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  • Bear in the woods
  • My name is Kaamal, I am six foot two inch and two hundred and ten pound muscular hunk of a man if I do say so myself and so do all of my male and female friends. Not bragging just stating the facts. I am a very handsome and muscular man with smooth milk chocolate skin where I don't have hair, which is jet black and lightly cover my legs and nut sack and around my thick seven inch long and six inches around cock then it lighly spreads over my six pack abs.

    I like my body and when ever i get a change i would pose naked in the mirrow and admire it. I live alone in a two bedroom townhouse and like to walk around the house naked. When I got home from working out at the gym I would be nicely sweaty so I would start taking off my sweats and sneeker at the door and walk over to the large eight foot mirrow that covered my voyer wall. I always started by turning left and right in the mirrow and looked at my nice round butt that was just so good looking that i have to rub it with both hands. My ass has always been a very sensual part of my body the more i rubbed it the weaker my knees got so weak that i would have to lean on the mirrow for support. Yes, my butt cheaks are a very hot spot. By this time my nipples would tingle as if they were jealous and begging for some attention.

    While leanning the top of my head on the mirrow to brase my body from falling over my hands would slowly start their way around my butt in a circular motion toward my six pack abs. Stopping to feel every ripple with my fingers. I was taking slow deep breaths as i savoyed the feeling of each finger rubbing each ab muscle getting closer to my nipples but not touching them. My hands were teasing my body as if they had a mind of their own and i loved it.

    My hands rubbed higher up on my abs with in cintemeters of my nipple. The thums made circles around my nipples teasing them even more. I started breathing heavier and my mouth parted slightly. Over and over i teasted my self with my eyes closed and dreaming that it was some tall hairy man doing this to me. I opened my eye to see my cock sticking streight out and pulsating up and down. Seeing that made me even hotter and my breathing quickened.

    I couldn't take anymore and i started rubbing my nipples with my thums lightly causing me to sigh softly then i started tristing them and pulling at the same time. A wave of heat engulf my nipples and spread throughtout my chest. I reached my right hand down to incased my cock with it and slowly started to stroke my throbbing meat. It didn't take long before i started to feel that good ol feeling of satisfaction start to billed.

    My eyes closed and my left hand pinches my nipple harder as my nut sack drews up tightly between my legs. I thrust my hips forward and every muscle in my body tenses as I stroke my cock faster and harder till I shot load after load of thick milky cum each load hitting the mirrow so hard I hear a splattering sound. As I shoot my last load my eyes slowly open as my body releases from its coiled pose and I spy a drop of cum still hanging from the head of my cock. I quickly wipe it up with my finger then feed it to my mouth. I roll the thick cum in my mouth with my tongue feeling it melt and savoying the sweat salty taste that quickly turns bitter and I hungar for more. Seeing my cum oozsing down the mirrow I quickly got down on all fours like a dog and caught the leading drop of cum streaming toward the floor and with my tongue lapped it up back to the splattered source. I licked it all off the mirrow til there was not one drop of my cum left.

    Satisfied for the time, I start up the stairs for a shower and a change of clothing. Its a friday evening and I usually hike into the montains and camp out for a weekend each month.

    This is my weekend just to get away from it all and be one with nature and all that bullshit. I took all the essentails in my backpack, puptent, radio (need my music), cell phone ( you never know when you might need a cell phone you know to call out for pizza or something, hey i am so use to having it around that I feel naked without it ), compass, map, firstaid kit, etc.. oh hey and condoms, lube and a dildo. Well you never know they might come in handy too......

    I finished packing my backpack and getting dressed. Picked up everything and ran out of the house throwing the pack into the back of my Explorer I set out toward Granite National Park.

    I have a Ranger friend their, Ronny Piker. We met years ago while we were both hiking in the park and since we were going the same direction decided to walk together. Ronny it about six feet two hundred and twenty pounds warm green eyes that are set off nicely by his dark brown hair and what looks like perminately tanned skin and full mustache and beard. It rained while we were hiking which happens often and we both got soaked. Ronny knew of this cave near by that we could take refuge in and build a fire to get dry. In the cave we took our clothes off and made a make shift clothes-line with some rope he brought for climbing. I couldn't help but look at Ronny's body which was quick muscularly toned and moderately hairy. Some hair in the middle of his chest then a thin line of hair trailed down to his belly button then down to his crotch. He had hair lightly covering his legs and ass cheek. Nice legs and I couldn't help but image him laying on his back with his muscular legs on my shoulders as I pile drive my cock deep into his man pussy. I must have been staring at him while dreaming of inpaling my cock in him because he looked at me as if he was not pleased about me staring at him and asked "Whats wrong" I stamered and replied "Nothing" and that was the end of the conversation for the night and we didn't say much the next day either. Anyway we have become good friends over the years. I leave my Explore with Ron at the rangers station and start my hike from there. I always hike off the regular path because its lest people and you see more wild life besides I wanted to be alone.

    I had walked for half a day using my map and compass so i wouldn't lose my way. I was headed for a remote sight that Ron said had not been traveled much and was on the edge of the parks property. There was supposed to be an abundents of wild life there that I could watch and photograph. It took me the better part of a day before I got there and found a suitable place for me to setup camp but before I set camp I had to take a shit badly.. I took off my backpack and used my campers shovel to dig a swallow hole in the ground and dropped my pants and crouched over the hole and started releiving myself. I was just finishing when i heard this low pitch growl just behind me. I slowly stood and turned to see this huge bear on the rock above me looking like he just spotted lunch. I grapped my backpack and held my pants closed around my waist as I made a mad dash away from the bear but he seemed determind to catch me and ran in hot persute of me.

