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  • Gulp son - dad
  • At first, I didn't want to go to this weekend orgy. But my friend, Jack, needed me to provide him with a cover story for his wife. So we were going "fishing" for the weekend. I am glad my wife is understanding about my need for cock every now and then. As the weekend approached, I found myself looking forward to it. It was to be at a farm out in the middle of nowhere. No one else around for miles. Except at the farm there were supposed to be 100 horny men. It turned out to be closer to 200. It was unbelievable the variety of men there, yet they all were ready to suck and fuck and get off.

    When we arrived, Jack striped even before we pitched our tent. Most of the guys there were also naked. A few were already going at it. I striped and the headed up to the farmhouse. Most of the rooms had been cleared of any furniture and mattresses filled the floor space. I met the owner of the farm. A nice old guy. He told me that this was the 10th year he has had this weekend. He also said how he had hosted the first couple so his son could meet other men, but even though his son had moved away, he continued because he liked playing host. I asked "you don't take part?" He laughed. "No, I just like women, myself. But I do know how horny guys can get and how guys who like men need a safe place to take care of those urges. I didn't want my son getting beaten up just because he wanted to suck another guy's cock." I most have really shown how astonished I was because the farmer chuckled again. He slapped my back and said "you just enjoy yourself this weekend, OK?" "Sure!" I responded.

    At about 7, a clanging bell brought all the guys to the farmhouse. There was two long tables set up with a ton of food as well as several kegs of beer. While we ate, the farmer told us the boundaries of his property and certain spots that would be off limits. We were told to enjoy ourselves. Jack said how he had already lined up 4 guys to fuck him. I noted a few guys that I was going to have before the weekend was over. I ended up following a group headed into the barn and up into the hayloft. I saw my first cock and got between this hot young blond's legs. I fisted his hard uncut beauty, then licked under his skin. The taste and aroma awakened me. I sucked hard at his head. My tongue digging into his slit. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my throat. I gagged at the suddenness of it, but quickly recovered and milked him with my slick throat. I didn't resist when he flipped us both over and began to face fuck me. I felt a splat as someone shot his cum load in my hair. I could hear the grunts and moans all around me and added mine to the groups.

    Soon my blond face-fucker came in my mouth and like a good cocksucker, I swallowed every drop. No sooner did he pull his cock out of my mouth when another one took its place. I felt my legs being lifted and a hard cock rubbing along my ass crack. To my pleasure, cocks began to rub all over my body. The sensation was great. So great I almost missed it when my cock was sucked into a warm wet mouth. But when the guy began sucking, I knew I was being serviced by a great cocksucker. I was in hog heaven.

    It was a mass of cocks and asses and warm wet mouths. Light from a bonfire that was lit outside cast a golden glow on all the male flesh. I was sucking on a great tasting cock when I felt the mass of men moving on. Soon it was just me and this wonderful cock. I bobbed up and down, slurping down the pre-cum leaking onto my tongue. I felt him grab my head and fuck my face. I could tell from the raw forceful way my mouth was fucked that this was a young man. I sucked for all I'm worth. I wanted this boy's sweet young cum and I was soon rewarded. He thrusted into my mouth. His strong male juices overwhelming my taste. I drank long from his spout. I licked his drained cock clean. I could hear the moans and slurps and beating of legs against fucked asses. I looked up into the face of my benefactor of cum.


    DAD!!!???!!!! "What is Tommy doing here?" raced through my mind. The taste of his cum filling my mouth answered that question. I looked at his golden body and saw my son in a new way. I rubbed my hands up and down his strong young legs. God, he was sexy. "Dad, I..I..I..oh damn!" I was squeezing his firm ass. I had not shot my load yet and was still horny as anything. I pulled him down to my level. I rubbed his smooth chest, pulling at the few chest hairs he had, lightly twisting his nipples. I could see his cock hardening back up. "Oh Dad! stop please." I kissed his cheek and stroked his cock. "Do you really want me to stop, Tommy?" "But..but..Dad..." I put my finger to his lip. "Shhhh Tommy, we'll have time to talk later." My son licked off the pre-cum that I made sure was on my finger. "Right now, we are two horny guys looking to get off." Tommy looked me in my eyes. I saw my own lust reflecting back at me. "Do you suck, son?" Tommy nodded his head 'yes'. I smiled and put my hand on the back of his head.

    I didn't even have to push at all. Tommy had his head in my crotch, sucking my engourged cock with all the impatience of youth. I grabbed his head to control my son, my Tommy, to prolong my pleasure and his. Yes, his pleasure. I have seen that look on his face whenever Tommy enjoyed himself. Even as I humped my cock deeper into his accepting mouth and throat, questions filled my mind. "When did Tommy learn to suck cock? What other man/man pleasures did my son know? Was his ass cherry? Was my boy a cocksman who'd fuck me good? How did he learn of this orgy? Would I be able to keep my hands and cock off of him back home?" All those questions could wait as I felt my balls pulling back up into me. I pushed my Tommy's head all the way into my crotch as I humped my cock into his slick hot throat. This was a cum I'd remember forever.


    "I'm glad you told me about that orgy."

    "So you had a good time?"

    "The best! When I got there, there were already a ton of guys, naked and doing it. My cock had been hard just thinking on the way there, but seeing it, well, I was amazed that my cock got even harder."

    "So of course, I threw myself right into it. There was this older guy fucking a young guy. He had him bent over a bale of hay. The older guy saw me and waved me over. When I went over the older guy positioned me so the younger guy could suck me. I had just got my cock in his mouth when the old guy reached over and pulled my nipples. I came right away. The young guy was sucked down my first blast, but then he pushed me back. My cock came out of his mouth. My next couple of shots hit him in the face. The old guy said 'He loves cum in his face. Piss too, if you got it in you.' I looked down at the young guy and he was looking up to me eagerly. That kind of freaked me and I stepped back saying 'maybe later.' Both of them looked disappointed. Thinking about it later, I thought maybe I should have."

