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  • Friday after thanksgiving
  • When I opened my eyes the next morning after our drunken Thanksgiving debauch, I couldn't remember where I was. For one thing, I wasn't alone: there was lots of company in the bed with me. But when I looked to the left and saw Dad snoring softly, it came back to me in a flash and I looked back up at the ceiling and grinned from ear to ear. Now I knew what that strange taste in my mouth was sure, part of it was cigar, but the best part was the taste of the huge load of Dad's semen that I'd swallowed last night! And my body was sticky all over even my hair with the wads Granddad Joe and Uncle Mike had dumped all over me while I was blowing my old man!

    I could feel Dad's hand grasping my thigh as he slept, right up at the hip with his fingers down under my ball sack. I looked down past my own morning hardon to see that Dad's massive cock was just as hard as mine, flopped over his huge hairy thigh and pointing right at me. He must have been hard for some time already, because there was a thick string of cock juice drooling out of the gaping cum hole and onto his leg.

    I looked to the right to see Granddad Joe's back. Just over his shoulder I could see Uncle Mike's shoulder and head they were spooned up together as tight as they could be. When I raised myself up on my elbows, I saw that his heavy forearm was resting on his son's hip and he had Uncle Mike's fat erection in his fist. I still didn't remember how we'd ended up in this king-sized bed, but, looking around, I guessed it must be Granddad Joe and Uncle Mike's bedroom.

    My movements must have wakened the rest of them, and when I looked back at Dad, he was grinning at me. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "Morning, Son," he smirked, "How's it hanging?"

    "Hey, Dad," I replied, "I'm just great!"

    "I'll say you are a natural! You must have been born to suck daddy dick!" And his hand moved up to grasp my penis and give it a squeeze. I just smiled back at him and hoped we'd never get out of this bed.

    On the other side, Granddad Joe was nuzzling his son's neck and murmuring into his ear. "Morning, Mikey, what do you think? There's no reason to change our morning ritual just because we have company, is there?"

    "Nope, no reason at all, Dad," he replied as he rolled onto his back and spread his muscular legs. "I bet they'd like to do more than watch, too," he said, grinning over at me and Dad and shoving a pillow under his hips.

    Granddad Joe looked over his shoulder at Dad. "That's right, Son, get a taste of what you've been missing with your brother and me for the last couple of years." Then he got to his knees between Uncle Mike's legs and spit a copious wad of saliva into his palm. While he rubbed this into his son's hairy ass crack, Uncle Mike hawked up a big gob into his own hand and started lubricating his father's swaying donkey dick. As the two of them prepared each other for what was evidently a daily habit, I sat up and knelt beside them, determined not to miss a second of their display. I could barely believe my eyes, but this big burly man, my own granddad, was going to fuck his own big burly son, my uncle. Dad got up next to me, his eyes on his father and brother, grabbed his rigid dick with one hand and wrapped his other arm around my waist.

    Uncle Mike slathered another load of spit onto his father's cock, looked up at him and said, "I'm ready for you now, Pop. Get it in there!" I was nearly sick with anticipation at this point, and I stared bug-eyed as Granddad Joe pressed the big mushroom head of his penis into the swirl of black hair around his son's asshole. Uncle Mike closed his eyes and exhaled, making a visible effort to relax and let his dad in, and at the same time Dad's hand wandered from my hip back across my ass, and very gently he dragged his big middle finger across my anus. Involuntarily I closed my eyes for a second and shuddered, and automatically I arched my back. I opened my eyes again just in time to see Granddad Joe's bulbous glans penetrate his son's ass pucker. "Oh yeah, Dad," Uncle Mike groaned as he spread his thighs wider for his father. I stared openmouthed as the rest of Granddad's huge fucktool slid smoothly into his son's ass just inches from my face, stopping only when his grizzled bush was flat against his son's balls. Dad continued to probe my asshole and stroke my ass cheeks, and my head was spinning from the sensory overload. When he whispered, "Think you could like this, Rick?" I just nodded furiously.

