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  • Pipe smoking daddy bear
  • The crew had been pouring concrete in the hot summer sun since dawn. One of the new concrete workers was finding it especially difficult to concentrate around 4:45 on this Wednesday afternoon. Since starting the new job, Dan had become secretly obsessed with Mack, the brawny jobsite foreman.

    To Dan, Mack was the embodiment of Daddy Bear perfection. Mack was a typical rugged, beefy lumberjack type, late forties, 5' 8" tall, 215 solid pounds with a husky fireplug build and a firm beer gut. With his olive complexion and features, he was unquestionably of Italian decent. His piercing translucent amber eyes, thick auburn brown, but graying hair and bushy beard, not to mention the visible graying fur spilling out from the collar of his buffalo plaid flannel shirt all added to his naturally masculine sex appeal. His massively developed mature chest, shoulders and arms sure didn't hurt either. Mack's stocky, over developed thighs were like tree trunks, stretching the 501's he wore almost past their usual design specs.

    Dan was physically opposite to Mack, a handsome Irish cub with fair ruddy skin, shaved red head, a bushy red goatee and standing around 5'10", 175 pounds, athletically lean, but muscular, baseball player type frame.

    Dan got weak in the knees when he first laid eyes on Mack. In addition and perhaps most importantly, Mack is a dedicated pipe smoker. Dan, a total pipe-bottom with an all-consuming fetish to be shotgunned. Specifically, being fed smoke while being dominantly deep kissed. In Dan's case, his ultimate fantasy includes a self-centered, pipe smoking authority figure. This started in high school with a serious crush on Dan's strict pipe smoking coach Mr. Bush. The stern pipe-wielding coach, also a neighbor, mentor, father figure, and his bent briar pipe were the obsessive focus in all of Dan's masturbatory fantasies from high school through college.

    Mack usually worked with his Peterson Rocky smoldering and clinched in his teeth. Watching the hulk of a man pack that Peterson with his favorite blend and fire it up was particularly exciting to Dan and brought back intense similar memories of his demanding coach.

    Throughout the day, Dan would see the alpha-male knocking out the ash and pulling out his tobacco pouch, carefully packing the well-carbonized bowl for another round. Mack's manly left hand held the briar while the hunk's right hand strikes a wooden match and lowers it to the freshly packed tobacco. His strong pulls repeatedly lure the flame deep into the bowl setting its contents ablaze. As the smoke billows from the rich flavorful mixture, the look of mutual satisfaction comes over the faces of the pipe smoker and his aroused new admirer.

    On this afternoon just after quitting time, Mack emerges from the port-a-pot and reaches in his pocket in his work shirt pulling out his trusty Peterson. Leaning on the wall of the latrine, he starts the packing ritual that Dan has become seriously fixated on. Believing that Mack is oblivious to his fascination with him and his pipe, Dan stands by and watches intently. Mack clenches the P-Lip bit of his Peterson and just as he is about to strike the match, he looks over at Dan and says, "Why do you keep lookin' at me like that boy?" "Uh, uh...just observing....I guess?" "You a smoke a pipe too?" Mack asks. "Uh, no Mack.....just an admirer". Dan immediately knows that probably wasn't the slickest answer. Mack quickly replies, "So you're an admirer of pipes or pipe smokers?" Dan reluctantly replies, "Well Mack...ah....both, I guess...sir..." Taking pleasure from the fresh bowl, Mack moves away from the wall of the crapper and slowly circles closer to Dan who is standing about 10 feet away. "So let me get this straight." "You don't smoke a pipe.....never have?" Dan takes a steps back, clearly unsure of what is happening here, but knows his cock is rock hard as he stares at Mack smoking his pipe. "Well......not exactly, Mack".

    Mack takes a deep pull and another step closer to Dan with smoke flowing from his nose and mouth. He can see that Dan is anxious, but also knows that the muscular concrete worker's blue eyes are transfixed on the Peterson clinched in his teeth. Mack had also been covertly observing Dan for weeks and had noticed that every time he took a draw from his pipe, his admirer would be instinctively licking his fur covered lips.

    Mack barks back in an aggressive, commanding, militaristic tone, "NOT can you NOT EXACTLY SMOKE A PIPE, HUH?" With his suspicions about Dan's pipe smoke desires starting to be confirmed, Mack continues moving. He has completely circled around and was now facing Dan. Backing up, unaware that he is getting closer to the back wall of the port-a-pot, Dan continues walking backward, while his pulse and libido pounding, he looses footing and falls back against the wall of the latrine.

