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  • The auction
  • Dad's boss Mr. Simon had organized a Charity Slave Auction to raise money for a new community swimming pool. The auction was to evolve only his company's male employee's and business associates that Mr. Simon had become aquainted with over the years. The Auction was scheduled for this coming Friday evening. All male employees were outfitted with tuxedos. Why only the male employees was because Mrs. Simon had organized her own benefit with the female employees, it was to be a competition. Male vs Female employees. If the males lost, they had to prepare supper for the ladies and vice versa for the ladies. So the ladies auction had garnered $250,000 in cash so we had to beat it to win so our work was cut out for us. Mr. Simon had requested that Dad and I be apart of the auction and what could Dad say to that. So we were to be auctioned off.

    Now the rules of the auction were simple:

    1. Male employees were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder

    2. The winning bid had to pay up front for the employee.

    3. The employee then became the highest bidder's slave.

    4. The employee slave then was to show up at the highet bidders home to fulfill auction duties.

    Dad had asked me if I had wanted to join in the festivities. I agreed sighting it was for a worthy cause because this town certainly needed that pool. Well Dad brought home our Tux's that we had been fitted for the week previous and hung them in the closet till tomorrow night, Auction Night. Well it was a sight to behold Dad and I standing in front of the hall mirror adjusting our ties. I must admit we were a handsome pair. Dad, tall about six feet, dark hair,mustache every inch a man. Me, just under Dad in height same dark hair but took on more of my mother's side.

    "Well,son how much do you think this pair of men will bring in"

    "Dad, I really can't say but at least $1"

    Dad laughed, "son you have your mother's sense of humour."

    "Right Dad, shall we be off to strut our stuff"

    "David, remember you have to fulfill the auction duties" no sherking them off. This a comittment right son"

    "Yes!!! Dad, I know the rules"

    We had arrived at the rented hall where Mr. Simon greeted us with a Hello Paul and David you dudes look rather dashing, like bookends. Those well honed bodies of yours shall fetch a great price. Now Paul and David there has been a slight change in plans for you tonight. You are to be auctioned off together as a pair not individually as before but as one unit. What we are hoping for is a greater return, a team of slaves. Never been done in past years. So we are going to see what can happen, it might be a new trend.

    Now Dad never doubted Mr. Simon's business sauvy, he knew what he was doing for he had attained great wealth in this city.

    "So be it" dad said

    "How is it with you David" Mr. Simon asked

    "If it is Ok with dad, it's Ok by me"

    " Great!! this in going to be a hell of an auction" Mr. Simon said

    "Gentlemen, get those wallets and checkbooks ready because we have a $250,000 challenge to meet so let the auction begin" stated Mr. Simon over the P.A. system.

    "First up Gentlemen, is William Kent our Senior Accountant. We Shall start the bidding at $500. Do I hear six.

    Well Mr Kent finally went for $2000 to a Mr. Web. I wondered what slave duties he would be preforming for Mr. Web. maybe balancing his budget or doing his tax return.

    The evening progressed, it was Dad's and my turn now to be on stage to be auctioned off.

    " Gentlemen, we have something different this time. Gentlemen we have the team of Paul Keats our Senior Sales manager and his Son David Keats so gentlemen I am going open the bid at $2000.

    A hush went over the crowd, what was Mr. Simon thinking, was he nuts. Opening the bid at $2000. Dad looked at me and I at him as we walked out on stage and down the ramp.

    "$2500" from a man in the back.

    "$3000 " from a man front and center

    "$4000" from the man in the back again

    "$5000" from someone over on the left

    "$5500 " again from the man in back

    "$6000" from a man to my right

    The bidding continued until it was between the man in the back and the one to my right.

    Sold to the man in the back for $15,000

    Mr. Blackmen was the winning bidder for Dad and I.

    So the night continued one last employee to be auctioned off and that was Mr. Simon. Sold for $12000 to the man that lost Dad and I.

