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  • Summer with stepson
  • It was last summer. My partner had invited his son that had just graduated high school to spend the summer with us. We all got along great. Cliff and I were betting that his son was gay, just like his father. Because sometimes we thought that he was watching us or at least trying to catch us having sex. He did his damidest to try to catch either one of naked in the shower or changing.

    One night Cliff had decided to go out to the bar to go out drinking, but I had to stay home because I had to work on a project for work. I thought that Doug was asleep in his room when I had taken my break. I had gone up stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a few beers, I wanted to take a break and relax a little bit. I started to drink the beer and before I knew it, I had a good buzz going on. I decided to look at some porn on the computer. My dick was hard and wet from looking at all of the hot men and reading some fantasy stories. I was wearing just a pair of old shorts with no underwear. My dick was sticking out dripping pre-cum. I started to play with it, rubbing the pre-cum on the head of my dick making myself feel good. I thought that I was safe, Doug was in his room sleeping, and Cliff was out drinking, I was so horny that I started to jack off. It felt so good to play with myself. I haven't done it in a long time, because of lack of privacy.

    The next thing I knew, Doug was standing at the office door. Watching me play with myself. He was wearing a pair of 501s that were un-buttoned. He had a soft belly, pale white skin, and his dick was hard, he was playing with and his nipples while he was looking at me.

    He was the spitting image of his father, except for one thing. He had no body hair. I am usually attracted to hairy men, but he looked hot.

    "Mind if I join you?" he said.

    "No, pull up a chair, but first go grab us some beer."

    "Ok, no problem."

    I watched him turn around and head up the stairs to the kitchen. My eyes were fixed on the beautiful sight of a hard dick bouncing up and down. I pulled off my shorts and threw them across the room. Just then, I heard him heading down the stairs. I looked again at his dick; pre-cum was dripping down out of his big mushroom head. His balls were big, bigger than his dad's, it looked like he had a baseball in his nut sack.

    "Mind if I surf for a while?" he said.

    "No go ahead."

    I moved my chair back and stood up. We brushed against each other; his skin was smooth and silky just like his Dad's. He sat down and started to jack off with his left hand, pushing out some pre-cum.

    "Mind if we look at some porn?"

    "No go ahead," I said.

    He was surfing and we both were playing with our own dicks.

    He went to a file on the hard drive that was his. He typed in his password and started the jpg. viewer. The first pic was one of me, jacking off. I had some on my computer, but none of me in the bathroom shower, like I was seeing. They continued on, there were also picks of his Dad, and some of us having sex.

    "I am sorry that I spied on ya'll but I really want to do something with ya'll. I think that you and my Dad are hot."

    "Really. Thanks," I said.

    I took a swig of beer then leaned over and kissed him, I forced beer in his mouth. He swallowed it down and then he was sucking on my tong.

    He did the same to me.

    He took his hand and placed it on my dick and started to milk it, I thought that I was going to cum, I grabbed his cock with my right hand and proceeded to move my hand up and down his shaft.

    "Have you had sex with a man before?" I asked.

    "Yes a few times, I really love cock."

    "Really, boy, where at?"

    "I used to cruse the truck stop my old house, lots of hot truckers."


    "You and my Dad ... Do you think that he would get pissed off, that his son wants to have sex with you and he?"

    "No, I don't think so."


    "Because that is how your father lost his virginity, with his Dad."

    "Really, I never knew that.:

    "Don't tell anyone, it is one of your family secrets that only a few men know about."


    I dropped to my knees and started to suck on his cock. He was so exited, I could tell by the amount of pre-cum oozing out of his dick. I was swallowing it down, enjoying every drop of his honey. He tasted just like his father. I sucked him off for a while and then said. Get down on your knees and suck me off. "I need to train you for your father, because he likes getting his dick sucked."

    He took my dick in his mouth, starting to suck on it, he tried to suck my entire 8i^ he started to gag on it, and I had to stop him.

    "Hold up boy, take your time."

    "But is so big, how big is it?"

    "Well it is about 8 inches."

    "Wow, it looks bigger than mine..."

    "Well you are about 6 inches and just as big in the diameter as your Dad."


    I went down on him again. My ass lifted in the air, I could feel my ass puckering for the feeling of a dick inside of me.

    Doug turned up the volume on the puter. We did not hear Cliff come in or go down the stairs. Cliff was standing there wearing his well-worn 501's, no shirt with his leather jacket showing off his beer filled belly.

    "What the fucks are ya'll doing?"

    "Dad, I have seen you get your dick sucked by Chad so many times and I wanted to experience it. You have chosen the best, and I want to feel what it is like. But mostly, I want you Dad."

    "Are you saying that you are a gay son?"