    When his cock was fully into his son's ass, Granddad Joe lowered himself onto Uncle Mike's body and dropped his face to his son's. Uncle Mike opened his mouth for his father, and the two of them joined their lips in a deep kiss, audibly slurping as they swapped spit and penetrated deep into each other's mouths with their tongues. I was literally dizzy at this point, even without chemical stimulation!

    Suddenly Granddad Joe broke the kiss, raised himself up off of Uncle Mike and with long, slow thrusts began to fuck his son, looking him in the eyes and grinning broadly. Uncle Mike just grinned back and reached down to feel his dad's broad cockshaft penetrating his assring. I couldn't help myself and automatically began to stroke my cock in the same rhythm. Dad smiled at me and said, "Not yet, Son. It's gonna get even better I promise you." Reluctantly I stopped stroking, but I couldn't let go of my bursting dick. For another five minutes Dad and I watched agog as Granddad Joe fucked like a pile driver and Uncle Mike bounced his ass up to meet each thrust, egging his father on with a continuous stream of smut: "Yeah, Dad, fuck that ass - fuck your own son, you horny old stud - slam your boyfucker up my hungry ass - ram it up there, Daddy - shoot that dadload into me!!" Granddad Joe was puffing and gasping as he rammed his cock into his son, and suddenly, at the top of his stroke, he turned red, and cried out, "UH, UH, UNNNH!!!" His hips slammed into Uncle Mike's ass, his back arched, and he held his hips against his son as he thrust three more times, shooting wad after wad into Uncle Mike. He flopped down to kiss him again, and lay there in his arms, recovering his breath.

    All at once, I realized that Dad's finger was inside me! Not all the way, but maybe up to the second joint. He must have pushed it in, lubricated by the sweat that was dripping down my back, just when Granddad Joe began to cum inside Uncle Mike. Dad chuckled and said, "Not so hard to take, is it?"

    "No, but it's not as big as that!" I said, looking down at his dripping red fuckhorn. Dad just winked and gently pushed it in another half-inch.

    Granddad Joe was breathing normally again, and he looked up at Dad and said, "So how about another go at your brother for old time's sake, Son?" He raised himself up off Uncle Mike and very slowly pulled his still hard cock out of his ass. A long strand of semen hung from the end of it, and he wiped it into his palm and slurped it up. I'd never seen anything so hot in my life! Uncle Mike chimed in with, "Yeah, Buddy it's been way too long! And let Rick here lube it up for you," he added, grinning up at me

    Dad carefully eased his finger out of my anus and replied, "You bet, Bro you don't know how I've missed you and your hungry fuck hole." And turning to me and presenting his throbbing boner, he put his hands on his hips and said, "Go ahead, Rick, give me a little help here you know how."

    Seeing my granddad fuck his own son had blown my mind, but the thought of watching my dad fuck his brother on top of it had me in a haze of lust! Instantly I dropped to all fours and sucked as much of Dad's prick as I could into my throat. My mouth had been dry with excitement, but the second I got a whiff of Dad's powerful crotch musk and felt his big spongy dickhead on my tongue, my saliva began to flow like a river. Avidly I slobbered up and down that big-veined shaft, mixing my viscous spit with his cock juice, until it was slick for Uncle Mike. "He's got the O'Bannion gift, boys," Dad laughed, "Grade-A prime jerking spit!"

    With that he turned to his brother. "Mikey, you don't know how I've missed you," he said. Uncle Mike opened his arms, and Dad flopped down onto his body and kissed him. Uncle Mike hugged his brother tight and wrapped his legs around Dad's waist as they kissed. Then Dad raised his hips and reached under himself to grab his cock and aim it at Uncle Mike's asshole. "Here we go again, Brother," he whispered, and slowly eased his fat prong into his brother's ass, sliding in on the thick coating of their dad's cum. Uncle Mike just groaned, and they kissed again.