    With each step the bear was getting closer to me and I knew if I didn't start thinking fast this would be the end of me. I heard some water running and realized that it was a river and that maybe I could some how get away from the bear in the river.. The bear was close now I could feel the ground vibrate as it ran after me. I reached the river and dove in but it was to shallow on the edges and I landed on a bed of rocks (Damn that hurt). Before i could get up and run toward the deeper middle of the river the bear caught my backpack which I had slung over one should and held it and me down. I kicked and screamed at the bear hoping to scare it or hit it somewhere that would cause it to stop just long enough for me to get away. Something must have worked because the bear growled loudly and let go of me and the now torned backpack. I took that chance and got up and ran for the deeper part of the river with the bear in hot persute again. Now my pants thuroughly wet and still not fasten and I could not hold them up and run in the water too so I let them go. They did what all wet unfastened pants do in the water, slow you down and slide down to your ankles. I fell as the bear swiped at me with its paw missing me but clawing my pants to shreds. What was left of my backpack floated and pulled me along with it right down the river and away from the bear who just started tearing up his large portion of my backpack.

    The river moved swiftly and pulled off my lose clothing it must have taken me two or three miles away from the bear when i finally managed to get out. I was butt naked from the waist down soaked to the bone and shaking cause the river was cold and it was now dusk and there was the faint hint of cool moisture in the air which meant rain. I had to find shelter and fast but first I need to cover myself so I looked into what was left of my backpack and found a torn shirt and fastioned it into a make shift diaper. Now clothed I tore off the rest of my pants from my ankles and started to run, where i didn't know just running made me feel good and maybe i could find shelt faster if I covered more ground or at least thats what i kept telling myself.

    It was now dark and was rainning hard with the wind blowing it around made it hard to see in front of me until I saw a light in the distants so I headed toward it. After about what seemed like one hours I reached the light which was a lamp light that hung outside two huge wooden doors which was the enterance to a beautiful two storey log cabin home. Just as I was admiring the big house that must of had five or six bedrooms from the looks of it lightning lit the ski and the thunder scared me to run straight for the front doors and open them and rush inside. I closed the door behind me by leaning against it and started to look around the room i was in. There was a big stone fireplace to the left of the door and a roaring fire in it which lite and warmed the room. The room was two stories high with a big brass shandelare hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Three dark grey leather sofas faced the fire place two of them facing each other forming a U shape and straight across the room from the front door was a dark doorway to another room and a stair case going up the wall to the second floor with a balcony facing the fire place. To the right of the door was another dark doorway that was slightly lit by the fire so i could see what looked like counters and cabinets of a kitchen.

    Then I saw two bright dots moving slowly up then stop three quarters of the way to the hight of the cabinets then another pair of dots moved to the same hight as the first pair.. I strained to see what they were when i heard two loud deep barks and growling i realized that the dots were the eyes of two huge dogs looking at me and now starting to charge toward me. I ran for the poker hanging on the fireplace walls with the dogs hot on my heals. As i hurdle the sofa the two dogs spilt and ran around the "U" sofa formation in front of the fireplace to come only seconds behind me as i grapped the iron poker. I swung the poker from side to side as each dog tried to time the swinging and darked in to me until I hit it hard with the the poker.

    The dogs were getting closer to me and I thought I was a goner when a very deep voice yelled from above us "STOP".. The dogs stopped barking and laid down calmly as if nothing had happened then the deep voice still loud spoke to me saying " WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE". I was still looking at the dogs afraid that any movement form me would start thier attack again when this deep voice thundered to me "



    Just then i stopped looking at the dogs and looked in the direction of this demanding voice and beheld a fantastic sight. There stood this huge man soaking wet and naked in front of me and i started to get a hardon.. He was six- six or six-seven a tower of dark chocolate muscle. Thick all over just like a huge tank about 290 to 300 pounds with a slight beer gut and thick tree truck legs and mosterously huge and long arms. His hands were big with thick long fingers and his pinky was bigger than my thum. His face was broad and sported a full thick kinky black beard and stache that framed his full lips nicely and was cut neatly on his face. His chest was a huge barrel full of matted kinky hair that covered his small almost un-noticable nipples and went down his body covering his stomach which had rippling muscles even though it was slightly round. His legs and forearms too were covered in hair which is unusual for a man this dark. His cock hung about six inches limp and very thick even thou it wasn't hard or semi hard and it was neatly nestled by a hairy nut sack that hung just a little lower with two perfectly formed gulf ball sized nuts. His dick head was covered by heavily veined foreskin but i still could see how huge it was and how straightly formed his whole delicious cock was.

    I could have eaten him up and my dick was revealing my interest in him as it got hard and stood out from my make shift diaper. I stammered to speak when he told me to "SPEAK UP BOY". I quickly told him the whole story of what happened to me and how I came to be in his home and I was so nervous that i ran out of breath and tightening my stomach to get that last little bit of air out to speak when my diaper fell from my waist to the floor and caught fire. I quickly picked it up with the poker i was still holding and threw it into the fire not thinking that now i was wearing nothing and sporting a raging boner. The heat from the fire didn't help me to relax but just made me feel more excited. As i watched the shirt burn making sure that it did not fall out of the fire I felt a sudden heating of my back like something was reflecting the warmth of the fire that passed me right back to me.

    I quickly turn around and had to arch backward to stop myself from running into his huge hairy chest. I almost fell back into the fire because he was so close but i grapped on to his hips. There we were he had both of his huge hands on the mantle arms straight out and legs slightly spread apart and leaning over and looking down at me as if he was trying to look thru my eye. My hard dick was pinned against his hairy thigh and my left hip and my cock jumped as he flexed his thighs changing his feet position. I was feeling very hot, excited and sweating up a storm while he looked into my eyes and i into his as if he had some kind of hold on my me, i couldn't look away from him.