    Mack makes his move, pinning the cub against the wall of the shitter. The stocky pipe-bear holds his favorite and well-smoked Rocky snug in his jaw. Dan is unable to move and watches intently as Mack takes a long pull from the briar hovering just inches from his face. After completing a heavy draw, the pipe-bear forcibly goes in for a shotgun. For weeks the pipe-bottom has jerked off anticipating what Mack's furry chops might feel like enveloping his smoke deprived mouth.

    Instantly Dan submits orally to Mack's wet, forceful, probing tongue while being fed the pipe smoker's thick aromatic plume. Mack exhaustively takes pleasure from penetrating Dan's responsive and smoke conquered mouth. Bear and cub stay powerfully tongue tied until Mack retracts his invading tongue and unfastens from the forced strangle hold. Dan exhales, setting the intensely rich pipe smoke free.

    Now his own libido starting to rage, Mack takes an excessively long pull. He puts his colossal hand on the back of the Dan's shaved head pulling him in close for yet an even deeper shotgun. Dan knows he has to slow himself down as he almost shot his load during the first shotgun and is now burning hotter than the tobacco in Mack's briar. This time Dan voluntarily leans forward to receive the smoky gift the rampant pipe-bear is offering. Pushing his bristled maw hard on the pipe-cub's smoke greedy lips, Mack passionately drills his tongue in deeper than before. Dan earnestly accepts the hot probe and almost effortlessly pulls in the pipe-top's rich smoke.

    Being a total pipe-bottom, Dan concentrates on keeping his lips bound as tightly to Mack's as possible, ensuring that the pipe-top's precious, pungent pipe smoke will not go to waste. Just as the smoky tongue battle starts, Mack gets a firm grip on Dan's tented crotch with his commanding right paw. As he feels Mack grasp his aching bulge and the forceful bearded lips on his, Dan knows he has completely yielded to the pipe-top's demands and again struggles with the inevitability of his climax.

    As the penetrating tongue pries his mouth open even further and feeds him more of the thick aromatic pipe smoke he craves, Dan knows he is loosing the battle. After feeding his submissive pipe-bottom the second pull from the Rocky's briar, Mack knows it too. He hears Dan grunt loudly, and groans into their smoky mouth's as the cub's intense climax is unleashed. Simultaneously Mack feels Dan's rock hard cub tool pulse and start firing an almost endless, torrential volley into the crotch of the bottom's form-fitting 501's.

    Mack keeps his tight grip and continues the unrelenting smoky shotgun assault on the Dan's mouth until his violent orgasm subsides. Mack is suddenly aware of the pipe-cub's now completely drenched crotch. Dan's muscular frame collapses hard into Mack's massive chest while the two remain in their deep smoky lip lock. After their oral disengagement, the pipe-bottom subsequently exhales the pungent and intensely flavored thick haze left behind by his pipe-smoking aggressor.

    Possibly provoked, angered, infuriated or just in a testosterone rush, Mack peers deeply into Dan's blue eyes and with intent, menacingly growls at the still restrained and powerless pipe-cub. "GGGGGRRRRHHHHHHH!" "YOU FUCKIN' NEED PIPE SMOKE TO GET OFF! .......DON'T YOU!!?"

    Unsure of Mack's displeasure about his uncontrolled climax, Dan's furry chin drops to his chest, not realizing that quite the opposite was true. They shared something powerful; Mack needed pipe smoke to get off too. His private jerk off fantasies were usually about extended smoke exchanges and championship smoky tongue fights.

    With the secluded jobsite completely deserted and daylight starting to slowly fade, Mack motions Dan to his F250 truck. While walking, he tamps down the ash in the Rocky bowl. He can't stop thinking about Dan's unrivaled and blatant desire to be aggressively shotgunned. Mack frequently jerked off thinking about shotgunning a masculine smoke hungry cub. Most cubs Mack knew had to be forced to accept his potent pipe smoke. He knew this was obviously no ordinary cub.

    Reaching the truck, Mack stops to ignite his freshly tamped pipe. His trusted Rocky now aglow and protruding from his bearded jaw, the powerfully built alpha-bear boosts himself into the bed of the massive truck and taking a seat on the wheel well. Dan follows his lead and hops up to the monster truck bed.

