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  • Cop for a lover
  • I had moved into a small duplex and had lived there little over a month. It had a small kitchen and eating area, a good size living room/den, nice sized master bedroom, a further small bedroom and a one-car garage.

    My next-door neighbor was a policeman named Art and like me was twenty-four years old. He was a very good-looking guy about five foot ten inches tall and in very good shape as he regularly visited the gym and jogged several miles each day. We had run into each other outside our duplexes and visited with each other several times just chitchatting but did not know one another all that well.

    Arts work schedule varied and he would work different hours on different days of the week. He had a habit of changing into his uniform at the police headquarters and very seldom came home in it, so hardly any of the neighbors knew he was a policeman. Most days he would go to the gym and work out before returning home in his civilian clothes.

    One Saturday afternoon, Art was outside, barefooted, wearing only a pair of shorts working in the yard and then washing his car. He liked to work in the yard and be out doors and when he mowed, trimmed hedges, etc.; he would also do my side of the yard. It only took him a few more minutes to do this and he said he found it enjoyable.

    One day a couple of my very close, nellie and obviously gay friends paid me an unexpected visit. They were swishing their asses towards my duplex when they saw Art washing his car in the driveway. Before they were even inside my door they were gawking and talking about what a stud Art was. Without doubt, it was apparent Art realised that these two queens were talking about him. They were disappointed when I told them that he was a cop.

    My friends visited for a half an hour and as they were leaving another gay friend named Bud showed up. Within ten minutes Burt and Gene, who had been together for ten years, came in bringing several cartons of cold beer. It was evident that we were going to have a party.

    We had left my front door open and as I looked out I saw Art passing by. I went outside where Art was turning off the sprinkler that he had used earlier to water the lawn. He had finished all his outside chores, taken a shower, put on some clean shorts and was still barefooted. He remembered that he had left the sprinklers running and had come out to turn them off. I asked him if he would like to come inside and have a beer. He accepted the invite telling me he would go lock up his duplex and be right over.

    I quickly went back inside and told Burt, Gene and Bud that Art was coming to have a beer and warned them to behave themselves, as he was a policeman.

    After handing Art a beer, I introduced him to my friends, he set down, and when he did so ,as he was not wearing any underwear, his dick popped out of the leg of his shorts. He quickly adjusted himself unaware that Bud and I noticed. Burt and Gene had gone into the kitchen and had missed the treat. I looked at Bud who was smiling, as he turned quickly and went to the bathroom.

    We were talking and beginning to relax when Bud came back into the den. He sat down and we continued to talk for a few more minutes before Bud jumped up and rushed into the kitchen. I looked up and saw that he was motioning for me to join him. No one saw Bud waving to me. I went into the kitchen and he whispered saying that he had to go home because he kept getting an erection every time he looked at Art. He said, "Art is the hottest guy I have seen in ages". I let him out through the back door and returned to the den and explained that Bud was sick in his stomach and had gone home.

    Each of us drunk a couple more beers and was having a great time. Soon we were feeling the effects of the alcohol. I suggested that I order some pizzas to be delivered and everyone thought it was a great idea since we all were hungry.

    After eating the pizzas, Burt and Art continued to drink beer. It was not long before we ran out of beer and I got out a bottle of vodka that was about a third full. Burt and Art started mixing drinks and drinking vodka. We were all having a great time laughing and talking especially Gene and I. Even though we had stopped drinking several hours ago, just watching Art and Burt getting plastered and carrying on was fun.

    Art and Burt had finished off the vodka so Art went to his duplex and brought back a full bottle. They started drinking straight vodka and now everyone was laughing, talking loudly and making a lot of noise. Art stood up, weaving around drunk, he said, "Shoo, everybody quiet down. I dont want any of those goddamn fucking policemen to come and arrest us for disturbing the peace". Everyone started to laugh until tears were coming down our cheeks.