    Dad and I met Mr. Blackmen who happened to be Mr. Simon's dearest friend. Dad asked him when he wanted us to do our slave duties. Mr. Blackmen gave dad instructions on how to get to his home next Saturday morning. We shook on the deal and made small talk and drank some before heading home.

    Next Saturday was here before we knew it. Dad didn't want to be late to get to Mr. Blackmen's, dad sure had a sense of duty and since he was Mr. Simon's best friend he didn't want any slip ups either. Dad and I talked on the drive over to Mr. Blackmen's home about what might be our slave duties. Dad said probably mundane things like, I would probably wash his car, while Dad maybe cleaned out the garage or did yard work.

    " How long is slave duty by the way"

    "From 7:00 am Sat. till 7:00 am Sun. 24 hours of slave duty" said Dad

    " Well I sure hope he gets his $15,000 worth" I said

    We laughed, as the house or should I say mansion loomed before us.

    "Well son it looks like we have our slave duties cut out for us"

    Mr. Blackmen greeted us at the door.

    "Hello Paul and David, nice to see you again. I have eagerly been awaiting your arrival. Do come in and let's begin your tour of slave duty"

    "Right Sir" dad said.

    "Now you both know the rules, what I say is the Gospel. So my first instructions is for you both to go upstairs and put your slave outfits on. David you have the door on the right and Paul you have the door on the left. So upstairs you go and I will see here in this room shortly." said the master.

    Dad and I went up stairs and as we went, the master said you will find your uniforms on the bed. Dad went to his room and I went to mine. My room was grand, well appointed. I approached the bed. There to my surprise was just a white t-shirt and a white pair of jockeys. So I looked further. Nothing. Just the "t" and jockeys. I went to the door to go to Dad's room to ask him what I should do and to see what his uniform was. When I heard Mr. Blackmen downstairs say to Dad. Paul you fill out your slave outfit well. That "t" and jockeys shows your well defined shape. So my dad had donned his slave outfit and never questioned it. Dad the man with a sense of duty. So I shucked my cloths put the unifom on and went down stairs.

    "Great david, you fill out that "t" and jockeys just as well as your Dad here" the master stated.

    Dad was standing at ease in front of the master and I joined him there"

    "Well Paul and David it is time for me to inspect my slaves. So stand at ease, hands behind your back. You both look fabulous." the master said.

    Dad and I both did as we were told without thinking. I have to admit my Dad sure did have a great body and that "t" and jockey's he was wearing showed it off. The master then took a camera off his desk and snapped a picture of us at ease.

    "I want to be able to look back, a memory you know", he said

    The master went to Dad, "Paul are you ready for inspection"

    "Yes Sir" dad said

    The master took the waist band of dad's jockey's and pulled them away as he peered in. It seems my slave is well hung and with that he lowered them to Dad's knees. Dad's cock hung there.

    As he approached me and peered into my jockeys.

    " Seems like it runs in this slave family" said the master, and with that my jockeys were at my knees. I was hanging just like dad. Paul and David I am going to have to measure you for your slave stats. He took dad's cock and measured 8" soft. me 7 3/4" soft. Now I will measure them hard. Dad wasn't hard and neither was I. The master went to Dad and sat on a stool. The master took dad's cock in his hand all the while dad stood at ease. David, I am going to make this slave's cock hard hold the measuring tape for me. With that the master opened his mouth and Dad's cock slid in. Dad's cock began to stiffen. I watched in amazement as I thought Dad would never had stood for this, but dad is a man with a sense of duty remember. He was measured hard and then it was my turn. My cock entered the master's mouth. It too was hardened and then measured. It occurred to me that I had never seen Dad hard before. What a sight, his hardon coming out from underneath that white t shirt. Dad winked at me and I winked back. I think we were both enjoying this experience. But why were we. I had never done anything like this before, I was just following along.