    "Really Tommy? Are you becoming a freak?"

    "If I am it is all because of you."

    "So go on, tell me what happened next."

    "Well, I made my way around. Checking out the different guys and the different things they were doing. I gave a few sucks to a couple of cocks. Quite a few cocks rubbed up and down my crack. One guy shoved his cock up me for a few strokes. By the time I made my way into the barn, it had gotten dark and a bonfire had been started. Up in the hayloft, I saw that there was this mass of guys, sucking and fucking each other. I wanted to take part so I climbed up and joined in. I loved being in that mass of flesh. Cocks went in and out of my mouth. My cock was licked and sucked by I don't know how many guys. Then I felt this one guy staying on my cock. I put my hands on his head to keep him there. The next thing I know it is just me and the guy sucking me. I could feel myself getting close. I was really fucking his face when I shot off. I could feel him drinking my load down just like you do."

    "I had my eyes closed, enjoying the feelings of a really good cum, when I heard 'TOMMY!!!' I opened my eyes and looked down. There kneeling naked between my legs, rubbing my soften cock against his cheek was my dad."

    "Fuck!!!! NO!!!! really?"

    "Yeah really. You think the piss thing freaked me? I looked at my dad there. He was also looking at me. He started rubbing my legs, holding me there. I saw his cock was hard and leaking. I...I wanted to get out of there, but Dad seemed to have other ideas. He pulled me down and hugged me, feeling me up too. I was protesting, but my cock was responding to what Dad was doing. Kind of like your cock is responding to this. Dad gave me a taste of his pre-cum when he put a finger to my mouth to shush me. Dad asked me if I sucked and in a daze I nodded 'yes'. When Dad started to push my head towards his cock, my instincts took over and I swallowed Dad's cock. Dad's cock tasted different from all the other cocks I had sucked and even now when I suck him, it feels different to me."

    "You mean you and your dad are still doing each other?"

    "Yeah, it seems like Dad and I can't resist each other. Hey! Don't worry, I still love you and want to play with you as much as you want."

    "OK Tommy. I don't want to lose you to anyone. No continue on. You have my balls loaded with juice for you."

    "Well, it didn't take Dad long to cum. His cock was red hot to blast off. I think Dad liked the fact that I swallowed every drop of his cum. Afterwards, Dad kissed me. The taste of our cum mixing in our mouths was indescribable. Dad asked if I was there with anyone. I told him that you were supposed to come with me, but how something came up and you couldn't come. Dad did a double take when I mentioned you and said he was going to have to have a talk with you."

    "Was he mad?"

    "No, the way he waved his cock when he said 'talk' tells me there won't be much actually said. Anyway, Dad invited me back to his tent. We laid together on his sleeping bag, cuddling and feeling each other up. Dad told me how he always like men and women and how mom knew and let him have sex with other guys. I told him how I had always been attracted to guys and how you brought me out. We talked about what each of us liked to do with a guy. It felt a little weird talking to my dad about sucking cock and getting fucked, but it also was a real turn on too. My dad told me some amazingly hot stuff about his experiences. We fell asleep cuddling."

    "I woke up when I heard someone entering the tent. Dad was still sleeping, his cock nestled in my crack. I am sure that's why my cock was hard, that and our talking before sleeping. The guy coming in was about my dad's age. He saw that I was awake and said 'Hello. Where did Bill find you?' I blushed. He looked at my cock. He then said 'My name's Jack. Do you fuck?' He turned around and bent over, showing me his hole. It looked like he had been getting fucked all night. I saw some cum dripping from his hole as he spread his cheeks. I couldn't help myself. I crawled over and started licking the cum from his hole. Soon my tongue was pushing up his hole, looking for more. He was moaning and telling me to go deeper. After a while he reached back, grabbing my head and pulling me up. My cock rubbed against his hole. He said 'Fuck me kid! Fuck me good!' I slipped easily into him, but as soon as my cock was all the way into him, he clamped his ass around my cock. It felt so good, so hot, and so tight. Jack was grunting with each of my thrusts. Then I felt a hand on my back. It took me a second to realize it was Dad. Dad was right next to me, stroking his cock while urging me to fuck his friend. Then Dad got behind me. He held me still when I was totally in Jack. I felt Dad's cock at my hole. I moaned and yelled out 'YES!! Fuck me, Dad!' Dad really let me have it too. After I got used to Dad's fuck rhythm, I started in on Jack's ass again. It seemed like we fucked for hours. I felt Dad shooting off in my ass and that triggered me to fire off in Jack's ass."

    "Tommy! God, I wish we had more time. I want to hear more about what you and your dad did and still do. But I have another appointment soon. Sit down at my desk and let me suck you off." Tommy sat in the oversized chair. His naked ass making the leather squeak. He spread his legs and watched the man who first sucked on his cock, devour it again. Talking about his dad had left Tommy ready to cum, so it wasn't too much longer before Tommy was filling the mouth on his cock. Fred then stood up and offered his own bloated cock to Tommy. No sooner than it was in Tommy's mouth when it also fired off its load.

    Tommy kissed his mentor as they dressed. "See you Sunday?"

    "You bet, Stud," Fred patted Tommy's ass as he left the office. Tommy looked bak at the name on the door, "Rev. Phelps". Tommy grinned as his cock hardened back up. "If only people knew!" thought Tommy as he went home to his Dad.

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