    After Art set back down on the couch he got very quiet and then he announced, "I have never been drunk in my whole fucking life and I am having one hell of a good time". Burt got up and staggered over and put his hand on Arts shoulder and said, "Man your cock is hanging out your shorts". Art replied, "I dont give a shit. If you seen one you have seen them all". Burt set down beside Art and put his arms around him. Art scoot down in his seat; leaned his head back on Burts arm, and moments later he passed out.

    Gene shook his head and told me that he had to get Burt home before he passed out. He asked me what I was going to do about Art and I told him that he could sleep it off on my couch. I helped Gene get Burt into their car and I asked Gene if he could handle getting Burt to bed when they got home. He told me that if Burt passed out before they got home that he was going to leave him in the car parked in their garage. Gene came back inside and helped me stretch Art out of the couch. He was out cold and never knew that Gene and I had moved him.

    After Gene and Burt left, I got a blanket and a pillow for Art. As I put the pillow under his head, he rolled over and his cock was sticking out of his shorts as hard as a rock. I stood there looking down on this beautiful man and his big hard cock for several minutes. My own pride and joy was at full attention in my pants. I was thinking here is this man on my couch fully erected and I dare not touch him. I spread the blanket over him and cut off the lights and went into my bedroom and went to bed.

    I lay in bed with an erection for a long time fantasying about having sex with him. The more I thought about it the more I lusted for his body and the hornier I became. Finally, I decided the hell with it and I beat off and went to sleep.

    Sunday morning I woke up and Art was still asleep. I slipped into the kitchen and put the coffee on and went to the bathroom to shave and shower.

    I was so used to living alone that it never occurred to me to shut the bathroom door. I was standing naked in front of the mirror shaving and Art walks in and says, "Excuse me, I cant wait. I have to piss". After he had finished I told him, "good morning! I have some coffee making and I have some donuts". He said, "Great! Could I shave and shower while the coffee is making?" I told him fine and I got him a new throw away razor, clean towel and handed him the shaving cream. He began to shave and I went into the bedroom to get a robe to put on once I had taken my shower. I returned to the bathroom and glanced over at his beautifully shaped body before getting into the shower. When I came out, he had finished shaving, taken off his shorts and was standing there holding his semi-hard cock watching me while I dried off and put on my robe. I wondered to myself, is this guy coming on to me or what?

    I left to go check on the coffee and put the donuts on the table and could hear him in the shower. By the time I finished getting the cups, saucers and plates out and set the table, I heard him turn off the shower but after he had had plenty of time to come to the table he had still not put in an appearance. Curious, I went to the bedroom to check on him to see what was causing the hold up.

    He was lying naked on his back on my bed and was masturbating. He looked up and saw me and motioned to me to come lie down with him. I was somewhat dumbfounded but I removed my bathrobe and lay down beside him. He turned over on his side and put his hand on my chest and said, "I have never had sex with a man before. I have a big favor to ask. I have heard some of my friends and fellow policemen talk about blowjobs and how great they are. I have never had a blowjob, would you suck me off so I will know how it feels?"

    Without any hesitation, I moved in between his legs and lowered my head and kissed the tip of his cock and licked around the head before taking it into my mouth. As soon as I had his cock inside my mouth, he yelled out, "Holly Shit!!!" and then he softly said, "Another fucking disturbance of the peace". I went all the way down on him and his whole body tensed up and he stopped breathing for several moments. I continued to give him head with the termination that I was going to do the best I could to please him. I wanted his first blowjob to be one for him to remember for a long time.

    I kissed and sucked his nuts and I could hear him mumbling something but did not understand what he was saying but I knew that he was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing to him. Art and his cock were experiencing pleasure that they had never known before. Just before he was about to climax, he asked me to move so he could hold my cock while he shot off. I moved in a position that he could reach my cock and when he took a hold of it, his hand had been sweating which almost made me shoot off.

    I started suck on his cock some more and he said, "Ill let you know when I am about to shoot so you want get any of my cum in your mouth". I rose up and smiled at him and told him to relax and not worry about it. I continued to give him oral sex and the closer he got to ejaculating the harder his grip got on my cock. I was just about to reach down and take his hand away when he started trying to take his cock out of my mouth and when I resisted and kept on moving my head up and down, he began shooting off in my mouth. I had taken his cock all the way to its base several times while he was shooting and continued to suck him for several minutes after he lost his load.

