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  • Fantasy
  • I liked reading superhero comic books. Dad says that I am too old for them, but I don't want to stop reading them. I love the stories and also the stories I make up with the characters. I imagine myself locked in a clenching struggle against all those masculine muscles. I get hard thinking about Superman's cock of steel. I blast off picturing the training Batman gives to Robin.

    I was in my room the other day, reading the latest issue of Robin. I was lying on top of my bed, nude. Robin has been enrolled in a prep school, so I started making up a story about the hazing Robin faced from the other students and how he'd have to submit so as not to give away his secret identity. I'd occassionally reach down and fist my cock, which was rock hard.

    "What's got you excited, Sport?" I opened up my eyes to see Dad standing in the doorway looking at my hard cock. I turned beet red and tried to hide my cock with my hands. "Relax, Sport! I don't mean to spoil your fun." Dad walked into my room, closing the door behind him. He came and sat down on my bed next to me. "It's not like I don't know how good it feels to jerk off, Sport."

    I relaxed a bit, but was still nervous. I mean, here I was, naked and hard and my dad was sitting right beside me. I could feel his leg against my hip. Dad was a stock broker, but he was in good shape. Dad's hair was mostly gray now, but it looked good, especially with his sharp blue eyes. He had a build that can only be described as rugged. Dad loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. I could see the hairs on his chest.

    I had been holding my breath and when I finally remembered to breath, Dad's cologne filled my senses. My cock twitched. Dad looked down at it, smiled and chuckled a little. Suddenly I felt real sexy. I think it was because I realized that Dad was getting pleasure from looking at my body. I looked to his crotch and saw a definite bulge. My mind filled with hot sexy dirty wild and pleasurable thoughts.

    Dad took hold of my hand and wrapped it around my cock. He used my hand to start jerking my cock. I cried out and thrusted my hips up. Dad laughed some more and said "You like that, Sport?" I put my other hand over his to keep him jerking my cock. "Oh Dad!" Dad took that hand and brought it to his crotch. Feeling his hard cock through his pants told me that Dad found this exciting too.

    I felt a momentary twinge of guilt and disappointment when Dad stood up and broke our contact. Both disappeared when Dad started undressing. I got up and helped Dad with his pants. Dad tousled my hair when I dropped to my knees. His cock was already leaking. "Only do what you want, son" I looked up at my naked father and I felt filled with love and lust. I leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off his cock. Dad looked down, smiling. "Like father, like son!" I was too busy and too happy to care about what Dad was saying. I could feel the cum churning in my own balls.

    After a minute or two, Dad stood me up. He hugged me and kissed me. "Let's finish jerking off, Sport. We'll have time for other stuff later." Dad had me sit on my bed, with my back against the headboard. My legs were spread out and my cock sticking straight up. Dad sat in front of me. He crossed his legs over mine and our cocks came together. Dad wrapped his hands around both our cocks. "nothing like a good jerk, eh Sport? Except for a good jerk with your son." Dad had the biggest sexiest grin I ever saw. Feeling Dad's hands on my cock, his cock rubbing against mine, seeing him in this sexy way, was just too much for me. My load just blasted out of my cock. It flew up to eyelevel then fell back onto our cocks, my dad's and mine. The next instant Dad did the same thing.

    I felt so complete. I took the cum and spread it over my belly. I could see Dad's approval in his smile.

    "Sport? SPORT!" The knocking on my door snapped me back to reality. "Yeah Dad?" "Time for supper, Sport." I wiped my cum off my belly. "Be right there Dad!" I quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I knew I'd be jerking off to that fantasy again.

    I opened my door and stepped out. I was surprized to find my dad still there. "What were you doing in there , Sport? I was calling you for two minutes." Dad put his arm around my shoulder and lead me downstairs to supper. I had a new hardon by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs.

    I came home from practice. I needed to shower and needed to piss. Dad's car was in the driveway. It was Mom's late night at work. I headed upstairs, using my t-shirt to wipe the sweat from my body. When I got to the bathroom, I could hear the shower already going. Dad must be in there. The thought of Dad washing himself caused my dick to swell a little and reminded my bladder that it needed emptying.

    Would Dad mind if I pissed while he was taking a shower? Should I just go in, piss and get out? I could just imagine walking in. I'd be able to see Dad's outline through the semi-clear shower curtain. "Sorry Dad, I couldn't wait!" Standing at the toilet, my shorts down to my knees. Dad pokes his head out from behind the curtain. "No problem Sport! A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do!"

