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  • Professor Reiswig
  • I just did not know where to stand anymore. It seemed to me that whatever option I would choose, I would not be able to get rid off that bloody German class. Why on Earth does it have to be that way? I am studying linguistics, and English for foreigners so, why did they put German as a compulsory subject in my finals this yearbecause I have studied it for the last 3 years???

    "That's fucking rubbish," I said out loud.

    My friend John was walking just behind me in the corridor, and patted my shoulder "Hey, Michael, matey; no need to curse like this, whatever does make you mad. You all right mate?"

    "All right? Gosh. I could kill someone today, I just got my curses list for next year, and they have stopped the Swedish class I wanted to attend... not available for us anymore and now, instead, I shall have, listen that and don t laugh okay,; Advanced English Grammar and German. My luck--just what I always wanted. Now, YOU don't tell me I'm under a spell of bad luck or what?

    John frowned and let a loud, "Yuk"

    "That's Awful. I know the English Grammar Teacher, Mrs. Jones. She is a fucking nasty cow, mate. She is that bloody Welsh fat sod; the one with a wig. Serious! She's the one that gave Timothy Carrington a hard time last yearand made him flunk his finals big time. Now. Got the picture? All I can say isgood luck with her. I'm the lucky one here my cursus remains unchanged. Still, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, botanic pathology and pharmacology...with the same teachers; they're cool.

    "You lucky bastard! Look at me. Darn! Just what I needed; a fat bitch shall teach me a subject I HATE! I'm fed up with it mate! I quit! I'm thinking of going and working at Sainsbury or Tesco next door or sell brollies by the tube station."

    "Na. don't worry mate. It's only for two semesters. But hold on a second; let me think. Did you get that paper in your drop file regarding optional classes? I'm wondering just if ... See, it seems to me that maybe, you could get rid off German this year. I'm not sure you have to attend it, especially for what you want to do afterwards. Double check mate; it's worth it--anything to avoid Frankenstein."

    "I 'm so upset I don't even know if I shall stay or simply call it quit and get a job. Frankenstein is an asshole and gave me hell in German both semesters, and Mrs. Spermwhale... forget it... she looks like a bull dyke!"

    "Hey listen, why don't you go and talk to the German teacher, he's..."

    I interrupted John, "What? Talk to Frankenstein? Forget it mate! Mr. Rubistein and me are not on good terms at all. That tosser is by the book and ever so unfriendly he's hopeless."

    John laughed, "Hey Matey,. Mr. Rubistein is goneweg! raus! finito.!!!. He's got a transfer back to some college near Manchester or Newcastle; I know for a fact. His office is by the Dean of the Germanic and Scandinavian department, and his name is not on the door anymore."

    I stopped and looked at John. He was smiling is reassuring smile.

    "Oooohhwhat do you suggest then?"

    "Go and have a talk with the new teacher, maybe he or she will be nicer than Frankenstein -"

    Well, to make things short, I did ask for an appointment with the German teacher and got one two days later.

    I must tell you, my heart almost stopped beating the first time I saw the new German teacher. Professor Reiswig. The man took my breath away and stirred something deep down inside me I did not even know was there. See, I am 22, and well, like all British teenagers, I may have had a doubt or two about my satisfaction with girls, and a disturbing wet dream about the rugby coach, but for all practical purposes I was , or thought I was, a card-carrying heterosexual. Until I saw professor Reiswig, that is...

    I'd gone to him prior to the beginning of the new term, to eventually escape the burden of having to study German another 4 hours a week. I don't know what I was hoping the new German teacher to look like, but it sure was not anything like Prof. Reiswig. When I walked into his office, I was greeted by a man in his mid 40s with the body of someone ten years younger. He wore a black vest which flaunted a well-muscled very hairy chest and a pair of unusually snug sweat pants that hugged thick hairy thighs and thrust out what was between them, something that was making a nice mango sized bulge. If it hadn't been for a few shot of gray in his strawberry blond beard and some facial lines, I would have never guessed his age. He quickly explained his appearance.

    "Hallo. I haf just komm fromm a workout in the gym, Michael." he apologised. his German accent was thick, his voice was low and warm "Und wie immer hat... and I m afraid, my sekretary forgot to tell me I had an afternoon appointment."

