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  • Uncle freeman makes me his
  • For many years, my Uncle Freman lived with us. I was about 8 yrs old and I loved to listen, when Uncle Freman would go into the bathroom and take a piss. His piss was so loud and it just tingled inside me hearing it roar. One day I had to go to the bathroom and there in the tub was Uncle Freman. I had not seen his cock up to this point but would lay there in bed fanaticizing, hearing him take those long hot pisses. I dont know why this took off in my head but I was so interested to see his cock and maybe see him pissing.

    Well here I was one day walking into the bathroom and my Uncle is in the tub and I walked over and looked at his crotch to see what my dreams were all about. I was so amazed, it was so large, just like I wanted it to be. It was there floating in the water and I wanted to reach in and touch it. Uncle Freman looked at me and said well boy, get your business done and get outta here.

    I couldn't think fast enough but went over to the toilet and sat down and tried to act like I was using the toilet. I kept looking at him and he would rub his big long cock and get a look on his face. I knew, someday, I would get my wish and see Uncle Freman doing something that would turn me on. I finished up there and walked back to Uncle Freman and looked back in the tub. He smiled at me and rubbed his cock. Looks good doesn't it boy. I shook my head yes and left the room.

    I then went outside and my friend Alex was waiting for me, so we went off into the alley behind the house, where we fooled around doing things or playing. Alex used to love to go to this one place where the smells of sex and cum and piss lingered. It was a dark secluded spot in the alley and always had different kinds of things around. Smelly towels or condoms filled with liquid. I smelled them sometimes. Alex always got crazy when we were there. Like the smells turned him on and I think, really it turned me on too.

    I think maybe that was why, I got turned on by Uncle Freman taking a piss, it was the smell, of that place and wondering what it would be like seeing some man, standing there pissing, smelling up the area. One night, close to dark, I walked back there and knowing the place, knew how to sneak up. I did see two men back there and one was on his knees in front of the other one. The one standing had his hands holding the head of the other one on his knees, pulling him into his crotch. I watched and listened to the sounds of these two men having sex. I got a boner and thought it would rip my pants open right there.

    I ran home and went right into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and played with my little boy boner and loving the feeling I was getting. In just a few minutes. Who came in but my Uncle Freman and he walked right up to the toilet and opened his fly. He pulled out his 8 inch cock and looked at me and said, well boy, just you and I here, alone. I see you have a boner. You seen something to turn you on. I shook my head yes and he said well, I know you like looking at my cock, so look at it now. As I was looking up at his face listening to him, his cock started pissing on my boy boner. It sent thrills through me and I went wild. I couldn't believe what was happening. I never wanted it to stop. I looked down at his pissing cock and at that point he raised it up and sprayed me right in my face. I opened my mouth. Not sure why, maybe shock, but I had his piss in my mouth and I swallowed a little bit to get his taste. I was turned on and felt like I would explode. My balls were aching but it was just a feeling inside me. I let him finish pissing on me and took what ever he gave to me, in my mouth or on my little boy cock. I was in heaven.

    Ok boy, now get cleaned up and I want you to be in the alley in 5 minutes. I cleaned up with just a towel, and dressed and walked out to the alley. There was Uncle Freman waiting for me just as he said. I felt comfortable out there with him after dark like this, but didn't know what he had in mind. There you are boy, lets go. So he took me to that spot in the alley where all the smells turned me on. We looked around and a few shadows were off in the distance. You see over there boy. I shook my head yes and he said those guys are sucking cock. I want you to suck my cock and when you do, there is a surprise at the end. I asked what the surprise was and he just said it would make me tingle just like when he pissed on me.

    He lead me to a dark corner and told me to get on my knees. He opened his fly and pulled out that hot long fucker he had just pissed on me with. I loved seeing it, now that he had introduced me. This time he put the head at my lips and I stuck my tongue out and licked his piss hole wondering if I could taste his piss again but then he kept sliding it further into my mouth. Open up boy! Open your mouth boy! I looked up at Uncle Freman and he was so handsome standing there and his hot fucking cock sticking out in my face once again. I was wondering what the surprise would be thinking I would get to drink his piss right down, but I didn't think I would be able to with his cock in my mouth. I opened up and began to take a little of the head in my mouth. Then, I was loving the feeling and the taste of his hard hot cock. I began to take more of it.

    Suck it boy! Get your lips around it and suck it like you did your momma's Nipple! I tried to understand his meaning but the head was so much bigger. Just suck on it boy! Drink it like your bottle. Take your Uncle Freman's milk. Suck it boy! I started sucking it like I thought that would be. I think I finally got the idea. Uncle Freman was now roaring, saying yea your sucking your Uncle Fremans milk boy. Suck it like you want to drink whats deep inside. Take it all, finish me off boy! I sucked and sucked and his cock was going deeper and deeper inside my mouth. I wanted to please Uncle Freman and be his little boy for ever. He loved me I always knew that. I was now able to prove how much I loved him. Suck long and hard boy, here comes your milk and make sure you swallow every drop boy!

    Flashes came back into my head seeing those guys back here before. Realizing I was drinking the milk from my man just like the one boy on his knees was doing for his man. I felt it shoot out and I could feel the warmness cumming from the inside of Uncle Freman feeding me for the first time. I drank it down and it came and came. It run out long before I was full. I wanted more. Good boy! You made Uncle Freman a very happy man. Uncle Freman will feed you any time son.

    When I was 14, mom and dad died in a car accident. Uncle Freman got custody of me and i was his boy for ever now. He taught me lots of things and I was always glad to please him. I enjoyed going to public places with Uncle Freman and drink his piss. He would go to the john and fill up my glass. I would drink it for him, loving his taste. Sometimes we would drive around and I would suck him off in the car. He loved to pull up beside truckers and honk the horn. Once, a trucker had us pull over and I also sucked off the trucker. That was such a new taste, but it turned me on to other men.