    The master spoke. It is time to taste my slaves. David come here and sit down in this chair. I went. Now David the master here is going to suck you dry and I want the best load you can give the master. Paul you watch in anticiption for you are next. I sat in the chair and the master knelt before me and again my cock entered his mouth. He sucked and licked until I came.

    David that was just great, the slave puts out a fabulous load of sweet juice and now Paul it is your turn I must compare slave juice. Dad took my place and his cock entered the masters mouth. Soon Dad' juice was filling the master's mouth. Both well hung and both put out great juice.

    On your feet slaves you have work to do. The master returned our jockeys to their natural place but made sure our cocks were positioned inside to show them at their best. He gave us jobs to do with instructions that if we heard the whistle we were to come and find him.

    I was out washing the car in my "t" and jockey's when I heard the whistle blow. I found the master first in his den sitting in his leather chair and then dad appeared a little later. Come here slaves. We went to the master and said "yes Sir" what is it that you require. Stand at ease again slaves. Out of his jacket pocked he took out a box and took the lid off. Inside were 2 rings. David approach me. I went to the master. He took one of the rings out of the box. Sterling silver I was told, a sterling silver cock ring that is. He lowered my jockeys again and placed the cock ring on me. Placing my balls through it as well. He fiddled with it until it fit perfectly. He spun me around and told Dad to have a look at my cock ring.

    Dad said it look great and with that the master readjusted my jockey to their rightful place. The

    second ring was fitted to Dad and he too looked great sporting that cock ring. Slaves off to finish those chores. the master said

    As we left I murmured to Dad " Can you believe what we are experiencing here Dad"

    "No son I can't but in some perverse way I am really enjoying it"

    "So am I Dad, I sure liked watching you get blown earlier. I hadn't realized you were that well hung and that hardon was a sight to behold"

    "Son I couldn't believe the sight of you as well. I really thought you enjoyed that blow job as well"

    "I sure did Dad and I loved seeing you with that hardon"

    "Yes and your hardon was nothing to ignore either son"

    "Well I guess we have a mutal admiration about each other's cocks" right Dad

    "Right Son and your cock with that ring on it is a turn on"

    "Dad your cock with it's ring around it, enhances your cock"

    "Thanks son"

    Back to the chores again us slaves went.

    About 3/4 of an hour later the whistle blew. I hadn't seen Dad since the fitting of the cock rings, but we met in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs.

    "Dad where did the whistle come from" I asked

    "Don't quite know son"

    It sounded again from upstairs, so up the staire we went. Finding Mr. B. in the room at the end of the hall.

    "Come in here slaves"

    We entered the room to find Mr.B. standing in front of his personal barber's chair. We went to the master dad and I. and asked what he wanted.

    " Well slaves I like my slaves to be well groomed, and I am going to do just that"

    "David" he called

    "Yes sir"

    "David remove Paul's jockeys then his cock ring and then have him sit in the chair then shampoo his cock and balls/ rinse them off so I can trim up my slave"

    I went to dad and removed his jockeys and let his cock and balls hang while I placed the jockeys on the bench by the window. Going back to dad I had a strange feeling about handling his cock to remove the cock ring. I also looked forward to it. I removed the ring and told dad to get into the chair. Once there I shampooed his cock and balls.

    "He is ready sir"

    "Great job David"

    Mr B. went to dad. and with the electric clippers trimmed dad. The hair falling to the chair seat and then to the floor. Made his cock look great. Having finished that. He went to the shaving cream dispenser and got cream and the razor. Dad by this time was erect. Mr. B. shaved just around the base of dad's cock and then his balls. It did make dad's cock look bigger.

    "David come here, feel how smooth these balls are but lick them to make sure all the hair is removed"

    I felt dad's balls how smooth they were to touch. My licking of Dad's balls found no hair. How exciting, I started to tent up. Mr B. cleaned up any remaining shaving cream and ordered dad out of the chair. Dad stood there still erect with his trimmed cock and shaved balls hanging below his white "t".


