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  • Seduction or temptation
  • Ken was a tall handsome man in his mid thirties who had faithfully exercised to maintain an enviable physique. He had received his Bachelors degree. Served in the military during the Korean War and had received a number of metals and commendations before his discharge. He returned to his university and earned his Masters degree.

    From a very early age, Ken knew that he was gay but because of the circumstances at that time, pressure from society, family and friends, he decided that he had no other choice than to get married and do the normal family thing. In the profession that he had chosen, being gay was not an alternative choice. After receiving his Masters he married a very beautiful lady and they had a son and daughter. Ken had convinced himself that he could suppress his homosexual desires and make his marriage work. He had always been a very devoted husband and father. He loved his children and respected and admired his wife, despite having some difficulty having sex with her, had always had been faithful.

    Ken had a position as a University Administrator with a large University. He had worked very hard to achieve the status and responsibilities that he had obtained. He understood without a doubt, that any hint or incriminating evidence of homosexual involvement on his part would cause him to loose his job. Ken was responsible for the operation of a number of recreational facilities on campus including the University Union and the programs and activities that it sponsored. Among these facilities was an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool with diving boards and a high platform for diving.

    The pool was located just outside of Kens second floor office and the high platform was about eye level and ten feet from his office window. Students, staff, and faculty and their families had access to use the swimming pool all day Saturday and Sunday and Monday through Friday except from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM when it was reserved for the Universitys Swimming and Diving Team.

    On Kens staff was a young man, whose name was Buck. Buck was the manager of the swimming pool and responsible for maintenance, operation and hiring and training of the lifeguards. In the Athletic Department was a man named Robert who was the coach for the University Swimming and Diving Team. Buck and Robert worked very closely together to coordinate the teams needs and activities.

    In the basement below the managers office and dressing rooms was a mechanical room for the swimming pool and a workout facility used by the swimming and diving team.

    When Ken was seated at his desk he could observe all the activities in and around the swimming pool. From his office, the view of semi-nude bodies was an eye feast whether straight or gay. The swimming and diving team were especially attractive because everyone wore very brief and thin swimming suits and had worked hard to shape their bodies. As well as the pool other facilities for which he was responsible also provided constant involvement with good-looking people. Opportunities for sexual relationships were a daily temptation to him. For a person who was gay and trying to be straight, life for Ken was a living Hell.

    One day, Ken began to notice this very good-looking well-built diver on the diving team on the high diving platform and he kept staring at him through his office window. This young man was waiting his turn to dive as there was another diver preparing to make his dive. When it came time for the young man to dive, he gave Ken an okay signal with his hand as if to say, "watch me make my dive". Ken did not think much about it and tried to concentrate on the work he was doing at his desk. A few minutes later the young man was again on the platform strutting around while looking at Ken and then he stopped and started rubbing his crutch and was getting an erection, which was easy to see because of his thin and brief swim suit. Quickly he turned around and made his dive. Kens cock was getting hard but he again returned to his work at hand and tried to think about something else besides this beautiful creature outside his window. The young man reappeared on the platform and when Ken looked out he saw the young man bend over as if he were exercising, touching his toes with his ass facing the window. As the young diver was bending over, he reached around and gripped his buttocks and pulled them apart. He stood up and turned around to see if Ken was watching and smiled real big just before he dove off the platform.

    Ken realized that this young man was flirting or teasing him. Kens cock was fully aroused and standing straight out in his pants. He waited a few minutes hoping that he would loose his erection and he could then close the window blinds. His cock would not cooperate and remained stiff, so he got up anyway and went to the window. The young man was on the platform again and saw Kens hard cock. He smiled and gave Ken the thumbs up sign and proceeded with his dive. After Ken closed the blinds and returned to his desk, he thought to himself, "That bastard is not going to get me to do anything that will get me in trouble". Ken tried to forget and ignore the whole incident.

    The next day, the young diver again appeared on the diving platform and Ken looked up just in time to see him pull down his swimming suit, take a hold of his exposed dick and shake it, pretending to be adjusting himself before making the next dive. Kens dick immediately became hard as he saw the young man but he got up to shut his blinds but the young man saw once again that Kens penis was stiff. Ken closed the blinds and made a promise to himself that tomorrow before he went to lunch that he was going to close the blinds and they were going to stay closed all afternoon.

