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  • Anniversary
  • Watching the numbers gradually increase one by one, I was sure I had never been in a slower elevator. My frustration must have shown on my face, because when I looked over to Eddie he was shaking his head with a small smile on his face.

    "We do have the room for the whole night, you know. There's nohurry," he said in his deep, calming voice, massaging my arm."It's your own fault for looking so damned good in that suit," Ireplied, winning the advantage as his cheeks flushed.

    And what could he say? He knew it was true. All night the sight ofhim had been driving me wild. For a man who considers matching socksto be formal dress, Eddie had no business making a suit and tie lookso sexy. From the second I saw him walk in the restaurant to this oneI'd been trying to talk my cock down from its hardened state, and sofar my words have had no effect.

    Eddie first suggested the idea 6 years ago, and I like it as much nowas I did then. Every year on the anniversary of our first meeting, wecelebrate by blowing a few bucks on a big night out on the town. Oneof us chooses the restaurant and the other the hotel. We prepare andarrive separately, not knowing what to expect from the other, so wecan each relive those delicious moments of anticipation and discoverywe both treasure. (Though after I wore my Harley tie to Spiaggia acouple years back, Eddie did have to lay down a few more ground ruleson the dress code...)

    Tonight he had chosen Everest as the location for our meal and I theRaphael Hotel for our night's stay. I had given myself enough time toperform my hotel preparation duties to make sure I would arriveslightly early to Everest, partially so I could take in some of thewonderful view of downtown Chicago this 40th story restaurantprovided, but mostly to ensure myself the even more spectacular viewof Eddie walking into the room.

    I picked up a cocktail and wandered a bit before staking out theperfect vantage point, near a window for one view and with anunobstructed, but slightly out of the way sightline to the frontentrance for the other. The only downside was that this seat alsoprovided me with a view of myself in a nearby mirror, a sure-fire wayto trigger a wave of self-consciousness. 46, 5'8" and stocky (to putit kindly), with brown-fading-to-gray-fading-to-scalp hair, a beardthat wavered between bushy and downright unkempt, and glasses over mydark brown eyes, I felt a bit out of place amidst this crowd ofChicago's young, slim, expertly coiffured hoity-toities.

    I'm positive this is the main reason Eddie keeps picking these poshplaces in the first place - he does thrill in watching me squirm - butafter straightening my tie for the fifth time in as many minutes, Itook a deep breath and convinced myself that I looked as good as Iever would. I'd grown in enough various directions over the years toprovide a healthy challenge for any tailor; all I can say is thank Godfor J.C. Penney. Luckily between my engineering job and his work as acontractor, our suits usually stayed safely hidden from sight in theback of the closet.

    I sat and tapped my fingers on my leg, checking the door every, oh, 3seconds or so. It never ceases to amaze me, this attack of nerves Iget before these "dates." This year marks the 14th anniversary forEddie and me - what did I have to be anxious about? As if he hadn'talready seen me from every possible angle, put up with my worst moods,heard all my jokes, swallowed my fricking cum, for god's sake. If hehasn't gone running for the hills yet, I don't know what else it couldpossibly take.

    I'd been waiting about 15 minutes and was on my second drink when Ifinally saw his familiar face (and shape). Truthfully, it would bedifficult not to notice such a man in this environment no matter whatyour predilection - there just weren't that many 6'3" 260-pound men inthe joint. But add in his full head and beard of densesalt-and-pepper hair, kind, twinkling hazel eyes, and a smile thatcould melt half of Siberia, and you have what I define as a realhead-turner.

    I admit I shrunk down for a few moments while he scanned the room -I've found I love watching him in public without him knowing. Despitehis size, he can take on the appearance of a lost child in suchmoments, as if he has not yet made complete sense of the world, but isdetermined to leave himself open for whatever may come.Finally he glanced my way and I felt obligated to reveal myself. Istood and raised my drink to him, and he quickly spotted me and gave asmall nod. While he made his way over to the bar, I took a few stepsin his direction and began drinking in his appearance. He had wornhis black suit and my favorite of his ties, dark blue with greenflecks that brought out his eyes perfectly. His walk was slow andcool, and the way the dark fabric shifted over his burly frame as hemoved was pure poetry. With a pair of sunglasses and an earpiece, hecould have passed for someone's bodyguard or a Secret Service agent,but then those people don't usually sport such big grins on theirfaces, do they?

    "Hey good looking," he growled as he reached me, wrapping his armsaround me before I even had a chance to respond. I hugged him backwith my free arm.

    "Hey. Careful, I don't want to spill on you."

