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  • My bare ass cowboy
  • There is a very large ranch located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico. The ranch is approximately 95,000 square acres and the property is about equally divided in the foothills at an elevation about 6500 ft to about 10,500 ft. of very rugged mountainous areas. The main portion of the headquarters, buildings and living quarters are in the lower elevations of the ranch. On the ranch are several herds of cattle, a herd of sheep and a large string of horses. Also on the ranch is an abundance of wildlife such as grouse, pheasants, raccoons, porcupines, turkeys, antelope, deer, elk, bear, mountain lions, bobcats, a few wolves, coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks, and are in the process of reintroducing buffalo which they have a small herd. There are many kinds of birds ranging in size from humming birds to both bald and golden eagles.

    To properly operate and maintain a ranch of this size, required a very large number of employees of varying talents and education. The employees are from several ethnical backgrounds. There are hispanics, a few blacks, native indians, as well as caucasians. The majority of the employees are single but there are married personnel living on the ranch that in most cases both man, wife and sometimes their children are employed. These employees ranged from maintenance, cooks, cowboys, office personnel, to management positions. The majority of the personnel are full time but some are temporary.

    During the summer before beginning my senior year at my university, I was employed at the ranch to work in an office. My duties were varied and I was doing everything from accounting, payrolls, personnel records, to purchasing supplies. There was a bunkhouse and mess hall near my office. The bunkhouse had about thirty bunks, showers, toilets, and laundry room. Most of the occupants, such as the cowboys off for a few days, were there for only a short time before going to work at other locations on the ranch.

    The first four weeks on the job, I worked from early in the morning to mid-night seven days a week, except time to eat, do my laundry and sleep. My boss was every far behind and I made an all out effort to help in catching up with the work that needed to be done. After the fourth week on the job, my boss called me into the office and expressed his appreciation for what I had been able to accomplish and told me that there would be a big bonus as well as an increase in my salary. He also insisted that I immediately take off for four days.

    There was a young sixteen-year-old Indian boy who was the dishwasher in the kitchen of the mess hall with whom I had talked to several times. He found out that I was going to have several days off and wanted to know what I was going to do. I told him that I wanted to hike up into the high country but did not know enough about the area to know were to go. He told me about an old log cabin that had been built a long time ago that used to be used by the cowboys when they took the cattle up to a nearby meadow to pasture or graze during the summer. He did not know if the cabin was still standing. It had been four or five years since he had been up there and no one probably even knows or remembers the place. He told me that it was a full day of hiking, probably about ten miles, and he thought if I wanted to be alone, that I would enjoy being up there, There are no trails to that area but would be easy to find. The reservoir not to far from the headquarters was built to supply everyone with water and was filled by a small river coming from the ice, snow and springs in the mountains and all I had to do was to follow the stream up to the cabin.

    The old cabin sounded like a place I would love to visit, so I began to prepare for my hiking trip. I went to the commissary and picked out dehydrated and other food that would be easy to carry. I packed my backpack with the food, cooking kit, canteen, matches, small axe, hunting knife, flashlight, light jacket, toilet articles, fishing lures, ect. I tied my rod and reel, poncho, and bedroll to the backpack. I was going to travel as light as possible and only took what I thought I would have to have. I did not think I would need any other clothes than what I would have on. I laid out the clothes I was going to wear with my socks and hiking shoes. I was ready to go the first thing after breakfast the next morning.

    Just at sunrise, I was up and had breakfast and was on my way to hike to the cabin, looking forwards towards being by myself and getting much needed relaxations during my time away from the office. It did not take me very long to reach the reservoir and along the way I saw a few antelope near some pinion pines. As I started to circle the reservoir I saw several buck muletail deer. By the time I found and started up the river, I had discovered that I was not in condition for the hike that I thought I was. Not being used to breathing in high altitude was part of my problem which I was experiencing. I had to stop and rest numerous times before finally reaching the cabin. Each time I stopped to rest I took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the wild life and nature. Even though my feet, legs and back were aching and difficulty in breathing, I was really begin to relax and enjoy my hiking experience.

    I was passing through some of the most beautiful country that I had ever seen. I was hiking up a rocky canyon with this small river of stream cascading down occasional creating falls making soothing sounds, the sounds of the birds and the wind in the trees and the sun shining made it a perfect day. Just above the rocky cliffs were all kinds of trees, some which I could not identify since I was not from this part of the country. But I did know the douglas fir, colorado spruce, quaking aspen, and several others.

    About two thirds on the way up to the cabin, as it often does in the mountains, within in moments, it clouded up and down came the rain. It was a cold rain and I put on my lightweight jacket and poncho and continued my hike. The rain was hitting my face and I was feeling great to be alive and to be out of doors. Suddenly, the canyon and stream made a turn, and as I went around the corner, about fifty feet from me was a female mountain lion with two cubs. She was as surprised to see me, as I was to see her. She snarled and made this loud noise that I was able to understand her meaning without a doubt. I began to back up around the corner to get out of her sight. I almost tripped moving backwards so fast. Once out of her sight I began to climb up the cliff and upon reaching the top, I made a wide circle around her and then returned to the canyon to continue my journey to the cabin.