    Even while I am pissing my cock hardens in my hand. I hear Dad turn off the shower. "Oh shit, what if Dad sees my dick hard!" I think. I feel Dad put his arm around my shoulder. "Got a lake in there, Sport?" I am in shock. There's my Dad standing next to me, naked, and my cock is hard and getting harder.

    "Looks like you need to get rid of something besides piss, Sport!" Dad reaches down and strokes my hard cock. I can't help moaning with pleasure. I glance over to my Dad. He is looking down at my cock, smiling and stroking. I look down at Dad's crotch. Holy Shit! Dad's dick is sticking straight out and must be at least 9". I start to reach for it but stop myself. Dad looks down at my hand, then at me and then takes my hand and wraps it around his dick.

    Dad starts stroking himself, using my hand, but then lets go of my hand. I continue stroking my Dad. "My Dad! I'm stroking off my Dad!" I am so excited and I hear my dad making the same moans I made when he started stroking my dick. UH! UH! UH! "Are you about to cum, Sport?" I nod my head "yes". Dad push down the toilet seat and sat right in front of me. He pulls me forward. My dick entering his open mouth. I grab onto Dad's head instinctively.

    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blasted my teenaged spunk right into my Dad's mouth. When I looked down on Dad swallowing my juice and sucking my dick, I got harder and I wildly fucked my dick deeper down my Dad's throat. Dad grabbed my ass cheeks to steady himself, his fingers right at my hole. I could feel my hole pucker at Dad's fingers. I had been fingering myself while beating off for about six months now.

    Dad pulled off my softening dick. "mmmm tasty Sport!" I looked down in disbelief as Dad licked his lips and a last drop of cum from the tip of my dick. Dad slowly start stroking his cock again. "tell me Sport, have you ever sucked a cock before? One of your buddies perhaps? Or some guy at the rest stop?" I blushed bright red. Dad's smile just got wider. "Tell me who you sucked, Sport! And how often have you sucked dick." I couldn't believe it when I heard myself saying "Me and Joey (that's my best friend) have been sucking each other for a couple of years now, Dad. And um I've also sucked Mr. Williams, my last customer on my paper route, a couple of times."

    Dad put his hands on my shoulders and I willingly dropped to my knees. Dad moved his hands away from his gorgeous dick. I held my breath as I lightly ran my hands over the cock and balls that had made me. I leaned in and inhaled my Dad's aroma. "Go ahead, Sport, take a taste of your old man!" I looked up into my Dad's eyes as I opened my mouth and took in his cock for the first time. There was already pre-cum all over Dad's head. I lapped it up eagerly. Dad moaned again as I began sucking on his cock. "Oh Sport. I can see now why Bill Williams brags about the blow jobs he gets!" I pulled off my Dad's cock in shock. "Mr. Williams t-t-told you????" "Relax Sport, He never said who was blowing him. If he had, we would have been doing this sooner." With that, Dad, pushed on the back of my head and I resumed sucking on him.

    Dad started rubbing my ass cheeks as I sucked his dick. I got on all fours so Dad could get at my ass better. I moaned and wiggled my ass and sucked even harder on my dad's dick when he ran his hand along my ass. He found my hole and pressed his finger into me. Dad later would tell me how amazed he was when my ass just swallowed his finger. Dad finger fucked my ass for a bit then pulled his finger out. He held it under my nose so I could get a whiff. "No time to fuck you today Sport. Your Mother will be home any minute." With that, Dad grabbed my head and fucked his dick in and out of my mouth. I gagged once, but was soon taking Dad right down my throat. With a loud grunt, Dad filled my mouth with his joy juice. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that cum load.

    Dad had such a look of peace on his face after he came. Then he started laughing. I got a bit peeved at that, until Dad pointed to his leg and foot. I blushed and smiled, looking at a second load I didn't even realized I had shot. "Sport, I think we need to go camping this weekend, just you and me!" Dad patted my ass. Dad stood me up and slapped my ass as he pushed me towards the shower. "Better get cleaned up before your Mom gets home, Sport."

    The sound of the shower stopping, shook me out of my fantasy. I looked down to see the cum load I had shot in my shorts. I hurried to my room. Mom would be home soon. I kept my door open enough to see if Dad would walk naked from the shower to his room.