    He laughed, his mouth right next to my left ear. "Yeah, what do youuse again to get out a tonic water stain? Red wine?"

    "That's club soda, smart guy," I said as he gave a final squeeze andpulled back. Keeping one hand clamped on my shoulder, he gave me theofficial once over. He still had that goofy grin on his face,obviously enjoying seeing me "dressed up" just as much as I enjoyedthe sight of him.

    "Not bad, not bad. Still fits you pretty good," he remarked whilerunning his hand along my lapel.

    "All right," I said, rolling my eyes and pushing his hand away. "Youknow you're the only person who can still get me into one of thesethings."

    "And out of one too, I hope," he promptly added, laughinglasciviously. I could only hang my head in shame for giving him suchan obvious setup. "Come on, let's see if our table's ready. I havethe feeling we're going to be need a lot of calories to burn lateron."

    "You're shameless, you know that?" I said, allowing him to lead meback towards the maitre'd.

    He let out another cackle. "I certainly hope so."


    The meal and conversation, though highly pleasurable, became a blur asa soft "ding" announced the elevator's ascension, at long last, to the9th floor. Eddie, that naughty smile still on his lips, held theelevator door open and gestured for me to lead the way.Walking down the hall, he slipped an arm around me, and I nestled myhead back against his shoulder. The hallway was quiet and deserted,and neither of us broke the silence - even our footsteps made no soundin the plush carpeting. Arriving at room 908, I dug out the key cardwhile Eddie stood behind me, surrounding me with both of his massivearms. I opened the door but did not turn the knob, finding no reasonto move from this position immediately. I leaned back into him andallowed him to lightly kiss the top of my head, then turned myselfaround within his embrace to face him, my eyes at about the level ofhis chin.

    We seem to find ourselves in this position often - not just thephysical arrangement, but both of us enjoying the anticipation ofbeing together so much that we go out of our way to prolong it,consciously or unconsciously. So there we stood, pressing ourselvestogether, just looking at each other. We were so close to a kiss thatour beards were touching, but neither of us wanted to break the spell,not yet. We wanted every aspect of the evening to endure as long aspossible.

    After a few wonderful moments like this, he finally murmured, "You'resomething else, kid, you know that?""Yeah?" I replied. My heart pounded a little harder - I knew he onlyslipped into the "kid" talk when he was really feeling good. "Well,you're pretty hot stuff yourself."

    The waiting started to turn from intoxicating to unbearable, as ourinternal flames burned hotter and hotter. Even so, I forced myself towait four more excruciating seconds before burying my face in his,finding his lips with mine, and pouring myself into him. It was luckyhe was holding me so tightly, as my knees started to tremble from thepassion he gave me in return. It was more than a kiss; I wanted toswallow him whole, and be swallowed by him, and as it worked out weended up somewhere in between, pulling and sucking and touching. Hetasted like dessert.

    Wisely he managed to get the door open while this was going on, or whoknows how far I'd have taken him right there in the hall. We stumbledinto the room, trying to get the door closed and the lights on withoutdetaching ourselves, but after I backed him into a table, tripped overone of our bags, and almost sent what was surely a very expensive lampcrashing to the floor, sanity returned for a few seconds and weuntangled ourselves.

    "Don't move, I'll get the lights," I spoke between gasps. He slowlylet me out of his grip while I felt around on the closest wall. Imanaged to find a light near the bathroom, and with this illumination,I soon switched on several more lamps. Eddie slowly browsed about thesuite. The hotel originally dated from the 1920's, but thankfully hadbeen renovated a little more recently (charm is fine, but darn it welike comfort too!). While we did not have the largest suite in theplace by any means, it was more than adequately sized. The "livingroom" was well-appointed with the usual television, sofas and chairs.The bathroom, right inside the door, was just as spacious andtasteful. Our interests, however, led us elsewhere...

    I walked into the bedroom and turned on a bedside lamp, and Eddiefollowed. This room was also filled with the numerous lovely littletouches one would expect in such a place, but more to the point, itcontained a big sprawling king-size bed right in the center. I openedthe curtains enough to show Eddie the view of Lake Michigan, but hisinterest was sidetracked by his discovery of the "accessories" I hadlaid out on the bed earlier. I tried to hide my smile as he pawedthrough the pile of candles, massage oil, and lube and started tosingle out the stranger props I had included. "Well well," was all hesaid while fingering the can opener, and apparently the tube ofpolyurethane sealant left him speechless entirely.

    "We'll get to those later," I said in my best seductive tone,returning to him and running my hands up the front of his body, thenclasping them behind his neck.

