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  • My first time
  • I wasnt a big fan of school - Id rather have been at home playing on my Xbox or just out and about doing kid things! I was a normal teenager, enjoyed relaxing with my friends playing football, I tried keeping in shape although I had always been on the larger side! Not fat but not slim and toned (like my friends) who had all the luck with the girls.

    All my friends came from strict backgrounds and I was left to pretty much do what ever I wanted to do, though I would get in some trouble, remember my dad coming home and catching me watching his porn and smoking his fags, he went mental, but rather than ground me he would just send me out - so I wasnt in his way.

    Like I said I didnt really enjoy school and now it was the end of the summer holidays and I had to go back for my final year, so I got my stuff sorted and got into bed and went to sleep thinking what my final year would bring.

    The First Day Back

    I had started the year as I left it (LATE) as usual, I never was good with time keeping - to my surprise I was shocked at how quickly the morning was going! I was looking forward to the afternoon, so I could take part in the Football Try Outs. So lunch had just finished and I had just been to form and was now going to the changing rooms to get ready for Football (Couldnt wait) so I got changed and headed over to the field, we had to walk like 10mins to get to our playing fields.

    So there I was playing and someone challenged me for the ball and I got caught and fell awkward... I messed up my right thigh and I was in pain, so the teacher told me to go to the medical room, so I start my journey back and as I was leaving the field my headmaster drove past and stopped , he was a big man what you would call a "Bear" - he had big broad soldiers and a big chest and gut, though he was more stocky than fat, his legs were like tree trunks and you could tell he used play rugby and you couldnt help notice his crotch (You could see) he had a big package! He was in his mid 50s.

    So he took me into the med room and I was expecting the female nurse, but she had gone home for the day! So I had another teacher who was trained in first aid, he too was in his 50s and a big man and hairy as well, you could always see his hair coming out the top of his shirt, there were rumours that he batted for the other team but no proof, he was married with three kids.

    So he sat me down and asked what was wrong, so I explained what happened and that It was hard walking on my left leg, so he asked me to take down my shorts I didnt understand why as he could get to the area that hurt with them on, but I just did what I was told so he was massaging my thigh - he used both hands then he moved onto the other, by now I wasnt sure what was going on but chose to ignore it.

    This went on for ten minutes, he then said I should take down my briefs so he could check there was no damage around my groin, I looked over in the direction of my Headmaster, who was just standing there watching and he just smiled and nodded as if to say go ahead do it, I got the feeling he wanted me to, he had a twinkle in his eye! so I did, at which point my 7" uncut cock flopped out , and he started touching around my balls feeling them ( I could tell he was enjoying it) as was my Headmaster, the male nurse told me to lay on his bed type thing, face down so he could continue checking, so I did as I was told!! He and the headmaster went over by the door and were chatting, but I couldnt what they were saying, I took a glance and they looked at each and smiled. I heard the headmaster lock the door and pull down the blind, and the nurse came over!! Next thing I know the nurse is kissing and licking my thighs and rubbing my arse and he continued down kissing and caressing my legs and then my feet! I didnt know what to do, my headmaster told me to take my top off and now I was laying there stark naked - not knowing what they had in store for me (I had never even kissed a girl before) after sucking my toes and licking my feet he continued back working his way back up until he reached my bum, he began to kiss it and lick it and slowly working towards my tight pink bud of a hole - it was a strange but nice feeling, I hated what they were doing to me! but loved my arse being rimmed! So I laid there face down and waited for it to stop - but it wasnt going to.

    I looked up ahead of me and all I could see was my headmasters crotch , he was standing there hands on his hips and looking down at me, I knew what he wanted and for some strange reason I was curious and found myself reaching out and rubbing his cock under his trousers, he undone his belt and the trousers fell to the ground and pulled down his boxers and there it was, just like the rest of his body "It was big" at least 8" and some big balls, it was hard and as I pulled his pants down it flung up and pre-cum hit my face, he wiped it and got me to taste it, he pulled back the foreskin and he lent over to me and my tongue touched the head of his cock for the first time all I could taste was his salty pre-cum, I didnt know what I was doing so I just licked like a lolly pop and he then told me to suck his balls so I did one by one - he then got on his knees so he could kiss me - he slipped his tongue in and we made out for about ten minutes - then he got up and got me to continue sucking him.

    Meanwhile I had completely forgot my arse was being munched, I was so caught up in it all I didnt notice I had lifted my backside up so he could gain access to my rock hard unused knob, I continued sucking my headmasters cock and he kept mumbling "Ummmmmmm Suck it boy" and " That feels soooo good" next thing I knew I had cold sensation on my arsehole and then a finger went up then another and then another - I all of a sudden had a large cock in my mouth and three fingers up my arse, my teacher pulled his cock out my mouth and turned round and said "Eat it" so I found myself grabbing his arse and kissing it, I was nervous about tasting his arse as it was a musky smell a "MANS" smell but I started to lick and probe and within a few minutes I was going to town on his bottom and loving it, I have a big tongue and had no problem getting deep in his hole he was moaning with pleasure and pushing his arse harder into my face.

    Next thing "ARHHHHH FUCK" the nurse had shoved his cock up my bum, but he was only preparing my for my headmaster, after a few minutes it wasnt painful and felt goodReal Good. He took it out and walked round at which point I began sucking both the cocks, my headmaster then walked round lubed up and began to pock his cock in my hole he took it slow and was asking if I was alright he then entered me, and starting to slowly pump my arse and gradually got faster and harder, I was close to climaxing and he could tell, my nurse shoved his cock in my mouth as I was moaning so loud it went on for a good ten minutes, my teacher then pulled out and walked back round and I began to clean his cock in my mouth and sucked both of the until they exploded over my face and in my gob.

    That was it and it was over.. But not before they said thanks, they turned me over onto my back and they shared my cock and sucked me to completion and to this day I have not cummed as much as I did then.

    To this day I cant believe what happened to me, but I didnt feel dirty or bad - I had never even thought about men in that way But I have never looked back, the nurse was ousted by an ex lover, and he left and I never saw him again and as for my headmaster we ended having a two year affair even went on holiday with him a few times, and then needless to say I enjoyed going to school, lunchtimes were fun.

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