    "Yes Sir"

    "Prepare David for his turn in the chair"

    "Yes, right away sir"

    Dad removed my jockeys and then my cock ring. It was a bit more difficult because of my erection but at last I was in the chair and dad was shampooing my cock and balls. He caressed them as he prepared me, I was in a dream state when I heard him say I was ready. The same procedure was followed I was trimmed and shaved just as dad was, in fact when I was done dad and I looked like mirror images. Mr B. handed dad my cock ring and told him to put it back on me and I was told likewise with dad's ring and told to put our jockey back on and go back to our chores for Mr. B. was going to take a nap for awhile.

    Dad and I went back down stairs.

    "Dad I can't believe how great your cock and balls look now that they are trimmed and shaved"

    "I didn't realize it son but I think I will keep them that way. I do like the feel. David I hope I didn't get you into these situations and you are just going along because of your sense of duty to your dad"

    "Dad I will tell you up front, I am really enjoying this day. I can't explain it. I really do enjoy experencing this with you seeing you in those situations anticipating the next whistle call. Look dad my cock is in happy mode and I can see yours is too. So what are we sweating here dad. Let's just enjoy, relax, try new things. You know dad, you don't know until you try"

    " I have to agree son but I will be honest with you. I have wanted to experiment along these lines for sometime. So that is why when I saw those jockey's and "t", I knew something was going to happen. I made up my mind then and there I was going to go full steam ahead even though I knew you were here as well. I wanted this so badly"

    "So don't sweat the fact I am here dad, just let yourself go and have all the fun you want. Don't look over shoulder to think about what I am thinking. I am old enough to know what I want as well."

    With all this said between us, we went back to our chores with mutual respect and understanding.

    The whistle sound floated over the air to my ears and I eagerly went to its source, wondering what was going to happen next. Dad and I found Mr. B. in the living room but not alone.

    Dad said "Mr. Simon what are you doing here"

    "Paul, I visiting my friend and making sure his slaves are working out"

    "Well John, these slaves were worth every bit of the auction price so far"

    "Excellent choice of slave outfits Roger" said Mr. Simon

    "Yes they do fill them out rather well don't they John and here are their stats to prove it"

    "Paul and David I am impressed" said Mr. Simon

    "Roger may I use your slave for awhile" said Mr Simon

    "Sure which one"

    "Paul is my choice right now"

    "What do you want him to do for you, John"

    Mr. Simon whispered in Mr. B's hear

    "Fabulous idea, John. David and I will join you"

    Off we went to the indoor pool and the change rooms.

    Once there in the change rooms, Dad and I were ordered by Mr. Simon and Mr.Blackmen to strip them down. Dad, Mr Simon and me Mr. Blackmen. Mr Blackmen and I watched dad remove piece by piece Mr. Simon's clothes until he was totally nude. I will admit Mr. Simon was in excellent shape and well hung with lovely silver hair heavy on his chest. Now with all his clothes off Mr. Simon removed Dad's t-shirt and jockeys. Now it was their turn to watch as I disrobed Mr. B. to my surprise Mr. B. was just as well hung and hairy chested as Mr. S..

    "Let's hit the showers" Mr. S. said

    So we all entered the shower room and us slaves were told to wash and bathe their masters. I watched Dad bathe Mr. S. dad was told to make sure he washed Mr.S's cock and balls well. As I washed Mr. B. I could see out of my eye that Mr. S. was becoming erect as Dad washed Mr.S's cock and balls. With this watching and my manipulating Mr. B. cock began to enlarge as well. The showering continued with Mr. S and Mr. B. bathing Dad and I.

    Mr. S. sat on a ledge in the shower with his legs spread apart. He summoned Dad to him.

