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  • A night by the fire
  • So, there I was, by the door of "City of Quebec", the only gay bar I knew in London.

    This was my first time traveling around here and I didn't know what toexpect, but there was only one way to find out. In I go.I like dark ales and stouts so I got a pint of Gillespie from thebartender and started looking around.

    The bar was quite crowded and noisy and most of the men were seniors.Don't get me wrong, I like 'em that way.

    There was no place to sit downstairs so I climbed the stairs up andfound a small table with free footstools. A guy in his early 60's wasalready sitting there and there were two pints of lager on the table.

    - May I take a seat here?

    - By all means, he replied smiling at me.

    I looked at him while he went on reading a newspaper and sipping hisbeer. I guess he had come from work and his shirt wasn't buttoned allup. I tried to keep my eyes off his chest where I saw some silver hairbut couldn't.

    Another man came to sit by the table and started a conversation with me.

    - Vous parlez francaise, jeune homme?

    I don't know why he spoke French to me, I guess he saw I was a foreignerand thought I must be french.

    - Uhm, pardon m'sieur, mais mon francais n'est pas ais?, I mumbled.

    - Oh, that's okay, we can speak in good ol' English then. I work at the

    Comission, you know and I'm used to speaking languages.

    The well-dressed guy seemed to be sixty-something and I almostimmediately got irritated with his glib tongue and self-centredarrogance as he kept on telling about himself and his work in Bruxelles.Gee, this one really thinks he brings the light to the world!

    - Your first time in London, right? I could take care of you and showyou around the city, young man.

    I was not in the mood for going on the discussion so I didn't even tryto be nice when I replied.

    - I'm a grown up man and need no daddy 'round me. Find some birdie totwitter to you.

    He seemed to be offended and stood up saying nothing. I looked at theother guy while the slicker left and saw him smiling at me.

    - Good for him, huh?, he said and winked.

    He stared at me with the almond-coloured eyes of his. I felt my heartwould break - he looked much sexier than I first realised. Oh, what asweet candy, I thought to myself, looking at his salt'n'pepper hair andthe sparkling eyes.

    But then he finished up his lager and took the paper under his arm andwas about to leave, too. I got anxious, I couldn't just let him go butcouldn't figure out how I could keep him there.

    - Excuse me, got to go. Good night!

    - So early? It's only 6.30...

    - Well, I've got to walk my dog.

    - Uhm, I'm kind of new in this city and don't know places yet, and Ijust wonder if I could walk the dog with you... so that I'd seearound, the city, you know.

    I was so ashamed, it was the worst line I ever let pass my lips. I couldimagine the feeling of an "easy to get" -neon light blinking on myforehead.

    But it seemed to work all right: the guy stopped and looked at me, stillsmiling. I guess he knew perfectly well what I was after.

    - Okay, fair enough, he said and motioned me to follow him.

    I finished my Gillespie and walked after him through the crowded bar.

    - By the way, my name is George, he said as we walked down the street.

    - Oh, I'm Bjorn.

    - Swedish?

    - No, I'm Finnish, but I live in Norway at the moment. I've come here totake part in a conference concerning arctic research.

    - You're a scientist?

    - Yeah, oceanographer.

    - I'm just a common civil servant for Her Majesty's government, nothingas interesting as being a scientist, he said and laughed.

    I loved the way he laughed.


    It was a Great Dane, an aristocrat for a dog. Not too young anymore, Ipresume, and it liked walking slowly through a large park with us andaccepted me to be his friend as soon as it laid his eyes on me.We were talking and chatting and I tried to make George laugh, just tohear it. He seemed to be a charming man and my heart was beating all thetime faster and faster as we were coming back to his house near thepark.

    - Well. Here's where I live. I guess you're staying at a hotel?

    - Yes, it's quite near this place, actually...

    We stood by the door and stared at other's eyes for a moment. I didn'tfind anything to say.

    - Would you like to come in and have a glass of wine, perhaps?

    I tried to sound cool, not to show how eager I was, but failed again.

    - I'd love to.

    He asked me to set a fire in the fireplace in a nice room downstairswhile he fetched the bottle. I got the fire there and sat down on alarge cushion on the floor. George came in with two glasses of red winein his hands, gave one of them to me and sat behind me.

    We were sitting close to each other watching the popping fire dance.George put the glass aside and twined his arms around me. Then he kissedmy neck and started caressing me and I could but sigh.

    He unbuttoned my shirt while petting me and I put my hands on the insideof his thighs and started feeling about him.

    - Would you like to turn around, so I could see you...

    I didn't say anything, just turned around and nestled against him. Mydick was waking up and I explored his groin while we kissedpassionately.

    - I'm hot... could we undress?

    We struggled off our clothes as quickly as we could and I couldn't keepmy eyes off his groin while he became revealed. He had an instand bonerto match.

    We ended up in the 69 and I felt him kissing and sucking me all over. Itook his dick in my mouth. It tasted exciting but I couldn't go on.

    - I'm sorry... Can't do 'nything else but safe, you know, I said in anapologising voice.

    - You're perfectly right, he said and took something from a table nextto us and threw it to me.

    - Flavored condom?

    - Yeah, honey-flavored... You'll love it.

    I felt a condom being placed on my manhood and did the same for hiswell-erect cock.

    George went on sucking me and I could only wriggle and sigh for a while.Then I got organised again and took the beautiful dick in my mouth.Honey... nice touch, huh?


    Needless to say I didn't have to stay at the hotel that night... or therest of my stay. And whenever I get back to London, I know a dog to walkand a fire to set.

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