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  • Us twins and dad
  • My twin brother Jason and I have been looking back over our years with our Dad; and how after Mom became a go go dancer the three of us became bonded closer and closer.

    When Mom took off with her lover (years ago when we were about 14) my Dad, a knockout of a looker and very HOT too, came to our bedroom that very night and was very sad. But he said; "It's best she is out of here; I couldn't bear you boys hearing all the fights and arguments all the time."

    He sat on the end of the bed (Jason and I had been having sex with each other since we could both could get a hardon)in his bulging thong. We had peeked at Dad for the last couple of years jerking off in the shower, and really wanted to suck his huge cock. He has seen us doing the 69 many times...we knew he was looking; and we were glad Mom was out of the picture now too.

    Jason said.."Dad, we love you very much. Come on into bed with us and we'll make you feel good. By then his 9" uncut monster was out of the thong, so I just helped him take it off to gaze in wonderment at Dad's cock and and big low hanging balls...they were enormous.

    My brother and I were just peeking at about 8" uncut ourselves...and I might say we both were taking after Dad very well.

    Dad was moaning in heat. I just reached over and grabbed his huge tool while Jason started licking his asshole. Jason is into scat and loves rimming very deep until he gets fed.

    I moved myself around into the 69 position with Dad as identical twin brother kept rimming him.

    Dad and I knew what we were could say that alright. We deep throated each other as though we were doing it all our lives. Dad and I were at this point exchanging a lot of precum so we decided to let Jason have a crack at sucking Dad's 9+ incher.

    Dad started into 69 sucking with Jason as though he and I never quit. I like to fuck, so I started to rim dad...BUT, I was really laying globs of spit into his asshole and all around the edge...enjoying every bit of it. Dad beckoned with his hand, spreading his hairy cheeks open...while I kept laying in lost of natures lube.

    I was so fucking hard and pulsing with desire, that I just held Dad's leg up and started to put my thick 8" near his ass hole. It was opening up like a pussy...I couldn't believe it. I got more in position so that I could ease my cock into his ass.

    Bit by bit his anus just "sucked in my dick" as though it was no virgin. I started pumping him with ease when his minimal groan stopped, By them I was about 6" inside his ass. So, I just started fucking and out. I could hear their sucking and slurping sound, which was quite a turn on for me. From my position I could see Jason ravedging Dad's cock.

    OHHHH Boy...the three of us were way to into this. I was in the highest extasy I have ever been in years. FUCK it was hot, and we were too far gone to switch positions any more...because I could tell we were all three about to explode together.

    Grunting noises seemed to guide all three of us into the timing for our climax. Much heavier breathing...Fuck I wanted this one to go right....ANNNNNNNNND HER IT BEGAN>>>>>>>>>>OHHHHHHHHHHH WE ALL were coming together and screaming louder and louder. I never new I had so much cum in me as I pumped and pumped my very last drop of my thick load into his ass.

    "PHEW, said Dad...that was a long time cumming. I've been watching you boys for about two years now...did you guys have a good time...I mean are you both OK with this"?

    I was eating my cum out of his ass hole so Jason kind of spoke for both of us, as he and Dad began licking all the extra cum off the shaft of their cocks..."I know it's fine Dad...we've been wanting to get it on with you for a long time; We've been paired up now for quite a while...did you know (wink)"?

    "Of course I was always green with envy...I've even watched you both fuck each other in the bath tub".

    I sat up and put my finger threw my hair an looked over at my brother...and he was sucking off Dad again...this time in a solo; so I planted a big kiss on Dad's mouth as he sucked my tongue into meet with this. Fucking hot kissing..while he started to yank my mule again. I'm as hard as a rock again...and Dad is pulling my hardon closer to his mouth. Here we go again!

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