    "It's all right Sir" I said, feeling my hand shaken with impressive strength. The one thing my mostly absentee father has taught me was to give a firm handshakeand well, for once, the advice paid off.

    "Bitte, haf a seat!" he said.

    "Uh surethanks sir." I was adjusting my uniform tie. I had a funny and tingly feeling in my stomach as I sat down and looked at him across his mahogany cluttered desk. He smiled slightly, and asked me what the problem was.

    Boy. I had enormous difficulty concentrating on my words. I tried to explain him that I was not too keen on attending his class this year having had a dreadful experience for the last 4 years with Frankenstein, hmm. SorryProfessor Rubistein.

    Professor Reiswig was listening to me. Very concerned, "I know that a lot of students have been disgusted and turned down by my colleague's attitude. And I'm sorry for that! I 'm not saying I' m a better , nor a better teacher, but simply that I would love you to stay in my class. Just give it another try! German is a nice subject indeed, and you must have thought the same, otherwise you would not have put up with my colleague for the last 3 years. So, sag mal, why do you want to leave the boat now?"

    "It 's just that I'm terrified to be put down again the way I used to be made fun of by Professor Rubistein. I feel like I don t know anything at all in German. That I'm useless."

    Professor Reiswig remained standing, looking down at me like a colossus with arms crossed across that hairy, grizzly bear chest. I felt like I was being X rayed, like he could look though a little window in my body and see my tormented and fragile soul or something. My Armpits started oozing sweat as I rambled on about the bad experiences I had with Frankenstein and how much in fact I was afraid of the complexity of the German grammar.

    Professor Reiswig nodded appropriately and seemed to be paying close attention to me. I fact, I was playing close attention as well, but what caught my eyes definitely had nothing to do with the pursuit of the German class!

    As I continued talking, Prof Reiswig began pacing in his small office, from time to time stopping to lean against the edge of his desk. Every time he did this, his bulging crotch rested on top of the desk less than a foot away from my face.

    I'd always considered myself 100% straight, but for some reason, I could not keep my eyes from straying to the very appealing bulge in Prof Reiswig sweat pants. Not only that, but it seemed to grow a little larger every time he "propped it" on the desk again. At first, well. I thought it might be my imagination, but soon, I could tell a definite difference.

    Professor Reiswig was getting an erection! And to make matters even worse, so was I!

    So, while I babbled about my lack of interest in German and how sad I was that I could not study Swedish like I wanted to, I only knew that my cock was getting awfully hard and that I needed to cover the visible lump in my groin with something. My books were the logical solution and I think I may have noticed a little twinkle in Professor Reiswig blue eye when I shifted my satchel from the desktop to my lap. I was even more disconcerted when he began pacing again, all the while sort of absentmindedly scratching his crotch. I swear it was getting bigger by the minute, and what's more, he seemed to be flaunting and displaying his hard on, rather than hiding it like I did.

    A couple of times, Professor Reiswig stretched, spreading his powerful hairy arms wide and letting his furry muscles ripple freely. Boy, it was a big battle for me to keep from staring, especially when he rubbed his very hairy pecs and made his dark red nipples appear out of nowhere. I found myself noticing how dense his underarms hair was, and his chest hair too. I noticed there was some hair on his shoulders and the nape of his neck and wondered how thick that golden pelt grew on the base of his stomach. The strangest thing of all was it was like I was seeing another man's body for the first time, and there was something really wonderful about it. I mean, believe me, growing up with 3 younger brothers I have been around other male bodies before, and I certainly seen some naked men as well in the shower after rugby practice. But those were very young men, and they did not have the physical maturity of Professor Reiswig. I was seeing, really seeing an adult male and I was excited by what I saw! Enough so that my darn cock had gotten hard!

    "Michael, is there something wrong my friend ?" Hs deep voice startled me from my X rated reveries and I fumbled for words

    "Huh No Sir," I lied.

    "Then, would you tell me why you were staring so intently at my crotch?"

    I coughed and turned away, feeling my face turning bright red. It was like I had been caught with my cock in my hand having a wank. I was so embarrassed I could not say a word and I was very grateful when I heard Professor Reiswig's smooth bass reassuring voice break the awkward silence.

    "What could I do to make you change your mind and stay in my class," his hand was on my shoulder, caressing my neck.

    "I don't knowSir.

