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  • The exhibitionist
  • From my early teens, I always enjoyed fishing, and at one time I was very energetic and used a lot of that energy in trying to catch fish. I was about to reach my mid-forties and I had become lazy. I had found a fishing dock on a lake where I could set leisurely in a chair while fishing and I went there very often to fish from sundown to sun up when the weather was comfortably warm.

    There was only one streetlight on the parking lot so the fishing dock was dark and fishermen would bring their Coleman lanterns to light up their selected fishing area. The dock attracted all kinds of characters who came to fish and I enjoyed stopping by and talking to these interesting men and women; in fact visiting with these people was as or even more enjoyable than actually catching fish!

    The area was normally very crowded most of the time between sundown and mid-night when folk began to leave. By 1:00 am there would be probably no more than four people remaining and often they would have left within an hour or so if the fish were not biting. After everyone had gone, it would be very quiet when I would relish the solitude for the remainder of the early hours of the morning; I so enjoyed being out of doors on my own.

    Deer and other animals would come from the woods and down to the lake for water. As for me, I was one of those unusual fishermen who really did not care if I made a catch or not; often I would reel in my lines and set back and just watch the wildlife.

    One fisherman that I meet was named Ron who had been there several times while I was fishing. We had never talked much and I knew nothing about him apart from his first name. It was hard to judge Rons age but I estimated that he was in his late twenties. He was about six foot two inches tall and he had broad shoulders and at a guess, I would say he had a thirty-four-inch waistline.

    Very often wore only jeans. He had black wavy hair and had short black hair on his chest and stomach. From the appearance of his face and body, I would think that he probably worked or spent a lot of time in the sun. His physique and muscle tones, led me to assume that he was laborer of some kind that required a good deal of strength. Ron had brought his very pretty and attractive girlfriend fishing several times. Observing Ron and the way he acted it was clear that he was very masculine and as straight as straight could be.

    One night, I was fishing and the dock was crowded as usual. It was a beautiful night with a full moon that was so bright that lanterns were not really necessary. Around mid-night, the dock began to clear as people made for home. It was then that I saw Ron coming on the dock with his fishing tackle, chair, lantern and an ice chest. As he passed by me, he said, "Hi". All he had on were jeans that had been cut off very short and he was barefooted. He lit his lantern, opened a can of beer and started to fish about twenty feet from me.

    An hour later, around 1.00 am, Ron and I were the only ones on the dock. I had reeled in my fishing lines, turned off my lantern, and slumped down in my chair as I finished smoking a cigarette. It was such a beautiful night; so peaceful and quiet, I was so relaxed and was great to be out of doors. I began to doze off when I heard something beside me. I looked around and Ron was about four feet away, naked, wearing a cock ring and stroking his erection!

    Ron was well endowed with big balls and what looked like about a nine-inch long, thick dick. I looked up at him and he was smiling. I was so shocked that I did not know what to say or do. He turned his back to me and flexed his buttocks several times and turned back facing me while whacking on his dick. My cock had immediately gotten hard and wanted to be released from the confines of my jock strap and short gym shorts. Ron moved up closer to me and was gyrating his body while stroking his dick.

    I reached over and was going take hold of his tool but he backed off some and told me, "Don't touch me! You can watch but dont touch! No damn queer is ever going to touch my big cock!"

    I pulled my hand back and He moved closer to me and continued to masturbate. He kept moving around showing off his body and his cock. The way the moonlight and the light from his distant lantern was hitting his body, it was delightful to see the beauty that he was exhibiting.

    Ron moved up close and put his foot on the arm of my chair giving me a full view of his crutch and a close-up of his masturbating. He stayed in this position for about three or four minutes looking down at me smiling all the while he was stroking his cock.

    I had released my dick and it was standing tall from of the leg of my shorts. While watching Ron, I was playing with and stroking my dick. He looked down and saw that I was now stroking my dick and he said, "So you are enjoying looking at my big cock. Yours is not a big as mine. I bet you have never seen anyone with as big of a cock as mine".