    "Paul, my cock is waiting for you"

    "Yes, sir what would you like" dad responded

    "Paul, I am going to train you in the art cocksucking"

    Dad went to him, and knelt down

    "I am ready to start my training,Sir"

    "Great,Paul open your mouth and take my cock in and start sucking"

    With that Dad leaned forward opened his mouth and engulfed Mr. S's cock. What a sight to see Mr. S's cock going in and out of Dad's mouth. Mr. B. took me by the hand and led my over to Dad and Mr. S.

    "David I think you should join your Dad in training"

    "Yes Sir"

    Mr. B. sat next to Mr. S. and I knelt before him. Taking his cock in hand I brought it to my mouth and it entered in. The first thing I noticed was the smoothness and texture. It was odd to see the both of us sucking

    cock no more then two feet away from each other. We both were instructed to suck it deeper, twist on it as we came back up, twist on the way back down. Open the slit and lick out the pre-cum. Play with their balls as we sucked. I could hear both men start to moan at this point they said to quicken our pace on sucking. Dad and I did as we were told and we knew what was at hand. Both gentlemen said it was time we tasted lifes juices. Dad took Mr.S's juice and swallowed and I likewise Mr. B's juice.

    "Well slaves how did you like tasting the Masters juices"

    Dad said "It was his first time and had enjoyed the essence of Mr.S's cum"

    I too stated it was something to savor Mr. B's cum.

    The shower was now complete. Mr. B. saying to Mr.S. that was a great idea you had about the showering. Now you must stay for dinner John I am having something special prepare. Yes I will stay it will be a pleasure.

    We dressed the four of us, Dad and I just in our slave outfits. Going back to the main house we stopped in the foyer. Mr. B. summoned his chief. Paul please go with Jeffery.

    "Yes sir" Dad said and off they went. Jeffery dressed somewhat like Dad and I.

    Mr. S. and Mr .B. went upstairs to talk and I was sent to do some fetching of things for Mr. B.

    I was summoned again by the whistle, I found the gentlemen dressed for dinner.

    "David, dress you will be joining us for dinner, here are your clothes" said Mr. B.

    I began to wonder where Dad was. I dressed. We went to the dining room. We sat in our places. Jeffery came out and said Diner was done. He went back to the kitchen and wheeled out this covered cart. He lifted the cover and to my surprise it was Dad who had been prepared for dinner. Lying on the cart face up Dad was decorated with various food items, arranged by Jeffery in a grand fashion. Meat balls where Dad's balls were, cocktail wieners and saugage at Dad's cock. Dad looked succulent lying there. Even an apple in Dad's mouth.

    "Let's eat" Mr. B. said "and you go first David"

    I went to the cart and looked down at Dad. He smiled as best he could.

    "Where should I start" I asked

    "Jeffery's speciality is his meat balls so start there" Mr. B. stated

    Mr. S. moved Dad's cock a little so I could get some meatballs. I got them, it was then Mr. S. leaned over and sucked some sauce off Dad's cock and Dad's cock began to rise. Mr. S. put more sauce on his cock and sucked it.

    "Well what do we have here" Mr B. said

    "Well Rodger a juice filled sausage I believe" John said.

    We had our dinner when it was Mr. S. said" Paul why don't you have a go at the juice filled sausage left on the cart. I knew what he was referring to

    "Put a little sauce on it, it tastes wonderful"

    " Go ahead Paul what is stopping you"

    With that I got up from the table and went to the cart. Dad winked at me as a signal to say it was ok. I put sauce on his cock and leaned forward. Dad's cock looked mouth watering. I licked some sauce off and then lifted Dad's cock to my lips. I lick sauce out of the slit with my tongue. The sausage began to react a sign to go further. I inhaled the sausage and began to taste the flavor of it. Mr. S. and Mr. B. came over to watch me devour the well prepared sausage. I could feel I was being undressed by the two of them. I was now naked. Mr. S. went to Dad and removed the appled and took a bite. David come here to the end of the cart. Mr S. took hold of my cock and led my closer to the end of the table. I wanted to go back to eating the sausage. Dad did taste real good. Mr. B. joined us at the end of the cart and opened Dad's mouth.