    Granddad Joe crawled over next to me and said, "This should be good, Son you haven't seen these two together yet. Your dad must have fucked his brother shit I'd say nearly a thousand times during the few short years the three of us were together after we discovered the joys of incest." I could hardly take my eyes off Dad and Uncle Mike, but I had to know why Dad would have given all this up for even a moment. "Why did you ever stop, Granddad?"

    "Well, it was only your Dad who stopped, Rick, but it's pretty simple, really," he said. "After your Grandmom died when the boys were small, I had to raise them myself, and I couldn't ignore the fact as they were growing up that my boys were hot. And the fact that they were my own sons just made me hotter for them. I didn't ever force anything on them, but long ago I settled in my own mind that there was nothing wrong with the attraction itself the taboo against incest is only to prevent mongoloids and ensure the transfer of property, after all. So I figured that I'd let them develop as naturally as they could, without ever poisoning their minds. And if you can believe it it turned out early in their teens that they'd been holding their breath to get their hands on each other, and on me, too. I found myself in the sack with Mike, and he told me he'd already seduced his big brother, and from then on we fucked and sucked as a family. In this very bedroom, as a matter of fact both the boys were sleeping with me, and after a while we just used their bedrooms for storage." My cock had hardly softened at all, even to listen to this explanation, but the image of my dad and his dad and brother in the same bed for years had me rigid again instantly. Granddad Joe continued, "For years it was the greatest thing in the world: your Uncle Mike turned out to be total fuck pig and still is, even if he IS a big butch fucker and your Dad and I screwed him constantly. Believe me, two teenagers and a horny fuck like me can give constantly' a new meaning, too I wasn't even 40 then!"

    Dad and Uncle Mike were listening too, and they nodded and grunted their confirmation of Granddad Joe's claim.

    "It was perfect two tops and a bottom. Of course, some times were hotter than others f'rinstance, one Sunday night Mike told us that, between the two of us, since Monday we'd fucked him forty-seven times! It wasn't always like that, but I'm pretty sure that not a day went by that we didn't both give him what he needed at least once. I didn't fuck your dad as much, except when we made a sandwich with him fucking Mike while I fucked him."

    "So what happened?" I asked his explanation was only making it harder to understand why Dad would have stopped.

    "Well, just this, Rick. Your dad loved to fuck and suck his brother, and to fuck and suck with his dad, but by the time he finished school he had this idea that what he really wanted was the thing I already had: to fuck his own son, the product of his flesh I guess he'd always envied the connection between me and Mike. Mike and I tried to convince him that it wasn't a thing he could make happen what if you weren't interested? what if HE wasn't interested when you grew up? what if you'd been a girl? or a million other things but he was headstrong had to go his own way. But at least he did realize he couldn't MAKE it happen, and he was willing to forgo the sexual aspect just for the experience of being a father. That was enough for me, but we still just about cried the day he married. And Mike and I agreed we couldn't be part of cheating on your mom."

    At this point, I had this rush of feeling, realizing my dad had not just waited all the years I'd been alive, but had never let himself even suggest to me what he hoped for. It also made me feel this amazing sense of - relief, I guess, that what had happened was always supposed to happen, that it wasn't some weakness on Dad's part. He and his brother were looking right at me, gauging my reaction. "Is it okay, Ricky?" Dad asked.

    "Shit, Dad I just can't believe it, that's all," I gasped. "You really wanted this all that time?"

    "Well, of course at first I just wanted the idea, and while you were a kid I sort of forgot about the whole thing. But when you started to develop these last couple years I suddenly remembered again, but I would never do anything to risk the relationship we already had. But when you failed to show any interest in girls, and no Playboys or Hustlers appeared under your mattress and I checked I thought maybe there was a chance. And I couldn't help noticing the way you were checking me out whenever I was coming out of the shower or when we were at the pool together. But enough history already," he finished. "I've got some unfinished business with my brother. Dad, why don't you warm my boy up while I do some work on the project with Mikey?" The whole time he'd stayed hard inside his brother, and now he began to fuck him, raising his hips slowly as he pulled out, and slamming back in again, over and over, all the while kissing Uncle Mike and whispering into his ear.