    "I sure hope not," he laughed, embracing me back. He leaned down andwe shared another sweet kiss, more playful than the last, but alsofilled with the promise of what was to follow. After it ended, Ipushed my face into his chest, deeply inhaling his soft, somehow stillexotic scent. I could feel his body vibrate slightly as he spoke."Do you want to jump in the shower while I get things set up?" heasked, running his nose and lips over my forehead. I had beenhalf-expecting this, for we knew each other well - I knew that hepreferred me clean and fresh, and he knew that I wanted him "as is,"whatever state that may be. He also knew one other thing - there wasno way I was going to miss watching him undress.

    He'd heard me speak on this subject often, and I still believe it:when done correctly, watching a man take his clothes off can be almostas sexually exciting as any other physical act. And Eddie showed anatural, remarkable talent in this field.

    Without another word I backed up a few feet to give us each a fullview of the other. I sloughed off my jacket and threw it on a nearbychair while he lifted each foot and removed his shoes, tossing themoff to the side. As I loosened and removed my tie, he pulled off bothsocks and his belt. Just this and I was already hard as a rock, andif I knew him, he was 90% there himself.

    Not wanting to take my eyes off him for a second, I struggled to kickoff each of my shoes, unmindful of how I was surely squashing them inthe process. Rewarding my labored efforts, he pushed his marvelouschest out and shrugged his jacket over his wide shoulders and down hispowerful arms. He then moved to his cuffs, revealing a great patch ofhairy forearm as each button was slowly released. My motions becamemuch more automatic and practical as he transfixed me with his(somewhere in here I got out of my pants and socks). But this wasanother area where he knew I received a great deal of pleasure, so hehad learned to be happy putting on the show and not see much of one inreturn.

    His hands now moved to his neck, where he teased the knot of his tieloose, then pulled it from around his neck. Pitching that aside, hestarted in on the Feature Attraction - unbuttoning his shirt. Hestarted at the top, and as the gap in his collar grew wider, so didboth of our smiles. Two, three, four buttons undone now. It makes nodifference that I've seen what's underneath thousands of times, whenthis unveiling of one of my favorite parts of his body stops thrillingme, I'll know it's time to pull the plug.

    The first thing that people (including me) usually notice when Eddiehas his shirt open this far is that you still can't see any of hisskin - the mat of hair on his chest, starting maybe half an inch belowwhere his beard ends, is that dark and dense. As the days go by, moreand more of his hairs are choosing to switch from black to gray, butthey all still seem to be getting along well, and isn't that theimportant thing?

    He's told me how it used to embarrass him, his extreme hairiness, howback in high school when changing after gym class or footballpractice, he would have to endure endless juvenile cracks like wasn'tthe zookeeper going to be angry about his escape or could he check tomake sure a missing comb hadn't gotten lost in there somewhere, to thepoint that he contemplated shaving some of it off, a truly horrifyingnotion, but that he eventually accepted this aspect of his appearanceand even grew to enjoy the looks of surprise, almost awe, that hecould produce just by removing his shirt, and that now it is one ofhis favorite things about himself, something he can really take nocredit for or control. I've long admitted it was one of the firstthings that attracted me to him, and hopefully that fact has also madehim more thankful for those genes.

    But these and all other thoughts fled from my mind as he reachedbuttons five, six and seven and pulled his shirttail out of histrousers. He knew that this was the part I lived for, so he of courseplayed it up, unwrapping the rest of his torso and arms using only themost agonizingly slow movements. First he would move one side of theshirt part way down an arm, then change to the other side and repeatthe effort, then back to the first side again, little by little, inchby inch, uncovering that amazing body. How often I've wished I coulddraw, or paint, or sculpt, or do anything to immortalize him, thusallowing all the future inhabitants of our planet to share andappreciate his beauty, because simple words cannot do it justice.By the time his shirt hung only from his wrists, I had seriousconcerns about the integrity of my boxer shorts, so I did the onlyprudent thing and yanked them off, letting my cock spring free. Eddieglanced down and giggled. "Boy, I hope you never stop being so easilyimpressed." He doesn't know the half of it.

    I worked on getting rid of my shirt while he rolled his up and flungit away. I now had the full, stunning view of his upper body - if thedescription "barrel chested" hadn't already been invented, someonewould have had to think it up for Eddie. How else can you describesomeone whose broad shoulders support a massive, muscular chest, itspecs so developed they hang over his round, firm belly by an inch ortwo, with a pair of upper arms to match, sheer bulk disguised asbiceps, tapering off to forearms that would give Popeye an inferioritycomplex. The fact that he came by this body naturally and hadn't setfoot in a gym in years drove every man who knew him insane - if onlyit were that easy for all of us.