    School had been real boring all morning so I decided to skip the rest of the day. It was real easy slipping away at lunch and I didn't live too far from school. Both Mom and Dad worked, so I figured on just heading home and vegging in front of the TV all afternoon. But when I got home, I saw Dad's car in the driveway. "Shit." I thought, "there goes that plan." Then I thought that maybe Dad was just getting some papers he had been working on last night. I quietly opened the back door and snuck into my own house.

    I could see a pair of suitcases in the hallway and what looked like a shirt on the floor. Suddenly I heard my Dad yell "AAHHHHH Fuck, Yeah!!!!!!!!!" I could tell he was in the livingroom. I peeked around and almost gave myself away by yelling out myself. There was my Dad and another guy, both naked. My Dad was bent over the couch and the other guy was fucking him. I watched amazed until my own cock started to hurt. I realized I was getting hard and my cock needed to be let out. The guy fucking my Dad had the biggest dick I ever seen. My hole began to tingle while I watched my Dad's hole get stretched. And Dad seemed to enjoy it too. He was moaning and practically begging this guy to fuck him harder, faster, rougher.

    Then the guy pulled out of Dad. I ducked back around the wall. I thought they would catch me, but after a few seconds, I had to look again. The guy was sitting in Dad's Laz-E-Boy. Dad was sitting right on the guy's cock. dad was facing the guy and they were kissing as Dad bounced up and down on this guy's cock. from where I was, I could see that dad's cock was hard too and rubbing against the guy's chest as Dad went up and down. I heard Dad saying "Ginny is sorry she couldn't get away from work." Ginny is my Mom's name. The guy just laughed and said "You have a tighter pussy anyhow." With that, he grabbed my Dad's hips and thrusted his cock all the way up my Dad's ass. after a couple of thrusts, He really pulled my Dad down onto his cock. Dad cried out and started blasting his load on this guy's chest.

    The guy stopped fucking. Dad wiggled down into his lap. I watched them kissing and licking Dad's cum off each other. Dad then said "Oh Jake, I am so glad you are moving back. I've missed you and so has Ginny. And you can finally meet Bobby." The guy (I guess his name was Jake. I can be soooo brillant sometimes) said "I'm glad to be back. I've missed you and Ginny too. I especially miss the wild nights the three of us would spend together." It was kind of getting too mushy for me, so I tip-toed out the back door. Still I couldn't help thinking about what I just saw and what I just heard. From the sounds of things, this Jake guy had (has?) sex with both my Dad and my Mom. My cock and my hole twitched at the thought.

    I nearly jumped out of my skin, when I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder. "Here you are! When I didn't see you in Science, I figured you skipped." It was my best friend, Joey. "Want to come over my house? My folks just got some more pot in and I know where they hide it." I said "sure" thinking that sharing a joint with Joey is just what I needed now. Joey notice my cock in my jeans. It hadn't gotten soft at all. When we got to his house, Joey lead me up to his parents' bedroom. I watched him get the bag of pot and roll a joint. I think Joey's parents know he's dipping into their stash. Joey lit the joint, took a hit , and passed it to me. Joey also dug out his dad's porno stash. Joey liked jerking while he smoked and I liked doing it too.

    We sat side-by-side on Joey's parents' bed. We were stroking our cocks, looking at the pictures and passing the joint back and forth. "So what had you hard earlier?" Joey was always direct. "Have you ever seen anyone doing it, Joey? I mean for real, not in a magazine or video" I asked. "Just you beating your meat is all. You mean you saw someone having sex. Who and where? Do you think they are still going at it?" I felt more turned on by telling Joey so I continued. "When I got home today, my Dad was there." "You saw your Dad fucking your Mom??"

    Joey started stroking his cock faster. "No, My Dad was there but my Mom wasn't." "Your Dad was fucking someone else?" Joey's hand was almost a blur.

    "No, Dad wasn't fucking anybody, he was getting some guy." "Holy...." Joey's load can blasting out of his cock, splattering himself and me.

    After Joey had recovered, he said "You were just shitting me, right? Your Dad really wasn't geting fucked, was he?" "I'm not shitting you, Joey. It was real. just...just don't tell anyone. OK?" "No problem, Bud!, but if you want some insurance to make sure I don't blab this....." I didn't understand what Joey was saying, so I just smiled. The next thing I know, Joey has his head in my lap and my dick in his mouth. I couldn't believe Joey was sucking me, but his mouth was just what I needed. I grabbed his head and shoot my load into him. And it looked so hot, seeing Joey drink down my load.

