bro were chatting and catching up on old times and I was curious to see the alien surroundings.

    "Dad, could I go out and walk around the park for a few minutes?" I asked.

    I guess my dad knew I was bored out of my mind and sent me on my way. "Don't go off too far son, I don't want to have to track you down."

    "Yes, Sir," I said as I left. I walked up the road through the trailer park and began looking for signs of life. Not too much to report, I'm sorry to say. It was mainly a community of seniors and not much was going on. The mountains all around called to me however. What I wanted most was to go and explore a little of the mountainside.

    "I don't think Dad would mind if I went on a little climb," I thought to myself. I almost went back to ask, but decided it would take to long. I guess when I mention mountains you're probably thinking snow capped mountains. But these mountains were not that high. They were more like glorified hills. They were very bare. Hardly any trees were on them, because they were mainly rock, sort of a brown sand color. Boulders were nestled on them as if any moment they would come rolling down. I decided I'd climb up a little way to get a better view of the park. I began to climb steadily upward. The slope at the bottom was pretty easy to get up, a lot of ledges and trails and you could tell that other people had explored the mountain before.

    After about what seemed like 30 minutes, I had climbed a pretty good distance. The ground below was very far off. I turned around and saw the sun beginning to make it's decent into the horizon. "Just a little higher," I thought, to get a better view.

    I came upon a ledge finally that granted me full access to the sun's setting splendor. The sight was breathtaking. I could see the park down below and my uncle's trailer looked like a matchbox car. I had gotten pretty tired from the climb so I decided to take a little rest.

    Moments later, I heard a very loud howl coming from close above me. The sound pierced the silence so abruptly that I felt as if my heart had stopped in shock.

    "What could that be?" I wondered in fright, as I quickly jumped up and looked above to see what was making the loud bellow. The wailing came again. It was very loud indeed and whatever was making it was not far from me. At that moment, I decided to get my ass down the mountain. I didn't know what was making that sound but the first thing that came to my mind was a wolf. I began to climb back down quickly, my heart pounding furiously in anxiety. The mountain cry continued and helped to expedite my departure. I lost my caution in climbing carefully however and slipped on some loose gravel and cut my knee on a sharp rock. It only nicked me, but my knee started to bleed.

    "Damn, I need to be more careful!" Just then the howling once again boomed and reminded me that speed was a necessity. I went down more quickly and again slipped, this time scraping the other knee, but didn't draw blood to my relief. I had been so certain that the climb down would be faster, but being more cautious slowed my decent.

    About 20 minutes later, I was only half way down the mountain and I heard my dad's voice echoing through the distance. "Oh SHIT!!" I thought. I was being summoned and I knew it was going to take a while longer to reach the bottom. "Did I shout back?" I decided I would, but then I heard the howl of that wolf once again, still close above me. The howling creature seemed to be a little farther, but if I yelled would it come after me? I panicked a little at the thought. I decided I'd not yell anything until I was almost completely down. From my distance I could see two people standing below, although they still looked like small dots. I could not tell if they were looking my direction, but I decided to give a wave just the same.

    It was in vain. I could see the two figures walking the opposite direction and I could hear the shouts resume more loudly than before. It continued climbing down for several more minutes. The wolf cry had stopped briefly but the darkness of the mountain increased as the sun set behind it.

    Once I was nearly down, I finally responded to my dad's summons, which was still sounding out loudly. "I'm coming Dad!" I yelled loudly feeling a bit foolish. I was nearing some trailers now and I'm sure the residents where thinking what I fool I was. As I started back up the road, my heart sank into my stomach as I saw my Dad walking up the road toward me and I could see the worry and anger in his face. To make matters worse, my Uncle was walking with him.

    As he approached me, I felt certain he could see that I had had an adventure. My clothes were dirty from head to toe and both of my knees had been scrapped up and one was dried over with blood. First he embraced me, which threw me off guard and hugged me for a good couple of seconds. But then his anger erupted.

    "Where the Hell have you been!!!" he shouted loudly.

    "Uh, I just climbed up the mountain to see the sun set," I said a little scared and trying to sound innocent.

    "Why didn't you answer me when I called You!" he said again almost shaking with anger and concern.

