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  • The mechanics helper
  • Stan was a widower about 60 years old, and was retired from his engineering job of 35 years six years when his wife suddenly died. Their two kids had long since moved away, and were secure in their own family lives ,and rarely had time to visit the folks, although they did keep in touch with Stan and Helen through long-distance calls, and later on, emails. Since Helen's death, Stan became kind of a loner.

    He was not much of a joiner, although he was social, but not a party-guy. He mostly endured the social requirements, and was the butt of soft jokes at his lack of enthusiasm at most events he was forced to attend.There were the invites to dinner by the friends, and the lame attempts to get him 'hooked up' with this lady or that, all to no avail. Stan just wasn't interested, and gently let people know he wasn't interested. He would tell them he was a 'one-woman' man and that usually took care of that, so gradually, people learned that he really would rather be left alone. He was never rude, just distant, they said. Just wanted to be left to his own devices and do the kind of things he enjoyed.

    He wanted to be left alone with was his hot-rod restoration, going on almost full time in his garage. He bought the old car years ago, and never had the time to really get with the program. Now that he was alone, it was the one thing that made him feel best. He could put himself on "auto-pilot", and spend as much time as he wanted to, day or night, hour after hour without anyone bugging him about meals, cleaning up, or the interruptions he endured earlier in his life.

    About once a week, he would get a look at himself in the mirror, and be jolted to reality about personal hygiene and appearance. At that point, he would take a day to clean himself and the house, wash some dishes,do some laundry and the domestic chores that normal people take care of instead of working on a 1932 Ford Roadster. He took pleasure in getting away with that like a kid playing in the mud and not getting scolded.

    That's why it was a shock when the phone rang, and a voice of the distant past said hello. It was Karl, the guy who broke him in to the gay life when they were very young. It had been hot and heavy for quite some years, but ended because Stan just couldn't accept the idea of being gay. He considered himself straight, and just the guy who was on top. The queer was the one who was sucking dick, or getting it up the ass. This was a popular belief of a lot of young men of that era, especially since queer was considered to be a mental illness. When they fought about once a month about who was queer and who was just horny, it brought the relationship to an end, with Karl accepting overseas assignments to break away from Stan's denial and ignorance.

    After awhile apart, since they worked for the same large engineering company, they became friends again. They decided that the argument would never be settled between them, so it would be better to just stay friends and not talk about it anymore. Besides, by that time, Stan had gotten married to a nice girl that he happened to knock up at the drive-in. And, in those days, you either married the girl, or you left town and disappeared - abortions were illegal and socially unacceptable at that time. Stan, being the honorable young man, accepted his fate, and married her. He worked hard being 'straight' and behaving himself. that didn't stop the memories of Karl and him going at it hot and heavy, and achieving ten-fold climaxes than any he had with his wife or any other girl he had sex with. It bothered him, but he 'did the right thing' and stayed true to his wife and the family they created till the day she died.

    Karl had accepted overseas assignments almost one after the other. Partly to stay away from his ex-lover, and the freedom to play with a lot of men overseas, and of course, the extra per diem he got for the assignments. When he returned from one trip or another, he would make it a point to stop in Stan's office to see how he was, to check in and get up to date on the office gossip.

    "Are you still alive, or what?" Karl's voice was immediately recognizable.

    "I was just thinking to ask you the same thing. What brings you to the United States? Do you still remember much English?"

    "Yeah, just barely. Listen, I've been told that you don't give anybody much time, so I'll cut this short. I'm in town for a week, and need a favor. Can I come over and talk to you about it if I promise to state my case, and get the hell out of your house within an hour?"

    "Well, as long as you're not going to expect to see the house in good order or anything when you show up."

    "I'm coming to talk to you, not to inspect your house, girlfriend - I could be there within the hour if that's OK with you"

    "OK - I'll hit the showers and see you then"

    He was surprised that he agreed to see Karl at all.


    Stan got out of the shower, and was getting into the cleanest pair of jeans available when the door-bell rang. He pulled the door open, and there was Karl.

    "You didn't have to get all cleaned up for me, you know."

    Karl looked good, trim and tan, and smiling like a salesman. They shook hands and Karl moved in and gave him a hug, gay-style.