    "Yes Sir, get over here and let me suck your dick. Ever since I saw you sleeping on the couch with your shirt off, I wanted to play with your belly and work my way down to your cock."

    Cliff took off the belt and slapped my ass with it; he opened up his fly revealing his big hard cock. His veins were massive, his dick looked bigger than ever.

    "Dam Dad, your dick looks massive."

    "Don't worry son, you will take all of it."

    Doug took Cliff's dick in his mouth; Cliff started to moan louder and louder. Saying, "Fuck yeah boy."

    Doug was sucking his Dad's dick, and I lay down on the floor and started to suck on Doug's cock.

    Cliff took his hand and rubbed Doug freshly buzz cut hair and started to push him further down his shaft.

    Cliff moaned in glee, Doug was moaning, his pre-cum was so heavy I thought that he was coming.

    Cliff stopped and barked like a true father and said, "Chad, get your ass up in the air. Doug, get on all 4's so that Chad can eat your ass out."

    "Yes, Sir," we both said.

    I drove my tong into Doug's virgin hole. He tasted so sweet. I was really getting into eating him out, when I felt Daddy Cliff spitting on my ass.

    "Fuck yeah; I got me 2 boys to please me tonight."

    I felt Daddy Cliff's fingers starting to poke inside of me. He had lubed up his fingers and was tease my hole. He got 2 fingers inside of me then he stopped.

    "You boys are going to do what Daddy says, or I am going to punish you." He proceeded to lie down on the floor, and then said Doug sit on your old man's face. Chad, eat my ass out.

    Daddy Cliff lifted up his legs revealing his hole for me to eat. Getting closer to him I could smell his man smells, he was still sweaty from being out at the bar.

    "Doug get up and sit on my face," Cliff said.

    Doug did so.

    I went down on Cliff cock first, I could still taste Doug spit mixed with the pre-cum coming from Cliff's cock. I was savoring the flavor of a father and son. I could not take it any more; I wanted a dick inside of me, and I wanted it now.

    I mounted Cliff's dick and started to slide down his pole while planting a deep kiss on Doug.

    Cliff barked out. "Get off my dick Chad, I want to fuck my son first and breed him."

    "Dad, I haven't been fucked before, be gentle on me, I am nervous."

    "Don't worry; I will be gentle on you just like my Dad was gentle on me."

    "I want you down on the floor doggie style, and I am going to mount you from behind, and I want you to be sucking on Chad's cock when I pop your cherry."

    Doug was moaning in glee. Daddy Cliff was teasing Doug's virgin ass with his cock, rubbing it up and down, Doug was sucking my dick harder and harder, and then I felt Doug bite down.

    "Fuck, Doug, be careful with my dick."

    "UHHHHH ... UHHHHH Sorry, it hurts but it feels so good."

    Cliff was pumping Doug harder and harder, I had gotten into the 69 positions with Doug, and I could look up and see his ass being pounded by his father's cock. Cliff he let out a big roar I knew what had happened.

    "Fuck, Take it boy!" Daddy Cliff had yelled, "Daddy is coming inside of you boy."

    At that time I had felt Doug shoot his big wad in my mouth, I swallowed all of it he was shooting so much that I almost gagged on it.

    Doug body shook from his orgasm and yelledc "Stop, Stop, I can't take any more, Dad."

    "Yes you can," Daddy Cliff said. "Chad needs to cum inside of you next."

    "Sit on his dick boy," Cliff pulled out and a big glob of his cum hit me on my forehead.

    Cliff helped Doug steadied himself on my dick. It felt so good to have a freshly used hole on my dick.

    "Oh Doug, pump your ass up and down for me," Daddy Cliff had said, "I want to watch Chad's dick slide in and out of you."

    Just as I started to fuck Doug, Cliff stood behind his son and started to play with his nipples.

    "Yeah, you like that don't you son."

    "Yes, Dad, fuck it feels so good."

    Cliff took off his pants and then sat on my face. I was digging my tong as deep as I could. I knew that they were embraced in a deep long French kiss, they were moaning in harmony. Before I knew it, I myself had come up Doug ass; I had one of the biggest organisms of my life, a father on my face and a son on my dick.

    I was trying to catch my breath when Cliff got off of me and said, "Now go ahead and sit on Chad's face Doug, I want him to eat our cum out of you." As I did, Doug shot another load all over my chest. I could feel Cliff's tong licking it up. Then Dad proceeded to suck on my cock, stopping to say.

    "Dam this is so hot, the two people I love the most, making love to them at the same time."

    The sensation of eating a young ass filled with cum overwhelmed me, especially with Cliff sucking me off, I had to cum again. I shot so hard that Cliff nearly chocked on it. I was in ecstasy.

    "Well boys," Daddy Cliff had said, "let's take a shower and go to bed, I have a feeling we will have some more fun in there."

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