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  • Daddys big dog
  • It was cold out today, but I still needed, to make dad warm. I got on and wondered for a bit in my local area. I snagged dad fast. He needed his cock sucked and fast. I was hot for some cock and got his picture and dad had mine. I did want him. He was the dad type and I knew I would be able to service him as he needed. I got directions and went right over to meet him. I hit his driveway right off, by his directions. I walked up and he had his dog by the collar and told me to come on in. The dog was safe and I had no reason to fear. I walked in and that dog just had to know all about me. I was struck by dad and his control of the dog, but I did know now, i would be sucking daddies cock. I did my best to relax, and know that his big dog would accept me. I wanted daddy, in the worst way now. He had me excited by just letting me know, he wanted me to suck his cock.

    I took off my coat, and dad walked into the bathroom telling me he had to piss, I sat for a second and then walked in to the toilet and he asked if i wanted it. I declined, but put my fingers in the flow and took them to my lips. He just needed that. Once I tasted his piss on my fingers, he wanted me. He told me to go into the bedroom. I did and I was left to relax. Dad walked out and came back after a bit and I layed down on his bed and he came and crawled in with me. I went right for his cock and began to suck on it as I knew I should be doing. That was my place and I wanted to be there. I started to make way in my throat for daddies cock and he began to fuck my mouth, forcing his way inside me. I was loving how he took me rather then me going for the bone. I let him fuck my face and I adjusted to his cock size. He soon rolled over and told me to eat his ass. I knew I wanted to eat his ass, but I was always so picky. I let his ass hit my face and I sniffed it good, and he said, yea, eat that asshole. I slowly moved in and started to taste his asshole. It was fine, so i went in for the kill, he kept telling me how good, i was at eating his asshole and that I should stick my tongue inside, I did and it was nice. I did it and i loved it. I was in heaven.

    He turned me over and said, Im gonna fuck you boy and I looked right up at him. I knew, I wanted him to fuck me and make me his boy. I took my legs and started to bring them up so dad had a clear shot for my shithole. I felt his cock rub my boycunt and I melted. I knew I would be fucked by dad and fucked good. He shot some cream on his cock and my ass was stuck. He stuck me and kept on sticking it to me. I told him to take it easy, then it became much more easy to take. He was fucking me and I wanted to be filled. Daddy pulled out and went to the night stand and pulled out this two headed dildoe. He took that thing and started sliding it into me. I felt so good with dad fucking me with his big dildoe. I needed it in me. I knew I would have him fucking me with his boy toy and I wanted it. Please stick in more.

    More, Please Sir, force more of that into me. I kept asking and wanting more. It felt good having him fuck me this way. I wanted him to cum in my mouth first, but he fucked me with that dildoe, and jerked me off. I came so good. I do want to go back and take care of dad again. He sure made me feel good. I will eat daddies ass, again. I think thats what he really wants most.

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