    I could not help but lie a little and replied, "Being a Queer, as a matter of fact, I have seen a few as big if not bigger than yours".

    He stepped back a little ways, while still beating his meat, and he stared at me and watching me as I stroked my dick. He then moved up close enough for his cock to almost touch my face. I saw some precum and he quickly smeared it to lubricate his enormous cock. He then stood up straight and with one hand he reached around and gripped one of his cheeks and pushed his hips forward, sticking his dick out towards me while beating the hell out of it.

    He kept staring, for long periods of time, at my cock while I was jacking off for it excited him all the more knowing that his exhibition had caused me to be aroused. Now he had one hand cupping his balls while the other hand increased its stroking speed. He was gyrating his hips, flexing his butt and had his head pulled back with a twisted smile on his face. He was going to shoot off at any minute.

    All the while watching Ron, I had been jacking off and I too was nearing a climax. He began to make guttural noises and shouted, "I am going to shoot! I am going to shoot! I am going to shoot all over you, you fucking faggot!" He stepped up close to me and shot off his cum all over my T-shirt and shorts. He stood there continuing to yank on his cock for a short time and then shook it to make sure there was no more cum on his dick and wiped it on my T-shirt.

    He backed away a couple feet and watched me as I continued to beat off. I stood up and only moments later I shot my wad. I was looking at him when I ejaculated and the expression on his face told me that he had been turned on seeing my climax. I removed my T-shirt and wiped Rons cum off my shorts.

    He grabbed the T-shirt from my hand saying, "Some of your Goddamn shit landed on my foot". He leaned over and wiped my cum off his foot and threw my T-shirt back at me. As he was putting on his shorts, I said, "Thanks for the compliment". He wanted to know "What fucking compliment. I did not give you a compliment". I replied, "Yes you did. You called me a Queer and a Faggot".

    He stomped off and went back to his seat and opened another beer. I set down and smoked a cigarette and in a few minutes I looked up and he had his beer in one hand and his chair in his other hand and was headed towards me. He put his chair down next to mine and asked if he could talk to me.

    Ron apologized for his actions and what he had just said to me. I became aware that he wanted to talk and I propped my feet up on the dock railing in front of me leaned back in my chair and listened to him.

    "I am not the kind of person that you just saw. I have never done anything like that before in my life and I hate myself for the way I acted. You are a very nice person and I treated you like shit. I am very sorry and I do hope that you will forget what I said and what I did".

    "My girlfriend and I broke up three weeks ago and I have been in the dumps ever since. I had a lot to drink tonight both before and since I got here but that is no excuse for my actions and I know that. I was just horny and I needed to get my rocks off and wanted to be close to someone when I did it. I have never had sex with anyone other than a few times with my girlfriend. I have not jacked off in four weeks. As I just said, I know that you are a nice person. I had no reason to believe that you were gay. I just said the things I did without thinking.

    "Hell, I have never even seen another man with a hard on before seeing yours. The only reason I thought I had a bigger cock than average was because my girlfriend told me so. On the whole, I suppose I have had a very sheltered life I guess. I just do not know much about sex other than I did like fucking my girlfriend and I like jacking off.

    "What I do not understand is why I have always thought you were attractive and why I enjoyed jacking off in front of you. Why did it turned me on to watch you jack off and shoot your cum? You are the only guy that I have been the least bit interested in. I hope that it was just curiosity and that it never happens again".

    I accepted Rons apology and told him that I was sorry that he and his girlfriend had broken up. I also told him, "I can forgive and forget the unkind things you said but that I can not forget looking at your nice body and dick while you masturbated. I enjoyed what you did and you have made my day, both because of your performance and your apology".

    Ron and I talked for another hour or so before our conversation had run its course. We had not said anything to each in a while and I looked over at him and he had fallen asleep in his chair and was softly snoring.

    The sun was just coming up and I packed my things and went home, leaving him alone on the dock sound asleep. To my regret, I never saw Ron again for after I had got to know him I found he was such a very nice person. I could but hope that he was not overcome with guilt and purposely was avoiding fishing on the dock for fear of seeing me again.

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