    "I wanted to Dad, but there was a wolf howling and I was afraid he'd come after me." I said, trying to defend myself.

    "Wolves! There aren't any wolves around here!" He said yelling again.

    "But there are coyotes around here" my Uncle interjected to my surprise. "I don't know if they'd attack a human, but they do kill some of the pets when they stray to far."

    My Dad looked at my Uncle for a second, then back to me. "What did I tell you before you left!" he said still very upset.

    "Uh, I don't know."

    "I said Don't go off too far! Don't you think climbing up a mountain is far, especially in a strange place?! You could have fallen or been attacked!!!" he said in a worried to death sort of way.

    "I'm sorry Dad, I won't do it again." I said gloomily.

    "Damn right you won't! Now come on, I'll deal with you later. Right now your Uncle has made us dinner and it's getting cold on account of you!"

    "Don't worry over that, I'll just throw it in the microwave. No harm done," my Uncle said lightly, trying to stick up for me and calm my Dad. It made me feel a little better.

    My Dad and Uncle turned around and began walking toward the trailer. I knew I was in deep shit, but I was so relieved to be down the mountain that I didn't care at that moment. The mountain climb had definitely taken its toll on me and I felt weak and exhausted. I did feel very belittled however. I walked behind slowly brooding over being yelled at in front of my Uncle and I'm sure half the park heard it too. My dad was probably right though; it was foolish of me to go wandering off alone. But at the time, I just wished to have a little adventure.

    "Be careful what you wish for." I thought to myself.

    When we got back to my uncle's house, he put the meal in the microwave to re-heat it as promised. He turned to me, gave me a pat on the shoulder and smiled while he pointed out the bathroom and told me I could go and wash up. My dad had taken a seat on the sofa and as I walked by didn't look at me.I knew he was still upset with me but I thought he was going a little overboard.

    As I washed myself in the bathroom, Dad came in and closed the door behind him. He had a medical kit in his hand that I assumed my uncle had given him.

    "Sit Down," he said in a tone not to be questioned. I did as he said and sat on the toilet. He got a washcloth and cleaned the bloody wound on my leg carefully and then applied a stinging antibiotic liquid that made me cringe. He held my knee firmly in place and continued to apply a bandage. He cleaned the other knee too but no bandage was required.

    "Are you hurt anywhere else?" he said seriously.

    "No Sir" I said as sadly as I could muster. He left without another word and didn't look me in the eye. I knew he was still really upset. I also knew I was going to be punished. I'd been punished by him before so I had an idea of what was going to happen. It usually involved about 5 licks with his belt on my bare ass. In light of our new relationship however, I figured I'd be able to avoid it and just talk my way out of it. That was my plan anyway. I still thought my Dad was over reacting. After all, nothing really bad had happened and I couldn't understand why he was so upset.

    I washed my hands and sweaty face and went to dinner. We had a turkey loaf (like meat loaf, but not as good) and mashed potatoes and veggies. It was a pretty good meal, considering my bachelor uncle had made it. The dinner was pretty quite though, my dad didn't say much to me. He spoke mainly to my uncle and I felt a little brushed off.

    I could tell my Uncle was trying to include me in the conversation, but I decided it was best to hang low until Dad was less upset. After dinner we sat and watched TV for a while and then my dad said we needed to go. I thanked my Uncle for dinner; telling him it was really good etc. etc. and apologized to him for having to re-heat it.

    "No problem boy, no harm done," he said as he smiled at me and gave me a hug. "Ya'll welcome to stay here in the extra bedroom if you want."

    "No, don't worry about that, we got all our stuff in the camper, but we'll see you in the morning. Thanks again," my dad said and gave my Uncle a pat on the shoulder and we left. Our trailer was only about a minute from my uncle's house. As we entered and closed the door, silent dread came upon me.

    "Sit down Son," Dad said most rigidly.

    I sat at the table and my heart sank.

    "Son, I'm very upset that you didn't listen to me today when I told you to stay close. I was really worried about you," he said more calmly than I expected. "What concerns me most about this is that we are now involved on a different level. I don't want you to think that I don't intend to have my rules followed on account of that. That was also a part of the reason why I didn't want to pursue this in the beginning. Do you understand?"