    Joey drank every drop I had to give. Joey then sat up, licking his lips "There, now if I breathe a word about your Dad, you can tell the whole school, that I am a cocksucker." From downstairs, we heard the door open. "Are you smoking up there, Joey?" It was his mom. Quickly we pulled our jeans back on. Joey was waving the smoke around to try and clear the air. "No Ma! I'm up here studying with Bobby."

    I headed back home. I was still a little confused by everything, but between the pot and cumming in Joey's mouth, I was feeling pretty good. when I got back, I saw my Dad in the back, grilling up some steaks. Jake was sitting nearby, sipping a beer. Jake was just wearing shorts and I could see the head of his cock just sticking out of the leg of his shorts. I could feel my cock start to harden again.

    "Hey Sport!" My Dad called me over. "I want you to met my college roommate, Jake. He's going to be staying with us for a while, Sport."Jake stood and shoke my hand. "So this is Bobby, who I've heard so much about." Jake held me by my shoulders. "You never said he was this good looking." Jake whispered to me "your old man is very proud of you." I'm surprized my jeans didn't rip, my cock felt so hard. I wanted to drop to my knees right there and suck on Jake's cock and make him fuck me. I was able to restrain myself...... then.

    Just that afternoon, I had come home and saw my Dad and his old college roommate, Jake. At the time I didn't know it was Dad's college roommate. Instead I just saw this big hulking he-man with the biggest cock I had ever seen fucking the shit out of Dad's ass. And Dad enjoying it too. It got me so hot, that my best friend, Joey, saw my hardon and ended up sucking me off. Then when I got home again, Dad tells me that Jake is going to be staying with us for a while.

    At supper that night I couldn't help looking both at Jake and at my Dad. Mostly I was looking at Jake's crotch. Mom, Dad, and Jake seemed to be caught up in reminding each other of things they did in college to notice me. Once Mom started in, "Remember the first time I caught you two together?" That caught my interest. Dad got red-faced and said "Ginny, maybe that story is best for some other time." Mom looked over at me and said "I suppose you are right Dear." Jake was just smiling like anything.

    That night I must have jerked off 5 times, all to the image burned into my brain, the image of Jake fucking my Dad's ass. I could hear my Mom giggling and shrieking in her room. She is like that sometimes when Dad is fucking her. I went downstairs to get a snack and there was my Dad at his desk in his den going over some papers. I was a little confused, but then it hit me -- Jake was fucking Mom. Dad looked up and saw me there. "What's up Sport?" "Just getting a snack Dad." Just then Mom let out a really loud shriek. Dad blushed. We both looked at each other, knowing what was happening, but each not saying anything. "Don't stay up too late, Sport!" "No Dad" As I made my way to the kitchen, I notice Dad shutting off his light and making his way upstairs to his room. There was no way I could miss the hardon in his pants.

    When I came down for breakfast the next morning, there was Jake in the kitchen. He was wearing only a pair of boxers. I threw a boner right away.

    Jake looked over at me and smiled. "Want some milk, Bobby? It makes for strong bones!" I got real nervous, stammered that I was late for school, and ran out the door. I did see Jake chuckling to himself as I left. That got me kind of pissed. I mean I couldn't help it if I throw a boner, right? Lots of guys throw boners all the time, right? I bet Jake just likes to tease guys like me, right?

    In school I kept looking for Joey. At first I thought he might be out sick or something, but then I saw him in our Science class. When class let out, Joey practically ran from the room. First getting teased by Jake, then Joey ducking on me, I was starting to get real mad. I cut my last class to hide in the bushes near the back door Joey always uses. Sure enough, Joey came running out the door. I grabbed him and pulled him into the bushes with me. Joey cried out when I grabbed him. I swear that I could see his heart pounding. Watching his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath back, I thought "God that is so sexy!" When Joey saw it was me, he started babbling about how he was sorry about yesterday and how he had taken advantage of me and how he was sorry if it ruined our friendship and so on. He kept going on and on. I could get a word in edgewise, so I pulled him to me and kissed him on his mouth to shut him up. At first Joey tried to pull away, but then his arms went around my body and pulled me closer. My cock was already hard. I could feel Joey's getting hard as he started kissing me back.