    "Go ahead David, mount your Dad's mouth " they both said

    I noticed Dad open his mouth just a little wider and then I knew to proceed. They lowered the end of the cart making Dad's mouth more accessible. I slowly entered the sucking mouth and found it to be more than willing to have me there. I went deeper and then retracted to the lips and then went back in for some more fabulous sucking that Dad was providing. It was then they hoisted me on the table. My cock remained in Dad's mouth. They then applied more sauce to Dad's cock and held it for me. I readily went to back my course of Dad cock. Mr. S. and Mr. B. went and sat down and watched Dad and I devour each other.

    "Great entertain you provide, Rodger"

    "Great auction, John"

    I knew the time was at hand to have my second helping of man juice. This time Dad was going to provide it. I massage his balls and he mine. I could taste the first load so I decide to unload as well, giving Dad a taste of his son's youthful load.

    "Oh god that was great, what a great meal" I said

    "I have to agree, what I had of it tasted mighty fine" said Dad.

    "Great show David and Paul now go shower together and come back here" said Mr. B.

    Dad and I went to the room where Dad had first put on his slave outfit. There on the bed were fresh T's and jockeys.

    "Well son, I have to say I enjoyed that load you gave your old man"

    "Dad, I can't wait to taste your cum again"

    "Well son. let's shower together as suggested"

    The water felt good running over our bodies. We soaped each other up. I paid particular attention to Dad's cock and balls making sure they were ready for another time. Dad massaged mine as well and massaged my cock while the water ran continually over our bodies. We finished and we dried each other off. Dad helped me on with my Jockey and arranged my cock to look its best and I made sure Dad's cock bulged within his as well. We then re-joined the gentlemen back downstairs.

    "The slaves have returned and are refreshed"

    "Yes Sir what is that you require" Dad said

    " One last task" Mr. B. said.

    Come here slaves. We went as we were told to do. Turn with your backs to us. Bend over. Spread those legs. We were instructed. I could feel hands on my encased balls massaging them thorough the jockeys. Dad was having the same thing done to him also. The massaging continued for sometime until I felt hands on the waist band of my jockeys which were then lowered to bare my ass. Dad was in the same positon. Dad's and my ass cheeks were part and I felt a warm breath approaching, then a flick of a tongue. What a sensation and as I looked over to Dad I knew he was experiencing the same. Then the tongue was replace by a moist finger rubbing around between the crack. What's this the finger has entered my ass. The sensations continue. the look on Dad's face tells me he is revelling in it also. Something else is there at the entrance now. It's not human. It enters further, it feels great Ah! a dildo. In and out it goes. It is replaced with a slightly larger one. My mind is reeling, the mind is feeling new sensations it has never felt before. Yet another replacement a bigger one. The mind comes back to reality with.

    "I think they are ready John"

    "I quite agree Rodger"

    Stay as you are Slaves we were asked. The gentlemen came around so we could see them. They approached us as they did they opened their flies and took out their cocks. Mr. S. came to me and Mr. B. to Dad. Open up slaves as they lifted our heads to their cockheads. Now suck them hard. Mr.S. drove his cock into my mouth as if he were on a mission. Dad took Mr. B. in a likewise fashion. They both hardened. Suck them slaves. Suck them. All the while they were stripping down. We continued the sucking. Mr B. Backed away from Dad and told him to come over to what looked like a specially made stool. Dad went and then Mr. B. bent him over it. I could see this now because Mr. S. had withdrawn his cock from my mouth.

    "Spread those legs apart Paul. That's it look at that waiting ass." said Mr. B.

    Mr. B. then went behind Dad opend his cheeks and removed that last Dildo. He then came to me, lifted my head and put his hard-on in my mouth telling me to make it really wet. He removed it after I had done what I was told to do.

    "That's it Rodger mount Paul's ass, while sonny boy watches"

    "David, you tell Rodger when to enter your Dad's ass. But first ask your Dad if he wants to be fucked" said Mr. S.