    I didn't really understand what he was getting at, but I felt that he was going to end our new found relationship together and I know my eyes started to water.

    "Dad, I'm sorry, I won't do it again ever, I promise!" I said sadly and almost franticly, realizing for the first time that my actions may have had a worse result than expected. "I just wanted to see the sun set. I wasn't trying to make you worry about me," I said as a tear rolled down my cheek, feeling sorry for what I had done.

    "Well Son, what I'm saying is that I have to punish you for what you've done, the way I would have normally done; our intimate relationship cannot interfere with me teaching you right from wrong. If it does, then we are going to stop being together and things will go back to the way they were. My number one duty is being a father to you and keeping you out of trouble and I won't let anything interfere with that. Do you understand?"

    "Yes Sir, I understand," I said, crying a little. "Alright let's get this over with so we can enjoy the rest of our evening," he said. My dad looked around trying to find a place.

    "I guess we'll use the couch," he said. I knew what I had to do. I walked over to the couch, undid my belt and dropped my shorts to the floor and got into "The Position." I knew it well, as I'd been spanked about 7 other times in my life by him and about 4 times at school (although school paddlings were a joke to even compare.) Some people might think of spanking as a kind of sexual thrill, but I never did. To me it was punishment, and I knew I deserved it, but I didn't want to get one anyway. No matter how many times its happened before, every time was like the first. My stomach got tied in knots and the anticipation was worse than the event itself. My Dad had never brutally spanked me. It never left lasting marks or anything, but my butt did stings for a few hours afterward. He always calmed down before he spanked me and that sort of made me feel more nervous. I always knew that when he was calm and seemed at ease that the punishment was soon to follow.

    I had my hands rested on the top of the sofa and had my legs spread just a little. My boxers were still on, but I knew he'd drop them when he got over to me; he always did. If anything was sexual to me, it was having my naked ass exposed to Dad, but that was all. As soon as the belt was laid on my ass, that thought always quickly disappeared.

    "You Ready Son?" my Dad asked, walking over to me.

    "Yes Sir" I said, my head leaned downward, not wanting to see what was coming. I then heard my Dad undo his belt and pull it out of his pants loops; a sound I never liked hearing. The seconds crawled by like hours as if time were trying to aid in my punishment. I felt my dad's hands on the sides of my boxers as he pulled them down far enough to have my bare ass showing.

    "Count' em for me son," he said.

    Counting his licks was something he had started about 4 years ago. After one spanking, I didn't cry and I guess this way he'd know I was actually feeling it. Let me just say, it worked like a charm from then on.

    "Here it comes," he said I could see his arm move back out of the corner of my eye and smack. The pain was intense and my ass quickly felt the sting.

    "One, Sir," I said loudly. I was determined he wasn't going to make me cry this time (something I always thought)! The pain was intense as my ass quickly felt the sting.

    "I just went on a little adventure," I thought as I got my breath back and prepared for the second.

    Smack! "Two, Sir," I said, jumping forward a little this time. Oh Damn, did it hurt, but no tears yet. "I won't, I won't cry, What was the big deal? I didn't get hurt or anything," I thought to myself, trying to justify my actions and clinching my teeth as the intensity began to increase.

    Smack! "Thhh...rrr...eee, Sir," I said starting to stutter; this one was harder and I felt the tears beginning to swell, my ass stinging even more and my teeth clenching harder as my ass started to seek escape. But I held firmly to my resolve. "I won't cry, I won't cry," I thought over and over. "Maybe I should have asked him first. Maybe he'll only give me three."

    Smack, next one came, feeling unprepared for it. I couldn't talk right away now, I knew it was getting too me, and a tear slipped out and down my face as the sting invaded my thoughts of resistance. I took a breath. "Four, Sir," I said very weakly as a second tear streamed down my face; my hopes of not crying once again dashed.

    "Why didn't I ask to go first, I knew I should have, but," my thought was halted with the fifth swing. SSMMMAACCKK!! The last one and by far worse than the other four combined (or it felt that way) and that was all it took as the floodgates had been opened and I sobbed no holds barred. I finally felt truly sorry for what I had done and I knew I'd never do it again. My dad had fulfilled his obligation of punishment and knew I couldn't announce the fifth one.