    After what seemed like a second and eternity, we pulled apart. We were both breathing hard, staring at each other. Then Joey broke out in the sexiest grin "I guess you aren't mad at me for taking advantage of you yesterday." I smiled and punched him lightly in the shoulder. "If that was taking advantage of me, you can do it anytime. But don't be shock if I 'take advantage' of you too!" Joey dived on me, pushing me to the ground. He rubbed his bulging crotch into mine and he kissed me again. "Is your house free? My mom has her bridge club over today." I thought for a second. Hard to do with Joey lightly humping into me. "Today's Thursday. Mom works late, so I have the house til 6:30." "Let's go!" Joey practically pulled my arm from my socket as he pulled me out. As we came out of the bushes, covered with dirt and with two huge hardons tenting our pants, we literally ran right into Molly O'Brien. All three of us froze for a second, Molly's books dropped to the ground.As Molly knelt to pick up her books, she was eye level with my crotch. Her eyes went wide. Joey grabbed my arm and pulled me away, calling out "Sorry Molly, Bobby and I are in a hurry!"

    We managed to get back to my house without anyone else seeing us. Up in my room we sat on my bed, looking at each other. There was an awkward silence. "Um so now what?" I reached over and rubbed the crotch of Joey's pants "I think now is when I 'take advantage' of you." Joey shivered and his cock pulsed. I pulled down his zipper. His hard cock pushed his briefs out the opening I had made. There was a wet spot right where his cock head was. I bent down and could smell Joey's horny boy scent. I placed my mouth right over the wet spot and began to suck. I could taste Joey's pre-cum but also the cotteny taste of his briefs. Wanting to taste Joey directly, I tugged his briefs down with a little difficulty. Joey's cock head was slick with pre-cum. I took a good whiff and then took a tenative lick. Joey's cock twitched when my tongue touched it. I could hear the sharp intake of breath, when I took the head into my mouth and sucked. Pre-cum practically squirted onto my tongue. I sucked harder. Joey put his hands on my head and pushed me further onto his cock. I don't know how long I sucked on Joey's cock when he pulled me off.

    "Wasn't I doing it right?" I looked worriedly at Joey. He smiled and said "You were great, but I want to suck on you before I cum!" I had forgotten my own cock while sucking Joey's. Joey pulled my shirt off and rubbed my chest. It felt so good. I then pulled Joey's shirt off him and pulled him in close. We hugged and kissed. Our hands explored every inch of each other. Joey reached down and undid my pants. Our cocks were hard and leaking. We had a little sword fight with our cock, laughing and giggling. Then Joey pushed me down on the bed. Joey got on all fours between my legs, bent down and took my whole cock into his warm wet mouth. It was even better than I remembered it from yesterday. I laid there watching Joey bobbing up and down. I could tell he was enjoying sucking on my cock as much as I was enjoying him suck on it. A feeling of pure love/lust filled me. I wanted to give Joey everything he wanted and also to take from him everything I wanted.

    I could see Joey's cock hanging between his legs, drooling out pre-cum. I pulled at Joey and made him to realize that he should move around and over me. His pre-cum dripped on me. I stuck my tongue out to catch the drops. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him closer to my hungry mouth. We became cock-sucking animals. Slurping, licking, sucking, swallowing, humping, and moaning, we were in our own world. We matched each other suck for suck, lick for lick. I could feel the cum building in my balls. Do you know how hard it is to keep sucking while you're blasting a load down your buddy's throat? But suck I did as Joey filled my mouth with his spunk. We kept sucking as our cocks softened in the other's mouth.

    Suddenly, Joey yelled "What the fuck????" and sat up. I could see a wet line across his back. I turned to see Jake standing next to my bed. His cock was out and in his hand. Jake squeezed and stroked his cock and a blast of his cum hit me right on my chest. Jake took another stroke, then shook his head. He looked down at me and Joey. "Great show, boys!" Joey got a little nervous and started to gather up his clothes. I had forgotten all about Jake in my lust for Joey. I looked right into Jake's eyes and saw a look of lust and friendship. "Don't worry Joey, Jake enjoyed himself too much to tell your parents." Saying that, I wipe Jake's cum from my chest and ate it. Jake smiled. Joey had gotten dressed. "I'll...I'll see you tomorrow, Bobby?" Jake answered "I'm sure you will. And I'd like to see you both tomorrow." Joey opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it. As he left I could see Joey's cock hardening in his pants again.