    He removed my satchel from my lap; my cock was making a tent in my slacks. Mr. Reiswig saw it. "There's no need to be embarrassed my friend."

    "I...I don't know what you mean, " I said, lying again

    "I meanthese things happen... Mike."

    "What whatsort of things?" I stammered, feeling my face flush again. By now my armpits were damp and it was like if my entire body had exploded with sweat. My cock felt like it was on fire and actually hurt from the pressure of my uniform trousers. Mr. Reiswig took a step closer, thrusting his crotch so near to my face that I could actually inhale the erotic odour emanating from his sweaty crotch. It filled my nostrils and made me light-headed and my cock felt like it was going to explode right out of my school uniform trousers.

    "I think you do know what I'm talking about Michael."

    Of course I did, but how could I admit something like this to a perfect stranger? I don't imagine myself saying " Excuse me Sir, but I got a hard on from looking at that big bulge in your sweat pants, sir" Or could I?

    Mr. Reiswig put his hand on my lap. There was no hiding what was going on there. My young hard on was straining against the fabric of my trousers, and as I looked down I could see the length of it as it curved from the root of my belly. It was bold, defiant, and I held my breath as I looked down from my crotch to Professor Reiswig's handsome bearded face and waited. For what, I was not sure, but he did not make me wait long. He nodded his head and gave me a very sensual warm smile, a sort of look of approval I guess. And then, he spoke in the sexiest, lowest most lust filled voice I'd ever heard.

    "Meine Name ist Stefan... du ziehst wirklich gut aus! " (My name's Stephan, you do really look good)

    "I'm... Michael..." My mouth was dry "Are you German or English?"

    Stefan looked at me with a smile, "100 % German and 100% Bavarian. Von Munchen". He took a deep breath approaching his inflated crotch closer to my face, Beautiful!" he said.

    My breath was taken away again as he reached out very slowly and surely and rested his hairy paw lightly on my crotch. At the same time, he took my hand and put it between his legs, and I gasped as I felt the monstrous hardness lurking beneath the soft fabric of his sweat pants.

    His touch quickly intensified, and soon he was rubbing my stiff meat with a definite rhythm that was driving me wild and amazingly, quickly toward climax.. My fingers were still frozen on his hot bulge, unable to move as I knew for the first time what it was like to feel another man's hard cock.

    Professor Reiswig understood this strange paralysis and showed his crotch forward. In doing so, he stirred my fingers to life. I grasped his thick and big meat through the sweats and stroked with a shaking and eager hand, all the while feeling myself growing closer and closer to climax.

    Stefan Resiwig quickly recognized what was happening to me and stepped abruptly away, breaking all contact between us. I was not sure what was going on. Did I do something wrong? I just wanted to put myself in his big, capable hairy paws. He took my hand in his and led me toward the back of his office and a doorway leading to a tiny room furnish with an open sofa. I did not even ask about that room, just allowed myself to be taken in. Professor Reiswig closed the door behind us, and his massive bulk seemed to overwhelm me and the small space a he pulled me into a powerful embrace. His scent grew larger than life too, an Amberwood-Sandalwood like scent acting as an aphrodisiac as I sucked it deep into my lugs.

    Steve took my head in his furry paws and lowered his mouth to mine. I got so light-headed I thought I might pass out! But his grip was steady and strong and I eagerly opened my mouth to accept his searching tongue. His breath was minty. I remember how strange and wonderfully exciting to have a bearded mouth rubbing against my lips. Darn! It actually made my knees grow weak.

    As I kissed a man for the first time, something in the back of my head told me to prepare for a serious series of other "firsts".

    The next came as Professor Reiswig undid my uniform tie and undid my shirt, pulling it then over my head and almost tore off his skinny vest .Our bare chests ground hotly together, my smooth, hairless nipples crushed against his huge furry pectoral muscles with their thick swirls of blond hair. While Professor Reiswig kissed me, his big hands deftly found my nipples and quickly kneaded them into an amazing degree of hardness. I'd never touched my tits myself, much less had anyone else worked them over, and I was astonished at the wonderful feeling. It was sending electric waves all through my body and skin, making my balls tingle with lust. I hurried to return the favour and found that my German's teacher big silky nipples wee already firm to the touch. He moaned loudly when I squeezed them and ground his crotch against mine. There was hardness down there too, of course and as we continued to dry hump each other, that stiffness intensified to the point of being unbearable. I surprised myself by reaching anxiously between his hairy muscular thighs and caressing through the fabric what had been tentalising me for the last half hour.