    Granddad Joe gently pushed me down on my back, explaining, "The project' was our code word when the boys were teenagers: the project we were working on was transferring the entire contents of our balls into Mike's bottomless ass. We had to work on it every day, usually a lot more than once," he smirked.

    I didn't want to take my eyes of my dad and his husky brother, but suddenly I felt something that made me surrender completely: Granddad Joe's tongue on my asshole. His thick beard and mustache rasped against my thighs and balls and his bald head bobbed between my legs as he worked his long tongue inside me, and I just couldn't spread my legs wide enough. "Oh, shit, yeah, Granddad," I cried, "Never stop!" I never knew anything could feel so good! He didn't stop, and pretty soon I could feel his thick fingers entering my ass, liberally coated with saliva, gently probing and pushing, opening and relaxing me. I couldn't count them, but pretty soon it felt like his whole hand was going up my ass.

    Dad must have been on the edge of blasting off for the whole story I got from Granddad Joe, because in less than a minute he was shooting his wad deep inside his brother, and Uncle Mike was groaning just as loudly as he glued their chests together with jet after jet of his own load. They lay there for a moment grinning at each other, then kissed again. Slowly Dad pulled his cock out of his brother and then got up on his knees to watch me with Granddad Joe. His rigid fuckhorn stood straight up from his bush, only now it was glistening with his own and his dad's semen, and his chest hair was matted with his brother's cum. Uncle Mike rolled up onto his elbow and reached out to cop a feel of my now raging hardon. He let out a long whistle, grinning up at Dad.

    Granddad Joe had turned my cock to stone with his amazing tongue and his fingers, and now I realized my own dad was going to fuck me right in front of his father and brother! My haze of lust returned, the edges of my vision went cloudy, and all I could do was pant. Dad grinned down at us and said, "I think he's ready, Dad lemme at him. Granddad Joe moved aside for Dad, and he and Uncle Mike pulled my knees down to my chest to spread my ass for Dad. I looked up at him and thought I must have died and gone to heaven.

    "If it hurts, Ricky, even for a moment, tell me and I'll stop." I couldn't speak; I just nodded dumbly. And then I felt for the first time that thing that would become so familiar to me: Dad's glans pressing against my now gaping asshole. I was at such a fever pitch that I came instantly, without even touching myself, shooting volley after volley of jizz all over my chest and face. Dad smiled with pride and understanding and Uncle Mike and Granddad laughed out loud to see me so hot for my dad. Granddad Joe had done such a good job and Dad's cock was so thickly coated with cock cream that I barely felt it as Dad slipped inside, but I sure knew it as he fed more and more of that huge horsedick into me, inch after inch, until I was totally stuffed with dadcock. Amazingly, it never hurt, even with the size of Dad's cock I guess I was in an altered state already, fulfilling my destiny.

    "Oh yeah, Son," Dad groaned as his gut flattened my balls between us and he bent down to lick the cum off my face. Without swallowing, he locked his lips on mine and we swapped spit and semen back and forth, father to son and son to father, and I inhaled the rich aroma of Uncle Mike's fuck cream on Dad's chest. Dad pulled out until just his glans was inside me and just as slowly drove his thick fucker back into me. When I felt his hairy belly rub against my penis trapped between our bodies, I came again, but still my cock stayed as hard as ever! Last night had been nothing, compared with this! On both sides of us Granddad Joe and Uncle Mike were watching intently as Dad's massive cock penetrated his son, panting and furiously fisting their rigid cocks.

    Slowly Dad picked up the rhythm, and then, even though he'd come only a few minutes before inside his brother, he grunted and pumped an enormous wad into me I swear I could feel the semen gushing out of his penis and into my rectum! I came a third time, so intensely this time that I think I actually lost consciousness for a second, but not before I felt Granddad Joe and Uncle Mike's loads spurt against me and Dad at almost the same moment. When I could think again, I heard Dad saying, "That's only the first one, Son the first of ten thousand, I hope." I could only hold on tight and hope so too!

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