    We stood like that for what seem like hours and the longer we stood the more aroused i became. So much so that i could not help but to ever so slowly grind my cock into his thigh that had some how with out me noticing found its way between my legs and pressing up tightly. I heard myself sigh but never moved my eyes form his as he looked into me deeply i started to feel the something was draining the strength from my body. Just as i felt my hands slip from his hip and i should have fallen i found that he was supporting us both with his left hand still on the mantle and his right arm around me holding me even closer to him and now using his right hand to push my head close to his. Our lips touched then he lowered me to look into my eye again and i felt something drain from me and my body became weaker. He drew me close again and kissed me with his tongue forcing its way passed my lips almost down my throat and it teased my mouth running all around the roof and then caressing my tongue. I found myself sucking his tongue weakly at first then as if it was my lifes blood that i had to have it. His hand rapped around my head like he was palming a cocanut and slowly pulled me away from his lips and i protesting and reached for his face but he was too strong. I felt like an addict that needed a fix as i kept reaching for him and pulling myself toward him just to be held firmly in place..

    He said in a low Barry White Voice " So you want more boy, you like me kissing you"

    I said "ya"

    He looked at me sternly and said "Lets get one thing straight you will give me respect or I will teach it to you now call me Sir or Daddy"

    I relied "Yes Daddy"

    He asked how old I was and I told him 37, he said then daddy was appropricate cause he was 56 and could have been my father..

    Pulling us both up right so we could both stand he said that i needed a bath and he had just ran some water for himself and that I should join him. He pointed to the stairs and told me to get walking and don't worry about the dogs they will not bother me while he is around. So I walked up the stairs with him close behind me. I felt him playing with my ass as we walked up the stairs rubbing one cheak and then the other and parting them with his middle finger to rub my moist hole. His whole hand felt like one big calus very ruff and hard and was driving me wild with antisipation..

    We got to the bathroom and it was a large room filled the brass fixtures: toilet, urinal, two huge commercial double sinks, and a leather covered thickly padded 8 foot massage table. a glass walled stand up shower that could hold four people and multible shower head all around it, and in the middle of the whole room was a big brass tub shaped like a lions head with its mouth open and a black ceramic or porcilin tub in its mouth. The lower and upper fangs were the fausets and the upper jaw extended above the tub forming a hood under which was a host of removable hoses for soap, sprayer, scrubber, and what looked like a enama hose with butt plug.. Mirrors lined the wall from top to bottom where the two brass sinks where and one large mirror on the ceiling right above the tub. Brass wall lights were dimly lit and all the brass and brown wood that was highly polished gave the whole room a warm golden glow.

    He walked over to the huge tub and got in and motioned me to come over. The tub was about 9 feet long and 6 feet wide and 3feet deep the bottom was padded and heavily soaped water was being gently circulated by the jet in the side..

    I slowly got in the water facing him when he quickly grapped me and turned me around and laid my back against his chest and started to wash me body. His legs were between mine and he rose his knees up so I was sitting on his lap. Then he spread my ass cheeks so my ass hole was rubbing on the base of his hairy cock.

    He said " you like feeling daddy's hairy cock rubbing against your boy pussy, don't you son"

    I rubbed my ass hole backward and forward on his hairy cock and let out a moan.

    He said "Ya I knew you like that son, keep rubbing your pussy ass on daddy's cock and you will get daddy all hot"

    I still said nothing but did what he told me. I felt something heavy and thick come between my legs and hit my nuts. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it which made me almost shoot then he put my cock against the rod between my legs and lifted his hips so i could see what it was. There to my amazement was the fattest cock I had ever seen. It was twice as thick as mine and had it not been that his cock was coming form between my legs, it was just a little longer then my own cock.. The whole thing must be about 10 or 11 inches long and about 7 or 8 inches around and the same thickness from tip to base or at least all that I could see. Looked like a Fucking stack of beer cans.

    He kept saying " Your going to get daddy's cock right up that pussy ass of yours son and you will love it cause daddy will be gentle with his sons boy pussy"

    He then told me to get out of the tub and stand so he could see me clean for a change. I did what he told me and stood just outside of the tub while he looked and felt my body. He took my cock into his mouth and sucked it down to the base in one swallow and worked the head of my cock with his throat. I grabbed his head and held it against me while he reach around and spread my ass and fingered my hole. I was about to cum and tried to pull his head away but he just kept right on stoking my cock with his throat and fingering my hole deeper. I let out a yell and shot my load down his thoat and he didn't stop stroking my cock with his throat and never missed a beat. I was finished shooting my load but he wasn't finished sucking. My legs were getting weak and I could hardly stand my head was throbbing and thought I was going to lose consciousness. All ounce of strength was leaving my body and I could do nothing about it. My body started to collapse and he caught me and some how laid me on my back with my right leg resting on his shoulder and my cock still engolf by his hot mouth stroking and sucking away on it. His finger in my ass now was three huge finger fucking my hole which in my weaken state gave him no resistance. He took his free hand and stuck it into my mouth which I sucked like a baby with a pasifier. I was moaning and groaning and I felt like he was sucking the head of my cock off when I shoot my second load down his throat and like the first time he didn't miss a beat.

    When he was through milking the last drops of cum from my cock he let go of it and slid his fingers out of my ass. Moving my head from side to side with his hand I heard him say.