    Some of his definition is blurred to the untrained eye, of course, bythe warm fur covering almost every surface. The spot in the middle ofhis chest, right between those pecs, seemed to be the source; here thehair was so thick that it's easy to imagine that upon shaving it off,one would find nothing left underneath. From there the hair sweepsboldly up his chest, covering all except for his large brown nipples,continues onto his shoulders, thinning only slightly, at which pointsome splits off to cover his arms and the rest continues onto hisback. In the other direction, it stays in an unusually narrow line asit travels down the center of his belly, until it meets up with a wildnest of...

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. Freeing myself from my shirt, I nowstand naked before him except for my glasses, which I'll be damned ifI'm taking off yet. His eyes moved admiringly over my body, and I'vetrained myself to stand still and enjoy this, despite any adequacyissues I may have on the subject. As the saying goes, there's noaccounting for taste, and I don't care WHY he likes what he sees, aslong as he sticks around. I am not nearly as well-muscled or hairy ashe, but instead have what he sweetly calls a "cuddly" body, thick inthe chest and middle but not flabby, with a decent pelt of brown fuzzon my chest and forearms.

    There was one part that I lucked out on, however, and that is wherehis eyes finally landed. While perhaps not much to look at in itsnormal state, even with my modesty I have to say that my erect penisis an impressive sight. Rising out of my bushy pubic hairs, it stoodup at a 45 degree angle, straight except for a slight curl towards theend. The shaft is good and thick with a few prominent veins,providing a handful or two of meat to grab on to before reaching thehead, which is big and wide, almost the exact size and shape of alarge strawberry. A few drops of precum had already collected at thetip, but with the way Eddie was licking his lips I had the feelingthey wouldn't be around for long.

    He took one step towards me as he undid his own pants, speeding up hisstriptease. With a few rapid movements, he had whisked his pants andunderwear off together, and stood up again to face me. He wascertainly no slouch himself in the endowment department, but since hiswas more in keeping with his overall size the effect was not quite asdramatic (one of the advantages to being short, I guess). I gazedlovingly at his still-hardening member - he was uncut, and it wasalways a pleasure to watch the head push its way out of the foreskinas the whole thing happily grew. Eddie was also blessed with a greatpair of balls, together about the size of a baseball, though againthis was difficult to see through the forest of black hair that hidthem. You just have to be willing to get in there and look for them!Of course the legs supporting everything were also huge and hairy -anyway, you get the idea by now, I think. The man is a big furrymountain.

    As though my dick was a magnet and his a hunk of iron, he moved closeruntil the two heads met (luckily by standing up so tall, mine made upfor some of the height difference between us) and nuzzled together.We looked into each other's eyes, enjoying all the sensations comingto us: the cool air on our skin, the serenity of the room, and thesweet friction of our throbbing rods rubbing gently together. After afew moments like this, further contact was sorely needed, so I wasglad when Eddie put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me in. Wewere instantly lost in a deep kiss, our hands roaming freely over eachother's bodies, through the hair on his shoulders, down and around hisass, our chests and groins mashed together, as if through force ofwill we could actually become one body.

    Finally I realized that if I was going to take a shower, it had to bethen, as I didn't think I'd be able to walk after a few more seconds."I'll be right back," I rasped in between kisses, easing myself fromhis grip.

    He answered correctly: "I'll be waiting."


    I all but jumped into the shower, cleaning myself thoroughly but alsoas-fast-as-I-fucking-could. The warm water and soap encouraged myerection to stay around a while longer, and I had only lost a fractionof it by the time I'd dried myself and jogged back into the bedroom.The sight that greeted me there took care of that problem in abouthalf a second.

    The bedroom was now lit only by a dozen candles scattered around theroom. He had the boombox plugged in and a Miles Davis tune floatedthrough the dark (though knowing him this would probably be followedby an old Clash song - hey, to each their own). Incense infused theair with mysterious smoke. A couple of beers chilled in the icebucket (tried champagne, like this better). And there, lying in thebed, the covers pushed down to near his knees, was my man.

    In a flash I was nestled in there next to him, delighting in thefeeling of my skin, still warm and wet from the shower, against his.Our lips found one another again in the dim light, dancing and playingtogether for a few moments, then locking down. I began to growlightheaded as I wrapped myself around him, my tongue in his mouth,while he kept one hand on the back of my head, holding me to him,using the other to caress my chest and belly and...ooooohhhhh.As much as I hated to do it, I actually had to nudge his hand awayfrom my cock, as it always takes me a while to recover from an orgasmand I didn't want to go off that soon. "I'm already real close," washow I put it to him, and I received a deep affectionate growl inreply. "I know something else we can do, though."