    Just as I came out of the canyon was a beautiful little green meadow with wild flowers. On the other side of the meadow was a huge grove of aspen trees. Close to the stream was the old very small log cabin in great need of repair and was almost surrounded with aspen and Colorado blue spruce. A short distance from the cabin and up stream a little ways was a very large beaver dam. With the wind and rain there was a chill in the air. The sight was breath taking even in the pouring down rain. I stood there in awe for several minutes.

    I went to the door of the cabin and was able with some effort to open it and looked inside. As I opened the door several chipmunks ran out and others ran out as I entered the very small one room log cabin. Towards the back of the room was an old iron stove. The stovepipe had fallen down but the stovepipe and stove was in fairly good shape. The inside of the cabin was a mess. It had dirt floors and there was a small table made from small logs. Everything had dust, dirt and chipmunk and other animal feces on it. I removed my backpack and took my axe and cut off a couple lower branches of a near by spruce that was wet from the rain. I used these branches to sweep off everything and then swept the dirt floor. After cleaning up the best I could, I fixed the stovepipe and started a fire with some firewood that someone had left inside the cabin years ago.

    Once I felt like I had done what I needed to do on the inside of the cabin, I went outside and gathered some firewood and took it inside in hopes that it would dry out and could be used later. It was getting late in the afternoon and it would be dark soon. I had done all I knew that I needed to do on the outside so I went inside and closed the old door the best I could. It was really cold by now but the stove was putting off a lot of heat and the cabin was starting to warm up. I removed my poncho to discover that the clothes I had on were dripping wet due to condensation on the inside of my poncho. My poncho being waterproof and air tight and with my body temperature higher than the temperature on the outside caused me to sweat as well as the condensation forming. I was very cold and I hurriedly fixed something to eat and unfold my bedroll on the dirt floor.

    After I finished eating, I knew that I could not go to bed with wet cloths. It had gotten real dark, and it was still raining. Using my flashlight, I took some of the fishing line off my reel and strung it up across the room to hang my wet clothes to dry out. I chunked some more wood in the stove in hopes that it would burn all night and keep the inside of the cabin warm. Quickly, I removed all my wet clothes and threw them over the fishing line to dry. I removed my wet hiking boots and crawled into to my bedroll naked as a jaybird. It had been a long day and I was not accustom to all the physical exercise that I had experienced. I went into a sound sleep.

    Sometime during the night the fishing line either caught on fire or melted and my clothes had slid down and landed on the stove. The next morning, I awoke to find that my only clothes I had were in ashes. I did not know what to do. I got up and there were still coals in the stove and I put the remaining dry wood I had into the stove and fixed breakfast. The sun was out and the birds were singing and here I was naked up in the mountains with no clothes to wear. After I finished breakfast, I decided that since no one would see me that I would go around bare ass naked and later face how I was going to hike back home and to get into the bunkhouse before anyone saw me.

    It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shinning and it was getting warm. The air was fresh after the rain and I could smell the trees, grass and flowers. The sound of the river and all was making me relaxed and comfortable even though I did not have anything on. I was just going to make the best of the circumstance and enjoy my days off.

    I put on my wet boots, picked up my rod and reel and fishing lures and went to the beaver dam in hopes of catching some fish. I had been fishing for a couple of hours, when I heard something behind me. I turned around and there was this good-looking cowboy about ten feet from me with a big grind and staring at me. He took off his backpack and laid it on the ground and walked over to me and introduced himself. His name was Chuck. I told him my name was Kevin. He said that he never knew that you would have better luck fishing in the nude but that he was willing to try it if he could catch some trout. I explained to him what had happened to my clothes and he thought that it was hysterical.

    He told me that a couple days ago that he was riding around on his horse and discover the cabin and this area. He was working with some other cowboys about four miles from here. They were looking after a herd of cattle that they had brought up into the mountains to pasture or graze in a large meadow during the summer. He had some days off coming to him and he decided that he would spend them here. He asked if I mind sharing the cabin with him. I told him that I would be glad to have his company, but that I was embarrassed about being nude. As Chuck picked up his backpack he smiled and made the comment, "Ill get used to you if you can get used to me". Chuck headed towards the cabin.

    I kept on fishing without even having a strike and shortly Chuck appeared butt naked with some soap and a towel and washcloth. He told me, if I could go around naked, so could he, and maybe that would put us both more at ease. As Chuck was walking out on a dead aspen log that was out over the ice cold water, he asked me if it would disturb my fishing if he took a bath. I told him at this point nothing would disturb my fishing because they were not biting. Chuck had gone way out on this log and was stooping down and throwing the cold water on his body and soaping himself down. I could not keep my eyes off this beautiful creature and he knew I was starring at him. I had also caught him looking at me for long moments at a time.

    All of a sudden, the dead bark on the log slipped off and Chuck went into the cold water. I could not help from laughing. He came up gasping for air and I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my cheeks. A frown came across his face and he told me that he had hurt his leg and he thought it was broken. He said that he could not get out of the water by himself. I immediately crawled out on the log to assist him. I reached out to take his hand. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the water. I came up gasping for air. He then begin to laugh and told me that would teach me to laugh at him. He started to pull himself back onto the log and some more of the bark slipped off and he was back under water again. I tried not to laugh again but could not help myself. Chuck made it out of the ice-cold water and stood up on the log with his back to me. He looked down and then he turned half way around and said that now he was embarrassed. He said that the cold water must have scared the living hell out of his dick and nuts because they had shriveled up and were in hiding from the shock. He then helped me out of the water. We picked up our things and went to the cabin.