    "Well I can see your in no shape to return the favor son"

    Then he reach for a jar of some white stuff and started spreading it all over my body really working it into the hairs around my cock and ass. Then he got out of the tub and went to th sink to wash his hands and left my lying there exausted. I started to feel my body heating up and then felt like it was burning.

    I jumped up and asked in a panic: "WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS STUFF AND WHY


    He told me to calm down and that it was some new hair remover that one of his companies made for black men and he wanted to see how well it worked and that I should take a shower fast if I didn't want it to burn me then he laughed..

    I was mad as hell and ran to the shower to rinse off but not all of it would rinse off so he came and sponged me down while I called him all kinds of names..

    When we were finished getting the stuff off me I looked at myself in the mirror. I was hairless from the neck down not even a stubble just as smooth as a baby. I liked what I saw and how it made me feel all clean and new born. I saw him looking at me while I posed in the mirror and he had a raging hardon just going up and down I looked down at myself and I had one too. Now that was a surprise concidering the suck job I just endured that I could even get a hardon but it did hurt..

    He walk over to me and ran his fingers over my body.

    He said. "I am sorry that I didn't ask you before I rubbed that stuffed on your body son"

    I said " Thats not it you laught at me when I was in trouble that was mean"

    He said "Your right and I am sorry it will never happen again" "do you forgive me"

    As he was talking to me he turned me to face him and held me close to his body and massaged my ass cheeks. That was my weak spot and I don't know how but I think he knew it and was working it good.

    His hard muscular body holding me towering over me mading me feel secured was all it took for me to melt into his arms and kiss him passionately. He returned my kisses and picked me up and I rapped my legs around his waist while we kissed and he carried me over to the 8 foot massage table and laid me down on it.

    The mat was a heavy leather covering filled with goose down and it looked heavily cum stained. I looked at him and smiled.

    I asked: "jackoff alot"

    He smiled and said "smart ass, ya all the time"

    We laughed and hugged each other then started kissing again. He returned his fingers to my ass but found my hole not as lose as I was. He reached into a draw in the massage table and pulled out a tub of lube and applied it to my ass hole and his fingers then proceded to resume his three finger fuck of my ass.

    I sighed and moan as his fingers were working in and out of my hole. He looked into my eyes and watch them glase off as he went deeper into my ass.

    I looked into his eyes and said. "Deeper, deeper"

    He smiled and said "You want daddy to fuck you pussy boy hole son"

    "Yes please Daddy"

    "Ok son, it is really big are you sure"

    "Yes please Daddy fuck your son's pussy hole"


    He withdrew his fingers from my ass hole and I felt a vacantcy in my ass that I wanted filled fast.

    "Please Daddy do it now"

    He lubed up his now hard jumping leaky cock and pressed it to my hole.

    He pushed slowly into me hole and it started to stretch to its full limit. My eyes shut and I screamed.


    "I thought so here let me try this"

    He spit a wad of spit into his hand and rubbed it into my ass crack and then another wad of spit onto his till jumping cock. Then pressing his cock against my hole again he pushed and it went in easier but still stretched my hole to the limit.


    "The head is in just rest"

    I relaxed and my hole started to get used to the massive size cock then he puched farther into my throbbing ass till he was deep into my gut and yelled again.



    With that he push the last of his cock into my ass. I thought i was going to exploed.

    He started moving in and out of my ass slowly watching my reaction. He was so far up my ass that my legs started to cramp and I tried to move them from his shoulders. He could see I was having problems with my legs so he slipped my ankles into leather loop with rubber cords attached to them that were on each side of the table. It aloud my knees to bend and didn't hold my legs so close to my chest. But it did spread my legs wider and let him lay flat onto my body with his arm under my shoulders. The feeling was great and the cramps left and I started to feel more relaxed. He started pumping my ass again but this time he was in a kneeling position cradling my ass with his thigh and gut. Moving his hips up and down his dick only came two inches out and then back down into my ass. His gut rubbing my balls ass he pumped made me moan and hold him close to me.

    The rythm didn't change as he fucked my hole with that huge cock and my ass still was throbbing from being stretched so wide. He wasn't sweating but i was starting to and his breathing was steady. He started wispering in my hear.

    "Nice boy pussy son and you hole will be mine when I get thru with it"

    I just moaned and sighed and licking and sucking his ears as he kept talking and fucking my hole with that steady rythm.

    "Ya son, let me hear you moan how much you like daddy's cock in your boy pussy"

    His fucking and talking was getting to me and my ass was used to his cock and the steady rythm that I started moving my ass up the meet his thrust. He spread his knees and my ass about 6 inches but his cock never came out. I knew he was giving me more room to move my ass and I used it. Thrusting my ass up and down with him setting the rythm and his cock now going about 8 inches in and out of my ass and driving me wild. We kept fuck like this for some time and started to tire my hole which was feeling alittle raw but he just kept a steady pace. I couldn't move anymore and he moved his knees under my ass againt to lift my ass up and never missed a thrust.

    I was getting close to cumming and thought he must be too. I tried to hold back as long as I could but his steady fucking rythm put me over the top. I started bucking and holding him tightly to me as a yelled in pleasure..



    There was very little cum coming out since he sucked it all down his throat but I felt alittle come out. My ass hole was tightening around his cock and milking it as I faught to regain myself controll over my body which was still bucking to his rythm but it was not responding. I held him tighter thinking that would stop my ass from bucking but it only started my hole to tremble.

    He once again spread his legs to let my ass buck freely and it did and I started loosing all control. I was wimpering and moaning as my body buck and my hole trembled to his cock fucking rythem and he kept talking to me which now made me talk back.