    I felt him pull my boxers back up, and I just collapsed on the couch. I shamelessly cried, unconcerned with my composure and not afraid of having Dad see me like this since it was unavoidable. He took a seat beside me, as he usually did, and hugged me close to him.

    "I'm sorry I had to do that son." I hugged him back, and cried on his shoulder and apologized in a one long crying sob. "I'm, sorry, Dad ... I ... won't ... do ... it ... again."

    I cried on his shoulder for a good 5 minutes and he continued to comfort me by rubbing my back.

    "You had me real worried, Champ," he said very soft and extra gentle. "I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you. I love you so much," he said with heartfelt scencerity, and I think he may have teared up a little too. I knew that he didn't want to spank me, but that he did it because he felt obligated to, in order for me to be more careful and not to make the same mistake again. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me harder.

    I realized at that moment just how much my dad cared for me and how much he must have worried about me when he started to call for me and I didn't answer. I didn't really think about my actions before I took them. By all accounts he was right. I could have fallen or been attacked by coyotes (although I still thought they were wolves; just wolves that wanted to live in Sunny California!) I learned a lesson that day, one that I still carry with me today and that was to think of the possible consequences of my actions, not only to me, but also to others. After I cried, I felt a whole lot better.

    Sometimes there is nothing better in the world than a good cry. It seems to drain all negative emotions out of you and makes you feel like you have settled a score or redeemed yourself in some way.

    As my dad sat closer to me, I starting feeling kind of turned on. I had forgiven him for spanking me as soon as he hugged me, but now I was feeling like I needed to really make up with him and do what I had been meaning to do since we started playing around. In light of what had happened, I didn't know if he'd want to, but I wanted to so I started by rubbing his chest a little as I lay against him. I then started focusing on his nips, which were soft at the time. I ran my fingers over each one gently trying to get a response.

    Then my dad looked me in the eye, knew what I was thinking and kissed me, this time on the lips. He started very gently with soft sweet kisses until gradually his tongue started to enter my mouth. I of course reciprocated and was starting to feel the warm tingly feeling I got from his sweet kiss.

    He started rubbing my chest all over and slipped his hand underneath my tee-shirt as he started to rub my boy nips. His warm touch felt so good over my tired and exhausted body. As he continued to kiss me, he moved his hands to my back and rubbed my shoulders. I had started rubbing his firm stomach and moved around to his back. I lay down on the couch and dad got on top of me.

    His soft gently kisses had evolved to deeper more passionate kisses and I was already standing at full attention, as was he. I could feel his huge tool through his pants, pressed against mine. As he lay on top of me, my hands moved to his firm round ass and started to caress it, feeling his firm ovals from top to bottom. He seemed to enjoy it, as his hand went slowly to my towering inferno, and began to rub it gently through my shorts.

    I then decided to be bolder and I pulled his shirt off over his head exposing his bare chest as his manly smell filled my senses and enticed me. As he lay arched over me, I noticed his mounds of underarm hair, close to my face. They called to me for closer inspection and I gently nuzzled my nose under his hairy pit and took a deep breath of his male essence. It smelled so erotic and enticing to me in my heated lust-filled state. The true scent of a man, not timid, but bold and strong. I thought that perhaps my dad would think I was acting odd, but he seemed to know I was enjoying it and opened his pit wider for me to explore.

    "Go on Boy, lick those hairy pits if you want to." I was surprised and anxious to fulfill his request and I started to lick his pits greedily. "Oh yeah boy, lick it good," he said lustily. I could taste the salty, acrid sweat that had been harbored there throughout the day. I got more and more excited and moved from one to the other until I had cleaned them fully.

    Then my Dad removed my shirt and guided my arm upward exposing my teen pit to his probing tongue. He licked both of my pits roughly and thoroughly as if I was some dish he really enjoyed.

    I let out a sigh. "Oh yeah, oh yeah!"I said softy moaning in response to his tongue bath.

    "Come on Boy" he said in a heavy and breathy voice in my ear, "Let's go to the bedroom so you can pay off what you owe me."