    The next day Ken did remember to close the blinds but he could not restrain himself from taking a peek to see if the diver was using the platform. Sure enough he was there looking at the office window but unaware that Ken had seen him.

    The following day, around 3:30 p.m., Ken received a call from Buck who told him that the sump pump for the swimming pool was not working properly and wanted Ken to come take a look at it. Buck thought that it would need to be replaced and Ken had to get information from the pump to place the order. Ken grabbed a pen and pad but before he left the office he looked out the window to see if the young diver was anywhere around. There was no sign of him and Ken went down to the pool to meet Buck. As Buck and Ken headed towards the mechanical room in the basement, Ken described the young diver to Buck and asked him if he knew his name. Buck replied, "Oh, thats Carl".

    They went down the stairs opened the door to the basement and just to their right was another door to the mechanical room. They could hear that one of the swimmer or divers was using some of the equipment in the workout room but they did not pay much attention and went directly to the pump. It was obvious to both of them that it had to be replaced. Buck looked at his watch and asked Ken if he could leave him to get the information that he needed as he had six or eight students in his office that he was to interview as lifeguards. He would be tied up for a couple of hours. Buck left and it only took Ken a few minutes to get the information he needed.

    Ken came out of the mechanical room, locked the door and turned around to go out the other door. Carl was standing in front of him naked with a huge hard. Carl started towards Ken and Ken began backing up asking, "Carl, what in the hell are you doing?"

    Carl kept moving closer to Ken and soon had him pinned to the wall. Carl put his face in front of Kens and said, "So, you know my name? You want my body and a taste of my cock the same as I want yours."

    Ken told Carl, "I am not going to have anything to do with you. If we were caught, you would be expelled and I would loose my job." Ken was trying to get away but Carl started to undo his pants. Carl said, "Man, you do not have a choice. If you dont have sex with me, I am going to tell my diving coach that you came on to me".

    Carl managed to get Kens pants and shorts down around his ankles and Kens dick was sticking straight out. Ken reached for his pants and shorts saying, "This is too risky". Carl said that he had locked the door from the inside and if anyone tried to enter they would have to go back upstairs to get a key from Buck, giving them plenty of time to get dressed.

    Ken was still trying to reach for his pants as Carl knelt down and put his knees on them and took Kens throbbing dick in his mouth and began oral sex. Ken was certainly enjoying the sensation and thrill but was apprehensive of the whole situation. Ken begin to remember his gay encounters before marriage and realized what it was like to have sex with a man. Ken began to relax and was enjoying Carl giving him oral sex. Carl certainly knew how to tease and suck a dick. It was evident that he had had a lot of practice. Carl was using one hand to masturbate and the other hand was alternately played with Kens nuts and stuck a finger up his asshole. Carl being a pro recognized when Ken was about to shoot and would back off until his urge had subsided. Ken almost reached a climax several times and had to bit his tongue to keep from screaming.

    Carl stood up and said, "Okay, You cocksucker, suck my dick". Ken reached down and took hold of Carls enlarged endowment and stroked it for a few minutes. Ken was thinking to himself that it had been a long time since he had enjoyed holding a mans erection. Ken knelt down and took Carls dick all the way down his throat. Carl moaned real loud and Ken automatically remembered how to suck a guy off. Ken was enjoying what he was doing and was relaxing and getting into the whole sexual encounter. After giving head to Carl for sometime, Carl pulled away and said, "He was about to cum, but he wanted to be fucked first".

    Carl took Ken by the hand and led him to one of the exercise benches. He leaned over the bench with his ass facing Ken and told him to fuck him good and hard. Ken spit into his hand and began to work the spit up Carls asshole. After getting Carl ready he spit in his hand again and put it on his cock and started inserting it into Carl. Carl was twisting and bucking as Kens dick buried itself as far as it would go. Ken then proceeded to fuck Carl. Setting up a steady rhythm, he was very aware that Carl was pleased to be getting a good fucking. Ken reached around Carl sliding his hand underneath him and took a hold of his cock. Carl said, "Careful man, I am just about to shoot". Ken said, "Good, I have plowed your ass long enough. Get ready to receive my cum". Ken fucked Carl more rapidly, his body began to tense and he started shooting. As Ken began releasing his load, Carl was cumin in Kens hand.