    "You love Daddy's cock in you boy pussy hole don't you son"


    "You want Daddy to fuck you don't you son"


    "Then tell Daddy what you want"


    " Beg Daddy to fuck your love hole son"


    "What son"

    I tried fighting back the words but his low sensual voice was mesmerizing me and I wanted nothing more than to please my daddy.


    "Thats my boy, now call it a love hole" "beg me to fuck your love hole son"

    Againg a tried to fight the words back to no avail he was gaining control of my mind like he had already controlled my body.


    "Whoes hole is it son"


    "My what son"


    "Your damn right son and you love it don't you son"


    My ass was still bucking and trembling and I couldn't see clear when I realized that he was not just fucking me but taking control of my body and mind. He was making me his boy and I couldn't fight him and didn't really want to.

    My head was swimming and everything look distorted because my eyes were glased over and I could feel tears running down my face and I started moaning louder and sobbing and begging him to fuck me. Just then I felt his thrust changed and he slammed into my ass with repeattedly hard thrust as he emptied his load into my ass. My gut felt hot as he exploed in my ass and I felt my dick leak and my ass clap down on his cock. I had no strength or control over my body as it froze in a position that gave him an easy angle deep into my hole as he thrusted his cock hard and deep into my ass and held and grinded it deep. His body tensed hard as a rock and he shot his load but said very little.


    Over and over as he came and my ass wanted every drop and I felt it milking his cock while he grind it deep into my hole.

    My body was still tensed when he relax then started to pump my ass again with the same steady rythm. His cock still hard as a rock maybe even thicker now and my ass hole trying to milk his cock for what ever little drop it could get.

    I was now sobbing uncontrolably and moaning he had concored my body and my mine and I just wanted what ever he wanted.

    "I want more son you want more of your daddy's love stick"


    "Thats my boy"


    "Daddy is son, daddy is"

    We were both sweating alot now and I could smell his manly oder and I inhaled it deeply and love it. I just wanted him to hold me and never stop fucking me. I rubbed his felt his muscular back with me hand and tried to pull my body into his. I wanted to be him and know what he was thinking. I knew then that I had fallen in love with this man that I didn't even know his name or he mine but I had to have him forever..

    He kept fucking my hole with my ass keeping pace with his thrust and his cum now lubing my hole and making my whole body warm inside. I wimpered, sobbed, moan and begged as he made love to my hole and talk to me tenderly.

    "Your love hole is mine son and you addicted to you daddy's love stick, right"



    "Your love hole is mine son and your addicted to daddy's love stick, right"


    I let out wimpers and moans each time he slammed into my hole and all I could do was hold myself tightly to him. His kinky hairy chest and stomach was sliding back and forth with each thrust rubbing the whole front side of my body. My cock was so hard and sore from all the attention his mouth had given it and now his hairy stomach was tending to it and it wanted relief but I could not cum. My balls love the attention and had drawn up tightly to me as his kinky pubic hairs caressed and massaged my smooth nut sack and cupping them between my spread open legs with each thrust the feeling intensified and I cried out "FUCK YA DADDY, OOOOOOOOH MY HOLE MY HOOOOOLE"!!!

    My nipples were getting the same attention from his hairy chest which was much wider than mines rubbing my quarter size nipples as his whole body moved across mine, I was in heaven.

    My nipples are overly sensitive so it did not take long before they were raw and sending shock waves to my brain that they have had enough. He was over loading my senses and my head was feeling the pressure that built up and had no place to go no relief cause I had already cum three times and was builting to my fourth. All I could do was hold on to him with mixed emotions of wanting him to stop and feeling so good that I never wanted him to stop. I had no say in the matter cause he just kepted plowing his hot cock into me.

    He made me feel so sercure that I just wanted to be a apart of him to be obsorbed into his body and become him. This is the feeling I have been looking for all my life to feel safe and loved and I was not going to let it go. No matter how much my body wanted relief from this over welming feeling of pure pleasure my mind was intoxicated with feelings of well being, love, and lust and wanted more.

    His rythm changed and he slammed into me hard and held it in deep, then a couple more quick hard slams into my hole and hold. I yelled with each thrust it felt so good and I knew he was about to cum and I wanted all his love juice inside of me. He pushed into me so hard and deep like he was trying to push through me and this was the first time the hairs around his cock and ball penatrated pass the lips of my ass hole. It was a rough scratchy feeling that was scratching a itch I did not know I had until then and it felt good. He held his cock burried deep into my love hole and started moving in a wide circular motion which made his rock hard cock a stirring stick deep in my hole and my hole a pulsating bowl. The pressure of his huge cock head burried deep into my love hole and shooting large loads of his man seed into me heating my bowels and his cock hairs scratching all around my love hole lips while his hairy body rubbed and massaged my now completely smooth body was more than I could take. Wave after wave of electricity seem to surge through my body and exploding in my brain and over loading it till my body started convulsing. His weight and his strength held me down and close to him so it seemed more like I was trembling wildly. My love hole was gripping and releasing his cock like it had a mind of its own and wanted every last drop of his seed that it was milking hard. So hard was the gripping action that I thought I could feel the swollen vains on his cock flex with each grip.

    All through this he just moaned and said "hmmmm,mmmmmmmm thats right boy milk daddy's love stick get all the milk out"

    I was yelling in ecstasy nothing intelligible just yells and just when I thought I might pass out he slowly got up and withdrew his cock from my ass hole. I laid there panting and feeling cold and empty inside and out. I was sweaty from head to toe with his sweat and my own and I could sware that I felt air rushing up into my love hole. I looked into one of the mirrors that gave me a nice view of my ass with my legs still strapped high into the air and saw why my ass hole felt air rushing in. His huge cock had stretched my hole so wide that with the absents of his cock my hole was still slightly open enough for me to put a finger in it and not even touch the side walls.