    His stiff cock there seemed to have grown even larger and harder while we kissed, and finally I could bear it no more . I reached for the waistband of Professor Reiswig's sweatpants and pulled down. He was wearing nothing else and his hard cock sprang on to my face, hitting me on the nose. I wasted no time and grabbed his thick swollen piece of meat.

    My mind went suddenly dizzy! Somewhere in the back of my cloudy thoughts I heard Professor Reiswig moaning with ecstasy, while, in the distance I felt my zipper being pulled down and my own cock pulled out. I remember it was difficult for Professor Reiswig to get it out as I was so stiff he could not pull it through the fly. Finally, I unbuckled my trousers and yanked them off along with my boxers. Now, I became the aggressor, finishing to pull down Mr. Reiswig sweatpants and pulling them aside.. his cockhead caressing my lips. I stood up and hugged him as tightly as I could. We were naked and in my new passion, i struggled to watch everything that was going on. I simply wanted to remember it all as I knew then that all this as not simple coincidence, but the result of me colliding with my destiny, and once I accepted the fact, man, what a good feeling it was.

    Professor Reiswig rested his string hands on my shoulder and gently pushed me down to my knees. The smell of his sweaty crotch rose to meet me as I closed the distance between it and my face. His hard cock looks enormous, rising from a thundercloud of trimmed thick blond pubic hair, and although I knew what I wanted desperately to do, I was not so sure I could do it simply because the man's cock was so huge! I knew gay guys sucked each other's cocks, but all I could do was wrap my fingers around the enormous breadth of professor Resiwig's cock and stare at the thing.

    He laughed gently and in a low, deep whispering voice as he read my mind, "You kann doo it if you vant to batly enouff."

    "OH, I DO!" I cried, squeezing the thick width and touching my tongue to the salty tasting cockslit. His cockhead was just big, and was oozing a big pearl-drop of precum, and I savoured that lusty discharge for the first time. I felt his hands move from my shoulders to the back of my head and gently, steadily bring my face to his aromatic crotch.

    "Just take things really slow Mike, and you can do it... trust me!"

    "II want to." I assured him, flicking my tongue along the width of the silky and rubbery cockhead and drawing another long moan from him. "I really do."

    "Dannblase mich! (Then do it)".

    With that, he forced my face forward, and I felt his monstrous cock shove deep into my throat. I gagged at first and tried to cough but that was impossible with his huge schlong cramming my mouth to the limit. But I sure didn't care. I was sucking my first cock, and a fucking big one on top of that!

    I reveled in every aspect of it! I fisted myself like mad while I sucked noisily on Professor Reiswig tasty cock, forcing myself to take my mouth off the delicious head jut long enough to probe between his legs and lap at his heavy hairy ball sac. But his cock was what I really wanted and I quickly returned my mouth to his dick and soon I was deep-throating him like if I did it all my life. I know he was pleased because his big hairy legs were quivering and he was fucking my face like it was a cunt. I was hoping to get his cum in my mouth. And again, I felt myself dangerously close to shooting! But something told me to wait, that it would be so much better if Professor Reiswig and I climaxed together. I stopped wanking my cock and looked up at my beary German teacher while I blew him! His shoulders looked broader than ever and saw him looking down at me with piercing blue eyes flashing lust, all the while grunting encouragements, half in German, half in English.

    "That's it Mike! Super... Take a deep breath... ja,, wie soausgezeichnet !... Watch you teeth boy... Yaaaa... all the way down... it feels great Michael; your mouth on my cock feels wonderful."

    I was certainly the eager student for cocksucking, and just when I felt I was ready to swallow out a big thick German load, Professor Resiwig yanked his cock right out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He drew me back into his embrace and ground his stiff cock against mine. Somehow, his big dick slipped between my legs just as he reached around me and grabbed the cheeks of my bare arse. I felt my asshole twinge as I realised what he was after and surprise myself when I let out a loud moan.

    "You like that boy, don t you!"

    I was moaning like a cat in heat; thrusting my arse in Professor Reiswig's paws, unable to say a word "I ...oh goshyes.. I do....please.... pleeeeeeaaaase... don t stop."