    I returned to Arts side and my fingers were playing with his tits while he was trying to regain his breath and composure. After several minutes passed, he rose up on his elbow and looked straight at me and said, "Well, that is what they are talking about. I have never enjoyed anything more in my whole life. If you gay guys do this all the time, I can certainly understand why". I reached down and took a hold of his limp cock and looked him in the eyes and said, "With the great equipment that you have down there you should try it more often". I rolled out of bed and told him the coffee was ready.

    As we were drinking our coffee and eating donuts, I kept catching Art starring at me. Finally, I asked him, "What are you thinking? You just keep looking at me". He smiled real big and said, "I just can not believe it. You made me feel so fucking good".

    I asked him if he had a hangover from last night and he answered, "I did before that blowjob but not anymore". I said, "Good, we have discovered a new solution for hangovers". We both smiled at each other.

    He looked over at the clock and said, "Jesus, I have got to go to work. I have a six hour shift coming up". He jumped up patted me on the shoulder and left.

    Late that afternoon, Glen and Burt dropped by and they wanted me to go with them to a party to which they had been invited. Burt looked like he just needed to go home and go to bed. He was in pretty bad shape but Glen was insisting that they go to the party if for only a little while. I asked Glen if he was able to get Burt to bed last night and Burt said, "Hell no, the bastard left me out in the car".

    The doorbell rang and I went to answer the door finding a smiling Art standing there in his uniform. He looked great in the uniform and was so handsome but I have to admit I preferred to see him naked. He came in and greeted Glen and Burt and looked at Burt and told him that he looked like something that the dog had drug home. Glen asked Art, "How come you dont have a hangover?" Art walked over and put his arms around my shoulders and said, "My friend here has a remedy for hangovers". Both Glen and Burt looked at me and saw me smiling. They were curious but did not ask any questions.

    Glen asked me if I was going with them to the party. Before I had a chance to answer, Art grabbed me around my waist and said, "He is not going to a party. I am placing him under arrest and he is going out to dinner and will spend the evening with me". Glen and Burts mouths dropped open as wide as mine. We were all shocked and then Glen said, "With or without the handcuffs?" As Glen and Burt were leaving, Art told me, "Go put a smile on your face and lets go eat".

    We enjoyed our meal at a very nice restaurant and afterwards we spent the night together. Art wanted to try giving me a blowjob and he was very successful in his efforts. We had sex together that night and again the next morning before we both went to work.

    Art and I had slept together for four nights and explored several gay sexual avenues but both preferred giving oral sex to each other. He told me that he had fallen in love with me and I had also fallen deeply in love with him. He told me that his lease was up on his duplex and he had not yet signed a lease for the coming year. He wanted to know if he could move in with me.

    That was seven years ago and Art and I are still living together and still in love.

    Shortly after Art and I moved in together, , a notice appeared on the bulletin board at the police headquarters stating that they were looking for someone to be a liaison officer between the gay community and the police department. Art put in his application and two weeks later the Chief of Police called him in for an interview. At the interview the Chief of Police told him that no one else had submitted an application and that the job was his. He was to start the next morning and not only was he to receive a promotion but his salary would almost be doubled. The chief did not ask Art if he was gay. Art has had the job ever since and still no one has asked questions about his lifestyle. Art has been very successful in his career and enjoys working with and helping gays and lesbians.

    We lived in the duplex until my lease expired even though we could have afforded to move to larger and more expensive place. We had saved our money and made a down payment on a house. The new house provided Art with the opportunity to landscape the yard and potter around on a regular basis, something that has always given him great enjoyment.

    We have about fifteen neighborhood kids who have adopted us. They call Art, "Uncle Officer" or "Uncle" for short and they call me "Unk".

    No white picket fences, but we love our home, our careers; love each other and our kids.

    There is nothing like having a handsome cop for a lover

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