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  • On a Friday afternoon, Mrs. Miller came to talk to me. She was going to an out-of-town wedding for the weekend, and her husband would have to stay home because of a pulled muscle or something. Mrs. Miller asked me to check on him during the weekend, just in case.

    - Would you mind making sure that William is doing all right, please?

    He's able to walk now but you never know if it gets worse.

    - Sure, Mrs. Miller.

    - I hope I'm not ruining your plans for the weekend, but all the family is going to the wedding and I didn't know whom to ask.

    - No, that's all right. No problem.

    - Thank you, young man. You're a sweetheart.

    Well, I wasn't sure of that. I just didn't know how to say "no thank you" to this lady. She knows how to nudge people into doing things her way.

    I had just moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, and the Millers were my nearest neighbors. She was basically the only person I knew already here, apart from the guys at the office. I'd only seen Mr. Miller - or William as she called him - from far away. He seemed to be a husky man in his late sixties or so, with a charming smile and a sexy bald head, but that's all I could say about him. Too bad he's straight, I thought to myself.

    Saturday morning I was thinking about Mr. Miller. I was picturing him as a typical hetero male doing typical hetero things when the Mrs. was away laying all day on the sofa in his grubby underwear with several six-packs of beer watching pro wrestling or nude girls with big tits on TV.

    I hoped that was not the case. All the sudden I wasn't too excited about my assignment.

    Yet Saturday afternoon I knocked on their door. Mr. Miller shouted me to come in.

    - Good afternoon, Mr. Miller. I'm Jim from next door.

    - Hi, Jim! Welcome in. And just call me Bill, OK?

    - OK.

    He was sitting on a big, comfy sofa all right, but the TV was off and instead he was listening to a symphony concert on the public radio. I think it was Mahler but I wasn't quite sure. I sat in a chair.

    - You seem to be doing all right.

    - Yeah, my back wasn't too bad at all. I just didn't feel like going to that wedding so I used it as an excuse. I'm not too crazy about my wife's relatives.

    He grinned at me. He looked cute and sexy. His eyes were friendly and warm yet enigmatic. Like there was more to him than he was willing to reveal.

    I was getting interested in him again, until I remembered he was straight. That's the story of my life, I thought to myself --- all the sexy men are straight. I must have been very, very, very bad in my previous life.

    - You care for something to eat or drink, I asked.

    - Actually there are some sandwiches and lemonade in the fridge. Would you mind fetching them?

    - No, not at all.

    I went to the kitchen and found a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of fresh lemonade in the fridge. Grabbed two glasses and some napkins with me and I was ready to return to the living room.

    - I see Mrs. Miller has taken a good care of us.

    - Yes, she's good at that.

    Bill smiled at me and there was an instant electric-like feeling inside me. Suddenly he looked so dreamy I couldn't believe it. I was increasingly supersorry that he was straight. We continued to listen to the music, enjoyed our sandwiches and sipped the lemonade.

    I was running my eye all over him every time he didn't see it - but it wasn't too often as he was so animate and gave me looks all the while. It almost felt like he was checking me out, I thought to myself. I tried to keep myself from smiling as I was entertaining that idea.

    Then Bill tried to lean forward but couldn't.

    - Ouch!

    - Is it your back?

    - Yeah. But that's all right. I just need to remember I have to beware of it.

    - Could I give it a massage?

    - Uhm... well... why not?

    Bill seemed to be slightly hesitant yet he turned and laid down on the sofa on his belly. I sat next to him and started rubbing his mid back. The position was slightly uncomfortable and Bill noticed it.

    - You all right?

    - Actually no... You mind if I sit on your thighs? It would be easier from there.

    - If you say so.

    I sat down on his thighs, my legs apart so that they were on either side of him. This way I could reach his back while I was able to keep mine straight.

    I had been giving a lot of massages so I knew what I was doing. I rubbed his back with long, firm strokes. I used enough force so that Bill was sighing appropriately both with pleasure and pain.

    After a while Bill went silent for a while.

    - You seem to like this...

    I didn't quite understand what he meant.

    - Yes, I've done this a lot.