    The moment had come I thought. I was now going to get a good taste of my dad's hot handle. As we entered the back of the trailer, my pressing bladder reminded me that I needed to take care of other business first.

    "I gotta take a leak, Dad," I said a little desperately, waiting for his approval. "Alright boy," he said giving his consent. I stood in front of the toilet and began to undo my belt, but dad stepped behind me and brushed my hand away. He then quickly and forcefully undid my button and belt and pulled my shorts and boxers down with one quick motion. My semi-hard cock flayed around for a moment until I felt his large hand grasp it firmly.

    "Squirt, Boy!" he said in a commanding tone as he aimed my tool in the pot. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I don't know why, but when I have an erection it's really hard to piss and with his hand on my cock, I went from semi-hard to hard in seconds. I strained for a few moments and then finally felt relief as I pushed out my stream. His hand remained enclosed around my cock until my full duty had been done. He waited for my follow-up sprinkle and then shook my cock vigorously before moving his hand to the head and wiped it off in his palm causing my cock to swell momentarily.

    "My turn" he said to me, as I stepped back and allowed him to get in front of me. He stood there for a moment as if thinking. "Come on Boy, Hurry Up!" he said. It took me a second but I realized he wanted me to give him a hand in return.

    The idea fascinated me, so I reached around, undid his button and pulled his pants down below his ass. I hadn't managed to get his boxers off as he had mine, so I reached gently inside to pull out his robust man rod.

    "Don't be afraid of it Boy," he said as I fumbled with it and then grabbed my wrist firmly and pushed my hand onto his semi-hard shaft. I grabbed it firmly and released it from its confines. I heard him grunt and then felt his stream explode from his cock. I missed a little at first and had to adjust my aim.

    "Oh yeah," he said heartily as his bladder drained completely. I could tell he had held on to his watery load for quite some time. He pissed for nearly a minute before I felt his body tense up as he pushed his last few squirts out. "Shake it good Boy," he said authoritatively. I zestfully shook his cock as the few remaining drops dashed out.

    "Clean it off Boy" he said. I was a little confused at this request.

    "What?" I said curiously. He pulled me to his side and gently pushed me to my knees. His cock was dangling only inches from my face and he grabbed his shaft and rubbed it against my lips.

    "Clean it off, Boy!" he said sternly with the look of lust in his eyes once again. "Open Up," he said impatiently. I opened my mouth slowly and immediately felt my dad lodge his cock between my virgin lips. I wanted so much to partake of his meat as he had mine, but I was afraid at first of doing something wrong.

    "Don't be afraid son," my dad said as if reading my mind. I cautiously licked his cock head with the tip of my tongue getting a taste of him for the first time. My heart was pounding with the excitement of tasting my dad's cock for the first time. I slowly and meticulously licked his cock head and then I could feel my dad begin to push a little towards my mouth. I looked up and noticed my Dad staring down at me as I continued to explore his tool with my tongue. Then I felt his hand move to the back of my head and guide me closer to him, as his cock descended yet further into my mouth. I had opened my mouth far wider by this point to accommodate him.

    "Oh Yeah Son, you're doing just fine," my dad said almost moaning. His cock tasted so good to me. I got braver and decided to take him even deeper. I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat as best I could and heard my dad give out another moan as his cock went deeper inside.

    "Oh yeah son, that feels sooo good!" he said in a deep and carnal voice. His added encouragement made me feel I was doing something right, so I continued to take him deeper inside. I did gag a few times, but I just continued and didn't stop. His moans began to increase and his hips started to buck faster and faster until I could feel his big hairy balls slapping against my chin. He pubic brush was also beginning to tickle my nose as his shaft went deeper into my throat.

    "Oh, yeah, oh yeah!" he said over and over grunting in between thrusts, like an animal in heat. I was really getting into it and I could tell Dad was getting very close as his breathing quickened. Then I felt his rod slip from out of my mouth. It was now a huge glistening log and for a moment I was amazed I had gotten it in my mouth at all.

    "I'm not ready to give you my load yet boy. I've got some other things to teach you first," he said earnestly and passionately and then wiping his wet cock on the side of my face as I looked up at him. What was he going to teach me? I wondered in growing anticipation. We took off the rest of our clothes and Dad grabbed my hand and guided me towards the bed.

