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  • Company picnic
  • In July, the company I work for has an excellent picnic for us. Its a small office of about 70 people. Family and guests are invited. Close to 150 show up, and there is alot of food. The usual company awards are handed out and anything to congradulate employees. We have lots of games and contests and prizes to win. Everyone is casual and talking and laughing. What great fun it all is.

    Well, I am looked at as an inspiration to the company so others look up to me. I played my part in all the fun and made others feel relaxed and enjoying themselves. This one teenaged boy, handsome and very intellegent, begins to hang by my side. I talk with him alot and he really impresses me. I almost get a hardon from his attention to me. I know I want to have sex with him, but damn, here we are at the company picnic no less.

    I hadnt ever thought of having sex with a teenager but he was turning me on big time. I decided, I would find out if he was interested, so I went to the restrooms across the park and went into a stall. I sat down and before too long, someone entered the rank smelling room and went to the stall beside me. I looked and I knew the shoes, it was the boy. I was ragging hard now and didnt know what to do. I sat there and just waited. Wanting him to make the first move. I knew his dad, and his dad was not ok with gay men. I knew I wanted to plant my seed in the boy and not cause any problems at work.

    Just as I was about to get up and leave, a foot passed under the stall and taped its toes a few times. I pushed my foot over and tapped my shoe to his. I knew this was the message for wanting to connect. I got up and started to leave, thinking, we couldnt be here too long. We would be missed and others might think something was wrong. I went to the urinal and stood there waiting, like taking a piss and the boy came out and stood beside me looking at my cock. I left my cock hang out and let a slow stream of piss begin. He didnt take his eyes off my pissing cock. He wanted it and now I knew.

    I finished pissing and left the room wanting to get back, so nothing would be questioned. He hung there a bit and soon came back as well. Nothing was happening back at the picnic, so I started stirring things up. Getting everyone laughing and joking again. Once they were focused once again, I slipped out again and went to my truck. I opened the door and unlocked the passenger side. Before I knew it, the boy opened my truck and jumped inside. We sat there motionless and speechless. I knew what I wanted and I was going to make it happen. I slowly lowered my zipper and opened my pants. I was exposed, and the boy kept his eyes peeled on my cock. I let it hang there and enjoyed the boy, admiring my meat. I want him to bend over and lick the pisshole and slowly accept what would come out the end.

    The parking lot was a distance from the picnic so I knew if he got started, this would finish with this boy swallowing my cum, and more if I could get him worked up. I put my hand to his neck and began to pull him over, down to my lap. He lowered and even dropped off the seat and got down between my legs. I had the seat way back, so he had room to get in place. There this boy was on the floor, between my legs with my cock and balls hangin out of my pants. I let him take the lead to begin licking at my cock. He leaned forward and with his tongue, licked the piss slit of my soft cock. I had to piss so bad, so I let a few drips linger out and he licked it up. I knew now, he was mine.

    I wanted to slowly release all my piss and he was to lick it all away. I was not going to piss on him and make a big mess, I wanted him to lick it drop by drop and take it all. He put his mouth to the pisshole and a few more drops let go and he swallowed them as I expected. I was fighting hard, letting only small amounts out as his lips suckled on my pisshole. He was doing great. This was going to take a long time this way, so as he sucked my pisshole, I let a larger amount go and cut off the flow. He swallowed it down. Now I knew he would take more. I let go with more and it went right down as he was drinkin it. I could let more and more out and I was loving having this boy drink my piss. I had never had this happen to me, but I was loving it. It felt so fucking good. He did drink every bit of my piss, swallowing it all.

    After he had finished, he didnt leave my cock. He wanted my cum and my cock began to grow, right in his warm pissy mouth. It got so hard and he must have done this before, because he started to wet my whole cock and let it slide down his throat. It went down all the way to my cock hair and he chewed on the root of my tool. I knew he was going to get my load soon the way he was working. He left it lodged deep inside him and began to suck it with his throat. He didnt bob up and down. He sucked my cock. Like a man wants his cock sucked. No tooth or wet spit everywhere. He was eating me. I fucking cum a load, that felt like 6 shots. I never saw a drop or any of my cock. He pulled off and cleaned as he left go. Not a drop of any of my body fluids were anywhere to be seen. Fuck, he was great.

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