    "You look almost the same, which is a good thing", he added.

    Stan felt a little flustered, and backed off to head for the living room, asking: "I have some wine, beer or coffee - name your poison"

    "Whatever you have ready to go - don't bother cause I just had lunch a little while ago - how about coffee, if you have it made?"

    "Yeah - follow me"

    "With pleasure, you handsome devil" and with that, he patted Stan on the butt as the moved into the kitchen. Stan quickly brushed his hand away, but didn't say anything. Karl chuckled.

    "OK, Karl, you're here, and you're still queer, and I'm used to it. So, what is this big deal you came to talk about?"

    "Stan, I got myself into a scheduling mess, and I need your help. I'm asking you because I know you're here by yourself, and I know you have the room for someone else, and I screwed up by accepting a kid to look after in a sponsoring program at the Center. It was cool, and he and I talked about his sexual orientation, which is gay, but confused. He's homeless because his parents dumped him for religious reasons. He's 19, so he's legal, and everything was set for him to move in with me, then this fucking mess in Iraq demands that I get my ass over there without delay. It's a classified operation, so I can't risk trying to take him along. I signed up for unlimited duty two years ago, but I was told that my overseas assignments would be falling off.

    So, I signed up with the Center to mentor this kid for a year or more, and almost to the day, the company tells me I've been assigned again. Now I have to get ready with all that entails, but also haven't been able to spend any time with the boy. He says he understand, but he really doesn't have any other place to go. He interviewed with some other volunteers, but they just didn't connect, which puts me in a real bind. I'm trying to hang on at the company for a couple more years before retiring, but if my gay background becomes known to the security ass-holes I've pissed away my secret clearance,then, probably, the rest of my employment. You know how those military ass-holes feel about us gay boys."

    "And none of your queer friends are willing to take this kid into their homes? What's wrong with him, and why should I consider it seriously if none of them will do it?"

    "Stan, there's a reason for asking you. Number one, you understand the company, and their relationship with the Saudis, and their touchiness about queer anything, especially with those that are working in Arabia. Second, the boy is not what you'd think of as "gay" if you didn't know him. His family couldn't believe it when he told them, and his dad nearly had a stroke. They're deep in the Bible Belt, and there was no way they could accept him as queer. They thought this was something he was doing to be rebellious. When they couldn't change him, they dumped him. He came out here to find work as a mechanic's helper, but when he didn't find anything and was broke, he went to the Center, who contacted me after he couldn't relate to the queens he met. They all wanted to help, but they gave him the creeps. He's the exact definition of 'straight acting', only he's not acting.....this is the way he is, naturally. And, he particularly relates to older guys. That's when I thought of you. Please Stan, at least let me bring him over to meet you, so you can judge for yourself. You don't have to do anything - he knows that you're straight, and says he wont give you any trouble. All he wants is a place to stay until he can get settled and find a job later on. Please Stan, think about it and let me know?"

    "When are you leaving for overseas?"

    "I'm due there a week from tomorrow. You know what bullshit you have to go through with passports, shots, and all that when you head overseas."

    "You were the one doing all the traveling - I was the home-base boy, in case you don't remember."

    "Yeah, I know. Look, this kid really knows something about cars, and would be willing to do just about any kind of work to help you any way you wanted. Or, if he gets in the way, you could just tell him to go clean up the house or yard or whatever. He knows he's in deep shit here, and isn't going to give you any kind of problems, I can guarantee that. I mean, let's face it - he will be completely at your command, because if he fucks up here, they'll have no other place to put him, and he'll be shipped back to Nebraska to deal with his rotten parents, and the thought of that would have him licking the floor if you demanded it. Of course, I know you won't mistreat him. I'm really sure you two will get along because of the car and working on it. Please, Stan, give him a chance?"

    Stan went silent, looking away from Karl. If he accepts this kid, there goes his privacy and total freedom. He didn't really need another kid to raise. Two of his own blood was enough of a headache over the years. Besides, what would he do if the kid decided to have company come to the house and party it up, without permission or notice. The whole idea was 180 degrees from what he had become used to and enjoyed so much. His first gut reaction was to say no, and get it over with, but Karl looked like he was about to cry. Stan's hard shell was showing a few cracks, and the thought of the kid being rejected outright seemed especially cruel with what his parents did to him already. Finally, he sighed, looked at Karl.....