    Mack grabs his buckle, pulling it loose and in one movement jerks the waist and fly buttons of his 501's open. His straining, massive erect uncut pecker is instantly liberated. Standing solidly at least 8 inches and with beer can girth, it juts out straight below his rock hard gut. Mack then commands Dan to kneel on the bed of the F250. The obedient, masculine cub immediately kneels while his eyes remain fixed on the prize. The head remains fully sheathed and the build up of clear pre-ejaculate glistens as it seeps from the burly bear's piss slit.

    Without direction, Dan opens wide and hastily engulfs the entire length and girth easily. Sensing no disapproval, he keeps his lips firmly at the base of Mack's manhood while the sheathed head resides securely in his throat. Mack takes several short pulls from the warm briar and savors the smoke and sensation of Dan's slick mouth engulfing his fully loaded cock. Dan slowly moves his mouth up the shaft and starts to make out with the pre-cum filled foreskin guarding Mack's gigantic, sensitive dick head.

    His tongue dives deeper under the sheath licking the sticky ripe fluid from around the ridge of the head. Smoke continues to waft from Mack's thick beard as Dan laps repeatedly at the pipe smoker's flared piss slit. The cubbish cocksucker is rewarded with more musky clear juice.

    Mack reaches down and putting his huge paw on the back of Dan's shaved scalp and begins to roughly piston fuck his face. Mack sets a specific stroke and depth as if he is using the cubs thickly goateed and well lubricated mouth to jerk off. Excited from the guiding power of the pipe-bear's hand firmly on his head, Dan eagerly accepts the Mack's swollen prod being pushed further into his throat and surrenders control of movement as demanded.

    The rough face fucking continues until Mack tries freeing the suckling cub's mouth and vacuum grip from his loaded cock. Knowing the pipe smoker hasn't cum, Dan is frenzied to drain the husky bear's nuts and feeding on the thick swill. Mack exhales the last draw from the near burnt out bowl, directing the smoke at Dan's face bobbing in his lap. As he suspects, the pipe smoke causes the cub to disengage from his frenzied suck job. Both the pipe-bottom's dense goatee and Mack's crotch are sopping wet with a mixture of cub-spit and Mack's pre-cum.

    The stocky bear orders Dan to remove his boots, shed his jeans and sopping white cum filled briefs. Without hesitation, the pipe-bottom removes his boots, unbuckles and slips off his 501's. Mack stands while removing his sweaty work shirt, boots and jeans all drenched in sweat. After carefully scooping into his pouch and re-packing his snuffed out briar he stands next to Dan who is sitting near the center of the truck's bed.

    Mack orders the muscular cub to get on his hands and knees. While kneeling behind him, Mack tamps and fires up the freshly packed tobacco. Dan instinctively offers up his firm bubble butt by pushing back toward the pipe-top's swollen dick. Mack acts like he doesn't notice while focusing on taking the first quick pulls on the newly kindled Peterson. He peels back the foreskin on his fully erect uncut dick, the head is dripping wet again with his pre-cum.

    Raging from the smoky tongue battles and the almost brutal face fucking of Dan's goateed mouth, Mack's sole aim is to now fully satisfy his throbbing tool. With his foreskin fully retracted, Mack rubs his extra slick, swollen dick head on the cub's tight anus, thoroughly lubricating and marking his territory. Satisfied with his effort and his territory now claimed, he confidently exhales thick aromatic smoke from his nose and mouth.

    Mack preferred mounting a bottom on all fours for a long, pleasurable and almost punishing fuck. Dan was now sufficiently lubed and properly positioned; the pipe-smoking foreman starts pushing his well-primed dick head in to Dan's strong, warm pucker. Dan, now totally pinned by Mack's superior weight and muscular brute force, feels the intense pressure as Mack's beer can thick tool starts its decent into his cubbyhole. Mack's prolonged assault on Dan's tight shit chute begins with another deep draw on the Rocky briar.

    Without warning, Mack roughly grabs Dan's hips with his huge calloused paws and starts jack hammering deep into the unsuspecting cub's rectum. Totally in charge and satisfied that he has buried his butt buster to the hilt, Mack exhales another thick pipe smoke cloud commandingly through his nose.

    At irregular intervals during the intense balling, Mack pulls his Peterson from his maw and slips a smoky tongue to the pipe-bottom. Dan hungrily savors the top-bear's smoky reward as his rectum is boned deep by Mack's wide prick.

