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  • Getting it from a trucker
  • When I was 14, I had a best buddy whose daddy drove one of the big rigs across the country. One afternoon I went over to my buddy's house after school and his daddy's truck was parked out front. The family car was gone from the driveway and my buddy explained that his mom was staying overnight at a relative's house. He asked me if I wanted to meet his daddy. He said his daddy was in the bedroom.

    We went inside and he called out to his daddy and asked if we could come in to the bedroom. His daddy was in the bed and had a sheet covering up his crotch but the rest of his body was uncovered. His daddy was 6'3" and was covered with soft brown hair. I could not breathe. I had never seen anything that excited me the way this trucker's body was exciting me. My little peter was doing funny things. The trucker asked his son if he could run down to a local store and get him a pack of cigarettes. When I started to leave with my buddy, his father said, " No need for both of you to go; you stay here and talk with me hile he gets the smokes. I've been wanting to talk to one of his buddies to find out just what kind of mischief the little devil is getting into with the girls at school and this will be my first chance. "

    As soon as Eddie, my buddy, left the house, his daddy removed the sheet that was covering his crotch and said, " I seen the way you looked at my body. I know that look since I pick up hitchhikers everyday out on the road and I know what you need. We have to hurry before Eddie gets back." He got out of bed and let me see his whole body and his hard, thick 9 inch cock. This was the first time that I had seen a grown man with a hard on and I knew immediately that I wanted that cock in my mouth. The big trucker guided my mouth to that monster cock and eased it deep into my mouth and throat. After I had been sucking him for a couple of minutes, the trucker said, " Hot damn, boy, you suck good. I bet you've been sucking Eddie cause I know that the little devil enjoys a good blow job just as much as his old man." Since my mouth and throat were working over the trucker's dick, I could not tell him that I was sucking cock for the first time. In a matter of minutes, I felt the trucker's hands around my head and I heard him saying that he was coming and that he wanted me to swallow his sweet cum. I did not protest at all and he flooded me with my first load. I was hooked forever.

    We heard Eddie coming in and I tried to get away from the trucker, but he held me in place and said "Don't worry. Eddie has seen other boys sucking on his daddy's cock when he has been with me in my truck." So when Eddie came back in the bedroom, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and his naked daddy was standing right of front of me with his dick starting to get hard a second time. Eddie pulled out his cock and stood by his daddy so that I could suck on both of them.

    I never had a second chance to suck the trucker, but after that afternoon, I sucked Eddie dozens and dozens of times while he told me tales of how his daddy would get hitchhicking boys to suck both of them off out on the road.

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