    As we entered the cabin we realize that it was nearing sundown and that we needed to fix and eat supper before dark. We combined his food with mine and picked out a few things to cook. I stoke up the fire again and we enjoyed a meal together. As I was cleaning up after our meal, I was aware that Chuck had unrolled his bedroll and was fooling around with it. I put some more wood into the stove and by this time it was black as the ace of spades outside and our only light was from the stove. Chuck came up from behind me and gently slapped me on my butt and said it was time to hit the sack.

    As I was getting into my bedroll, I became aware that Chuck had zipped our bedrolls together. He knew that I had discovered what he had done and as he was getting into the bedroll he told me that we could help each other keep warm and besides if we shared our food together that we should be able to sleep together.

    Chuck asked me if it was all right for him to snuggle up to me so both of us could warm up. Of course I had no objections at all but I was confused that this macho cowboy with no clues at all that he might be gay was acting the way he was. I decided that it would be best for me to wait for him to make the first move. We laid there in the dark and talked a long time. He told me that this was his third summer working on the ranch and that the salary that he was making almost covered his university expenses. He was also to start his senior year majoring in animal husbandry in the fall. He told me about the other cowboys that he was working with and about some of the wild experiences they had had over the three years during the summer. I told him what I had been doing at the office and that it was my first year here and that I was also a senior majoring in business administration.

    I related my experience with the mountain lion and cubs when I was hiking up to the cabin. He said that there were a lot of mountain lions around and that they would not bother you unless you got to close to their cubs. He explained that there were to many deer, elk, and other animals around for them to eat and that they were shy of humans.

    We continued to tell stories, jokes, and talking about all kinds of interesting things, but I was beginning to have a hard time staying awake and I had given up that Chuck might be interest in having sex with me. We were lying there very quite for several minutes and I was just about asleep and this loud noise, clawing and shaking at the door caused me to become wide awake. I started to feel around for my axe to defend myself. I asked Chuck, what in the hell is at the door. Chuck whispered that it was a bear then he rose up and yelled, "Come on in you son-of-a-bitch, I am hornier than hell and I fuck your asshole until you wished that you were a hundred miles from here". Everything got real quiet and we assumed that the bear had gone.

    Chuck lay back down and I asked him if he realized and meant what he yelled at the bear. He said that he had yelled at the bear without first thinking about what he was saying but that everything he said was true, including about being horny. I asked him what we could do about his problem. He laughed and said, "I thought you would never ask". He told me that he had had his eye on my ass and my cock ever since he had arrived and he had had a hard time from getting an erection. Chuck turned me on my side and snuggled up to my back. His erected dick slid under my buttocks glancing off my asshole and hitting my nuts and he began to hump me. At the same, time he reached over me and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. He kissed the back of my neck and told me that it had been a long time since he had had sex with a good-looking man. He asked me if I would object to us taking our time and having real great sex together. I told him I had all night, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

    Without warning, Chuck rose up again and yelled, "Bear! I have a man in here and we are having sex. If you want to make it a threesome, come on in, otherwise go somewhere and fuck yourself." After Chuck laid back down, I kissed him as I was holding his dick and told him that I had been wanting to warm up his cock and balls ever since he got out of the ice cold water this afternoon. I started to kiss his chest and nipples, moving to his navel and down to his cock that was standing long and tall. I gently put my lips around the head and licked and sucked. Being that we were out of hearing distance of any human being, Chuck was screaming "My God! My God! -Suck me! Suck me!It feels so good". I went all the way down on his beautiful hard endowment until I could smell his nuts. Chuck screamed out again, "Oh Shit -dont quite -dont quite" I was sure that the chipmunks that had been coming into the cabin and any other near by wild animal had left for higher country. I proceed to lick Chucks shaft and a around the head of his cock and judging from the sounds he was making that he was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing. While I was sucking and tantalizing his dick, Chuck was jacking me off. Like Chuck, I was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing. I made him stop and he had me stop several times to keep from loosing our loads. I had maneuvered my head around so that I could reach his testicles and his asshole. I had licked and sucked his nuts and had spent considerable time rimming his asshole. Chuck had turned in a position so that he could get to my dick and he had it all the way down his throat and giving it hell. I had never had oral sex before that was so gratifying. He certainly knew what he was doing and I was trying to be as accommodating to him as he was to me. Before I realized what I was doing I was yelling, "Holly Shit - Holly Shit" It was great to be free to loudly express yourself while having sex without someone hearing you. I had never had that experience before.