    I was too busy examining my ass hole to notice that he was now kneeling near my head. He flopped down his wet semi hard cock on my face which drew my attention back to him. He rubbed his cock against my lips and told me to open wide, real wide.

    He said "Your going to suck your daddy's cock clean son, now open up"

    I replied " I have never sucked a cock that big before daddy"

    He said "Well you will learn tonite then son"

    "It's to big and long daddy I can't" I replied

    He said "What daddy wants daddy gets you will have to learn that son" With that said he rolled up two huge beach towels together and placed them under my shoulders and pushed my head back. In this position with my mouth open it was a straight line from my mouth down my throat and he pushed his cock head in slowly. His cock was jet black and shined from all the lube and saliva from my ass and made it look like highly polished ebony. It was slippery and tasted sweet and I sucked it hard like a hungry calf suckling for milk. There was some cum still seeping out and I suck it right out and he moaned.

    Now I am not a good cock sucker although I wish I was but everytime I get about 5 inches of cock into my throat I would gag and choke and they were not as thick or long as his cock. So when he started to push his cock farther down my throat I gagged and naturally grapping his thighs and pushing myself back away from him, he didn't like that at all.

    He said in a commanding voice "NO SON SWALLOW DADDY'S COCK BOY" Then I heard a swooshing sound in the air like a switch made of a tree branch and then I felt something lay between my butt cheeks right on my hole hard. He came down hard on my hole again and the pain rushed quickly to my head and I screamed but hardly a sound came out cause my mouth was full of his cock.

    He hit my hole three quick hard times and drove me back toward him.

    Without me realizing it my mouth and throat were open cause I was trying to yell and I had swallowed his cock completely and to my amazement could still breath. He didn't stop spanking my hole five more hits and then five more after that and in between he was say in a very stern voice "NEVER TELL YOUR DADDY NO SON OR THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET" just before the last five hits.

    I was crying but could not udder a sound with his cock so far down my throat and then he started pumping his cock slowly and I just laid there motionless with tears running down my forehead as he started to fuck my throat. He was going at a slow pace in and out of my throat I guess trying to get me used to being throat fucked and it got easier as I concentrated on relaxing my thoat muscles. Then he stopped fucking my throat and left his cock burried to the pupic hairs and grapped my legs all the way up to the knees and put them underneath his arm pits which put my ass hole right in his face and left my shoulders as the only thing supporting my body.

    I heard him say softly "Sorry baby, but you have to learn who is boss here"

    His tone was calm and loving and he started caressing my ass and kissing my hole saying how beautiful it looked, felt and tasted. Then he said that he loved me and stuck his tongue down my still partially opened love hole. It felt so good having his hot tongue lick my cum soaked hole and sucking on the inner walls that I stopped crying and started to suck his cock as a reflex.

    He grabbed me in a bear hug and lifted me up from the table my head was now hanging freely between his legs and I started bobbing my head on his sweet tasting cock while he licked and sucked my hole. The more he sucked my hole the harder and faster I sucked his cock till I was working his cock over at a feverish speed and he moanned and eat my love hole with more determination. He took his beard and rubbed it across my hole pushing down hard to make sure the lips of my hole felt it then back and forth with his beard he went scratching that itch I felt right at the openning to my love hole and it felt so good. I bobbed on his cock awhile longer and then just sucked the head while he toyed with my hole and he gasped. I could tell he was about to cum again so I went back and forth over his big cock head harder till my jaw acked and was rewarded with his salty life giving juice and I swallowed it hungrily not spilling a drop as he filled my mouth.

    He slowly lowered me back down to the table and gentle removed his semi hard cock just dripping with my saliva. Then he knelt down between my legs again and thrusted his wet cock back into my over worked hole and started pumping vigerously. I could not take anymore I was in such ecstasy that I blacked out.

    When I woke the sun was up beamming thru a window I hadn't seen in the bathroom before. Then I realized that I was not in the bathroom but in a bedroom laying on a large bed made out of thick tree limbs as the four bed post and a huge blue goose down filled mattress on it. But I was laying on something else too, there he was my big bear daddy on his back with me sleeping on top of him face down and his cock still burried in my ass. I wondered if his cock ever got soft or does he have a perminent semi hardon.

    I looked at his hairy face as he laid there sleeping. His beard and mustache was black with some greying and it connected to a ring of hair that went around his head and there was more gray hairs there. He was bald on top and very smooth when I rubbed my hand on it he must shave that part of his head. His body was very muscular with thick black and grey kinky hair all over it which look sexy against his dark chocolate skin. His chest was a huge barrel and heavied when he was breathing and I loved laying here on him. His ruff hairy body felt so good against my completely smooth skin and was so wide that my knees didn't touch the mattress and I went up and down on his cock as he breathed and it was driving me wild so I reached my hand to my ass to pull out his cock and it came out with a popping sound then a thud when it hit the mattress.

    His huge hairy arms wrapped themself around me as he opened his eye and smiled at me.

    He said "well hello beautiful"

    I replied " good morning sleepy bear"

    We both smiled and then he gave me a hard passionate kiss. We locked lips for a long time taking turns sucking each others tongues and I could feel both our cocks getting hard mines growing between our stomach and his came up and slapped me on the ass.

    I said "Are you always this horny"

    "yep" he replied "good healthy living and eating" and smiled.