    Jake sat down on the bed next to me. He wiped the remaining cum from my chest and ate it himself. "So I won't tell his (gestering after Joey) parents, but what about yours? Aren't you afraid I'll tell your parents?" I shook my head "no" and smiled.

    So there I was, sitting on my bed, naked, next to my Dad's old college roommate, Jake. Jake, who I saw fucking my Dad, who I heard fucking my Mom, and who had just caught me and my best friend Joey sucking each other.

    "You aren't afraid I'll tell your parents that their son is a cocksucker?" "nope!" "and why not, Bobby?" Jake gave a stroke to his cock, which was stick out his shorts, and waved it about a bit."Well, I don't think sticking a cock in your mouth is any worst then sticking one up your ass." Jake narrowed his eyes, looking at me. "You saw." It wasn't a question, but I shook my head "yes" anyway. Jake stared at me a bit more and then said "Your father fucks me too....sometimes." My cock was starting to harden back up again. "Cool! Do you think I could watch sometime?" Jake laughed. "You are as horny as your mother, Bobby!"

    I grinned. I also looked down at Jake's cock. It was hard and pre-cum was oozing out his piss slit. I leaned over. My mouth opening as I approached the cock that fucked both my parents. I quickly licked up Jake's pre-cum and then took his whole cock into my mouth. Jake moaned and put his hands on my head. Jake's cock was thicker than Joey's and it tasted different too. I was sucking all the taste I could from Jake's cock. Jake was just cooing and running his hands through my hair. I pulled off his cock and licked down his shaft to his balls. Jake lifted my head up to pull off his shorts. I took the break to really give Jake's body the once over. He was big, but there didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him (unless you count his cock which was big and fat) He was real hairy too. I reached over and ran my hand through his chest hair. "You like my hairy chest, Bobby?" I rubbed against one of Jake's nipples. It felt hard and Jake flinched a bit. I must have looked worried because Jake said "It's OK Bobby. My nips are sensitive, but I like when they get played with. I love it when your dad chews on them." I didn't need to be told twice. I dived for Jake's nipple. I started playing with it with my tongue, then sucking on it. Jake inhaled sharply. He pressed my head into his chest. I sucked on both of Jake's nipples, alternating first the right side, the the left.

    After a while, I decided it was time to suck his cock again. So I had Jake sit back against the headboard on my bed. Jake spread his legs and I crawled up between them. His cock was rock hard. I bent down and swallowed that great looking and great tasting cock. My ass was sticking up in the air. Jake reached back and began rubbing my ass cheeks. I liked how it felt a whole lot. Jake spun me around, but I kept sucking on his cock. He rubbed my ass cheeks some more, then I could feel him pull my cheeks apart. When Jake's tongue licked along my crack, my head shot up, Jake's cock popping out of my mouth. This caused my ass to push back on Jake's face. I think the only reason I didn't lose a load is because it had only been 10 minutes since I shot down Joey's throat. I moan so loud when Jake pushed his tongue right into my hole. My cock was harder that I could ever remember it being.

    When I found my voice again, I asked Jake to fuck me. I could feel Jake wiggling his tongue all around my hole. Jake finally pulled back. "I'll fuck you, Bobby, but not today. You are too tight. I can tell. We got to work that hole open a bit first." I could almost see the lust in his eyes as he said "You'll enjoy that as much as the fuck" and then he pulled my ass back on his face and his tongue was back in my hole. I looked down and saw my own cock drooling all over Jake's chest. I bent my hard cock down and fucked my slit on Jake's hard nipple. I could feel Jake moaning in my asshole.

    It took a bit for my sex fogged brain to work, but then I realized that if Jake wasn't going to fuck me today, I could suck his load out. I leaned back down. As I sucked, I thought about how this would feel up me and remembering how it looked going in and out of Dad's ass.

    "ANYONE HOME!!??!!!" It was Dad, calling up from downstairs. I started to scramble off Jake, but he held me in place. "WE'RE UP HERE, BOB!" Jake yelled back down. I tried to pull away again. It's one thing to talk like it is no big deal for your dad to know about you sucking cock, and another to actually have him see you doing it. But Jake held me on his cock. "Keep sucking Bobby! I'm almost there." I could hear Dad climbing the stairs. Jake was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth now. I went back to sucking. Just as Dad got to my door, Jake yelled out "FUCK!!" and jammed my head down into his crotch. I couldn't believe how much cum Jake had to shoot out. Try as I might to swallow it all, some dripped out of my moouth and back over Jake's cock.