    "Bend over on the bed, boy," he said with a commandingly. "Don't move until I get back." He then went to the kitchen and got a folding chair and placed it behind me grabbed some vasoline and sat down as if he were going to examine me.

    "Let's get you warmed up." I leaned further over the bed with my stomach half way on it and rested on my elbows. "Stick your ass up higher, Boy," he said firmly. I pushed my ass as high as I could. I then felt him grab my ankles and spread my legs further apart with quick determination. I have to admit, I was feeling a little embarrassed and exposed at this position, but I knew not to question my father at this time; it would have broken the highly sexual mood, so I just went with the flow. I did have an idea of what he was going to do as I felt his lubricated finger begin to massage my anus once again and this time I enjoyed the sensation.

    After a few minutes of his finger massage, my cock now hard, I felt his first finger enter. It hurt for an instant, but nothing to what it felt like this morning.

    After a few minutes I was enjoying the sensation once again. He had started to move faster and faster and his intruding finger went deeper and deeper in and out of my virgin hole. Then he withdrew for a moment and I felt his thumb press my hole until it went in with more of a stretching sensation. I lunged forward slightly at the incredible feeling. By this time, I was getting very aroused. Every time pressure was applied to my hole, I could feel my cock throb in response.

    I looked down and noticed precum starting to form in a drop on the head. I was simply amazed, as I'd never seen this happen before without touching myself. Then I felt his thumb withdraw and the finger return. Shortly after that I felt a second finger begin to invade me. It did hurt at first, but dad took his time working it in with the other until both were comfortably gliding in and out. He continued his finger invasion until I felt another finger begin to enter. I became a little panicked at first and tensed up.

    "Just relax son, it'll only hurt for a few minutes," he said gently. I relaxed as best I could but the pain didn't subside quickly. He had to back off at first and worked more slowly than before.

    I know it must have taken half an hour to adjust and my cock was now soft at the uncomfortable feeling. But the longer he continued the more I adjusted. I began to get used to the feeling, although my legs and back were getting very tired in this position. Then he withdrew his fingers from me.

    "It's time to become a man, son," my dad said in complete seriousness. He then slapped my ass gently and motioned for me to get fully on the bed and he followed. We sat for a moment close together and my Dad kissed me gently.

    "Son, I want to make love to you, like I made love to your mother," he said seriously looking into my eyes. "But its going to hurt a lot at first and the last thing I want to do is cause you pain. Once you're past the pain however, I think you're really going to like it, but I'm not going to force you to do this if you don't want to. I love you so much and whether you do or dont want to do this, it won't change how much I care about you or love you. Understand?"

    I wanted nothing more in the world to please him and would have done anything he asked me to do, especially in seeing how much he wanted to make love to me. I also understood that I was going to have him inside me, his manhood inside me and I knew it would be the ultimate bond between us.

    "I can do it Dad; I really want to do it. Make love to me," I said almost too quickly, which I think surprised my Dad.

    "Are you sure Son?" he said again giving me another chance to think about it.

    "Yes Sir," I said resolutely and without hesitation. He leaned over and gave me another hot probing kiss and hugged me against him.

    "O.K., Son, we'll give it a try, but if you want to stop, just tell me and we will," he said in a concerned voice.

    "O.K., Dad," I said, thinking there was no way I would do that. (Little did I know). He got some pillows piled up at the end of the bed and guided my face onto them, my butt positioned upwards once again.

    "I'm going to start you out in this position because it's the least painful son. Once you feel good, we can try different positions, O.K?"

    "O.K. Dad, I can do it," I said resolved to make this our best night together.

    "If you feel you need to yell, just do it in the pillow. You're Uncle's pretty close, O.K." I knew it was going to hurt but I thought my Dad was being a little over cautious. How bad could it be, I thought lightly, not thinking seriously about the pain. I braced myself again on my elbows, ass high and my face now almost completely down. I felt dad lube my ass again and I assumed he must have lubed his cock too.