    Then he said we need to talk before he fucks me again. I replied " who said that I was going to let you fuck me"

    "remember the stick" he replied "I can also use my hands" he smiled and kissed me again. "We need to at least introduce ourselfs my name is Ben, Ben Jamerson"

    "Kaamal Ward" I replied. I smiled and said "so it is Daddy Ben, huh, I like that" and kissed him. Our tongues caressed one another and explored each other then he sucked and nibbled my tongue gently and I did the same to his.

    I loved the taste of him and his musky smell so much that I wanted nothing more than to stay in his arms forever but I knew this would end soon. I wanted to talk more but felt a cramp in my bowels that told me I had to shit.

    I got up and asked him where the bathroom was since I was out when he brought me to his bedroom he laughed and told me that it was across the hall from his room. I bolted for the door then across the hall and into the bathroom and quickly located the toilet which was one of those extra long and wide kind made of brass of coarse. I sat and pissed and farted alot and some clear and yellow stuff came out which must have been all that cum Ben shot up my ass but no shit came out so I sat there for a while.

    I must have been trying to shit for a good 30 minutes and still nothing but cramps when Ben came in smiling and pulling on his dick. "Can't shit boy" he said jokingly I looked up in fustration and replied "No". He smile and said "here let daddy help his son shit, you just need some help"

    He pulled my legs up and spread them apart then straddled the toilet and sat down on the front of the toilet seat still smiling and rested my legs on top of his. He spit a wad of spit into his hand and rubbed it on and into my still sensitive cum soaked love hole and worked it in real good probing my loose hole with his fingers then he spit another wad of spit into his hand and coated his dick with it then he smiled and said "now just relax and let your dad help his son shit come out" still smiling he said "come closer and hug and kiss me" and I did it eagerly. I felt him place his cock head against my hole and start slowly pushing it in. There was little resistance because of the long fuck session last night and his cock staying in me all night long really loosened me up. Deeper and deeper he went till it was all in and he was pressing on a spot deep inside my ass that made my eyes roll back and I sighed and moaned while we kissed and he held me real close so I was sitting on his cock. Then I felt something different, it was very warm then quickly became really hot and it felt like a river was raging up my hole and into my gut and it started to burn. He was pissing in my ass and it burned and he was filling my gut with his hot piss.

    My head shot backward pulling my body with it but he held me stead fast to him. I had never felt anything like it and I got hard as a rock and my dick pulsated, that is when he turned it on full force and I could feel him piss water rushing harder, faster and hoter into my trembling love hole. I entered into a state of euphoric ecstasy as I wrapped my arms around him wimpering and moaning Ben's name telling him how much I loved him and that all I wanted to do is please him. I had never felt so close to anyone as I did to Ben just then and I did not want it to end. I started shooting my load between our merged guts then I felt him shoot two hard piss shots into me that made me shoot my second load between our guts.

    My ass and gut were burning and crampping and my head was wheeling. Ben slowly withdrew his cock from my love hole with his piss quickly starting to come out not waiting for him to be completely out and when the last of his cock was finally out a need to tighten my gut over came me and I used all my stomach muscle to expell his piss from my bowels. It seem like it took longer for my ass hole to piss it out then it did for him to piss it in and it felt like my ass was having a orgasm. My ass pissed for sometime and I felt weak then the shit started to come out I held on to Ben's shoulder and burried my face in his thick neck kissing and licking him lightly while pleasurable sighs escaped my lips. All the while Ben was stroking my back with his completely calloused hand and finger tips up and down slowly and saying in a loving and very deep voice, a voice so deep that my whole body vibrated with each word "Your daddy Ben is here baby, and daddy Ben loves his son Kaamal, yes I do" over and over..

    When all the shit and piss had come out of me I gathered my strength lifted my head and kissed Ben passionately and he returned my passion. We stayed entwined like that for a good 5 minutes before Ben said that it was time to clean ourselfs up and get something to eat down stairs and feed the dogs. But first Ben pulled down this long black hose with a enama tip on it he coated it with his spit then slowly inched it up my hole when I let out a gasp and straighten my back he stop feeding the hose into my ass and said "are you ready" I looked up and there was this huge black enama bag I looked at him in horror and said "the whole thing" he laughed and said "no silly just enough to clean you out, it is a warm water and saline solution that I always have on hand for just such an occation. The bag is heated like and electrical blanket so it is alway ready to use and the solution will clean and lubricate your love hole son" and he smiled at me then laughed when I corrected him saying "you mean your love hole Daddy Ben"

    He turned the valve on the hose and a warm rush of water went into my gut and filled me but it was not as warm or gave me the burning sensation that Ben's piss gave me this was pleasant but not sensual nor did it zap my strength. After another gut full of the saline solution my hole was pissing out just clear water and I felt empty and hungry so we showered quickly playing with each other by tickling and poking at each others body and laughing while we dried off.

    When we finally got down stairs the dogs were in the kitchen waiting for their food and they did not pay any attention to me at all. Ben fed them and let them out the door because he did not want anyone to disturb us and the dogs were good watch dogs and would not let anyone near the house. We set about getting something to eat and getting to know one another.

    The Kitchen was covered in highly polished light wood cabinets, floor and ceiling the top cabinets had glass fronts and lights inside which showed off the crystal and china dishware. The counters were all made of black and grey marble stone and there was a huge island counter in the middle of the room that had bar stools around it and it too have a large marble top. All the fixture were made of stainless steel the two huge sinks, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave all were commercial grade like a restaruant.

    I started talking first and told Ben all about my internet access company I owned and how it took up all of my time but I liked working for myself and would not change a thing I also told him how I was the youngest of four kids.