    Once I had sucked that trucker, of course Uncle Freeman was there with me in the cab of his truck. He was making sure, I was doing the best job that he knew I could. It really turned me on having Uncle Freeman talk to me with such command. Go down on that big cock boy! I know you can take it to the balls boy. Now let this trucker fucker feel your tonsils. I always loved when Uncle Freeman's cock head rubbed my tonsils and would pop just that little bit further. It would shoot thrills inside my balls. I knew I wanted it to go deeper, but he never did. I think he knew it was making me want to cum but I was just getting old enough. I had not cum up to this point, as I was Uncle Freeman's boy and I did as he wanted.

    Suck it boy! Make that cock feel like it was made for your mouth. This trucker could make a man outta you boy before you know it! I wanted Uncle Freeman to make me the man he wanted, but if he wanted me to be made a man by this trucker, I would do it for him. I started really sucking this hot 7" uncut cock. It was smaller then Uncle Freeman but it felt so good in my mouth and the new taste was wonderful. It was stale and rich with flavors I had never tasted. Being, only had Uncle Freeman's wonderful cock inside me. I was surely cock sucker now and I was going for the gold. Now I wanted to see if this trucker cum was just as good or even better then Uncle Freeman's.

    I took this cock down my throat to my tonsils and once I got it there. I pushed it past that spot. The one Uncle Freeman only ever took me close to. Wow, my cock got so hard so fast and I wanted him to cum right then and there. I started sucking him just like Uncle Freeman had taught me. I sucked it like a babies bottle. Damn just like that, he started shooting cum inside me and I swallowed and swallowed and it was good. I couldn't give up on either if they wanted to always give me cum. I loved both cum tastes. I was a cum sucker for sure.

    Ok boy, you got your lunch break. Now get up and give this man a break! Wow, that was so fucking hot boy! The trucker told me. Thank you Sir, it was very tasty. Uncle Freeman has taught me well, and I am his to please. Ok boy lets get outta here and get you cleaned up. I have to go do some things later and I want you ready when I get back.

    We left that trucker with a happy smile on his face. New taste, in my mouth that would take a long time to go away. I was just more ready to do more for Uncle Freeman to please him. I figured, if I could please him even more, he would find others, for me to get new flavor from. We got home and I took a shower and Uncle Freeman went off on his chores. I went out back and walked down the ally to the place that was such a turn on to me. I had to stay clean for Uncle Freeman but I was too horny to just hang out at the house. I snuck up to that area. Even though it was dusk, there was some action going on. In fact it was very busy.

    I went along the edges of the shrubs to kind of hide and watch. I wanted to see this. Get the smells that had always turned me on. I then wished that trucker had pissed for me too. This place always had me in a piss frenzy. It almost had me wanting to pee too. I felt so good having to piss and have half a hardon. All the visuals I was getting, had me so fucking turned on. I stayed there in the shrubs watching and felling my mounting anticipations. I want so bad to go over and help someone with the cock that he was devouring. I knew what it felt like and loved it so much.

    Just as I was lost in thought, a hand grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to the ground on my knees. Damn how it made me start pissing my pants. He was so strong and wanted me to take his cock. I just knew it, by the feeling in his strong hands. I looked up and there was the hottest man, I could imagine. Probably just my lust, but at that moment, I opened my mouth. Tilted my head back and just waited for him to give me what I was made for. Man cock!!

    Oh yea boy, you are ripe! You know what a man wants, and your ready and waiting. He pulled out his cock, WOW!!!!! I was now scared to death! It was so large, 9" and thick. I was shaking there like the temperature had dropped. I couldn't move and didn't want to move. I knew regardless, I want him. I knew I would do as he said. Open your fucking mouth wider boy! This fucker needs lots of room. Yes Sir, I will do as you please. Thats a good boy. Stick out your tongue and let me know you want to taste my man juices. I have two for you and first I want you to slowly drink my piss.

    He slowly lowered his cock head, to my out sticking tongue, and let a small flow wet the tip. I kept my mouth open and didn't want to swallow and have to close my mouth. I somehow opened my throat and it just trickled inside me. I was getting that tingle again and I knew if this would continue like this, tickling my throat. I was going to shoot my load for the first time in my life. Yes boy, your doing a good fucking job. I want to finish this right inside you and if you spill any, Get the fuck away from me. I shook not believing what he was doing to me and how he had such control of me. I needed him to do this and make me a man. I knew once I shot my own load. I would be a man.

    I was now delirious with pleasure and my cock was so hard. I knew not to touch it or this would be over. I couldn't keep taking his piss if I was cumming in my pants. I would tense up and lose my composure being his urinal. I didn't care if I got his cum. It would be my just reward, but I was not sure how long this could last. He was pissing stronger now but still not that strong. Yea boy your doing great. He stopped pissing and pushed my mouth closed. I took the time to make a swallowing taste of his hot juice, and my god! It felt so good and full. My cock was hardera then it had ever been before. I just didn't know what to do. He slowly took my chin and put the head in my mouth and started rubbing his cock, jerking off slowly. In just a few seconds, I felt his cum shooting hard and hit the back of my mouth. I had relaxed my throat thinking he was going to piss. It hit the back of my throat! Fuck, I felt my cum shooting in my pants. I wanted to see it, feel it and taste it but I had to take his cum and make sure I took it all. I started sucking it like a baby bottle. Drinking it all down for him. It was the biggest load I ever had, since I had first started sucking Uncle Freeman's cock for him.

    Fucking great boy! Now get back to your Uncle Freeman and make sure you tell him Jerick called on you. Dont forget now!

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