    First I felt him rub his dick against my hole for almost a minute and then I felt his head enter me. Nothing to it, I thought confidently. No pain in having his head in me. I felt my dad's hand on the top of my shoulder as he began to push further inside me. As I felt his wide shaft invading and stretching my hole, the pain began to surface. "Oh Damn!" I thought surprised by the increasingly uncomfortable feeling, realizing for the first time that my Dad was not just being cautious. As it proceeded in further, I know my face began to turn red, my teeth began to clench and the pain began to invade every thought until I finally pushed my face down hard into the pillow and let out a load moan of pain.

    "You're doing great son," my dad whispered to me delicately. His words were little comfort however as I tried to catch my breath. But I knew I just had to stick it out. I can do this I thought, trying to push the pain away. I want to do this more than anything, I kept saying in my mind over and over again.

    "Just one quick thrust son and the worst will be over." I felt my dad quickly push the rest of his shaft all the way up. "OHH" I cried loudly in the pillow. I felt as if I'd been split in two. The pain exploded in my body. "OHHHH!" I cried again loudly in the pillow a few times. I was nearly at the threshold of calling it quits, now arguing with myself whether or not to stop this. I could feel my head get very hot and tears were trying to squeeze out of my tightly closed eyes. My teeth were still clenched firmly and my face was contorted in pain. I tried to calm my breathing and redirect my attention in an effort to forget the pain.

    It was then that I noticed my dad's stomach pressed against my ass and I knew he was now completely inside me. The thought started to turn me on again and helped me push the pain back for a moment. He then moved his body upward in a semi-standing position on the bed and was hunched over me, hugging my sides between his strong arms. I could feel his heat and my heat mingling together.

    "It's in Son; I'm so proud of you boy," he said lustily in my ear. My face was still pushed into the pillow but I had relented a little and finally came up for air. I didn't have the will to speak at this time, still grasping for breath and trying to adjust, but I felt my dad pull his cock slowly out a little and ease it back in again which helped me adjust. It still hurt, make no mistake, but it was beginning to hurt less. He continued to pull out and push in for quite a while until I could feel his thrusts moving a little more rapidly. Finally after sometime, I lifted myself off the pillow and positioned myself on all fours. This must have been a sign to my dad that I had adjusted somewhat and I felt his thrusts begin to go quicken. My Dad meanwhile had wiped the tears from my face and kissed me gently on the cheek.

    "You feeling better son?" he said gently.

    "Yeah, a little better Dad," I said trying to sound confident. In and out I felt him moving, still slowly, but with each additional thrust the pain became less and less and I began to actually feel a numb but good feeling in my crotch. I wanted to feel it more so I started to push back against my Dad as he continued thrusting. He took this as another cue and started moving faster and deeper until I could feel the mattress swaying with our motion. I grabbed onto the headboard to steady myself and my dad now moved in quicker thrusts.

    "Oh yeah, Son, now you're getting the hang of it," he said raising his tone a bit as he increased. "You're such a good son," dad said playfully. Then he held me up against his chest and began to fondle my nipples and rub my chest firmly. He licked up the side of my neck as his thrusts continued. He then licked my ear, which tickled at first, but I began to enjoy immensely. He kissed me harder on my face and licked my neck and bit lightly.

    "You like Daddy's big cock don't you boy," he said lustily in my ear.

    "Oh ... yeah ... Dad," I said getting more and more aroused. He pinched my nipples harder and harder and we were both now bucking together quickly. My Dad then reached around and started to fondle my cock and balls, rubbing them roughly with his hands. I started to feel his heavy nuts slapping against my ass and my dad's moans of ecstasy began to get louder and louder.

    "Oh Yeah, Son! Oh Yeah! You're so Hot Boy!" he said as his pace increased. I was now felling a sense of true pleasure as his cock intruded further and further, my manhood becoming full and erect with his groping hand. We continued for a few more moments and then stopped abruptly.

    "I want to look into your eyes, when I give you my load son," he said breathing heavily. He turned me over on my back and placed a pillow under my ass. His body was now covered with sweat and caused the hair on his chest to become matted. My body too was sweaty, mixed with my own and his. The scent in the room reminded me of a locker room and sauna and it enticed the experience further.