    "You know you're messing up my retirement, don't you?"

    "You mean you'll let him come over to stay - fantastic!"

    "Hold on,... I will meet with him and see how that goes. If he can live with the rules I come up with, then we can talk about the next step. But, don't tell him it's a done deal - - he doesn't need to be further disappointed. Just tell him I'd like to talk to him about the possibility, and it may NOT be OK. If you put it that way, I'm willing to meet and talk to him."

    "I'll round him up and call you when we can be here - is later today OK?"

    "I wouldn't be surprised if you had him in the trunk of your car, you bastard"

    They laughed, and Karl hugged Stan again, and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

    "I was praying you'd say yes - I was counting on you, just like everyone else around you always did. I can tell you the kid is going to surprise and please you - Tell him to show you the car he worked on back home. You'll be impressed, I'm sure. I'll call you when we're leaving my place, so you can figure on about 20 minutes from then, OK?"

    "Yeah, now get out of here so I can think about what a pain in the butt you are - again"

    Karl nearly ran to his car, and was gone in a cloud of dust. Stan sat back down and looked at the floor. What the hell had he signed up for this time?


    Stan began picking up the house, made the bed, and swept the floor in the kitchen after he did the dishes. Then he silently cursed himself for doing it. This was just the kind of stuff he wanted to get away from - making things neat and clean for strangers. He thought he had gotten over that, but there he was, upsetting his own unwritten rules and doing stupid, meaningless, pissy stuff that didn't mean anything. His mood darkened considerably, and he wondered if the kid could do anything to make all this worth while. Better go to the garage, to his project there -it always got him humming a tune,although fiddling around there didn't really get too much done either, it was connected to his '32 roadster, and that made the difference.

    The small radio on the bench played golden oldies 24/7, and he almost never turned it off. As he moved around his hot rod , one tune suddenly brought back some serious memories. Or, maybe a memory would be a better description. It was during the 'Korean Conflict,' when he and Karl were in the army together at Fort Knox. They had a 15 day leave, and Karl invited Stan to his house in Virginia for their furlough. It was the first time that Karl came out to Stan about being gay. It caught Stan completely by surprise. He had wondered about it, and there had been times when they joked about it, but Stan thought it was just joking, and quickly forgot it......that is, until Karl's mom told them that Aunt Marie was visiting at the same time, and they would have to share the small bedroom. The small bedroom only had a so-called full-size bed, which for two growing G.I.'s wasn't a hell of a lot of space. And, being 20 years old and continually horny anyway........ in the middle of the night, Stan got his first blow job. His only other intimate experience had been kissing a girl, and in those days, 'good girls didn't'......But Karl did, and man, did it feel good. He was sure Karl's mom heard him moaning as Karl used his tongue on the underside of his cock, driving him nuts with delight. Karl finally had to reach up and put his hand over Stans mouth to quiet him down, but it wasn't easy. Stan had never felt anything like that in his life, and after shooting his first powerful load down Karl's throat, he was ready for a second round without a moments rest. Karl whispered that he would have to keep it quiet, or his mom would get really upset. Stan promised, but began pushing Karl's head toward his crotch. Within 30 seconds, Karl had him squirming again, then backed up to his rigid cock, and wiggled his ass against the hard pole until Stan got the message to push it in. He did with such force that it was Karl that gasped. It was obvious that Stan was really a beginner. He wrapped Karl into a tight embrace, rolled over on top of him, and buried that thing as deep as it would go. It felt so good, he stopped and luxuriated in his cock being so completely engulfed into the hot hole he felt in charge of. Karl initiated the movement, and soon Stan was humping his rump like a pro. Stan lost his composure again, and he began kissing the back of Karl's neck, and feeling his tits, and even let his right hand glide down to squeeze Karl' cock, and finally got the rythmn right, and they fucked like lovers. Karl was fucking Stan's hand, and Stan was fucking Karl's ass, and the bed springs began to complain loudly. Karl insisted on them getting out of bed, and onto the floor, where he taught Stan the missionary position,who then re-inserted, and pummeled Karl's willing ass once again. All the while, Karl had one hand on Stan's mouth, as he began to moan and groan louder and louder again, pumping that cock into that hole faster and faster until he finally lost control again, shooting strong strings of jizm, making strangling sounds, trying to scream out with Karl's hand muffling him with all the strength he had. He remained hard all the while, and as soon as he got his breath, he began rotating his hips, stuffing that hole again, and the sound of soupy, sloppy fucking of his own jizm, and messy dripping of cum whispered loudly into the night. Karl tried to teach him the 69, but Stan suddenly turned very straight again. He could get sucked, and he could fuck forever, but sucking was just too queer. And, kissing, except when he was too hot to stop.