    I told Chuck that I was also horny before we started to have sex but he had managed to get me beyond just being horny. My dick was aching it was so hard. I had an erection of all erections in my life. My dick wanted to cum so bad that it was throbbing but I wanted to enjoy the pleasure that Chuck was giving me as long as possible. Chuck knew and was sharing the sensations that I was having and he was aware when I was about to shoot my wad. He stopped sucking my dick and he lifted my leg so that he could rim my asshole and did so until it was completely relaxed and he had enough spit inside and outside to easily get his big cock into me. I had been going all the way down on Chuck and he was ready to fuck the hell out of me. His dick was so big that I was not for sure if I could take it all up the ass. It had been a long time since I was last fucked. I had Chuck to lie on his back and I straddled him and slowly pressed my asshole down on his dick. It was still slippery from my sucking on it and it was not long before it was all the way in. I leaned over and tenderly kissed his neck several times and then kissed his lips. His tongue was darting in and out of my mouth and I was doing the same to him. I began to rise and lower myself on Chucks cock. I was better able to control his cock hitting my prostrate in this position and kept yelling "Shit -Shit" As Chuck was laying under me he began to fuck me as I was straddle on top of him. I moved my legs around and made a 180-degree turn while is cock was still up my ass. I reached between his legs and found his asshole with my finger. His asshole was moist and I easily inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck him while I was still setting on his dick and he was fucking me. After sometime in this position, he yelled, "Stop, Damn It, Stop"

    We changed positions and he said he was about to ejaculate and he needed to let his prick rest for a while. He had me lay down and began to suck on my raging hard again. He went all the way down on me but this time he gagged and came up and said, "Man, You have got a bid one". Then he went down on me again and his nose was hitting my sack. He was going up and down on my dick very fast while sucking, and licking at the same time. I was moaning, groaning, twisting and turning and Chuck knew that I was not going to be able to hold it any longer. I started to stop Chuck when he rose up and told me to shoot my wad anytime I was ready, that he was hungry and for me to give it to him. He took me all the way several more times before I began to ejaculate deep down his throat. Both of us were moaning with pleasure. If it was possible, he seemed to enjoy my shooting off more than I did. He continued to suck on my dick until it became to sensitive and I pulled away from him.

    He got up and lay down on top of me and we begin to passionately kiss again. His dick was just below my stomach and he was bouncing up and down on me while we embraced. Both of us were perspiring and his dick was sliding up and down on my stomach and it must have been feeling good to him because he remained in this position for several minutes before he moved down and put his dick in between my legs just below my balls and began to gyrate. This continued for a while and I had obtained another erection and this time it was me that had my dick slipping up and down between our stomachs while he fucking me between my legs.

    Chuck got off of me and told me to turn over on my stomach. He lie down on top of me and put his prick into my asshole and began to fuck me real hard. Most all his weight was on me and he had me pined down and was really going after it. I kept tightening and loosening my asshole hoping to give him more delight while he was fucking my ass. He kept pounding and I felt his nuts hitting below my asshole. He reached under me and held my penis as he was fucking my butt. The rhythm caused my penis to slide up and down in his hand. From the excitement of our activity, I was nearing a climax again. Chuck speeded up his fucking motions and I could feel his body on top of me to began to tense and was breathing real hard so I knew that he was about ready to cum. As he began to shoot his load he had tighten his grip on my penis so tight that it was somewhat painful but as he was as far in my ass as he could be he let go of a huge load and at the same time I ejaculated for the second time in his hand and onto the bedroll. Chuck raised his head and yelled out, "Okay you God damn bear. See what you got me into". We both laughed and Chuck remained on top of me and kept hold of my dick until we both became flaccid and Chucks dick slipped out of my ass.

    Chuck eventually moved off me and lay down beside me. He kissed me and said that he was so relaxed that he was going to be unable to stay awake much longer. I rolled over on my side and he moved up next to my back and put his arm around me and grabbed my dick and told me that he loved that thing.

    Before we went to sleep, he said I do not know what time it is and dont really care but it is way pasted mid-night so later on today after we get up, I want to have sex with you again as many times as you and I can get a hard on. Both of us went peacefully to sleep and we could care less if the bear had fucked himself or not.

    About mid-morning, I woke up and Chuck was stroking my dick again. I was as hard but possibly one of the reasons was that I needed to take a piss real bad. Chuck was snuggled up to my back had his cock sticking between my legs. I reached down and rubbed the head of his cock that was exposed on the front side of my legs. Chuck kissed the back of my neck and told me that he had to go and piss. I made him a deal. He was to get up and do his thing and then come back in and put some wood on the coals in the stove before he came back to bed. I would help him get warm. After he was warm again, then I would go and piss and then we could have sex. The deal was made.

    Chuck ran out side and quickly returned to report that it was real chilly outside. He also told me that our visiting bear was a huge one. The bear had left tracks in front of the door and had claw marks high above the door. Chuck said that the bear would have had no trouble breaking down the door but guessed that the yelling had scared him away.

    Chuck had put more wood into the stove and returned to bed shaking from being chilled.

    After Chuck got warm, I went and did my thing and hurriedly returned to bed and to his waiting arms. After I got warm, I rose up and looked into Chucks eyes for a long time then he winked at me and we both smiled. Chuck started to hug me real tight and both of us were thinking that it was so nice to be close and relaxed with each other.