    Soon he was lying on his stomach (on top of a few pillows so his penisstill had a little room to stretch) while I perched on his ass,massaging his wide back. We had long-ago discovered a massage creamthat was neither too greasy nor something that clogged up among hishairs, and it even had a pleasant taste as an added bonus. I workedit deeply into his skin, squeezing and working his muscles, beingcareful not to tug on his fur. I hold it as a point of deep-seatedpride that he claims he never enjoyed a massage before he met me, asno one knew how to deal with all that fuzz.

    I worked slowly around his neck and upper back, down along the spine,then concentrated on his lower back, where he normally had the mostcomplaints. My attention to my work had served at least one of itspurposes - my cock had subsided to half-mast, despite it's comfortableresting place in the cleft of his ass.

    He groaned his appreciation as I rubbed out a particularly dense knot,then spun around in my place and turned my attention to his legs. Iran my hands along his wonderfully hefty thighs and stroked hiscalves, as big as cantaloupes, I swear. I even gave each of his feeta thorough rubdown, as I was feeling especially loving, (okay, perhapsI had an ulterior motive...) then announced that it was time for himto turn over.

    I moved aside for a moment while he arranged himself on his back,enjoying the view. He dropped his head back on the pillows, with sucha peaceful smile on his face that I felt a new surge of devotion swellup within me and my hands were quickly back on his body. When dealingwith his front side, it was even more ridiculous for me to pretendthat the massage was anything but a thinly (if at all) veiled way forme to rub and touch him anywhere I liked.

    I kneaded his chest, working from the center out to his nipples, myfingers luxuriating in his soft hairs. Neither of us are driven intototal delirium through nipple play, as some of our luckier friendsclaim to experience, but I knew he enjoyed a few light twists, so Igot one between each index finger and thumb and turned them likedials. They must have been the volume dials tonight because thisaction resulted in an increasingly loud hum of satisfaction thatseemed to come not from his mouth, but from his entire body.Sitting as I was on his upper thighs, it was a good chance for ourdicks to mingle some more, and soon they were dancing togetherhappily. Each tiny tug on his nipples would produce an energetictwitch down below, and these momentary contacts soon had my guystanding up straight and tall again. Feeling my patience wearingaway, I allowed my hands to leave his chest and begin swirling slowlyover his belly, until they eventually found and closed in on his cock.God, is there anything better than a hard cock in your hand? Isuppose there must be, but at this moment stroking and squeezing thatbig friendly penis was the only wish I had. Even Eddie's gasps ofpleasure seemed far off as I tried to focus all my senses on thesensations in my hands. Up and down the thick trunk, the uttersmoothness of the skin on the head, the furry base where it grew outof his balls, all of it, every bit, over and over and over, that's allI wanted. Even in the dark I had the perfect image of it in my mind,but it was as though I needed to recheck the dimensions every second,just to be sure nothing had changed.

    Even I couldn't tell you the exact moment where I changed positionsand had that whole hot thing in my mouth instead of my hand, but ithappened somewhere in here. I'm only human, after all. Despite thephysical exertion the task demanded, this act always filled me withthe most profound sense of peace. I can only shrug in confusion whenhomosexuality is decried for being "unnatural," as I have foundnothing on this earth as undeniably right for me as sucking a cock.It just seems like such an obvious thing to do with it, doesn't it?

    Why all the fuss?

    Anyway, the point is I was enjoying myself, and I think Eddie was aswell, if his squirming and loud groans of pleasure were anyindication. Up and down, in and out... I can't claim to have anyinnovative fellating techniques to lend anyone, but enthusiasm can goa long way. I treated Eddie's dick like a tiny king, showing my lovefor it and him any way I could think of - light licks, soft kisses,tight hard sucking, and everything in between. He rubbed my shouldersand neck as I went at it, keeping me nice and limber, and it wasn'tlong before this feeling of warmth and well-being I described cameover me, and while part of me was still very much enjoying the presentmoment, I also found my mind wandering back, as it so often does inthis state, to the night Eddie and I met.


    It was one of Rod and Victor's parties, always crowded and boisterousaffairs, and even though most of the other guests were usuallystrangers to me, it was hard to turn down the invitations.Surprisingly enough the amount of serious cruising that went on wasalways rather low - most of this group was already paired off, withtheir wild days already behind them. Their house was large enough,however, that an industrious twosome could usually find some privacyif necessary.