    Carl stood up and said, "I knew all a long that you would be a great sex partner. Now, dont tell me that you did not enjoy yourself". Ken smiled and reached down and pulled up his shorts and pants.

    As they were going out the door, Carl asked, "When are we going to do this again?" Ken lowered his head and quietly said, "We will see". When they got up the stairs, Buck stuck his head out of his office and asked Ken "What have you been doing down there? I thought you had left a long time ago." Ken replied, "Oh, Carl has been showing me how to use some of the weight lifting equipment"

    All the way home, Ken was having mixed emotions about his sexual experience and he was feeling real guilty about having cheated on his wife. It bothered him so much that he was unable to sleep. As he was lying in bed he decided that as much has he had enjoyed being with Carl that he must never let it happen again.

    The next day, he was still upset that he had betrayed himself and his wife. Off and on he tried to figure out how to prevent it ever happening again. That morning Carls coach, Robert, came to his office and asked Kens secretary if he could speak to him. When his s secretary came in to tell him that Robert was outside and wanted to talk Kens immediate thought was that the bastard had told his coach that they had sex.

    Robert entered, they exchanged a few pleasantries and then Robert started telling Ken the reason for his visit. He explained that for several days past that Carl was not concentrating on his dives and was not diving up to his capabilities. The swimming and diving tournaments were to start in a week. Carl was a senior and was the best diver he had. He could not figure out why he was so distracted and diving so poorly. Robert said that he had been watching Carl very carefully and he thought he had finally figured out Carls problem. "Carl is gay, he does not know that I am aware of his homosexuality. He likes older men. He has in the past made approaches to other coaches from other schools during tournaments. The competitions coming up will be his last before he graduates in a few weeks. I have observed his actions on the diving platform and I think he has a crush on you. I am asking you, if someway, you could avoid being in your office during diving practice until we go to our next competition."

    Ken agreed to be out of his office. Robert told about two of his best swimmers that he knew to be gay and they were roommates but they did not let their affair interfere with their swimming. Robert thanked Ken before leaving his office. After Robert left, Ken set down at his desk and felt relieved. He was aware that Robert knew that Carl was gay and that if Carl follows through with his threat that he made a pass or had sex with him that Robert would most likely not believe him. So, he did not feel so much pressure anymore. He only had to avoid Carl.

    About eight weeks passed and Ken had not seen or heard from Carl. Robert showed up at Kens office and reported that Carl came in first at all the tournaments including the State and did real well at the nationals but was not one of the medal winners. Ken shook Roberts hand and told him, "Congratulations, Carl had a good coach". Robert thanked him and left.

    The next day, the day before Carls graduation it, was late afternoon, his secretary had gone home and Carl walked into Kens office. Ken was surprised to see him. He was glad in a way to see him, yet he had reservations. Ken stood up, shook Carls hand and congratulated him on his success at the tournaments. Carl looked surprised and asked, "How did you know?" Ken told him that Robert had been in and told him. They both sat down and Carl began to apologize for his behaviour on the diving platform and in the workout room. He said that he had acted like very immature ass and regretted making threats forcing him to have sex with him. Ken said, "Forget it. No harm done". Carl looked Ken in the eye and told him that he did enjoy their brief sexual encounter and he thought that Ken had equally enjoyed their time together. Ken did not answer but smiled at Carl.

    Carl got up and started to leave. He turned around and asked Ken, "Would you please attend my graduation tomorrow? None of my family are going to be there and I would really like for someone that I really care for to be with me." Tears were coming into Carls eyes. Ken came around his desk and hugged him and assured him that he would be at his graduation if that was what he wanted. Carl reached over and quickly kissed Ken on the lips and put his arms around Ken and held him real close. They both obtained a hard and their dicks were rubbing each other through their pants. Ken pulled back and told Carl, "Not again! I really thought that I could resist you".

    Ken closed and locked his office door and turned around and Carl started removing Kens clothes as Ken was tugging on Carls. They stood in the middle of the office naked and held each other. Then Ken backed up pulling Carl to his desk. Ken sat down on the edge of his desk, spread his legs and pulled Carl in between. They kissed each other, as they stroked each others dicks.