    As we were laying close to each other, hugging and kissing, the heat from the stove had warmed the inside of the cabin and it was comfortable. Chuck threw the bedroll off of our bodies and suggested that we have quick sex and then have breakfast because he was starving. Without saying anything more, it was like we were reading each others minds, at the same time we moved into a position where we could suck each other cocks. Just being close to Chuck and looking at his beautiful shaped erection made me extremely horny. We both proceed to give head to each other and it was not long before Chuck was shooting off deep inside of my throat and the amount of cum was difficult to swallow. Only moments later I ejaculated into Chucks mouth. Chuck was gripping and massaging my butt while we lay there recovering from our climaxes. Chuck was the first to say anything. He said, "Now that we have had breakfast -Why dont we go fishing". We both laughed and got up and together we fixed breakfast.

    After breakfast, while Chuck was cleaning up, I went outside to fine some more firewood for the stove. When I came back into the cabin and put down the wood, Chuck came over to me and put his arms around me and told me that I was real sweet and wonderful and he was so glad that we were together. I told him that it was great to be with a man that was so handsome and with such a wonderful big penis. We hugged each other and I decided that I was going outside to lie down on my poncho and enjoy the warm sun.

    I had not been out in the sun very long when Chuck came out of the cabin with a pan of hot water, washcloth, shaving cream and a razor. Chuck had shaved and he came over and kneeled down in front of me and asked if he could shave my face. I asked him if that is all he wanted to shave? He said, "You name it and Ill shave it". We were laughing and Chuck grabbed my head and kissed me on my lips real hard. He then told me that he thought that he was falling in love with me.

    Chuck felt like he needed sometime to himself to evaluate is emotions and his feeling towards me. He suggested that we both go fishing for a couple of hours. He was going to go upstream from the beaver dam and I could fish either at the beaver dam or down stream. We got our fishing gear and walked together to the beaver dam. Chuck and I put down our fishing gear and hugged each other. Chuck placed his hands on my rear and pulled me real close to him. We both instantly obtained a hard and Chuck pulled away and grabbed shook his dick and said that it too needed some time. Each of us reached for each other dick and gave a couple of strokes before Chuck went up stream to fish.

    After an hour or so fishing without ever getting a strike, I returned to the cabin. I lay down on my back on the poncho and enjoyed the warm feeling I was getting from the sun. It was such a beautiful day. I looked at the clouds passing by overhead and then I shut my eyes and listened and smelled the wonders of nature. I was also thinking about what Chuck had said about that he might be falling in love with me. It suddenly occurred to me that I also might be falling for him. I certainly was not looking forward towards leaving him tomorrow to hike back to the bunkhouse and to work. Without intending to, I fell asleep.

    As I was waking up, I realized that Chuck was between my legs and he was stroking my hard dick with one hand while his other hand was stroking and massaging my nuts in the same motion. I had the feeling that I was fucking his hand with my nuts the same as with my dick. I looked up at Chuck and he was grinning and yelled "Good afternoon, sweetheart". I came unglued. Tears began to fall down my cheeks. He fell on top of me and kissed away my tears and held my head as he planted kisses all over my face and lips. Chuck was incredible and it was such a joy to be near him.

    Chuck got over me on his hands and knees with his big dick hanging directly over my face and he began to take my ridged prick into his warm mouth and tease me. I looked up and the view of his cock and balls hanging above my face caused me to tremble as I took his well endowment into my mouth and began a sucking rhythm up and down his shaft. He lowered his rear so his dick was entirely down my throat and he began to fuck my face. His balls were bouncing up and down on my nose and forehead. He had lower himself were he was on his elbows and his hands where grasping my buttocks with a finger from each hand up my asshole and at the same time he was rapidly sucking my engorged penis. I knew from Chucks body language that he was nearing a climax. He raised his rear up so his cock no longer was in my mouth to prevent cumin. He continued to give my cock and asshole attention. I was again in ecstasy and I screamed, "Hey! You God Damn BearAre You Watching". Chucks body was laughing and sounds of laughter were coming from him but he never let go of my dick. I had about decided that Chuck was ready for me to begin sucking on his cock again when he pulled off my dick and said "I am ready whenever you are". I took his dick again into my mouth and he again lower himself and began to fuck my face. He rammed his dick down my throat all the way and began to shoot cum down my throat. As soon as he began to shoot I also released my load. Chuck had not been real comfortable in the position he had been in and he got up off me and turned around and lay on top of me and we kissed sharing each others cum with one another.

    Chuck rolled over on his back next to me and put his arm under my neck and pulled me close. We lay there quietly looking up at the clouds. I turned my head towards Chuck and he was starring at me. When our eyes meet he winked at me and reached over and kissed me. After a few minutes, he told me that his horse would be jealous. I asked what he was talking about. He said that he and his horse have this thing going. "Whenever I get really horny, I get on my horse and we go off were no one is around. One time I got off my horse and jerked him off. He has one hell of a prick. It is real long, very big around, and is ugly and mean looking to look at but it is real smooth, feeling like satin, and he shoots a hell of a load. Anyway, I take off my chaps, jeans, and underwear and get back in the saddle. Just beneath the horn on the saddle is a hole. Most of the times when I am riding I get an erection partially from bouncing up and down. My dick fits perfectly into this hole in the saddle and as the horse is galloping along the saddle is jerking me off. My horse has this big spot on the back of his neck from my depositing my cum that has dried. That damn horse has learned when I yell Oh Shit, that means I have shot off and he can began walking instead of galloping. Another thing about my horse is when I go to get him to go to work, when he sees me, he will come running to me. The other cowboys have to chase their horses to catch them. They do not understand why my horse will come to me and theirs will not. I am not about to tell them that I jerked him off once and have I sex while on my horse and we love each other". Chuck said that when he got back to work that after all the sex we had that it probably be awhile before he needed to make another deposit on his horses neck.