    They continued playing under Stan's restrictive rules the rest of the furlough, the rest of their army service, and on to their own little apartment in the basement of an apartment building while they were attending college on the G.I. Bill after the service.They would invent moments and places where they could go at it, even it was just a hand-job at the movies back row, or the back row on the bus back to the base, or a blow-job in a restroom where Stan would stand on the toilet rim, squat down and feed Karl as much dick as he liked.Stan's cock was always ready and more than willing, often insistent. Karl's favorite thing was to blow Stan till he was near climax, then sit on his stiffy, and ride him to climax.Stan grew more aggressive as time past, and loved to fuck Karl doggy-style. They were close to getting caught by the apartment manager, who had a key , and a bad habit of dropping into their apartment for a quick pick-me-up from his ever-present flask. When they nearly got caught in the act, the finally figured out they had to put a chair against the door knob when they were fucking.

    Their relationship held together for four years, then, Stan's denial became too much for Karl to put up with any longer. They had the gay-not-gay argument and Karl finally told him he was a phony and a hypocrite. Stan insisted that he was going to get married and it wouldn't be to another guy, no matter how good the sex was. It escalated to the point where they both knew that they couldn't bury their feelings in the name of good sex any longer. Especially Karl was sick of being the bottom, and being looked down upon. There were other choices he could make, and other pebbles on the beach. He had met several good men along the way, and finally decided that Stan was never going to change, as sad as that was to consider.

    Stan did get married, and seemed to go straight, and Karl found many playmates and decided that he would wait a long time before making a long-term commitment. After a couple of years out of the country, they quietly reconciled, and silently agreed that they made pretty good friends after all. And, now, here was Karl, coming to call, and needing a favor.


    Now Karl was back, and bringing some kid for Stan to house and look after. Stan was feeling challenged, and wasn't sure he was up to it. The kid would have to convince him. He heard the doorbell, and gathered himself up for the meeting with Karl and the kid. To say he was not enthusiastic would be putting it mildly. As he opened the door, there stood Karl, all smiles, as usual, and a young man who looked almost as nervous as Stan felt. He barely looked up as Stan reached out to shake his hand. Karl had not described the boy, except that he was gay. He imagined a kind of slim, petite effeminate thing, but not what was standing before him.

    "Stan, I'd like to introduce you to Joe Carson - Joe, this is Stan Mitchell, the man I was telling you about."

    Joe's expression didn't change much as he lifted his hand and let Stan do with it as he would. What a dud, Stan thought, all the personality of a dead fish, at least, so far. But, he looks more like a foot- ball player than a gay boy. Almost as tall as Stan, around 190, and definitely strong looking. He didn't look mean or angry, just guarded. Then, Stan realized that the kid was probably just trying to be as neutral as possible and not mess up.

    Karl, in the meantime was doing a job of selling each one to the other until it got unbearable. "Karl, will you relax - you sound like a used car salesman, for hell's sake - I tell you what, why don't you go for a cup of coffee or something, and let us alone so we can talk a little bit?"

    "Well, I never been so insulted in my whole life" Karl replied with barely disguised glee. He was sure that they were going to hit it off if, especially if Stan wanted to talk some more.

    "OK, you dirty old man, but I'm going to inspect both of you when I get back in about an hour."

    And, with that, he pulled a complete twirl, and snapped his finger like a true Hollywood Queen, and headed for his car.

    "Geez", Stan said to Joe, you see what I had to put up for all those years?"