    I arrived and it looked like it would be a typical evening; enjoyable,certainly, but fun of the low-key variety. Eating, drinking, sittingand chatting. Normally this was my preferred sort of party, but I wasin the midst of an unbearable sexual dry spell at that time and myhormones were looking for a chance to assert themselves. I hadcertainly never been mistaken for a pretty-boy, and the 80's weredefinitely not the decade in which to be overweight, rumpled and gay.I still managed to find the occasional adventurous soul, who probablyjust saw a romp with me as a novelty after a series of smooth gymboys, but even those hollow nights had become fond memories as oflate.

    I was sitting on the arm of the sofa, carefully balancing a plate offood, a glass of wine, and yet another discussion of "Dynasty" whenEddie walked in. I literally did a double take - glancing overcasually at the newcomers, glancing away, and then zooming my headback around to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. With the wayI jumped I don't know how I managed to avoid covering myself inspinach dip, but I was soon able to control my outward reaction toplain and simple gawking.

    He had arrived with another couple, Timothy and Dave, and seemed toknow no one else there, based on his rather glazed look and pasted-onsmile. He nodded hello to one and all (most of whom were just asdumbstruck as I by his appearance, though from what I knew of theirproclivities, the typical reaction would have been more of "does thisguy have the right house?" than "Me first!" - which was fine by me)and quickly disappeared into the kitchen.

    I promptly excused myself, quite probably looking like the slobberingidiot I had become, and worked my way over near the guys who hadbrought this magnificent creature into my life. Eavesdropping, Ipresently discovered that Eddie was a recent Chicago transplant,didn't know anyone in the city, and had been introduced to Tim andDave through another mutual friend, as they were the only other gaypeople he knew (so of course they'd all instantly hit it off, right?Typical - but in this case I won't complain...). They didn't knowwhat else to do with him so they brought him along here. Last I heardthey were saying how nice a guy he seemed to be as I went off on thehunt.

    I turned the corner to the kitchen and found myself right behind himas he stood awkwardly picking through the vegetable tray. I screechedto a halt and tried to appear like I was walking into the kitchen likeany normal man (ha!). I moved to the buffet table myself, mimedlooking over the food, and after what seemed like an appropriate fewseconds, turned to him, extended my hand, and introduced myself.He quickly wiped his hand on his shorts, still chewing half a carrotstick, and announced himself as "Eddie O'Brien" in his deep whiskeyvoice.

    We apparently engaged in conversation, and I remember snippets abouthow he had just moved from Cincinnati (and couldn't be happier for thechange), had found a place near Grant Park, how he'd met Tim and Dave,and so on. Fortunately my brain is able to compartmentalize differenttasks, so while one group of neurons kept me talking, the rest wasfeverishly scribbling down information on this man's amazing body. Itwas summer and he wore a white t-shirt and baggy tan shorts, allowingmy first precious glimpses of his colossal arms, ultra-hairy necklineand powerful legs. I was working hard at mentally uncovering the restof him when he suggested we go out on the deck where it would be"quieter." I don't know if he had read the look in my eyes yet, but Iwould have followed him straight into the furnace at that point.We exited into the night air and found we had the back porch all toourselves. We each settled into a deck chair and continued what wasturning into a lively discussion. Despite my general sense of awe byhis physical attributes, his open personality had quickly put me atease, and we were already discovering many common interests and asimilar sense of humor.

    We talked for the better part of an hour without interruption, buteventually, as one would expect, others in the party began to spillout onto the porch as well. Our conversation hadn't yet turned allthat personal, but we both seemed to run out of things to say as partsof a larger group. Well, at least our mouths weren't talking - Iglanced over to Eddie after a few minutes of listening to Paul prattleon about some new shampoo or something, and felt a tangible jolt as myeyes met his. He had obviously been looking me over, but now caught,he didn't look away, or even blink. This type of prolonged eyecontact is difficult for me to maintain but I made the effort, andwith our eyes locked together we made it through the next 15 minutes.Finally I felt something had to give, and with an unaccustomedboldness, I flicked my eyes towards the house and gave a slight tiltof my head. Eddie picked up the sign immediately and responded with atiny nod. I excused myself, claiming I was off to get a new drink,and returned to the kitchen. Eddie followed in about 30 seconds.

    Since no one else had offered, I felt the only hospitable thing to doat this point was offer Eddie the grand tour of the house. Hmm, let'sstart with the upstairs! I heard the party whispering as I led him upbut paid no mind. Chances like this didn't come along often enoughfor me to worry about innuendo.