    The afternoon had gone by so fast and I began to think about supper. I rolled over and slapped Chuck on his butt and told him that he needed to get his ass in gear so we could eat before sundown. Chuck told me that he had everything under control and then he asked how many fish I had caught. I told him that the fucking fish were not biting. Chuck informed me that he had caught four trout and they were cleaned and ready to be cooked. He had built a fire outside the cabin and by now there should be coals just right to cook the fish. He suggested that we put the fish over the coals to cook and while they were cooking that we could take a bath in the river. After shivering from the thought, I agreed that he had a good plan.

    After Chuck had gotten his bath soap and a washcloth, we waded into about a foot of the cold water. Both of lay down in the water just long enough to get wet. When we stood up, steam was coming off our bodies because we were so much warmer than the water. Chuck applied soap all over my body and then I did the same to him. We both lower ourselves back into the cold water to rinse off the soap. In total we had taken our bath in less than five minutes and were swatting each others rears on the way back to the cabin.

    We went into the cabin that was really warm because Chuck had added a lot of wood to the stove when he put the fish on to cook. Chuck took me in his arms and held me real close until we began to get warm after our bath. He looked into my eyes and asked "Would you fuck me tonight?" I told him I would be happy to do anything he wanted to do providing he could get me hard again. Chuck replied that he thought he could manage that as he grasped my cock and winked at me. I had never had anyone wink at me as much as Chuck did. It really was so personal and a turn on for me and his big smile was so comfortable and effortless.

    We ate our dinner and especially enjoyed the fish even though we did not have any seasoning. We had cleaned up after the meal and Chuck put some coffee on the stove and we decided to take a walk before the sun went down. With our arms around each other we went up on top of a ridge overlooking the cabin, beaver dam and meadow below. I could not believe the peace and serenity we were experiencing. By this time being nude was no problem to either of us. I was modest at first but now it had become a convent and a very natural thing to do. I of course knew that I would be modest with any one except Chuck. Both of our bodies and privates were exposed and I was enjoying the feast of being able to look and admire his beautiful features. As we on our way back to the cabin, I told Chuck that I did not want this to end and I did not want to leave him in the morning. He stopped me and put his arms around me and hugged me and told me that he felt the same way but that we would be having some more days off in a few weeks and that maybe we could meet here again. Another one of those damn winks and I was feeling better.

    By the time we reached the cabin we both were chilly and glad to get back. Chuck pored us a cup of coffee and we sat down on our bedrolls. We talked about our families, our universities, and our hopes in the future. During our conversation we both learned that neither one of us had ever had a long-term sexual relationship and as a matter of fact that neither one of us had ever had many sexual encounters of any kind. Both of us had tried dating girls but always knew from early childhood that we were gay and dating the opposite sex was a waste of time. As we were drinking the last of the coffee, Chuck began talking about his university and how dissatisfied he was with the department in which he was majoring. Then he said I have heard that your university has a great department in my major. He paused for a moment and asked, "What would you think about my transferring to your university and for us to be roommates". I answered that it would be great -but you would have to keep your clothes on because we would always be having sex all the time and I would flunk out of school. We both laughed and Chuck said that he was really going to give it some serious thought and check into the possibility.

    Chuck and I went outside to relieve ourselves before turning in for the night. Before we came back inside the cabin, Chuck put his hands up to his mouth and yelled out, "Bear! Hear thisYou had your chance last night---Tonight is my night with this big stud". We both were laughing when we came back into the cabin. Chuck went over and cleared off the crudely made log table and took it over and used it to wedge the door shut. He told me that the barricade would not keep the bear out but would slow him down. I put some more wood in the stove and we crawled into our bedrolls.

    I was lying on my stomach and Chuck began to gently rub my neck and shoulders. He asked if I minded for him to give me a massage. I told him I certainly did not mind. He laughed and told me that the idea of giving me a massage was just an excuse to feel my body and my smooth skin. He liked the feeling of my mussels, skin, and liked my body odour. He thought by touching me that he could better remember how I look Chuck was very good at giving massages and when he was finished, both of us had stiffs. Chuck straddled my back and his cock was sliding up and down the crack of my rear as he leaned over and was gently biting my ear lobe.