    The top-bear's frenzied urge to breed is now biological. Primal. While sitting his stocky ass back on his own calves, knees bent and huge paws still on Dan's waist, Mack feverishly glides the helpless cub's butt gasket up and down his aching bear meat. Still in heat, but now obviously protective of his cub-mate, Mack distinctly manipulates the speed and depth of his hormone driven penetration, as in the earlier aggressive face fuck. The burly pipe-top's drive and innate skill to fuck seems endless.

    Mack takes another long pull on his Peterson and leans forward, putting the bottom back on all fours and parks his solid beer gut on the small the athletic cubs arched back. Dan instinctively knows to turn his head to meet the pipe-bear's furry lips for another smoke injection, while pushing back to meet each of the powerful tops thrusts. As their lips and tongues fuse, the thick aromatic smoke is once again exchanged from the rutting bear to his receptive cub.

    With his pelvis pumping hard, Mack reaches down between the rectally gored cub's spread legs. His thick, rough forefinger traces the swollen rim of Dan's straining asshole burdened by his invading cock's ever growing thickness. Mack's gigantic hand continues south to the cub's ball bag and he gently pulls, twists and tugs Dan's fully loaded testicles. He knows the cub likes the manhandling from the vigorous kissing he is rewarded with. Mack reaches for one of his grimy, debris encrusted, steel toe construction boots that he discarded on the truck bed. He quickly ties the laces around the passive cub's scrotum and lets the boot drop. Immediately, driven by Mack's fervent thrusts, the heavy musky work boot start to swing between Dan's legs as his sphincter continues to be tormented by Mack's swollen cock.

    His prostate throbbing from the long and intense hammering of the pipe-bear's engorged slimy dick head and what seem like never-ending smoky lip locks, Dan's whole body shudders on the verge of climax.

    Wanting the cub to nut hard, Mack draws a final thick smoky load from the P-Lip bit of his Rocky, then firmly grabs Dan's shaved head and initiates a more ruthless smoke enhanced tongue fucking of Dan's mouth. Mack feels the beginning of his own lemon-sized nuts starting to pull up tight.

    After being exhaustively anally impaled and mercilessly shotgunned by the demanding pipe-top, Dan is in a trance. The pungent and aromatic smoke from Mack's pipe swirls around Dan's mouth clear back to his tonsils. Combined from the buzz from the potent pipe smoke, the swinging weight of the he-man's heavy construction boot laced to his aching gonads, Mack's thrusting, angry erection screwing his shithole and stabbing wet tongue deep in his mouth are all more than the bottom cub can take.

    Without any stimulation to his fully armed cock, Dan feels his pressurized balls beginning to boil over. The heavy salvo begins as the pipe-bottom shoots one long gooey rope after another on the F250 truck bed.

    Dan's speared chute spasms forcefully in conjunction with his ejaculation desperately trying to expel the invading ass buster Mack has wedged firmly in the cub's guts. The intense, violent, contractions rhythmically grip Mack's throbbing, engorged cock and trigger the stock pipe smoker's pent up eruption. Sensing the start of the pipe-bear's squirt, Dan skewers his cum ravenous ass down to the massive base of Mack's cock and clamps his pucker tightly to contain all of the demanding pipe-top's searing cock snot.

    Daddy Bear and cub loudly grunt and growl into each other's smoke filled mouths as the heavy bombardment begins. Severely busting his nut, Mack pumps full and thoroughly coats Dan's bowels with his sticky, fertile shot. The humping ursine pair continues their smoke frenzied kiss through Mack's intense climax, completely draining his overloaded bearish sperm tanks.

    Sweat from the thrusting top bear's chest and gut continue to shower down on Dan's arched muscular back. Finally sated, Mack hauls out his tongue and extracts his bearded lips from his cub. Dan then exhales the recycled smoke from the climactic shotgun. Sweat covered and totally spent, Bear and his well-inseminated cub stay coupled to catch their breath, neither wanting to loose the bond found during their mating.

    Mack reaches down to recover his treasured and now extinguished Peterson. He tamps down the remnants in the bowl and again fires up the briar. Still impaled on Mack's plump, slick cub poker, Dan insatiably turns his head to receive more second hand pipe smoke. Mack looks deeply into Dan's blue eyes with a devilish grin, takes three quick pulls on his Peterson, and goes in for another deep shotgun.

    As another smoky tongue battle ensues, Mack knows he will enjoy manhandling this bottom pipe-cub for a long time to come.

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