    Professor Reiswig was now teasing my rosebud with one of his finger, keeping me close to him, and kissing me and gently talking to me, "You want me to fuck you Mike? Is that what you would like? To feel my big German Schwanz inside your arse? "

    "I want you to fuck me, Professor Reiswig."

    "Stop with the "Professor" nonsense and call me Stefan, bitte. . okay.. You DO want me to fuck you?" he said, surprise evident in his voice. He looked hard into my eyes as though he could find the real answer there.

    "Oh YES, Stefan !" I assured him. I took a deep breath just before he kissed me passionately while he jabbed a finger up my butt." please, do fuck me.. I don t think I've ever wanted anything so much in my life"

    "Gut!" he muttered

    I held my breath as he pushed me backward on the sofa. I lay on my back, looking up at him as he spread my legs wide and began probing my tiny tight arsehole with his forefinger. I had never felt so completely, happily vulnerable, and as I tried to stifle a groan while he kissed me again, his finger sunk home

    "Just relax Mike and the pain will go away... just relax.... yeahwie so.. Just relax ..." I did as he instructed ,watching with amazement and lust as he worked in one finger, then another and finally three fingers that were now probing up my behind. I was holding my cock in my hand and it was harder than it had ever been, so hard that it felt like it didn't belong to a human being. Tingles and waves of pleasure were running through my boiling body. I felt Stefan removing his fingers and a second later, something slick and cold was rubbed against my arse. All I knew at that moment was that I wanted his big cock up my arse, so I reached under me and grabbed his cockhead. It was already slick and thicker than before. Stefan rubbed his cockhead against my arse. Up and downmaking me feel its heat and hardness; then, he aimed it home and started to push,

    The first moment of the invasion was almost unbearable. Again and again Professor Reiswig told me to relax, while, gently, steadily, he was pushing his big cockhead past my sphincter. I finally succeeded in allowing him penetration. After some struggling, he managed to work in the broad cockhead, and after that, something miraculous happened. My sphincter muscle suddenly relaxed of its own accord, and I watched with total fascination as Profesor Reiswig's thick huge cock slid home.

    "Oh My God!" I cried, grabbing my cock and wanking faster, "I can t believe how good that feels."

    "Just waityou haven't felt anything yet!"

    Professor Reiswig was right of course. He smiled indulgently as he withdrew his cock before showing it home again. he knew he had a virgin boy and was enjoying it heartily, taking pleasure as he in turn gave me the most unbelievable pleasure I could ever dream of.

    I watched with complete fascination as his monstrous meat disappeared up my arse only to reappear before taking the plunge again. He was driving hard against some new pleasure zone deep inside my body, and it seemed like he was stroking my cock from the inside. I know that does sound silly, but it's the only way I can describe it, and when I thought I could not endure one more second of this ecstasy, Professor Reiswig groaned loudly and blasted my insides with his hot cum load. Whatever he did triggered my own eruption, and I gasped as a jet of my own sperm struck me on he chin! I hardy had to touch myself! It was this magnificent bear controlling my climax, and I loved every fucking minute of it.

    There was little said between us afterward. Steve just held me tight and I kept thinking how wonderful it was to have such a bear of a man's thick cock buried inside me. If only, I thought, My absentee dad had held me just onebut that did not matter any longer when I heard professor Reiswig's bass voice:

    "Happy Michael?"

    "Never happier, Sir!"

    "Me too" he said in a voice so sincere I knew he meant it, and he kissed me again, circling my body with his furry arms, and pressing me close to him, hugging me closer still.

    "It is important that you be happy. Very important!" "It's important that you be happy too, Sir " I said in a small voice.

    "Please, Mike, don't leave my German class. It would be lovely to have you around," he said, locking in eyes in mine.

    How could I say no to that? German may not be that daunting after all, "Okay... I stay," I said...certain I had made the right choice.

    Professor Reiswig smiled and kissed me again, his thick moustache and beard caressing my overheated skin. For the first time in my life, I felt totally secure, and that feeling blossomed with Professor Reiswig's next words, "Do you want to spend the afternoon with me and the night at my house?"

    "JA, herr Professor" I cried, I was home at lastjust where I belong.

    "Then, come on Michael." he said, giving me another kiss and a reassuring hug. "Let's go home."

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