    Chuck instructed me to turn over on my back so he could suck on my dick and get it ready to fuck him. He again straddled me and his asshole was in my face and he was taking my dick down his throat. I begin to play with his asshole with my tongue and it was no time before I could stick my tongue an inch or so up his anus. He had gotten me to the point of nearing a climax. He rolled over on his back, lifted up his legs and said "Give it to me stud". I got on my knees, pulled his legs up on my shoulders and he raised his butt and was ready to be fucked. Chuck screamed, "Hey World---I am going to be screwed". Then he told me to start putting my cock in but to watch his mouth. I should stop pushing it in when the head of my penis started coming out of his mouth because he may in the excitement bit it off. I slapped his butt and he said, "Man, That feels great---Now bit my royal ass". I told him to shut up because if I lost my concentration that I may loose my erection. He told me that would be all right that it would just give him the pleasure of getting it hard again. I spit in my hand and applied it to his asshole and continue to apply spit until I could slide three of my fingers in. Then I put spit on my rod and it went in all the way. I begin to slowly fuck him and he began to moan and move his ass up and down. I noticed that when I was all the way in his hole that I was hitting his nuts that were hanging down. I told him hold his low hangers up before they got crushed. He reached down with one hand holding his nuts and with the other hand began masturbating while I was fucking him. I was fucking him real fast and hard and my nuts were bouncing off his ass. He was tightening and loosening his asshole sending spasms through my cock. Chuck asked me if I thought I could fuck him all night. He said it was feeling so good. I laughed and said I dont think it would be a good idea since you have some hiking ahead of you tomorrow. He told me that I was right but he did want me to send a large enough load up his ass that he could taste it in his mouth. I gave him another slap and continued to bang his ass with my now engorged cock. He begins to say "Yea, Yea, Yea" so I assumed that I was hitting his prostrate. The way he was moaning and tightening his asshole, I thought that he was about to reach an orgasm. I told him that he better not cum because I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He laughed and told me that when he felt like cumin that he would wonder what it would be to be a female and the whole idea was so disgusting to him that his desire to shoot went away. Another slap on the rear and I push my cock all the way in his ass and then pull all the way out and ram it in again. As I continued to fuck him and he was jerking himself, I leaned over and kissed him and our tongues were battling each other to get into each others mouths. I then move down and kissed, licked, and gently bit his nipples. Chuck shivered and said "Hey Man, How do you expect me you not cum when you are doing that to me?" This time I slapped him on his other buttock.

    I had fuck him so long and hard, so many near orgasms, that I had just about exhausted myself. Chuck asked me, "Jesus Man, How long do you have to fuck someone before cumin?" I said, "You asked me to fuck you all night". Chuck explained that he was only kidding me and for me to let go when I was ready. I was ready and I fucked him with all the energy I had left and I shot load after load up his asshole. I could feel Chuck was also having a climax at the same time. I remained up his ass and continued to slowly fuck him until I was no longer steady and had to lie down and recover. I removed his legs from my shoulders as my dick eased out of his hole. I bent over and licked up his cum off his stomach and chest and moved up and kissed him depositing some of his cum into his mouth.

    I lay down on his stomach and he put both arms and both legs around me and started rocking back and forth. He apologized for cumin when I had asked him to wait. I told him that it was all right because right now I was too exhausted to do anything. He put both of his hands on my head and ran his fingers thru my hair as he was telling me that no one had ever fucked him the way I had and he was never so gratified. I scooted my body off of him leaving my head and chest on his chest and I reached down and held his flaccid dick. While Chuck was still running his fingers thru my hair, he said, "Honey, It is still there and in a few minutes it will be loaded again". I let go his dick for a moment while I slapped his butt again.

    To get a little more comfortable I moved off Chucks chest and lay down on my back. Chuck turned on his side facing me and put his arm under my neck with his hand holding my shoulder. He began to kiss and lick my ear until it began to tickle and I move over a little bit. He reached down with his other hand and was playing with my soft dick and I also had a hold of his. Chuck whispered in my ear, "You know what, you are a lot more fun than my horse". I let go of his dick and started to swat him again but he grabbed my hand and returned it to his semi hard dick. He kissed me on the cheek and told me that his reservoir was once again full of cum and anytime I wanted that his dick was ready for another round. Then he told me that I was probably sleepy and if so I should go to sleep. He was not sleepy and wondered if it would bother me if he played with my cock while I was asleep. I told him that I did not think it would bother me but I would not guarantee that I could keep it hard while I was asleep. He said it did not make any difference. He enjoyed playing with it while it was soft and being hard just was an extra bonus. I told him that I thought I would go to sleep but if I woke up in the middle of the night would he be upset if I gave him a blowjob while he was asleep. He told me to go for it but he probably would wake up and enjoy my efforts to please him. I fell asleep and several times during the night I would wake up just enough to know that Chuck would be jacking me off and I was still holding on to his now fully erected prick.

    Just before daybreak I woke up and both of us were still holding each others cocks. Chuck was sound asleep and snoring softly. I carefully lifted my head off his arm and moved down and took his dick into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head and then began to lick the shaft. Chuck began to moan and moved around a little. Just as I started towards trying to suck and play with his balls that hanging low between his legs, he moved his legs wide apart giving me access not only to his balls but the area between his scrotum and asshole. I took full advantage of this opportunity and I knew from the sounds that Chuck was making that I was causing him pleasure even though he was asleep. I move back to his cock and took it all the way in my mouth that caused him to really moan loudly and to start humping my face. I backed off and only had the head in my mouth and with my hand around his shaft I started to stroke in unison to my sucking his dickhead and part of his shaft. Chuck woke up and said, "What a pleasant way to wake up". Then he told me turn around so he could get to my dick that he had been wanting to give me a blowjob all night.