    I went through the motions of showing Eddie the rooms (about which Iknew next to nothing) while the air separating us became more and morecharged. Near the door to their study, he finally placed his hand onmy shoulder and the whole world changed. I stumbled to complete mysentence about Victor's desk chair and turned to find this beautifulman looking longingly into my eyes, a nervous but sweet smile on hisface.

    "I think I need a closer look," was all he said.

    I tried to swallow but my throat was dry. "Then let's get you one."We stepped quietly into the study together and closed the door.Despite what anyone (and everyone) would tell you, not much more wenton in that room than some urgent kissing and fondling-through-clothes,at least as far as physical actions go. But when Eddie asked mebetween kisses if I was with anyone, the only answer that made anysense was "I am now."


    A gentle but insistent pressure on my neck brought me back to thepresent. "Baby, baby, baby, slow down down there, I'm begging you,"he whispered, rubbing my shoulders and lifting me off his cock in onemotion. "You're going to make me prematurely insane."

    Getting one last lick in, I slid back up to face him, enjoying the rubagainst his chest on the way. "Sorry. You know I can't be heldresponsible for my actions when I'm in that position."

    Thankfully instead of continuing the conversation he kissed me andthen kept on kissing me. An unmeasurable amount of time drifted bythis way, his arms around me, mine around him, our faces and bodiespressed together tightly, war declared on any air molecules foolishenough to come between us.

    For me this is the boundary that separates having sex from making love- a guy can stick his cock through a hole in a wall and someone on theother side can bring him off and they can each say they've had sex.But there's no way you can do *this* to some stranger (or at least Inever could); to want to get this close, this intimate, eyeball toeyeball, for this long without some emotional connection.

    Or maybe it's the love we already have for each other that bringsmeaning to the actions. Perhaps I could lie in the arms of somerandom man and do the same things, but I could never believe it couldfeel like this. It wasn't just his lips I was feeling, his hands onmy back, his legs against mine. It's what I felt inside, somethinghopefully every one of us will someday experience because it isimpossible to describe. A lightness? A tingle? Buzzing? Like warmhoney poured out over my brain, filling in all the cracks.

    Caterpillars tiptoeing across my heart. (Okay, so I may not be upthere with Shakespeare, but I can understand why this is the feelingwriters have been attempting to capture for centuries.)

    We finally had to stop to breathe a little. It was dark but I knew wewere looking into each other's eyes, and though I couldn't see thefull effect of his bottomless brown pools, the feeling was stillwonderful. I could see the shadow of that little-boy smile still onhis face, however.

    "I think now I'll have a go," he declared. My mother taught me neverto turn down sincere hospitality, so I laid back as he dotted my chestwith feather-soft kisses. His gentleness never failed to take me bysurprise - he looked like the kind of guy who would only know how tothrow someone up against a wall and screw his life away, but actuallyhe only did this when I begged him to (hee hee) - the rest of the timehe was an overgrown kitten. His path was long and winding, but asusual, all roads lead to the cock. He didn't kiss it immediately, butinstead lightly grazed his soft whiskers against it. Paradise.He worked his arms under my legs and carefully lifted them until mythighs were on his shoulders. Once everything was arranged, he openedhis mouth and sucked in half of my burning hard-on. I had to holdmyself back from out-and-out screaming with joy, though I couldn'tmuffle a few loud cries. His left hand roamed across my chest, hisright hand played with my balls, and his mouth and tongue took care ofthe rest. Wow, was all I could think, he really is one hell of acocksucker!, as I grabbed onto the sheets to keep from shooting offinto space. Again, there's no trick to what he does, it's nothingfancy, just good old-fashioned hard, passionate sucking combined withan active tongue.

    I generally don't relate to straight guys and any feeling of "power"during sex. It's not like I'm ready to rule the universe because I'menjoying a good blow job. But I have to admit there are times when Ilook down and see this monster of a man down between my legs, doinghis utmost to pleasure me, and well, it feels pretty damn good. Butthen since I know I had been in his position myself only moments ago(and would be again soon, god willing), it isn't a feeling ofsuperiority or dominance, but something more like gratitude. Youknow, I bet if all the world leaders went down on each during theirsummits before they negotiated, each giving and receiving, the worldwould be a much better place. I must remember to write a letter tothe United Nations...

    That'll have to wait. Right now I just want to push my cock as farinto Eddie's mouth as nature will allow. Christ, how could anythingfeel so good? It's amazing to me that even though the human race (andmen in particular) knows that this activity will produce such ecstasytime and time again, we still spend most of our time sitting inoffices or standing in line in the grocery store. When will we evolveinto creatures that do nothing but have sex all day? Hopefully soon.Eddie had me at the point where I would have gladly signed my soulaway to Rosie O'Donnell just to stay in this position for anothersecond, when he had to pull off temporarily to rest (hmm, probablyjust as well). He took a few deep breaths, exhaling lightly over mystraining prick. "Goddamn," was all he could say between huffs andpuffs, and so he repeated it several times for emphasis. "Goddamn.

