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  • A grandpa suck
  • It was May, I had just finished my sophomore year in college and was driving back home. My school was 200 miles from home. When I got to town, I didnt go straight home, I stopped off at one of the local malls to cruise my favorite tearoom. I had spent many enjoyable hours there and had learned most of what I knew about sex. Certainly everything I had learned about sucking came from tearooms. After a long drive, there is nothing better than some hot anonymous sex, no need to cuddle, no need to say anything, no need to even know the other guys name. Dont even look him in the eye, he is only a sex machine. Thats all I am.

    It was nearly 5:30 and I didnt have that much time. I was cutting it close but I just couldnt forego the tearoom. I wanted it. No, I needed it too badly. My parents were throwing me a welcome home party that evening so I had to get home quickly in order to wash up and eat before the guests arrived. My mothers parents were to be at the party. They had moved to town a couple months earlier from overseas. Because they had been overseas, I hadnt seen them in 9 years.

    I got parked at the mall and went inside, straight to the bathroom. The mall was on two levels and off at the very end of the lower level there was a mens restroom that nobody but cruisers even knew about. It was out of the way at the end of a hallway. There was a squeaky door and a partition inside the restroom to further shield the inside. Along one wall were three stalls; on the opposite wall were four urinals. Best of all, the stall doors had been removed to "discourage" cruising. All it did was make it easier.

    The set up was perfect; the architect must have been queer. There was a gloryhole between the first and second stall but only peep holes between the second and third. The glory hole wasnt used that much except to look through and make contact. For sex, it was easier to just walk around the stall wall. Without any doors, it was easy to get back in place very quickly. The second stall was the best seat in the house; it was between the other two stalls and had the best view of all four urinals.

    I was hoping for the coveted middle stall. Unfortunately someone had already claimed it and he was the only guy in the restroom at the time. I headed for the last urinal, that way I could check out the guy in the middle stall without having to turn around completely. I unsnapped my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I pulled out my cock and balls (I never wear underwear and never leave my balls inside my pants when I piss or cruise). Then I glanced over my shoulder. The guy looked like he was in his late 60s, a bear of a man. His pants and boxers were around his ankles and his knees were spread apart. The only thing covering his crotch was one hand. He was looking my way and gave me a smile. Every indication was good. He wasnt avoiding eye contact and his pants werent pulled up over his knees. He obviously wasnt here for the facilities. He may have been old but in my experience, some of the best sex Ive had has been with older men. They may not have the newest equipment but they know how to use it.

    I long ago learned not to judge a book by its cover, particularly in a tearoom. Ive had sex with lots of guys that I would never be seen in public with. Just because they are ugly, or old, or stupid looking doesnt mean that they dont know how to give good head or that they dont have big thick dicks or they dont have tight butts begging to be fucked. So long as they dont stink or talk out loud to imaginary friends, Im fine. So, just because I wouldnt go out on a date with this guy doesnt mean I wouldnt have sex with him.

    I crossed my arms on my chest and turned a bit so he could see my exposed cock and balls. He immediately removed his hand from his crotch and showed me his cock and huge bull balls. That is one thing that really gets me turned on fast - I love big huge balls. I could suck and lick them for ever. I turned and faced him, my dick hardening. He gave me a big smile. He stroked himself and motioned for me to come over to him. I walked to his stall, my dick leading the way. He reached out and took hold of my dick and pulled me toward him. He pulled me closer still. He was obviously going to suck me. Then, just as my dick was an inch or so from his open mouth, he quickly slipped out his upper and lower dentures and dropped them in his shirt pocket.

    I was totally grossed out but before I could really react his mouth engulfed my dick. He took all of me up to the short hairs. I had never before been sucked by a toothless man but it was Nirvana. First of all, he had the suction power of a Hoover. Second, the gumming action was an incredible turn on. The combination of suction and gumming my dick was a sensation I couldnt have imagined. My balls erupted, he drained me dry. I hadnt been sucked like that in I couldnt remember when. As I pulled free, spent and withered, he slipped his dentures back in place just as quickly as he had taken them out. He flashed me a huge grin. I couldnt help smiling back at him. I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek (something I rarely do). He met me with his lips and he mischievously gave me just a bit of tongue. He had that glimmer in his eye along with that grin. As I turned to leave, he patted me on the butt and winked at me.

    I raced home, I really shouldnt have stopped at the mall but it was too much of a temptation. I started to get hard again thinking of the old man and the toothless suck he gave my dick. I got home, hugged the parents, jumped in the shower, threw my stuff in the closet, and ate something. People started to arrive for the party. It was fun to see them again. Then finally after everyone else had arrived, my grandparents arrived. As the door opened my grandmother half apologized, half complained about being late because Grandpa got home late from wherever he had gone that afternoon. The door opened farther to show Grandpa - it was the man from the mall tearoom. Our eyes met. He flashed a huge grin, so did I; I hugged him like a good grandson. I wanted to grope him.

    Later that evening, we managed to slip into the bathroom off my bedroom and he sucked the cum out of my balls again. I also managed to get acquainted with his balls. This time I kissed him square on the lip--lots of tongue from both of us. I knew I would like having my Grandpa around. A boy and his grandpa should spend time together.

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