    "Dad do you want to be fucked by Mr. B. your master" I said

    "Yes David I do" was Dad's answer.

    "Well Mr. B. mount my dad's ass" I said

    "John bring David closer so he can watch my cock enter his Dad"

    I was brought closer. and to my excitement I was asked to take Rodger's cock and lead it to Dad's opening. It was poised there ready to enter, slowly the head came into contact, a little more pressure and the head started its journey. The Head disappeared. The shaft slowly vanished inch by inch. The balls were now there at the gates. The withdrawal was just as slow. Entry again. Withdrawal again. The pace quickened. The thrusting made my head spin. Dad moaning. Mr. B. panting. Then the sound of AH's. Mr. B.'s cock made one last quick plunge and then was removed. Where was Mr. S. during this I misplaced him. There he was his cock in Dad's mouth, hard as it could get while Dad was being sucked.

    "John your turn, to mount that ass of his" said Mr. B.

    Mr. S. took up the position and again I was asked to led it to Dad.

    "Paul has a tight ass" Mr. S. said as he entered Dad. As I continued to watch. Mr. S. fucked Dad in a different fashion. Short quick strokes in rapid succession and then a deep plunge. I was amazed at the difference in technique. The familiar sound again came back. One last plung and Mr. S. spilled and withdraw.

    Dad was relieved of his position and I was placed bent over the stool. Mr. S. removed the dildo I still had within me. Mr. B. brought Dad around by my head and raised my head to meet Dad's cockhead. I was instructed to suck Dad to a glorious erection. Dad rose to the occasion.

    "It is only fitting that a father take his son's virgin ass" said the gentlemen in unison

    On hearing this I sucked with greater enthusiasim. Making dad really moist.

    "It is time" said Mr. S.

    "Paul come here and prepare to mount David's ass"

    Dad was lead behind me.

    "Paul you must ask permission before entering David" Mr. B. said


    "Yes Dad"

    "Would you like me to take your virgin ass son"

    "Dad that ass of mine is your to conquer"

    "Paul I will assist you" said Mr.S.

    I felt Dad's cock head pressed ever so lightly against my ass.

    "Are you ready son"

    "Yes Dad, let your self go and enjoy it like we talked about earlier"

    "Alright son, your dad's cock is honing in on your ass"

    Mr. S. I could tell positioned Dad's cockhead at the entrance. I could feel the moisture I had put on dad's cock. I could sense the increase in pressure. There it was Dad's head was in. Slowly it searched the deeps, inch by inch until Dad's balls were resting against mine. Slowly he retraced his steps and left my ass only to re-enter. The cockhead causing the greatest sinsation as it entered. I began to mouth the words "fuck me daddy". The words encouraging Dad to fuck a little faster. I could sense every inch of him, every move he made, every withdrawal, every time he re-entered. My mind went to places it never knew existed. Only the moans of I am cumming brought me back. There was such a radiant warmth that went over me as dad dove in for the last time. He lay on me spent. He whispered in my ear."You are one hell of a fuck son" and "you are the best fucker Dad"

    The four of us went to the shower room, we helped each other clean up. We dried and went back to the main house.

    "Time for bed" Mr. B. said, "and your are staying aren't you John"

    "Yes Rodger I will stay. We have these slaves till tomorrow morning"

    "John you bunk in with me and Paul and David can bunk together."

    We retired for the night

    "One last thing slaves be in my room at 6:00am John and I would liked to be blown in the morning"

    "Yes sir as you say"

    With that Dad and I went to our room and slept together in each others arms. But before falling asleep we talked over the days events and thought how lucky we were to have shared it together. I just told dad that any time he needed to blown or wanted to be laid I would his own personal slave. He agreed also that if he or I wanted to suck cock all we had to do was unzip each other and chow down. I think dad and I got the better deal at the auction. We now had each other totally.

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