    And, he saw the expression on Joe's face change from dead-pan to slightly amused. They headed into the house, spent about two minutes there, then headed for the garage.

    "Here's where I really live most of the time," he said as he unlocked the door and turned on the lights.


    Joe almost gasped at the sight of this ancient hot-rodded classic car. It was a mix of primer spots, bare metal, pieces recently returned to their original places, and others on the bench, being worked on. All in all, to the uninitiated, it was a jalopy. To Joe, it was the next thing to the Mona Lisa as far as cars were concerned. He stepped closer, hands held behind his back so he wouldn't accidentally touch anything. He knew what this kind of project meant to it's owner, and how precious every nut and bolt was. He almost forgot Stan was in the same place as he was, getting as close as possible to each part and panel, sighing and 'wowing' under his breath. This was church for him, and he was praying he could stay a little longer. When he realized how much emotion he was showing, he quickly bolted upright, and tried his best to regain his composure.

    "It's awesome, sir. You have to be proud to own something like this"

    "It's nice to have someone appreciate what you have. I am proud, thanks."

    As they looked at each other, there was an immediate appreciation of each other. Stan breathed a big sigh of relief. He knew he had found a soul-mate, and as far as he was concerned, he had a room-mate, and maybe more as far as he was concerned. There was an almost-forgotten stir in his lower regions, and it surprised and pleased him very much. He wondered how the kid felt about him. It was going to be interesting, to say the least.

    When Karl rang the doorbell this time, he saw Joe smiling broadly . The look told Karl all he needed to know, and he breathed a large sigh of relief. His part of the job was done. Now, he could comfortably take Joe out to the car, open the trunk, and help him bring in the total amount of stuff he owned into the house. It wasn't a lot. Outside of a tool-box, the rest of Joe's life fit into a small valise.

    When Karl brought Joe's stuff along with Joe back into the house, Stan shot him a look.

    "You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" Stan was smiling slightly as he said it.

    "I'm a pretty good judge of character, and you have to admit, I probably know you better than anyone else in the living world. I was sure you would see how dedicated this guy is, and what a help he will be to you, without getting in your way. Right, Joe?"

    "I sure mean to, if I can."

    "Now" Karl announced "I want to take you two handsome men out to dinner as a celebration of a job well done, by me, of course, and a big help to me by someone I'll always love. Can we do this?"

    Stan and Joe both felt slightly awkward at this outburst of expression, but it was Stan finally that spoke.

    "Only if you can contain your gay pride for a couple of hours - think you can do that?"

    "Oh, you're such a closet case. But, I'll tone it down as a rehearsal for my trip of Arabia, so you won't be ashamed of me, dear", then laughed with both of them.

    They drove off to a middle-of-the-road place Karl knew of, and were able to eat and talk without attracting any attention. Stan actually enjoyed the reunion with Karl, and Joe sensed there was something special between them, but knew better than to ask any questions. At least, not now.

    Joe found himself looking at Stan every time he got the chance. He wondered if Karl had told Stan about his preference for mature men, and the hope for a masculine one. Stan fit that bill so much more than Karl, the 'lady" he had been assigned to earlier. It wasn't that he didn't like Karl, but to live with that kind of personality 24/7 would wear him out .He was so much more like Stan, laid back, quiet, contained, and very willing to let the party pass him by. Deep down, though, he was very happy at this time, at this table with these two wonderfully men. He had hoped for a place to stay, and got one that was 100 times better.He would be in debt to these two for different reasons, for the rest of his life. And, the feeling that a new life was beginning on this day, at this table, with these two guys, made him very happy indeed.

    The dinner had lasted far longer than anyone expected. It was nearly 11 o'clock, when Karl noticed that the place was emptying out. Their dessert dishes had been picked up, and their coffee cups were long since finished.

    "Well, guys, I have to get up and go to work in the morning, so what 'cha say we get going?"

    There was no argument. They stood up, Karl picked up the bill, and Stan insisted on at least paying the tip. Joe had that awkward feeling of being not able to contribute at all. He mumbled his thanks, and joined them as they left the place.

