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  • Connecting with dad
  • Daddy was standing naked in the bathroom as he shaved his manly face. He is a rugged, hairy man, but very gentle in his manner. He lives alone in his apartment, and I was staying with him on one of my weekend visits. I had only seen my dad naked a few times before. This time his cock is really big and hard, and I was trying to do my best to not stare at it.

    Daddy said, "You like looking at your daddy? It's ok son, you do not need to be shy with me."

    I felt kind of embarrased that he noticed, but glad he said it was ok.

    "It's ok to touch daddy too, if you want, would you like that?"

    I nodded my head yes.

    "Let me finish my shave, and then we can lie down." He finished up and washed his face, dried off and then he took me by the hand to the bedroom. "This is a good time to have me show you some things son, but first I'll let you touch and explore."

    He laid down on his back ... and put my hand on his chest. "Go ahead, touch all of me, let yourself explore my body, it's here for you."

    I stroked his hairy chest, and arms, his face, playing with his lips and nose. It felt good to touch. I touched his tummy, his bellybutton ... and then his big cock ... it felt so good. I played with the hair all around it, and the balls too.

    "That feels good son, would you like to try licking too?" That sounded good, so I started to lick his cock, and he started making moaning sounds. "Oh, son, that feels good ... try sucking on it too."

    I put the whole head inside my mouth, it kind of streached my lips, but it felt good.

    "Ohhh son, oooooooh baby, that feels so good. Do you want daddy to touch you too? Would you like to be naked with daddy?" I nodded my head yes, and he helped me take my clothes off. He laid me down on my back, and started to caress me all over.

    "How does this feel son, are you ok with this?"

    "Yes daddy, it feels good."

    Then he started to gently suck my cock and balls, while he gently rubbed my chest.

    "Is it ok if I touch your butt too son?"

    "Isn't that a dirty place daddy?"

    "No son, it's not dirty, it's a good place to be touched, is it ok if I touch you there?"

    "Ok daddy, it feels kind of weird to touch there, but its ok if you want too."

    He wet his finger and slid it up and down my crack. It actually felt really good. I could feel my butt relaxing more and more as he rubbed me there.

    "Is that ok son? how are you doing?"

    "Good daddy, it feels really good." We both smiled at each other. He started to rub a litter more into the hole part.

    "Is it ok if I move inside here, does this feel ok?"

    "It feels kind of wierd daddy, I feel like I might poo."

    "Relax son, its ok, are you comfortable with me showing you this? I don't want to hurt you."

    "It's ok daddy, I want you to show me."

    He started working his finger in my hole ... I felt more and more relaxed as he went in ... I could almost feel my hole opening up more, almost like a flower.

    "That's it son, you are doing great." He started pumping his finger in and out really slow.

    "Oh daddy, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, daddy." I started breathing really hard.

    "Is that ok son?"

    "Yes daddy, ohhhh, it feels good."

    Daddy lay down next to me as he continued to touch my hole. He looked in my eyes very gently. "I love you son, it feels so good to be close to you."

    "I love you daddy, I love you, oh, I love you so much daddy." I felt my eyes watering up and a drop run down my face. I never felt so loved before.

    Daddy moved his hand from my butt to my cock, and back again, stroking me, pumping me ... I was gasping with all the intense feeings.

    "Daddy wants to make love to you son, do you want to feel daddy's cock inside you? It's much bigger than my finger, do you think you can handle that?"

    "Yes daddy, I want you inside me, I want you close daddy, I feel it, I reallly want you inside me."

    Daddy got up and put my legs up on his chest, and then lubed up his big cock. It did look very big. I was not sure if it would go in, but I wanted it to work, I wanted to feel it inside me. He slid his shaft between my cheeks at first. It felt so good. I felt my hole opening up all by itself.

    "I'm ready daddy, I feel it opening."

    Daddy put the head just next to my hole and then gently pushed. I could feel myself open even more ... and I pused my butt back on daddy's cock, and it slid right in.

    "Ohhhhhhhh son, ohhhhhhhh son, oh my god, oooooh son, you feel so good, you are so open to my cock, ohhhhhh baby." Daddy was quivering and moaning like crazy. I felt my butt take over. It felt like It had a mind of its own.

    "Oh son, yes ... yes ... make love to daddy's cock, yes, yes, ohhhh, yes." He lay down on top of me as he continued to slide his cock in and out ... his breathing was really heavy and he was sweating all over, it felt really good. I could feel a deep warmth inside me ... all over me, like a big ball of white light. It flet like I was melting into my daddy, he felt like a big ball of white light too, melting into me. I felt like we were becoming the same light. I lost all sense of everything excpet for the stong feeling. It felt like I was dreaming or somthing. Then, suddenly, I felt my body again, and I felt my daddy next to me. It sounded like he was crying.

    "I love you son, you have shown me so much love, you are so beautiful, I love you so much, you are so loved son, you are so loved." We both fell into a deep sleep. Our souls continued to dance with each other inside of our dreams.

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