    Then I saw him enter me for the first time, the pain no longer an issue. His cock quickly slid into my warmed tunnel. I enjoyed the feeling a lot now. My dad's arms were braced on either side of me and my legs were now up around him. We looked at each other intently as our mating ensued.

    "I love you so much son," my dad said in his labored breath.

    "I love you too Dad" I said in the rhythm to his thrusts. I looked down and could see my Dad's big cock moving easily in and out of my hole as he continued to breed me. His chest was firm and solid and his stomach muscles flexed with each movement. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. The sensation of earlier had returned and was now more intense, as my dad's thrusts seemed to become deeper and deeper. Faster and faster he continued.

    "Oh, God, This is amazing," I thought as a new more intense feeling of pleasure invaded my senses. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. My dad started grunting like a wild beast as he continued to fuck me harder and harder, faster and faster, each push forcing my body to jut backwards in response. The bed swayed back and forth violently as if possessed. The speed at which my dad was now hammering me seemed almost impossible and I knew he was getting close.

    "I'm gonna give you my seed boy!" he said in a loud lusty voice. "Are you ready for my cum ... Boy?" he asked demanding a response."

    "Yes, Sir!" I shouted back still being pummeled by his sweat drenched manly body.

    "Here it comes Boy!" He shouted again. Oh, Oh, OH OH Ah, Uh' AAH, Uhhhh, Uhhh, Uhhhh UUUUHHH AAAAAHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH OH YEAH, OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" my Dad yelled loader than I had ever heard him yell before; louder even than the wolf on the hill and I felt huge amounts of warmth fill me inside; squirt after squirt as his thrusting cock continued to shoot his man seed inside me. His pace slowed but he continued thrusting as if trying to make sure I got every drop. My dad had grabbed my cock in his hand while he was shooting and began jerking it furiously with his vasoline-lubed hand and within seconds I shoot too. My ass clenched around his rod in response and forced him to stop his thrusting. A wave of total ecstasy had encompassed me, accompanied by euphoria. My eye's closed, my body tensed up and my head shot backwards as loads of boy juice shot out furiously and joyously like never before.

    I shot over my head onto the headboard, then onto my own forehead and then onto my chest and stomach, like flying rockets, as dad continued to jack me up and down relentlessly. I let out a yell to match my Dad, completely unable to contain myself or my voice, "OH DAD, OHHHH DAD, OHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH GOD!" I cried in total amazement and it was all I could say, dumbfounded by the most incredible and earthmoving feeling I have ever had, making every other sexual encounter dim by comparison.

    My dad's hand slowed and pulled up gently as my last gush eased out and dripped slowly down my exhausted shaft. My Dad looked me in the eyes, breathing hard and sweat drenched, leaned down and gave me a grateful and loving kiss, which I happily returned. My Dad then collapsed upon me, still inside, as we lay stuck together bonded by our sweat and cum smeared bodies. Our bodies rising and falling quickly as we lay trying to catch our breath. We were both unable to speak for quite some time. After a while of lying pressed together, my dad finally spoke.

    "Son, I can't even tell you how incredible," my dad said in what appeared clearly to be a loss for words. I could tell he was as amazed by the experience as I was. The look in his eyes was now one of total satisfaction and wonder. I felt so good at that moment, not only because it had been the most amazing thing for me, but also because I had pleased my dad beyond words and that meant so much.

    "Dad, I Love You" was all I said back. I gave him a gentle kiss on his lips and he kissed me back tenderly and then whispered in my ear, "I love you too, Little Man."

    I know I smiled when he said that. I felt like a man now, truly for the first time in my life. We both lay facing each other, bodies intertwined, kissing, whispering and softly laughing together for quite some time. Eventually both ourexhausted bodies gave out and we drifted in a blissful and warm slumber,embraced in each other's arms.

    That night with my Dad changed my life forever. The intimacy I shared with him had given me incredible strength. I was no longer a frightened child grasping onto my childhood as I would a security blanket. I had let it go, off across an ocean and out of my life forever. I was now in a New World, a World among men, experiencing the complexities and sharing in the pleasures of men.As I lay drifting to sleep, the last thoughts that passed through my mind were words from a dream.

    "This is where I belong. This Is Where I have to be." My Vacation to Manhood, a destination from which I could never return.

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