    On the ride back to Stan's house, Karl talked about his schedule and the latest gossip at work, but soon realized that Stan had no interest in any of those people or their dramas. He replied how happy he was to be away from all the bullshit. Karl was envious, and couldn't wait to join the retirees himself. Finally at the house, Stan hopped out, and Joe struggled to climb out of the back of the convertible BMW. A final farewell, and Karl was off into the night.


    "What time do you normally wake up?" Stan asked.

    "Anytime you say is OK with me"

    "Well, if you were left alone, when would you get up?"

    "I guess it would be around 8, maybe 9 o'clock at the latest"

    "Well, since I've retired, I've become kind of a night-owl, and sometimes I don't hit the sack until one or two in the morning, then I get up around nine or ten in the morning. So, you don't have to worry about 'reporting for duty' any earlier than 9. How's that suit you?"

    "Well, I guess that's OK. If I wake up earlier and want to get up, is there something I could be doing until you get up?"

    "Yeah, just don't do anything with the car until I'm awake, so I can keep an eye on what's going on, OK?"

    "Oh, I wouldn't ever do that, don't worry, you'll always be right there next to me before that happens."

    "Hmmm, that sounds like a plan to me," he smiled as he said it, and Joe actually blushed as he got the double entendre. Joe hated this awkward feeling, like the country bumpkin wondering if somebody was making fun of him. Lately, a lot of people seemed to be doing just that, but Stan just seemed to be in a good mood. At least he hoped that was what it was.

    "Well, you wanna head for bed, or watch a little TV, or whatever?"

    What Joe really wanted was to initiate something sexual with this older man. He was an ideal for Joe, but he wasn't sure enough of himself to express that. Instead, he mumbled something about maybe getting a good night's rest so he could start fresh on the car tomorrow.

    Stan could feel the struggle in the kid's words, and wished he could just grab him and let him know that everything was going to be OK, that Joe was perfect just the way he was, and try to get him to relax. He worried that although he was supposed to like older men, if he fit on to that continuum or not. They were both working awfully hard at relaxing, and neither one was succeeding.

    Finally, as they shuffled around, wondering what to say next, Stan finally suggested that they watch a little TV, and whenever they got tired, they could end the evening. Joe agreed, and they headed for the den.

    "You want a beer?"

    "Uhhh, OK, I guess"

    "I have Carona and Bud, what'll it be?"

    "Whatever you're having."

    Stan brought a couple of beers, some pretzels, and they sat down on the small couch, side by side. "I guess I should break down and get some more furniture in here, huh?"

    "This seems fine, to me"

    Joe waited for Stan to take the first drink, then took a sip. He never drank at all, but what the hell, it might loosen him up a little. Then, as he thought of his words, he almost giggled, but caught himself. The taste of the beer wasn't something he particularly enjoyed, but he might be able to get used to it one of these days.

    Stan handed him the remote to see what a 19 year old would want to see on TV these days.

    Joe wished that Stan had picked something since he watched very little TV recently. He couldn't afford a TV and got out of the habit. He pointed the remote and turned it on, and let whatever came on stay. That didn't solve anything. Stan didn't learn about him, and he didn't get anything worthwhile out of the infomercial that was playing. Finally, Stan reached over and clicked on a late night talk show.

    Joe was relieved, and relaxed. He wanted Stan to take charge of him, completely. If only he could say those words out loud.......but, he couldn't, at least not at this time, as much as he wanted this older man to take him over.

    Stan was also surprised at his reaction to the kid. After all those years 'playing it straight', and not cheating on his wife, in any way, to be confronted with a young, gay man, who was going to live here for at least a year, he found himself re-discovering the old yearning for male sexual contact. He thought he would be able to sublimate his sex drive into the car , but didn't count on the kid being so attractive. This relationship might get awfully difficult for him.

    "Mr. Mitchell, I gotta talk to you about something, and I hope it wont ruin my chance at staying here."

    Stan cut in: "Why not just call me Stan, OK?"

    Joe looked at him - his expression showed tension and almost pain. "I have to tell you that I'm gay, and....."

    Stan broke in: "I already know that Joe, and it's no problem here, so don't worry about it."

    "Did Karl tell you that I like older you?"