    Ken reached around and picked up the phone and dialed. He said, "Hi, Its me. A couple of really big things have come up at the office and I will be late getting home. Bye." After Ken had hung up the phone, Carl said, "Yeah, something big and real hard came up". They both laughed and kissed each other again. Carl started to kiss and licked Kens neck, then nipples and on down to the ultimate goal that he desired to take into his mouth. Ken leaned back on the desk and was overcome by the erotic feelings and lust that Carl was causing. Carl was sucking and using his tongue to cause as much excitement as he could for Ken. Both were exhibiting their pleasure with soft moaning, groaning, and body movements. Carl would deep throat Kens pulsating cock and then completely release it and take it all the way down again. Ken said, "Man you are so hot. You are making me feel so good. Please! Suck my dick more".

    Sometime later, Carl stood up and kissed Ken and asked, "Can I have my turn?" They switched places and Ken lowered himself and began oral sex on Carl. Carl took a hold of Kens head and began running his fingers through his hair and then started to pull Ken head towards his dick and started to fuck him in the mouth. Ken moved his hands around and grabbed Carls muscular buttocks and encouraged his fucking motions. Carl pushed Ken away and said, "I am about to unload and wanted to wait and come up your ass".

    They switched positions again and Ken bent over and laid his upper body on the desk with his ass exposed for Carl to fuck. Carl rimed Kens ass until Ken was begging Carl to ram his cock into him. Carl slowly pushed his cock into Kens asshole and began to pound away plowing in and out of his hole. Carl proved that he was as good on top as he was on bottom. He was hitting Kens right spots and Ken was asking for more deeper and harder. Carl was soon popping his cork and cum was spewing deep into Ken. Carl keep on until he had deposited the last drop and was completely drained of cum as well as energy. Carl withdrew his cock that was all too rapidly becoming soft. He turned around and sat on the desk and Ken joined him.

    They put their arms on each others shoulders and kissed. Carl leaned over and whispered in Kens ear and said, "I am going to get my graduation gift in just a moment after I have rested a bit". They smiled at each other and Carl put his hand on Kens dick and began to gently stroke. In a few moments, Ken told Carl, "You had better stop stroking that thing, or I am going to shoot off, and my cum will be all over the ceiling". Carl removed his hand and asked, "May I have my graduation present now? He went all the way down on Kens pride and joy and Ken softly yelled "Fuck, Fuck, You dont know what you are doing to me". Carl set up a steady motion of moving his head up and down and around while sucking and licking Kens big engorged dick.

    Carl was aware that Ken was nearing his climax and he reached between his legs and with one hand he was massaging Kens nuts and with a finger on the other hand he had up Kens asshole massaging his prostrate. Ken could not delay his ejaculation any longer and let go a steady stream of cum deep into Carls throat. Carl continued sucking until Ken dick became flaccid.

    Carl stood up and pulled Ken up off the desk. They kissed each other and held each other for a good length of time. Carl lowered his hands and grasped Kens butt and squeezed real tight and told Ken, "Now that was good sex especially for an old man". Ken whacked him on the rear and they laughed.

    Ken told Carl that he had to get home and that he would see him at the graduation ceremonies tomorrow. They got dressed, kissed and hugged each other again before they left the office.

    On the way home, Ken was again feeling guilty but decided that Carl was going to be his last gay sex encounter. He was going to have to straighten up and deal with his problems the best way he could. He certainly would never reveal his recent indiscretions with his wife or anyone else. He knew that his wife and children loved and respected him and with Gods help maybe he would be strong enough to be the man that society expected him to be even though it was not his preferred sexual preference.

    Ken went to the graduation ceremonies and saw Carl receive his diploma. Afterwards, Carl joined Ken and expressed his gratitude to him for being there. Carl asked Ken if he would walk him to his car and Ken agreed. Upon arriving at Carls car, Ken noticed that it was packed with all of Carls belongings and that he was ready to go home. Carl put his arm around Kens shoulders and gave him a brief hug. He shook Kens hand and told him that he was wonderful handsome dude and it was great knowing him. Carl started backing away towards his car door and in a very low voice said, "Thanks again for coming to my graduation and thank you for cumin last night. It was the best graduation gift that I will get and may be the only one." Carl got into his car and Ken waved good-bye to him as he drove off.

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