    Our lust for each other was ever evident and with Chuck playing with me most of the night I was primed and ready for great oral or any other kind of sex. Both of us were really getting with it and we just could not get enough of sucking each other. Chuck pulled away from me a moment and told me to suck his fucking dick hard that he was about to cum. I released Chucks dick and told him that I was also about to shoot. Chuck had a grip on my buttock and was pulling me in rapid motion towards him while he had my dick deep in his throat. Because his grip was getting tighter I knew he was nearing ejaculation. I reached around and inserted my finger all the way in his anus and began finger fucking and massaging his prostrate while orally taking him as far as I could. My finger detected that Chuck was nearing his peak and that there was no holding back and then he began to shoot. I could feel the cum hitting way down my throat and I was swallowing just as fast as I could but he just kept on cumin. His climax spurred on my climax and I was just exploding load after load. We kept on sucking each other until both of us were completely dry and began to loose our erection. Chuck rose up and asked me, "Where in the hell did all that cum come from? It was if you had been saving it up for months". Then he said, "I have not finished with you yet" and returned to sucking on my soft dick as I continued sucking his.

    It started to rain and was coming down steadily. We were still mouthing each other dicks and each beginning to obtain another erection. I told Chuck that I did not know if I could cum again or not. He told me he could and he knew damn well that he could get me to cum. Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed so we continued to give oral sex to each other.

    The inside of the cabin was a little chilly but not enough to be uncomfortable. The rain coming down set the mood for us to stay in bed and have sex. There was just one important problem. I badly needed to piss and I told Chuck that I was sorry but I had to go. Chuck informed that he also needed to go but did not want to go out in the rain. We decided that we would open the cabin door and piss out the door into the rain and maybe we would not get too wet. Chuck removed the log table that was a barricade for the door and we stood in the doorway pissing out in the rain. While I was pissing Chuck reached over and tried to stick his finger up my asshole. I let out a few words of profanity.

    We quickly shut the door and I put some more wood in the stove and joined Chuck in the bedrolls. Chuck put his arms around me and asked for forgiveness. He said he just had a naughty finger that he sometimes could not control. We were lying side-by-side just looking at each others eyes. Chuck winked at me again and I told him that fucking wink of his had gotten him to a lot of trouble and if he kept it up to expect more trouble. I reached over took his limp cock in my hand and Chuck said that it was ready for action but suggested that we wait and complete our sex just before I had to leave.

    We both agreed and got up and fixed breakfast.

    After we had breakfast, finish the last of the coffee, and clean up, we put our arms around each other and just held each other for a long time without saying a word. We both pulled away from each other and again glaring into each others eyes for a long time and then I winked at Chuck. He said, "You Bastard" and whacked me on my rear.

    Each of us packed our backpack and was ready to leave. Chuck had even packed his clothes and said that if I had to hike naked back to headquarters that he would hike naked until he almost reached the cowboy camp. Chuck had also left out his towel that he spread out on the dirt floor. He told me that he wanted me to give him one more blowjob and then he would give me one. He did not want us to do it in unison because he wanted the recipient to just concentrate on the pleasure he was receiving and not be distracted by wondering if he was giving pleasure to the other. He wanted to know if I wanted to be first to receive or if I wanted him to be first. Without hesitation I dropped to my knees on the towel and preformed oral sex on Chuck. After his ejaculation, he took me by the shoulders and helped me to my feet and gave me a long kiss. Then he got on his knees and gave me oral sex. He got up and wrapped his arms around me as my body was trembling. After we had kissed once more, Chuck said he would let me know when he would have some time off again and we agreed to meet here. I told him I would be looking forward towards another great time with him. I asked him if the next time we were going to run around naked. He looked at me, smiled and winked.

    As I was putting on my hiking boots, backpack and raincoat, I told Chuck that I sure hoped that it would be raining at the headquarters when I got there. With my poncho on maybe no one will ever no that I came back naked. Chuck told me that if it wasnt raining to walk in with my head up and announce that you were returning from a nudist colony and not give any further explanation. I kissed and hugged Chuck and as I was walking towards the door, He said that he hardly recognized me with my poncho on and that I looked better in the nude. I reached the door and turned around, smiled and gave Chuck a wink and quickly ran out into the rain and started my hike back home.

    It was still raining we I got to the bunkhouse so no one ever knew that I had been naked for several days in the high country. Chuck and I meet at the log cabin two more times during the summer and we picked up each time were we left off previously. At the end of the summer, both Chucks and my boss called us into their office and told us that there would be a full time job waiting for us after graduation. Both my and Chucks bosses were going to retire and we had been selected to replace them. Chuck did transfer to my university and we were roommates until we graduated. Chuck and I accepted the positions at the ranch. We both hold top management positions on the ranch. The owner and his wife decided to move to Florida and requested that Chuck and I live in their beautiful six bedroom furnished home, since we were in complete charge of operating the ranch. Chuck and I have been together for seven years. With the authority I have with my position, I sent a repair crew to the old log cabin and many needed repairs were made including a bear and chipmunk proof door. Together, we both (naked) still visit the old log cabin as often as possible.

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