    He could tell by the expression on Stan's face that Karl did not tell him . Stan was struck dumb, sitting there next to him, looking from Joe to the TV and back to Joe, not knowing what to say or where to look. Complete surprise.

    Joe continued: "I can see by the look on your face that this is a surprise, and if it's a problem, I promise this is the last you'll ever hear of it. I don't want this to mess up my chance to work on the car with you, and only hope you can accept the way I feel without being insulted by it?"

    "Insulted?.......I can't believe that you could want to be close to an old fart like me. Are you serious?"

    "I'd like to prove it to you, if you'll let me. I hope you'll say yes, because now I'm so nervous I'm about to throw up, or pass out, or run away.......I just can't handle this, but I had to be honest with you, and the longer I waited the harder it was going to get, so I blurted it out now. If you want me to leave, I'll understand."

    "This is going to take some time for me to get used to, Joe. I do want you to show me the way you feel, and I will do my best to let you know how I feel, too. Maybe we should turn off the TV, and let nature take it's course?"

    "I want you any way you want me, Stan - I want you to be my boss, my manager, and anything else you want to do with me. Will you let me be your boy?"

    He slipped off the couch, knelt in front of Stan, laid his head in Stan's lap, his muscular arms reaching to embrace him. His face in Stan's crotch brought the snake to life.

    "I just hope you wont be disappointed, kid"

    "Let me undress you?"

    "Go for it"

    He slipped Stan's shoes off, then went for the fly, and the belt. Stan quickly undid the belt, and lifted upward so Joe could slide his pants and shorts down and off. He buried his face into Stan's crotch again, breathing in the smell of the man, as Stan laid his head back and surrendered his body to this young, beautiful creature who wanted him. He was having trouble believing what was happening to him..... but loving it. Joe's lips and mouth began their journey up the shaft, as far as they could go, and Stan groaned in ecstasy. Joe slowly spread Stan's legs apart, and fondled the hairy globes as he slid from pubes to head, slowly, back and forth, feeling the length and circumference grow within his mouth and throat. He had dreamt of his own 'old man' for years and now, he may have found one, if he does a good job. Stan touched his head and bobbed it up and down, up and down his cock, reliving the sensations, and letting himself go completely.

    "Hold on a minute"

    He moved Joe to a sitting position on the floor against the couch, his head right at the pillow level, then mounted his face, and began fucking it . Joe was enthralled and quickly doffed his pants so he could stroke his own fat, hard ample cock. Stan's cock fit right to the back of his throat so that he didn't gag, and allowed him to tongue the underside of the head with each withdrawal, making Stan drive home the next stroke harder and faster. Each stroke drove Joe more crazy, and Stan more frantic. Their moans and groans amplified and the speed increased.

    "Oh my holy god, you're a dream come true" Stan said just before it became impossible for him to say anything else but "ummmmm ohhhhh I'm cumming". And, he did, and he did, and he did again for the first time in years. Joe wrapped an arm around him and prevented him from pulling out, as he pounded his own rigid cock to a whopping climax that sprayed all the way up Stan's back and continued for four powerful shots. Only then did he release Stan, who flopped onto the couch, exhausted. But Joe rolled over and continued to suckle the softening dick and licking Stan's balls.

    "Stop, kid, please, I can't stand it, you gotta stop".......he pushed at Joe's head to free his dick and allow him to try to breathe again. Joe raised himself onto the couch and wrapped Stan's waist in an embrace, laying his head back into Stan's lap, shuddering and breathing with the passion of a first great love act. They remained that way for a good fifteen minutes, silent and in touch down to the soul.Stan lifted Karl's face up and kissed him tenderly, then with more passion that he could have imagined. The realization that love was not too queer finally hit home with an impact he could never have imagined. A new life was beginning after all these years.

    "I guess our first job tomorrow is to steam clean this couch, but we may need a good shower tonight, what 'cha think?" he chuckled.

    "I think I'm a happy boy with a powerful man to look after me, if that's OK with you?"

    "I think we're gonna make a hell of a team, both in and out of bed, for a long long time."

    The small bedroom was never used. The car was finished, and took the blue ribbon for best restoration the first time they showed it. They set a goal for Best in Show, and headed back home, where the couch was nearly ready for another of many cleanings it had gone through.

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