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  • My neighbors husband
  • When I was 17, some new neighbors moved in down the street. They were a young couple, probably in their mid-20s, and both quite attractive. I got along very well with them. I mowed their lawn a lot because David was an airline pilot and Teri was a former stewardess now substitute teacher in my grade.

    The summer I turned 18 was great! I hung around David and we would sit late at night in their den, watch TV and drink beer. Once, he showed me a porno tape as he sat next to me on the couch. It had to do with incest, including a scene were a son and his father have sex and still horny they go after the wife-mother.

    Being just 18, I couldn't stop the hard-on from tenting my shorts like a sledgehammer. The movie showed the son fucking his mother doggie-style and the dad coming up behind and butt-fucking the boy.

    "That looks so hot!" David whispered to me, his lips so close I could feel his breath on my ear.

    The next afternoon David left for a flight to the West Coast. I went over to mow the lawn and found Teri outraged over something.

    "I found this tape in the machine this morning! No wonder he was too tired to have sex with me!"

    She held the porn tape in her hand and I couldn't help but stare as she was dressed in a tight and very small white bikini.

    "He probably was jerking off to it!" she said.

    Without thinking I blurted out, "No, he wasn't!"

    She looked at me and asked, "How do you know?"

    "Because I was watching it with him," I answered timidly.

    "So, that turns you on?"

    "Yes," I replied.

    "Then how about this?" With that she dropped the top of her bikini.

    I stared for only two seconds before I rushed to her, grasped a breast and locked my lips on the nipple. After that we pawed at each other: kissing, feeling and stripping.

    She dropped to the floor on her hands and knees screaming, "Do me from behind! Now!" I knelt down and guided my steely seven-inch dick into her hot wet hole and began to thrust. I was so into fucking her that I didn't feel another presence in the room until I felt David generously applying lube to my ass.

    He murmured, "Just relax your hole and let me in, baby!"

    This is what I've been dreaming of: fucking Teri while David took my ass with his eight-incher.

    I shot a load deep into Teri and then we switched around into a 69, so that David could alternate between fucking her cunt and my mouth. He finally dumped his load into his wife and I hungrily ate out both his cum and mine.

    Teri got up to go take a shower, as she was going out with some friends that night. David got on top of me and we spent a long time making out.

    When Teri walked out the door she looked into the den to see me on my back sprawled across the ottoman, David pounding his cock into my ass, and my feet flailed in the air.

    Now, I go over there to watch porn. But, I have yet to see the ending of one of those movies!

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