    "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!" I looked up at Dad. I started to smile, but the look on Dad's face made me nervous. "What the hell are you doing to my son, Jake?" Dad pulled me off the bed. "Are you OK Bobby? He didn't hurt you, did he?" Before I could answer, Dad turned back to Jake. "I thought I could trust you, Jake. How could you betray me and Ginny like this? What were you thinking?" "Hold on a minute, Bob..." Jake started "Have you no shame? He's only a kid for christ sake!" Dad kept going on. I could see Jake getting mad. I had to stop this.

    "DAD!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Both my dad and Jake looked at me. "Dad, Jake didn't make me do anything. I wanted to suck his cock. I liked sucking his cock. I loved sucking his cock as much as you...."

    I stopped, not sure if I should tell Dad I had seen how much he enjoyed getting fucked by Jake. "As much as I what, Bobby?" "" "He saw us fucking the other day, Bob." Jake came to my rescue there. Dad looked at Jake, then back to me. I nodded my head. Dad blushed.

    "That doesn't matter. Bobby, you are too young to know what you want. Jake, you're older, you should not have taken advantage of Bobby." "Bob, he is older then we were when we first sucked each other." "We were just experimenting then, no older guy ever took advantage of us." I was starting to get angry. What did Dad know about what I want? I stepped up to him. I grabed his pants and as I dropped to my knees, I pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. before Dad could react, I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I started sucking. Dad tried to pull me off. But I grabbed onto his legs and refused to be pried loose. I could hear Jake laugh. At the same time I could feel Dad's cock start to harden in my mouth. Then I felt Dad stop trying to pull me off, but was now pushing me further into his crotch. I looked up at my dad. I'll never forget the look of pleasure on his face. His eyes were closed and there was the biggest smile I ever saw on his face. That made me suck even harder and to run my tongue around Dad's shaft. Jake came up behind Dad. He hugged Dad and kissed him on the cheek. "He's good, isn't he?" Jake said in my dad's ear. Dad nodded and moaned. Then I saw Jake disappear down behind Dad. I could feel pre-cum ooze out of Dad's cock as he moaned even louder and wiggled his hips. "Keep that up, Jake, and I'll be wanting to get fucked again." "That's the idea, Bob! I want you hot to be fuck, then I'm going to watch Bobby fuck you silly." Fuck Dad??? I hadn't thought about it before, but the idea did stir something in me. My cock which had soften when Dad was yelling at Jake, started hardening again. Dad looked down at me and saw how my cock was hardening. "Do you really want to do that, Bobby?" I pulled off Dad's cock but kept stroking it. "Yeah Dad, I think I do." Dad smiled down at me. "I never could say "no" to you Bobby."

    "A-HEM! So this is why there was no dinner on the table." Dad looked up. Jake peered around from behind Dad. I turned my head. There was Mom, standing in my doorway. "Honey, I can explain..." Dad started. "What's to explain, dear? My three guys are getting their rocks off." Mom walked in and kissed Dad on the cheek. Jake stood up and Mom kissed him on the mouth.

    Then she leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. She also gave Dad's cock a lick then winked at me. "You boys keep playing. I'll order some pizza for us." With that Mom left my bedroom.

    I stood up. "I uh guess we should get dressed for supper." Dad grabbed me in a hug and kissed me on the mouth. "You heard your mother, Bobby. She said 'keep playing', so we keep playing." With that Dad got to his knees and began sucking on me. Jake, Dad and I kept licking and sucking and rimming and stroking each other for quite a while. Then Mom called up "Pizza's here, boys! come and get it!" I started looking around for my underpants at least. Jake slapped my ass. "Just come on down, Bobby." Seeing Jake and Dad head downstairs naked made me shrug my shoulders and follow them down. I was a little shock but also a bit turned on when I saw Mom. She was wearing this really short teddie and it was so sheer you could see that was all Mom had on. Mom came over to me. She kissed me on the cheek but also grabbed hold of my cock. "Did you have fun, Bobby?" I turned beet red. I swallowed hard. "UM Yeah Mom I um did." "Good!"

    We sat down to eat. Dad even gave me a beer. jake leaned over and whispered to me "She wants you Bobby. Your mom wants your cock."

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