    - I mean, you really seem to like this...

    I was puzzled. What on earth was he talking about?

    Then it hit me - I had a hard on and I was rubbing it on Bill's ass while I was giving him the back massage! I had been so carried away I had totally not noticed it. What shall I do? What shall I say?

    I jumped off him. I had an instant hard-off.

    - Oh no! I'm so sorry. I didn't notice it.

    - That's all right. It's just natural.

    I wondered why he was so cool about it. He remained on the sofa on his belly. Was he just trying to buy some time to figure out what to do? Or was his back so sore he couldn't throw me out of his apartment even if that's what he was dying to do?

    - I guess you don't want me to continue, Mr. Miller?

    - It's Bill. And I was quite enjoying it, too, thank you very much.

    Now I was just feeling numb. What on earth was going on?

    - Shall I continue?

    - Yeah! It felt good.

    I climbed on the top of him again, careful with not touching him with my crotch. He felt a bit tense when I restarted rubbing his back but went back on sighing as soon as I laid my hands on him.

    - A bit higher.

    I moved my hands higher.

    - A bit higher, please. It feels so good.

    I couldn't reach any higher without moving myself. Now my crotch was rubbing against his butt again and my hard-on instantly came back. His sighs became louder, too.

    - Oh, yeah! That's wonderful.

    I was marveling at the situation. Was he cool about me having a hard-on? Or was he enjoying the very hard-on of mine? I had to make a test.

    I went gradually gentler with my hands and at the same time pushed my crotch harder on his ass.

    He didn't seem to mind. I went even more gentle and sensual with my rubbing --- and put more weight on my hips. Eventually I was really massaging his buns with my cock now.

    His moaning became louder. I couldn't hold back any more.

    - Would you like to turn around?

    - Oh yes!

    I raised myself enough for him to be able to turn on his back. I laid myself onto him and we immediately entwined in a feverish embrace. We kissed each other passionately, fondled each other with our busy hands, moaned, held each other in our arms like there was no tomorrow.

    It felt so good, so right and so utterly exciting.

    It took us all but forever. Neither was willing to let go as if we might come to senses if we stopped. And we both had obviously been yearning for it for much too long not to let reason to stop us.

    I loved kissing him, deep and slow. I could tell he was enjoying it, too. He tasted so good. He felt so good.

    Little by little we got rid of our clothes.

    I could feel him wriggle with passion underneath me, naked. I could feel his heavy breathing against me. I could smell the musky, sexy odour of his body. I could feel his hard cock against the hardness of mine. I could feel his hand caressing my neck, my back and my ass.

    I was so hard and ready to explode.

    - Would you like to go 69?

    He answered with a nod before I even finished the question. He was ready to explode, too.

    I got up and turned around on him. I could feel Bill grab on my ass and take my cock in his mouth. I was already dripping pre-cum like always. I took his dick in my mouth. It was just perfect --- it filled my mouth with the hard, throbbing, tasty flesh. I started blowing him as he did me.

    It didn't take long for us both to come. It was almost violent yet a wonderful moment. I squeezed Bill in my arms as hard as I could and pushed my cock deep into his mouth and he came into my mouth simultaneously.

    We continued to suck each other well after the climax. There was no rush whatsoever for ending this precious moment. We just wanted to gather the last drops of cum, keep enjoying the afterglow and cherishing the rare moment of two men embracing each other sensuously.

    Finally, it was over.

    - I guess it's time to call it a day.

    His words made me really sad. When shall I see him again? His wife isusually always at home.

    - Okay. Good night then. I'll probably see you later, I managed to say.

    - Where are you going?

    Bill was smiling at me in a puckish way. I was puzzled for a second.

    - I thought you said it's time for me to go to bed.

    - Yes, I did. But not in yours.

    Then I got it. Bill was smiling at me in an ever so charming way. I smiled back.

    - I need to go home to get my toothbrush anyway.

    - No you don't. Borrow mine.

    - I guess I can shower here, too?

    - If you don't mind showering with me, that is.

    I felt electrified. This was like a beginning of a truly great thing.

    And I wasn't wrong.

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