    Ben told me about his chain of liquor stores he owned a total of 43 across the country and a small chemical company. He said he started out as a veternairian got his degree and still practices but only for the local people and how he had a full vet clinic in a barn on his property. Ben lived on a 26 acer lot in a log cabin house he help design and build because he was so big the house he designed was built to accommodate his large frame and he also said that he was an only child. I felt sorry for him and looked into his eyes and said "Now you have me". He smiled and lightly kissed my lips.

    After eating some bananas, grapes, celary and orange juice I told Ben that I was full he smiled and said with all the cum I drank last night he was surprised that I ate as much as I did. We both laughed and embraced rocking side to side and our hands exploring each others bodies.

    Ben lifted me up and sat me down on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. The marble counter top was cold but my hot ass quickly warmed it up. Ben started kissing me passionately sucking my tongue and lips probing the depths of my mouth with his tongue and I did the same to him in turn. He rubbed his ruff thumbs over my nipples I sighed and closed my eyes as he worked his mouth down my neck sucking it hard and still rubbing my nipples harder. I lifted my head to let out another sigh but moaned instead Ben worked his mouth down to my left nipple and sucked and chewed it which made me arch backward and offer my nipples to him and he work them even more first the left one then the right one. Ben worked my nipples raw and I was moaning and sighing then he pushed me down so I was laying flat on the counter and his ruff callous hands roamed my smooth body.

    Ben spread my legs and stood there looking at my smooth body lustfully and rubbing his hands on the inside of my thighs I moaned and looked at his hairy body longing to hold him close to me. I reached out for him with my arms and he smiled and said "so my son wants his Daddy, then let me here you say it boy"

    "please Daddy" I replied "I want you daddy please hold me"

    "What do you want Daddy to do to you son, tell me" he said as he toyed with me.

    "I want you to make love to me daddy" I replied. "no son" he said "be more descriptive, what do you want me to do to you"

    I was starting to feel cheap and dirty as he was making my say exactly what he wanted me to say.

    I stammered and said "y-y--you know what I want daddy"

    "no I don't son, tell your daddy what you want" he replied and smiled I looked into his eyes for a while and then reluctedly said "I want you to fuck me daddy, fuck me good"

    He smiled and replied "In do time son, but first lets get you worked up" I did not know what he ment I was already worked up but he grapped my throbbing cock and squeesed it in his hand and I gasped. He stucked his tongue out and licked up and down the back of my cock while he held it in his hand. Then he put the head of my cock into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it and I moaned he then sucked my whole cock down to its base down his throat I gasped then moaned. He lifted my legs on to his shoulders and moved his head around on my cock he then reached around my legs and pinched, pull and twisted my raw nipples.

    I was enjoying his total attention to my hairless body and started to thrust my hips up into his face saying loudly "OOOOOOOOOOH SHIT". He held on to my 7 inch cock and worked it over with his throat muscles first tightening then loosening he started bobbing his head up and down. His beard was rubbing my smooth thighs and nuts I wanted to hold back but could not and let lose what little cum I had left over from the early morning bathroom session. He didn't swallow it this time but let it come out of his mouth with a whole lot of spit. It dripped down and around my balls to my baby smooth ass hole coating and lubing me he took his right hand from my left nipple and stroked two fingers between my legs lubing them and still he kept suckling my cock.

    I was begging: "OOOOOOH PLEASE DADDY STOP SUCKING ME" my head was wheeling and I was tossing it from side to side. He kept on sucking I tried to pull his head off my cock but he just sucked harder and I felt my strength leaving me as he sucked. He slid two fingers into my love hole and my hole clamped down on them as he started moving his fingers in and out of my hole.

    I was moaning and my body was jerking wildly and he thrusted his fingers faster, finger fucking me till my body started giving in to his rythm. Once again he was taking control of my body and mind but this time I didn't fight him just let it happen and relish in the comfort of knowing that my Daddy Ben was taking control.

    Ben withdrew his mouth from my cock and his fingers from my ass and left me fighting to gain control of my trembling body. Through my glaced over eyes I could see Ben smiling down at my body and lubing his cock with his spit then with my legs still resting on his shoulders he pulled me toward him till just my ass was hanging off the counter. He put the head of his cock to my ass hole and started to push in and my body tensed with my back arching upward as he kept pushing in. My hole had been well lubed from the enama Ben gave me in the bathroom and his saliva coated cock just slid in naturally.

    Ben smile and said "Now I make love to my son once again, now tell me you want it boy"

    Ben started slowly pumping my ass then quickly picked up his fucking pace till he was slamming into my ass hole with every thrust. The smacking noise of his hips slamming into my ass was deafening and felt great. My cock was lip from all the action Ben had given it but it was still leaking precum.

    Ben was fucking me so hard he had my body going up and down and he loved it. His cock was going all the way out of my ass and then smacking back in hard and heavy and it felt like he was splitting my hole open for the first time with every thrust I cried out in pain and esctasy and that seem to make him fuck me hard with renewed strength.

    Ben said as he was panting hard "you want more boy, huh"




    Ben started moving his cock around my ass hitting a new spot and making my yell some more. My ass tighten down on his cock and he moaned and said "THATS IT BOY,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, TAKE THIS" and he shifted his cock and started hitting a new spot in my ass. My ass hole throbbed and the feeling of an anal orgasm came I trembled and my lip cock shot out some cum while Ben kept fucking away. I was in love and so was he and we seemed to sense the love we had for each other.

    Ben pulled me completely off the counter and I grapped his neck before I fell back. He was so strong and into the fucking he was giving me that he was lifting me up and down hard onto his cock timing his thrust to meet my downward ass. I wimpered moaned and cried out and hung on to my big kinky haired Daddy and said to him


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