    God DAMN!" You said it, mister.

    But I was in no mood to damn anything once he started back up again.To the contrary, I felt like running through the streets, blessing oneand all.

    Can you imagine if somehow we had the same sorts of nerves that wehave in our cocks over the rest of our bodies? If, say, sorting thelaundry or reading the newspaper could provide similar sensations?(I'm sorry, but these are the sorts of pointless thoughts I tend toget during such occasions - now back to the action!)

    He was really going to town now, sliding about 3/4 of my meat into hismouth with every lunge. He can get moving up and down so fast that heseems to defy several laws of physics, but who am I to complain? Histongue paid constant attention to my head, sliding around thecircumference and prodding the tip. I must have started producingsome pre-cum, as his tongue was spending a lot of time right near theslit, teasing out and consuming each drop. He abruptly stopped thedeep approach for a moment and wrapped his lips around the spot wheremy cockhead joined the shaft, and started flicking his tongue softlyagainst the opening. I had my fingers woven into the hair on his headand we were both moaning and groaning like wild beasts. This type ofwork takes us deep inside our animal selves, I'm telling you. For alittle while there I thought I'd started mooing.

    Finally I realized I had to have him again and I rearranged us into a69 position as quickly and painlessly as possible, both of us now onour sides. His erection had quieted down a little without any directstimulation, but this was a short-term problem. I took him and hetook me and that was all there was to it, a couple of hogs in slop.He fucked my face like a real champ as he continued to lavish favor onmy penis, and I worked a couple fingers against his ass while feastingon his fabulous prize. Time again dissolved into meaninglessfragments. Whole civilizations could be born, develop, anddisintegrate in flames in the span of each stroke. Worlds found,rejoiced, forgotten, and rediscovered.

    Philosophy soon was urgently replaced by physicality, however, as Iconcluded that either my cock needed to explode or the top of my headcertainly would. This time there could be no holding back. I quicklylocked into my final, perfect groove, slipping in and out of his lipsin a joyous, steady rhythm, feeling like a pilot on his final descentto a flawless landing. A series of whimpers led me to believe he wason that same brink, so I also strengthened my mouth's grip on him, andfrom that point it was all over but the shouting. (I knew there'd beplenty of that, though.)

    I'd have to see the results of the photo finish to know for sure, butI think he started a few microseconds ahead of me. His whole groinsuddenly made an almighty leap into my mouth, followed immediately bythe first sizzling gush of his semen. This thrill instantly startedmy hips bucking wildly and my own exhilarating release was mercifullygranted. My mouth was already full from his first steaming shot, butI soon found he had much, much more to give me. As he emptied hislove into me and I into him it was not difficult to imagine that mymonumental eruptions were in fact shooting all the way through hisbody and back into mine, an endless cycle of delirious bliss.I drank in as much as I possibly could before my lungs' need for adecent breath tore me off, gasping. He still had his arms around mymiddle and my exhausted erection buried in his mouth, where his tonguegreedily sought out any neglected drops. In the meantime, his penispulsed its final pearls out onto my chest. Half-formed words babbledout from deep inside me in between heaving breaths; I'm sure I couldhave conversed easily with a Martian. After a few more heavenlymoments, he languidly slid his mouth from me, cleaning my shaftcompletely in the process (I tell you, he isn't human!), and laid hishead back on the pillow for a few well-earned inhalations of air.As soon as a tiny amount of energy had crept back into my drainedlimbs, I clambered around to be face to face with him once more. Hiseyes were closed, but I could sense the traces of a euphoric smile onhis lips as I lightly touched them with mine in the darkness. Inuzzled my head into the hollow of his chest and we collapsedtogether, quietly riding up and down on one another's deep breaths, anold Edith Piaf number completing the exquisite lull.

    Eventually I heard him murmur, "You get the number on that truck?" andI smiled, still too spent to actually laugh. His arms and legsencircled me and I squeezed into him tightly in return and the haze ofour love thickened around us.

    This is the man I want to live and die with. This man is theculmination of human history, created to give meaning and light to mydays on this planet. The man for whom I myself was created. The manalways there to hold me in my darkest moments and my brightest, ableto multiply my happiness and to divide my sorrow.

    The man who somehow, some way, would make me shriek with wild elationand shoot fountains of cum two more times before the sun came up.And checkout's not 'til noon!

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